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the Sisters of the Holy Names. Resi-
dence of the Sisters on Forty-first nr

Snell Seminary — 2721 Channing \\a;,.
Alary jt; Snell, pnn.

St Anthony's 'School (for boys) — East
Sixteentli and Sixteenth av. Conduct-
ea by the Cari.stian Brotliers.

St Elizabeth's School (for boys and girls)
— iiiay av nr East Fourteenth. Con-
ducted by the Dominican Sisters.

St Francis de Sales School — ^Cor Jones
and Grove; girls' school conducted by
the Sisters of the Holy Names; boys'
school conducted by the Christian

St Joseph's Institute — Eleventh nr Camp-
bell; convent and girls' school con-
ducted by the Sisters of St Joseph;
boys' school conducted by the Cliris-
tian Brothers.

St Mary's College — Broadway nr Haw-
thorne; founded in San Francisco, 1863;
transferred to Oakland, 1889. Conduct-
ed by the Brothers of the Christian

St Mary's School (for boys) — Jefferson
cor Seventh. Conducted by the Chris-
tian Brothers.

St Mary's School (for girls) — Grove cor
Seventh. Conducted by the Sisters of
the Holy Names.

gineering Tlie — Telegraph av cor Fifty-

Zions German and English School^
Twelfth sw cor Myrtle.


(For Library Trustees see City (Officials.)
Alameda County Law Library — Court
House. Miss Claire Gushing, secVetary
and librarian.

Oakland Free Public Library — Fourteenth
sw cor Grove. Charles S Greene, li-
brarian; Frederick Irons Bamford, as-
sociate librarian; Mrs Carrie Knapp
Louderback and Miss Edith Stetson,
assistant librarians; Miss Jennie M
Fenton. cataloguer; Miss Florence E
Browne and Miss Katherine D Jones,
curators of Children's Room; Miss
Edith A Hibberd. day curator of read-
ing room; Joseph A Oilman, evening
curator of reading room; Miss Alice
G Tripp, shelf curator; Miss Grace
Wythe, Miss Gertrude Humphrey, Miss
Mabel Thomas. Mrs Harriet M Hill,
Miss Alice O'Connell, Miss Kate L
Whitten, substitutes; Chas N Walter,
clerk; Edward A Perrin, janitor; Jas
A Fielding and John C Ellsworth, as-
sistant janitors. Open from 9 a m to
9 pm, exception Children's Room,
which closes at 8 p m. Sundays, read-
ing room only from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Closed legal holidays.

Branch Reading Rooms —

Alden — 4751 Telegraph av. Miss M E
Burdick. curator.

Bast Oakland— 580 E Twelfth. Elizabeth
Ross, curator.

Golden Gate— 5893 San Pablo av. Miss
Estella P Mlncher, curator

North Oakland— 2203 Adeline. Mrs Ger-
trude Hill, curator.

Twenty-third Avenue— 1287 Twenty-third
av. Mrs Ida M Sterling, curator

West Oakland— 862 Peralta. Luke \
Parker, curator.


\11 uranch rooms open week days, 9 a

111 to y p ni; Sundays, 2 to 5 p m;
elosrd legal holidays. „, , „ ,

Hiake & Moffitl Law Library— 90() Broad-

ClufsVian Scienii' Free Reading Room
(First Cliurcli of Clirist)— Prankhn nw
,-nv Seventeentli. Miss C A Wlieaton,
lil)iarian. ^. ,^ lji le

ti'd Diieftory Co. ttuii Broadway.

\Voi.dnnn Reading Room — 5:;i Twelftli.



ilavside News ( weekly)— Bast Four-
teenth nr Fruitvale av. Frank P Cook,

BoUUm Da IDES ( monthly)- 608 Ninth.
C C Soares, pub.

Bulletin S P R S (monthly)— >6:: Seyen-
t-enth. S A Costa, pub.

Bulletin The (S F)— 1168 Broadway.

California Eagle (monthly) — 1336 I'luit-
vili' av A A Van Hovenberg. editor.

'i."p4 Clay St. Published every Iriday
i)y H Felderman and U S Kitchener.
$i'.00 per year. ,.,..,


Chee Kung Tong (Chinese Free Press) —
711 Webster, cor Foiutli. lai lung
Yat Bo Publishing Co. Tong King
Chong. mngr.

CHRONICLE (S F)— 1236 Broadway.

Chung Sai Vat Po (Cliinest^ daily)— 8bl
Franklin. Ng Poon Chew, editor.

Coast Review— 911 San Pablo av.

Co-operative Journal The— U37 Bacon blk.

Critic The ( weekly)— 5:;;t San Pablo av.
C E Wilson, editor.

EXAMINER THE (S F)— 409 13th.

Fruitvale Progress (weekly)— 1103 Mer-
rill av. C Leideckerprodr.

Indicator The (monthly)— 10.^6 Broadway.
Real estate and monetary review.
Crown & Lewis, pubs.

Industrial News (weekly) — 3.8 Thir-

Institute Journal (montlily) — 261 Twelfth.
Y M I. publisher.

I^L Concorde (weekly) — 9ri4 Clay.

Last Days The (monthly)— 856 East
Twentieth. Thomas Wilson, pub.

Living Way The— 644 Merrimac. Rev J
A Eraser, editor.

Maple Leaf The (monthly) — 261-263
Twelfth. M A Mclnnis, mngr.

Messiah's Advociite (weekly) — 712 Sev-
entli. W R Young, editor.

Ni'W Kia ((Chinese) — 313 lOightli.

OAKLAND ENQUIRER (daily and week-
ly)— 416-418 Tenth. Oakland Enquirer
Publishing Co, pubs. G B Daniels,
pres and mngr.

OAKLAND EXAMINER (daily) — 409

OAKLAND HERALD (daily and week-
ly) — San Pablo av cor Thirty-eightli,
Emeryville; downtown office, .536 12th.
cor Clay. (Jldeon Davis, Pres and
.Mngr. l)ailv. .")0c per month.

OAKLAND JOURNAL (German weekly)
—1213 .Mice. Allien Currlin & Sons,
Proprs. Issued every Saturday; 25c
pur month or $2.50 per annum.

OAKLAND REVIEW (weekly)— 271 Ba-
con Blk. Stuart W Booth. Publisher.

Oakland Saturday Night (weekly)— 101
Thirteenth. Miss M E Conners, pub
and propr. $2.00 per annum.

Oakland Sunshine (weekly)— 8.')5 Broad-

OAKLAND TIMES (daily, except Sun-
(jjij-...;) — 4it; Tenth. Subscriptions. *3
pei- annum; 2.'.c per month.

OAKLAND TRIBUNE — Eighth cor Frank-
lin. Tribune Publisliing Co. Publish-
eis. Issued every evening e.Kcept Sun-
day; daily, oOc per month; weekly. $1.00
per iinnum.

O Arauto (Portuguese weekly) — 1213
Alice. J B de Menzes. editor.

O Reporter (Portuguese illustrated week-
Iv)— 1)08 Ninth. C C L Soares, editor.

ONCE A WEEK — 351 Albany Blk. Joe
(jreen Radcliffe. Editor. (See adv.)

Saturday Press (weekly) — 'j:<i Clay. John
H Deiehanty. editor and propr. $1.50
per annum.

Servian Independence — 1213 Alice.

Socialist Voice (weekly) — 528 Telegraph
av. T B Cowden. editor; Wm McDev-
itt, bus mngr.

Trade L'nion Journal (weekly) — 453

Unico Portugueza (weekly) — 813 Adeline.
M F M Trigueiro. propr and editor.

World Press The— 521 Seventeenth.


Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway —
1112 Broadway. J J Warner, gen agt;
L W Potter, agt, A T & S F depot.

Denver & Rio Grande System and Gould
Lines— 1070 Broadway. John A Beck-
with, dist pass and freight agt.

Missouri Pacific Railway — 1070 Broadway.
John A Beckwith, agt.

Rock Island-'Frisco Lines — 1268 Broad-
way. E B Bacon, city pass agt.

Santa Fe System — See .Atchison, Topeka
& Santa Fe Railway.

lin ne cor 13th. George T. Forsyth,
District Manager and Passenger Agent;
Warren F Holton. City Passenger
Agent; Fred .A. Hooper, Traveling
Freight Agent. Depots: 16th Street.
W H Mahoney. Ticket .\gt; 7th and
Broadway Depot. M E DeCora, Tickec
.\gi; 1st and Broadway. W H Quibey,
Ticket Agt. Freight Depot, 5th and
Kirkham, A W Dickinson. Freight Agt.
(See book-mark and opp inside back

Texas & Pacific Railway — 1070 Broad-
way. John A Beckwith. agent.

UNION PACIFIC THE — 44 San Pablo av.
Overland Route. !lair.\ V Blasdel.
Passenger Agent.


Beulali Park — Hopkins cor Fourteenth av.

Busliiod Park — East s Shattuck av n of

Chabot Observatory The — Lafayette
Square, Tenth. Eleventli. Jefferson and
Grove. J W McCl.vmonds, director;



Charles Burckhalter, asst in charge.
Gift of the late Anthony Chabot, Esq,
to the Board of Education.

City Hall Park— Fourteenth and San
Pablo av. . ^ o

Clinton Park— Between Sixth and Sev-
fnth avs, E Twelfth and E Fourteenth.

Harrison Park — Between Sixth and Sev-
enth, Harrison and Alice.

Highland Park — Between E Iwenty-
third and E Thirteenth, Fourteenth and
Twenty- third avs.

Independence Square— Between E Six-
teenth and E Nineteenth, Sixteenth
and Eighteenth avs.

Idora Park— Fifty-sixth and Fifty-eighth,
Telegraph and Shattuck avs.

Jefferson Park— Between Sixth and Sev-
enth, Jefferson and Grove.

J^afayette Square— Between Tenth and
Eleventh, Jefferson and Grove.

Lincoln Park— Between Tenth and Elev-
enth, Harrison and Alice.

Madison Square— Between Madison ana
Oak, Eighth and Ninth.

Piedmont Springs Park— Entrance Ver-
nal av cor Highland av.

Satro Park — E Fourteenth cor Prospect

Shell Mound Park— Shell Mound Station.
Captain L. Siebe, propr.

Trestle Glen Park— Terminus Fourth av
street-car line.

West Oakland Park— Between Campbell
and Wood, Eighteenth and Twentieth.



Abrahamson Building — Washington se

cor Thirteentli.
Acme Building— Thirteenth and Clay.
Albany Block — 1256 Broadway.
Alcatraz Hall— 861 Peralta.
Allendale Hall— Allendale av nr Short.
American Foresters' Building— 1124 Clay,

se cor Thirteenth.
A O U W Hall— 1169 Broadway.
Auditorium Hall— Tenth nr Campbell.
Auditorium The — ^Northeast cor Four-
teenth and Webster.
Babcock's Hall— Claremont av nr Tele-
graph av.
Bacon Block — Washington bet Eleventh

and Twelfth.
Benevolent Hall (Pythian Castle) — 229

Bettman Block — Southwest cor E Twelfth

and Twelfth av.
Blackman Hall — East Fourteenth nr

High, Fiuitvale.
Blake Block— 1065 Washington.
Blake Block Annex — 516 Eleventh.
Blake's Hall— East Fourteenth nr Fruit-
vale av.
Blake & Moffitt Building— 906 Broadway.
Biavton Block— 8631/2 Twelfth.
Brown Building— 4781/2 Tenth.
Bruguiere Block — 916 'Seventh.
Cameron Hall — 1280 Thirteenth av.
Canning Block — 1115 Broadway.
Carlton Block — 477 Ninth.
Castle Hall— 377 Twelfth, cor Franklin.
Central Bank Building — Broadway ne cor

Central Block— 1068 Broadway.
Central Hall— 419 Twelfth.

Chabot Observatory— Between Tenth and

Eleventh, Jefferson and Grove.
Charity Hall (Pythian Castle) — 229

City Hall— North side Fourteenth opp

Coleman Block— IIO31/2 Broadway.
Corder Building — Thu'teenth sw cor

Franklin. _ ,

Cosmopolitan Hall— 499 Telegraph av.
County Jail— East side Washington bet

Fourth and Fifth.
County 'Receiving Hospital— West Si^aie

Franklin bet Fourth and Fifth.
Court House— West side Broadway bet

Fourth and Fifth.
Covenant Hall— Twelfth nw cor Castro.
Curtis Block— 425-431 San Pablo av.
Davis Building— 1055 Washington.
Delger Building — 1169 Broadway , cor

Electrical Workers' Hall— 860 Broadway.
Elks' Hall— 416 Fourteenth.
Elsey Building— 856 Broadway.
Emeryville Town Hall— Park av cor Hol-

j Ench Building— East Fourteenth se cor
23d a v.
Enterprise Hall— 591 Twenty-second.
Enquirer Building— 416-418 Tenth.
Epworth Hall— Clay ne cor Fifteenth.
Eva Building— 525 Thirteenth.
Everts Block — 1014 Broadway.
Fidelity Hall— Peralta ne cor Seventh.
Foresters of America Building — 1124 Clay

se cor Thirteenth.
Franklin Hall— 410 Thirteenth.
Fraternal Hall— II561/2 E Fourteenth.
Fraternity Hall— II561/2 East Fourteenth.
Fraternity Hall — Peralta ne cor Seventh.
Free Library Building — Fourteenth sw

cor cor Grove.
Friendship Hall (Pythian Castle)— 229

Fruitvale Masonic Hall— 3123 E Four-
Gas Company's Building — Clay nw cor

Gei mania Hall— 836 Webster.
Gier's Hall— 511 Fourteenth.
Golden West Hall— 2133 Peralta.
Gospel Hall— 11001/2 Twenty-third av.
Grand Army Hall— 419 Thirteenth.
Gregory Block — 962 Seventh.
Hall of Records — East side Broadway bet

Fourth and Fifth.
Hamilton Hall — 575 Thirteenth.
Hanifin Block— 501-513 San Pablo av.
Hansen's Hall — Wood sw cor Goss.
Harmony Hall— 557 E Twelfth.
Harrison Hall— East Fourteenth cor High
Holy Ghost Hall— East Nineteenth nr

Twenty-first av.
Hook's Block— 418 Eleventh.
Imandade Espirito Santa — '1675 Pacific.
Imandade de Espirito Halls— 257 Mollis.
1675 Pacific and E Sixteenth cor Eigh-
teenth av.
I O O F Hall — Franklin nw cor Eleventh.
I O O F Hall (German)— 836 Webster.
James Block — Seventh nw cor Wood.
Jurgen's Block — 1116 Broadway.
Jurgen's Hall— 419 13th.
Kitchener Building — 956 Clay.
Klinker Hall — San Pablo av ne cor Fif-
Kohler & Chase Hall— 459 Eleventh.
Kohler Hall — Northwest cor Seventh and


Lillard Building — Thirteenth se cor Wash-

hooK Block — East Fourteenth ae cor Thir-
teen th av.

l^orin tiail— 531 Eleventh.

Macc.ibee Temple — 559 Eleventh.

Macaonougli Building — Broadway se cor

Alagnona uall— lliOSVo Seventh.

Atapie ilall — Fourteentn ne cor Webster.

Alartin Building — 41S Twelfth.

Ma-sonic trlall (.Fruitvale)— 3123 E Four-

Masonic Temple— Twelfth and Washing-

Moniana Block — 1156-1172 Seventli.

iNative Sons Golden West Hall — 1015 Clay.

iNarrow Gauge JJepot, S P Co — Fianklin
bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth.

Neidt'.s Mall— t>2y5 San Pablo av.

Oakland Bank of Savings Building —
Broadway ne cor Twelfth.

Oakland Free Market — l<'iftli bet Wa.sh-
ington and Clay.

Odd Fellows' Building — 577 E Twelfth.

Olive Block — Washington sw cor Four-

O'Meill Block — San Pablo av .sw cor
Stanford av.

Orienial Block — 864 Washinglon.

Orion riall— 557 E Twelfth.

Parson's Block— 6I214 E Twelfth.

Pentecost Hall — 2134 Magnolia.

Peoples Hall— 767 Sixth.

I'hysieian's Building — 1111 Washington.

Playter Building — 121'J Broadway.

Pos toff ice — Broadway se cor Seventeenth.

Polytecnnic Building— 306 Twelfth.

Portuguese Hall — East Sixteenth cor
Eignteenth av.

Produce Exchange — 301-345 Twelfth.

Pytnian Castle — 229 Twelfth, cor Alice.

Keed riall — Harrison cor Thirteenth.

Kenance Building — San Pablo av nw cor

Remillard 'Building— 41 4-42U San Pablo

Sacred Heart Hall — Fortieth nr Grove.

Satner Block — North side Seventh bet
Market and Myrtle.

Schutz Block— 1013-1017 Washingt(jn.

Scottish Kite Cathedral — 305 Fourteentli.

Sevening Building — 1018 Washington.

Snyder Block— 46'i -473 Ninth, bet Broad-
way and Washington.

Stocker it Holland Building— 808 Broad-

Stoer's Block — San Pablo av nr Thirty-

Sunset Hall— 1684 Seventh.

Syndicate Hall 1684 Seventh.

Temple of Ben Hur— 1060 Broadway.

Thomas' Hall— 11561/^ East Fourteenth.

L'nion National B;tnk Building— Broad-
way nw cor Twelfth.

l'nion Savings Bank IJuilding — Broadway
ne coi- Thirteenth.

I'pper Fruitvale Hall— Hopkins nr Fruit-
vale av.

Wasiiinjfton Building— 1011 1^ Washing-

\S'ashington Hall— 307 E Twelfth.

WeilhyL' Building— 1355 Bioadwav nw cor

W^emmer's Hall — 416 Eighth.

West Oakland Auditorium— Tenth bet
Pi-rnlfn aTui Campbell.

Westphal Building — 1162 Washington.

Wilcox Block — 921 Broadway.

Wixon's Hall — Hollis cor B.

W'oodmen Block— 521 Twelfth.

Wurts Block — Broadway sw cor Seven-

Young Men's Institute Hall — ^Corner Fif-
teenth ,iv and E Fourteenth.



Giand Eodge, Free and Accepted Masons
—Edward H Hart (Berkeley), Grand
Master; George M Ferine (S. F.), Dep-
uty Grand Master; R H Lloyd (S. F.),
Sr Grand Warden; Oscar Lawler (Los
Angeles), Jr Grand Warden; Edward
Coleman, Grand Treas; George John-
son, Grand S'^c.

Masonic Board of Relief — Office. 1112
Broadway. J J Warner, Sec. Stated
meetings first W^ednesday evening in
each month.

Live Oak Lodge, No. 61 — Meets first Fri-
day in each month at Masonic Teni
pie. Abe L Leach. M; Harry V Bias-
del, S W; M M Hoffman. J W; Percy
B 'Hardenbergh, Treas; J J Warner,

Oakland Lodge, No. 188— Meets first Sat-
urday in each month at Masonic Tem-
ple. Charles E Keyes, M; James A
MacLafferty, S W; M^ 1 Macdonald, J
W; Edwin N Waller. Tieas; Alvali K
Clark, Sec.

Brooklyn Lodge, No. 225 — 'Meets Tues-
day at 557 E Twelfth. Herbert P
Briggs, M; Walter Peterson, S W; E
Sargent, J W; John C Fisher, Sec.

Alcatraz Lodge. No. 244 — Meets every
Thursday evening at Alcatraz Hall.
Wm J Lawry, W M; John Crossman,
S W; Lewis T Corwin, J W; Warren
G Mobley. Treas; Herbert A GHnes,
See; Sidne.y H Fariell, Tyler.

Fruitvale Lodge. No. 336 — Meets Satur-
day evenings at 3123 E Fourteenth.
Cornelius Carew, M; J W McEwen, S
W; Harry E Truitt, J W; Henry Tayck,

Oakland Chapter, No, 36. Royal Arch Ma-
sons — Meets first and third Wednes-
days in each month at Masonic Tem-
ple. C P MacLafferty, P; E C Bridg-
inan, K; W C Price. S; F H Brooks.
Treas; Geo H Smith, Sec.

Alcatraz Chapter, No. 82. Royal Arch
Masons — Meets every Saturday evening
at Alcatraz Hall. John W Harrigan.
H P; Frank K Douglas, K; James
Tiioinson. S; Herbert A Glincs, Sec.

Oakland Council. No. 12 — Stated meetings
on occurring fifth Thursdays in each
month at Masonic Temjile. C F Thom-
as. T I M: J A Sansom, D I M; E H
Morgan. P C of W; J B Merritt. Treas;
Geo H Smith. Rec.

Oakland Commandery. No. 11 — ^Stated
conclave on the first Tuesday in each
month at Masonic Temple. R W Meek,
E C; E Taylor, C; Geo H Smith, C G;
D E Collins. Treas; H R Browne. Rec.



Oakland Lodge of Perfection, No. 2, A
& A Scottish Rite— Meets on the first
and third Mondays in each montn at
305 Fourteenth. A D Smitli, W M;
E C Robinson, S W; J G Rapliael,
J W; J B Merritt, Sec.
(W-thsemane Cliapter, No. 2, Rose Croix
—Meets second Monday in each month
at 305 Fourteenth. H W Adams, W
M; H F Seiler, S W; B O Johnson,
J '\V; J B Merritt, Sec.
De Molay Council. Knights of Kadosh,
No. 2. A & A Scottish Rite — Meets on
the fourth Monday in each month at
305 Fourteenth. J H MacLafferty, E
C; John A Hill. 1st Lt Com; F J Lea,
I'd Lt Com; J B Merritt, Sec.
Oakland Consistory, No. 2, A & A Scot-
tish Rite — Meets on call at 305 Four-
teenth. E C Robinson, V M of K;
E H Morgan, Prior; A L Smith, Pre-
ceptor; J B Merritt, Sec.
Oakland Masonic Temple Association-
Northwest corner Washington and
Twelfth. Incorporated June 25th, 1878.
Capital stock, $100,000. John A Beck-
with. pres; J J Warner, sec.
Masonic Cathedral Association— 305 Four-
teenth. F M Greenwood, pres; E H
Morgan, sec; J B Merritt, treas.
Oak Leaf Chapter, No. 8, O E S— Meets
second and fourth Thursday evenings
at Masonic Temple. Mrs E J Osgood,
Worthy Matron; John W Gwilt, Worthy
Patron; Mrs C C N Walter, Sec.
Unitv Chapter, No. 65, O E S— Meets
second and fourth Tuesday evenings at
Alcatraz Hall. L T Corwin, Patron;
Mrs Elizabeth Krytzer, Matron; Mrs
Emma Perkins. Sec.
Oakland Chapter, No. 140, O E S— Meets
first and third Thursday evenings at
Masonic Temple. Mrs Venice F Gush-
ing. Sec.
Sovereign Grand Lodge — E S Conway.
Grand Sire. Chicago, 111; John L No-
land. Dep Gr Sire. Tennessee; John B
Goodwin, Grand Sec, Balitmore, Md;
M R Muckle, Grand Treas, Philadel-
phia. Pa. The S G L will meet in St
Paul. Minn, on Monday, September 18,
Gi.md Encampment — C H Burden, Grand
Patriarch, Sonora; F E Pierce. Grand
High Priest. Los Angeles; J F Cha-
pell. Grand Sr Warden, Vallejo; W H
Barnes, Grand Scribe. San Francisco;
Chas E Benedict, Grand Treas. San
Francisco; H F G Wulff. Grand Jr
Warden, Sacramento; S A Smith. Grand
Representative. Downieville: Geo Jes-
sen Grand Representative, Watsonville.
The Grand Encampment will meet in
Santa Barbara on Tuesday, October 3,
Grand Lodge of California — F B Ogden,
Grand Master. Oakland; John E Raker,
Deputy Grand Master. Alturas; Grove
L Johnson, Grand Warden, Sacramen-
to; H D Richardson. Grand Sec. San
Francisco; J W Harris, Grand Treas.
San Francisco; W W Phelps. Grand
Rep, Riverside; Theo A Bell. Grand
Rep. Stockton. The Grand Lo.ige will
meet in Oakland in 1908.

State Rebekah Assembly— Mrs Ella Van
Court, President; Oakland; Lizzie
Coombs. Vice President, San Jose; Mis
I S Raker, Grand Warden; Mary E
Donoho, Sec, San Francisco; Lois Wyc-
koff, Treas, Berkeley. The State Re-
bekah Assembly will meet in Oakland,
Patriarchs Militant— H O Brower, Dept
Commander, San Francisco; J W Hai -
ris Chief of Staff, San Francisco; G
S Naismith, Asst Adj Gen, Oakland;
O W Erlewine, Asst Inspec Gen, Sac-
ramento; C E Benedict, Asst Q M
Gen San Francisco; F L Turpin, Asst
Com Gen, San Francisco; John Thomp-
son, Asst Chief Equip, San Francisco;
A D McLean Asst Surg Gen, San Fran-
cisco; J F Chapell, Asst Judg Adv
Gen Vallejo; Geo T Shaw. Brigade
Chaplain, San Francisco; Geo F Ward,
Bannerette, Riverside; C H Martin,
Aide-de-Camp, San Francisco; W P
Beck Aide-de-Camp. San Francisco;
Geo E Davis. Aide-deCamp, San Fran-

Golden Rule Encampment, No. 34 — Meets
first and third Friday evenings. Odd
Fellows' Hall. T E Stevenson. C P;
N W Shoberg, H P; Wm A Bootsma,
S W; G T Burtchaell, J W; John Mc-
Vev, Scribe; A A Rieser. Treas.

Amram Encampment, No. 95 - Meets sec-
and fourth Thursday at Orion Hall, 5-37
E Twelfth. K Gore, C P; G E Wady.
S W; J F Kilcen, W; T W Belden,
H P; Andrew McElhatton, Scribe; Wm
P Nutting. Treas.

Enterprise Lodge, No. 298— Meets every
Thursday evening, Enterprise Hall. H
S Farrar. N G; Wm Beirs, V G; Fred
C Curtis, J P G; H K Snow, P Sec;
Don W Williams, Treas.

Evening Star Lodge, No. 168— Meets ev-
ery Friday evening. Fraternal Hall.
11561^ E Fourteenth. George W Har-
binson N G; Edward W Salback, \
G; Andrew McElhatton, Sec; Dr Ahiert
H Dodge. Treas.

Fountain Lodge, No. 198— Meets even-
Monday evening. Odd Fellows Hall.
A W Gustafson, N G; W T Bellars.
Rec Sec; Oscar G Rohl, Fin Sec; N J
Swanson, Treas.

Fruitvale Lodge, No. 69— Meets every
Tuesday evening at Blackman Hall.
3123 East Fourteenth. Nels Larson, N
G; Emil Jacobsen. V G.

Golden Rule Encampment. No. 34 — Meets
first and third Fridays, Odd Fellowt'
Hall T E Stevenson C P; N W
Shoberg, H P; Wm A Bootsma. S W;
J McVey, Scribe; A A Rieser,
G T Burtchaell, J W.

Harbor Lodge, No. 253— Meets
Wednesday evening. Alcatraz
Archie K Crossman, N G; Frank E
Burger. Rec Sec; James Rye, Fin Sec:
R G Graham. Treas.

I O O F Hall Association — ^Meets first
Mondav evening each month. Odd Fel-
lows' Hall. George Kirk, pres; P A
Cameron, vice pres; J McVey. sec:
Charles Jurgens, treas.

I O O F Relief Committee — Meets every
Friday evening. Odd Fellows' Hall. A
Crossman. pres; Lauritz Lorenzen. sec:




John A Shuey. fln sec; D R Ford, treas.

Oakland Canton. No. 11 — P M meets
second and fourth Friday evenings. Odd
Fellows' Hall. G T Burtchaell, capt;
S B Force, lieut; I^auritz L.orenzen,
ensign; J McVey, elk; D Cornelius,

Oakland Lodge, No. 118— Meets every
Tuesday evening. Odd Fellows' Hall.
A L, Keller, N G; L L Mills, V G;
A M Drinkwater, Rec Sec; D A Price,
Fin Sec; D R Ford, Treas.

Orion I O O F Hall Association— Meets
second Monday evening each month.
555 E Twelfth. C W Wilkins, pres; E
Bangle sec; George C Chase, treas.

( irion Lodge. No. 189— Meets every Satur-
dav evening. 555 E Twelfth. P Her-
mansen, V G; George Chase, Sec; C
W Wilkins, Treas.

I'ast Grand Association — Meets last Mon-
dav evening of each quarter, I O O F'
Hall. C L, Metzger. pres; F E Berger,
sec; George Schmls. treas.

Porter Lodge, No. 272 — Meets every Fri-
dav evening. 555 Eleventh. H U En-
sign, N G; F J Wentworth, Sec; G F
Limbeck. Treas.

University Lodge. No. 144— Meets every
Thursday evening. Odd Fellows' Hall.
John A Shuey. N G; Clarence A Shuey.
\' G; Lawrence Hyde, R S; Charles F
Carl. F S; Frederic Sinclair. Treas.

N'orwarts Lodge, No. ;U3— Meets every
Wednesday evening. Odd Fellows' Hall.
August Throlle, N G; Carl Alls. V G;
Laurenz Sorenzen, Sec; Andrew Biscop,

Absit Invidia Rebekah I./Odge, No, 11 —
Meets every Tuesday evening. 555 Elev-
enth. Miss Edna Whipple, sec.

Rebekaii Lodge No. 12 — ^Meets Mondays
at 555 E Twelfth.

Concordia Rebekaii Lodge. No. 152—
Meets every Saturday evening at Mac-
cabee Temple, 559 Eleventh.

Golden Link Rebekah Lodge, No. 105 —

Online LibraryF. M HustedHusted's Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley directory (Volume 1907) → online text (page 5 of 311)