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Los Gatos
and the
Santa Cruz



Opp. Pettoffic*



Phone Oakland 7932

Terms Reasonable
Phone Oakland 4611 Open Evening,





1016 BROADWAY "^^K^/.r TL OAKLAND 285

/?.£.& \^7 1508







PPaNCE. N of Woolsey fm Baker (No

3101) E to Telegraph av
14(Ki at Baker HM at Ellis

14J] at Lee 1*^30 at Harper

i:i<K> at Sacramento 1900 at Grove
h:m at: California 19-'0 at Adeline
ITiX) at King -000 at Tremont

PRINCETON. N of Hopkins and Holyoke.
continuation of Jones fm San Pablo
av E to Stannage av

PROSPECT. E of Piedmont way _ fm
State University Grounds to Dwlght

22f>n\t' Piedmont :;4i:, at Hillside av

^yay - "iW !it Dwight way

2101 at Channing

RALSTON, see Grant fm Parker S to

RAYMOND, see Fulton fm Ashby av S

REGEiNT. E of Telegraph av fm Dwight

way (No 2520) S to Ashbv av

•'-.01 at Dwight way 2725 at Ward

■ri3n at Blake >01 at Stuart

:'(iOO at Parker :'!^3-. at Oregon

2fi25 at Carlton -JWl at Russell
2701 at Derby

RIDGE ROAD (former Daley av) N of
Hearst av fm Arch (No 1801) E to
Highland PI
2301 at Arch 2501 at Euclid av

2301 at Le Conte av 2601 at Le Roy av
2401 at Scenic av 2630 at Bonte av

ROOSEVELT AV (formerly Catherine).

W of Grant fm Addison (No 1730), S

to Dwight way.
2101 at Addison 2401 at Channing

2201 at AUston way way
2301 at Bancroft 2429 at Haste

ROSE. N of Vine fm Hopkins E to Arcn
1500 at Sacramento 1926 at Bonita av

1600 at California
1700 at McGee
1724 at Edith
1800 at Grant
1900 at Grove

2000 at Milvia
2025 at Henry
2100 at Shattuck av
2120 at Walnut
2200 at Oxford
2220 at Spruce




ROSE, AV Bkly. see Camelia fm 1st ''
San Pablo a^'

RUSS. see Derby fm College av to War-

RL'SSELIi (including former Moulber av)

fm Matthews E to Kelsey
1200 at Matthews 2300 at Ellsworth
IIJOO at Mabel 2400 at Dana

1400 at Baker 2500 at Telegraph av

1500 at Sa'cramentc;., 2520 at Regent
1600 at California 2600 at Hillegass av

1700 at McGee
ISOO at Grant
1900 at Grove
2000 at Milvia
Adeline Newljei iv
2100 at Shattuck av 2S01 at Hazel
2200 at Fulton

2636 at Benvenue av
2700 at College av
2721 at Cherry
2SU0 at Alice

SACRAMENTO (including former Lovj|
W of California and Calais fm I- '
kins <No 1500) S

1301 at Hopkins

1335 at Oilman
1401 at Rose
1501 at Vine
16(M at Cedar
1625 at Lincoln
1701 at Virginia
1725 at Francisco
1801 at Delaware
1901 at Bristol

to Todd

2445 at Dwight vi
2525 at Blake
2601 at Parker
2625 at Carlton
2701 at Derby
2725 at Ward
2801 at Stuart
2825 at Oregon
2901 at Russell
2925 at Julia

1925 at Berkeley way 3001 at Ashby av
2001 at University 3025 at Tyler i

av 3101 at Prince

2101 at Addison 3125 at Woolsey

2201 at Allston way 3201 at Fairview
2301 at Bancroft way 3225 at Harmon I
2401 at Channing 3301 at Alcatraz il
way 3335 at Felton i


SAN PABLO AV. E of Tenth, W Bl

fm Berkeley north line and Harrti

(No 1100) S to Bdv and 14th st Olr

2401 at Channing.

2501 at Dwight wi
2601 at Parker
2625 at Carlton
2701 at Derbv
2725 at Ward
2730 at Grayson
2801 at Stuart
2835 at Oregon
2925 at Burnett

3001 at Ashby av

3002 at Murray
3025 at Garrison
3030 at Folger
3035 at Haskell
3100 at Union av

1200 at Vassar

1201 at Harrison
i3(wt at Yale
1301 at Oilman
M(x> at Columbia
1401 at Camelia
1436 at Harvard
1435 at Page
l.iOfi at Princeton
1501 at Jones
1601 at Holyoke
1701 at Virginia
1801 at Delaware
1901 at Bristol
2001 at University

2101 at Addison
2201 at Allston way
2301 at Bancroft


SANTA FE AV. NW of Christina
Oordonice's Creek SW to Cornell av

1201 at Cordonice's 1301 at Yale

SCENIC AV. E of Arch fm Cedar i

2400) S to Hearst av
1601 at Cedar 1701 at Virginia

1625 at Hilgard av 1801 at Ridge Roi

SECOND, see Allston Way fm West
to Bancroft way

SECOND, see Alston way fm West

SECOND. W Berkel
rison (No 620) S

1201 at Harrison
1301 at Oilman
1401 at Camelia
1435 at Page
1501 at Jones
1601 at Holyoke
1701 at Virginia
1801 at Delaware
1901 at Bristol
2001 at University av

ey, E of 1st fm I

to Grayson
2101 at Addison
2201 at Allston w
2301 at Bancroft

2401 at Channing

2501 at Dwight w
2G01 ni Parker
2701 at Carleton

Coast Automobile and Mfg. Co.

TOURING CARS AND^ RU NABOUTS General Automobile Repair]

778-780 Telegraph

Phone Oakland 3171

StnvsET^^Wfifiit Company

Office And Yard
It and Clay St».

il. Oakland 176


H.OLINGER. Manasfer

Branch Yard

C. 12th and I7th Ave.

Cast Oakland

Tel. Cart 22



i'ENTH. W Berkeley, E of 6th fm
iiarrison (No 900) S to Grayson
c Nos see 5th

KSTA, Hopkins Terrace tract

EjlTTUCK AV. W of Walnut and Ful-
on fm Eunice (No 2100) S to Tel av nr
5th. Okld

2401 at Channing

2421 at Haste
2501 at Dwight way
2525 at Blake
2601 at Parker
2625 at Carleton

2700 at Adeline

2701 at Derby
2725 at Ward

:( at Eunice

{ at Berryman

11 at Rose

;( at Vine

11 at Cedar

;; at Lincoln

'I at Virginia

'; at Francisco

!( at Delaware

)i at Hearst av

at Berkeley way2801 at Stuart
at University av2825 at Oregon

STUART (including Moss) S of Ward fm

San Pablo av (No 2801) E to Kelsey
1100 at San Pablo a-\-'100 at Shattuck av

at Addison
at Center
at Allston way
at Kittredge
at Bancroft


at Durant av

2901 at Russell
3001 at Ashby av
3021 at Emerson av
3031 at Essex av
3101 at Prince
3125 at Woolsey
3201 at Fairview
3301 at Alcatraz av

:TH. W Bkly. E of 5th fm Harrison
(No 820) S to Grayson

Nos see 2d

TTH, W of Sacramento fm Hopkins
(No 1420) S to Rose

i'DER AV, S of Grayson fm San Pablo
av W

L'TH. see Bancroft way fm Bona to

:0U at Fulton
::300 at Ellsworth
2400 at Dana
2500 at Telegraph av
2520 at Regent ■
2600 at Hillegass av
2636 at Benvenue ;iv
2700 at College av

JTH ATHERTON, see Atherton

■^ULDING, E of Sacramento fm Ad-
dison (No 1526) S to Dwight way

1 at Addison 2401 nt Channing

1 at Allston way way
1 at Bancroft way

RING. E of Arch fm Vine (No 2324) S
to Cedar

RUCE. E of Oxford fm Eunice (No
2220) S to Cedar

at Eunice 1401 at Rose

1 at Berryman 1501 at Vine

ANFORD AV. see Adeline

ANFORD PLACE, E S Shattuck av
fm University av to Center

ANNAGE AV, E of Kains av fm Cor-

lonice's Creek and north town line S to


1 at Vassar 1435 at Harvard

I at Yale 1501 at Princeton

L at Columbia 1601 at Hopkins ck

'ANTON. Lorin. W of Sacramento fm
Vshby S to Prince

II at Ashby av 3025 at Tyler

JOSEPH changed to Jefferson av

1200 at Mathews
1300 at Mabel
1400 at Baker
1500 at Sacramento
1600 at California
1700 at McGee
1800 at Grant
1900 at Grove
2000 at Milvia

SUMMER, Hopkins Terrace tract

SYLVAN WAY. N of Bancroft way fia

College av W
2700 at 2201 College av

TALBOT AV, E of Cornell av fm Cor-
doniee's Creek and north town line S to
Santa Fe av

1201 at Cordonice's 1301 at Yale

TALLAC, Hopkins Terrace tract
TAMALPAIS, Hopkins Terrace tract
TARA, see Baker fm Russell S lo Al-
catraz av

TELEGRAPH AV (Including former
Choate and Humboldt av), E of Dana
fm University Grounds and AUsion
wav (.No 2500) S to Bdy and 16th,
2200 at Allston .way 2625 at Carlton
2300 at Bancroft 2701 at Derby

way 2725 at Ward

2335 at Durant av 2801 at Stuart
2401 at Channing 2835 at Oregon

way ^9W at Russell

2435 at Haste 3001 at Ashby av

2501 at Dwight way 3100 at Prince
2530 at Blake 3130 at Woolsey

2600 at Parker ^ , . ^ •/,

For continuation see Oakland guide

TENTH W Berkeley, W of San Pablo
"av frn Harrison (No 1020) S to Grayson

' 2101 at Addison
2201 at Allston way
2301 at Bancroft way
2401 at Channing

2501 at Dwight way
2601 at Parker
2701 at Carlton
2801 at Grayson


1201 at Harrison
1301 at Gilman
1401 at Camelia
1435 at Page
1501 at Jones
160'] at Holyoke
1701 at Virginia
1801 at Delaware
1901 at Bristol
2001 at University

THIRD, W Berkeley, E of 2d fm Har

rison (.No 700) S to Grayson
For Nos see 10th

THIRD AV, see West

THIRD AV, see Sa. amen to fm Addisor.
to Bancroft way

TODD, S of Felton fm Baker (Okld) E to

1400 at Baker 3 700 at King

1500 at Sacramento 1735 at Ellis
1600 at California 1760 at Adeline




kUTOMOBILES"^*^^: I'lfelf?!"!'.^^

R. H. MORRIS, Telegraph Avenue at 34th Street

i^e Will T.y to Treat You Righ* OAKLAND. CALIF.

1303 Broadway
6 Telegraph Ave.












CO «



u. <


I- U) !^

J u _i
< z <





James P. Taylor






TOMPKINS, see Oregon fm San Pablc
av E to Grant

TREAIONT, S Berkeley. E of Adeline fn-
Emerson CNo 2000) S to Woolsey

TREMONT. now Milvia fm Bancroft way
to Russell

TYLER. Lorin. S of Mason fm Sacra
mento (No 3025) E to King

TYLER, see Webster fm College av E
to Claremont av

UNION. E of Dana fm Allston way (No

2430) S to Bancroft way
2201 at Allston way 2229 at Bancroft

TTNIVERSITY AV. N of Addison fm S P
Bay and 1st fNo 600) E to Oxford

WALNUT. E of Shattuck av fm Eue

(No 2124) S to
1200 at Eunice
1301 at Berryman
1401 at Rose
1501 at Vine
1601 at Cedar

Hearst av

1625 at Lincoln
IVOl at Virginia
1724 at Francisco
l&Ol at Delaware:!

WARD. N of Stuart fm San Pablo
(No 2725) E to Tel av

1100 at San Pablo

1200 at Mathews
1300 at Mabel
1400 at Baker
1500 at Sacramento
1600 at California
1700 at McGee

ISOO at Grant

1900 at Grove

2000 at Milvia

2100 at Shattuck

2200 at Fulton

2300 at Ellsworth:;

2400 at Dana

600 at 1st

550 at 2d

700 at 3d

740 at 4th

8CK3 at 5th

840 at 6th

900 at 7th

940 at 8th
1000 at 9th
lOtO at 10th
1100 at San Pablo av
1200 at Curtis

1300 at West
1400 at Acton
1500 at Sacramento
1600 at California
1700 at McGee
1800 at Grant
1900 at Grove
1925 at Bonlta av
aOTK) at Milvia
2101 at Shattuck av
2135 at Home
2154 at Oxford


UPLANT3S THE. Claremont Park tract

VASSAR. N of Yale, continuation of Har-
lison fm San Pablo av E to Stannage

lV»i at San Pablo av

VINE. N of Cedar fm Grove (No 1501> E
to Sprinp

19(1(1 at Grove
1926 at Bonita av
2000 at Milvia
2025 at Henry
2100 at Shattuck av

WARRING (including former Asylw
E of Piedmont way fm Channing
(No 2830) S to Derby
2401 at Channing wa*2601 at Parker
2501 at Dwight way 2701 at Derby

WEBSTER AV. S of Ashby av

Deakin (No 29251 E to Claremonti
2300 at Deakin 2740 at Alice

2336 at Tel av 2900 at Claremont

2700 at College av

WELLINGTON, see Deakin

WEST, see Grove

WEST, T\' Berkeley, E of Chestnut
Rose (No 1300) S to Channing way

1401 at Rose
1501 at Vine
1601 at Cedar
1701 at Virginia
1725 at FVancisco
1801 at Delaware
1901 at Bristol

2001 at Universitj
2101 at Addison
2135 at Center
2201 at Allston w
2301 at Bancroft:

2120 at AA'alnut
2200 at Oxford
2220 at Spruce
2300 at Arch

VIRGINIA (includirg former Frilsom) N
of Delaware fm 3d (No 1701) E to Mira
700 at 3d 1700 at McGee

740 at 4th ISOO at Grant av

800 at 5th 1900 at Grove

840 at 6th 1925 at Bonita av

900 at 7th 2000 at Milvia

940 at 8th 2101 at Shattuck

1000 at 9th 2120 at "Walnut

1040 at 10th 2200 at Oxford

1100 at San Pablo a\2220 at Spruce
1200 at Curtis 2300 at Arch

1300 at West 2325 at Spring

1400 at Acton 2400 at Scenic way

1500 at Sacramento 2500 at Euclid av
1600 at California 2700 at Bonte av

WHEELER. Peralta, E of Shattuck-
fm Russell (No 2140) S to Woolsej
2901 at Russell 3031 at Essex av

3001 at Ashby av 3101 at Prince
3021 at Emerson av 3125 at Woolse;-

WlLDESl. changed to Ashby av

WOOLSEY. S of Prince fm Sacrame

(No 3125) E to College av
1500 at Sacramento 2100 at Shattuck
1600 at California 2200 at Wheeler

; 170O at King
' 1800 at Ellis
j 1830 at Harper
1900 at Grove
1920 at Adeline
2000 at Tremont

2300 at Deakin
240<i at Telegrapt

2600 at Hillesass
2636 at Monroe
2700 at College a

YALEi N of Columbia, continuation
Oilman fm San Pablo av E to Si
Fe av

IKXt at San Pablo av











Berkeley Alterations, Removals, Kc.

Agulrre Albert F. r lfrl3 Allston Way.

Anderson M.s Aima B. r 1331 Walnut.

Andereon Andrew, larinman, r 1462 Sha:-
tiick av.

Andrews A C!arenes. c"k, b 1946 Dwight

Arr;o;a & Co (E F Arriola), photogr 21?>9
Shattuck av.

Atthowe Mrs Martha, r 2946 Harper.

Baird Lancey. elk, r 2624 Bancroft Way.

Baird R Curtis. c-Ik. r 2624 Bancroft Way.

Baker Mrs S H, r 16<J3 Prince.

Baldwin Mrs M D, stenogr. b 2411 Carl-

Barkhurst Wm H. fniniture 2:»4 San
Pablo av, r same.

BaiTA- Mrs J C, r 2026 Shattuck ja-.

Bartels Louis, r t>43 Camelia.

Braty Mrs Marv-. r 2129 Carlton.

Bechert Robert, r 164.5 6th.

Bennett Frank, shoemkr. r 23Zi lOfh.

Bergen Benjamin F. law%-er. r 2984 Tele-
graph av.

Berkeley EHeetric Lighting Co, "W M
Ward agt. 22S Shattuck av.

Berkeley House. Annie Murphv, propr;
furn rms: 2010 -3d.

Berkeley Public Commercial School. H E
Longenecker prin, 2119 Allston "U'av.

Berkeley Sanararium 10i)l Ashby av.

Berry Henry, carp, r 2127 Prince.

Berr\- Mr.s Sarah, r 1421 Walnut.

Bishop Frank C, r 2218 Grant.

Bither J. mngr Carbonic Dioxide Cor-
poration, r 232Ji 7th.

Blanchard Fred T. tchr Berkelev Pre-
paratorj- School, r 2207 Dwight Wav.

Blanchard S C & Son, contrs 3741 West.

Bliven Mrs Kate, r SlOti Ellis.

Bluett John, tinner, r 1.29 9th.

Bluth Anthonv. cook, b 163S 6th.

Borcher Frederick, r 1729 Sth.

Borgersen Laura (wid Peter), r W}S -5th.

Boutin John B. r 2644 Sylvan "Way.

Boyd Sherman W. driver J E Bovd. r 191-5

Breckenridge D M Greene, real est 20S2
Center, r 2S4S Garber.

Brennan Rev Thomas, asst pastor St Jo-
seph Church, r s Addison 1 e Jefferson

Bristol Mrs Isabella, r 431 Hermon.

Bromen Alfred, civ eng, r 1141 Allston

Brotberton Thomas P, carp, nns 2042 Ad-

Brown Mrs Carrie A, propr Woman's Ex-
change, r 2124 Kittredge.

Brown Charles, carp, r 1926 Berkelev

Brown Fred, driver Hose Co No 4, B F
D. r 1450 shattuck av.

Brown Jesse J. plumber B E Underwood,
r 1S30 6th.

Brown Paul, elk M J Steele Co, b cor
Bancroft Way ne cor Addison.

Brown Wade, lab Standard Soap Co.

Buchele Gusta\-us, stone cutter, r 1S13 Sth.

Bucher Robert, saloon 3d nr Harrison.

Bucker Charles, tmstr, rms Shattuck av
cor University av.

Bur:on Robert W, molder. r 1S36 Har-

Bush Louis, mach. r 1739 Allsion "Way.

Butzker Otto A, bicvcies n^j Shattuck

av. r 2118 Giove.
Cainpagna Mrs Rosa, r 1001 Channing

\^ ay.
Capdevivclle Raymond, b 2111 Bancroft


Cardoza Joseph, lab, r ^33 Bancroft Wav
Cardoza Joseph Jr, b S35 Bancroft Wav
Carlson Charles, master mariner, r 2420

Carlson David, housemover. b 1447 .5th
Carr Henr\- A. r 2129 Kittredge.
Carter Char'es. driver, b 1508 .5th.
Carter George, switchman, b 1508 5th.
Cedar Robert. lab. b 1447 S'h.


Fiank J Kuhlken. Propr: Board and
Livery; Bus for Private Picnics and
Parties; Also Genl Blacksmi thing and
Horseshoeing; 1307 Addison, Phone Ber-
keley 3282.
j Chamberlain Gilbert, carp, r 2120 .5th.
Champion ^Vm. comp. r 1708 Lincoln.
Chase Joseph F, r 2109 4th.
I Churchhill Fred, driver, r 1927 Addison

Chute Al^-in. carp, rms 2106 Grove.
! Clark Thomas F (Clark & Socker), r 2U7
1 4th.

I Cleveland Charles S. wood turner, r 1917
j 6th.

, Connor Mrs Delia, r 1311 2d.
I Cori Louis, molder "Van Emon Elev Co, r
; 1727 Felton.
1 Craig W^m. elk. r 2413 7th.

Crosland "Wm. eng Standard Soap Co, r
I 2261 Shattuck av.

I Cunningham Frank, trav agt. b 2315 5th.
j Daily Califomian The, L A McArthur
, editor, north hall U of C.
> Daly D A. letter c-arrier P O.
Dariforth Roy Harrison, city editor The

Independent, r Oakland.
Dawson Ezra R, salsn Reed Realty Co, r

Day Lisbeth. tchr Berkeley Public

Schools, r 4)20 Telegraph av.
De Fucha Genaro, lab^ r 712 Allston Way.
Demarchl Louis, r 221( 4th.
De Sallier George, elec mis 2115a Allston

Dewing Henr?- B. tchr High School.
Dewing James A, farmer, b ^50 Ells-
Dimmick Carroll D, druggist, r College

av nr Dwight Way.
Doumeau Charles, r 14t>4 2d.
Drake Mrs Maria S. stationery 2126

Dwight Wav, r same.
Dugan John, sexton St Josephs Church.

r Jefferson av cor Addison.
Eastman Mar^- P (.wid J C), r 2&47 Fulton.
Edward Larkin B. lab. r 144S 6th.
Edwards A. mach, r Charming Way bet

Sth and 6th.
Ehram Henrv, biksmith L J Laugel, b
1519 Sth. „ ^- „

Eichelberg John S, driver Hose Co No 2,

r 2111 Durant av.
E'lis ^V R & Co ("Wilson R Ellis), real

e=t 3"9 First Xatl Bank bldg.
Emerv Mrs Mar^-. r 2229 Chapel.
Evens Rev David, prin True Sunshme

Mission School.

Evans Rev ^5VoIc-ott H. pastor Presbyte-
rian Golden Gate Church, r !(&) •>4th.


Everding James S. b ^Ol ;'^- „^,, .. ^
Faculty Club, opp East Hall V e

grounds. _.,

Fetter Mrs Lena, elk, r 1444 5th.
Ffsher Fred, baker Golden Sheaf Bak-

pfso^re^Giovanni, marblewkr, r 2412 5th
Flack John, driver, rms 2115a Allston

F^fe^r Lauren M. r 2425 Hilgard av.
Oavette Louis, plumber R Anvis.
G I R Hall. Addison cor Shattuck av.
n-poro-e Manuel, miUman. r ilio -itn.
Sibh? Lee elec. rms 211.5a Allston Way,


Town Treasurer and Town Tax Col-
?ecror. Town Hall, r 2S6fi Webster.

Grove Walter E, sug letter earner PO.

Haines George W, harnessmkr. i 30o_

Hallelf ' James A. circulation mngr the

Berkeley Independent. ^^,„^, T.,.,,p

Hammond Hugh W, salsn Geoige Tiut-

Hans^om H C, carp Standard Soap Co.
Harder Wm, cabinetmkr. r 3004 Gio\e.
Harder H C. elk Spring Constr Co, r San
Pablo av cor Jones. Bancroft

Harris Vernon, carp, r 1741 Banciort

He^st^Theresa, tchr The Raymond Coach-

Higlin^s^ James, r 1735 Allston Way.
•Hiooins Wm J, r 1735 Allston Way.
Hr Albert M, lab. r 2239 Grant
Holgerson Thomas P, brasswkr, r S09

Allston Way. , j

Hutchins Mrs Ada A, propr The Lum

hridsp r 2(i42 Sylvan Way.
Hy^and'Mrs Ann, r 1944 Berkeley Way^^
Hyland John J. tmstr, r 2003 Heaist av .

Hvland John T, r 2003 Hearst av.

Hy and Mrs M J, r 2003 Hearst av.

Jansen Mrs Annie L i„102G Bristol.

Tones Even T, r 1249 Haskell.

Jones John T, roofer, r 10th nr Harrison.

Jordan Thomas, r 2(323 Parker

Kauffman Mrs Ellen, r 144.5 4th.

Kavarm-h John F, r 1623 University av.

KtlrnTy Mi?garet, r 2219 McKmley av.

ifn^r?Ie?.';#"A:' /ec'^'K^ng-Keystone Oil
Kluegel Mrs Edward A, r 2601 Ridge id.
Knurk John, carp r 031 Canielia.
Kreutzer Mrs Margaret, r Umveisity

Cottage No 4.
iTcfUoZ^-t^r'li 'c'cipw^ell CO (Oak-

fandr:p"oprs dry goods Shattuck av cor

Lake'^'cZmplin. elk, b 1903 6th ^ ^ _ ,.
La Rue Archie L, letter carried P O, i

L^Umm '^Alexander (Smythe & Latham).

llu?ll' Joseph A. blksmith 2030 San Pabio

Lavin'Michae,?- tmstr. r 2012 Hearst av.
Le Conte Tallulah, tchr, b 2501 Piedmont


Lee' James, elk, r 2516 Hilgard av

Lewis Emma J (wid Thomas L), r ZtuO

LWingston Mrs Lucy J, b 2222 Shattuck

Long Mrs Lillian E. restaurant 2207 Te.le-

eranli av, r same.
Loomis Henry, r 1307 University av.
Lundquist Theodore, r 3217 Boise.

McCartney H M. civ eng. r rear 141.>
Spruce. ^ ,^

McCuMoch Mrs E E. r 2921 Eulto-^

McCuUough Cliarles H, carp, r 1809 Ban-
croft W^ay.

McCullough'Wm, carp, r 1809 Bancroft

McLeod Dalton, elk Oakland Bank of Sav-

ins^s, b 1125 Bancroft Way.
Macdonald David A, miner, r 1615 Hop-

McShane John W, b 2530 Dwight Way.
MacNair Wm W. lawyer, r 1511 Sprmg.
Macov Wm H, coir, b 2229 Ellsworth.
Mailrio Peter, r rear n s Delaware bet
5th and 6th. ,..„„,, .

Maldonado Ferdinand B, r 1528 Walnut.
Mai shall Joseph, lab, r 2434 8th.
Mai tin Mrs Etta E. r 2018 Delaware.
Martinez Mrs Catherine A. r 1904 Bonita

Martinez Henry F, b 2401 Prospect av.
Merry Thomas, contr 1165 Delaware, r

same. _, ,,.„„

Miller Irving, mining engr, rms canton



(Henry Saffell and Fred Taylor), 3202
Adeline. , . .^

Moller Nicholi, lab, r University av cor
7 th

Moore Edwin N, supt Spring Construc-
tion Co, r Oakland. ,_,,„ ^ ■ i

Moran Thomas, cam, r lilO Lincoln.

Morin Gaston, jeweler, r 1030 Addison.

Morin Mrs Hyacinth, r 1030 Addison.

Morris Erma, Asst Supt of Schools, rms

Morris Wm^H, painter, r 1340 Berkeley

Way. ^

Mowry Harry, r 2001 Francisco.
Murphy Mrs Annie L (A L Murphy &

Son)", r 2310 Telegraph av.
Murphy A L & Son (Mrs Annie L Mur-

phv): music dlrs, 2310 Telegraph av.
Niehaus Ernest, r 1010 Bristol
Noack Mrs Emma L, r 1812 Ward.
Nouise George, r 1611 Bomta av
Oliveira Thomas, lab r ^^"1 ?"stol.
Palmer Alfred E, ^alsn. r L44 Oxtord.
Pantermehl John, r rear 1821 8th.
Parker Florence, r 2619 Haste
Parker Robert W, elk. r 2218 Atherton
Peialta Park Nursery, James L Mai tin

propr, 1607 Hopkins.
Perry George, carp, r 1901 ZQ. .

Petersen Martin, carp r 1214 Virginia.
Peterson Nels, lab. r IbOi 5tli. ^. ,^^^.
Ramsey Harry, mining, r 2412 Piedmont

pl'nkin John B. mining, r e s Wheeler
bet Ashby and Russel.

Reed Mrs Elizaibeth. r 2547 P'e^mo"^^ av.

Riekards Ellis B, stenogr, rms 2(19 Dei by.

ShurUeff Roy L. elk Berkeley Independ-
ent b 2128 Hearst av.

Simian Chailes. fireman, r Addison se

Smhh Robert B, painter, r North Side av

Souff?e°n^j"^mes, r 1208 Vii^inia
Trevethan John, elec eng Cal Inst U XJ
& B, b same. Dprbv

Wilcox Arthur E. trav agt, r 2631 Derby.
W cox Sidney U, elk. r 2631 Derby.
Williams George, r 2314 Virginia^
Young Carrie, yhys 1928 I-iancisco.
I same.





Ada 1511


\ MXCR ,


idle Lucien. laundrywkr Capdeville
Iros. rms 2111 Bancroft Way.
bay Wm C. grocer, r 2 Hearst av.
bet Harry, elec. rms 2634 Grant,
bott Clyde E (N J Abbott & Son), b
2i Center.

bott Ira, student, b 1707 Euclid av.
bott J, lab Magnesia Products Co, r

bott Mrs Nellie J (N J Abbott & Son).
2124 Center.


vis N .1 and Clyde E Abbott). Book-
ellers. Art Stationers and Engravers;
lagazines and Periodicals. 2126 Cen-

Phone Berkeley 1128.
bott Raymond B. student I' of C. b
419 Durant a v.

el Charles, pressman El Dorado Oil
Vks. r 2ai3 5th.

ei-nathie Laura (wid L B). r 2644 Ful-

emathie Ola. stenogr. b 2644 Fulton,
ernethy Harry, elec, b 2213 Ashby av.
ernethy Henry, blksmith. r 2213 Ashby


ernethy. maeh. b 2213 Ashby av.

orn Harold, painter, r 2037 Bei-keley


racadabra Club, 243.5 Haste.

raham Mrs Carrie, rms 1722 Walnut.

raham David, ladies' furnishings 2142

Center, r S F.

raham Henry P. trav agt. b 2030

Berkeley Way.

raham Hilda, tchr Whittier Grammar

;chool. rms 1722 Walnut.

raham Ira. searcher of records, r 1722


raham Robert, elk. rms 2029 Berkeley


rahamson Albert, elk, b 1429 Walnut.

taham.son Gu.stav. r 1429 Walnut.

rahamson Ira, student U of C. b 1429


Abrams Svlvian S, student U of C, b

2428 Bancroft Way.
Abrott Andrew, vice-pres West Berkeley

Bank, r 2612 San Pablo av.
Abrott Dolly, milliner, b 2612 San Pablo

Abrott Kate, b 2612 San Pablo av.
Acacia (Shin Teth He) Fraternity. 2r,ll

Bancroft Way.
Accattino P, molder Van Emon Elev

Acheson Albert A. student C of ('. li i'12'.<

L'niversity a v.
Acheson George, plumber, b 2129 I'nixi i

sit.v a v.
Acheson Mrs Letitia, i- 2129 University

Acneson William J. r 2129 l'niversity av.
Acton Bessie, b Virginia cor Acton.
Acton Martin J. custom insptr, r Vir-
ginia cor Acton.
Adams Amy B. student U of C, b S F.

Online LibraryF. M HustedHusted's Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley directory (Volume 1907) → online text (page 249 of 311)