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was gazetted to the 2ist Lancers in 1889, with which
regiment he took part in the Khartoum Expedition of
1898. At the battle of Omdurman, Colonel Kenna rescued
a brother officer by bearing him out of the 2ist Lancers
melee on his ow r n mount a deed rewarded with the Vic-
toria Cross. The medal of the Royal Humane Society is also
his for a plunge he took from the Liffey embankment to
save a drowning man in 1895. He \vas Assistant Provost
Marshal of the Cavalry division, and in command of a
column during the last South African War (despatches,
D.S.O.); and he served in Somaliland in command of the

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mounted troops 1902-03 (despatches). Brigade-Major ist
Cavalry Brigade 1905-07. Colonel Kenna, who is one of the
best all-round sportsmen in the Army, has been twice
married first (1895) to Lady CECILS BERTIE, daughter of
7th Earl of ABIXGDOX; and secondly (1905) to ANGELA
MARY, youngest daughter of the late Hubert HIBBERT.

Kennard, RIGHT REV. MGR CHARLES H. born 1840, son of
John P. Kennard, of Hordle Cliff, Hants., and brother of
Coleridge Kennard, sometime M.P. for Salisbury; edu-
cated at Harrow, at University College, Oxford (M.A.), and
at Cuddesdon Theol. College; Anglican curate to Preben-
dary Gresley and Mr Skinner at Newland, Malvern; re-
ceived into the Church by Cardinal Newman 1868; or-
dained 1872; served mission at Cannington i875-9/;mem-
ber of Clifton Chapter; Chaplain to the Catholic Oxford
undergraduates since 1897; named Dom. Prel. 1901. Mgr
Kennard, an athlete of old, played for Oxford against
Cambridge at Racquets three years in succession, and he is
now Vice-President of the Oxford Golf Club.

Kennedy, DR A. L., Private Chamberlain to the Holy
Father; one of the most prominant Australian laymen;
resident in Melbourne.

Kennedy, CANON DANIEL, D.D. Canon of Plymouth from

Kennedy. PATRICK JAMES, J.P. for Meath born 1864, son
of Brian Kennedy, of Rathcore House, Co. Meath; edu-
cated at St Vincent's, Castleknock; M.P. for N. West-
meath 1900-06, having previous!)' sat for N. Kildare
1892-95; Chairman of Meath County Council 1899-1902;
married (1888) CORNELIA, daughter of Professor P. A.

Kennedy, CANON RICHARD Rector of the Church of the
Sacred Heart, Liverpool, and member of Cathedral Chap-

Kennedy, VINCENT PAUL, M.P. for W. Cavan since 1904
born 1876, eldest son of Hugh Peter Kennedy, Crown
Solicitor, of Cavan, and Catharine, daughter of Dr P.
Maginnis, of London; educated at Clongowes; admitted a
Solicitor 1900.

Kenney, MRS FITZGERALD HELENA, M., eldest daughter
and co-heiress of Major Crean LYNCH, J.P., D.L., of
Clogher House, Co. Mayo; married (1870) James Christo-
pher FitzGerald Kenney, B.A., J.P., of Kilclogher, Co.
Gal way, who died 1877.

Kenny, CAPTAIN GEORGE W., Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers


born 1870; educated at Stonyhurst; Captain 1899; served
in the Tirah Expedition 1897-8, and in last South African

Kenny, MATTHEW JAMES born 1861, son of M. Kenny,
Solicitor, of Freagh Castle, Co. Clare; called to Bar at
Gray's Inn 1886, and at King's Inn, Dublin, 1889; M.P. for
Ennis 1882-85, and for Mid-Tyrone 1885-95; married (1887)
ELIZABETH, daughter of W. R. STEWART, of Lairsill, Aber-

Kenny, THE RIGHT HON. WILLIAM, P.C., Judge of the
King's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice, Ire-
land born 1846, son of Edward Kenny, solicitor, of Ennis;
educated at Trinity College, Dublin (M.A.); called to Irish
Bar 1868; Q.C. 1885; Bencher of King's Inns 1890; helped to
establish Liberal Union of Ireland in 1886, and in 1887 he
helped to organize the Dublin visit of Lord Hartington and
Mr Goschen; Unionist M.P. for Stephen's Green 1892-97,
winning and keeping the seat in three contests; Solicitor-
General for Ireland 1895; raised to the Bench 1897; created
P.C. of Ireland 1902; married (1873) MARY, daughter of
David COFFEY, Master in Chancery.

Kenny, WILLIAM J., Consul-General for the Philippine
Islands born 1859, son of Patrick Kenny, of Kings-
meadow House, Waterford; educated at the Christian
Brothers' School, Waterford, and Blackrock College, and
in Germany; Student Interpreter in Japan 1880; Japanese
Interpreter to H.M. Court until 1895; Vice-Consul at
Tokio 1896; called to the Bar at Gray's Inn 1896; Acting
Consul General at Honolulu 1897-99; Consul General at
Manila 1903.

Kent, MRS CHARLES ANN, eldest daughter of Murdo
YOUNG, of Ross, N.B. (author of Wallace: a Tragedy); born
in London 1824; educated under Miss Lewis, author of
Woman's Mission; received into the Church 1851; married
(1853) Charles Kent, journalist, man-of-letters, and editor
of The Weekly Register from 1874 to 1881. Author of Evelyn
Stuart Maud Hamilton The Gilberts of Ashton and
other novels of vogue in their day. In more recent years
Mrs Kent has written short stories and essays for The
Manchester Guardian, The Queen, The Daily News and The
Catholic World. Her literary activity has extended over
sixty years, from Evelyn Stuart in 1846 to articles from her
pen in 1906. Evelyn Stuart dealt with the Free Trade Move-
ment and Anti-corn Law agitation, and the young girl, its
author, was also writing articles for her father's paper, The
Sun ; the first paper to support Free Trade. Cobden, it is

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 223

interesting to recall to-day, objected to one of her articles,
because it favoured small holdings.

Kent, EDWARD, Musical Composer and Song-writer
second surviving son of Charles Kent; educated at St
Charles's College, Bayswater; has published over sixty
songs and musical sketches, including such favourites as
' The Burglar's Serenade," " Harmony Hall," and, in a
more serious vein, composed the incidental music for
Maskelyne's version of The Coming Race (1903), a work
written by his father's old friend, Edward Bulwer, Lord
Lytton, from whom Mr Kent takes his name.

Kent, RE V.WILLIAM HENRY, O.S.C. born 1857, eldest son of
Charles Kent, and great-grandson of Captain William Kent,
R.N., discoverer of Kent's Islands. On his father's side he
is a great-nephew of Bishop Baggs; and a great-great-nephew
of Esmonde Kyan, one of the Wexford leaders executed in
'g8;and a kinsman (through the marriage of his grandmother's
cousin, Maria Talbot, with the "good Earl of Shrewsbury")
of that uncanonized saint, Gwendolen, Princess Borghese.
From his parents Father Kent has inherited a literary
talent turned to excellent account. Receiving his early edu-
cation at St Charles's College, he began to contribute to
The Weekly Register (then edited by his father) in 1875. A
year later he joined the Oblates of St Charles, and was
ordained by Cardinal Manning in 1881. Between 1882-98
he was engaged in teaching theology, and since 1899 has
been occupied with parish work. His contributions to The
Dublin Review (begun in 1889), to The Tablet, The Ave
Maria, Blackwood, and The American Quarterly and Eccle-
siastical Reviews, have shown him an expert in Biblical and
Talmudic studies, Oriental languages, mediaeval and
modern philosophy and comparative philology. He has
made many translations of hymns, etc., from the Syriac,
Armenian and Coptic; and adds to his linguistic accom-
plishments a knowledge of Gaelic. Father Kent, thinker as
well as writer (two capacities not always united), was en-
trusted in 1906 by the surviving executors of Cardinal
Manning with the production of a new biography which
should redress the balance of the old, a task to which
Father Kent brings not merely the filial tenderness of a
spiritual son, but an open understanding, a heart as warm
as the intellect is keen, a dream of social regeneration, and
an ultimate realization of the all but lapsed maxims of the
Gospel with the daily life of men.

Kent, MARIANNE, Novelist elder daughter of Charles
Kent. Author of Philip Mor daunt' s Ward (1888), and short


stories in The Strand Magazine, Catholic World and
Chambers' Journal.

Kent, JAMES M., K.C. born in Newfoundland 1874; edu-
cated at Tullabeg and Clongowes Colleges; B.A. of the
Royal University of Ireland 1890; returning home to New-
foundland, he was admitted a Solicitor in 1893, and was
called to the Bar in 1894. In 1900 he was elected a Bencher
of the Law Society of Newfoundland; in 1904 took silk, and
a seat in the Newfoundland Parliament.

Kenworthy-Browne,WiLLiAM,M.A.,LL.D. Chamberlain to
the Holy Father; convert to theChurch; resident in Florence.

Kenyon, JOHN GEORGE, K.S.G. (Mil. Div. ist Class), J.P.
for Norfolk, Private Chamberlain to the Pope, and
helper of every good cause was born 1843, only son of the
Hon. Edward Kenyon, of Maesfen, Cheshire, and his first
wife Caroline, daughter of Lord George Beresford, G.C.H.;
educated at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford (B.A.,
1867); received into the Church 1870; joined the Ponti-
fical Zouaves in the same year, and resisted the taking
of Rome by Victor Emmanuel; Joint Hon. Secretary to the
British Home Rule Association 1887-88; succeeded to the
Gillingham property on the death of his aunt, Mrs Eliza-
beth Eden, 1889; built the Church of Our Lady of Perpe-
tual Succour, Gillingham, 1898, and represented the
Diocese of Northampton on the Secondary Education
Council. Mr Kenyon, who married (1871) MARY D'ARCY,
daughter of Lord Henry F. KERR (the member of a family
eminent for its converts to the Church) has used his pen as
well as his sword in the service of the Church, his admi-
rable letters, declaring war on modern compromises and
shams of all sorts having been a welcome feature of
Catholic journalism in the brave days that are gone.

LL.D., (Royal University of Ireland) Hon. Physician to the
King, Director-General of the Army Medical Service
born 1857, son of Henry Keogh, B.L., R.M., of Roscom-
mon; educated for Medicine at Queen's College, Galway;
Herbert Prizeman and Martin Gold Medallist at Army
Medical School; entered Army 1880; Major Roy. Army
Med. Corps 1892, and Lieut. -Col. 1900; served in South
Africa 1899-1901, being latterly Principal Medical Officer
of No. 2 Hospital, Pretoria; specially promoted and created
C.B. for his services 1900; Deputy Director-General A. M.S.
1902-04, and Director-General 1905; knighted 1906; is a
Knight of Grace of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem;
married first ELIZABETH, daughter of D. WILLIAMS, I. M.S.;
secondly (1888) CAMILLA, daughter of Captain W. H. HART.

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 225

Keogh, CAPTAIN ARTHUR J. L., ist Connaught Rangers
born 1871; educated at Clongowes; Captain 1902; attached
to West African Regiment 1899; took part in last South
African War.

Keogh, GEORGE, Magistrate for Co. Sligo born 1830, son of
Michael Keogh, of Geevagh, Co. Sligo; admitted a Solicitor
1855; High Sheriff of Co. Sligo for 1906; married (1857)
TERESA, daughter of William CARROLL.

Keogh, MAJOR J. L. brother of late Judge Keogh; mem-
ber of Kensington Board of Guardians; member of Padding-
ton Catholic Association. One of his sons is an Oblate of
St Charles at Bayswater.

Keppel, LADY HILDA born 1864, daughter of 7th Earl of
ALBEMARLE (who was a convert in 1879 whenViscount Bury) ;
on the Council of the Catholic Medical Mission to the Native
Women and Children of India.

Kerin, RICHARD CHARLES, B.A. (London) educated at
Downside; elected, 1906. by Convocation a member of the
Senate of London University by the record majority of
654 votes.

Kernahan, MRS COULSON, Novelist daughter of S. G.
GWYNNE, and grand-niece of the Rev. John Hickling, one of
Wesley's ministers; widow of Professor G. T. Bettany, of
Caius College, Cambridge, and married (secondly) Mr
Coulson Kernahan, the well-known author. Mrs Coulson
Kernahan, who is a convert to the Church, is the author of
TvewinnoU of Guy's The House of Rimmon Frank Red-
land, Recruit, and other novels.

Kerr, GENERAL LORD RALPH DRURY, C.B., Colonel of the
loth Hussars born 1837, second surviving son of 7th
Marquis of Lothian, and heir-presumptive of the present
peer. Received into the Church at the age of sixteen, fol-
lowing the example of his mother; entered the loth Hus-
sars 1857; served in the Afghan War of 1878-9. in com-
mand of his regiment, and was awarded the Companionship
of the Bath; Inspecting Officer of Auxiliary Cavalry 1883-
88; became Major-General 1890; commanded at the Cur-
ragh 1891-96; retired 1898; married (1878) Lady ANN
FITZALAN HOWARD, daughter of i4th Duke of NORFOLK.

Kerr, PHILIP HENRY born 1882, eldest son of General
Lord Ralph Kerr by Lady Anne Fitzalan-Howard, daughter
of 1 4th Duke of Norfolk; educated at the Oratory School
and New College, Oxford (ist cl. Modern History 1904);
holds Government appointment in South Africa.

Kerr, Admiral of the Fleet LORD WALTER, G.C.B. born in



1839, a younger son of the jth Marquis of Lothian. He was
twelve years old when his mother was received into the
Church, his own reception taking place three years later,
when he was a "middy." The young sailor had not long to
wait for his first taste of active service, for, on the outbreak
of the Crimean War, he accompanied the Baltic Fleet.
During the Indian Mutiny he served with Peel's Naval
Brigade, taking part in the Relief of Lucknow. He became
Captain in 1872, Rear-Admiral in 1889, and Vice-Admiral
in 1895, and was knighted in the following year. After be-
ing second in command of the Mediterranean Squadron, he
commanded the Channel Fleet, and was successively Junior
and Second Lord of the Admiralty, before reaching, in
1899, the highest post of naval administration by his ap-
pointment as First Sea Lord. On retiring in 1904, the King
notified his promotion as Admiral of the Fleet "in recogni-
tion of the great value to the Navy and to the nation of his
fifty years' of naval service." Lord W'alter married (in 1873)
Lady AMABEL COWPER, daughter of the 6th Earl COWPER, a
convert to the Church in 1872 whose literary and other
labours will be long remembered, and who died in 1905.
Lord Walter is President of the Nottingham Diocesan
Schools Association and a member of the Catholic Educa-
tion Council.

Kerr, REV. RALPH FRANCIS, of the London Oratory born
1874, eldest sen of Admiral Lord Walter and Lady Amabel
Kerr; educated at the Oratory School and Christ Church,
Oxford (B.A. 1897).

Kerr, LIEUT. ANDREW WILLIAM, R.N. born 1877, second
son of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Walter Kerr, G.C.B., by
his wife, Lady Amabel, daughter of Earl Cowper; educated
at the Oratory School; entered Navy 1890; Lieutenant

Kerr, FATHER WILLIAM HOBART, S.J. born 1836, son of
Lord Henry Kerr, of Huntlyburn, N.B., by his wife, the
only daughter of Sir Alexander Hope, G.C.B., M.P.; re-
ceived into the Church in 1852, and was in Madras Civil
Service before he joined the Society.

ians born 1878, eldest son of Major Francis E. Kerr, Rifle
Brigade, of Huntlyburn, N.B., and his wife Mary Frances,
daughter of Robert Monteith, of Carstairs, N.B.

Kerr, WALTER RALEIGH, Private Chamberlain to Pius X
from 1905 born 1863, third son of William Walter Raleigh
Kerr; was Lieut. 3rd Gordon Highlanders; now in Diplo-
matic Service; married (1888) ANNABELLE, daughter of the
Hon. J. J. JARVES, of Boston, U.S.A.

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 227

Kerry, BISHOP OF (Right Rev. JOHN MANGAN) born 1842
in Co. Kerry, son of J. Mangan. After a distinguished course
at Maynooth, he served in Liverpool, and was successively
Parish Priest of Glengariffe, Sneem and Kenmare, Arch-
deacon of Aghadoe, and V G. of Cork; consecrated Bishop
of Kerry 1904.

Kershaw, Miss FRANCES J. Author of Our Mother (a re-
cord of spiritual vicissitudes very personal in its making)
Mrs Mark ham's Nieces Fun and Frolic (a series of plays),
and The Children of the Crib, a singularly beautiful series of
appeals to the personal love and service of our Saviour.

Kettle, THOMAS MICHAEL, M.P. for N. Tyrone since 1906
born 1880, son of A. Kettle, of Artane, Co. Dublin; edu-
cated at Clongowes, at University College, Stephen's
Green, and Royal University of Ireland (B.A. and honours
in Mental and Moral Science 1902); called to the Bar at
King's Inns, Dublin, 1906 (Victoria Prizeman). Mr Kettle's
interest in Catholic journalism led to his editing The
Nationalist, an organ of " Progressive Catholicism."
Though young as a Parliamentary recruit, he has been
named one of the most brilliant of the juniors of his party,
and is sometimes cited as an example of the success
achieved by the Jesuits and other Catholic educationalists
in Ireland even under existing circumstances.

Kiely, CANON WALTER Member of Plymouth Chapter
since 1899, and for many years in charge of the mission at

Kilbride, DENIS, M.P. born 1848, son of Thomas Kil-
bride, of Luggacurren, Queen's County; educated at Clon-
gowes; represented S. Kerry as Nationalist 1887-95,
N. Galway 1895-1900, and South Kildare from 1903.

Kildare and Lsighlin, BISHOP OF (Most Rev. PATRICK
FOLEY, D.D.), Commissioner of National Education in
Ireland since 1901 born 1858, son of Patrick Foley, of
Mensal Lodge, Co. Carlow; educated at Carlow College
(Solus Theological and Scripture Prizeman 1881); B.A. of
London; ordained 1881; Professor of Philosophy and
Scripture at Carlow College 1885-92; President of Carlow
College 1892-96; consecrated 1896 as Coadjutor of Kildare
and Leighlin, and succeeded as Bishop 1897. The Bishop,
speaking as the only Catholic clerical representative on the
Board of Primary Education, was almost the first to raise
against Mr Birrell's Irish Bill of 1907 the protest that was
finally passed by the Convention.

C.M.G., M.V.O., Governor of Osborne House (Convalescent


Home for Officers) , Isle of Wight born 1 86 1 , son of Surgeon-
Gen. C. E. Kilkelly, J.P., of Drimcong, Co. Galway; edu-
cated at Downside and Trinity College, Dublin, where he
graduated as M.B. and B.Ch.; having been gazetted to th<-
R.A.M.C., served for a time in India on the personal staff
of the Duke of Connaught; his service in the Khartoum Ex-
pedition of 1898 brought him mention in despatches, and
his meritorious management, first of the Portland, and
later of the Pretoria Imperial Yeomanry Hospitals during
the South African War gained him a C.M.G.; married
(1893) FLORENCE, daughter of the Hon. Henry William
PETRE. He is a J.P. for Hants.

Killala, BISHOP OF (Most Rev. JOHN CONMY, D.D.) con-
secrated 1892 Bishop-Coadjutor to Bishop Conway, whose
successor he was in the See of Killala 1893.

Bart., J.P., D.L.) born 1867, eldest son of Lord Morris
and Killanin, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, by Anna, dau.
of the Hon. H. G. Hughes, Baron of the Court of Exchequer
of Ireland; educated at Trinity College, Dublin (B.A.); was
his father's Circuit Registrar and Private Secretary 1885-
89; called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1892; sat in the
House of Commons as a Unionist for the Borough of Gal-
way 1900-1901, succeeding in that year as 2nd Baron
Killanin (created 1900, U.K.). Lord Killanin, who is by no
means a politician of cut and dried conventions, early gave
proof of his originality and distinction as thinker and
writer in his Life's Greatest Possibility; while in 1897 ap-
peared Transatlantic Traits, the result of travels in America
companioned by the Hon. William Peel. He was appointed
in 1 904 a member of Lord Lytton's Chantry Bequest Com-
mittee, whose excellent decisions have been practically
flouted by the Incompetents who persevere in the infliction
of mostly inferior pictures on the Nation.

Kilrnore, BISHOP OF (Most Rev. ANDREW BOYLAN, C.SS.R.)
a native of the Diocese, and was in turn a Professor in St
Patrick's College, Cavan, and Bursar of Maynooth College;
joined the Redemptorist Order 1887, and has since shared
in their labours in Ireland, England and Scotland, being for
eight years at St Mary's, Clapham; consecrated Bishop of
Kilmore 1907.

King, AUSTIN MICHAEL born 1876, second son of Austin
Joseph King, K.S.G., J.P., F.S.A., of Bath, and his wife
Marie, daughter of Henry le Brasseur, of Wilryck; edu-
cated at Stonyhurst; admitted a Solicitor, and became a
partner in the firm of Stone, King and Co., which his

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 229

father's high ability had already raised to a position of
more than local reputation; Member of Catholic Education
Council; Member of Bath Education Committee; Hon. Sec.
of Clifton Catholic Rescue Society (founded 1904), and of
the Dioc. Schools Association; married (1901) GERALDINE,
second daughter of Andrew Nugent COMYN, J.P., of Ballin-
derry, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.

King, LADY CLARE youngest daughter of Earl of GAINS-
BOROUGH; married (1907) at Exton Park, Charles M. KING,
Coldstream Guards.

King, MRS HAMILTON daughter of Admiral W. A. Baillie
Hamilton; received into the Church in 1890 by Cardinal
Manning, with whom she became acquainted by his media-
tion in the Dock Strike. Profoundly interested in the wel-
fare of the world, Mrs Hamilton King, in such poems as
The Disciples and Aspromonte, gave voice to an enthusiasm
of humanity which carried so generous a reader as Cardinal
Manning far beyond the consideration of this or that detail
in the facts chosen for illustration. It is said that the poet
was willing that her new allegiance should involve altera-
tions in some of her published verses, but the Cardinal's
decision was " Not a line." Mrs Hamilton King (who is the
widow of the publisher, Mr H. S. King), is also the author
of A Book of Dreams, Ballads of the North, The Prophecy of
Westminster, The Foreshadowing of a Saint, and The Hours
of the Passion poems of spirituality, saints and martyrs
among poems, that this generation has not seen surpassed.

King, THOMAS GEORGE, K.S.G. born in London 1865, son
of William Shand King; educated at City of London Col-
lege; an accountant; Hon. Sec. of Catholic Guardians Asso-
ciation and of South wark Rescue Society; married (1888)
Miss JOHNSTON, sister of Mgr Johnston, of Brighton.

Kirby, EDMUND, F.R.I.B.A., F.S.I. educated at the
Royal Academy Schools, London; member of the firm of
E. Kirby and Sons, Liverpool; on Council of Royal Insti-
tute of British Architects; President of Liverpool Archi-
tectural Society; Member of Catholic Education Council;
Vice-President of Shrewsbury Dioc. Schools Association;
Vice-Chairman of the Shrewsbury Protection Society;
President of the Birkenhead Catholic Association; married
ROSE, daughter of B. DODSWORTH, of Burton Croft, York.
Mr Kirby's many buildings include St Werburgh's Church,
Chester; Our Lady's, Stockport; Our Lady and St
Joseph's, Seacombe; St Laurence's, Birkenhead; Holy
Name, Birkenhead; also Churches at Llandudno, New
Brighton, Market Drayton, Farnworth, etc.; Walton
Municipal Schools (largest in England); Birkdale and Farn-


worth Reformatory Schools; Colleges at Notre Dame.
Liverpool, and Holt Hill, Birkenhead; Pantasaph Convent
and Orphanage; and Banks in various parts of the country,

Kirk, REV. FRANCIS JOHNSTON, O.S.C. a convert from the
ranks of the Anglican clergy; received by Cardinal Man-
ning at Farm Street in 1854. Father Kirk then went to the
English College, Rome, whence, after ordination, he was
recalled by Dr Manning to Bayswater to join the Borro-
mean Community, to which he is still attached. He has
written some Reminiscences of an Oblate of St Charles; and
also a very delightful little book, Some Notable Conversions,
which tells the tale of his own conversion, and that of the
Ram and Cliff e families, with whom, in his Anglican days,
he was intimately associated in Ireland.

Kirsopp, JAMES JOSEPH, J.P. for Northumberland born
1852, son of James Kirsopp, of The Spital, Northumber-
land, by Elizabeth, daughter of George Thomas Dunn;
educated at Stonyhurst; late Captain Northumberland

Kirwan, Miss FLORA born 1865, daughter of John Forbes
Stratford Kirwan, of Moyne, Co. Galway, by his wife Lady
Victoria Hastings, daughter of 2nd Marquis of Hastings,
and Barbara, Baroness Grey de Ruthyn. Miss Kirwan, the
child of confessors (converts in modern phrase), and the in-
heritor also of the blood of a martyr, being a descendant of
Blessed Margaret Pole, has given her life to social work
among the poor of London, lightening for others that slow
involuntary martyrdom inflicted by modern conditions of
life on large classes of men and women. Miss Kirwan's
Dining Rooms for Business Girls are admitted models, and

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