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Allegations for marriage licences issued between 1673-1770; with an appendix of allegations discovered whilst the ms. was passing through the press (Volume pt.2) online

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Online LibraryEng. (Diocese) Commissary Court SurreyAllegations for marriage licences issued between 1673-1770; with an appendix of allegations discovered whilst the ms. was passing through the press (Volume pt.2) → online text (page 21 of 100)
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and Ann Dalgress of the same place, spinster, 22 ; at Hambledon.
John Neal of Alfold, taylor, 2nd s.

29 Apr., 1740 (1741 ?). John King, Jun., of Thames Ditton,
yeoman, bachelor, 29, and Sarah Turner of the same parish, spinster,
31 ; at Thames Ditton. Richard Whiten of "St. Sepulcres," London,
habberdasher, 2nd s.

29 Apr., 1741. Thomas Sherwood of St. Thomas, Southwark,
servant, bachelor, 22, and Grace Oakley of St. Andrew, Holbome,
London, spinster, 22 ; at St. Olave's or St. Thomas, Southwark.

30 Apr., 1741. Edward West of Feltham, co. Middlesex,
husbandman, widower, 36, and Ann Rankle of Chertsey, spinster, 35 ;
at Chertsey.

2 May, 1741. Peter Norris of Godahning, grocer, widower, and
Anne Goldring of the same parish, spinster, 21 ; at Godalming.
James Chitty of Godalming, framework knitter, 2nd s.

5 May, 1741. George Fuller of Dorking, husbandman, widower,
55, and 'Ehzabeth Hudson of Dorking, widow, 44; at Hedley.
Thomas Benge of Hedley, husbandman, 2ud s.

6 May, 1741. John Smyth of North Chapel, co. Sussex, husband-
man, bachelor, 26, and Mary Hoar of Ludgershall, co. Sussex, spinster,
25; at St. Martha on the' Hill. George Payne of Careford * (?), in
Sussex, blacksmyth, husbandman, 2nd s. Sign, of John " Smith."

7 May, 1741. George Cook of St. Nicholas, Guildford, husband-
man, bachelor, 26, and Elizabeth Freak of the same parish, spinster,
22 ; at St. Martha on the Hill.

11 May, 1741. Matthias Sharp of All Hallows, Lombard Street,
London, haymaker, bachelor, 21, and Catharine Fuller of St. Botolph,
Bishopsgate, London, spinster, upwards of 21 ; at St. John,

11 May, 1741. Charles Clifton of St. Bride's, London, printer,
bachelor, 21, and Mary Gaffney of the same parish, spinster, 25 ; at
Petersham or Richmond.

* Kirdford.


16 May, 1741. John Pitt of Dorking, gentleman, bachelor, 29,
and Ann Buckland of Dorking, widow, 30 ; at Dorking. Sign, of
John Pitt. James Pillfold of Dorking, sadler, 2nd s.

18 May, 1741. James Cobbet of Compton, co. Surrey, widower,
21, and Elizabeth Brown of the same parish, widow, 21; at
Godalming. John Martin of Compton, yeoman, 2nd s.

19 May, 1741. Francis Crump of St. Foster's, City of London,
silversmith, bachelor, 30, and Hester Dolling of the parish aforesaid,
spinster, 21 ; at Compton. Good sign, of Francis Cramp. John
WiUis of Puttenham, inn-keeper, 2nd s.

20 May, 1741. Edward PickerneU of Moreton, co. Surrey,
widower, 21, and Sarah Hutchinson of Wimbledon,

widow, 21 ; at Tooting. Roger Rogers of Tooting, gardiner, 2nd s.

20 May, 1741. Thomas Fennemore of St. John, Southwark,
ship wright, bachelor, 35, and Anne Margie of St. John, Southwark,
widow ; at St. Mary, Rotherhith. He signs.

21 May, 1741. Adam Bland of Tooting, yeoman, bachelor, 21,
and Jennett Graham of Tooting, spinster, 21 ; at Tooting.

22 May, 1741. John CaUingham of Albury, yeoman, bachelor,
28, and Mary Morris of Sutton, parish of Wokeing, spinster, 24 ; at
Wokeing, Send, or Esher. George Waterfield of Godahning, inn-
holder, 2nd s. Sign, of John Callingham.

23 May, 1741. James AUyn of Stoke next Guildford, flax dresser,
widdower, 29, and Martha Betts of Holy Trinity, Guildford, spinster,
25 ; at Parish of St. Martha. Francis Scarl, the younger, of
St. Nicholas, Guildford, farmer, 2nd s.

27 May, 1741. John Willmot of St. Mary Abchurch, bachelor,
30, and Mary Newman of St. George the Martyr, Southwark, spinster,
23 ; at Clapham, co. Surry.

28 May, 1741. Michael Eyre of Crondall, co. Southampton,
tallow chandler, widower, 36, and Mary Limming of Crondall
aforesaid, spinster, 22 ; at Parish Church of CrondaU.

29 May, 1741. John Dodd of Horley, husbandman, bachelor, 21,
and Jane RusseU of the same parish, spinster, 21 ; at Horley.

29 May, 1741. WiUiam Nash of St. Margaret's, Westminster,
tallow chandler, bachelor, 24, and Elizabeth Gibbons of St. Andrew,
Holborne, London, spinster, 21 ; at St. George Southwark, or

31 May, 1741. Samuel Webb of Weybridge, day labourer,
widdower, 38, and Mary Skeet of Weybridge, spinster, 28 ; at Wisley.
Robert Skeet of Pirford, labourer, 2nd s.

31 May, 1741. Thomas Denn of Shipley, co. Sussex, servant,
bachelor, above 23, and Elizabeth Bower of Shipley, widow, 30 ; at
Dorking. James Pillfold of Dorking, sadler, 2nd s.

1 June, 1741. Robert Benfield of St. Saviour's, Southwark,
widower, 32, and Philadelphia Nelhams of Richmond, Surrey, spinster,
25 ; at St. Saviour's, Southwark.


13 June, 1741. James Davis of St. Margaret's, Westminster,
servant, widower, 43, and Mary Boxall of Kingston-upon-Thames,
spinster ; at Kingston-tipon-Tliames. Thomas Jermyn of Kingston-
Tipon-Thames, breecli.es maker, s.

17 June, 1741. John Selden of Portsmouth, co. Southton, Gent.,
bachelor, 34, and Catherine Chitty of Deal, co. Kent, widow, 25 ; at
Godahning. Abraham Toft of Godalming, glazier, 2nd s.

18 Jime, 1741. Eobert Pain of Lingfield, bachelor, 26, and
Mary Martin of the same parish, spinster, 25 ; at Ilorne. Robert Pain
and Wm. Pain, blacksmiths, both of Lingfield, sureties.

19 Jrme, 1741. Edward Reeves of Basinstoke, co. Southton,
apothecary, bachelor, 25, and Mary Mabberly of Farnham, spinster,
25 ; at Aldershot. William Mabberly of Farnham, yeoman, 2nd s.
He signs " Maberly."

25 June. 1741. Thomas TuUy of Edenbridge, co. Kent, shoe-
maker, bachelor, 29, and Ann Comber of Edenbridge, spinster, 24 ;
at Godstone. George Comber of Cowden, co. Kent, labourer, 2nd s.
Sign, of Tho. Tulley.

27 June, 1741. Wilham Eads of Chittenfold (sic), labourer,
bachelor, 24, and Margaret Heath of Istleworth (sia), co. Middlesex,
spinster, 23 ; at Thames Ditton. Alexander Murrey of Thames Ditton,
gardener, 2nd s. Both sign.

28 June, 1741. John Argent of Blechingly, sen'ant, bachelor, 29,
and Ann Steward of Godstone, spinster, 21 ; at Hedley. William
Argent of Blechingly, husbandman, 2nd s.

3 July, 1741. Thomas Richardson of St. John's, Southwark,
Gent., bachelor, 24, and Susannah Symms of the same parish, spinster,
23 ; at St. John's, Southwark.

7 July, 1741. John Mills of Fretham,"' - co. Surrey, husbandman,
bachelor, 24, and Anne Kilby of Great Bookham, spinster, 23; at
Hedley. Thomas Peter of Fetcham, yeoman, 2nd s.

7 July, 1741. Joseph Lacey of Camberwell, gardiner, bachelor,
38, and Susannah Cove of the same parish, spinster, 34 ; at Parish
Church of CamberweU or Dulwich Chappel.

9 July, 1741. Robert Roberts of Walton-upon-Thames, collar
maker, bachelor, 23, and Martha Wing, "hired servant," of Waltham-
upon-Thames (sic), spinster, 23 ; at Long Ditton.

11 July, 1741. Wm. Hobbs of Kingston-upon-Thames, black-
smith, bachelor, 27, and Ann Lambert of the parish aforesaid,
spinster, 26 ; at Petersham. John Treacher of Kingston, turner,
2nd s.

12 July, 1741. Samuel Clark of Egham, baker, bachelor, 21,
and Anne Knight of Egham, widow ; at Egham. Joseph Walter of
Egham, carpenter, 2nd s.

12 July, 1741. Robert Jelly of Albury, husbandman, bachelor,
23, and Frances Wilkinson of Albury, spinster, 21 ; at Pirford.
Henry Howard of Pirford, carpenter, 2nd s.

* Fetcham.


15 July, 1741. Jolin Rooke of Albury, yeoman, bachelor, 30,
and Anne Stone of Albury, spinster, 23 ; at Dorking. Sign, of John

16 July, 1741. George Wallis of Hayes, co. Kent, yeoman,
bachelor, 34, and Ann Grasham of Hayes, spinster, 25 ; at St. George
the Martyr, Southwark.

18 July, 1741. Christopher Burt of St. Marie's, Guildford,
husbandman, widdower, 38, and Sarah Farnham of Albury, spinster,
30 ; at St. Martha's.

20 July, 1741. Robert Roffey of " Charldon," co. Surrey, farmer,
bachelor, above 21, and Elizabeth Sharpe of Coulsdon, spinster, about
19 ; at Charldon. Michael Sharpe of Coulsdon, farmer, her father,

20 July, 1741. Robert Woodgate of Hever, co. Kent, labourer,
bachelor, 23, and Susan Ounsted of Edenbridge, co. Kent, spinster,
27 ; at Tandrige.

22 July, 1741. James Green of CrondaU, co. Southampton,
husbandman, bachelor, 32, and Ehzabeth Liroming of Crondall
aforesaid, spinster, 30 ; at Crondall.

25 July, 1741. William Gumm of Holy Trinity, Guildford,
grocer, bachelor, 29, and Mary Page of the same parish, spinster, 24 ;
at St. Martha on the Hill. Hannah Dudman of St. Mary the Virgin,
Guildford, spinster, one of the s.

30 July, 1741. John Clark of St. James', Garlickhith, London,
dyer, bachelor, 30, and Hannah TweUes of St. Mary, Aldermary,
London, spinster, 28 ; at St. John or St. Thomas, Southwark.

31 Jul)^, 1741. Richard Peter of Leathered, yeoman, bachelor,
40, and Anne Windham of Leathered, spinster, 30 ; at Leathered.
Thomas Peter of Leathered, maltman, 2nd s.

2 Aug., 1741. John Tayler of Windlesham, yeoman, 35, and
Anne Jennings of the same place, spinster, 21 ; at Windlesham,
Wokeing, or Chobham. Thomas Woolven of Guldeford, cordwainer,
2nd s.

9 Aug., 1741. Thomas Ripley (abas Atfeild) of Worplesdon,
yeoman, bachelor, 21, and Sarah Huntingford of Woking, spinster,
21 ; at Egham. He signs Thomas Ripley, alias Atfeild. Eusebius
Wilhams, clerk and Curate of Stanes, Middlesex, 2nd s.

14 Aug., 1741. Richard Jordan of St. Andrew, Holborn, co.
Middlesex, carpenter, bachelor, 27, and Sarah Scott of Richmond, co.
Surrey, spinster, 25 ; at Petersham. John Freeman of Richmond,
victualler, 2nd s.

18 Aug., 1741. Joseph Giggs of Farnham, victualler, bachelor,
22, and Mary Clears of Headley, co. Southampton, spinster, 22; at

24 Aug., 1741. Richard Frost of Farnham, bachelor, and
Catherine Hack of Farnham, single woman ; at Bentley, co. Southton.

24 Aug., 1741. John Young of Chobham, husbandman, 23, and
Elizabeth Sadler of Windlesham, single woman, 21 ; at St. Nicholas,
Guldeford. William Atlee (?) of Windlesham, miller, 2nd s.


26 Aug., 1741. William Spong of Ash, co. Surrey,
widdower, 37, and Sarah Mason of the same parish, spinster, 25 ; at
St. Martha on the Hill. William Child of the Holy Trinity, Guildford,
parish clerk of the same, 2nd s.

27 Aug., 1741. George FarndeU of Epsom, 28, and Ehzabeth
of Epsom, spinster, 30 ; at Epsom.

3 Sept., 1741. Thomas Brooker of Merrow, co. Surrey, yeoman,
bachelor, 21, and Mary Simdnds of Puttenham, spinster, 21 ; at
Pirford. Francis Simmonds of Puttenham, yeoman, 2nd s. Both

5 Sept., 1741. Thomas White of Lingfield, co. Surrey, bachelor,
above 27, and Mary Everist of the same parish, widow, above 26 ; at
Home. Thomas White, his mark. Thos. White and Richard Paine
of Lingfield, ss.

5 Sept., 1741. John Clear of Chittinfold, widower, 30, and Mary
Welland of Wheatley, co. Surrey, spinster, 16 ; at Wonersh. Henry
WeUand of Wheatley, her father, consenting.

5 Sept., 1741. Daniel Byrch of Wonersh, paper maker, widdower,
64, and — Ede of the same parish, widow, 65 ; at St. Marie's,
Guildford. Richard Gabb of St. Marie's, Guildford, victualler, 2nd s.

6 Sept., 1741. Henry Johns of Ewel, butcher, widower, above
21, and Clare Fowl of Ewel, widow, above 21 ; at Ewel. John
Draper of Tooting, inn-holder, 2nd s.

10 Sept., 1741. Joseph Torrell (or TyrreU), of St. Mary,
Rotherhith, shipwright, bachelor, 23, and Mary Burgess of the same
parish, spinster, 23 ; at Rotherhith.

12 Sept., 1741. John Clarke of Yately, co. Southton, yeoman,
bachelor, 27, and Elizabeth Goodyer of Guildford, spinster, 19 ; at
Worplesdon. Alexander Goodyer of Guildford, yeoman, her father,
consents. Richard Clarke of Guldeford, habberdasher, 2nd s.

14 Sept., 1741. John Over of Wandsworth, meahnan, bachelor,
21, and Elizabeth Clapham of Battersea, widow ; at Parish Church of

14 Sept., 1741. George Betts of Dorking, stay maker, widower,
30, and Anne Hallam of Dorking, widow, 44 ; at Dorking. James
Pillfold of Dorking, sadler, 2nd a.

14 Sept., 1741. Samuel Huhne of St. Saviour's, Southwark,
grocer, bachelor, 21, and Elizabeth Fades of St. John, Wapping, co.
Middlesex, spinster, 21 ; at Clapham, co. Surrey.

17 Sept., 1741. William Puplett of Tooting, bricklayer, and
Mary Tealing of Wimbledon, spinster, 19 ; at Wimbledon. Mary
Tealing of Wimbledon, widow, her mother, consenting. William
Walter of Tooting, yeoman, 2nd s.

19 Sept., 1741. John Thirton of Christ Church, Surry, black-
smith, bachelor, 21, and Mary Rowly of St. Dunstan, Stepney, co.
Middlesc-c, spinster, 21 ; at St.' John, Southwark.

19 Sept., 1741. George Smyth of Puttenham, bricklayer, bachelor,
about 34, and Mary Lee of the same parish, spinster, 22 ; at
Puttenham. Thomas Woods of Puttenham, malster, 2nd s.


21 Sept., 1741. Edward Leaver of Harting, co. Sussex, ' grocer, j
about 31 (or 21, in the original is indistinct), and Ann Franks of I
Ipin,® CO. Sussex, widow ; at St. Martha's on the Hill. Robert Wilson I
of St. Martha's, 2nd s. I

22 Sept., 1741. Joshua Killiugbeck of Halhamstone, co. Essex, i
farmer, single man, 25, and Mary Comwell of Lamish, co. Essex, j
spinster, 21 ; at Bocking. John Stebbing of Bocking, co. Essex, i
blacksmith, 2nd s. i

27 Sept., 1741. William Strudwicke of Hedley, co. Surrey, j

farmer, bachelor, 60, and Mary Weller of Hedley, widow, above 30 ; |
at Hedley. Thomas Benge of Hedley, husbandman, 2nd s.

3 Oct., 1741. Nathaniel Glover of Woolingham, yeoman, bachelor, I

21, and Ehzabeth Steer of Nutfield, spinster, 21; at St. Olave, j

^outhwark. !

3 Oct., 1741. John Dickinson of Kingston-upon-Thames, hostler, ]

bachelor, 43, and Hannah Lawrence of Kingston aforesaid, widow, 40 ; |

at Kingston. John Harris of Kingston, victualler, 2nd s. I

5 Oct., 1741. William Green Tree of Bramlye, Surry, farmer,
bachelor, 30, and Sarah Sparks of the same parish, spinster, 25 ; at

Windlesham. William Duke of St. Marie's, Guildford, 2nd s. Sign. ,

of Wm. Green Tree. 1

6 Oct., 1741. John Smith of City of Chichester, co.
turner, bachelor, 26, and Mary Pain of Hambledon, co. Surrey,
spinster, 22 ; at Hambledon. William Charriot (sic) of Godalming,
patten board maker, 2nd s.

7 Oct., 1741. Wilham Denton of Christ Church, Surrey, bachelor,
23, and Prudence DeUamore of St. Saviour's, Southwark, spinster, 21 ;
at St. Saviour's, Southwark.

10 Oct., 1741. Thomas Goddard of the P. of Blessed Virgin Mary,
Guldeford, taylor, 21, and Ehzabeth Berry of the same parish,
spinster, 21 ; at St. Mary in Guldeford or St. Martha on the HiU.
James Goddard of St. Mary's, Guldeford, butcher, 2nd s. Thomas
Berry, father of the said Ehzabeth Berry, consenting.

13 Oct., 1741. Wilham Collyer of Wokeing, yeoman, 25, and
Katharine Collyer of Horsell, spinster, 25 ; at Frimley. John Warwick
of Guldeford, inn-holder, 2nd s.

17 Oct., 1741. George Marsh of Ripley, tayler, 30, and Hannah
Henley of Send, spinster, 24 ; at Pirford. John Underwood of
Guldeford, inn-holder, 2nd s. Sign, of George Marsh.

22 Oct., 1741. William Tice of Puttenham, carpenter, bachelor,
30, and Ehzabeth Tice of Puttenham aforesaid, spinster, 25 ; at ... .

24 Oct., 1741. Thomas Commens of Bromley, co. Kent, widower,
40, and Ann Hyatt of Beckingham {sic), co. Kent, spinster, 30 ; at
St. Saviour's, Southwark.

24 Oct., 1741. John Randall of Dorking, brazier, bachelor, 27,
and Mary Denton of Farnham, spinster, 21 ; at St. Mary Overy (sie),
or St. George's, Southwark. John Bicknoll of Worplesdon, yeoman,
2nd s. Both sign.

* Ipeing.


25 Oct., 1741. John Loft of Longfield, co. Kent, bachelor, 25,
and Susanna Glover of Hartley, co. Kent, spinster, 22 ; at St. Saviour's,

26 Oct., 1741. Thomas Cooper of Great Bookliam, widower, 21,
and Elizabeth Meads of Stoke Daubourn, spinster, 21 ; at Little

31 Oct., 1741. John Sparkes of WintershaU, in Bramley, parish,
of Shalford, yeoman, bachelor, 26, and Susannah Walker of Rushwood,
in said parish of Bramley, spinster, 24 ; at Windlesham. Henry
Davis of Tollor, co. Dorset, yeoman, 2nd s.

4 Nov., 1741. William Chittey of Worlpesdon (sic), husbandman,
bachelor, 25, and Anne Guilham of the same parish, spinster, 23 ; at
St. Marie's, Guildford.

9 Nov., 1741. Nathaniel Brooker of Katerham, yeoman, bachelor,
21, and Elizabeth Terrant of Katerham, mdow, 21 ; at Tooting.
Richard HoUamby of Mitcham, victualler, 2nd s. He signs. N. B.

10 Nov., 1741. John Pyke of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey,
glasier, widower, and Ann Armstrong of St. Saviour, Southwark,
widow ; at St. John, Southwark. Sign, of John Pyke.

15 Nov., 1741. Robert Trigg of Frencham, co. Surrey, husband-
man, widower, 26, and Mary Curtis of the same place, spinster, 26 ;
at Farnham. William Curtis of Frencham, husbandman, 2nd s.

21 Nov., 1741. William Harrison of Sheire, husbandman,
bachelor, 29, and Mary Dewdney of Sheire aforesaid, spinster, 22 ; at
Abinger, Sheire, or Effingham. Samuel Parvish of Guldeford,
bookseller, 2nd s. Both sign.

21 Nov., 1741. Joseph Coles of Egham, tallow chandler, bachelor,
24, and Sarah Hudson of Egham, spinster, 21 ; at Egham. He signs.

28 Nov., 1741. Jonathan Wheelwright of St. George, Southwark,
bachelor, 24, and Elizabeth Boughton of the same parish, widow ; at
the Parish Church of Camberwell.

4 Dec, 1741. Robert Reeve of St. John, Southwark, mariner,
bachelor, 25, and Susanna Sprigs of the same parish, spinster, 21 ; at
St. John, Southwark.

5 Dec, 1741. Stephen Lattimore of St. Mary, Rotherhith,
marriner, bachelor, 25, and Susannah Davis of the same parish, 20 ;
at St. John, Southwark. Isaac Davis, her father, consenting.

6 Dec, 1741. Robert Aurndell of Bentley, co. Southton,
husbandman, widower, 30, and Sarah Milton of CrondaU, co. Southton,
spinster, 22 ; at Farnham.

9 Dec, 1741. Thomas Sellon of Farnham, Ironmonger, bachelor,
24, and Anne Winkworth of Farnham aforesaid, spinster, 22 ; at
Farnham. John Shorter of Farnham, cordwainer, 2nd s. Both

11 Dec, 1741. Thomas Peacock of Merton, yeoman, bachelor, 21,
and Mary Fellows of Wimbledon, spinster, 21 ; at Wimbledon.
Richard Hollamby of Mitcham, victualler, 2nd s. Both sign.


12 Dec, 1741. Jolin Davis of Battersea, coachman, bachelor, 21,
and Susannah Dobson of Wandsworth, widow ; at Clapham, Surrey.

15 Dec, 1741. Edmund Anguish of St. Bridget's, alias Bride's,
London, gentleman, bachelor, 30, and Rebecca Betts of St. James',
Westminster, spinster, 19 ; at Chappell of the Palace of the Right
Reverend the Lord Bishop of Winchester at Chelsea. Ehzabeth Betts,
widow, the mother of R. B., consenting. Sign, of Edm. Anguish,
EHz. Betts.

22 Dec, 1741. EUis Roberts of St. Saviour's, Southwark, widower,
38, and Sarah Wall of St. Botolph, without Bishopsgate, co. Middlesex,
spinster, 27 ; at St. Saviour's, Southwark.

24 Dec, 1741. James Walker of St. John, Southwark, butcher,
bachelor, 25, and Susanna Wallford of the same parish, widow ; at St.
John, Southwark.

24 Dec, 1741. William Upfold of Godahning, framework knitter,
bachelor, 25, and Mary Buchanan of Godalming aforesaid, spinster,
30 ; at Godalming. Francis Bradley of Godalming, carpenter, 2nd s.

25 Dec, 1741. Edward Allen of Stoke next Guldeford, shoemaker,
21, and Katherine Punter of Holy Trinity, Guldeford, spinster, 21 ;
at Stoke next Guldeford, Chobham, or Ghertsey. John Atkins of
Giildeford, dealer in hoggs, 2nd s.

28 Dec, 1741. John Plaw of Godstone, labourer, widower, 26,
and Ebsabeth Green of Lympsfield, spinster, 29 ; at Lympsfield.
Thomas HiUs of Godstone, labourer, 2nd s. Both sign.

29 Dec, 1741. Richard Dymes of Staines, co. Middlesex, taylor,
35, and Elizabeth Stentons of Staines aforesaid, spinster, 23 ; at
Shalford or Stoke next Guldeford. Thomas Garrard of Guldeford,
victualler, 2nd s.

30 Dec, 1741. William Laiirences (or Larances) of Buckland,
husbandman, bachelor, 27, and Martha Burton of Buckland, widow,
29 ; at Leathered. James Beall of Buckland, husbandman, 2nd s.

31 Dec, 1741 or 2 (?). James Mills of Compton, Surrey, chaundler,
bachelor, 21, and Sarah Woods of Godalming, spinster, 27 ; at St.
Martha on the Hill. John Lucas of Compton, taylour, 2nd s.

2 Jan., 1741 (i.e., 1741-2). John Eager of Richmond, husband-
man, bachelor, 26, and Jane Sparkes of Horley, spinster, 23 ; at
Rygate. Wilham Eager of Leathered, husbandman, 2nd s.

12 Jan., 1741-2. Richard Bristow of Woking, husbandman,
bachelor, 29, and Anne Martin of Woking, spinster, 25 ; at
Windlesham. Joseph Eed of Woking, blacksmith, 2nd s. Both sign.

14 Jan., 1741-2. Timothy Richards of Greesly, co. Notts,
" trooper," bachelor, 24, and Joanna Hervey of Kingston-upon-
Thames, spinster, 23 ; at Kingston-upon-Thames. Charles Campbell
of Kingston-upon-Thames, " trooper," 2nd s. Both sign.

15 Jan., 1741-2. James Douglas of Holy Trinity, Guldeford,
inn-holder, bachelor, 29, and Frances Jelly of the same parish,
spinster, 21 ; at St. Mary, Guldeford. Charles Coker[of Holy Trinity],
Guldeford, husbandman, 2nd s.


16 Jau., 174:1-2. Moses Gill of Alton, co. Southtou, butcher,
bachelor, 22, and Elizabeth Figg of Alton, spinster, 21 ; at Farnham.
John Figg of Alton, wheelwright, 2nd s.

16 Jan., 1741-2. Samuel Leaver of St. Sepulchre, London,
wheelwright, bachelor, 24, and Mary Hokaan of Clapham, co. Surrey,
spinster, 25 ; at Clapham.

21 Jan., 1741-2. John Blake of Seale, husbandman, bachelor,
28, and Sarah Bayley of Seale, spinster, 24 ; at Farnham. John
AUen of Farnham, glover, 2nd s.

21 Jan., 1741-2. WiUiam Channell of Headley, co. Southton,
husbandman, bachelor, 24, and Elizabeth Warner of Binstead, co.
Southton, spinster, 26 ; at Farnham. Francis Buckley of Kingsley,
husbandman, 2nd s.

22 Jan., 1741-2. Nicholas Boyce of Stoke next Guldeford,
miller, bachelor, 40, and Ehzabeth Slarkes of Holy Trinity, Guldeford,
spinster, 30 ; at East Glandon, West Horseley, or East Horseley.
Joseph Smales of Holy Trinity, Guldeford, gardiner, 2nd s.

30 Jan., 1741-2. James Ford of St. John, Southwark, cooper,
bachelor, 21, and Mary Brown of the same parish, spinster, 21 ; at
St. Clave, Southwark.

I Feb., 1741 {i.e., 1741-2). William Barry of Farnham, barber,
bachelor, 26, and Mary Matthew of Farnham, widow, 24 ; at Aldershott,
CO. Southton. Robert Mildred of Farnham, baker, 2nd s.

10 Feb., 1741-2. John Winter of St. Mildred in the Poultry,
London, brazier, bachelor, 36, and Margaret Brown of Chertsey,
spinster, 38 ; at Chertsey. John Hill of Chertsey, 2nd s.

II Feb., 1741-2. John Hillyer of Cobham, co. Surry, bachelor,
25, and Mary Freeland of Cobham, spinster, 24 ; at St. Saviour,
Southwark. Jeremiah Freeland of Cobham, 2nd s.

19 Feb., 1741-2. John Rowland of St. Nicholas, Deptford, _ co.
Kent, shipwright, bachelor, 21, and Elizabeth Bell of the same parish,
spinster, 22 ; at St. John, Southwark. He signs.

20 Feb., 1741-2. William Field of Caterham, labourer, bachelor,
23, and Ann Budder of Caterham, spinster, 23 ; at Godstone. John
Johnson of Godstone, labourer, 2nd s.

21 Feb., 1741-2. William Harding of Pepperharrow, husbandman,
bachelor, 22, and Anne Stormes of Puttenliam, spinster, 16 ; at
Farnham. Richard Stormes of Puttenham, labourer, her father,
consenting, also 2nd s.

21 Feb., 1741-2. George Smith of Hayes, co. Kent, bachelor, 26,
and Mary Morley of Hayes, spinster, 21 ; at St. George the Martyr,

25 Feb., 1741-2. Edward Wood of Epsom, 23, and Eleanor
Holland of Epsom, spinster, 23 ; at Epsom. John Sturt of Epsom,
2nd s.

28 Feb., 1741-2. John Robinson of Barking, 22, and Mary
Rebecca Bowen of EweU, 23 ; at Epsom. John Jenkins of Barking,


1 Mar., 1741-2. Robert Burleigh of Esher, carpenter, bachelor,
and Mary Holms of Esher, widow, 30; at Long Ditton. Timothy
Atock of Esher, gardiner, 2nd s.

2 Mar., 1741-2. WiLliam Finkell of St. John, Southwark, baker,
bachelor, 25, and Jane Werry of the same parish, spinster, 25 ; at
St. John, Southwark.

1 Apr., 1742. John Adams of Bramshott, co. Southton, Gent.,
bachelor, 25, and Frances Benefold of Bramshott, spinster, 25 ; at
Bramshott. Henry AUen of Farnham, glover, 2nd s.

6 Apr., 1742. William Grover of CrondaU, co. Southton,
husbandman, bachelor, 21, and Jane Bartholomew of Crondall,
spinster, 22 ; at Windlesham. John Noles (or NowUes) of Farnham,
baker, 2nd s.

8 Apr., 1742. Nathaniel Langford of St. Faith, London, woollen
draper, widower, and Mary Okell of St. Mary, Lambeth, spinster, 40;
at St. Mary, Lambeth.

10 Apr., 1742. Thomas Barrett of Witley, yeoman, bachelor, 40,

Ehzabeth Tewsley of Witley, spinster, 21 ; at Witley, Hambledon,

17 Apr., 1742. Henry Punter of Albury, miller, widower, 37,

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