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republicanism. In our American Republic the Catholic
Church is left perfectly free to act out her mission to the
human race, free by constitutional guarantees."

J.P. for Co. Tipperary born 1831, son of John Denis
Ryan and the daughter of Thomas Lenigan, of Castle
ffogerty, Thurles; took name of Lenigan 1878; late com-
manding Tipperary Militia; High Sheriff of Tipperary for

Ryder, REV. CHARLES EDWARD born 1842, son of George
Dudley Ryder by Sophia, daughter of the Rev. John
Sargent, Rector of Woolavington; since 1882 priest of the
parish of St Philip Neri, Smethwick, Staffs.

Ryder, FATHER CYRIL, C.SS.R. born 1844, third son of
George Dudley Ryder, M.A., sometime Rector of Euston,
Suffolk, who married Sophia, daughter of the Rev. John
Sargent, Rector of Woolavington. Father Cyril Ryder, there-
fore, included among his uncles Cardinal Manning and the
two Wilberforces, who also married "Sylph-like Sargents."
He is also a grandson of Bishop Ryder of Lichfield. Like his
brother, the late Father Ignatius Dudley Ryder, of the
Birmingham Oratory, he contravened, by his Catholic up-
bringing, a family tradition of "Evangelicalism" for which
the name of the Earl of Harrowby stands in Victorian
politics. Father Cyril Ryder has spent his life in mis-
sionary work in the Redemptorist Order at home; and he is
the author of the Life of Thomas Edward Bridgett, C.SS.R.

Sabela, RIGHT REV. MGR HERMANN J. ordained 1872; first
resident priest at Wellingore Hall (St Augustine's) 1874-77;


founded missions at Sleaford (1881) and at Broadbottom
(1896); Rector of St Charles's, Hadfield, since 1885; member
of Nottingham Chapter 1887; Dom. Prel. 1894.

St Albert, BISHOP OF (Right Rev. EMILE J. LEGAL, O.M.I.)
born in Brittany 1849; educated at Nantes; ordained
1874; entered Congregation of Oblates of Mary Immacu-
late, and joined their missions in Western Canada 1878;
evangelized the Black Feet Tribes of Southern Alberta
1881-97; Bishop-Coadjutor of St Albert 1897, and Bishop

St Andrews and Edinburgh, ARCHBISHOP OF (Most Rev.
JAMES A. SMITH, D.D., Ph.D.) born in Edinburgh 1841;
educated at W T ellburn Academy, Lochee, at Blairs College,
and at Scots College, Rome, which he entered in 1858; or-
dained in Rome 1866; laboured in the busy parish of St
Mary's, Dundee, till he was appointed Professor at Blairs
in 1867, and there continued for twenty- three years;
consecrated Bishop of Dunkeld 1890; translated to St
Andrews and Edinburgh 1900; received Pallium (1901)
in Edinburgh Cathedral (where he had served Mass as
a boy). The See of St Andrews (founded before 900 and
erected into a Metropolitan See in 1472) was vacant from
the time of the execution of Archbishop Hamilton at Stir-
ling in 1571 till its restoration in 1878.

St Boniface, ARCHBISHOP OF (Most Rev. Louis PHILIP A.
LANGEVIN, D.D., O.M.I.) born in Province of Quebec
1855, son of Fran9ois Langevin, and kinsman of late Sir
Hector Langevin, Canadian Minister of Public Works;
educated at Montreal; ordained as an Oblate of Mary
Immaculate 1882; Vice-Dean of the Theological Faculty in
the Catholic University of Ottawa 1886; Rector of St Mary's
Church, Winnipeg, 1893; consecrated 1895 in succession to
Archbishop Tache. The Province of which His Grace is
Metropolitan comprises the Dioceses of St Boniface and St
Albert, and the Vicariates of Athabasca and Saskatchewan.
During the first decade of his rule the Archbishop founded
twenty parishes, eighteen educational convents, two hospi-
tals, one orphanage, and two Indian boarding-schools, and
doubled the number of Indian missionary stations.

St George, SIR JOHN, Bart. born 1851, son of 3rd Baronet;
succeeded his half-brother as 5th Baronet (created 1766,
Irel.) 1861; Lieut, in the Army 1872-83; married (1894)
ROSE, daughter of Sir George BERKLEY, K.C.M.G.

St George, MOTHER, Superior of the Convent of the Faithful
Virgin, Folkstone professed at the Norwood Convent of
the Order, which she left in 1854, with other volunteers, in

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 353

response to the appeal of Bishop Grant, to tend the
wounded and cholera-stricken in the Crimean war; decorated
by Queen Victoria with the Royal Red Cross.

St George's (Newfoundland), BISHOP OF (Right Rev. NEIL
MCNEIL) consecrated V.A. 1895; Bishop of St George's

St Hyacinth (Canada), BISHOP OF (Right Rev. ALEXIS
BERNARD) consecrated 1906.

St John, CANON EDWARD born 1855, 6th son of Frederick
St John, by Mary, daughter of Edward Bramah; nephew
of the late Father Ambrose St John, of the Oratory. The
possessor of a business head which has been of incalculable
advantage to the Diocese of Southwark, Canon St John
has been connected with the Southwark Rescue Society for
many years and has had much to do with emigration work.
He is Member of Southwark Chapter, and Dioc. Treasurer.

St John, TIMOTHY CHARLES ST ANDREW, formerly Lieut.
R.N. born 1853, second son of General Robert St John,
of the family of the famous Lord Bolingbroke; educated at
Beaumont; associated with The Times, The Illustrated
London News, and other publications, as their representa-
tive with important advertisers, a department in which he
is without a compeer for success in the London Press; mar-
ried (1877) CECILIA, daughter of Major Henry LAVIE,
Bombay Army.

St John (New Brunswick) , BISHOP OF (Right Rev. TIMOTHY
CASEY) consecrated 1900.

St John's (Newfoundland), ARCHBISHOP OF (Most Rev.
MICHAEL F. HOWLEY) consecrated Bishop 1892, becoming
first Archbishop of the new Metropolitan See of St John's

St Lawrence, JOHN, K.S.G. a native of Limerick; spent
forty years in the public service as an official at the War
Office, retiring in 1895; joined Society of St Vincent de
Paul 1852; member of Superior Council of England 1867; a
Vice-President of the Council 1886; President of the Bays-
water Conference; Hon. Sec. to the Westminster Vol.
Schools Association 1897-1905; received Knighthood of St
Gregory from Pius X 1905, and has given two sons to the
priesthood among the Oblates of St Charles.

Sale (Victoria), BISHOP OF (Right Rev. JAMES CORBETT)
consecrated 1887.

Salford, BISHOP OF (Right Rev. Louis CHARLES CASAR-
TELLI) born in Manchester 1852, son of Joseph Casar-



telli, of Como, Italy; graduated M.A. of London
1873 while at Ushaw College, whence he passed to Lou-
vain University. Here he acquired a mastery of Eastern
Languages, and took degree of Doctor of Oriental Litera-
ture. After ordination in 1876, he taught at St Bede's Col-
lege, Manchester, of which he became Rector 1891; Presi-
dent of Manchester Statistical Society 1898-1900; Pro-
fessor of Zend and Pehlevi, Louvain, 1900-03; Secretary of
many annual Conferences of Catholic Colleges; consecrated
Bishop of Salford 1903; Chairman of the Salford Catholic
Protection and Rescue Society; author of La Philosophie
religieuse du Mazdtisme sous les Sassanides (Louvain, 1884,
and since translated into English by a Parsee priest) and
of other publications in English and French dealing with
subjects of Oriental study; edited Illustrated Catholic Mis-
sions 1 889- 1 903 ; published in 1 906 a volume of essays entitled
Sketches in History, Chiefly Ecclesiastical; valued contribu-
tor to The Tablet, and other publications, and writer of
a Preface for the popular edition of The Cross in Japan,
published in 1905.

Salome, MOTHER MARY (a daughter of Mr William Wilfrid
GATES, one of the earlier partners in the publishing Firm);
formerly of the Bar Convent, York, and now of St Mary's
Convent, Cambridge; a spiritual daughter of Mary Ward, of
whose adventurous Life she is the admirable recorder in a
volume published in 1901, with a preface by the Bishop of
Newport. She is the author, also, of The Life of Our Lord
for Children Some Little London Children (a story which
reads like a record, in part, of her own childhood in Port-
man Street) The Feasts of Mother Church Amelia and
the Dwarfs and Good Night Stories.

Saltoun, LADY MARY HELENA, daughter of Thomas
Arthur GRATTAN-BELLEW, and sister of Sir Henry Grattan-
Bellew; married (1885) i8th Lord SALTOUN.

Salvin, GERARD THORNTON born 1878, eldest son of
Captain Henry Thornton Salvin, of Croxdale (who died
1897); educated at Beaumont; Lord of the Manors of
Croxdale and Butterwick. Croxdale came to the family in
the 1 5th century, and has descended in uninterrupted
succession through seventeen generations to the present

Salvin, MARMADUKE HENRY, D.L. for Co. Durham born
1849, son of Marmaduke Charles Salvin, J.P., D.L., of
Burn Hall, by Caroline Mary, daughter of Sir Charles
Wolseley; educated at Oscott; married (1897) ANNETTE,
daughter of Sir W. Vavasour.

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 355

Sandhurst (Victoria, N.S.W.), BISHOP OF (Right Rev.
STEPHEN REVILLE, O.S.A.) Coadjutor 1885; Bishop 1901.

Sands, W. H. publisher of all classes of literature, includ-
ing Catholic; received into the Church 1894.

Sandys, MRS J. E. on the Council of proposed Catholic
College for Women at Cambridge.

Santley, SIR CHARLES, K.C.S.G. was born in 1834 at Liver-
pool, with a Welsh strain of ancestry. From his father he
had his first lessons in music, and at the age of twenty he
started for Italy with ^40 in his pocket. Those were days of
hard struggle, and on the conclusion of his studies under
Nava, he was almost reduced to starvation in Milan. Re-
turning to England, he completed his training under
Garcia, making his London debut at a Crystal Palace
concert in 1857. His first great success came in Opera two
years later; thenceforth he went rapidly forward in fame,
till he was ranked as "the greatest baritone vocalist that
these islands have produced." Gounod composed the air of
"Avant de quitter ces lieux" (Valentine's Farewell in
Faust) expressly for Santley after he had completed the
score of the opera, so impressed was he with the range and
power of his voice. Not less dazzling than his connexion
with opera were his appearances in Oratorio; while to the
younger generation of his lovers, his art has been asso-
ciated with the concert-room. He has made the reputations
of several song-writers, to whose work his exquisite inter-
pretations first gave currency. His luck it was to give Mr
Graves' "Father O'Flynn" its passport to popularity. Mr
Santley was received into the Catholic Church in 1880, and
his constant appearances at Catholic functions and in aid
of Catholic charities have endeared him to his fellow be-
lievers. He has published various songs and piano-pieces,
both secular and religious, a number of them bearing the
name "Ralph Bretherton"; while his impressive Mass be-
came familiar at the Kensington Pro-Cathedral in pre-
Gregorian days. His memoirs, which appeared some years
since under the title of Student and Singer, are stored
with memories of the great contemporaries whose friend-
ship he enjoyed Gounod, Sullivan, Garcia, Gye, Reeves,
Irving, Dickens and Thackeray. The public he has served
so long and his fellow artists whose homage he has won
kept the jubilee of his professional life at the Albert Hall
in 1907, Pope Pius X sending his blessing to the great
singer and devoted son on whom his predecessor had
conferred a Knight-Commandership of St Gregory. Sir
Charles has been twice married first (in 1859) to the


late GERTRUDE KEMBLE, a granddaughter of Charles
Kemble, the Actor, who could claim kinship with a yet
greater actor in life's drama, the Yen. John Kemble, Eng-
lish Martyr; and secondly (in 1884) to ELIZABETH MARY,
daughter of George ROSE-!NNES. An early Tuke portrait of
Mr Santley's three daughters will be recalled by visitors to
the Royal Academy. He was knighted in 1907.

Saskatchewan (Canada), BISHOP OF (Right Rev. ALBERT
PASCAL, O.M.I.) born in Languedoc, France, 1848; Indian
Missionary in the North West 1874-91; consecrated titular
Bishop of Mosynopolis and first Vicar Apostolic of Saskat-
chewan 1891, the Vicariate being erected into a See in 1896.

Sault-Sainte-Marie (Canada), BISHOP OF (Right Rev.
DAVID J. SCOLLARD) consecrated 1904.

Savile, Hox. GEORGE born 1871, third son of 4th Earl of
Mexborough, by his second marriage with Miss Raphael;
educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge; Lieut.
3rd Batt. Yorkshire Regiment 1892-93; a "founder" of
Westminster Cathedral.

Sbarretti, MOST REV. DONATUS, Archbishop of Ephesus,
Delegate-Apostolic to Canada since 1902 born at Monte-
franco, Umbria, 1856; ordained 1879; professor of Ethics
and Minutante in the Urban College of the Propaganda,
Rome; auditor of the Apostolic Delegation at Washington;
U.S.A., 1893; Bishop of Havana 1900; Titular Archbishop
of Ephesus 1902.

Scannell, CANON JOHN M., D.D. educated at St Edmund's,
Ware, and the English College, Rome; ordained 1872;
for many years stationed at Southampton; Head Master of
St Mary's College, Woolhampton, 1900-1903; Member of
Portsmouth Chapter.

Scannell, REV. THOMAS B., D.D. born 1854; educated at
St Edmund's, Ware, and at the English College, Rome;
ordained 1878; for some time Professor of Philosophy at St
Edmund's. Student and a book-lover all his life, he has yet
been an indefatigable missioner, as Brighton, Norwood,
Sheerness, Folkstone, and now Weybridge know. He sat
on the Papal Commission on Anglican Orders (1896), and
was for many years an Administrator of the Southwark
Fund for Infirm Priests. Author of The Priest's Studies and
(with Dr Wilhelm) of A Manual of Catholic Theology; editor
and reviser of the later editions of the invaluable Catholic

Schobel, RIGHT REV. MGR VICTOR J., D.D. born in Ger-
many 1848; educated at Oscott, at the Wurtemburg
Gymnasium, and at Rome; ordained 1871; Professor of

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 357

Philosophy at the English College, Bruges, 1872-73; Pro-
fessor of Dogmatic Theology at Olton Seminary 1873-85;
Professor of Philosophy and Moral Theology at Oscott
1886-96; Chaplain at Oulton Abbey, Stone, from 1896.

Scicluna, MARQUIS (GIUSEPPE SCICLUNA), Maltese banker
born 1855 at Valetta; 2nd holder of a Marquisate created
by Pius IX.

Scoles, CANON ALEXANDER J. C., the "Priest-architect"
born 1844, 3rd son of Joseph John Scoles, Vice-President of
the Royal Institute of British Architects, and one of the foun-
ders of the Syrio-Egyptian Society; worked with his father;
ordained 1878; served missions at Taunton, Bridgwater,
Yeovil and Basingstoke; resigned Canonry in Clifton Chap-
ter 1904; Canon of Portsmouth 1905. Canon Scoles is the
architect of Woodford Church and Friary, and churches at
Stroud Green, Kew, Bridgwater, Burnham, Minehead,
Clevedon, Handsworth, Ascot, Dawlish, St Ives, Swanage,
Caversham, Reading, Yeovil, Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Rye,
and other buildings; completed Portsmouth Cathedral and
Prior Park church.

Canon of Northampton Dom. Prel. to the Holy Father
1901; Rector of the Cambridge mission 1884 since 1890
of the Church of the English Martyrs, then built by Mrs
Lyne-Stephens; during his Cambridge residence he has
worked hard and successfully in the interests of Higher
Education among Catholics, the scheme for founding a
College for Catholic Women in the University Town having
his approving support. In 1895 the Fisher Society was
founded at his suggestion to promote literary pursuits and
a closer social union among Catholic members of the Uni-
versity. In that year the number of Catholic students in
residence at Cambridge was fifteen; in 1907 it was seventy-
six. To Mgr Scott's personal qualities, to his breadth of mind
and enlightenment of learning, that splendid increase, so
encouraging for the future, is largely due.

Scott, GILES GILBERT, Architect born 1880, son of George
Gilbert Scott and grandson of Sir Gilbert Scott, so that he
is the third of a famous line. His great-grandfather was the
Rev. Thomas Scott, the commentator. To his father (who
designed for the Duke of Norfolk St John's, Norwich, one
of the largest churches erected in England since the Re-
formation, the Central Tower of which can be seen at Yar-
mouth Roads, twenty miles away), Mr Giles Gilbert Scott
owes his possession of the Catholic Faith, he having been
a convert. He was educated at Beaumont; and in 1903
was the successful competitor for the designing of the


Anglican Cathedral at Liverpool, thus beginning at twenty-
four a work which might well be the crown of a long career.
Mr Scott is also the designer of the Church of the Annuncia-
tion, Bournemouth, and the Chapel of the Visitation Con-
vent, Harrow.

Scott, MAJOR PHILIP CLEMENT, A.S.C. born 1871, eldest
son of Clement Scott, journalist and dramatic critic; edu-
cated for the Army at Mottingham House, Eltham; joined
Army Service Corps 1890; Captain 1898; Major 1904;
served in South Africa before and during the last War;
D.A. Director of Supplies and Transport at the Head-
quarters of the Irish Command, Dublin, 1906; married
(1896) FLORENCE, daughter of Captain William CARROLL, of
Lissen Hall, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

Scott, ERIC CLEMENT son of Clement Scott; a dramatic

Scott-Murray, CHARLES ALOYSIUS, formerly Lieut, ist Life
Guards, J.P. for Bucks born 1847, eldest son of Charles
Robert Scott-Murray, of Danesfield, sometime M.P. for
Bucks, and a distinguished early-Victorian convert, by the
Hon. Amelia Fraser, daughter of I4th Lord Lovat; Lord of
the Manor of Hambleden; High Sheriff of Bucks for 1890;
married (1872) BLANCHE, daughter of Matthew HIGGINS,
the stately "Jacob Omnium" of The Times, and a convert to
the Church.

Scott-Murray, FRANCIS JOSEPH, late Lieut. Oxon. Light In-
fantry born 1875, eldest surviving son of Charles Aloysius
Scott-Murray (late of Danesfield), of Hambleden, Bucks;
educated at the Oratory School; entered Army 1896; served in
last South African War; married (1907) Miss JANE SEY-

Scott-Murray, RONALD CHARLES born 1879, second survi-
ving son of C. A. Scott-Murray, of Hambleden; educated
at the Oratory School and Trinity College, Cambridge;
married (1905) MAGD ALEN MARY, daughter of W. H.MARTIN-
EDMUNDS, of Worsborough Hall.

Scott-Murray, MAJOR BASIL HENRY, late Scots Guards
born 1859, son of Charles R. Scott-Murray, J.P., D.L., of
Danesfield, by Hon. Amelia Fraser; educated at the Oratory
School; served in Nile Expedition 1884-85; retired 1899.

Scrope, SIMON CONYERS, D.L. and J.P. for the North Rid-
ing born 1857, eldest son of Simon Thomas Scrope, of
Danby, by Emily, daughter of Robert Berkeley, of Spetch-
ley; educated at Stonyhurst; is Lieut. -Col. Yorkshire R.G.
Artillery. The family of which he is a representative is a
famous one in Yorkshire annals. During a period of 300

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 359

years it yielded two Earls and twenty Barons, one Chan-
cellor, four Treasurers, two Chief Justices, five Knights of
the Garter, and numerous Bannerets. As heir male of Sir
William Scrope, K.G., Earl of Wiltes of the time of Richard
II, Mr Scrope's grandfather claimed before the House of
Lords in 1859 that title. The pedigree was proved, but the
claim was disallowed in consequence of an old attainder.

Scully, His HONOUR JAMES ALOYSIUS, Judge of the Sussex
County Court born 1856, son of James Scully, of Golden,
Co, Tipperary, and Dublin; educated at Stonyhurst; called
to the Bar at Middle Temple, and after practising in Lon-
don at the Common Law Bar, localised in Liverpool; was
Chief Lecturer in the Law of Real and Personal Property
and Conveyancing under the Council of Legal Education;
Judge 1903; married (1888) GERTRUDE, daughter of Right
Hon. William Court GULLY, now Lord SELBY.

Scully, JOHN, Barrister-at-Law born 1853, son of William
Scully, J.P., of Ballinaclogh, Co. Tipperary, and Mar-
garet, daughter of Michael Sweetman, of Longtown, Co.
Kildare; married (1882) AGNES, daughter of Alois ZIMMER-
MAN, of Lucerne.

Scully, VINCENT born 1846, only son of Vincent Scully,
Q.C., M.P., of Mantle Hill, Co. Tipperary; educated at
Christ Church, Oxford (B.A. 1869); formerly J.P. and D.L.
for Tipperary and High Sheriff of the County 1870; mar-
ried first (1871) EMMA, daughter of Pierce BARRON, D.L.,
and secondly (1897) AMY, youngest daughter of John
Netterville BARRON, 59th Regt.

Seager, OSMUND born in Oxford, 1843, son of Charles
Seager, M.A., an Oxford Convert of 1840; educated at
the Jesuit College, Metz; late an Assistant Principal at the
Admiralty, Whitehall; member of Hammersmith Board of
Guardians (1907), and their representative on the Metro-
politan Asylums District Board; married (1870) ISABELLA,
eldest daughter of late Robert CAMPBELL, of Skerrington,
J.P. for Ayrshire.

Searle, REV. GEORGE MARY, of the Congregation of St Paul
born in London 1839, son of Thomas Searle; went to
United States 1840; graduated at Harvard 1857 (A.M.
1860); Assistant at the Dudley Observatory, Albany, 1857;
discovered asteroid Pandora 1858; successively instructor
at the United States Naval Academy, and assistant at
Harvard Observatory; joined the Catholic Church 1862;
entered Paulist Congregation 1868; ordained 1871; taught
for some years in the Paulist Seminary, New York; Pro-
fessor of Mathematics and Astronomy in the Catholic Univ.


of America 1895-99; elected Father General of the Paulists
1904. Author of Elements of Geography Plain Facts for
Fair Minds (a controversial classic which reached its 2joth
thousand within five years of publication), and contribu-
tions to scientific journals and to The Catholic World.

Segar, ROBERT STANISLAUS, Barrister-at-Law born 1879,
eldest son of George X. Segar, Recorder of Oldham, by
Gertrude, daughter of William Crosier, J.P., of Durham;
grandson of Judge Robert Segar, Q.C., the first Catholic
Recorder of Wigan after Emancipation; educated at Stony-
hurst, and London and Liverpool Univs; called to the Bar
at the Middle Temple 1903.

Segesser, REV. FELIX born at Lucerne 1863; educated at
Ushaw; ordained 1890; Vice-Rector of Wonersh Seminary
1890-96; founder of Catholic Boys' Brigade, an organization
which he started in Dockhead, Bermondsey, and which is
now spread over London; at Dockhead 1896-1905; Rector
at Deptford 1905; Diocesan Secretary 1907.

Segrave, LIEUT. -COLONEL GEORGE O'NEIL born 1858, son
of Stephen Segrave; educated at the Oratory School and
London Univ.; joined Royal Lancashire Militia 1878; Cap-
tain Yorkshire Regiment 1885; retired 1889; Hon. Lieut. -
Colonel 3rd Batt. Bedfordshire Regiment 1894.

Segrave, MAJOR O'NEIL EDWARD JOHN, D.S.O. born 1856,
eldest son of Captain Henry Segrave, J.P., D.L., of Kilti-
mon, Co. Wicklow, Cabra, Co. Dublin, and Calla, Co. Gal-
way, who died 1906; educated at Stonyhurst and in Bel-
gium; served in Kaffir and Basuto Wars 1877-1881, and
with the Imperial Yeomanry during the last South African
War; awarded D.S.O. 1902; formerly a Resident Magis-
trate in Ireland; married (1882) BEATRICE, daughter of Com-
missary-General W. WARNEFORD.

Segrave, COMMANDER JOHN RODERICK, R.N. born 1870,
eldest son of the late Captain William F. Segrave, 7ist
Highlanders and H.B.M. Consul; educated at Beaumont;
Lieut. 1893; married (1907) MARY, younger daughter of
Frederick RICARDO.

1875, son of late Captain William F. Segrave, Highland
Light Infantry, and H.B.M. Consul; educated at Beau-
mont; entered the Highland Light Infantry 1898; saw ser-
vice in Crete in the same year, was wounded in the affair at
Kandia of September 6, named in Despatches, and awarded
the D.S.O.; served in last South African War with Mounted
Infantry 1901; married (1904) NELLIE, daughter of the late
Vice- Admiral J. J. KENNEDY, C.B.

AND YEAR-BOOK 1908 361

Selby, MRS MARGARET PEARL daughter of Henry George
BROMILOW, of Southport, Lancashire; widow (since 1900)
of Walter Charles SELBY, J.P., of Biddlestone.

Selby, LIEUT. WALTER ARTHUR, R.N. born 1882, eldest
son of Walter Selby, of Biddlestone; educated at Beaumont,
at Ladycross, Bournemouth, and on H.M.S. Britannia',
Midshipman R.N. 1899, and Lieut. 1904. Lands granted to
Sir Walter de Selby in the reign of Edward I have con-
tinued in the family to the present day.

Selinus, BISHOP OF (Right Rev. RICHARD COLLINS) born,
at Newbury 1857; educated at Ushaw; ordained 1885;
served missions at Newhouse, Wolsingham, Towlaw, St
Andrew's, Newcastle; Adm. of St Mary's Cathedral, New-
castle, 1895-1905; Canon of Hexham 1892; consecrated
Bishop- Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle 1905.

Sewell, FATHER J. D. W., S.J., Manager of St Joseph's Col-

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