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Estate of

C, T.



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Capt. Samuel Church . . . .' Title

Mrs. Samuel Church 27

Abigail Church Smith-Bagg 30

Rev. Samuel C. Church, D.D 32

Almira Church Clark 34

Maria Church Robinson 36

Fidelia Church Coan 40

Rev. Jared O. Church, D.D 42

MuNSON RuFus Hill 46

Hon. Lyman R. Casey 48

Maria Elinor Church 50

Charles T. Church 52

Fidelia Church Alling-Merritt 54

Dr. Titus Munson Coan and Sons 58

Sarah E. Coan Waters 60



In the spring of 1806, Richard and Rebecca (Warner)
Church came from Massachusetts and with the families
of their sons Samuel and Elihu established a home in
West Pultney — now the town of Riga, New York. Rich-
ard died the following year. If he brought to this West-
ern New York wilderness a record of his ancestors it
had been lost long before a grandson of Elihu attempted
to compile a record of his descendants. Elihu Church,
Esq., of New York, was engaged on this work at the time
of his death in 1881, but had been unable to establish the
parentage of Richard.

In the summer of 1915 a grandson of Samuel, Mr.
Charles T. Church of Geneva, N. Y., a widower, without
children, retired from business and an octogenarian, de-
termined if possible to bequeath to future generations
the ancestral line of Richard.

More than a century had elapsed since the death of
the Western New York pioneer; and for the purpose of
attracting the attention of people who had, or could aid
in obtaining this knowledge, he caused to be inserted in
the Boston Transcript:


For the Following Information:

The Ancestors of Richard Church
He married in Springfield, Mass., Rebecca Warner, Feb. 4, 1767.
His residence is given as Hatfield, and hers as Springfield, Mass.
He was born in 1741 or possibly 1743. He is the Richard referred
to in question June 2, 1915, item (*4785)."

Records of branches of the Church family in America
had been published; and it had been established that



there were two pioneers by the name of Richard Church
who came from England about 1630 and 1636 and were
known, respectively, as Richard Church of Plymouth and
Richard Church of Hartford. Several of their descend-
ants were named Richard.

After much research and correspondence Richard of
Riga was found to be the oldest child of Richard the son
of Samuel Church of Lyme, Conn., and Hannah Church
the daughter of Richard Church of Hatfield, Mass. Sam-
uel of Lyme died when his son Richard was but four
years of age ; and while the latter was a minor he went
to Worcester County, Mass., and was a resident of
"Lambstown" (later called Hardwick) in 1737 when he
conveyed "to Edward Church of Lyme, Conn., all his
interest in the neck of land belonging to the Twelve Mile
Island farm which descended to said Richard from the
estate of his father, Samuel Church, deceased, of Lyme."
Through the specific wording of deeds in connection with
the estate of Samuel Church of Lyme, not only has this
line of Richard been established but also that of Simeon,
an older son of Samuel, ancestor of Mr. Charles W.
Church of Waterbury, Conn., author and compiler of
"Simeon Church of Chester, Conn., and his Descendants."

When Richard's ancestory had been determined, Mr.
C. T. Church would gladly have joined with others in
the work of compiling and publishing a record of the
descendants of Richard and Rebecca (Warner) Church,
but he could not alone attempt so great an undertaking
nor hope to see its completion. He then concluded to
compile and publish a record of the descendants of Cap-
tain Samuel Church of Churchville. This would give
the ancestral line, and would be of assistance to any
future historian who sought to make a record of the
descendants of Richard of Hartford.

That there should be omissions of dates and names in
a record of Captain Samuel's descendants is a great re-
gret, but we have no assurance they could be supplied


were we to defer publication, and already it has been
delayed too long for Mr. C. T. Church to have had the
satisfaction of seeing and handling the book.

The generosity of Mr. Charles W. Church of Water-
bury, in permitting "the use of anything" in his book,
has enabled us to publish the common ancestral line from
Sim.eon of Chester back to John at Church (1335-1396),
of Great Parndon Parish, Manor of Geround, County of
Essex, England.

Valuable assistance has been rendered by Dr. Titus
M. Coan of New York, Mrs. Mary J. Pierce of Los
Angeles, Cal., Mrs. Laura B. Lawrence of Charleston,
Mo., Mrs. M. A. Martin of Springfield, Mass., Mrs. E.
W. Stoddard and Mr. Loren Clark of Detroit, Mich., Mr.
Thomas H. Williams of Columbia, Tenn., Miss A. S.
Church of New York, Miss Lucy Hill of Trenton, Tenn.,
and others who have kindly responded to letters of in-
quiry or loaned family portraits.

Etta A. Emens.

Rochester, N. Y., March 1, 1920.





(This record is condensed from a report by a genealogist in
London for Mr. Alonzo Church of Newark, N. J., and is used by
his pel-mission. References are made to the authorities for all
the statements in said report. C. W. CHURCH, Waterbury, Conn.)

JOHN AT CHURCH (1335-1396)

of Great Parndon Parish, Manor of Geround, Co. of Es-
sex, is the first of this family so far knowTi. He married
in 1360 Catherine, daughter of Richard Winchester, who
died in 1338, holding a third part of the advowson of
the church and his wife's part of the manor. This John
died in 1396, holding land in Great Parndon, as appears
from an inquisition post mortem, held in 20 Rich. II,
when the names of his two sons are given.


Robert Chirche, who died in 1420, holding land in Great
Parndon. His only daughter, .Joan, married Richard
2. John Chyrch. See below.



JOHN CHYRCH (1365-1450)

of Leicester is believed to have been identical with the
above John Chyrch of Lancaster. He was a resident of
the City of Leicester, and held much property. In 1399
he was elected Burgess of Parliament, also in 1420, as



appears from the records of the borough of Leicester.
In 1402-1422 he was also Mayor of Leicester.

July 26, 1452, Catherine, daughter of John Church of
Leicester, left land to celebrate divine service daily for
the souls of John Church, senior, and Catherine, his wife,
and John Church, junior, and Agnes, his wife, and Cath-
erine, their daughter, and Catherine, daughter of John
Church, senior.


3. John. See below.

Catherine, who died before July 26, 1452.
Robert, a haberdasher of London; father of Thomas, the



styled "Junior," son of John Church, merchant, had two
sons, Reynold and John. They were minors at the death
of their parents. The land in Leicester was conveyed by
John to Catherine by deed of May 8, 1450.



son of John and Agnes Church, married in 1496 Mar-
garet, daughter of Robert Greene of Chester. He had
lands in Leicester, Nantwich and Castell Camps, near
Linton. The Nantwich family coat of arms is the frontis-
piece of the book entitled "Simeon Church of Chester,
Connecticut, 1708-1792, and his Descendants," compiled
by Charles Washburn Church of Waterbury, Conn., pub-
lished in 1914.


5. Robert, b. 1505; d. 1551. See below.

John, of Maiden, b. ; d. 1659.



John Church, son of Reynold and Margaret, was alder-
man and bailiff of Maiden. He married 1st, Joan Hen-
kyn; and 2d, Mary, daughter of Edmund Tyrrell, a de-
scendant of Walter who slew William Rufus. He died
November 19, 1559. His children were John and Ed-
mund. John married Margaret, daughter of Rooke
Greene of Little Sampford, Co. Essex. He died Jan.
14, 1565. His son Rooke, bap. Apr. 9, 1564, was sur-
veyor to King James. Edmund married, June 8, 1574,
Dorothy Green. Prof. A. H. Church says Percy, one
of his grandsons, was groom of the Privy Chamber in
1634. The armory of the Maiden branch is almost iden-
tical with that of Nantwich.

William, son of Reynold and Margaret, had a son Rich-
ard who built in 1575 the well-known half-timbered
house, still standing in Nantwich, styled "Church's Man-
sion." See Harleian manuscript in British Museum.
Richard married Margaret, daughter of Roger Wright,
and died in 1592. Their children were : William, Randle,
and Isabella. William married 1st, Elizabeth Wright;
2d, Margaret Broughton. He died in Drayton in 1632.
Randle, a staunch Royalist, was father of Randle or
Randolph Church, who was Sargeant-at-Arms to James
1st in 1624. Isabella married James McBride, a mer-
chant in Dumfried, Scotland.



son of Reynold and Margaret, born about 1505, of Castle
Camps, Cambridgeshire, was counsellor-at-law and stew-
ard of the Earl of Oxford (Harleian manuscript, 1542.)
He had two sons, Bartholomew and John.

Bartholomew Church of Erles Colne, Co. Essex, mar-
ried Alice Ronner. They had two children, John of Erles
Colne, and Robert. The Erles Colne branch also had an



son of Robert Church of Castell Camps, of Sanford, Co.
Essex, as appears from a Harleian manuscript, married
Catherine Swan, probably in 1547, and was made free-
man in that year. He had an armory. Their children
were John and Thomas. Thomas married Thomazine.
He was warden of St. Clements, Ipswich, in 1597. They
had a son Thomas who settled in London and had chil-
dren baptized in St. James; also son John, who settled
at Wymingwell, Kent; Charles, who married, June 8,
1580, Constant Sapcott ; Robert, who married, March 25,
1509, Elisabeth Barnards; and Richard, who married
Agnes and died August 24, 1603.


born about 1548, son of John Church of Samford, Co.
Essex, married Joan Titerell. The distress of the poor
during this time was very great and he was appointed
by the officers of the church one of "two hable persons
to be gatherers for the poor." He died before November
4, 1593.



RuKE married Elinor Tey. His daughter Mary married John
Jarvis, rector of North Cambridge, Co. Essex.

Sampson was baptized Oct. 2, 1575, at Canterbury.

Arnold was baptized Sept. 20, 1576, at Canterbury. He had
a son Richard who married, May 29, 1627, Jane

Henry married Alice . He died before 1592, leaving a

son Henry, who married Elizabeth Vassell, daughter
of John Vassell, an alderman of London and ances-
tor of the Vassell families in America.




son of John Church and Joan Titerell, born May 9, 1570,
married, Dec. 15, 1592, Alice, widow of his brother
Henry, by general license in the Bishop's Court, London,
as of St. Martin Ongar, London, merchant tailor. In
1613 he settled in Braintree, Co. Essex.


Alice, b. Jan. 12, 1603; married. May 18, 1624, Thomas Green
of Witham, Co. Essex.

John, b. May 17, 1607; d. July 15, 1638; married, Sept. 29,
1629, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Marsh of Brain-
tree. No children.

Henry, b. Nov. 4, 1609; married Browne. No chil-
9. Richard. See below.

Arnold, b. March 23, 1611; married Margaret Ward, sister
of Nathaniel Ward, later of Hartford and Hadley.


son of Richard and Alice, born Feb. 6, 1610, married,
May 18, 1627, Anne, daughter of Edward Marsh, of
Braintree. In 1636 he came to Hartford with Hooker,
and died in Hadley, Mass., Dec. 16, 1667.

("What induced him to emigrate, is of course uncertain. Evi-
dently he came over with his relatives John Marsh, Nathaniel
P.larsh, and Isaac Graves, who all came from Braintree, Co. Essex,
to Hartford.")








Richard Church, son of Richard and Alice, born in
London, England, February 6, 1610, married, May 18,
1627, Anne, daughter of Edward Marsh (1600-Oct. 10,
1684) of Braintree, Eng. He came to Hartford with
Hooker in 1636, and drew twelve acres of land in the
first land division in 1639 ; had a house and land in Burr
Street and land at the cow pasture in 1640 ; was viewer
of chim.neys in 1647, and was freed from watching,
warding and training by the General Court, March 7,
1654 and 1655.

He was one of the sixty persons who "at a meeting at
Goodman Ward's house, April 18, 1659, signed an agree-
m.ent to remove themselves and families out of Con-
necticut into Massachusetts, for the purpose of forming
the town of Hadley," where he died December 16, 1667.


2. Edward, b. Feb. 26, 1628; d. Sept. 10, 1704.
Samuel, b. Man'. 3, 1629; d. young.
Mary, b. Nov. 2, 1632.
John, b. May 9, 1636; d. Oct. 16, 1691.
Samuel, b. 1636; d. April 13, 1684.

Edward Church {Richard 1 and Anne), born Feb-
ruary 26, 1628; married Mary (1637-

Sept. 30, 1690). He died in Hatfield, Mass., September
10, 1704.




Rebecca, b, 1654.

Mary, b. Sept. 17, 1656; m. Dec. 25, 1679, Phillip Russell.
John, b. 1658; d. May 19, 1676 (Killed by Indians at Falls
Fight) .

3. Samuel, b. Aug. 4, 1663; d. June 24, 1718.

Naomi, b. May 12, 1666; m. May 11, 1687, Joseph ..godman.
Sarah, b. May 18, 1670; m. Dec. 3, 1697, William Porter of

Hannah, b. 1672; m. 1690, Ebenezer Billings.
Richard, b. Jan. 18, 1675; d. April 4, 1763.
Hepzibah, b. Dec. 24, 1678; d. Sept. 13, 1745; m. Sept.^^I^

1696, Samuel Spencer.


Samuel Church (Edward 2, Richard 1), born August
4, 1663 ; married Susannah, daughter of Thomas Hunger-
ford, probably of East Haddam. He died June 24, 1718,
in Lyme, Connecticut.


John, b. 1699.

Mary, b. 1701; d. Dec. 6, 1786; m. June 6, 1719, Ebenezer

Edward, b. 1703.
Samuel, b. 1706.
Simeon, b. 1708; d. Oct. 7, 1792.
Hannah, b. 1712.

4. Richard, b. 1714.

Richard Church {Samuel 3, Edward 2, Richard i),
born 1714, Lyme, Conn. ; resident of "Lambtown," later
called Hardwick, Worcester County, Mass., in 1737, when
he conveyed "to Edward Church of Lyme, Conn.," all
his interest "in the neck of land belonging to Twelve
Mile Island farm which descended to said Richard Church
from the estate of his father Samuel Church, deceased,


of Lyme." He married Hannah Church, daughter of
Richard (Edward 2, Richard 1) of Hatfield.


5. Richard, b. Jan. 23, 1741-2.
^ Samuel, b. Aug. 6, 1743.
Simeon, b. Aug. 13, 1745.
Mary, b. Feb. 18, 1747-8.
Susanna, b. March 11, 1749-50.
Edward, b. Nov. 3, 1752, bap. in Granby, Mass.
John, b. Nov. 3, 1756, bap. in Granby, Mass.

Richard Church {Richard U, Samuel 3, Edward 2,
Richard 1) , born in Hardwick, Massachusetts, January
23, 1741-2 ; married, Feb. 4, 1767, at Springfield, Mass.,
Rebecca Warner of Springfield; his residence given in
Records of Marriage as Hatfield, Mass. The Town of
Williamsburgh was taken from Hatfield in 1771, and the
records of Williamsburgh contain entries of birth of
their children Lucy, Elihu, Richard and John. Samuel,
the oldest child, was born in Hatfield, and it is quite
probable that it was also the birthplace of Miriam and
Lemuel, and that that portion of Hatfield which became
the town of Williamsburgh in 1771 contained their home.
Under the heading "A List of the Names of Members in
full communion in the Ch^ in Williamsburgh and time
of admission," is the entry "Richard Church & wife. At
y^ incorporation of the Church 3d July, 1771;" and in
the list of Baptisms are the names of their sons Richard
and John. Before 1783 they had removed to Washing-
ton, Berkshire County, and united with the church, and
in its records under entries of Births are found the names
of their three youngest children: Jesse, Horace and

In 1806, Richard and Rebecca, with their sons Samuel
and Elihu, removed to what is now the Town of Riga,


Monroe County, New York, but then known as West
Pultney. Richard died November 12, 1807, and is buried
in Riga Cemetery.



6. Samuel, b. Dec. 10, 1767; d. Sept. 20, 1850.

Miriam, b. May 5, 1769; d. Oct. 22, 1832; m. March 4, 1795,
Aaron Baker (b. Northampton, Hampshire Co., Mass.,
March 19, 172.3, died in Pittsfield, Mass., Oct. 8, 1814).

Lemuel, b. August 1, 1770; probably died according to fam-
ily tradition at the age of 11.

Lucy, b. April 17, 1772, Williamsburgh, Mass.; d. Feb. 21,
1848, Murray, Orleans Co., N. Y.; m. 1st, May 27,
1792, Apollos Baker (b. Northampton, Mass., March
16, 1765, died Hopewell, Ontario Co., N. Y., April 9,
1823) ; m. 2d, Dec. 1826, Hopewell, N. Y., Anson
Shay, a Baptist minister (died May 19, 1840, North-
ville, Michigan).

Elihu, b. March 16, 1774; died July 23, 1854, Riga; m. 1st,
Oct. 1799, Ontario Co., N. Y., Lucina Belden-Belding
— (b. Feb. 5, 1774, Conway, Mass., d. Riga, Mon-
roe Co., N. Y., December 22, 1822) ; m. 2nd, Riga,
N. Y., May 27, 1823, Charlotte Phelps (widow of
Matthew Fitch, b. June 24, 1778, died Riga, N. Y.,
Dec. 1, 1854).

Richard, b. Dec. 2, 1775, Williamsburgh, Mass.; d. Sept. 27,

1847, Crown Point, Lake Co., Ind.; m. 1804,

Phelps, Ontario Co., N. Y., Anna Warner, daughter
of David and Polly (Russell) Warner (b. 1788, Berk-
shire Co., Mass., died 1855, Napoleon, Jackson Coun-
ty, Mich.)

John, b. June 22, 1777, Williamsburgh, Mass.; d. June 22
(or 20), 1856, Madison, Lake Co., Ohio.

Hannah, b. April 6, 1780; d. Sept. 1, 1855, Albion, Calhoun
County, Michigan; m. Alden Darling, b. May 25,

Jesse, b. Feb. 1783; d. Feb. 2, 1827, Churchville; m. 1803,
Margery Munson (daughter of Moses and Abigail
Munson, b. Sept. 7, 1777, Conway, Mass., d. May 22,
1852, Flint, Mich.)


Horace, b. Oct. 3, 1785, Washington, Berkshire Co., Mass.; d.
Hopewell, N. Y., 1861; m. 1st, Barbara Russell; 2nd,

Clarissa, b. Feb. 22, 1788, Washington, Berkshire Co., Mass.;

d. Nov. 27, 1855, Rush, Monroe Co., N. Y.; m. March

^ 7, 1807, Joseph Sibley (b. Feb. 12, 1786, Sand Lake,

Rensselaer Co., N. Y., d. Jan. 29, 1862, Rush, N. Y.)







Samuel Church (Richard 5, Richard 4, Samvel 3,
Ediuard 2, Richard 1, a first settler of Hartford, Con-
necticut), born in Hatfield, Hampshire County, Massa-
chusetts, December 10, 1767; married, Sept. 10, 1792,
Abigail Munson, daughter of Moses and Abigail Mun-
son (b. March 9, 1771; d. May 5, 1845) ; died Sept. 20,

Captain Samuel Church, farmer as well as a mill-
wright, was a man of ceaseless activity, resourceful,
skillful in the use of tools ; a man's man on the frontier.
He was a careful, painstaking, thrifty pioneer. His
various industries in Riga and Churchville — farming,
grain mill, saw mill, v/oolen mill, the maintenance of his
dam and water power, the care of considerable timber
land as well as that cleared and cultivated which he
owned and worked — gave him a life of almost ceaseless
activity, so that he was an old man at the age of sixty-six
years : about the time the portraits of himself and Mrs.
Church were painted from which the half-tones in this
book are produced, the originals being in the custody
of the Rochester Historical Society.

The settlement of West Pultney, now Riga, commenced
under the auspices of Mr. Wadsworth in 1805. In that
year his handbills had reached Berkshire, Mass., offer-
ing to exchange wild lands for farms, which induced
Samuel to come and see the country. His brother Elihu,
who had emigrated to Phelps, Ontario County, in 1796,
accompanied him to West Pultney, which they found a



densely and heavily timbered wilderness, the only oc-
cupants other than wild beasts being John Smith and
his surveying party. Together they explored the town-
ship, were well pleased with it, and in the spring of
1806 they removed their families to sites they had select-
ed for their new homes.

Turner's Pioneer History of the Phelps and Gorham
Purchase says : "Samuel Church was the founder of the
settlement at Churchville, where he built the first saw-
mill in town in 1808 and a grist mill in 1811. He was
Captain of the first Militia Company organized in Riga,
was upon the frontier in the war of 1812, and par-
ticipated with his command in the sortie of Fort Erie."
This commission, issued by Governor Daniel D. Tompkins
of the State of New York, on the 22nd of March, 1809,
now belongs to the Rochester Historical Society.

In the same History, under the Reminiscences of Henry
Brewster, we read:

"At a meeting held to organize a religious society we appointed
a meeting three Sabbaths in succession at the log house of Amasa
Frost. On the day appointed for the organization of the society
Nehemiah Frost was chosen Moderator and myself Secretary.
Nehemiah Frost, Samuel Church, Amasa Frost, Samuel Baldwin,
Elihu Church and myself were chosen Trustees. The society was
called The First Congregational Society of West Pultney in the
County of Genesee."

About the year 1831, after a religious revival in the
neighborhood, he became a member of the Methodist
Episcopal Church — the same religious denomination
which licensed his sons to preach, each having conferred
upon him the degree of Doctor of Divinity, the Rev.
Dr. Samuel Clemon Church in the North, and the Rev.
Dr. Jared O. Church in the South.

At the age of eighty-two, he died at the home of a
daughter in Union Valley, Cortland County, N. Y., Sept.
20, 1850, five years after the death of his beloved wife.


Of the eight children who survived him, his sons were
Doctors of Divinity in the Methodist Episcopal Church,
three of his six daughters were wives of clergymen —
two of whom had gone to foreign mission fields, one to
Siam and the other to Sandwich now Hawaiian Islands
— and the others were honored and respected in the com-
munities in which they lived. His funeral was held at
Churchville on Sunday, Sept. 22, 1850; sermon by the
Rev. H. May of the Genesee Conference, from the text
Luke 2 :29-31 :

"Now lettest thou thy servant depart, Lord,
According to thy word, in peace;
For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,
Which thou hast prepared before the face of all peoples."


7. Anna Munson, b. June 14, 1793.
7-A. Ralph, b. March 7, 1795; d. Feb. 17, 1796.
7-B. Abigail, b. Dec. 27, 1796.
7-C. Samuel Clemon, b. April 2, 1799.
^^ 7-D. Almira, b. Aug. 7, 1801.
7-E. Amanda, b. Sept. 27, 1803.
7-F. Maria, b. Feb. 1, 1807.
7-G. Fidelia, b. Feb. 17, 1810.
7-H. Jared Oramond, b. June 12, 1813.



Anna Munson Church, oldest child of Captain Sam-
uel and Abigrail (Munson) Church, born June 14, 1793,
Washington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts; married,
first, April 1, 1815, Riga, Monroe County, N. Y., RuFUS
Hill (born June 16, 1793, Windsor, Berkshire Co., Mass.,
died January 6, 1831, Riga, N. Y.) ; married, second,

, 1835, Lyman Casey. She died March 14, 1868,

in Toledo, Ohio.


8. RuFus Munson Hill, b. ; d. August, 6,

1821, "Aged 5 years, 8 months" — inscription on grave-
stone, Riga, N. Y.

8-A. Frederick Lyman Hill, b. ; (*Died some-
time before July 9, 1853, date of death of Maria
Elinor Church, as per letter of condolence written
by his mother to Dr. Samuel C. Church.

8-B. Munson Rufus Hill, b. May 2, 1821; d. June — , 1868,
Memphis, Tenn.

8-C. Clemon Church Hill, b. Sept. 26, 1825, Riga, N. Y.

8-D. Egbert Grandin Hill, b. , 1828, Riga, N. Y.

d. May 28, 1868, Dyersburgh, Tenn.

8-E. Lyman Rufus Casey, b. May 6, 1837, York, Livingston
County, N. Y.; d. Jan. 25, 1914, Washington, D. C.

*Note: Mrs. Casey, in a letter of condolence to her brother Dr.
Samuel Clemon Church, after the death of his daughter Maria
Elinor, wrote: "I have not received such a shock since the death
of my own beloved Frederick."


Abigail Church (Capt. Samuel 6, Richard 5, Richard
U, Samuel 3, Edward 2, Richard 1) born December 27,



. vokk

'^ ^ENOX



1796, at Washington, Berkshire Co., Mass.; married,

1 3 4

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