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The wife of Robt. Casse of bermbie xxj°-

Steven s. to John Branton of asselbie xxiij°-

The wife of John Collin sen""- of asselbie xxxj°-

Charles nicolson of Yockflet v°-

Robt. Palmer of newland v°-

Isabell d. to Robt. Crosbie of balkh. viij°-

Rich. s. to Rich. Semer of asselbie xviij"-

Will'"- Allan of bermbie xx°-

Thoms. s. to John Webster of bermbie xxij°-

Alice wif to Rich, bartlemew of bermbie xxv°-

Eliz. haddlesay of bermbie xxv°-

John mounsie of asselbie xxvj°-

Julian d. to Rich. Semer of asselbie xxvij°-

Robart Crosbie of balkholme j°-

John hereson of balkholme ij°-

Henrie Cowper of thorp ij°-



December 1557. Thorns. Barker of kilpin iiij°-
John Thornton of asselbie iiij°-
John s. to John mounsie of asselbie vj"-
The wif of Antony Collin of bermbie xj°-
Will™- s. to W""- hereson jun'^ of bermbie xj°-
Robart Nelson of Thorp xij°-
Agnes d. to Rich. Martine of bermbie xiij°-
Agnes a poor maid died at Asselbie xvij°-
The mother of the said maid died there xxiiij°-
Nicholas Bowgham of bermbie xxiiij°-
The wife of Wf"- Sinderbie of bermbie xxx°-
Uxor Wate of asselbie ult.

Januarie 1557. James s. to W""- Fingley of bermbie vij°-

Thoms. Turner ) r ,,-

T . c f of asselbie xiij°-

Jennet bemer ) •■

Thoms. Underwood of asselbie xxv°-

Joan d. to Robt. hunsley sen""- of asselbie xxv°-

Margaret Cutfirih of asselbie xxix°-

Februarie 1557. Catherine Cotnes of asselbie j°-
Catherine Marton of asselbie iij"-
Alice d. to George howdill of bermbie viij.
John s. to Xpofer Fingley of bermbie ix°-
Catherine dallison of bermbie xij°-
Robt. Smyth of asselbie xiij'-'-
Alice Cotnes of asselbie, vid. xvij°-
Thoms. s. to ux. Allan of bermbie xvij°-
John Cotnes of asselbie, webster, xviij°-
Alexander halliday of bermbie xix°-

March 1557. Agnes Sindersbie of bermbie x°-

Isabell d. to Rich. Smith of bermbie xj°-
Will'"- s. to Thoms. Cotnes of asselbie xxj°-
Xpofer s. to John Hugh of bermbie xxv°-
John s. to John Woddall of bermbie xxvij°-
Will™- s. to John Hugh of bermbie xxviij°-

Aprill 1558. John ColUn of bermbie xij°-

Steven s. to Henrie Cave of bermbie xijo-
The wif of Henrie Cave of bermbie xiij°-
John Conyngworth of bermbie xiij°
Henrie Cave of barmbie xix*'-
Thoms. s. to Henrie Cave of bermbie xxiij°-

Maye 1558. Thoms. Parke of bermbie xiij°'

Thoms. halliday of bermbie xv°-
Margaret Rainforth of barmbie xvj°-
Robt. Watkinson of Asselbie xxv°-
John Fingley of bermbie xxv°-
John Browne of Asselbie xxvj°-
John Lie of saltmarsh xix°-




September 1559.

October 1559.

November 1559.

December 1559.

Alice d. to Thorns. Jackson xix°-

John Collin of asselbie xix°-

Thorns, s. to John Awdus of kilpin xix°-

Jennet & Will'"- ch : to W'"- Awdus xxv°-

John Hopkin of howden ix°-

Hugh s. to Hugh kiddall ix°-

Jennet d. to Rich. Abbott of laxt. xj°-

Margaret d. to Robt. Stainforth of bermbie xij°-

John s. to Jarvis Cotnes of asselbie xiij°-

The wif of Persivell m'shall of balkh. xviij°-

Walter s. to W™- doding of kilpin xix°-

Henrie Tomlin of hoveden xx°-

Will"!' Atkinson of thorp xx°-

Richard Stevenson of asselbie xxj°-

Will"!- the son of a poor man of bermbie xxij'^-

Will""- s. to Robt. Johnson of hoved. xxiij°-

Eliz. d. to John Wolfett of hoved. xxiiij°-

Ux. Stamper of laxton xxviij°-

Eliz. d. to Jarvis Cotnes of asselbie xxviij°-

John Lie of Saltmarsh xxix°-

Jennett d. to Rich. Thorp of belbie xxx°-

Thom^- s. to W™- Browne of laxt. ult.

An d. to John Park of skelt. ult.

Ranold s. to John Cave of bermbie j°-

An d. to W"^- doding of kilpin ij°-

M'garet d. to Thorns. Stevenson of asselbie ij°-

The wif of John Selbie of hoved. iiij°-

Em. Leydall of hoved. vid. xj°-

Rich. s. to dunstance Tomlinson of skelt. xiij°-

John Tirrie of laxton xv°-

Agnes d. to Robt. Spire of feildhous^- xvij°-

Two infants of John Stringers xvij°-

Robt. s. to W""- Benison of balkh. xviij°-

Agnes Cotnes of asselbie xxiij°-

Agnes d. to Hugh Stevenson of asselbie xxv°-

Eliz. d. to Rich. Stevenson of skelt. xxvj°'

Henrie s. to Thorns. Norwood of belbie xj*^-

Robt. s. to W™' Atkinson of thorp xiiij"-

dorothie d. to George Peerson of hoved. xix°-


December 1559. Agnes d. to W""- burtonshaw of knedl. xix°-
Jennett wif to John howdan of saltm'sh xxj"-
Julian d. to John Webster jun"^- of bermbie xxiiij°-

Januarie 1559. Robart Clarke of hoved. j°-

Alice Baylyea of barmbie iij°-

Will"!- s. to hugh kiddall of balkh. iiij"-

Catherine d. to Antony hawker of Yockflet vj"-

Alice wif to John Bell of hoved. viij"-

Henrie Whaites of kilpin xiij**-

Eliz. Forthe of saltm'sh xvj"-

Isabell Wright of skelt. xx^-

Mawde d. to John Noble of kilpin xxiij°-

John s. to davie Belt of hoved. xxviij"-

Februarie 1559. Catherine wife to John Lawtie of Saltm'sh v°-
George s. to Robt. Richardson of kilpin vij°-
Isabell d. to John dromyll of asselbie vij°-
Thorns, hunsley of Yockflet's boothe xj"-
Will-n- s. to Rich. Smith of Bermbie xjo-
Alice Langton of hoved. xv°-
John s. to Thoms. Thorp of hoved. xviij°-
Thoms. donee als. Coile of methf"- xix°-
Agnes Smith of belbye, vid. xx°-
Robart Askeue of kilpin xxiij"-
Eliz. Robinson of bermbie xxvij"-

March 1559. James s. to Will""- howdall of bermbie v°-

The wife of W""- Bawme of laxt. viij°-
Eliz. d. to Robt. Awdus of knedl. ix°*
M'garet d. to Thoms. Palmer of belbie xxxj"-
A child of W""- hereson's of bermbie xxxj°-

Aprill 1560. Jennet d. to Robt. Freman of duncots ij^-

Thoms. s. to Henrie sterke of knedl. ij^-
Thoms. Gibson of Skelt. iij"-
Mabell Watch of kilpin x"-
Robart Strubie of hoved. xj*^-
John s. to Blaise greene of hoved. xj°-
Will-"- Will'nson of belbie xj"-
Jennet AUand of bermbie xj°-
M'garet d. to to W""- Westibie of asselbie xiiij°-
John s. to John Stamp of kilpin xvij°-
Kirshan Smith of Asselbie xvij°-
John s. to Thoms. Lambert of hoved. xvij"-
Thoms, Owbrey of skelt. xxviij°-

Maye 1560. John s. to Robt. handisley of knedl. j°-

Agnes Johnsonn of asselbie vij°-
M'garet wif to John Wolfet of asselbie xj°-
Jennet d. to W""- kirsey of bermbie xij"-
Thoms. s. to Thoms. nicolson of hoved. xiiij°-
EUenor wif to W""- birtenshaw xvj"-
Jane wif to Robt. handisley of knedl. xx"-
Jennett d. to Lawrence Sterke of knedl. xx°-



Maye 1560. The wif of Robt. Flawood of asselbie xxv°-

Thorns, nicolson al*- Tomlin of howd. xxvj°-
John s. to John Sutton of hoved. xxviij°-
John drowrie of hoved. xxx°-
Thorns, s. to Thorns. Barker of belbie xxx°-

June 1560. John Arksey of asselbie iiij''-

Agnes wif to Nicolas Wray of hoved. xiij°-

Alice wif to W™- Jackson of thorp xiiij"-

Eliz. d. to Rich. Skelton of Cotnes xv°-

Jennett d. to hugh marwood of skelt. xv°-

John Fenwick of kilpin xviij°-

Jennett [plank^^ of balkholm xviij"-

The wife of Rich. Christon of hoved. xxv°-

Richard Fingley of bermbie xxix°-

Henrie s. to Thorns. EUerton of knedl. xxx°-

Julie 1560. Will'"- s. to W"*- Simson of skelt. v"-

Eliz. d. to Robt. Atkinson of Newland vijo-
Eliz. d. to Simon Watson of kilpin vij°-
John s. to Robart Cotnes of thorp xxj°-
John s. to hugh Allan of hoved. xxvij°-
Agnes d. to Miles Collin of hoved. xxx°-
Thorns, s. to John Robson of Cotnes xxx°-

August 1560. Will""- s. to Will'"- Fox of bermbie xiiij°-

Alice d. to W""- Jackson of thorp xviij°-
Jennett d. to Robt. Awdus of knedl. xxvjo-
Eliz. d. to W™- Mereman of skelton xxx°-

September 1560. Eliz. wif to Robt. Underwood of bermbie iij°-
Robt. s. to John Robson of Cotnes vj°-
An d. to Thorns. Metham of balkh : gent. viij°-
Will™- s. to Win- hereson of balkh. xvj^-
John Fingley jun*'- of bermbie xix^-
dorothie d. to Thoms. Cotnes of asselbie xxiiij"-
An d. to Robt. Bradmer of knedl. xxiiij°-
Hugh s. to W^^- Storme of hoved. xxvj°-

October 1560. Thoms. Beiston of howden ix°-

John s. to John Fenwick of kilpin x°-
Catherine d. to hugh W^nson of saltm'sh xvj°-
John s. to Will™- Teshe of burton xxj°-
Steven Coits of bermbie xxix°-
M'garet wif to Thoms. Robinson of linton ult.

November 1560. Wi"- s. to W""- Crosier als. Taylier of laxt. v°-
Isabell d. to Anthonie Collin of bermbie vj°-
Rich. s. to Steven Collin of asselbie xiiij°-
Will"»- s. to Steven Smith of bermbie xix°-
Ellinor d. to John hugh of bermbie xxviij°'
Jennett d. to Robt. hundisley of bermbie xxviij°-
Will™- s. to hugh kiddall of balkholme ult.

December 1560. John howdan of Saltmarsh vij°-
Eliz. Preston of hoved. vid. x°-
Tennet d. to Nicholas Watman of hoved. x°-



December 1560. Steven s. to Thorns. Smyth of asselbie xv°-
Eliz. wif to Thoms. Binds of hoved. xv°-
Eliz. wif to Thoms. Jackson of hoved. xxvj"-

Januarie 1560. M'gerie wif to Thoms. gorrill of skelt. v°-
Rich. s. to Rich, haddlesey of skelt. ix°-
Jennet wife to John Smart of skelt. xiiij°-
John s. to Nicolas Wray of hoved. xxij°-
M'gerie wif to John Coits of bermbie xxiij°-

Februarie 1560. Alice wif to Thoms. Goate of saltm'sh x°-
Jennet d. to Thoms. Binks of saltm'sh xj°-
Will""- s. to Rich. Smyth of hoved. xij°-
John s. to Robt. Smyth of belbie xiij°-
Robt. s. to nicolas Jackson of Sandhall xiij°-
Eliz. wif to Robt. Smith of belbie xvj°-
George s. to Thoms. Wooddall of bermbie xvj°-
John s. to W'"- halliday of bermbie xvij°-
Isabell wif to W^"- nicolson of laxton xvijo-
Henrie s. to Henrie Skelton of knedl. xxvj"-
Isabell Burton of laxton, vid. ult.

March 1560. Will'"- Thorp of belbie xvij°-

John s. to hopkins wife xix°-
Will"i- s. to W"'- Ellis of Asselbie xxiiij"-
Alexander s. to W'"- hereson of bermbie xxvij.

Aprill 1 56 1. Will"^- s. to W"'- Stainforth of bermbie ij°-

Robart Robinson of hoved. iiij*^-
Jennet Blansherd of balkholme v"-
Agnes d. to W""- Plummer of hoved. xj°-
Julian mother to W""- Burton's wif of meth*" xiij"-
Thoms. s. to Thoms. Wiesdal of hoved. xiij.
Will*"- s. to VV'"- Nelson of hoved. xxiij*^-
Richard Okes of hoved. xxiiij°-

Maye 1561. Olde Robt. Barker of hoved. ij°-

John Nixson of hoved. ij°-
Will""- s. to Ralf Parkin of ringstonhirst ijo-
Anthonie Rawe of hoved. iiij°-
Alice wif to Rich : Wiggon of asselbie v°-
John s. to John Stamp of kilpin viij°-
M'maduke s. to Henrie nutbrowne of hoved. x°-
John s. to Edmond howdan of boothe xj°-
Jennet d. to Jennet goldings xiij°-
Mawde wif to Thoms. Sutton of knedl : xiiij°-
Robt. s. to Antony Patrick of saltm'sh xix°-
Robart Nelson of howden .xxij*^-
An d. to Robt. Gierke of howd. xxij°-
Henrie s. to Robt. nelson of howd. xxiij*^-
Catherine d. to John Cutt of hoved. xxiij°'
John s. to John Wolfett of asselbie xxiiij°-
Agnes d. to W""- Stevenson of saltm'sh xxiiij°-
George s. to W""- Welbury of thorp xxiiij.
Alice wif to Xpofer nelson of kilpin xxviij*^-



Maye 1561. Jennet d. to Robt. Crosier of saltm'sh xxix°-

Jennet Underwood of hoved. xxL\°-
Alice d. to W"*- Wooddall of asselbie xxix°

June 1 561. Agnes wife to Peter Cotnes of asselbie ij°-

Sicilie Barker of hoveden vij°-
Jennet d. to Thorns. Ogle of hoved. ix°-
Henrie Laington of saltm'sh x°-
Eliz. d. to W""- Nelson of hoved. xjo-
Steven Melrose of bermbie xiij°-
Alice d. to Robt. Thorp of hoved. xiij°-
James mires of bermbie xiiij°-
Henrie s. to Robt. Palmer of newland xvj''-
Jennet d. to Thoms. haddlesey of skelt. xvj°-
Cuthbt. s. to John Wood of hoved. xix°-
M'garet wife to dunstan Tomlinson of skelt. xix°-
Agnes d. to Thoms. harland of saltm'sh xix°-
Eliz. wif to John Bushbie of hoved. xxj°-
Agnes wif to nicolas kirkbie of saltm'sh xxj°-
Will""- s. to Thoms. davie of hoved. xxij°-
Agnes d. to Rich. Smith of asselbie xxiij°-
George Sutton of hoved. xxviij°-
Isabell d. to Rich. Thorp of belbie xxix"-
Alice d. to dunstan Tomlinson of skelt. xxix°-

Julie T561. Catherine Bordine of hoved. f-

John Atkinson of hoved. ij°-
Rich. s. to Edmond Berker of belbie ij°-
Edward s. to Edward Johnson of saltm'sh ix"-
Joan d. to Robt. Cotnes of thorp xv°-
Will'"- s. to Edward Binds of Asselbie xxj°-
M'garet wif to Cuthbt. Starke of hoved. xxiijo-
Agnes wif to John Atkinson of hoved. xxiij°-

August 1 56 1. John s. to John Parke of kilpin iij°-

Isabell d. to Thoms. Storie of skelt. xiiij°-
Isabell Sutton of hoved. xv°-
Jennet d. to henrie Skelton of knedl. xvj°-
Thoms. s. to Steven Collin of asselbie xxiiij.

September 1561. Thoms. Binder of howden iiij'^-

The wife of gregorie Ricroft of bermbie xiiij°-
John s. to Thoms. haddlesey of skelt. xxiij°-
Will""- s. to Thoms. Yoman of hoved. xxvj°-
Thoms. s. to Robt. Thorp of hoved. ult.

October 1561. John s. to Thoms. Binds of hoved. vij.
Eliz. d. to Thoms. Jackson of laxt. xij°-
Agnes d. to Thoms. Ellerton of knedl. xiiijo-
Eliz. wif to W""' Bowes of hoved. xvj°-
John s. to Xpofer Bond of bermbie xvij°-
John s. to John Place of thorp xxij°-

November 156 1. John s. to Peter Thorp of Thorp ix"-

Eliz. wif to John hodgshon of howd. xiij°-
Jennett d. to the said John xiij°-


November 1561. Agnes d. to W""- Petche of boothe xiij°'

Alice d. to Robt. Sutton of Asselbie xviij"-
Jennetl Fountance of knedlingt. xxj°-
Thorns, s. to gregorie Ricroft of bermbie xxv°-

December 1561. John Holmes of hoved. ix°-

Isabell Jewett of saltm'sh, vid. x°-

Isabell wife to Henrie Skelton of knedl : xij°-

John Beiston of hoved. xiiij°-

John Farnabie of hoved. xiiij"'

Mawde wif to M'maduke baills of hoved. xx°-

Jennett Baker of kilpin xxiiij°-

Catherine wif to Robt. Bradm''- of knedl. xxviij°-

Thorns, s. to Rich. Stevenson of Skelt. xxviij°-

Januarie 1561. John s. to W""- Simson of skelt. iiij°-
Thorns : a serv'- of skelt. viij°-
Thorns. Prophett of knedl : xj°-
John s. to Edward Burton of hoved. xj°-
John Slater of Skelton xvj°-
Blaise s. to W™- Nelson of hoved. xxviij°-
Eliz. d. to Thorns, hereson of spaldingt. ult.

Februarie 1561. dunstane TomUnson of skelton ij°-

Jennet d. to Peter loncaster of hoved. vj°-
Eliz. wif to W™' Simson of skelt. xiij°-
Xpofer Stor of skelt. xvj°-
Alice wif to John Parke of bermbie xvij"*
An d. to Rich. Parke of hoved. xix°-
Thorns. Smyth a serv*- of skelt. xxvj°-

March 1561. M'garet d. to Thorns. Bovell of bermbie iiij°-

John Parke of Skelton v°-
Thoms. Richardson al^- Taylier of skelt. viij°-
Thoms. Thorp a serv'- of hoved. x°-
Agnes d. to John Sterke of knedl. xij°-
John Tomson of skelt. xiij°-
M'garet Whitfeild a serv*- xvj°-
Richard Loncaster of hoved. xvij°-
Frances a serv'- to John Awdus xx°-
Will™- Awdus of belbie xxx°'

Aprill 1562. Julian d. to John Lowther of thorp iiijo-

Eliz. d. to W™- Pickering of hoved. xv°-
Agnes wif to Cuthb'- Colterd of hoved. dike xvj*'-
Alice wif to Xpofer Slater of Asselbie xviij°-
Will""- Awdus of Asselbie xxij°-
Robt. Poils a serv'- of kilpin xxiiij°-

Maye 1562. Thoms. Browne of York iij°-

Jennett wif to W'"- Smith of asselbie iiij°-
Thoms. s. to John Awdus jun*^- of knedl. iiij°-
George Blansherd of balkholme ix°'
Jennet d. to Nicolas Watman of hoved. ix°-
Jennet d. to Jarvis howdan of knedl. x°-
Richard Sherp of asselbie xj°-



Maye 1562. Jennet d. to Rich. Sisson of laxt. xij°-

Mathew s. to Thoms. Metcalfe of bermbie xiij°-
Jennet wif to Rich. Bradley of hoved. xv°-
Thoms. s. to Robt. nicolson of Yockflet xv°-
Edward s. to hugh hindm'ch of boothe xxiiijo-
M'garet d. to John Smyth of hoved. xxiiij°-
Eliz. d. to Ralf Noddall of hoved. xxiiij°-
Robart Bawmbrough of saltm'sh xxv°-

June 1562. M'garet d. to Lawrence Sterke of knedl. xx°-

Peter s. to old Robinson of hoved. xx*^-
Ux. Dowson of laxton xxvij°-

Julie 1562. Henrie s. to W™- Freman of bermbie iiij*'-

John Richardson al^- Whithead of hoved. vij°-

Thoms. Allan of hoved. x°-

Catherine d. to John Bell of hoved. xviij°-

Jennet d. to W'^- Nicolson of kilpin xix°-

Eliz. d. to M"^- W"!- Vavasor of linton xxj°-

Cuthbert Hall of Asselbie xxj°-

John Dun senior of hoved. xxij"-

Richard Binds of kilpin xxix''-

John s. to John Semer of asselbie xxix°-

August 1562. Steven s. to Robt. Stainforth of bermbie j°-

Alice d. to George king of balkholme j*^-
Jane wif to Ambrose Owsom of hoved. ij°-
John s. to W™- Fingley of hoved. ij"-
Marie Clabrough of hoved. vid. xiijo-
Agnes Benison of kilpin, vid. xvij°-
Persivell marshall of balkholme xx°-
Eliz. Wilsh a serv'- of laxton xxx°-

September 1562. Eliz. Sisson of laxton vij°-

Robart s. to Nicho. Wray of hoved. xiij°-
John s. to Thoms. Lambert of hoved. xiij°-
George s. to Xpofer Slater of asselbie xiiijo-
Joane d. to Thoms. Goote of saltm'sh xiiij°-
Margaret Mapple a stranger xxv°-
Catherine d. to Rich. Sutton of kned. xxiij°-
Eliz. wif to John Bairley of hoved. xxix"-

October 1562. Jennet Wood of bermbie iiij°-

Robart s. to John Spencer jun"^- of bermbie v"-
James s. to Xpofer Bowes of hoved. xxj°-

November 1562. Christian kirkbie of hoved. j°- •

John s. to Roger Ranold of hoved. v°-

John & Jennet Ch : to W™- vicars of bermbie viij"-

Robart Milner of Saltmarsh xj°-

Joane a poore woman of hoved. xxiij"-

December 1562. John s. to W™- Johnson of hoved. j^-

Alice d. to John Underwood of bermbie j°'
M'garet wif to W">- Johnson of hoved. vj"-
Jennet d. to henrie Lawson of balkh. vij°-
Richard Martin of hoved. xij"-



December 1562. Nicholas s. to Jenn'- Fernibie of hoved. xiij°'
Jennet Taylier of Saltm'sh xix"-
Agnes Ward a serv'- of hoved. xxij"-
John dallison of bermbie xxiij"'
M'garet Smyth of bermbie xxiij°-
Jennet Parke of skelton xxiij**-
John Sutton xxv"-
Thorns. Will'"son xxv°-
EUinor Jackson xxvij"-

Jennet wif to John Collin of Asselbie xxvijo-
John s. to John Rainforth of laxton xxvij"-
Robart Westibie of asselbie xxviij''-
Agnes wif to W""- Stevenson of saltm'sh xxviij°-
Eliz. d. to Robt. dalbie of bermbie xxix"-
George Crosier of Saltm'sh xxx"-
Xpofer Woulf of saltm'sh xxx°-
Alice d. to Steven Smith of bermbie xxx°-
Thoms. s. to Robt. Sutton of asselbie ult.

Januarie 1562. Thoms. s. to M'maduke baile of hoved. j°-
Will"- Pickering of laxton jo-
Catherine d. to gregorie Ricroft of bermbie j°-
M'garet d. to Rich. Skelton of Cotnes v°-
John Bowling of Saltm'sh viij°-
Robart Parke of Saltm'sh ix°-
M'garet wif to John Smith of saltm'sh x°-
Eliz. wif to george Arksey of Cotnes xj°-
Judith Ricroft of Saltm'sh xiij^-
Isabell Parke of saltm'sh xxviij'^-
John s. to Will'"- Awdus of asselbie xxviij°-
John s. to Robt. Palmer of newland xxix°-

February 1562. Oswold dun of hoved. ij°-

Jennet Patton of Saltmarsh ij°-

John s. to Thoms. Binks of saltm'sh v°-

Jennett d. to John Parke of laxt. v°-

John s. to Robt. Smith of knedl. xj°-

Jennet d. to Thoms. mounsie of belbie xj"-

Robart Sutton of asselbie xvj"-

John Cutt of hoved. xxj"-

Agnes d. to Rich : haddlesey of skelt. xxvj"-

March 1562. W*"- s. to gregorie Ricroft of bt-rmbie ij"-

John s. to W'"- dallison of bermbie ij"-
Jennet d. to W""- Fingley of bermbie ij°-
Jarvis howdan of knedlingt. iij*^-
Henrie s. to Robt. Briggh""- of hoved. iij°-
Thoms. s. to Thoms. kiddall of hoved. v°-
Sibbell Eastoft of hoved. vid. xj°-
Will™- Fingley of bermbie xij"-
M'garet d. to W""- hereson of bermbie xij°-
W""- Richardson al^- Tayler of hoved. xvj"-
Jane d. to John Smyth of bermbie xx°-



Aprill 1563. M'garet d. to John Thorp of belbie iij°-

Will""- Tatome of bermbie v°-
John Sutton of knedlingt. v°-
Thorns. Underwoode v°-

Jennett & Jennett d. to Anthonie Newes viij°-
Xpofer Thorp of hoved. xiiij°-
John s. to W™- hereson of balkh. xiiij°-
M'garet d. to Edward Richardson of belbie xv°-
Alice wif to Thorns. Ogle of thorp xx°-
Eliz. wif to Robart nelson of kilpin xxij°-

Maye 1563. John Craggs of hoveden vj°-

Agnes d. to Peter Loncaster of hoved. viij°-
Will""- s. to Hugh m'wood of skelt. xij°-
John Palmer of hoved. xvij°-
Leonard s. to Henrie nutbrowne of hoved. ult.

June 1563. Eliz. wif to Thorns, dun of Cotnes vij°-

Eliz. wif to John Belwoode of skelt. vij°-
Agnes Panoke of hoved. vid. xj^-
Catherine d. to Thorns, goote of saltm'sh xj<^-
Will™' s. to John Bairley of hoved. xv°-
John s. to Thorns, hereson of bermbie xx°-
Eliz. d. to John Howdill of bermbie xx°-
Isabell d. to John Abbott of saltm'sh xx°-
Jane d. to Xpofer Slater of asselbie ult.
Catherine d. to John Awckland of Asselbie ult.

Julie 1563. Catherine Smith of belbie ij"-

Agnes d. to Thorns, harland of saltm'sh xxviijo-

August 1653. Eliz. Martin of bermbie vij'^-

Ehz. Cotnes xj"-
Will""- Savaige xij'*-
John Storie xiij°-

Thoms. s. to W"'- Thorp of thorp xv°-
Margaret d. to Antho. Rainforth of laxt. xvj"-
Ellinor wif to W™- Thorp of thorp xvij''-
Margaret Buson of kilpin, vid. xviij°-
Eliz. Stevenson of Skelton xx°-
Thoms. s. to Rich. Middleton of laxt. xxij°-

September 1563. Dorothie Sands iij"-
An BuUane iiij°-

Cuthbt. Colterd jun""- of hoved. dike iiij"-
Agnes d. to Thoms. Bradmer of skelt. xiij"-
Ellinor wif to W""- Barker of asselbie xvj°-
Julian d. to Thoms. Dun of cotnes xvj°-

October 1563. John s. to W™- Browne of laxton iiij'^-

M'garet d. to Rich. Thorp of belbie vij"-

M'garet wif to Robt. Bradm''- of hoved. xvij°-

Jennet doding of kilpin xix°-

Isabell Pie xx°-

Christopher Skin xx°-

Will"- s. to W"^- Mereman of skelt. xxvij°-



October 1563. Isabell Johnson & Jenn'- her daughter ult

November 1563. John Place of thorp iiij°-

Robt. s. to Rich. Owbre of skelt. iiij°-
James Parke of bermbie iiij°-
Will™- s. to Rich. Foster of hoved. vij°-
Thoms. Richardson paup. puer of skelt. vij"-
Xpofer s. to Rich. Abbott of laxt. viij"-
John s. to W™- hereson of brackenholme viij°-
Robart s. to Rich. Parke of hoved. x°-
Alice d. to Rich. Sawre of hoved. x"-
Agnes d. to W"'- Wooddall of asselbie xxiiij°-
Jennet d. to Rich. Rainforth of laxt. xxv°-
davy dallison of bermby, Yongm"- xxvij°-

December 1563. Thoms. Lambart of hoved. ij°-

Robart s. to Robart Apthorp of kilpin xiiijo-
Catherine wif to Thoms. Armitt of skelt. xix°-

Januarie 1563. M'maduke s. to Robt hundisley of Asselbie xij°-
Margaret Thornton of hoved. xiiij°-
John s. to John Webster of bermbie xix°-
John s. to M'garet Barker of hoved. xix°-
Margaret d. to John Stevenson of bermbie xix°-
Jennet d. to John Rainforth of laxt. xxij°-
Mary wif to John Bradm''- of asselbie xxiij°-
Jennet v^^if to Cuthbt. Staite of hoved. xxiiij°-
Agnes d. to John hugh of bermbie xxvj°-

Februarie 1563. Jennett d. to Thoms. Binds of hoved. vj°-
The wif of Ralf Rome of Skelton vj°-
Thoms. s. to Robt. Smyth of hoved. ix°-
Thoms. s. to John Bond of balkholme xxj°-

March 1563. George s. to Rich, haddlesey of skelton iiij°-

Agnes d. to John Bushbie of hoved. iiij°-
Robart Freman of Duncotes iiij°-
Jarvis Barker of hoved. xvj°-
Will"*- Welbery of thorp xxiij°-
Richard Branton of asselbie xxiiij°-
Eliz. d. to hugh Smart of skelt. xxx°-

Aprill 1564. John s. to Robt. Casse of knedl. vj°-

Catherine wif to W™- dun of skelt. xviij°-
Jane d. to Thoms. Jackson of laxt. xx°-
John s. to John Casse of bermbie xxij°-
Anthonie Bilbrough of asselbie xxvo-
Agnes Bowgh™- of bermbie, vid. xxix"*-

Maye 1564. John s. to Peter loncaster of hoved. xv°-

John Woode of hoved. xxij°-
Thoms. s. to Antony Rainforth of laxt. xxv°-
Thoms. s. to Will'"- vicars of bermbie xxvj°-
Robart s. to Thom^- Goote of saltm'sh xxviij"-
June 1564. John s. to John Rob'^- al^- Miln" - of saltm'sh iiijo-

Joies Fingley of bermbie xiiij°-
An wif to W""' Petwardine of boothe xxvij°-



Julie 1564.

August 1564.
September 1564.

October 1564.

November 1564.

December 1564.

Januarie 1564.

Februarie 1564.

M'maduke s. to M""- Edward Ellerker of Risbie xij°-

Robart s. to Simond Watson of kilpin xvj°-

Miles Bradley of hoved. yongman xix°-

Robart Palmer of newland xx°-

John s. to Robart kirsey of bermbie xxv°-

Eliz. d. to Robt. Pearson of hoved. xiij°-

Joan d. to Robt. harland of belbie j°-

Jennet wif to Xpofer Slater of asselbie ij°-

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