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Dec. 1862, and Amanda Lane b. 18 Aug. 1870; Sarah b.

17 April 1832, who m. (i) Andrew Pierce of Barrington,
and (2) Daniel Emerson of Madbury and d.s.}). 21 Jan.
1903; Mary E. b. 1831 and d. 3 April 1842.

Elizabeth m. 12 Feb. 1815, Solomon Emerson of Madbury.

20. Eli Demeritt (Solomon"', Job'-, Eli\) married, 19 Jan.
1800, Deborah, daughter of Zechariah and Mary (Bean) Bunker
and lived in Durham.

Clara m. Stephen Da\-is and 1. in Worcester, Mass.

Ann b. 23 May 1803; m. 28 June 1831, Valentine Willev and
1. in NewmaVket. She d.'2 May 1885.

Timothy b. 7 May 1805; m. (i) 22 Aug. 1830, Deborah Emer-
son, (2) 24 July 1836, Clarissa Lee, who was b. 2 July 1802.
Ch., Ann b. 21 Aug. 1838, m. Samuel Smith and had daus.
Mary and Cora; the latter m. Clarence I. Smart; Laeti-
tia Amanda b. 11 June 1843, m. Charles Place and had
dau., Rosa A. Place, who m. George E. Fielding (?); Mel-
vina Ellen b. 5 Jan. 1845, m. Moses Langley and d. in
Haverhill, Mass., 1887, leaving dau., Georgie M. Langley.

Ebenezer b. 9 May 1808; m. 5 Sept. 1828, Sally Stokes, who
was b. 12 April 1808. He d. 7 Sept. 1838. Shed. 9 April
1879. Ch., Sarah Adeline b. 5 Sept. 1829, m. James H.
Peaslee and d. 15 Oct. 1885, having son. Charles Peaslee, b.


24 July i860, who m. Emma Sutcliffe of Lawrence, Mass.;
Martha Rosina b. 30 Aug. 1830, d. Sept. 1831; Deborah
Abigail b. 20 Feb. 1832, d. 7 Sept. 1834; Ebenezer Franklin
b. 22 Jan. 1834, ""!• Lottie A. Flood, 5 July 1869. He
served in the Civil War and lost a leg; had ch., Alice May,
b. 6 March 1870 and Abbie L. b. 28 Feb. 1873; Martha
Abigail b. 14 Jan. 1836, m. David O. Davis of Alton, i

March 1853; Augusta Evelyn b. 20 Aug. 1838, m.

Balch of Manchester and had ch., Walter A. Balch, b. 21
Jan. 1861, d. 5 March 1880, Fannie Augusta Balch b. 19
May 1867, and Alice E. Balch b. 14 Meiy 1876.

Richard b. lo April 1811 ; m. 18 June 1833, Deborah Follet,
who was b. 4 July 181 1 and d. in 1884. Ch., Richard
Henry b. and d. 1835; Louisa Jane b. 30 May 1837, m.
1861 Joseph Card in Florence, Italy, and 1. in Lynn, Mass.;
Mariana Frances b. 1840, d. 1841; Josephine b. and d.
1845; Mary Abby b. 3 June 1842, m. James Ashton and
d.s.p. in 1879; Charles Albert b. 24 Feb. 1847, unm. soldier
in the Civil War.

Lois unm.

Fifth Generation

21. Rev. William Demeritt (Nathaniel, Samuel\ Eli^, Eli^,
born 10 Sept. 1786, married, 25 Oct. 1812, Mary dau. of Dea.
Paul and Nancy (Smart) Chapman of Newmarket. He was
a minister of the Christian denomination, one of the principal
founders of Durham Academy and the Christian church in Dur-
ham, both of which have ceased to be. He was selectman in
1833-34. He died 29 Dec. 1841. His wife was born 2 April
1791 and died 10 April 1819. He married (2) 25 Oct. 1825,
Frances Wilson, daughter of the Rev. Nathaniel Wilson of Barn-
stead. She was born 31 May 1803 and died 3 May 1888.

Nathaniel b. 17 March 1814; d. unm.

Mary Ann b. 23 (3ct. 1815; m. 7 Jan. 1846, Daniel F. Sawyer

of Salisbury. She d. 10 Nov. 1863.
John Chapman b. 29 March 1818; d. 14 March 1896. Unm.

Children by second marriage:

William Wilson b. 9 March 1827; m. 26 May 1857, Mary
Elizabeth Barnes of Waverly, N. Y., b. Nov. 1838. He
d. 5 June 1877. She d. 25 Aug. 1871. Daughter,
Fanny Elizabeth b. 2 Dec. 1862, m. 18 Nov. 1901, Charles
Francis Chaffee of Waverly, N. Y.
25. David Albert, 13 July 1829; m. Diantha Eliza Burnett.

Francis Laetitia b. 8 May 1837; m. 20 Oct. 1864, John
Winslow Allard; d. 31 Dec. 1886. He d. 3 Jan. 1905.


Dau. Elizabeth Laetitia Allard, b. 26 Oct. 1871, teacher in
Orange, N. J.

26. George P. b. 15 Sept. 1841; m. Augusta A. Hersey, (2)

Frances E. Jasper.

22. Hon. Stephen DeMeritt (Israel*, SamueF, Eli'^ Eli^),
born 19 Dec. 1806, married, 11 May 1840, Nancy P., daughter of
Samuel and Nancy (Perkins) Chesley, who was born 31 Oct.
1810 and died 23 Aug. 1894. He died 27 Jan. 1867. [See
biographical sketch and portrait.]

Martha J. b. 31 Oct. 1841; m. Edwin Gage of Bradford,

Charles b. 5 April 1844; m. Mary L. Gooch of Exeter; d.

23 Aug. 1881 at Kansas City, Mo. Ch., Minnie b. 9 April

1868, Frank b. 6 Sept. 1876, William Arthur b. 4 April

1878, d. 4 July 1878, Albert Lawrence b. 2 May 1879.
Edwin b. 3 March 1846; Dartmouth, '69. Has a private

school in Boston. M. Frances A. Norton of Portsmouth.

Ch., Florence, George E. and Mabel.
Frank P. b. 5 Nov. 1847; d. 3 Nov. 1874 at French Guiana.

Unm. Dartmouth, '70.

27. Albert b. 26 Aug. 1851; m. Elizabeth P. Thompson.
Grace A. b. 27 Aug. 1855; m. John M. Dunlea. Ch., Nancy

and Dorothea.

23. Gen. Samuel Demeritt (Israel*, SamueF, Eli-, Eli'),
married Sarah, daughter of Lieut. Andrew and Mary (Jones)
Torr, and lived just over the line, in Lee. He was appointed
major general in the militia 25 June 1833.

Thomas Jefferson m. Avis Buzzell and rem. to Maine.

James Madison m. twice.

Sarah m. Hiram Plumer.

Emeline m. Job Thompson.

Mary m. John Randall.

Clara m. Samuel Dow.

Jane m.- Frank Hutchinson.

Fanny m. Israel Demeritt.

Joseph, Andrew and Caroline.

24. Ebenezer Thompson Demeritt (Jonathan*, Ebenezer^,
Eli-, Eli'), born 7 April 1792, married (i) 28 Oct. 1821, Hannah
Thompson Demeritt, who was born 5 Feb. 1787 and died 14
March 1830. He married (2) 26 Dec. 1831 Sophia Young of
Madbury, who was born 4 Feb. 1794 and died 8 Jan. 1870. He
died 24 Sept. 1863. Lived in Madbury.

Alexander b. 23 Oct. 1829; d. 28 Jan. 1830.



Ezra Edric b. 29 Aug. 1824; m. 30 May 1855, Louisa M.
Demeritt, dau. of Capt. Hopley and Abigail (Snell)
Demeritt. who was b. 16 Jan. 1826 and d. 17 April 1910.
He d. 26 June 1890. L. near the site of the old Tasker
garrison in Madbury. Ch., Major John DeMeritt b. 8
Aug. 1856 and Jennie Mabelle DeMeritt b. 2 June 1863.

Major John DeMeritt, who is doubly descended from the
emigrant, Eli Demeritt, as one may see in lines of ancestry above
given, lives in Madbury on a farm, part of which has been ances-
tral for six generations. He was educated at Coe's Academy^

Major John DeMerritt

Northwood, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., and New London
Literary and Scientific Institution. Beginning as station agent
at Madbury he was soon advanced in the service of the Boston
& Maine Railroad to city passenger and ticket agent at Boston,
Mass. He resigned in 1896 after eighteen years of continuous
service with this company.

In 1887 he represented Madbury in the legislature, serving on
the committee of finance. In 1897 and 1901 he was sergeant-at-
arms of the State senate. He has been justice of the peace since
1887 and postmaster at Madbury, 1883-87 and 1890-98.


At the outbreak of the Spanish-American War he was appointed
major and paymaster of volunteers in United States Army, being
the third person of his name who has held the officeof major, as
shown in notes above and in the chapter on Military History.
He was on duty in Washington, San Francisco, and from August
1898 to February 1899 in Manila, Philippine Islands. Fever
obliged him to return to the states and he was mustered out, with
other officers, in May 1899, since which time he has made his
home on the ancestral estate in Madbury. He has an interest-
ing and extensive collection of military weapons, gathered as

Sixth Generation

25. David Albert Demeritt (Rev. William^, Nathaniel*,
SamueF, Eli-, Eli'), born 13 July 1829, lived in Sacramento,
Cal., and was captain of a company of Massachusetts Cavalry
raised in that city, during the Civil War. He married 12 Sept.
1861, Diantha Eliza Burnett, who was born Oct. 1840 and died
8 Oct. 1904. He died 23 Sept. 1894.

Emma Frances b. 25 Sept. 1865.
Harriet Laetitia b. 18 March 1867.
Charles Glasgow b. 9 May 1869.
Jennie Sophia b. 23 May 1872.
Watson Burnett b. 13 Dec. 1874.

26. George Page Demeritt (Rev. William^ Nathaniel*,
SamueF, Eli-, Eli'), born 15 Sept. 1841, was lieutenant in the
eleventh Regiment of New Hampshire Volunteers, during the
Civil War. He has been county commissioner, tax collector in
Dover seven years, overseer of the poor three years, and member
of the city government two years. He married (i) Augusta A.
Hersey, who died in 1872, (2) 31 Dec. 1872, Frances E. Jasper,
born 25 April 1850. See portrait, page 161 of Vol. I.

Eugene Ayer b. 9 April 1875; m. 15 Oct. 1906, Mabel Legg
of Dover, and res. in Cambridge, Mass.

Edith Augusta b. 9 Jan. 1878; m. 6 Aug. 1903, Albert
Frederic Conradi of New Bremen, Ohio. Ch., Karl Page
b. 14 Feb. 1907, Ralph Demeritt b. 2 March 1909, d. 10
Aug. 1909, Ruth C. b. 19 March 191 1. Mr. Conradi is
professor of entomology and zoologv in Clemson College,
S. C.

27. Albert DeMeritt (Stephen^ Israel^ SamueF, Eli-, Eli'),
born 26 Aug. 1851, married Elizabeth Pickering Thompson,


daughter of Dea. John E. and Mary J. (Pickering) Thompson,
and Hved on the paternal homestead. He died 22 Aug. 1913.
[See biographical sketch and portrait, pages 324-5 of Vol. I.]

Katharine b. 21 March 1887. Graduate of N. H. College.

Now head of the French department in Chicago Latin

School. Studied French one year in Paris.
Margaret b. 18 Feb. 1889. Graduate of N. H. College.

B.S. 191 1, M.S. 1912. Now studying for her Ph.D. in

Washington University, Mo.
Stephen b. 29 Sept. 1891. Graduate of the electrical

engineering department of N. H. College.


Salathiel Denbow, according to a deposition made in 1680,
was born in 1642. He was rated at Oyster River in 1666 and
1675. He signed the petition of 1669. He owned land on the
road from the Falls to Newmarket, near the Long Marsh. The
name is written sometimes Denbow or Denbo, and sometimes
Denmor, Denmore and Denmoor. The surname Denbow was
not rare in southern England at that time. Some of his descend-
ants write the name Dinsmore, or Dinsmoor. He married a
daughter of William Roberts and died before 17 May 17 14.
Children, so far as known, were:

2. Salathiel m. Graves, (2) Rachel Peavey.

3. Richard m. 1705, Mary Bunker.

4. Peter.

2. Salathiel Denmore, son of Salathiel Denmore deceased,
sold, 17 May 1714, to his loving brother, Richard Denmoor, all
right to "place which was my fathers, whereon my father-in-law
William Graves did also live." [N. H. Prov. Deeds, XXVU,
543.] He served as a soldier in the French and Indian War and
had his skull fractured. [See page 108 of Vol. L] He married
(i) a daughter of William Graves, (2) 19 Dec. 1720, Rachel
Peavey, of Newington. The town records say that Salathiel
Denbo was "let out" to Samuel Wille, in 1751, for £74.

It was, perhaps, his son, Salathiel Denbow, who with Mary
Sawyer, alias Denbo, his wife, sold to Ebenezer Smith, 21 July
1 741, one fifth part of lands in Newmarket and Durham that
belonged to "our father, Cornelius Drisco, late of Newmarket,
deceased," and the same Salathiel Denbow, or Denmore, may


have married (2) in Newington, 10 Sept. 1740, Mary Hill, both
of Durham.

3. Richard Denbow (Salathiel) married, 1705, Mary Bunker.
Both were living in 1754. He had a grant of land, near his
father's place in 1713. He sold land to son, Ichabod, in 1757
and to son, Clement, in 1754. Family, partly by conjecture.
A note in the Quaker records says that Richard Denbow "appears
to have come into membership at his marriage. None of their
children were considered as members. He was supported by

"Relief Bunker, dau. of Mary Denmore, Quaker," bapt.
II. April 1725 by the Rev. Hugh Adams.

Nathaniel (?) pub. to Mary Smith in York, 22 Nov. 1729.
He was then of Durham and afterward 1. in Durham.

Clement had wife, Margaret, in 1764.

Ichabod 1. in Lee with wife, Mary, in 1768. He d. in Dur-
ham 20 July 1806, aged 86 yrs. ii mos. Ch., Ichabod,
Jr., and Mary who m. Robert VVilley. Ichabod Denbo,
Jr., d. 6 Feb. 1824, aged 69. Sarah Denbo d. 22 May
1818, aged 70.

Abigail (?) m. John Willey, 3d, 27 Feb. 1728/9.

Cornelius (?) 1. in Lee, 1760.

4. Peter Denbow (Salathiel) was a captive among the Indians,
17 Jan. 1698/9. He sold land to his brother, Richard Denmor,
in 1715, and more land to Moses Edgerly in 1737. He was "let
out" to James Drisco, in 175 1, for £27 for one year. No hints
of any family. He was baptized 2"] Oct. 1723.

Capt. Elijah Denmore of Lee is mentioned in 1765 and 1775.
Elijah Dinsmoor was a Revolutionary pensioner in Conway in
1840 aged 77.

Daniel T. Sargent and Deborah Denbo were published in
Durham 15 Oct. 1803.


John Derry signed a petition in 1689. He had a grant of
thirty acres in 1693, joining to his own land, in what is now
Madbury. In 1694 there were granted to John Derry and Wil-
liam Tasker twenty acres of marsh cleared by them, joining to
Bellemies Bank River. In the massacre of 1694 most of his
children were killed; his house was burned, and he and wife
and son, Joseph, were carried into captivity by the Indians,


where he and son, Joseph, died. His widow, Deliverance,
married Nathaniel Pitman.

James Derry was rated in 1681. He had a grant, 19 March
1793/4, of 'ill his improved land on the west side of Beech Hill,
between Oyster River and Newtown. Perhaps he and wife
also perished in the massacre of 1694.

April 19, 1722, William Pitman and Joanna his wife sold to
John Munsey all right in the estate of James Derry.

July 12, 1735, John Pinder and Elizabeth, his \\i(e, sold to
John Jenkins, Jr., all right in the estate of James Derry.

In 1719 Samuel Perkins and John Munsey are called survivors
and owners of land granted to James Derry.


Nicholas Doe witnessed the will of Thomas Walford of Ports-
mouth, 15 Nov. 1666. He was received as an inhabitant of Dover,
21 July 1668. He owned land on Goddard's Creek. He made a
deposition, 7 June 1682, aged about 50 years. He bought land
and house of Thomas Mounsell, 14 Feb. 1667-8. He was grand
juryman in 1679, constable in 1682. Administration on his
estate was granted to John Doe, 6 June 1691. His wife's name
was Martha.

2. John b. 25 Aug. 1669; m. Elizabeth

3. Sampson b. i April 1670; m. (i) Temperance , (2)

Mrs. Mary Ayers.
Elizabeth b. 7 Feb. 1673.
Mary named in settlement of estate, 1706.
Nicholas d. s. p. 1706.

2. John Doe (Nicholas), born 25 Aug. 1669, lived near the
Moat in Durham. He was baptized 15 Nov. 17 19 and admitted
to church 21 Jan. 1721/2. His wife, Elizabeth, was admitted
to church 11 Feb. 172 1/2. He had a grant of forty acres, 11
April 1694, between Goddard's fence and John Crommett's. His
estate was divided 24 April 1742. The following children were
baptized by the Rev. Hugh Adams, 29 Nov. 17 19:

Daniel m. 27 Aug. 1724, Margaret Dockum in Greenland,
who was bapt. 30 Oct. 1726 and had three ch. bapt. by
Rev. Hugh Adams, Josiah bapt. 15 July 1725, who m.
Hannah Willey (Dec. 14, 1753, Josiah Doe of Durham
and wife, Hannah, sold all right in estate of Samuel


WiUey, Jr.), James bapt. 5 Feb. 1728, and John bapt. 8
June 1729.

John m. Susan Wormwood. Ch., David bapt. 2 Sept.
1750, Jonathan bapt. 19 Feb. 1756, and John born. 13
Aug. 1764; perhaps others. David and Jonathan were
Revolutionary soldiers from New Durham.

Joseph m. (i) Martha Wormwood, perhaps (2) Margaret
Davis, 9 June 1760. He built a garrison house in Lee,
near Union meeting house, on land he bought of John
Bickford 23 June 1737. Ch., Elizabeth who m. Elijah
Fox, and prob. others, among whom may have been
Joseph, who had wife, Ruth, and lived near Rockingham
Junction. He d. 7 Nov. 181 1, aged 80. His wife, Ruth,
d. 29 Oct. 1812, aged 68.

4. Benjamin m. Hannah Follett.
Mary m. John Mason.
Elizabeth m. Joshua Woodman.

Martha b. 13 June 1716; m. 18 Dec. 1740, Edward Wood-
man; d. 7 Dec. 1761.

3. Sampson Doe (Nicholas), born i April 1670, married (i)

Temperance , (2) 4 Oct. 1716, Mary, widow of William

Ayers of Portsmouth and daughter of Robert Hopley. He was
baptized 21 March 1717/8, and wife, Mary, 19 March 1717/8.

She married after his decease Stevens of Portsmouth.

The will of Sampson Doe, 4 April 1748-29 May 1751, and her
will, 1765, indicate the following children:

Temperance bapt. 8 Dec. 1718. then 9 yrs. old. Not named
in will.

5. Nicholas bapt. 7 June 1719; m. Elizabeth -.

Martha bapt. 21 Nov. 17 19; m. Frost.

Nathaniel bapt. 19 March 1717 8; m. abt. 1750, Sarah,

dau. of David Watson.

6. Samuel bapt. 21 March 1717/8; m. Abigail, dau. of Andrew

and Abigail (Follett) Wiggin.

John bapt. 15 Nov. 1719. Not named in will.

Elizabeth bapt. 22 Jan. 1722/3; m. James Stoodley.

Zebulon bapt. 15 July 1725; m. Deborah Wiggin, perhaps

(2) Rebecca . He had son, Zebulon, to whom he

deeded land in 1770, and perhaps sons, Wiggin Doe who
m. 4 March 1782 Mary Churchill, and Capt. Andrew Doe
who m. 15 Jan. 1786 Polly Follett, (2) Mary Ann Tuttle
and d. 13 Oct. 1857.

Sarah bapt. 6 Dec. 1727; m. Samuel Frost after 1748.
Widow in 1765.

Mary m. (i) Wiggin, (2) Jonathan Smart.


4. Benjamin Doe (John-, Nicholas ^) married Hannah
Follett, daughter of Benjamin and Deborah. They had children:

Benjamin bapt. 9 Sept. 1750. His will, 1798, gave to

brother, Ebenezer, and sister, Hannah, wife of Parson

7. Ebenezer b. 14 Dec. 1758; m. (i) Hannah Chesley, (2)

Susanna Joy.
Hannah b. 14 April 1761; m. 2 Nov. 1780, Parson Whidden

of Lee. Rem. to Canterbury.
Joshua d. at age of 24, in service on ship Paul Jones.
Deborah d. at age of 24.

5. Children of Nicholas and Elizabeth Doe:

Nathaniel m. in Maiden, Mass., 27 Sept. 1757, Mary
Wright. L. in Newfield, Me. Ch., Simeon b. in Maiden
31 Aug. 1758, who m. in Rochester, 23 March 1786, Mary
Weymouth and s. in Fairfield, Me. ; Nathaniel who m.
in Rochester, 23 March 1786, Sarah Weymouth and s. in
Waterville, Me.; Henry who s. in Augusta, Me.; John W.,
who s. in Tamworth and had seven sons, among whom was
Dearborn Doe of Parsonsfield, Me.

Joseph m. Martha, dau. of Walter Weeks; d. 1817. L. near
Rockingham Junction. Ch., Walter who d. in Albany,
N. Y.; Joseph b. 15 Nov. 1776, who m. Mary, dau. of
Ebenezer Ricker, and s. in Rollinsford, being father of
Judge Charles Doe, LL.D.; and Bartlett, who lived in
Saratoga, N. Y.

Gideon b. 1740; m. 1765, Elizabeth Conner, (2) 1798,
Eunice Hill, (3) Sarah Oilman. He d. 8 April 1820.
II ch. [Hist, of Parsonsfield, Me.]

John b. 9 Sept. 1749; m. 27 Dec. 1773, Elizabeth Ames; d.
2 Feb. 1819. 8 ch. [See Hist, of Parsonsfield, Me.]

6. Samuel Doe (Sampson-, Nicholas^) married Abigail,
daughter of Andrew and Abigail (Follett) Wiggin. She is men-
tioned in the division of her father's estate in 1757. He lived on
the "Neck Farm," .on Great Bay, in what is now Newmarket,
which he sold in 1754 to Stephen Boardman. He was at the
siege of Louisburg. His will, 6 Jan. 1767-6 Feb. 1767, names
wife, Abigail, and children as follows:

Bradstreet executor, soldier at Crown Point in 1758.
Samuel m. 25 April 1763, Elizabeth Pickering, dau. of

Joshua of Portsmouth.
Jonathan. He d. 30 Jan. 1814, aged 74. [See Hist, of

Sanbornton, N. H.]
Zebulon, Lemuel, John, and Abigail.


7. Ebenezer Doe (Benjamin^, John-, Nicholas^), born 14
Dec. 1758, died in Durham 23 Oct. 1839. He married (i) 27
April 1788, Hannah, daughter of Major Joseph and Susan
(Hodgdon) Chesley, born 28 Dec. 1766. She died 20 Dec. 1808.
He married (2) 18 Jan. 1810, Susanna, daughter of Dea. Samuel
and Hannah (Meader) Joy. He lived at the Moat farm. Chil-
dren recorded in Durham:

Joshua b. 4 Feb. 1789; m. 27 May 1819, Nancy Torr; d.
18 March 1850. She d. 19 Sept. 1880. Ch., Ebenezer F,,
who m. Lucy Folsom and had ch., Frank E., Anna, Mary
F. and Edward, Charles, Horace, and Louise Allen.

Ebenezer b. 28 April 1790; d. 28 May 1790.

Benjamin b. 18 June 1791; m. Nancy M. Moore; d. 15
Nov. 1884. She was b. 1802 and d. 2 Aug. 1887. Ch.,
Philena and Olinthus N., both of whom d. s. p.

Joseph b. 5 Jan. 1796; d. s. p.

Hannah b. 3 April 1803; d. 2 Sept. 1803.

Hannah b. 14 Nov. 1810; m. Issachar Wiggin, (2) Moses

Francis Doe was of another branch of the Doe family. He
married, (i) 24 Dec. 1796, Deborah Smith, (2) Molly Ellison.
By first marriage there was one son, Alfred, who m. Martha Ellison
and had children, Mary Francis, who m. (i) David Marston,
(2) James Stevens, Abbie Jane who m. (i) John Tufts, (2) Melvin
Philbrick, Caroline E., who m. (i) Roscoe Smith, (2) Samuel W.
Durgin, sons, John, George W., and Charles A., all of Haverhill,
Mass., and /. Frank of Manchester, N. H. By second marriage
Francis Doe had Deborah who m. Benjamin Gear, Sally G. who
m. 7 Nov. 1838, John Williams of Barrington, Nancy, Samuel
who m. 21 March 1822, Nancy Ellison, and Elizabeth who m. 21
Oct. 1817, Joseph Ellison of Barrington.


(Compiled mainly by N. W. Davis, Winchester, Mass.)

The Drews of England, Eng., claim descent from Drogo, son
of Malger le Pons, who was uncle of William the Conqueror.
Their coat of arms is thus described, "Ermine, a lion passant
gules," and is one of the most ancient. William Drew, born
without doubt in De\onshire, 1627, was rated at Oyster River
in 1648. He lived on the south side of the river, at Drew's Point,
where on a hilltop may be seen the cellar of the garrison house


built by him or by his son, Francis. On the lo Aug. 1653, there
were granted to WilHam Drew sixty acres of upland, on the
north side of Bransons Creek, joining to his marsh. This was
laid out to his son, Francis, in 1669. The birth dates of William
Drew, of his wife, Elizabeth, and of his brother, Thomas, are
learned from depositions.

William Drew died in April 1669. His widow Elizabeth, born
1628, daughter of Francis and Thomasine (Channon) Matthews
married, 20 July 1671, William Follett. The inventory of Drew's
estate shows a house, one cannon, two fishing boats and fishing
tackle. His brother, Thomas Drew, born 1632, received the
farm at Drew's Point in 1680 from William Follett and wife,
Elizabeth, and he was killed by Indians, 18 July 1694. His
widow, Mary, who married Richard Elliot of Portsmouth,
quitclaimed the estate in favor of John, son of William Drew,
who conveyed it to Stephen Jenkins in 1712, and he deeded it
to James Langley in 1714.

James Drew married Mary, daughter of John Jones of Ports-
mouth, and died intestate in 1674. He left children, of whom
were James and Nathaniel, who sold land in 1690. Another son
was perhaps John Drew, carpenter, of Portsmouth, who about
1720 had worked for the Rev. Hugh Adams and brought suit
against him for payment of a debt of £12, the price of work done
by said John Drew and his son, John. [See Court Files at Con-

The estate of Samuel Drew of Portsmouth was administered
in 1669. Another Samuel Drew was surety for Elizabeth, widow
of William Follett, in 1690.

Thomas Footman died in 1667. His wife was Catherine
Matthews. He desired "my brother Bengemin Mathews and
William ffollett to assist my wife." She married (2) as second
wife, William Durgin.

William Durgin (William^) in a deposition made 22 Feb. 1734/5,
aged about 63, says that 44 or 45 years ago he lived with "his
Uncle William follitt" and raked hay on a certain marsh. [Court
Files, No. 23424.]

William Follett married Elizabeth, widow of William Drew.
In 1682 he petitioned the Council in behalf of his daughter-in-
law (step-daughter), Hannah, widow of Godfrey Brooking.
She must have been daughter of Elizabeth Drew, since William


Follett had no children. [N. H. Probate Records, as published,
Vol. I, p. 258.]

Oct. 16, 1684, Thomasine Mathews, widow of Francis, out
of love and affection to Will Brooking, ye son of Godfrie Brook-
ing, deceased, her w^ell beloved grandchild, conveyed to him
marshland on Johnson's Creek. [Landmarks in Ancient Dover.

It follows that Elizabeth, daughter of Francis and Thomasine
(Channon) Matthews, married (i) William Drew, (2) William
Follett. By first marriage she had a daughter, Hannah, who
married Godfrey Brooking. [See Follett.] Thus William Follett
was uncle by marriage to William Durgin, son of William.

William Drew's children were:

2. Francis b. 1648; m. Lydia Bickford.

3. John b. 1651; m. Sarah Field, (2) Rebecca Cook.

4. Thomas m. Mary Bunker.

Elizabeth m. Thomas Phillips* of Ipswich.
Hannah m. (i) Godfrey Brooking, (2) Nicholas Follett,
(3) Abraham Heseltine.

2. Francis Drew (William), born 1648, married, about 1672,
Lydia Bickford, as a court record states. She was, doubtless,
daughter of John and Temperance. At the massacre of 1694

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