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Wm H McGrath, foreman; M V Farley,
engineer; T F Stokes Jr. stoker; James
T Carey, steward; Peter M Saul, driv-
Fiigine Co No 7— Fifty-ninth nr San Pab-
lo av: Wm A Ronaldson. foreman: John
R Graham, engineer; David Kennedy,
stoker; Michael J Halr>in. driver
Engine Co No 8- Fifty-first nr Telegraph
av P J Mullen, foreman; E La Perle.
engineer: W B Harlow, stoker; Frank
J Ball, driver
Chemical Engine Co No 1—325 Thirteenth:
J Fitzsimmons. foreman; Wm Lutkey.
driver: George Akers. steward



Chemical Engine No 2— Magnolia nr
Thirty-fourth; Patrick H Murray, stew-
ard; Emil J G Hahn, driver

Hook and Ladder Co No 1—470 Sixth; El-
iott Whitehead, foreman; John J Mey-
er, driver; W C Barnes, tillerman

Hook and Ladder Co No 2—619 East
Fourteenth; J J Mulgrew, foreman;
Patrick F Jordan, driver

Hook and Ladder Co No 3—1671 Eighth;
H Bullock, foreman; Valdimiro Caval-
lo. driver; W Scribner, tillerman

Hose Co No 1—470 Sixth; Arthur E Coz-
zens, foreman; E Robison. driver

Hose Co No 2—619 East Fourteenth; P F
Jordan, driver

Hose Co No 3—1268 Seventh; G L Yager,
foreman; W J McGuiness, driver; Louis
Hoffman, stewaid

Hose Co No 4 — Santa Clara av nr Oak-
land av; E P Cook, foreman; W Cerlni.
driver; Wm Leuter, steward


3 Fourth and Franklin sts

4 Fifth and Harrison sts

C Seventh and Washington sts

ij Twelfth St and Broadway

7 Ninth and Webster sts

8 Fourteenth and Webster sts

9 Twelfth and Madison sts
11 Seventeenth and Grove sts

13 Frederick st and Telegraph av

14 Sycamore st and Telegraph av

15 Thirty-fourth and Peralta sts
l-i Sycamore and Telegraph av

17 Thirty -fourth st and Telegraph av

17 Thirty-sixth st and Telegraph av

IS Lake and Jackson sts

1;1 Twenty-first and Broadway

21 Seventh and Wood sts

23 West Fourteenth and Kirkham sts

24 Sewaid and Campbell sts

25 West Seventh and Chester sts
Z'-\ West Seventh and Adeline sts

27 West Tenth and Kirkham sts

28 West Seventeenth and Peralta sts

29 Campbell and Pacific sts

31 Fifth and Grove sts

32 Third and Filbert sts

3t Seventh and Market sts

35 Tenth and Grove sts

3C Fourteenth and Market sts

37 Twenty -first and Market sts

38 Twelfth and Adeline sts

39 Eighteenth and Adeline sts

41 East Fourteenth st and 17th av

42 East Twelfth st and Twelfth av

43 East Seventeenth st and Eighth av

45 East Twelfth st and Sixth av

46 Fifth av and Tenth st

47 East Twenty-fourth st and 19th av

48 East Twentv -fourth st and 13th av

49 East Twelfth st and 22d av

51 First and Webster sts

52 Third and Jackson sts

53 Eighth and Jackson sts

54 Twelfth and Brush sts

56 Sixteenth st and San Pablo av

o7 Twenty-eighth and Myrtle sts

53 Webster st and Orchard av

59 Oakland and East Moss avs

61 City Hall (14th and Washington sts)

62 Ninth st and Broadway

63 Twenty-first st and San Pablo av

64 Durant and "Webster sts

65 Second and Jefferson sts

67 Second and Market sts

68 Tenth and Filbert sts

69 Fourth and Brush sts

71 Thirteenth and Wood sts

72 Thirty-fourth and West sts
7c' Twenty-ninth and Grove sts

74 Twenty-eighth and Adeline sts

75 San Pablo and Filbert st

76 B and Hellen sts

78 Fifteenth and Castro sts

79 Jefferson and Thirteenth sts

81 Avon Place and Lister av

82 East Sixteenth and Fourth av

83 East Twenty-second ond Eighth av

84 East Nineteenth st and lith av

85 East Twenty-first st and 21st av

86 East Seventeenth st and 23d av

87 East Tenth and Par't av

89 East Thirtieth st and 21st av

91 Vernon and Perkins sts

92 Eighteenth and West sts

93 Ninth and Cedar sts (Oil Works, pri-

91 Twenty-third and Webster sts

95 Milton and Market sts

96 Twenty-fourth and Grove sts
98 Seventh and Filbert sts

123 Twelfth and Center sts

126 Third and Adeline sts

127 Boole's Shipyard, foot of Adeline

128 Fifth and Cypress sts
132 First and Washington sts

134 Fourth and Washington sts

135 Eleventh and W^ashington sts

136 Tenth and Clay sts

142 Kennedy and Park sts (Cotton Mill,

145 Sixth av and East Nineteenth st

146 Second av and East Twelfth st

147 Hopkins st and Haley av

148 Nineteenth av and East Sixteenth st

149 East Fourteenth st and 23d av

152 Adams Wharf (private)

153 Walsworth and Bayo Vista avs

156 Perry and Chetwood

157 Van Buren av and Lee st

158 Montecito av and Bay Place

165 Fiist and Grove (Electric Light Sta-
tion, private)
184 East Twenty-eight st and 11th av

193 Seventeenth and Wood sts

194 Twenty-sixth and Broadway

213 Bernie and Franklin sts

214 Twentieth and Franklin sts

215 Twenty-second and Telegraph av

235 Market and Thirty-sixth sts

236 Sixteenth and Filbert sts
241 Eighth and Union sts

251 Second and Harrison
261 Piedmont and Moss avs

263 Echo and Piedmont avs

264 Fortieth and Piedmont av

265 Broadway and Piedmont av
327 Telegraph av and Fortieth st
352 Sixth and Oak sts

363 Lawton av and Forty-ninth st

364 Telegraph av and Forty-sixth st

365 Fifty-ninth and Shattuck av

367 Telegraph av and Fifty-second st

368 Claremont and Forest avs

369 Sixty-second st and Telegraph av
371 Fifty-fourth and Grove sts

412 Fifty-ninth and Adeline sts

413 Sixtieth and Lowell (Bishop Lumber

Co, private)
415 Sixtieth and Idaho

451 San Pablo av and Fifty-eighth st

452 Fifty-sixth bet Park and Lowell
461 San Pablo av and Sixty-third st




Oakland, Cal.
L" S Post Office Building— Broadway s t

eor Seventeenth

Office Hours
General delivery window, open 7 am;

close 9pm
Carriers' window, open 7 am; close o

p m
Stamp and box v;indows, open 8:30 a m;

close .5 pm
Money order department, open 9 am;

close 5pm
Kegistr>- department, open 9 am; close

Special delivery department, open 7 am;

close 11 p m

Sundays — Main Office
I'.enei-al deiiverv and carriers' windows,

10 a m to 11 a m; Sta A and B 12:15 to
1:15 p m; Golden Gate and Alden, 9 to 10

;i m

I'ostmaster — Paul J Schater
Assistant Postmaster — Wn. W Robson
Supt of Delivery— Simon P Wagner
Finance Clerk. — \Vm S J Stephens
("hief Mailing Clerk — Oliver E Perigo
Stamp Clerk— Arthur E Martin
Money Order Clerks — Edwin D Bothwell,

Moitke A Schafer
Time Keeper — Helen W Moffitt
Janitor — Stewart Merrill
Aspelin Alice E — Stamper
Bohan Walter D — Mailing Clerk
Buvenizer Herbert E — Stamper
Hostwick Frederick R — Stamper
Ball Margaret T — Stamper
Bolton Marie M — Stamper
Baxley Fannie A— Stamper
Hishop Retta — Stamper
("antwell Herbert C — Mailing Cleik
I 'hatley Robert J — Stamper
Colquhoun Joseph A — Distributer
Cook George C — Registry Clerk
('rewe Amy E — Directory Clerk
Faneuf Ralph J— Mailing Clerk

Fi eeland Bertha— Stamper
(jeary l^uella K — Directory Clerk
Gehhart Miles W — Stamper
Gleiidenning Albert J — Registry Clerk
Gciodft'llow Bessie — Directory Clerk
(iairison Captain K — Stamper

Gomes Emanuel S — Distriouter

Geriity Margaret A — Stamper

Hague Charles J — Stamprr

Haley Harry- — Stamper

liiggins Louisa M — Stamper

Musing Lillie M — Stamper

Haaglund John G — Mailing Clerk

Kiefer Edward P — Stamper

Lane Grace L — Directory Clerk

Littler Mrs Bessie — Distributer

Louder Arthur T> — Distributer

Lc.vcland Mrs Etta F— Directory Clerk

Logan Jessie E — Stamper

Lambert Georga — Directory Clerk

Magennis Cas|)er H — Stamper

Melville Douglas — Stamper

Mitchell Charles H — General Delivery

McCard George S— Maillnar Clerk

Nielsen Aage M E M — Stamper

Xetland There A — jeneral Dlellvery Clerk

Noble Harry E — General Delivei-y Clerk

Powell Elbert W — Stamper

Powell Chester E — Distributer

Parker Mabel A — Stamper

Petit Peruana — Stenographer

Roche Frank J— Mailing Clerk

Stromberg Richard F— Distributer

Story Jefferson — Stamper

Swahets Oscar G— Special Delivery Clerk

Staubly Woodville G— Box Clerk

Tucker Mrs Carrie — Distributer

Van Linschoten Carel J S— Stamper

Van Sickle Ralph M— Stamper

White Genevieve T— Registry Clerk

Woerner Louis E— General Delivery Clerk

Warford James W D— Registry Clerk

Wright Edward C— Mailing Clerk

"i'ore George M— General Delivery Clerk

Zimmerman Bessie B — Stamper.



Station A— 110 Seventh; James T Killian.

clerk in charge
Station Alden— 1890 Telegraph av; Joseph

M Pedrini, clerk in charge
Station B— 578 East Twelfth; Eugene Col-

bv, clerk in charge
Station C— 1111 Thirty-sixth; Jame.-? J

Gobeil, clerk in charge
Station Fruitvale— East Fourteenth nr

Fruitvale av; Edward L Barry, clerk in

Sub-Station No 1—963 Broadway; Martha

Stemm, clerk in charge
Sub-Station No 2—1154 East Fourteenth,

cor Twenty-third av: Perry H Auseon,

clerk in charge
Sub-Station No 3— Seventh, cor Mvrtle;

A I> Leber clerk in charge
Sub-Station No 4—1383 Fifth av; J A Cos-

grove, clerk in charge
Sub-Station No 6 — Fourteenth, cor Frank-
lin; Wm H Johnson, clerk in charge
Sub- Station No 7—460 Seventh; Warren

P Wheeler, clerk in charge
Sub-Station No 8—1450 Seventh; H .\

Glines, clerk in charge
Sub-Station No 9—1575 Seventh; Mrs Au-

guste Hoist, clerk in charge
Sub-Station No 10— S w cor Eleventh and

Washington; Hale Bros, clerks In charg-J
Sub-Station No 11—1101 San Pablo av:

Charles H Hammitt, clerk in charge
Sub-Station No 12 — 1811 Telegraph av;

Dr Benjamin T Mouser, clerk in charg->
Sub-Station No 13—1400 Fourteenth; R

E McCracken, clerk in charge
Sub-Station No 14—5902 San Pablo av;

F S Klinkner, clerk in charge
Sub-Station No 15—4104 Piedmont av; W

A Maxwell, clerk in charge
Sub-Stations transact only stamp, money
order and registry business


Allendale — Short nr Allendale av; Joseph
R Wolfe, postmaster

Dimond— Hopkins nr Fruitvale av; Mrs
Hattie C Thompson, postmaster

Emeryville— Foot Park av; J C Coburn,

Melrose — Bay av; Joseph Graef. postmas-

Piedmont— Piedmont Spriiigs; Mrs .Mary
S Patton, postmaster


Stockyards — Sixty-flfth nr Bay, Emery-
ville; B W Alden. postmaster


Domestic mail matter, that is, mail
matter sent in the mails from some post
office within the United States to some
other post office within the same, is di-
vided into four classes, as follows:

First-Class Matter.


Written matter, namely letters^ postal
cards, and all matter wholly or partly in
writing, whether sealed or unsealed — ex-
cept as provided below — and all matter,
sealed or otherwise, closed against in-
spection, is of the first class.

Postal Cards — No printing or writing
other than the address allowable upon
the address siae; nor may anything ex-
cept an address label be pasted or attach-
ed to any postal cards. The words "to be
called for," or any proper description of
the person or place addressed may be
written or piinted thereon as part of the
address. Any other writing, mark or seal
placed on the address side renders it un-
mailable except at letter rates.

Private Mailing cards — Mailing cards
other than government postal cards may
b<- sent through the mails at the rate of
one cent apiece, payable by stamps to be
affixed by the sender. Written messages
may be sent on these cards when they
are made to conform to the following re-
strictions: Such cards must be approxi-
mately of same form, auality and weight
as the stamped postal cards now in gen-
eral use. not exceeding 31/. bv .5% inches
nor less than 2 15-16 by 4 15-16 inches!
The color of the cards mav be white
cream, light gray, or shade of the go-'ern-
ment card. The card must bear these
words m print on the addressed side-
"Post Card." There may be on the mes-
sage or address side advertisements, il-
lustrations, or other matter printed in
black or colors. Ordinai-y mailing cards
when the message is entirely in printing'
are not restricted to the above conditions'.
They may be of any size, but are not en-
titled to the words "Post Card."

Second-Class Matter.

Second-class matter is of two kinds
First, that sent by publishers or news
agents; second, that sent bv other than
publishers or news agents.

^^"i XT^ S.^T.^?c^^^G^ TO PUBLISHERS


Mailable matter of the second-class em-
braces all newspapers and other periodi-
cal publications which are Issued at stated
mtei-vals and are within the conditions
named in the statute.


First — It must be regularly issued at
stated intervals, as frequently as four
times a. year, and bear a date of issue
and be numbered consecutively.

Second — It must be issued from a
known office of publication.

Third — It must be formed of printed
I'aper sheets, without board, leather, cloth
or other substantial binding, such as dis-
tinguish printed books for preservation
from periodical publications.

Fourth — It must be originated and pub-
lished for the dissemination of informa-
tion of a public character, or devoted to
literature, the sciences, arts, or some
special industiy, and having a legitimate
list of subscirbers.

What is Permissable to Be Written or
Piinted — The name and address of the
person to whom the matter shall be sent;
index figures of subscription book, either
piinted or written; the printed or writ-
ten name and adress of the publisher or
sender, or both, and written or printed
words or figures, or both, indicating the
date on which the subscription to such
matter will end; the correction of any
t>pographical error; a mark, except writ-
ten or printed words, to designate a word
ot passage to which it is desired to call
attention; the words "sample copy," or
"marked copy;" and publishers and news
agents may enclose in their publication,
bills, receipts and orders for subscription

Third Class — Printed Matter


Piinted Matter — Is defined to be the re-
production upon paper by any process ex-
cept that of handwriting, or by the type-
writer, of any words, letters, character?,
figures, or images, or of any combination
thereof, not having the character of an
actual personal correspondence. Seeds,
bulbs and scions are included in third-
class matter. •

Further Points of Definition— Repro-
ductions from originals, produced by mim-
eograph or similar mechanical process,
easv of recognition, are entitled to pass
in the mails in unsealed envelopes as
third-class matter, when mailed at the
pest office window in numbers of at least
twenty identical copies.

Proof sheets and corrected proof sheets
and manuscript copy accompanying the
same are rated as third-class matter.

Permissible Writing— Upon matter of
the third class, or upon wrapper or envel-
ope inclosing the same, or the tag or label
attached thereto, the sender may write
bis- own name, occupation and residence
or business address, preceded by the word
••from," and may make marks other than
by written or printed words to call atten-
tion to any word or passage in the text,
and mav correct any typographical error.
There may be placed upon blank leaves or
cover of anv book or printed matter of tae



thiitl class a simple manuscript dedication
or inscription not of tlie nature of a per-
sonal correspondence. Upon the wrapper
or envelope of third-class matter mailable
as third class, there must be left on the
address side space sufficent for a legible
address and necessary stamps.

Fourth Class — Mlscellanous Matter.


Mailable matter of the fourth class em-
braces all matter not embi-aced in thj
first, second and third class, which is not
in its foi'm or nature liable to destroy or
deface or otherwise damage the contents
of the mail bag or harm the persons of
any one engaged in the postal service, and
is not above four pounds in weight for
each package thereof, except in case of
single books weighing in excess of tha:

Examination— All matter of the fourth
class shall be subject to examination.

How Enclosed — Articles of merchandise
must be wrapped or enclosed in such .a.
manner that their character can be easily
ascertained. In the case of such articled
as medicine, powders, tobacco, cigars,
fancy soaps and the like, postmasters
will accept them when mailed in their
original wrappers and so sealed or en-
closed as to properly protect the articles,
so that each package in its simplest mer-
cantile form or unit of measure may be

Permissible Writing or Printing Upon
or with Fourth -Class Mattel- — With a
package of fourth-class matter prepaid at
the proper rate for that class, the sender
may enclose any mailable third-class mat-
ter, and may write upon me wrapper or
cover thereof, or tag or label accompany-
ing, the business address, preceded by the
word "from," and any marks, numbers,
rf. mes or letters, for puri ose of descrip-
tion, or may print thereon the same and
any printed matter not in the nature of a
].er.'-onal correspondence.

Positively Unmailable — Poisons, inflam-
mable or explosive substances and other
substances exhaling a bad odor. All al-
coholic liquors, live animals or reptiles,
dead animals not stuffed, live insects, ex-
cept bees, comb honey and fruits or vege-
table matter liable to decay; also letters,
)>ictures or other articles of obscene or
indecent character (sealed or unsealed),
'.etters or circulars regarding lotteries or
fraudulent schemes of anv kind, and let-
:»»rs or other articles upon the outside of
which appears anything of a scurrilous,
defamatory or theratening character.



ircludes neaily all foreign countries. Th3
classification of mail is as follows:

Articles foi- or from foieign countries,
except Canada and Mexico, are classified
a.s "T>etters," "Postcards." "Newspapers."
and other printed matter. "Commercial

or business papers," and "Patterns or

The Rate of Postage to the countries
and colonies comprising the Universial
Postal Union (except Canada and Mexi-
co;, are as follows:

Letters, per 15 grams (% ounce) o

Postal cards, each, 2 cents.

Newspapers and other printed matter,
per 2 ounces, 1 cent.

Commercial Papers — Packets, not in
excess of 10 ounces, 5 cents. Packets in
excess of 10 ounces, for each 2 ounces or
fraction thereof, 1 cent.

Samples of Merchandise — Packets, not
in excess of 4 ounces, 2 cents. Packets
in excess of 4 ounces, for each 2 ounces
or fraction thereof. 1 cent.

Mexico and Canada.

Mexico — Matter mailed in the United
States addressed to Mexico is subject to
the same postage rate and conditions as
it would be if it were addressed for de-
livery in the United States, except that
articles of miscellaneous merchandise
(fourth-class matter) not sent as bona-
fide trade samples, are required to be sent
bv "Parcels Post." See below.

"Canada — Matter mailed in the United
States, addressed to Canada, is subject to
the same postage rates and conditions a.3
it would be if it were addressed for de-
livery in the United States. The follow-
ing articles, however, are absolutely ex-
cluded from the Canadian mails, without
regard to the amout of iiostage prepaid,
or the manner in which they are wrapped,
viz: All sealed packages other than let-
ters in their usual and oidinary form; all
packages (except single volumes of
printed books) which weigh more than 4
lbs. 6 oz.; "Police Gazette" publications
which violate any copyright law of Can-

Merchandise may be sent in the mails
to Canada at domestic rates of postage,
when not sealed against inspection, sub-
ject to the custom duties of that country.

Parcels Post.

I^nsealed packages of mailable mer-
chandise may be sent by Parcels Post i.o
Germany. Jamaica, Barbadoes, the Ba-
hamas, British Honduras, Mexico, the
Leeward Islands, the Republic of Colom-
bia, Costa Rica, the Dan:sh West Indies
and Salvador. British Guiana, Windward
Islands and Newfoundland at the postage
rate of 12 cents per pound

General Information.

Api)licatinn for missing letters, papers
and jiackages mailed at Oakland for
other postoffices. for mail matter that 'S
held for postage, or is for any other rea-
son unmailable, should be made at the
office of the Superintendent of Mails.

For entry of second-class matter or for
information concerning the same or for
letters which the senders desire to recall
by telegraph before delivery is made to
address, application should be made at
the Assistant Postmaster's room.



For stampt'd envelopes, postal cards,
etc., in quantities of 500 or over, applica-
tion should be made to the cashier.

Immediate delivery of mail matter by a
special messenger may be secured by af-
fixing a special delivery stamp in addi-
tion to the regular postage at any hour
between 7 a. m. and 11 p. m., including

Inquiries respecting the arrival and de-
parture of mail should be made at the of-
fice of Superintendent of Mails.

Inquiries respecting the delivery of mail
shciuld be made at the office of the Su-
perintendent of Delivery.

For redemption of stamped envelopes
which have been spoiled in directing or
printing, apply to the Retail Stamp win-

For rental of lock boxes or drawers, ap-
ply to the Inquiry window.

For employment of clerks or carriers or
information concerning the same, appli-
cation should be made to the Secretary of
the Local Board of Examiners for the
Civil Service Commission, or Wm W Rob-
.son. General Postofflce.

Penalty of Evasion of Payment of Post-
age — Any person who sha'l conceal or in-
close matter of a higher class in that of a
lower class and deposit or cause the samft
to be deposited for conveyance by mail
at a less rate than would be charged for
such higher class matter, shall, lor every
offense, be liable to a penalty of $10.00.

Detention, wrong delivery or loss of
mail matter should be reported immedi-
ately in person or by letter to the Post-
master. The complaint should be accom-
panied, if possible^ by the envelope wrap-
j)er or postal card in order that an exam-
ination may be made of the address and
post marks which is essential to satisfac-
tory results.

All transient residents receiving or ex-
pecting to receive mail at the general de-
livei-y should instruct their correspondents
to add to the address of same "General
Delivery," which will save from twelve
to twenty-four hours in delivery.

All valuable letters should be register-
ed which every carrier is authorized to re-
ceipt for at the door of the sender.



Chairman Board of Supervisors — John


District No 1 — C Fred Horner

District No 2— Wm B Bridge

District No 3 — Joseph M Kelley

District No 4 — Harrison D Rowe

District No 5 — John Mitchell

Regular meeting first Monday in each
month at Hall of Records Bldg

County Clerk— John P Cook, Hall of Rec-

Chief Deputy Clerk — Andrew E John-

Deputy Court Room Clerks

Dept No 1 — Frederick L Donahue

Dept No 2— Paul W Wuthe

Dept No 3 — Thomas Turner

Dept No 4 — A J Woolsey

Dept No 5 — iJames F Glover

Deputies — Anton A Rogers, Frank Heaney,
Joseph A Kirk, Wm B Zambresky, Louid
A Rudolph, Joseph K Fold, Frank T
Thompson, Burton B Eraser, H M Wil-
son, James M Camp, W M Browning

Recoi'der — A K Grim

Chief Deputy— D A Sinclair

Deputies — C R James, Bart B Booth, R S
Lackie, C A Gregory, P C Webber,
Charles N Brier

County Auditor^George » Fierce

Chief Deputy — Myron A Whidden

County Treasurer — Michael Kelly

Chief Deputy — Edward T Planer

Deputies — J C Hart, Fred Realy

County Assessor — Hen/y P Dalton

Chief Deputy — Thomas M Robinson

Deputies — Andrew Naitken, James R
Sloan, Alan G Clark, Frank W Shay,
Wm N Van de Mark, George H West-
lake, Noah G Sturtevant, Thomas C
Stoddard, Herman J Rathjen, J Clement

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