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ilntimate Recollections

Joseph Jefferson


Eugenie Paul Jefferson

Author of " The Right Motive Club,^*
" Class,'' ^ Bobby, ''^ etc.

Numerous Illustrations

New York
Dodd, Mead and Company



Published, October, 1909

To 7)11/ Grandson

You never heard that old story about " All full
inside," — did you, dear?

You do not know that it was your great-grand-
father Jefferson who said " God bless the little
church around the corner," — do you, dear?

But the world has heard the old stories twice
told; and they are not new, hut they will he won-
derfully new to you, dear; and it is for your sake
that I am saving these old memories.

You are only two years old, and have not yet
been told inuch about your great-grandfather.
When you are a wee bit older, you will learn that
he was beloved by a nation, and that he ivas worthy
of that love.

The world has its ' busy day ' sign out all the
time, dear, and it forgets . . . There was once
upon a time a man whom all the children and all
the dogs loved. One day he took a very, very
long nap, and when he woke up he found him-
self ragged and old. The children had all grown
up and the dogs were strange, and they barked at
him, and the old man was sad and he thought
within himself, "Are we so soon forgot when we

are gone:

But we will not forget, — will we, dear?

The author wishes sincerely to thank all of
those who have made it possible for her to give
these memories of Joseph Jefferson to his universal
friend — the public — and to perpetuate in this way
the kindly expressions of those who wrote of him
and those who knew him in other days. To the
generous friends who have contributed by letter,
anecdote, or by the copy of a paper no longer
obtainable, I desire to express my gratitude.

To Mrs. Grover Cleveland for permission to use
letters, also to Miss Helen Keller, Miss Caroline
Derby, Henry Watterson, Richard Watson Gil-
der, Edward Valentine, William Winter, C.
Edwin Booth Grossman, Charles I. Cragin,
American Art Association, Burr Mcintosh Com-
pany, Pach Bros., Falk, Sarony, Gilbert Studios,
Thomas E. Marr, Dana Estes Company, C. M.
Bell Studio, J. H. Corning, Foster & Reynolds,
The Players' Club, The New York Herald, The
Theatre Magazine, The Outlook Company, and



I Palm Beach .... . i., ,.: :.

: t.. I

II Buzzards Bay .... .

^ ..




Ill The Collector . . . > :.

: :.



. 39

IV The Painter . . ,.: ..; i.

: la

i i<

: ,.


V Louisiana . . . > t.i r.


1 I«

: ■•





VII Author and Orator . . r.



VIII The Actor .....


. 129

IX The Man

■ '

. 171

X Friends

. ■■

, 200

XI Charles Burke Jefferson


. 238

XII An Heritage ....


. 280

XIII Biography

• 1


. 301

XIV Faith and Reason ...


. 320

XV Laurel Wreaths .. . ... i



. 332


The artist at work in his studio . . " " 54

The Old Mill. By Joseph Jefferson . " " 58

House at Jefferst)n's Island, Louisiana " " 62

The Wave. By Joseph Jefferson . " " 66

The rose-covered cottage. Mr. and

Mrs. Jefferson, with three sons . " " 76

Joseph Jefferson's house at Hohokus, as

it was when he occupied it . . " " 80

Joseph Jefferson on porch at Crow's

Nest " " 86

Mr. Jefferson. From a photograph
taken about the year 1889, at the
time he was writing his autobiog-
raphy 92

Portrait of Kemble. George Henry
Harlow, 1787-18 19. Formerly in
the Jefferson collection ... * 98

The Collector " "102

Mr. Golightly in Lend Me Five Shil-
lings. The part in which Mr.
Jefferson last appeared . . . 108

Feeding the Baby. By Albert Neu-
huys. Formerly in the Jefferson
collection 112

The Horseman. Jean Baptiste Corot,
1 796- 1 874. Formerly in the Jef-
ferson collection 118

Bob Acres (Second Act) in Sheridan's

comedy, The Rivals .... ^22

The painter and his work .... I2D

Joseph Jefferson. After his return to

America ^34

Joseph Jefferson at the Adelphi Theatre,
London, in 1865. Mrs. Billing-
ton as Gretchen, Miss Buckston as
Meenie " "140

Caleb Plummer in The Cricket on the

Hearth " "144

Last appearance of Joseph Jefferson as
Rip Van Winkle, Paterson, New
Jersey, Saturday matinee, May 2,
1904 " "148


Last appearance of Joseph Jefferson,
Paterson, New Jersey, Saturday-
evening, May 2, 1904

Joseph Jefferson as Rip Van Winkle
(First Act)

"Fighting" Bob (Third Act). "Forty
yards — if you love me ! — No ? Well
then — 39?"

Portrait of Macready as Willianm Tell.
By Henry Inman, 1802-1846.
Formerly in the Jefferson collec-

Portrait of Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
By Thomas Gainsborough, R. A.,
1727-1788. Formerly in the Jef-
ferson collection

Mr. Sol Smith Russell, Mr. Jefferson
and grandsons

Under a burning sky. Fishing party on
Lake Worth

Bronze panel under mantel in reception-
room at Crovi^'s Nest .

Reception-room at Crow's Nest, show-
ing bronze panel under the mantel

Grover Cleveland, 1893 ....

Facsimile of letter written by Grover
Cleveland to Charles Jefferson

Helen Keller and Joseph Jefferson

View of Buttermilk Bay from the

Edwin Booth

Mr. Jefferson's grandson, Warren, in
the " Rip "hat

Charles Burke Jefferson ....

Joseph Jefferson in the early sixties '.

Joseph Jefferson at the Adelphi Theatre,
London, in 1865, in the original
Boucicault dramatisation of Rip
Van Winkle

Joseph Jefferson and his son, Charles
Burke Jefferson, Palm Beach,













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