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Whether a Cardinal's hat should be asked for him by the
United States Government was a question which Mr and
Mrs Bellamy Storer decided in the affirmative; and the re-
moval of the Minister and his wife from Vienna resulted
from negotiations which President Roosevelt had, in the
opinion of the Storers, approved, but which he himself
repudiated. The Archbishop has from time to time
lamented the lack of initiative in the Catholic laity in
Europe; and his early training in France has given him a
special insight into such controversies as arose when French
formalism made its attack on the new phases of what was
dubbed " Americanism " in apparent ignorance of the ex-
istence of an idealistic school of Catholic thought in all ages
and among all peoples.

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 211

Irons, GENEVIEVE daughter of Prebendary Irons, for
thirty years Rector of the Anglican Church that adjoins the
London Oratory. He was the attached friend of the Rev.
F. D. Maurice, and twice entered the lists of controversy
with Newman, the founder of the neighbouring rival. It was
an affair of only a few yards outwardly when members of
his congregation began to enter the other door taking
with them a lasting regard for Mr Irons himself even the
women whom he had once quite incontinently accused of
being, as a sex, greedy at table! As he himself was the son
of a Nonconformist minister, his daughter's forward step to
Rome may be said to have but continued legitimately to
the end the pilgrimage he had begun. Miss Genevieve Irons,
whose contributions were formerly made welcome by
Anglican editors and publishers, has, as a Catholic, pub-
lished a httle volume of short stories for children, Only a

Doll. Y 4to. _ ^(.CL^J^^ It','/) (</ ~ti *^- ' ^-^ (HJwfc. f fo*> /fa y

Irwin, COLONEL RICHARTD, J.P., late Commanding 5tn Batt.
Connaught Rangers born 1832, eldest son of Richard
Irwin, of Rathmoyle, Co. Roscommon; High Sheriff of Co.
Roscommon 1864; married (1866) CECILIA, daughter of
Philip O'REILLY, D.L., of Coolamber.

Irwin, ARTHUR JoHN,B.A.,Deputy-Directorof Royal Survey
of Siam born i868,eldest son of Colonel Richard Irwin, J. P.,
of Rathmoyle, Co. Roscommon; married (1896) JOSEPHINE,
daughter of Hugh Gerald BYRNE.

Jackman, REV. ARTHUR, D.D. born at Shoreham 1878;
educated at Wonersh and Rome; ordained 1902; Assistant-
Secretary in Southwark to Bishop Bourne who, when he
came as Archbishop to Westminster, brought Dr Jackman
to Archbishop's House as Private Secretary a capacity in
which he has won universal good will, though anything but
the wily functionary of the sort which we encounter in the
pages of the modern romance. The lucky possessor of that
" simplicity of intellect" (to use Rossetti's praising phrase)
which comes from a supreme singleness of purpose, and
possessed by a native loyalty too self-evident to need asser-
tive phrases, Dr Jackman has qualities as a Secretary
which would be understated by the word tact a word of
sophistication which must have shared with " edification '
the suspicion of that master of the open and the unschem-
ing Father Faber.

Jackson, Miss FRANCES Author of From Hearth to Clois-
ter in the Reign of Charles II, " a narrative of Sir John and
Lady Warner's so-much-wondered-at resolutions to leave
the Anglican Church and to enter the Religious Life."


Jackson, CAPTAIN SIR HENRY MOORE, K.C.M.G., born 1849,
son of Bishop Jackson, of Antigua; after an English public-
school education he joined the Royal Artillery, retiring
as Captain 1885; Private Secretary to Sir H. Irving during
his Governorship of Trinidad 1874-76, and to Governor Sir
John Glover in Newfoundland during the three succeeding
years; Commissioner of Turks Islands 1885-90; Colonial
Secretary for the Bahamas 1890-94, and of Gibraltar 1894-
1901; Governor of Leeward Islands 1901-02, and of Fiji
1902-04; Governor of Trinidad and Tobago from 1904. Sir
Henry, who is a convert to the Church, married (1881)
EMILY, daughter of Sir Edward D'Alton SHEA, President
of the Newfoundland Legislative Council. He was knighted
in 1899.

Jaffna (Ceylon), BISHOP OF (Right Rev. HENRY JOULAIN,
O.M.I.) consecrated 1893. In 1834 Gregory XVI erected
Ceylon into an independent Vicariate; and eleven years later
Propaganda divided the Island into two Vicariates, Colombo
in the South and Jaffna in the North. In 1857 the Vicariate
of Jaffna (since a See) was assigned to the Oblates of Mary
Immaculate, by whom it has since been administered.

Jaime of Bourbon, DON, Prince of the Asturias, Major in
the Grodno Hussars of the Russian Army born 1870,
eldest son of Don Carlos, Duke of Madrid, who married
the Princess Margaret of Bourbon-Parma, and has main-
tained, even to the point of the sword, his claim to the
throne of Spain. Don Jaime was educated by the English
Jesuits at Beaumont College; and served with distinction
with the International Force in the Chinese campaign of
1900; also with his regiment during the Russo-Japanese
War. He was the bearer, in March, 1904, of a letter
from Pius X to the Tsar. Don Jaime's father had among
Catholics in England at least one adherent willing to
make large sacrifices for his cause, and his son's training in
this country may well have raised expectations of further
sympathy here expectations doomed to final extinction
when a popular English Princess became Queen of Spain.

LINS, S.J.) born in Kentucky 1857 of Irish extraction;
entered the Jesuit novitiate in America 1876; member of
the Mission Band, American Province S.J., 1902; President
of St John's College, Fordham, 1904-07; consecrated Titular
Bishop of Antipolis and V.A. of Jamaica in succession to
Bishop Gordon 1907.

James, MAJOR JOHN EDGCUMBE, R.F.A. born in London
1870, son of Henry James; educated at Marlborough; re-
ceived into the Church 1895; Captain 1900, and Major

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 213

1906; served in the last South African War; married (1892)
ESTHER MARIE, daughter of J. J. MEAGHER, of Castries, St

Jarrett, COLONEL HENRY SULLIVAN, C.I.E. born 1839;
second son of Thomas Jarrett, of Speldhurst, Kent; edu-
cated at Prior Park; gazetted Ensign Bengal Army 1856;
served during Indian Mutiny (present at the outbreak at
Mool tan 1858) and on the N.W. Indian Frontier 1860-63,
Assistant Secretary of the Legislative Department Govern-
ment of India 1875-94; went on unemployed Supernu-
merary List 1896; married (1874) AGNES, daughter of
Francis BEAUFORT, Bengal Civil Service. Author of History
of the Caliphs The Institutes of the Emperor Akbar and
an elegant translation of Heine's Songs into English Verse.

Jarvis, REV. STEPHEN EYRE, O.C., Superior of the Fathers
of Charity at St Etheldreda's, Ely Place, Holborn, of which
ancient and beautiful church, restored to Catholic worship
by Father Lockhart, he has written a brief history. Once on
a time, when Edward VII, then Prince of Wales, was driv-
ing at Wadhurst with Madame de Murrieta, a building
came into view, and was pointed out as the Novitiate of
the Fathers of Charity. " But are they charitable ? " asked
the King, who might get an answer even more decisive
than the lady's if we were to visit this London house of the
Institute, and see the people whom they daily serve and
succour. The old request of Father Lockhart to Cardinal
Manning was to be given a district that offered the hardest
work among the poorest people; and that programme is
still the one which recommends itself to Father Jarvis and
his fellows.

Jenner, MRS daughter of the late Dr Frederick LEE (for-
merly Anglican Vicar of All Saints', Lambeth, a friend of
Ambrose de Lisle, and a promoter of the Reunion of
Christendom); married Mr Herbert Jenner, of the British
Museum, a wearer of "The Wliite Rose," and the son of the
Anglican Bishop of the name. Mrs Jenner, who published
several excellent stories in former years, has lately pro-
duced an exhaustive volume on Christ in Art.

Jerningham, SIR HUBERT E. H., K.C.M.G., J.P. and D.L.

for Northumberland born 1842, elder son of Charles W. E.
Jerningham, Barrister-at-Law, of Painswick, Gloucester,
and Emma, daughter of Evan Wynn Roberts, of Grove
House, Roehampton; educated at the University of Paris;
entered Diplomatic Service 1866, and retired 1879, having
spent most of his official life in Paris; M.P. (Liberal) for
Berwick-on-Tweed 1881-85; Colonial Secretary of Hon-
duras 1887-89, and of Mauritius 1889-92; knighted 1893 ;


Governor of Mauritius 1893-97, and of Trinidad 1897-1900;
married (1874) ANNIE, daughter of Edward LIDDELL, of
Benton Park, Northumberland. Sir Hubert, one of the too
few remaining bearers of an ancient name, to which he
has added new honours, is the author of Life in a French
Chateau Reminiscences of an Attache (a work concerning
such various characters as Montalembert, Lacordaire,
Victor Hugo and the younger Dumas) To and From Con-
stantinople Diane de Breteuille Monsieur Paulot His-
tory of Norham Castle From West to East: Notes by the

Jerningham, CHARLES EDWARD WYNNE born 1854, son of
Charles William Edward Jerningham, of Painswick, and
younger brother of Sir Hubert Jerningham; educated at
Beaumont, and at Stonyhurst, where he was for some
time Senior Philosopher; collector of old English glass;
known to readers as "Marmaduke" of Truth; has composed
waltzes and songs, and, on a more serious path, established
with Sir Reginald Beauchamp the/ Self-Help Emigration

Jerningham, STAFFORD HENRY WILLIAM, J.P. for Norfolk
heir-presumptive to the Baronetcy of Jerningham held by
Lord Stafford born 1867, son of Adolphus F. J. Jerning-
ham, and Matilda, daughter of William Felix Riley, of
Forest Hill, Windsor; educated at St Edmund's, Ware;
was five years Lieut, in Royal Engineer (Sub-Marine
Miners) Militia; is Private Secretary to his cousin Lord
Stafford; married first (1896) ANNETTE, widow of A. R.
FELLOWES, and daughter of William HINDS, of Kings W 7 al-
den; and secondly (1902) CORALIE, daughter of Francis
Benjamin CAREW, of Beddington Park, Surrey.

Jerrard, CAPTAIN AUGUSTUS, late 4th Dragoon Guards
born 1873; educated at Stonyhurst; entered 4th Dragoon
Guards 1894; Captain 1902; served in the Tirah Expedition
on N.W. Frontier of India 1897-98; also with the West
African Regiment, and during last South African War;
Captain 3rd Somerset L.I. 1903.

Jette, SIR Louis, K.C.M.G., LL.D. (Laval), Lieut.-Governor
of Quebec born at L'Assumption, Province of Quebec,
1836; son of Amable Jette and Caroline Gauffreau; prac-
tised law and journalism 1857-72; returned to Quebec
Parliament for Montreal (East) 1872 and 1874; became
Puisne Judge of Quebec 1878, and Professor of Civil Law
at Laval University in the same year; Lieut.-Governor of
the Province 1898; knighted 1901; Member of the Alaska
Boundary Commission 1903; is a Commander of the Legion

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 215

of Honour of France; married (1862) BERTHE, daughter of
Toussaint LAFLAMME.

Johnson, DR ALICE, F.R.C.S., D.P.H. Cantab. -.-member of
the committee of the Catholic Women s League, formed

Johnston, SINCLAIR while Scholar of Trinity College,
Oxford, received at the same time the double compliment
of being elected (1907) Secretary of the Newman Society
and Secretary of the Union.

Johnston, RIGHT REV. MGR SAMUEL, D.D. born in Lon-
don; educated at Sedgley Park, and St Edmund's College,
Ware, also in Paris, and at the Hammersmith Seminary;
ordained 1876; served a short period at Southampton, and
then, henceforth, at Brighton, where he is Rector of St
John's; V.G. of Southwark under Bishop Bourne, and
member of Southwark Chapter; Dom. Prel. to Pius X 1904.

Joliette (Canada), BISHOP OF (Right Rev. JOSEPH AR-
CHAMBEAULT) consecrated 1904.

Jolley, GWILT an artist of the Newlyn School, who has
also painted in Italy and Cornwall landscapes, interiors and
subject pictures which include Consolatrix Afflictonim,
shown at the Royal Academy in 1891 (the year following
his reception into the Church) and Quasi Aurora Consurgens
(a subject inspired by a passage in the Book of Canticles)
which he gave in 1892 to the Church of the Immaculate
Conception at Penzance.

Jones, ARTHUR BARCLAY Choir-master of the London
Oratory; Professor at Guildhall School of Music; received
into the Church 1889.

Jones, JOHN JOSEPH CASIMIR, C.V.O., C.B. born 1839,
son of James Jones, of Mallow, Co. Cork; Chief Commis-
mioner of Dublin Metropolitan Police 1883-1900; created
C.B. 1899; married (1873) THERESA, daughter of Robert
MACMAHON, of Limerick.

Jordan, JEREMIAH, Irisft* M.P., J.P., \Jrban and District
Councillor and Poor La\V Guardian -born at Tattinbar,
son of Samuel Jordan, farmer; educated at the Mulni-
burtlin National School arid at the Royal School, Ennis-
killen; successively represented West Clare and South
Meath as a Nationalist, and kas sat for Sputh Fermanagh
since 1895; a supporter of the T>emperance\Movement; four
times elected Chairman of the\Town Commissioners of

Joyce, MICHAEL, M.P. Mayor of Limerick, and a pilot by


profession; Alderman of Limerick 1898; has sat for Limer-
ick City as a Nationalist since 1900.

Joyce, PIEPCE JOHN, J.P. for Co. Galway born 1844,
eldest son of Pierce Joyce, of Mervue, Co. Galway; was
High Sheriff of Co. Galway for 1867; married (1875)
SELINA, daughter of Charles George MAHON, of Mount
Pleasant, Co. Mayo.

Joyce, DR P. W., M.A., LL.D., Member of the Royal Irish
Academy, President of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of
Ireland born at Limerick 1827; entered the Civil Service;
one of the Commissioners for the Publication of the Laws
of Ancient Ireland, and author of A Social History of
Ancient Ireland A Collection of Ancient Irish Music The
Origin of Irish Place-Names, and other works, including a
number of translations from the Gaelic.

Jump, JAMES (of Blake Hall, Ongar, Essex) only son of
Henry Jump, K.S.G., J.P., of Woodlands, Gateacre; mar-
ried (1880) ANNIE, second daughter of Francis W. REY-
NOLDS, of Hillside House, Woolton, and is a "founder" of
Westminster Cathedral.

GNANI, O.S.B.) consecrated 1879; translated to Kandy

Kane, VICE-ADMIRAL HENRY COEY, R.N., C.B. born 1843,
son of Sir Robert Kane, F.R.S., President of Queen's Col-
lege, Cork, by his wife, Katharine, daughter of Henry
Baily, of Newbury, Berks; Sub-Lieut. R.N. 1863; com-
mander of the Northumberland in Egyptian waters 1882;
Naval Attache to the Maritime Courts 1883-87; com-
manded the Calliope in the harbour of Apia, Samoa, during
the hurricane of March, 1889. On this occasion Captain
Kane saved his vessel by steaming to the open sea, the
German and American ships-of-war which remained at
their anchorage in the harbour being wrecked; C.B. 1891;
Director of Naval Ordnance 1894-97, becoming Rear-
Admiral 1899, and Vice-Admiral on the retired list 1903.

Kane, CAPTAIN JOHN ALOYSIUS, Devonshire Regiment
born 1880, son of late John Francis Kane, of 84 Elm Park
Gardens, formerly of Saunderscourt, Co. Wexford (who
died 1906), and Mary, daughter of Denis Charles O'Connor,
M.D.; educated at Stonyhurst; entered Army 1899; served
in last South African War, and was wounded at Lady-

Kane, WILLIAM VINCENT, LL.B., LL.D., Dublin (1890)
born 1868; educated at the Oratory School and Trinity

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 217

College, Dublin; for two years Chief Justice in the Niger

Keane, MOST REV. JOHN JOSEPH, Archbishop of Dubuque
(Iowa, U.S.A.) born a "Donegal man" at Ballyshannon
1839; went to the United States 1846; classical studies at St
Charles's College, Ellicott City, and theological course at
St Mary's, Baltimore; ordained 1866; Assistant-pastor at
St Patrick's, Washington, 1866-78; consecrated Bishop of
Richmond 1878; first Rector of the Catholic University of
America on its establishment at Washington in 1889, with
Leo XIII among its founders, by the help of funds which
the Bishop had been instrumental in collecting. As a result
of difficulties and conflicts, he resigned this rectorship in
1897, and resided in Rome foi three years, serving as Con-
suitor of Propaganda and Canon of St John Lateran. On his
return to America in 1900 he was installed Archbishop of
his present See, an appointment hailed with deep satisfac-
tion by the Catholics of America. His reputation as a
preacher, lecturer and scholar extends beyond the limits
of his own flock ; and a leading publicist of America has
called him " one of the sweetest and best of men, as well as
the most zealous and devoted of Churchmen." One of the
Archbishop's happiest memories is that of his talks with
Cardinal Manning, of whose lofty and enlightened ideals he
is the undaunted sharer.

Keating, CANON FREDERICK W., D.D. born 1859; edu-
cated at Oscott; served at Coleshill, Oakamoor, Oscott,
Olton Seminary and Wednesbury; Adm. of St Chad's
Cathedral since 1898; Member of Chapter 1900.

Keating, COLONEL P. A., late R.A. (retired iSSi) formerly
Hon. Colonel ist Adm. Brigade Devon Vol. Art., and Adju-
tant ist Devon Vol. Art.; married (1895) MARY, daughter of
Henry KNIGHT, of Cloakham and Terrace Lodge, Axmin-

Keatinge, CANON JAMES appointed member of Southwark
Chapter by Bishop Butt, and Inspector of Diocesan Train-
ing Colleges and Chief Diocesan Inspector of Schools by
Bishop Bourne; Member of Catholic Education Council;
educated atSt Thomas's, Hammersmith, and St Edmund's,
Ware; ordained priest 1877; served ten years at Arun-
del as Assistant to Canon Butt; from St Michael's, Chat-
ham, he was called (1892) to be Administrator of St
George's Cathedral, Southwark, where he had the satisfac-
tion of successfully carrying out Bishop Butt's"Free Seat"
policy; encouraged the experiment of Newman House;
and wrote School Inspection Reports which, like Canon
Richardson's in Lancashire, made marvellous good read-


ing. In 1904 the Canon went to Sutton in Surrey, and to St
Augustine's, Tunbridge Wells, in 1905, where many a
visitor has experienced the uncovenanted good fortune to
hear his sermons. Author of The Priest, his Character and
\\'ork (1904), a subject he had 27 qualifications for treat-
ing in the 27 years of his own successful parochial labours.

Keatinge, REV. WILLIAM L., Senior Chaplain to the Forces
at Malta commissioned 1897; served in the South African
campaign 1899-1901; gazetted C.F. Second Class 1906.

Keegan, CANON GERALD Member of Shrewsbury Chapter
from 1906; Rector of St Laurence's, Birkenhead, since


Keily, CANON JOHN educated at Stonyhurst; member of
old Catholic School Committee and of present Education
Council; member of Plymouth Chapter.

Kelke, W T ILLIAM HASTINGS, Barrister-at-Law educated
at Brasenose College, Oxford (M.A.); formerly Anglican
curate of Bedford Leigh; married (1880) FRANCES M., fifth
daughter of John SPARROW, of Puddington Hall, Cheshire.
Author of An Epitome of Constitutional Law and Cases.

Kelleher, CANON FRANCIS Canon of Birmingham since
1896, and priest at Abingdon, Berks, since 1885.

Kelleher, S. B., Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin Member
of the Royal Commission upon Trinity College and the
University of Dublin (1906).

Kelly, REV. BERNARD J. born 1872, son of Bernard Kelly,
M.D., of Plough Road, Rotherhithe; educated at Wey-
bridge and Wonersh; ordained 1900; served the missions
of Mitcham, Waterloo, S.E., Deptford and Cheam. Author
of The Cardinal of York The Fate of Glengarry, or the
Expatriation of the Macdonnells The Conqueror of Cullo-
den Notes on English Catholic Missions and other
volumes, pamphlets and articles.

Kelly, G. W. FITZJAMES born 1866; educated at the
Oratory, Stonyhurst, and Lincoln College, Oxford; won
the High Jump against Cambridge 1900; Oxford "Blue"
1901 (the first Catholic cricket " Blue" at either Univer-
sity since the famous days of Sir T. C. O'Brien); played
for the University at golf; and is member of Co. Galway
Cricket Eleven; married (1900) Miss EILYN COMYN, sister
of the Irish cricketer, Mr A. D. Comyn.

Irish Regiment born 1875, only son of His Honour Judge
Charles Kelly, K.C., of Newtown, Co. Kildare, and his wife,

ANDjYEAR-BOOK 1908 219

Berthe, Comtesse de Buisseret, educated at the Oratory
School, Edgbaston; entered Army 1895; Lieut. 1898; dis-
tinguished in last South African War, where he was woun-
ded and twice mentioned in despatches; Captain 1903;
Adjutant 3rd Vol. Batt. S. Staffs. Regiment from 1906.

Kelly, MOST REV. MICHAEL, Archbishop-Coadjutor of
Sydney native of Waterford; made studies at Irish Col-
lege, Rome, where he was ordained 1872; Curate at Ennis-
corthy and New Ross; Rector of Irish College, Rome, 1891-
1901; Dom. Prel. 1891; named Coadjutor with right of
succession to Cardinal Moran, and consecrated Archbishop
of Acrida 1901.

Kelly, RICHARD J., J.P., Barrister-at-Law owner and
editor of The Tuam Herald; Secretary of the Galway branch
of the Society of Antiquaries in Ireland; on the Council of
the C.T.S. of Ireland; author of legal works dealing with
the Registration and other Acts, and the archaeological
history of Galway.

Kelly, THOMAS FREEMAN Member of the Catholic Educa-
tion Council, and Vice-Chairman of the Salford Diocesan
Schools Association.

Kelly, CAPTAIN VINCENT JOSEPH, Royal Irish Rifles born
1868, son of J. C. Kelly, J.P., of Fitzwilliam Square, Dub-
lin; educated at Beaumont; entered Army 1888; Captain
1898; served in last South African War, including action at
Stormberg; captured and twice wounded; married (1897)
ANNA, third daughter of Patrick BOLAND, of Dublin, and
sister of Mr J. P. Boland, M.P.

Kelly, WILLIAM P. born in Ireland; educated at Clon-
gowes. Author of Schoolboys Three (descriptive of life at
Clongowes Wood College) The Stonecutter of Memphis
The Dolomite Cavern The Cuban Treasure Island and The
Assyrian Bride.

Kelly-Kenny, GENERAL SIR THOMAS, G.C.V.O., Colonel of
the Royal West Surrey Regiment, J.P. and D.L. for Co.
Clare born 1840, son of Thomas Kelly, of Treanman-
nagh, Co. Clare; added surname Kenny 1874; educated at
Carlow Lay College; entered 2nd Foot 1858; served in
China War of 1860 and Abyssinian War of 1867-68; succes-
sively A.A.G. in Northern District, in N.E. District, at
Headquarters, and at Aldershot; commanded an infantry
brigade at Aldershot 1896-97; Major-General 1897; In-
spector General of Auxiliary Forces, and recruiting in same
year, a dual post he relinquished in 1899 to take tem-
porary chief command at Aldershot; commanded 6th
Division during last South African War, and was pro*


moted Lieut-General for distinguished service in the field;
knighted 1902; Adjutant-General of the British Army
1901-03; accompanied Prince Arthur of Connaught's mis-
sion to Japan to confer the Garter on the Mikado 1906, and
has taken part in many other functions connected with the
Court, holding, as he does, the high regard of the King.
He holds the Grand Cordon of the Red Eagle and the
Grand Cross of the Rising Sun, conferred by the Mikado.

Kemp, CAPTAIN WILLIAM, J.P. for Sussex born 1835, son
of Nathaniel Kemp, of Ovingdean, Sussex; joined i8th
Royal Irish Regiment; served in the Crimea, in the Indian
Mutiny, and in New Zealand; married (1861) MARY, daugh-
ter of Admiral MARSH, R.N.

Kendal, CAXON JOHN EDMUND, O.S.B., D.D. educated at
Ampleforth; member of Cathedral Chapter of Newport;
missioner at Belmont.

born 1860, eldest son of 4th Earl, K.P., P.C. (created
1800, Ire.), and Gertrude, only daughter of Rev. Lord
Charles Thynne ; succeeded 1905; formerly Lieut. 4th
Batt. Worcester Regiment, and for some time A.D.C. to
the Governor of Victoria; Master of the Horse to the Lord
Lieutenant of Ireland 1903; Hon. Col. 4th Batt. Royal
Munster Fusiliers, and (since 1906) of 5th (Irish) Vol.
Batt. Liverpool Regiment; H.M. Lieut, of Co. Kerry from
1905, and a County Councillor for Killarney and J.P. for
Kerry; sits in the House of Lords as Baron Kenmare
(created 1856 U.K.); married (1887) ELIZABETH, daughter
of ist Lord REVELSTOKE, a lady who has taken much in-
terest in the successful establishment of the Castlerosse
School of Industry.

commanding 2ist Lancers born 1862, son of James
Kenna, and nephew of late Matthew Kearney, of The
Ford, Lanchester, Durham; educated at Stonyhurst; hav-
ing served three years in the 2nd West India Regiment, he

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