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N. Y.


9740. i. J.isiif.v LovEi.i., b. 1709.

9741. ii. Jessie, b. Sharon, 1772.

9742. ill. Beisev, m., 1st, William Carley; m., 2d, Ingersoll.

9743. iv.














9744. V. Sally, m. Gideon Baker.

9745. vi. Patty, m. Amos Armstrong ; lived and d. Candor, Tioga
Co. , N. Y.

974G. vii. Lucy. m. John Clayton; lived Charlestown, Montgomery
Co.. N. Y.

U.JOl). SAHAII DOTY, dan. Samuel Doty and Zeruiah Lovell, b.
Sharon, Ct., Oct. 5, 1748: m. there April 2G, 1768, James Penoyer, b.
prob. there. They removed to the town of Fabius, near the village of
Apulia, Onondaga Co., N. Y., where she d. Sept., 1813.
Children ;




9512. DILLY DOTY, dau. Samuel Doty and Zeruiah Lovell, b.
Sharon, Ct., Sept. 5, 1753; m. Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y., June 3,
1773, Jacob Winegar, son Garret Winegar and Catharine Snyder. They
lived Sharon, Ct., on a part of his father Garret's farm, and operated in
partnership with his brother, Samuel, the gristmill built by his father.
They moved to Royal Grants CFairfiekn Herkimer Co., N. Y., 1785.

9512a i. Mary, b. Sharon, Nov. 27, 1780; bap. Amenia, April 14;

9512b ii. Jacob, b. Sharon, Sept. 20, 1782; bap. Amenia, April 29,
And others prob. b. Fairfield, N. Y. A granddaughter of Samuel
Winegar who lives Fairfield, jST. Y., says Jacob and family moved West,
perhaps Green Bay, Wis.

9ol{). SAMUEL DOTY, son Simeon Doty, b. Sharon. Ct, June 4,
1756; m. Chatham, N. Y., 1784, Anna Shepard or Shepherd, b. there
Sept. 27, 1704. He was a farmer, Chatham. She d. there May, 1804. He
d. Burtonville, Montgomery Co., N. Y'^., Aug., 1843.

The town of Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y., was not formed till 1795.
Previous to that it was a part of the town of Canaan.

He was a Revolutionary soldier. Went first as a privateersman from
Stonington, Ct ; was taken prisoner, carried to New Y'ork and im-
prisoned there on one of the old prison ships. In his later days he was
accustomed to relate to his grandchildren how, at this time, he was
obliged to eat wharf rats to appease his hunger. When released he went
with Montgomery's expedition to Canada, and spoke of that winter as the
happiest of his life. At Burgoyne's invasion again took his musket and
arrived at Saratoga just in time to witness the surrender of Burgoyne.

In the Revolutionary records of State of New York at Albany, N. Y.,
it is recorded that he served in Captain Jacob Van Alon's company of
Colonel Van Rensselaer's regiment.

Children, b. Chatham or Caijaan, N.Y. :

9753. 1. Abut AH, b. Oct. 3, 1785.

9754. ii. Abnei:, b. March 21, 1787.

9755. iii. Sakah, b. Sept. 21, 1788.


'JTofi. iv. AsENATii, h. July 1, 17!)0.

97r)7. V. SiMKoN, b. .hily IJ. I7'.t2; d. March, 1815, from disease

contracted in the army.
97o8. vi. Jo.sEi'ii SiiEi'AiJD, b. Dec. 4, 1794.

9759. vii. Anna Shei-aud, b April 12. 179G.

9760. viii. Samiei., b. Oct. 11, 1797.

97(il. ix. Maiitiia C, b. June 30, 1799; m. Elijah Davis: lived E.

97()2. .X. Ei.i/.A, b. Feb. 25, 18U1.
97(53. xi. KnoDA. b. Oct. 10, 1802.

Oo-Jl. TIMOTHY DOTY, son Edward Doty and Hannah Eldridge. b.
Ho(-hester, Mass., Sept. «. 1756. He removed, about the time of the
Revolutionary War, to England, and m. there, Deborah Arthur. About
1784-5 he returned to America, went first to Vermont: thentonear Tlula-
delphia, or perhaps to .Miniin Co. or ]5.!aver Co., Pa; tlien moved to
Zanesville, :\ru.skingurn Co., O., where both d.


9764. i. Timothy, b. England. Sept. 15, 1782.

9765. ii. \ViLi.iAM Airrnin:.

9766. iii. 1)eh<ii:aii.

9767. iv. Amelia.

J>r)24. JERATHMIEE DOTY, son Edward Doty and Hannah Eldridge,
b. liochester, Mass.. July 2, 1764; ra. there Nov. 10, 1785. Sarah Look.
He was a Revolutionary soldier aiid pensioner. After the war he emi-
grated to S. Wallingford. Vt., where he d. Nov. 14. 1857; she d. there.
He lived Roche.ster, 1794, in District No. 8.

Children, b. Rochester:
97()8. i. I'^dwahd.

9769. ii. Adam, not m.: lived S. Wallingford.

9770. iii. John. m.

9771. iv. Sakaii.

9772. V. HiLDAH. b. 1787.

9773. vi. Rebecca.

9774. vii. Hannah.

05-2G. ELI HI' DOTY, son Edward Doty and Hannah Eldridge, b.
Rochester, Mass., Sept. 8, 1780: m., 1st, a wife, Mary Ann. She d. New
Bedford, Ma5S., June 9, 1804. He m. 2d, Soi>hia Newton.

He was a man of educition and a poet, whose home was at N- w Bed-
ford, Mass. His contributions appeared there frequently in the local
newspapers. In the first number of The ]\Iedley, or New Bedford ^Marine
Journal, of Tuesday, Nov. 27, 1792, there is a short poem by Klilni Doty,
on a local topic. He was a sea captain.

Child by 2d wife:

9775. i. Ei.iiiu Eldridge, b. Sept. 9, 1806.

Dois. JOHN DOTY, son Zurishaddai Doty and Mary Warner, b.
Hardwick, Mass., Sept. 12, 1756: m. there Sept. 19, 1779, Mary :SIandel.
b. there Oct. 30, 1759, 6th child Paul Mandel and Susannah Kuggles of
Hardwick. He was surveyor of highways at Hardwick, 1789. They
removed to Westminister, Mass., where he kept a tavern. He lived to

be over 70 years of age.
Children, b. Hardwick, according to reiiord there:

9776. i. Chaincjey, b. Feb. 16, 1781.


9777. ii. Susan, b. Jan. 14, 1783; m.; lived Templetoi), Mass., and
d. 3 or 4 years after m.; no chil.

9778. iii. Philotiieta, b. Dec. 28, 1784; m. Pierce: lived aged

over 89, W. WorthiDgton, Mass. ; no chil.

9779. iv. Timothy 11i;g(, b. July 20, 1788.

9780. V. Mahtiia Woodijkidge, b. Oct. 2'i, 1789: m. AbramWood;
lived Westminster; d. 1839; no chil.

9781. vi. LrciA, b. Feb. 14, 1793; d. March 7, 1803.

9782. vii. Mary Wakneb, b. perhaps Westminister, Jan. 20, 1797.

{).>25>. MOSES DOTY, son Zurishaddai Doty and Maiy Warner, b
Hardvvick, Mass., July 2, 1758; m., 1st, there 1781 (pub. Aug. 27), Betsey
Webster, b. there Oct., 1701. She d. May 15, 1812. Hem., 2d, prob.
Norwich, Clienango Co., N. Y., about 1813, Mrs. Elizabeth Pike Dor-

rance, b. Potsdam, N. Y., 1782, dau. Pikf!, and vridow George

Dorrance. He d. Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y., June 4, 1823. His
widow m. , 3d, Elijah Owen and d. Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y., 1807.

He was a soldier in the Continental army in Capt. Warner's company of
Hardwick, Mass. At the close of the war he lived successively at
Wardsburg, Mass., Wilmington, Vt. and Williamstown, Mass. About
1800 he removed to Troy, Rensselaer Co., ISf. Y., where for a number of
years he kept a famous tavern at the sign of the ' ' Red Lion. " Later
he removed to Chenango Co., and died at Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y.
One who knew him then, says, " he was a large, portly man, of elegant
manner, who ch-essed in the continental style, with ruffled shirt, knee
breeches and top boots. Always a gentleman in his intercourse with fam-
ily, neighbors or strangers, treating all in a kindly manner."

His daughters are said to have been fine-looking and cultured women.

Children, by 1st wife:

9783. i. TiiEoDu.siA, b. Wardsburg, Mass., March 9, 1783; d. there
. Sept. 9, 1783.

9784. ii. Ellis, b. Wardsburg, July 7, 1784.

9785. iii. Nancy, b. Wilmington, Vt., June 17, 1786; m. June 27,
1827, Thos. Evans : no chil. ; both were prob. living Binghampton,
N. Y., 1883.

9780. iv. Soi'HiA, b. Wilmington, June 16, 1788; not ni.; d. Troy,
N. Y., June 9, 1802.

9787. V. Barbaka, b. Williamstown, Mass., April 1, 1791; m. July,
1810, John A. Collier: he was a prominent lawyer and at one time
Comptroller of State; they lived Binghamton, where she d. Aug. 3,

9788. vi. Martin B., b. Adams, Mass., July 29, 1793; not m. ; went
to sea at an early age, but returned and d. Norwich, Aug. 20, 1815.

9789. vii. Betsey, b. Williamstown, Oct. 12, 1795; m. Binghampton,
at home of her sister. Mrs. Whitney, James Birdsall ; lived Nor-
wich : she d. Dec. 3, 1819, of consumption: no ehil.

9790. viii. Makcia Louisa, b. Troy, May 12, 1801.
And by 2d wife:

9791. ix. Maky Jane, b. Norwich. N. Y., 1814.

9792. X. Ellen Sophia, b. Hamilton, N. Y.. Oct. 15, 1817.
9753. xi. John Henky Hobakt, b. Hamilton 1830.

n.'i.lO. EZRA DOTY, son Zurisliaddai Doty and Mary Warner, b.
Hardwick, Mass., Sept. 28, 1700. He was for seven years a Revolution-
ary soldier. At the close of the war he removed to Wilmington, Vt.,




















where he m.. 1st, Jan. 19, 1786, Ann Mdlen. li. Frumiir-'ham. Mass.,

Au^. 4, 17G7, dau. William Mellon. They roiiiovetl to Ik^nnington, Vt.,

179o, and 1796, to Adams, Mass., where he kepi a tavern: afterward to

N. Bennington, Vt., where he kept a blacksmith shop until 1810. They

then removed to Choconut, Pa., where she d.. May 26, 1813. 1I<' m., 2d,

Jan. 30, 1815, Eunice Longworth I'ishop, b. April 9, 1772, dau.

Longworth, and widow Bisho]!. They then removed with his sou

Zuri Shaddai Doty to Lockporl, N. ^■., wIku'c he d. June 24, 1840.


As.v, b. Wilmington, Vt.. Oct. 20, 1786.

AoiisAH, b. NViJnuiigton, Oct. 10, 1788.

Ai.MiKA, b. Nov. 24, 1790.

Wii.i.iAM, b. Wilmii gton, Jan. lit. 1793.

Sahija. \>. Wilmington. Oct. 17, 17si4.

Nathan, b. Adams, ^lass.. Aug. 24. 1796.

EzKA, b. Denninglon, Vt., March 8. 1799: d. Mav 19, 1799.

EzKA, b. Bemdngton, April 13, 1800: d. Dec 2.")", 1808.

CuAiiLEs, b. Hi imington, Jan. 14, 1S03; d. March 5, 1803.

9803. X. Zuiu SiiADDAi. b. Bennington, July 13, 1804.

9.'):}!. ELLIS DOTY, son Zurishaddai Doty and >rary Warner, b.
Hardwick, Mass., Oct. 20. 17t)2: m. lluldah Kilby. He livi>d many years
Wilmington, Vt., and prior to 1810 removed to Chaulauqua Co., X. Y.


9804. i. Wahnek.

9805. ii. Kii.nv.

J)5.*J2. ASA DOTY, son Zurishaddai Doty and Mary ^^'arner, b. Hard-
wick, Mass., Sept. 9, 1765: m. Lorana Coflin, 1). Nantucket, ^ , Aug.
18, 1771, dau. Charles Coffin: shed. Cleveland, O.. Oct. 13, 1844: he d.
Parkman, O., Jan. 12, 1843.

He was a sea captain, nuido several voyages to China. subse<iuently
lived Williamstown, Mass. About 1800 he followed "coasting" with a
sloop between Troy and New York City. Previous to 1810 he removed
with his family to Ohio and settled there on the "Western Reserve."
1815, and till his death, they lived I'arkman, Geauga Co., O.


980(). i. EzKA, b. Dec. 17, 1795; m. Edna Fuller: removed to
Iowa: bed. March 10, 1845; 9 chil.

9807. ii. CoKFix, b. Aug. 28, 1798.

9808. iii. Joiix, b. Sept. 18. ISOO.

9S09. iv. Anna. b. Oct. 18, 18U2: m. James Noles ; lived, 1886, Col-
brook, Ashtabula Co., O.

9810. V. Soi'HiA A., b. Bemdngton, Vt,, Feb. 12. 1805.

9811. vi. Asa. b. Stamford, Vt , Sept. 13. 1807.

9812. vii. LdUANA Mahv. b. Sept. 29 1809: m. Capt. H. R. Case;
h(! livtHl, 188(5. Cambiidge. LenoweeCo., Mich.

9813 viii. Sahau Makiii.a, b. Aurora. N. Y.. June 21, 1811.
9814. ix. Ben.i.vmin Haywakd, b. April 10, 1814: lived, 1886, Wat-
son, Alleghany Co., Mich.

{)o:J3. JONA'i'HAN DoTY, .son Zuri.shaddai Doty and :\rary Warner,
b. llanlwick, Mass., July 27. 1767: m. there March 7. 1792. Cynthia Mer-
rill, b. March 7. 1771. They lived Grandville, Vt.. but emigrated, Nov.,


1812, to Ohio, and settled at ^lechanicsburg, O., where she d. July 31,
1834, and he d. 1856.
Children :

9815. i. William, b. Aug. 14, 1793; not in.: d. Oct. 30, 1830.

981H. ii. Polly, b. March 20, 1796: not m.; d. July 2. 1813.

9817. iii. James, b. June 1, 1798: rn. Nancv Carpenter: nochil.: he
d. of cholera, 1852.

9818. iv. Sahah, b. jMarch 8, 1801 : not m. ; d. Meehanicsburg, Nov.
19, 1863.

9819. y. Hiram, b. April 27, 1803.

9820. vi. Ellis, b. March 11, 1806.

9535. BETSEY DOTY, dau. Zurishhaddai Doty^and Mary Warner, b.
Ilardwick, Mass., May 23, 1773; ni. Bennington. Vt , Nov. 1, 1796. ChiJlus
Safford. b. Hardwick, April 15, 1771, son Dr. Challis Safford and Lydia
Warner. He removed, 1800, to Enosbnrg, Vt., where he d. Aug. 22.
1841 : she d. aged about 80.


9821. i. W. D., lived Enosburg.

9537. THO]\IAS DOTY, son John Doty and Elizabeth Clark, b.
Rochester, Mass., Oct. 8, 1759; m. there April 5, 1780, Ascenath Ba.ssett.
He was a shoemaker. They removed, 1799, to Montpelier, Vt., where
they d.

Children ;

9822. i. Thomas, b. Rochester.

9823. ii. A.scENATH, b. Rochester; m. Montpelier, Jan. 1, 1805, Cor-
nelius Young; did not live together, he being an ill-conditioned fel-
low; no chil.

9824. iii. Mary Ann, b. Rochester.

9825. iv. Jeduthin. b. Roche.ster, Feb. 20. 1789.

9826. V. John. b. Rochester, Feb. 24, 1793.

9827. vi. Patty, b. Rochester.

9828. vii. Joseph Bassett, b. Rochester (or prob. New Bedford),
Sept. 6,1796: not m. ; d. Lowell, ]\Iass.

9829. viii. Bet.sey, b. Rochester, May 26, 1799.

98;-!0. ix. Almeda, b. Montpelier, 1802: not ra.: d. about 1830.

9831. xi. MiXEKVA, b. Montpelier, 1807.

953S. ABIGAIL DOTY, dau. John Doty and Elizabeth Clark b.
Rochester, Mass., March 30, 1762: m. there April 5, 1780 (they were pub-
lished March 19. 1780), James Haskell. They lived and d. Rochester. It
was reported that after his d. she went to Little Rock. Ark.


9832. i. Dehorah F., m. New Bedford, Mass., David Arm.strong:
went first to Yellow Springs. O. , then prob. removed to St. Louis.
Mo.: she d. 1866: no chil.

9833. ii. Betsey, m William Mendall: lived Rochester: had a son,
who went to sea and was killed by a shark.

9834. iii Sally.

9835. iv. Nathan, not m.

9542. BETSEY or ELIZABETH DOTY, dau. John Doty and Eliza-
beth Clark, b. Rochester, Mass., Feb. 10. 1772: m Montpelier, Vt. , Feb.
20, 1797. Joseph Wing, b. Rochester, son David Wing and Sarah Parker.
They lived Montpelier, but removed later in life to Columbus, O. He d.
Ohio before 1848. She d. Clinton ville, O., May, 1804.



ySBf). 1. HouAOE, d. Montpelier. aged 13.
i)S87. ii. Betsky, b. Clinch, 181)'.); d. Montpelier, caged G or 7.
\)S'.iX. iii. JosEiMi, not m.. d. Boston, Mass., of consumption; aged
•22 or 23.

9839. iv. Soi'iii.v M<)i)i:k, b. ISUi); not ni. ; d. Montpelier, of consump-
tion, Aug. 11, 1832.

9840. V. Charles, ra. Clark of Montpelier; they removed,

1839. to Columbus, O. ; both d. there; no ehil.

9841. vi. Jane.

9543. MARY DOTY, .lau. John Doty and Elizabeth Clark, b. Roches-
ter, Mass., Sept. 29, 1775; ra. prob. there Jan. 1, 179(3, llezekiah Davis,
b. Dudley, Mass., April 33, 1772, son Xathaniel Davis and Sarah Stone,
lie was one of the first settlers at Montpelier, Vt., clearing a farm in that
part of the town, which, after the division, was known as E. Montpelier,
on which ho lived till his d., Jan. 2, 1846; she d. there Nov. 26, 1852.

Children, b. E. Montpelier:

9842. i. JtNius Bui-ns, b. Sept. 13, 179(>.

9843. ii. AniGAiL Haskell, b. Feb. 5, 1799; m. Sept. l(i. 1888, as
his 2d wife, Israel Goodwin, b. Newport, N. II., Feb, 14, 1793;
lived ^lontpelier; she d. there March 12, ls42: no chil,: he m., 3d,
Harriet Putnam; he d. E, Montpelier, Sept. (!, IStiO; she lived there.

9844. iii. Maky, b. July 18, 1801; ni. E. Montpelier. Dec. 1847. as
his 2d wife, William Bennett; she d. Plaintield, Vt. ; Oct. 5, 1865;
he d. ^Montpelier, 1879; no chil.

9845. iv. Hezekiah, b. Aug. 25, 1805.
9n4(;. v. Pamelia Kyes, b. Sept. 16, 1809.

9847. vi. Catuauixe, b. Sept., 1811; d. Feb., 1825.

9848. vii. Debokaii Amedox, b. Dec. 23, 1813.

9549. viii. Pai:ley, b. Sept. 13, 1816.

9550. ix. A dau., not named, b. 1818: lived but a few days.

9851. X. A dau., not named, b. 1818 ; lived but a few days.

9544. JOHN DOTY, son Theodoras Doty and Jane Densmore, b.
prob. Salem, N. Y .: m., 1st, there prob. 1794, Nancy Cochrane, b. March
17, 1772, dau. Col. Robert Cochran and his wife, Mary. She d. Ft. Ed-
ward, N. Y., May 4, 1797, and is buried there. He m., 2d, Mary Long,
widow of Capt. Edward Long, who was a sea captain and by whom she
had a son. They lived Ft. Ann, N. Y. At an advanced age, after his
wife's death, he removed to Chicago, 111., where he d. about 1838-40.

After his father's death, which must have occurred about 1783, he took
charge of the family and raised the younger children. He became a dis-
tinguished political leader, represented Washington Co., N. Y. . in the
State Legislature, 1819, and was Sheriff for many years.

In deeds, 1794, his wife's name is given as Nancy.

AVashington County Records, Argyle, N. Y., December 18,1824. Nancy
Doty loans on land at Argyle to Justus and Anson Buch.

Child, by 1st wife:

9852. i. RoHEiiT.
And liv 2d wife:

9853. ii. .MAin-, b Salem. N. Y., prob. about 1812: m. 1861. Dr.

Barnt'S and removed to Ukiah. Mendocino Co., Cal., where she

d. Dec. 8, 1878

Previous to m. she was for 5 years princi])al of the New York


Institute; 1843-1852, owner and principal of a seminary at (^uincy,
111.; 1854, opened a select school for girls at Sacramento, Cal.; 185i-\
principal Cumberland Presbyterian ISchool at Sonoma, Cal.

9854. iii. Ei.i/..\hetii.

9855. iv. Jane.

Either Elizabeth or Jane married Dr. Nelson Porter, son Stephen Porter,
who lived Whitehall, N. Y.

1842. Mary and Betsey Doty of Fort Ann, loan to Asa Root on land

0545. CHILLUS DOTY, son Theodorus Doty and Jane Densmore, b.
prob. Salem, N. Y., 17G4; m. there Feb. 6, 1790, Sarah Martin, b. Stur-
bridge, Mass., April 19, 1767, dau. Col. Adam Martin.

They commenced housekeeping at Duanesburg, Schenectady Co., N.
Y., to which place they removed with his brother, Prince Doty. Prince
Doty remained there, but Chillus Doty returned, 1795, to Salem, N. Y.,
and June, 1802, they removed to Martinsburg, Lewis Co., N. Y., which
town had already been settled by his brother-in-law, General Walter
Martin and other emigrants, mainly from Salem. He was intimately
associated with General Martin in all his business enterprises there for
improving the town and promoting its growth, Martin furnishing the
capital and Doty the ability, to successfully accomplish every scheme
entered upon.

He kept the first inn in a log house a few rods west of the brick tavern,
where the first County Courts were held. He was for many years an inn-
keeper, and when Lewis County was organized, March, 1805, he became
Sheriff and served the terms 1805-8 and 1811-14. He was Supervisor
1809-10-15, Member of the Assembly of the State, 1814-16-17, and Surro-
gate of the county, 1815 and 1823. He was appointed Assessor under the
law imposing a direct tax by Congress, and for several years was County

He died at Martinsburg, N. Y., October 16, 1824, aged sixty years, ending
a life of great activity and ability. He was a subscriber to the church at
Salem in 1785, and a tru.stee of the Presbyterian Church at Martinsburg.
His widow died September 11, 1843.

Children, b. Salem, N. Y. :

9856. i. Baron Steuben, b. March 23, 1795.

9857. ii Lanada, b. June 6, 1797; d. June 8, 1798.

9858. iii. James Duane, b. Nov. 5, 1800.

1)5-K>. PRINCE DOTY, son Theodorus Doty and Jane Densmore, b
prob. Salem, N. Y.; m Almira Beach, b. prob. Dutchess Co., N. Y.,
about 1790. They removed from Salem, to Duanesburg, Scheaectady Co. ,
N. Y., where he afterward lived. In the War of 1812, he was a Quarter-
master in the army, and d. while stationed at or visiting Cleveland, O.,
March 17, 1814. She d. Duanesburg, about 1806.

Children ;

9859. i. Jane.

9860. ii. Polly.

9801. iii. Benoni Thompson, b. Washington Co. , Aug. 4, 1797.

9862. iv. Almika.

9863. V. Theouokis, b. Duanesburg, Sept. 14, 1801.


J>.>4:. THEODOHUS DOTY, son Thooilorus and Jane Donsmore, b.
jHob. Salem. N. Y., May 4, 17(58: m. near Samly Hill, N. Y., Aphia
Murray Way, b. prob. there July, 1770. <lan. James Murray and widow
Ira ^Vay. He was a farmer. They lived Sandy II 11, till ISO."), then re-
moved to Martinsburj^, F>ewis Co., X. Y. About 1^17 they removed to
Cayuga Co., about 10 miles from Auburn, and, IS20. to Chemung Co., N.
Y. Shortly after they removed to the town of Bingham. Potter Co., Pa.,
wh(;^'e he d. Nov. 28, 1842, and she d. 1849.

!)8()4. i. James, b. Sandy Hill, b. Aug. 2(t. 1704; wa.sdiowned in the

Chemung River.
i)8t»o. ii. Xaxcy, b. Sandv Hill, July 22. 17ini.
i)H66. iii. Anna, b. Sandy* Hill. Sept. 17, 17!I8.
!)8()7. iv. George, b. Sandv ilill, Xov. 8, 1800.
!>S08. v. Paulina, b. Sanllv Hill. Sept. 22, 1SU2.
S»8G9. vi. Electa, h. Sandy"llill, Oct. 13, 1>04: m.. 1st, John Venas:
m., 2d, Jonathan Courtney of Syracuse, N. Y.; left I dau. by 1st
!)S70. vii. TiiKonoKus, b. :Martinsburg. Sept. 20, 1S06.
9S71. viii. William Patimck. b. Mai'linshurg, A|)ril 2i). 180!): m Iowa
City, la., Deo. 24, 184;}, Harriet Carver, li. llavre-de-(4race. Md.,
Nov. 2, 1806, dau. Htsnry Carver and Elizalielh Cannon: lived Iowa
City, la., 1883; no ciiil. ; he has a stepson, George H. Yewell, Xew
York City.

UoiS. ALPIIEUS DOTY, son Theodorus Doty autl Jane Densmore, b.
prob. Salem, X. Y., 1771; m. prob. Moreau, Saratoga Co., N. Y., Mercy
Rogers, b. there, dau. Gen. Thomas Rogers. He was Postmaster, Sandy
Hill, N. Y., from 180(5 to 1S19, and a noted political leader of that time in
his county. He d. Sandy Hill, Sept. 13, 1819; she d. there April 29, lsr)9.

Children, b. prob. Sandy Hill:

9872. i. RoswELL. not m.

9873. ii. Halsey llouKits, lived l!S38, Xew York City: prob. not m.

9874. iii. Chakles Kogeus, n\.. prol). no chil.: lived, 1838. Xew
York City.

9875. iv. Abhv, m. Dibble.

987(5. v. Joan, m. ^Vavne

9877. vi. ]\Iei;cy.

9S78. vii. SauauJane.

U:AU. XANCY DOTY', dau. Theodorus Doty, and Jane Densmore, b.

prob. Salem, X. Y., April 14, 1778: m. E. Greenwich. Washington Co., N.
Y., Jan. 15, 1804, Adoniram Foot, b. Arlington, Yt., July 10, 1780, son John
Foot and Ruth Searl. He was a descendant of Nathaniel Foot, who emi-
grated from England, 1()33, and settled in Connecticut. [See " Foote
Genealogy."] He was a shoemaker at Fitch's Point, Wo.shington Co., X.
Y., but .sold out, 1808, to his brother and removed to Martinsburg, Lewis
Co., X. ^'. They lived there just opposite the residence of her brother.
Chillus Doty. She d. Martinsburg, June 28, 1815. He m. , 2d, Jan. 28,
1817, Emily Brainerd. and they removed subsequently, 1851, to Turin,
Lewis Co., where he d. April 2M. 180(5. He was a very worthy man, highly
respected, ami Avas elder in thr Presbjnerian Church at Martinsburg.

Extract from a scn-mon delivered at the funeral of Adoniram Foot, by
Rev. E. B. Parsons, in the Presbyterian Church at Turin, May 1, 18G6.


" When he come into this County of Lewis, this rich valley was but little
known, and its resources were mostly undeveloped. He entered at once,
and heartily, into every public enterprise ealculattni to promote the inter-
ests of the county. He received a military commission from Governor
Tompliins in 1812, and occupied several other offices of public trust from
time to time. He was identified with those institutions whose motto
spoalvS for the (common brotherhood of mankind. He early connected
iiimself witli the anti-slavery movements of the country, as early as 1838,
and in the Presidential contest of 1840, his vote for James G. Birfiey.
He was independent in expression and faithful in prayer for the slave; yet
he was not rash, not fanatical; n'3ver joined those who denounced the
church and all other institutions for not moving so lapidly in this direction
as lie desired.

•' Hi.s Christian life in its outward manifestations was such as to bring
honor to the name of Christ. He gave himself into God's guidance at the
time of a general religious revival in 1830-1. He at once joined himself to
the Presbyterian Church at Martinsburg, and became one of the working
men of the church; he was ordained an elder in that church, October 13,
1833. He was many times member of Presbytery and Synod, and was a
delegate to the General Assembly that met in Philadelphia in 1843. In
his home work he was always diligent and faithful. His place at the
weekly prayer-meeting was seldom vacant, and no day was allowed to pass
without the observance of familj- prayer. He gave liberally for the sup-
port of the Gospel and for the great benevolent enterprises of the Christian

Children, by 1st wife:
98T9. i. Geokge Densmoee, b. Salem, Feb. 1, 1805.

9880. ii. NoKMAX, b. Salem, Aug. 15, 180G; d. Feb. 30, 1815.

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