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Resolutions passed at parish meetings at ]

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ck-in-Elmet, 1747 and 1773, with signatures.








Hon. Secretary of the Yorkshire Parish Register Society, Hon. Treasurer of the Thoresby Society, Member of the Council
of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, etc., Editor of the Leeds, Adel, Kippax, Methley and Rothwell Registers.

Privately Printed for Subscribers.
Leeds, 1908.


8 3 C L 2


The present Volume contains extracts from Wills proved in the
Exchequer and Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of York, to the
year 1750, and from a few Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of
Canterbury ; also copies of the Parish Registers from 1653 to 1812,
with the existing transcripts for earlier years, and the Monumental
Inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard.

The Editor desires to thank Messrs. William Brown, F.S.A., and
W. T. Lancaster, F.S.A., for assistance kindly rendered in respect of
some of the earliest Wills, and also to thank the Rector, the Rev. F.
S. Colman,M.A.,for his kindness in allowing the Registers to be printed,
and for the facilities he has most readily afforded for transcription and
collation. Mr. Colman has written an excellent History of the Parish
which is now being printed for the Thoresby Society.

G. D. L.



P. 35, bottom line of footnote. For " 20 June " read " 31 July."

P. 101, footnote. The will of George Pearson is printed p. 49. It
is not in the printed index of York Wills.

P. in, bottom line of footnote. Insert " p. 646 " after " Money,"
and delete " p. 646 " after " Papers."

P. 122, line 7. For " Emett " read " Elmett "

P. 209, footnote, line 2. For " Richard " read " Robert."

P. 319, 4 lines from the bottom. Delete brackets.

P. 344, line 21. For " 1778 " read " 1788."

P. 362, 11 lines from the bottom. Insert " 1800 " after " Nov. 2."

P. 392, line 21. For " Beann " read " Bean."


Frontispiece Collotype of Minutes of Resolutions at Parish Meetings.
Preface . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . v.

Wills :




William Canon, rector

. . 1 William Hubye

. . 34 John Burland

.. 70

John Chapman

. 2 John


. . 35 Elizabeth Thompson

.. 71

Richard Burnham, rector

. 3 John Gascoigne

. . 35 Henry Wright

.. 73

John Grenefeld

4 Leonard Sethle

..37 John Taylor

.. 73

Thomas Grene

4 Laurence Askw

ith . . 37 Elizabeth Massie . .

.. 73

Henry Ellis (Admon.

. 5 Henry Walker

..38 Robert Leigh

.. 75

William Hawk, rector

5 Richard Vevers

. . 39 Andrew Slater

.. 75

Richard Lascy (Admon.)

. 6 John


..39 J

ames Winter

.. 75

William Gascoigne . .

6 Margaret Potte

r . . . . 40 George Haist

.. 76

John Rilye

. 8 Richard Settle

. . 41 Edward Hunt (with

Henry Taylyor

. 10 Richard Ingle


inventory) . .

.. 76

Thomas Gascoigne

. 11 John

Setle ..

. . 42 Joseph Dixon

.. 78

Henry Ellis

. 12 Henry Tailor

. . 42 Thomas Brame

.. 78

John Wilson

. 13 Thomas Hems\

rorth . . 43 William Ellis

.. 79

Robert Setle

. 14 Brewen Briggs

. . 44 John Pearson

.. 81

Richard Shanne

. 1 5 Lawrence Glove

:r . . . . 45 Mary Hague

.. 81

Henry Setle

. 16 Mary

Ellis ..

..45 John Maude

.. 82

John Bramham

. 17 Richard Settle

. . 47 John Tailforth

.. 82

William Shanne

. 17 Thomas Terrin

s;ton . . 48 John Mounsey

.. 83

John Setle

. 20 George Pearsor

. . 49 William Dawson . .

.. 84

William Ellis

. 21 Richard Dighte

>n . . . . 49 William Simpson . .

.. 85

Margaret Ellis

. 23 Sir John Gascc

igne . . 51 William Hargrave . .

.. 85

Richard Danyell . .

. 23 Richard Potter

. . 57 John Elston als Phillips . . 8i

Elizabeth Settle

. 24 Michael Wilson

. . 58 Michael Graveley . .

.. 86

Thomas Potter

. 25 John

Ball . .

. . 59 Sarah Sharp

.. 87

William Setthell . .

. 26 Richard Shan

. . 60 Robert Knapton . .

.. 87

William Mawson . .

. 26 Thomas Wrigh

: . . . . 63 Samuel Haist

.. 88

Stephen Brame

. 27 Thomas Holme

s . . . . 63 William Burton . .

.. 88

Richard Gascoigne. .

. 27 William Roydh

ouse . . 65 John Smeaton

.. 89

Richard Wilson

. 31 Christopher Sh

are . . . . 66 William Vevers

.. 89

John Mitchell

. 32 John


..68 Thomas Jackson ..

.. 90

John Thomlingson . .

. 32 Robert Settle

. . 69 Grants of Administration,

John Burneley

. 33 Anne




.. 91



Baptisms, Marriage

;s, and Burials

1600, 1601 .






1631-1642 .


First Book




1653-1662 .




. 1663-1683.




55 55




55 55


Second Book . .


. 1684-1738.




55 55



. y ..

55 55


Third Book . .


. 1738-1788.









. 1738-1788.


Fourth Book . .


. 1788-1812.




55 55


Fifth Book . .




Sixth Book

5 J

. 1765-1812.




55 55


Monumental Inscri





Various :


Barnby's Charity

226, 228, 232

Briefs, Collection on . . . . 135, 183

212-4, 229, 252-4

Churchwardens and Overseers

174, 254-6

Clerks' Fees

138, 244

Curates, Appointment of . . . . . . 154,

158, 179, 202, 215

Dineley's Charity

. . 173

Heald's Charity . . . .

. . 132

House on London Bridge

. . 256

Letter to the Curate

. . 225

Memoranda on Cover of Second Register Book

. . 256

Milner's Charity



213, 220, 246-7

Perambulation of Parish

. . . . . 226

Rector's Fees

. . 212

Rectors, Induction, &c, of, 156, 165, 190, 191,

215, 216, 219, 221,

245 249,

321, 325, 380, 387

Register, Appointment of . .

. . 117

Riley's Charity


Transfers of Seats in Stall


Index of Place Names in the Parish

. . 426

,, ,, ,, out of the Parish

. . 427

Index of Surnames

. 431



William Canon, Rector, 1404-1420.

Testamentum Willelmi Canon',* rectoris ecclesie parochialis de
Berwyk in Elmett.
[Reg. Bowet, fo. 376^.]

In Dei nomine Amen. Sexto die mensis Novembris, anno
Domini millesimo cccc mo xix, ego, Willelmus Canon', rector ecclesie
parochialis de Berwyk in Elmett, Eboracensis diocesis, compos
mentis et sane memorie, facio et ordino testamentum meum in
hunc modum. In primis lego et commendo animam meam Deo
omnipotenti et Beate Marie, matri ejus, ac omnibus suis Sanctis ;
corpusque meum sepeliendum in choro ecclesie predicte, ex parte
australi summi altaris ejusdem chori. Item lego nomine mortuarii
mei meliorem equum meum. Item lego pro.expensis meis funerali-
bus quinque marcas monete Anglicane. Item lego summo altari
ecclesie mee antedicte unum missale secundum usum ecclesie
Eboracensis, ita quod executores mei non impediantur seu moles-
tentur per aliquem in libera disposicione et execucione testamenti et
bonorum meorum. Et si impediantur vel molestentur, volo tunc
quod dicti executores mei hujusmodi missale vendant, et precium
ejus in celebracionem divinorum pro anima mea convertatur. Item
lego nove fabrice ecclesie cathedralis Eboracensis xiij s iiij d . Item
lego fabrice ecclesie mee antedicte xiij s iiij d . Item lego fabrice
ecclesie parochialis de Alne xiij s iiij d . Item lego fabrice ecclesie
parochialis de Elughton xiij s iiij d . Item lego eidem ecclesie unum
ordinale secundum usum ecclesie cathedralis Eboracensis. Item
lego cuilibet ordini Fratrum Mendicancium civitatis Eboracensis
vj s viij d . Item lego Fratribus Mendicantibus de Pontefracto vj s
viij d . Item lego Custancie de Kereby, consanguinee mee, x H argenti,
vj coclearia argenti, ij meliores lectos, iiij lodices, iiij linthiamina,
et ij mattres, j pelvim cum lavacro, j togam furratam cum capucio,
quam elige e voluerit, ac medietatem vaso um omnium et utensili-
orum coquine mee. Item lego Johanni Cras, clerico, j portiforium
cum nota de usu ecclesie Eboracensis antedicte, ac quinque marcas
monete. Item lego domino Roberto Otlay, rectori ecclesie Sancti

* The figure of William Canon was formerly in stained glass in the East window of
Barwick Church.


Martini in Conyngstrete, civitatis Eboracensis meliorem ciphum
meum murreum, argento ligatum et deauratum. Item lego
Willelmo de Yolton, servienti meo, x marcas argenti et ij quarteria
frumenti. Item lego domino Willelmo Milford, capellano, xx s .
Item lego Willelmo filio Willelmi Hesille de Eboraco ij s . Item lego
Willelmo filio Willelmi Yolton iij s iiij d . Item lego Johanni Cook
juniori, servienti meo, x s argenti et j quarterium frumenti. Item
lego Philippo Webster, servienti meo, x s argenti et j quarterium
frumenti. Item lego clerico parochiali de Berwyk supradicta ij s
argenti. Item lego Willelmo Langtoo, servienti meo, vj s viij d et
j quarterium frumenti. Item lego Elisote Webster, ad sustenta-
cionem ejusdem, vj s viij d . Item lego cuilibet executorum meorum
subscriptorum pro labore suo j marcam argenti. Residuum vero
bonorum meorum superius non legatorum, debitis meis persolutis,
do et lego in celebracione missarum et aliorum divinorum pro
anima mea et animabus omnium benef actorum, et [ad] distribucionem
pauperum in hiis parochiis quibus bona ilia adquisivi, secundum
discrecionem et disposicionem executorum meorum predictorum.
Hujus autem testamenti mei perimplendi ordino, facio, et constituo
discretum virum, magistrum Johannem de Thornton, vicarium
Pontefracti, dominum Johannem Spanyelle, capellanum, et Ed-
mundum Cook de Walton, meos executores. Hiis testibus, domino
Willelmo Kymstan, capellano, Willelmo Beroby, notario publico,
et Johanne Harpyn, Eboracensis diocesis. Datum sub sigillo meo
apud Berwyk predictam die et anno Domini supradictis. Probacio.
Probatum fuit presens testamentum apud Cawod, primo die mensis
Junii, anno Domini Mcccc mo xx mo , et commissa fuit administracio
omnium bonorum ipsius defuncti tempore mortis sue executoribus
in testamento nominatis, in forma constitucionis legati super hoc
edite. Et facta fuit littera in forma debita, etc.

i John Chapman.

Testamentum domini Johannis Chapman nuper de Thirsk,
capellani defuncti. Dimiss' est nullo inventario exhibito.

[ii. 293b.] In Dei omine Amen. vij die mensis Januarij Anno
Domini millesimo cccc mo lij Ego Dominus Johannes Chapman
compos mentis et sane memorie condo testamentum meum in hunc
modum. In primis lego animam meam Deo Omnipotenti beate
Marie et omnibus Sanctis et corpus meum sepeliendum in cimiterio
Omnium Sanctorum de Barwike et lego portatorium meum pro
mortuario meo. Item lego quinque cereos quinque librarum cum
iiij or torchiis ad ignendum circa corpus meum et post mortem meam
seruiendum sacramento. Item lego iiij or presbiteros ad portandum me
ad ecclesiam et quemlibet eorum habere ijs. Item legoxiiij presbiteros
esse ad exequias meas et missam et quilibet eorum habere viii
denarios. Item lego viij clericos parochiales esse ad exequias et
missam meam, habere quilibet eorum iiij d . Item lego illi presbitero
qui celebrat missam et sepilit me vj s viij d . Item iij presbiteris ad
celebrandum pro me xxj marcas. Item lego v marcas to y e


stypylV ecclesie de Barwike. Item lego pro fenestra factura in
cancellario xl s . Item lego ymagini beate Marie cum filio suo in
manu sua dextera ante Altare ecclesie de Tadcast' iiij or marcas.
Item lego ecclesie de AdeuT vj s viij d . Item lego ecclesie de
Tong' unum nobile. Item lego Elyott Harde quinque marcas.
Item lego filie Thome Marshall' de Harwod xl s . Item lego Willelmo
coco Rectoris de Barwike x s . Item lego iiij or marcas ad distri-
buendum pauperibus pro anima mea. Item lego iiij or marcas pro
pane et cerevisia ad faciendum pro me. Item lego Willelmo
Boswell xl s . Item lego Willelmo Carter xl s . Residuum vero
omnium bonorum meorum non legatorum post mortem meam do
et lego Willelmo Bosewell et Willelmo Carter ut ipsi ordinent et
disponant prout salute anime mee quomodo salubrius & sanccius
videatur ut a domino Deo omnipotenti [etc.] ad remissionem anime
mee et omnium fidelium defunctorum. In cuius rei testimonium
huic scripto sigillum meum presentibus apposui. Datum apud
Berwik vij die Januarij Anno Domini millesimo cccc mo lij.
Probatum fuit presens testamentum penultimo die mensis Marcij
Anno Domini he. Liiij, et commissa administracio executoribus
in eodem testamento nominatis juratis in forma juris.

Richard Burnham, Rector, 1432-1457.

[ii. 348a.] In Dei nomine Amen. Anno Domini millesimo
cccclvij mo Ego Ricardus Burnham Rector ecclesie parochialis de
Barwike in Elmett compos mentis et sane memorie condo testamen-
tum meum in hunc modum. In primis lego animam meam Deo
omnipotenti, Et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia parochiali
ubi me obire contigerit. Item lego nomine mortuarij mei quod
jus est et consuetudo patrie. Item lego fabrice ecclesie Cath.
Ebor. vj s viij d . Item lego fabrice ecclesie Lincon' (sic) vj s viij d .
Item fabrice ecclesie Sancti Wilfridi Ripon' iij s iiij d . Item lego
fabrice ecclesie Sancti Johannis Beu iij s iiij d . Item fabrice ecclesie
Beate Marie de Suthwell' ii j s iiij d . Item lego iiij or ordinibus Fratrum
Mendicancium Ebor. iiij s . Item lego Fratribus de Pontefracto
xij d . Et volo quod expense mee funerales fiant secundum discre-
cionem executorum meorum. Huius autem testamenti mei execu-
tores meos facio & constituoRicmWaterton armigerum de Coringham
Magistrum Robertum Thornton, Aliciam Constable, sororem meam
et Johannem Grenefeld seniorem armigerum. Item lego ecclesie
de Barwike predicta nouum missale meum pro uno capellano ad
celebrandum pro anima mea per unum annum. Item lego dessis
chori edificand' xx s . Item lego (ad) campanile edificandum xxs.
Residuum omnium bonorum meorum non legatorum committo in
manus executorum meorum prenominatorum. Hijs testibus,
Johanne Dawson, Domino Johanne Saunder capellano parochiali
de Barwike, et aliis. Dat. apud Barwike vicessimo die mensis Aprilis
Anno Domini, etc., quinquagesimo septimo. Et commissa adminis-
tracio Ricardo Waterton armigero executori in eodem testamento
nominato jurato in forma juris Reseruata potestate consimilem


administracionem committendi ceteris coexecutoribus in huiusmodi
testamento nominatis cum venerint in forma juris accepturi.

Date of Probate not given. Will before, of Wm. Spencer,
proved May 25, 1457, and Will of Master John Barnyngham next
after, proved May 28.

^ohn Grenefeld.

[iii. 301b.] In Dei nomine Amen. Anno Domini millesimo
cccc mo sexagesimo quarto die xviij mensis Octobris. Ego Johannes
Grenefeld sane memorie et bone mentis condo testamentum meum
in hunc modum. In primis do et lego animam meam Deo beate
Marie et omnibus Sanctis corpusque meum sepeliendum in choro
ecclesie parochialis de Berwyk in Elmet. Item volo quod Margareta
uxor mea habeat omnia terras et tenementa mea tam libera quam
ilia terras et tenementa secundum consuetudinem manerii necnon
firmas et redditus ad terminum annorum durante vita dicte Margarete,
salvo semper quod ipsa vel heredes mei solvat seu solvant Willelmo
Grenefeld fratri meo annuatim durante vita sua vij marcas, prout
plenius continetur in quadam carta per Johannem Grenefeld patrem
nostrum sibi inde confecta. Item volo quod Johannes Alius meus
habeat post decessum Margerete uxoris mee omnia terras et tene-
menta mea in villa et campis de Altoftes sibi et heredibus de corpore
suo legitime procreatis et si contingat predictum Johannem
sine herede de corpore suo legitime procreato obire tunc volo
quod omnia predicta terre et tenementa in villa et campis predictis
remaneant rectis heredibus meis. Item do et lego residuum
bonorum meorum Margarete uxori mee ut ilia disponat prout sibi
placuerit. Hiis testibus Willelmo Ryther generoso Willelmo
Derley et aliis. [Probate granted 19 March 1464-5, to Margaret,
the widow.]

Thomas Grene.

[iii. 518b.] In Dei nomine Amen. Sexto die Marcij Anno
Domini Mcccc mo xxxvij. Ego Thomas Grene compos mentis mee
condo ordino & facio testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis
lego et comendo animam meam Deo omnipotenti beatissimeque Virgini
Marie & omnibus Sanctis corpusque meum sepeliendum in ecclesia
mea parochiali de Barwyk. Item lego iiij or lb cere ad comburendum
die cepulture mee. Item lego pro mortuario meo optimum
meum animal. Item lego cappellano parochiali celebranti circa corpus
meum die sepulture mee xij d . Et clerico parochiali iiij d . Item do
et lego Roberto filio meo j togam de sangwyn pro corpore meo
aptatam. Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum superius non
legatorum primitus debitis meis persolutis & expensis meis funera-

(1) The Greenfields were the owners of Barnbow prior to the Gascoignes, to whom they sold
their estate. The following inscriptions were, according to Dr. Johnstone's MS., on tombstones in
Barwick Church: Orate pro animabus J oh. Grenefeld et Johanne uxoris sue que ob. in fest. St.
Sim. et Jud. 1442. Orate pro anima Job.. Grenefeld, servientis ad legem qui ob. 23 Oct., 1464.

William Greenfield Archbishop of York (1304 1315), was of this family.


libus perimpletis do & lego executrici mee subscripte ad
faciendum inde et disponendum pro salute anime mee prout coram
summo iudice voluerint respondere. Huius autem testamenti mei
executricem facio videlicet Johannam uxorem meam ad omnia
premissa in forma predicta Meliter faciendum & perimplendum.
In cuius rei testimonium sigillum meum apposui. Dat. die &
anno supradictis. [Proved 4 May, 1438.]

Henry Ellis.* 1 '
[iv. 158b.] Item secundo die mensis Maij Anno Domini
Millesimo cccc mo septuagesimo primo comissa (sic) fuit ad omnium
bonorum que fuerunt Henrici Elys nuper de Berwyk in Elmet ab
intestato defuncti Agneti relicte et administratrici omnium
bonorum dicti defuncti autoritate ordinaria deputata iurata (sic)
in forma juris, &c.

William Hawk, Rector, 1457-1472.
Testamentum magistri Willelmi Hawke sacre theologie

[iv. 171a]. In Dei nomine Amen. Decimo septimo die mensis
Januarij Anno Domini millesimo cccc mo septuagesimo primo Ego
Magister Willelmus Hawk sacre Theologie professor ac Rector
ecclesie parochialis de Berwyk in Elmet compos mentis et sane
memorie ordino et facio testamentum meum in hunc modum. In
primis, lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti beate Marie virgini et
celestis curie omnibus Sanctis corpusque meum sepeliendum in
choro ecclesie predicte coram summo altari. Et lego sex libras in
exequiis meis et messis pro anima mea celebrandis comburandas.
Et lego nomine mortuarii venerabilissimo in Xpo patri et domino
Domino nostro Eboracensi Archiepiscopo equum meum apud
Medlay existentem vna cum sella freno occriis collobio et pug'.
Item lego ad celebrandum pro anima in dicta ecclesia parochili vni
presbitero idoneo per tempus trium annorum Dando eidem quolibet
anno iiij 11 xiij s iiij d si bona mea debitis et legatis meis persolutis ad
hoc se extendant et sumciant. Item lego Magistro Thome Sayls
sacre Theologie professori monacho monasterii beate Marie Ebor.
meum psalterium optimum manu mea conscriptum et glosatum
per Hugonem de Vienna ad orandum pro anima mea. Item lego
fabrice ecclesie de Berwyk xxiij s iiij d existentes in manibus ycono-
morum iam existencium dicte ecclesie. Item lego domui sive loco
religioso sancti Andree Ebor. xiij s iiij d . Item lego loco religioso
sancte Trinitatis Ebor. xiij s iiij d . Item lego cuilibet ordini sive
domui Fratrum Mendicancium Trinitatis Ebor. iij s iiij d . Item lego
gilde corporis Xpi iij s . Item lego Roberti Fulliffh servienti meo
unum domum sive mansum in villa de Berwyk una cum xij acris
terre eidem pertinentibus. Item lego eidem Roberto unam equam
albi coloris cum pulla eiusdem. Item lego uxori dicti Roberti unam

(1) His son, Thomas, added the b ay window with the armorial glass, to Kiddal Hal], in 1501. For
a pedigree of the Ellis family see the Genealogist, vol. xiv. p. 105.


vaccam. Item do et lego Elisabet Fullygh unam vaccam. Item
do et lego Agneti Fullygh unam juvencam. Item do et lego Roberto
Parker unam vaccam. Item lego Johanne Parker unam togarum
mearum. Item do et lego Willelmo Fullygh pro servicio michi
impenso unam vaccam tunicam et sibi togam competentem. Item
do et lego Thome Pees tunicam caligas et camisiam. Item do et
lego Magistro Willelmo Poteman officiali ij pawtener rynges dearg'
et deaurat'. Item do et lego domino Johanni Broderton unam
togam. Item do et lego Johanni Elys unam togam. Item do et
lego domino Willelmo Steward unam togam. Residuum vero omnium
bonorum meorum non legatorum do et lego executoribus meis quos
ordino et facio magistrum Thomam Sayls sacre Theologie pro-
fessorem et Robertum Fullygh servientem meum ut ipsi disponant
omnia bona mea secundum discrecionem eorum ad utilitatem et
salutem anime mee. Testibus Domino Willelmo Steward cappellano
parochiali ibm. Willelmo Otlay clerico parochiali et aliis. Datum die
et Anno Dni. supradictis. Probatum fuit presens testamentum xxij
die mensis Januarij Anno Dni. supradicto. Et commissa adm'
Roberto Fullygh executori in eodem testamento nominato jurato in
forma Juris &c. Magistro Thoma Sayls executore in dicto testa-
mento nominato onus hujusmodi administracionis penitus recusante

(1) Richard Lascy of Barwick, gentleman,
[v. 210.] Item vicesimo nono die mensis Januarij Anno
Domini millesimo cccc mo lxxxiij cio supradicto commissa fuit adminis-
tracio omnium bonorum que fuerunt Ricardi Lascy nuper de
Berwyk in Elmett generosi ab intestato defuncti Agneti relicte et
administratrici in bonis euisdem defuncti auctoritate ordinaria
deputata in forma juris j urate.

,2) William Gascoigne of Lasingcroft, Esq.
[v. la. Deed Poll. Will illegible.] y November, 1475. To
all maner of men to whom this p'sent writing shall see here or com.
Be it knawen that I,Wittm Gascoign of lasingcrofte, Esquire, make
and ordance my will in the fourme that followes. That is to say.
Where Sir Wittm Stapilton, Knyght, Wittm Skargill of ledes, John
Vavaso r of Newton, Esquiers, Nicholas More, gentilman, and Wittm
Walwayn, chappelleyn, ar enfeffed by me the said Wittm Gascoign,
Esquier, in the maner of lasingcrofte and in all the landf tenenty
renty s'uice w'in the said man' and also in all the landf tenentf
rentf and s'uice in Abirford, P'lington, Kirkgarforth, West garth-
forth, Gartforth Morehouse, Mekelfeld and Milford which at any

(1) Glover in his Visitation of 1584, (p. 453, Foster's Edition) gives the inscription on Lacy's
tombstone in Barwick Church, "Orate pro Ricardo Lacy, et Agnete et Elizabetha uxoribus suis"
and also the Arms of Lacy impaling Sothill and Thwaites.

(2) For Pedigrees of the Gascoignes see Foster's West Riding Pedigrees and the various Yorkshire
Heralds visitations. William Gascoigne was married, 4 Edward IV., to Joanetta, daughter of Sir
William Beckwith of Clint, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Plumpton of Plumpton. He was
the son of John Gascoigne and Isabel, daughter and heiress of William Heton of Mirfield, who after-
wards married Sir Ralph Greystock, Knight, Baron of Greystock. Administration to her effects was
granted 3 August, 1473, to Sir Henry Vavasour, Thomas Thwaites, and William Scargill. See
Surtees Society, Vol. 53, p. 20n.


tyme was myne the said Wittm Gascoign, Esquier And in all other
maners, landf, terientes, rentes and s'uice which late wer Dame

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