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Alameda County E(iu;il Suffrage Soci-
ety— 46S Eleventh. Mrs F A William-
.son, Pres: Mrs Ella E Mitchell, Sec.

Alameda County Medical Association—
1115 Broadway.

Alameda County Society for the I^reven-
tion of Cruelty to Animals— 902 Union
Savings Bank Bldg. W C Raluton.
Pres; Mrs Frank Soule, V P; L <jron-
lund. Sec.

Anti-Saloon League. State— Albuny Blk.
B S Chapman, State Mngr.

Associated Charities of Oakland ^Sf.R
Broadv,'av. B H Pendleton, Pres; C S
Greene, 'v P; Jas P Taylor. Treas;
Miss C A Whitney, Sec and Supt; Mrs
Marv Morrow. Asst Sec. The society
aims (1) to give immediate relief to
cases of destitution pending investi-
gation and tl4e re-establishment of
normal i-elations between the individ-
ual or family and society; (2) to guard
and protect neglected and dependent
children; and (3) to act as a bureau
of information concerning the chan-
ties of the city and State.

Calif av
^VESTERN HEIGHTS. Fruitvale, E of

Beulah Paik. nr Aitenheim
WEST OAKLAND, W of Adeline S oi

WE.^T OAKLAND PARK, bet 18th and

20th fm Campbell to Wood
VO.AKTiM TR^CT. Bklyn Twp, N of E

14th. SE of Church
A. Melrose. E of High fm Clarke N to

R R track
A, Watts Tract. N of 28th fm Peralta
(No 2101) nr 32d W to S F Bay
150 at Harlan and 400 at Hannah or

200 at Haven
250 at Hollis
300 at Louise or

Hold en
350 at Htlt-n or


■150 at Ettie or

500 at Center or

550 at Gladding
600 at Surrhyne

ABBEY. BKly Twp, W of Viola fm Pen-

niman av to S of Allendale av
ACADEMY PI..ACE see Dwinell
ACCACIA, Rockridge Park, Piedmont,
NW of Mc Adam fm Warren and
Prospect av NE to Maple
ADAMS, E of Vernon fm Lee (No 252)
NE to Euclid av
82 at Lee 152 at Perkins

ADELINE, W of Chestnut, fm 1st (No
1150) N to Derby and Shattuck av,
601 at 1st 4501 at 45th

701 at 3d 4600 at 46th

801 at 5th 4701 at 47th

851 at 7th 5S00 at 53d or Plu-

901 at 8th mas

1001 at 10th 5301 at 53d or Mat-

1101 at 12th tie av

1201 at 14th 5301 at Lowell

1301 at 16th 5400 at 54th or Sono-

1401 at 18th . ma

1451 at ISth 5401 at 54th or Cen-

1501 at 21st tral av

1601 at 22d 5-500 at 55th or

1701 at 24th Shasta

1801 at 26th 5501 at 55th or Par-

1901 at 2Sth sons

2001 at 30th 5601 at 56th or Sut-

2101 at 32d ^6^ , , ,. ,

2201 at 34th 5701 at 57th or Menlo

3600 at 36th 5S00 at 58th or Stan-

3800 at 3Sth ley

3800 at Apgar 5901 at 59th or Ma-

3900 at Summer riposa

3950 at Spring mO at Genoa

4000 at 40th 0001 at 60th or Ben-

4101 at 41st ton

4200 at 42d 6100 at 61st or Mc-

4301 at 43d Kee

4400 at 44th .„ , ,

Fm McKee to Shattuck av see Berkeley

Street Guide
ADELINE, East Oakland, continuation
of 26th av E of 25th av fm E 14th N
to Talcott av
1200 at E 14th 1430 at E 19th

1300 at E 16th

AGUA VISTA, Fruitvale. N of Santa
Rita fm High W to Liese av, cross-
ing Steinway, Hastings and Railroad
AILEEN. bet 56th and 57th fm Shattuck
av W to Adelina (Nos. same as 55th)
AL-^TVIEDA AV, Seminary Park, Bklyn
Twp, SE of Brooklyn av fm Washn
av NE to Varney
ALBION see 2Sth fm Tel av to Grove
ALCATRAZ AV, N of 63d fm College av
W to San Pablo av
100 at College av 1733 at Ellis, Bkly
200 at Bowditch 1700 at King, Bkly

231 at Moulton IGOO at California,

300 at Choate Bkly

351 at Colby 1500 at Sacramen-

400 at Dana to, Bkly

401 at School 1400 at Baker, Bkly
500 at Tel av 1300 at Idaho, Bkly

551 at Racine 1025 at Idaho, Okld

552 at Raymond 1050 at Essex
600 at Shattuck av 1075 at Herzog
1900 at Grove. Bkly 1090 at Salem
1800 at Adeline, Bkly


ALDEN see 29th fm Grove to San Pablo

ALICE, E of Harrison fm 250 S Water

Front N to 19th and Lake Merritt
551 at Water 901 at Sth

601 at 1st 951 at 9th

651 at 2d 1001 at 10th

701 at 3d 1051 at lllh

751 at 4th 1101 at 12th

801 at 5th 1151 at 13th

825 at 6th 1200 at 14th

S51 at 7th 1401 at 19th

ALICE, Park Place, Bklyn Twp, E of
Orchard fm Railroad av N to Daisy
crossing Rose av
ALICIA, W of San Pablo av fm 26th

NW to Market
ALLENDALE AV, Bklyn Twp, S of
Penniman av fm Redwood rd SE to
Bargain, crossing Jones, Abbey,
Short, Viola, Over, Bargain
ALMA AV, East Oakland, (former
Clinton av) fm 4th av (No 1801) and
Brooklyn av NE to Indian Gulcti
201 at Brooklyn av 351 at McKinley av
251 at Peralta av 401 at Excelsior
251 at Capell 501 at Hopkins

?i01 at ProsDect av

ALMA AV, Fruitvale, T^' of Railroad av

fm Talcott av N to Santa Rita,

crossing San Juan, Mesa and Car-


ALPINE see 52d fm Grove to Linden

AMETHYST see 40th fm Piedmont av

W to Bdy
AMITY AV, Piedmont Park, W of Pied-
mont av fm Vernal av N to Wita av
ANDERSON, E of Bdy fm Sumter NB

to Clifton
ANDOVER, E of Elm fm 34th N to Ed-
APGAR. N of 38th fm Grove W to Ade-
line and San Pablo av
650 at Grove 900 at Market

SOO at West
ARLINGTON AV, Golden Gate, N of
5Sth fm Lowell W to Park
950 at Lowell 1000 at Los Angeles

ARNOLD, Bklyn Twp. N of Dewson fm

Seminary av W to Nutlev av
ARROYO AV, Piedmont, s s O T R Con

R\- fm Ricardo av E to Park tV'aj'
ARTUNA AV. Piedmont, N of Blair av
and Montecito .av E towaixls pro-
posed park
ARTHUR, Brooklyn Twp, Ne of E 14th

fm Church SB to Yoakum av
ATHENS AV, North of Isabella, fm No
951 San Pablo av W to 1624 Market
800 at San Pablo av

ATHOL AV, Peralta Heights, fm Boule-
vard Lake Shore av and E 18th NE
to Newton av
52 at E ISth and 126 at Avon pi

2d av 151 at E 19th

102 at Wayne av 202 at Newton av

ATLANTIC, West Oakland, S of 5th fm

No 801 Peralta W to Rav
1600 at Peralta 1750 at Wood

1650 at Campbell 1800 at Pine
1700 at Willow 1850 at Cedar

ATWELL AV, Fruitvale, off Lynde bet
Peralta and Fruitvale avs N

AUBURN AV, Emeryville, see 47th fm

Adeline W to Oakland race track
AUSTIN AV, Melrose, SE of Clevelan.l
av fm Melrose R R Station NE to E
14th, crossing 10th and 12th
AVON, Temescal, S of Summer fm

Shafter av W to Miles av
AVON PLACE, Peralta Heights, E of
Wayne av fm Athol av (No 126) ana
E 19th N to Lester av
102 at Athol av 202 at Lester av

AYALA AV, Peralta, W of Claremont
av fm Vicente and 5Cth or Sutter N
r)0 at 56th 251 at Herman

200 at Miranda 276 at Martin

B, Watts Tract, N of A, fm Peralta and

I-Iarlan SW to S F Bay
150 at Harlan and 400 at Hannah or

Peralta Hubbard

200 at Haven 450 at Ettie or

250 at Hollis Halleck

300 at Louise or 500 at Center or

Holden Beach

350 at Helen or 550 at Gladding

Plorton 600 at Surrhyne

B, Melrose, E of A fm Clarke N to R R
BAKER, Golden Gate, W of Lowell fm
1000 61st or Golden Gate av N to
Blackstone, Berkeley

6200 at Todd or 62d 6300 at Felton or 63d

6201 at Crawford or 62d
Thence N, see Bkly St Guide

BAKER AV, Bklyn Twp, E of Seminar7
av fm E 14th NE to Mills, via Vir-

BANCROFT, Bklyn Twp, N of E 14th
fm High E to Patterson av via Poe

BARGAIN, Allenda'e Bklyn Twp, E of
Over fm Allendale av, S toward Glen

BASSETT, E of Fruitvale av, fm Lloyd

n to E 14th
1000 at Lloyd 1200 at Putnam

1100 at Warren 1300 at Washn

BAY, West Oakland, W of Cedar, fm At-
lantic n to Sth •
801 at Atlantic 871 at Goss
827 at 5th 891 at Short
851 at 7th 901 at Sth
BAY, Boule'i'ard Heights, N of Hanover
av, fm Lake Shore av NE to Ex-
51 at East Lake 252 at Peralta av
52 at Newton av 302 at Prospect av
202 at Brooklyn av 375 at Beacon
225 at Hillsbor- 402 at Excelsior av
BAY av, Fruitvale, fm Clarke, crossing
Elm, Pine, E 10th, E 12th, E 14th and
Boulevard av to Vicksburg
BAY PLACE, fm Vernon and 24th NW

to Bdy
Oakland av 302 at Valdez


Also see i-oth fm Bdy to Tel av
BAYA'IE^V. Alta Vista, W of Birdsall av

fm Stuart av NW
BAYVIEW AV. Belle Vista Park, N of E

28th fm 9th av NE to 13th av
BAYVIEW' AX. Claremont. N of LawLon
av or 3d av fm College av E to Broad-



BATO VISTA AA^ Linda Vista Terrace,
NE of Fairmount av, fm Monte Vista
av SE to Oaliland av

Eldorado av 100 at M'alsworth


BEACH, Walts Trace, see Center fm
28th to Park av

BECK, Broolilyn Twp. NE of Todd, fm
Churcli SE to Yoakum av

bECKWITH, see Manila av, fm 45th oi
Linden N to 51st or Vernon

BELLA VISTA AV, N of Santa Clara
av, fm Jean SE to Pleasant Valley av

300 at Jean

BELLA VISTA AV, Bella Vista Park,
N of E 28th, fm E 28th NE, crossing
nth av to 13th av opp E Lincoln

BELLEVUE AV, Adams Point. AV of
Euclid av fm Grand .av N to Palm
av, crossing Van Buren av

BELLEVUE, Fruitvale, N of Talcott
av or Old County rd fm Sausal Creek
E to Peralta av, 3000 at Sausal creek,
3100 at Fruitvale av

BELLEVUE AV, Brooklyn Twp, N ot
Prescott or Talcott av, fm High E
towards Central av, crossing Courtland

BELMONT, Adams Point. N of Grand
av fm Perkins E to Staten av

BELMONT, Fruitvale, N of Bellevue
fm Peralta av W towards Fruitvale

BENTON, see 60th fm Shattuck av W to
Lowell and Stanford av

BBNVEOSTJB AV. W of College av fm
Alcatraz N to Woolsey

BERNIE. see 17th fm Franklin to Tel

BIRCH or Columbus av, Temescal, see
49th fm Bdy to Tel av

BIRDCALL AV, Bklyn Twp, W of Cen-
tral av fm Stuart av NW

BLACKSTONE, Golden Gate, see 66th
fm Mabel, Berkeley, W to San Pab-
lo av

BLAIR AV, Piedmont, opp Vallecito av,
fm Oakland av NW to Vernal av and
Oakland Park, crossing Montecito av

Bonlta av Hillside av

BLAINE AV, Melrose, E of High fm
R R track NE to E 14th, crossing lOtb
and 12th

BLOSSOM, Fruitvale, S of E 27th fro
Sausal Creek E to Fruitvale av, 3000
at Sausal Creek

BOEHMER, East Oakland, N of Chap-
man, fm Park av E to Fruitvale av,
Park Derby

Petersen Lancaster

BONA, Fruitvale, N of Lynde fni Per-
alta av (No 1951) W to Sunset av

BOND. Bklvn Tp, fm High E to Bryant

BONITA AV, NE of Hillside av fm
Piedmont av. Piedmont Park, NW to
Park Way, crossing Vista av. Oak-
land av and Blair av

KONTON AV, Golden Gate, N of 62d or
Snyder, fm San Pablo av W to S F

Pee 03d fm San Pablo av W to Valle.jo

BOOTH, Piedmont, see 41st, fm Pied-
mont av to Bdy

BOSTON AV, Fruitvale, E of Champion
fm School N to Hopkins, crossing

Pleasant Palmetto

Chicago av

BOULEVARD AV, Fruitvale, N of Oak-
land-Hayward Scenic Boulevard, fm
Courtland av, SE to Congress av, cross-
ing Patterson. Bryant, Whittier, Bay
and Marion avs and Vicksburg st

side Lake Merritt, W of 1st av fm L
12th (No 2) N to Wildwood av

E 12th Bay

Boulevard Place Brooklyn av

E 18th and 2d av Peralta av

Athol av Prospect av

Wayne av Excelsior av

Hanover av

15, fm Boulevard Lake Shore av and
1st av E to 2d av (No 1275)
2 Boulevard Lake 52 1st av

Shore av
av) N of 22d or Walnut, fm Lake
Merritt W to Webster
BOAVDTTCH, Peralta, W of College av
fm Alcatraz av (No 202) N to Woolsey
6401 at Alcatiaz av fiiiOl at Fairview
BOYD AV, Temescal, E of Shaffer av,

fm Clinton NE to Hudson
BRANDON. Fruitvale, E of Bassett, fm

Lane N to E 14th
900 at Lane 1200 at Putnam

1000 at Lloyd 1300 at Washn

1100 at Warren 1400 at E 14th

BRAY AV, E of Fruitvale av and Pei-

alta av, fm E 14th N to Davis
1400, *1200 at E 14t2300 at Galindo

at Elm iMOO at Jones

1701 at E 17th at 2500 at Pearl

Tobler * Old Nos

2000 at Talcott av
BRIDGE. Fruitvale. S of Blos-som fm

Fruitvale av W
BROADWAY. W of Franklin, fm South
Water Front (No 450) N via San Pab-
lo av (No 2) at 450 14th, Tel av (No D
at 500 Ifith. and on former New
Broadwaj' to Ross, Claremont
551 at Water 2001 at Orchard

oOl at 1st 2060 at Brook

651 at 2d 2100 at Piedmont

701 at 3d av

751 at 4th 2201 at Hawthorne

801 at 5th 2301 at 34th

825 at 6th 37.51 at West Moss

851 at 7th av

901 at 8th 3801 at Weston »v

951 at 9th or 38th

1001 at 10th 4000 at Amethyst

1051 at 11th 4001 at 40th

1101 at 12th 4100 at Booth or 41st

1151 at 13th 4200 at Frederick

1200 at 14th 4201 at Garnet

1201 at 3an I'ablo 4.300 at Mather
av 4500 at Whitmore

1250 at 15th 4.501 at Linden or

1.301 at 16th 45th

1.301 at Tel av 4'j01 at 59th, Birch or

1351 at 17th Columbus av

1401 at IPth 5100 at McAdam



51st or Vernon


College av


Grand av



4th av

Prospect av


3d av


1501 at 20th
1551 at Hobart

1600 at 22d or AVal-

1601 at Jones
1651 at 23d
1701 at 24th
1751 at 25th
1800 at Bay Place
ISOl at 26th
1901 at Webster
1901 at 2Sth
1951 at 29th
BROCKHUKST. N of 32d, fm W of

Grove to San Pablo av

800 at West 900 at Market
BROOK, E of Bdy, fm Orchard NW to

Bdy S of Piedmont av
BROOKLYN AV, Boulevard Heights, S
of Peralta av, fm Boulevard and
Lake Shore av E to Fourth av
2 at Boulevard 151 at Morse av
Lake Shore av 202 at Howard

51 at East Lake 252 at Watson av

52 at Bay and 301 at Van Dyke av
Newton av 402 at Alma av

BROOKI,YN AV, Seminary Park, Bklyn,
Twp, SE of Central av, fm Washn av
NE to Varney
For cross streets see Central av
BROWN, Peralta, W of Shattuck av,
fm 59th N to 60th

PROWN. see 34th fm Tel av W to Peral-

BRUMAGIM, Peralta, bet Tel av and

Shattack av, tm 57th N to 5Sth

BRUSH, W of Castro, fm 1st (No 750) N

to 22d and San Pablo av

601 at 1st 1101 at 12th

651 at 2d 1151 at 13th

701 at 3d 1200 at 14th

751 at 4th 1251 at 15th

801 at 5th 1301 at 16th
825 at 6th 1351 at 17th
851 at 7th 1401 at 18th
901 at Sth 1451 at 19th
951 at 9th 1501 at 20th

1001 at 10th 1551 at Lydia

1051 at nth

BRYANT, Bklyn Twp, E of Mills Col-
lege, S of 4th, fm 4th SE to Gibson
av via Summit av and College
Congress av

BRYANT AV, Fruitvale, E of Deering
fm E 14th, N crossing Boulevard av to

BRYANT AV, Claremont, W of Bdy fm
College av N to 4th av via Edith

BUCKEYE AV, Piedmont Heights, fm
McAdam to Reservoir

BUENA VISTA AV, Golden Gate, see
SSth fm Lowell W to Park

BUSHY DELL AV, Piedmont Park, N
of Highland av, fm Piedm-ont av NE
to Highland av

l^UTLER, Temescal, N of 51st fm Ander-
son W to Desmond, crossing Bdy

BUTLER AV. Golden Gate, see 60th fm
Lowell ■\^' to San Pablo av

BUTTERCUP AV, Piedmont Park N of
Dandelion av fm Wildwood av NW
to Highland av via Spring av

C. Melrose, E of B, fm Clarke N to R R

CALAIS, Peralta and Lorin, see Market
fm 52d to Adeline and 57th and Oc-
cidental, fm 60th or Benton N to
CALEDONIA AV, see 29th. fm Tel av W

to Grove
CALHOUN AV, Melrose, W of Bay av,

fm E 14th SW to R R track
CAMBRIDGE, East Oakland Heights
(former Prospect) N of Hopkins fm
4th av E to 13th av
CAMERON, N of Hopkins, fm Spring
to Hopkins and Millbury, crossing
Putnam and Stevens
CAMERON. Fruitvale same as 25th av,
fm Talcott av or Sherman N to E 22d
CAMPBELL, see 30th, fm Tel av to San

Pablo av
CAMPBELL, W Oakland, W of Peralta.
fm No 1650 3d N to ISth and West
Oakland Park
647 at 3d 1001 at 10th

751 at Pacific 1051 at 11th

801 at Atlantic 1101 at 12th

827 at 5th 1151 at 13th

851 at 7th 1201 at 14th

901 at Sth 1251 at 15th

935 at Chase 1301 at 16th

963 at 9th 1331 at 17th

CANAL, East Oakland, SE of Shasta,
fm Park av SW to Water Front,
crossing Kennedy
CANNING, Peralta, E of Tel av, fm

Maple or 58th N to Joy or 63d
CAPELL, E Oakland (former Pine) W
of Alma av, fm Alma av and Peralta
(No 352) N to Excelsior av
252 at Peralta av 352 at ivIcKinley av

302 at Prospect av 1C2 at Excelsior av
CAPERTON AV. Piedmont Park, N of
Grand av fm Highland av NE to
Sheridan av
CAPITAL, Boulevard Heights, E of
East Lake, fm Peralta av (No 102)
and Bay N to Prosnect av
CAPP, Fruitvale. E of Champion fm

Nicol av N to School
252 at Peralta av 3(2 at Prospect av

CARMEL. Dimond, N of Madaline fm

Peralta av W
CARMEL AV. Piedmont. NE of Monte-
cito av fm Oakland av NW to Blair
CARRINGTON, Fruitvale. N of Court-
land av fm High W to Ransom av,
ci-Qssing- S(teinway. Hastings. Rail-
road, Alma, Griffith and I>ies-3 avs
'JARRINGTON AV, E of Sea View av,

fm La Salle av N to Union av
CARROLL, E of Cameron fm Talcott av

or Sherman N to 22d
CARSON, Park Place. Bklyn Twp, N of
Glen Road, fm Prospect av NE to
Summit av
CASTRO. W of Grove, fm 1st (No 700) N
to LOth
601 at 1st 1051 at 11th

651 at 2d 1101 at 12th

701 at 3d 1151 at 13th

751 at 4th 1200 at 14th

801 at 5th 1251 at 15th

825 at 6th 1301 at 16th

851 at 7th 1351 at 17th

901 at Sth 1401 at 18th

951 at 9th 1451 at 19th

1001 at 10th 1501 at 20th



CEDAR, West Oakland, W of Pine, fm

No 1850 Atlantic N to 10th
801 at Atlantic 901 at Short

827 at 5th 905 at Sth

851 at 7th 930 at Chase

873 at Goss 950 at 9th

CENTER, W of Cypress, £m 1st (No
1450) N to I'th and 1350 Peralta

601 at 1st 1051 at 11th

701 at 3d 1101 at 12th

801 at 5th 1151 at 13th

851 at 7th 1201 at 14th

901 at Sth 1251 at 15th

951 at Sth 1301 at 16th

1001 at 10th 1350 at 17th

CENTER or Beach, Watts Tract, W of
Ettie. fm 28th N to Park av, Emery-

100 at A Yerba Buena av

200 at B

CENTER, E Oakland nr Altenheim. N
of Cameron, fra Division E to Mill-

CENTRAL AV, N of Orchard, fm Web-
ster (No 2051) W to Summit

CENTRAL AV, Brooklyn Twp, W of
Nut ley av, fm E Hth NE via Vesta
to Trask

CENTRAL AV, E Oakland, E of 4th av
see Sth av fm E 25th or Columbia
N to E 28th

CENTRAL AV. E Oakland, W of Sausal
Creek, fm E 27th opp 26th av N to E

CENTRAL AV, Golden Gate, see 54th,
fm Adeline to San Pablo av

CENTRAL AV, Seminary Park, Bklyn
Twp, W of Nutley av and of Brooklyn
av, fm E 14th NE to Park Place
E 14th Varney

Vesta Chestnut

Trask Walnut

Kingsland av ■ Stuart

Washn av Oak

Linden Poplar

Maple Willow


CERRITO AV, E of Bdy, fm Amethyst
or 40th SVV to 38th

CHAMBER or Prince, N of Cottage, fm

Wildwood av NW to Vermont
Ohio York

Erie Jersey

CHAMPION. E i.f Fruitvalc av fm Nicoi

;iv N to Hoijkiiis Crossinji;'
For streets and Nos see Fruitvale av
CHAMPLAIN AV, Seminary Park,

Bklyn Tv^p. E of Clinton av. fm

Washn av NE to Willow
Linden Chestnut

Maple Oak

Laurel Poplar

Varney Elm

CHAPMAN, E Oakld, S of Boehmer, fm
Park av (No 152) S to Fruitvale av

For ^:ros^5 streets see Boehmer av

CHARLES, Fitchburg. W of Minna, fm
Stanton NE to E 14th

CHARLES. Highland Park, E Okld, see
E 28th, fm 19th av E to Highland av

CHARLES, Piedmont, N of Mills, fm
Pine Ridge av NW to Grand av, Bdy
Terrace, crossing
Edith McAdam

CHARTER, see 22nd fm Tel av to Market
CHASE, West Oakland. S of Uth. fm

Campbell and Sth W to Cedar
2 at Campbell and 200 at Wood

Sth 300 at Pine

100 at Willow 400 at Cedar

CHENEY AV, PiL-dniont. N of Lake Park

av frn Read av W to Walker av.
CHERRY, Melrose Station, Bklyn Twp,

W of Vine, fm Elm N to Pine
CHERRY, Peralta. see 59th, fm Spring

W to Tel av
CHERRY, Temescal. 10 of Maple, fm 48th
or Temescal N to 51st or Vernon
crossing 49th
CHERRY AV. Fruitvale, W of Ruther-
ford av, fm Talcott av or Sherman
or old Co Road N to Saunders
CHESTER, W of Center, fm 3d (No 1500)

N to 12th
601 at 1st 901 at Sth

701 at 3d 951 at 9lh

SOI at Sth 1001 at lOih

S51 at 7th
CHESTNUT. W of Linden, fm 1st (No

1100) N to 36th and San Pablo av
601 at 1st 1451 at 10th

701 at 3d 1501 at 21st

801 at 5lh 1601 at 22d

851 at 7th 1701 at 24th

901 at Sth 1801 at 26th

1001 at 10th 1901 at 28th

1101 at 12th lOOl at 30th

1201 at 14th 2101 at 32d

1301 at IGth 2201 at 34th

1401 at ISth

CHESTNUT. Seminary Park. Bklyn Twp
S of Oak, fm Seminorv av SE to
Valentia av
For cross streets see Laurel, Seminary

CHETWOOD, B of Vernon, fm Perry N

to Morte Vista av
Santa Clara av Santa Rosa av

CHICAGO AV. Boulevard Heights, NE
of Newton av. fm 4th av NW to
Watson av and Howard
CHICAGO AV. Fruitvale, S of Hopkins.

fm Fruitvale av E to Peralta av
For cross streets see Hopkins

CHURCH, see Lloyd, Fruitvale
CHURCH, Brooklyn Tp. bet Baker and

Yoakum, fm E 14th (San Leandro rd)
NE to Harrison av
Arthur Herbert

Thomas Todd

Vincent Beck

CLAREMONT AV. NW of Temescal

Creek, fm 5200 Tel av to Webster,


1 at Tel av

100 at Sumner

101 at Vicente

151 at Sutter or 56th
176 at Clifton
201 at Miranda
226 at Hardy
250 at Hudson
275 at Martin

300 at Forest

301 at Colby

3,50 at Vernon av
401 at Hersey
401 at Moulton
501 at Norris
501 at College av
500 at Florida
600 at Ross



CLARKE, Melrose, S of S P Co R B
track, fm High opp Lane, SE to Bay
av, crossing streets A, B, C and D

CLAY, W of Washn, fm 1st (No 550) N
to 17th and San Pablo av

For Nos see Bdy

CLAY, Fitchhurg, S of Spencer, fm Mary
SE to Fitch av

For cross streets see S side of B 14th

CLEVELAND AV, Temescal, see 44th.,
fm Tel av E

CLEVELAND AV, Melrose, W of Austin
av, fm E 14th SW to R R track

ClilFTON, N of Butler and Summer,
fm Pine Ridge av and R C Cemetery,
W to Clarenf'ont av
202 at Pine Ridge 302 at College av
av 352 at Manila av

215 at Edith 402 at Lawton av

225 at McAdam 426 at Shaffer av

251 at Sumter 452 at Locksley av

275 at Anderson 476 at Miles av

301 at Bdy

CLINTON, I*: Oakland, S of Hopkins
NE of McKinley av. fm Alma av ot
former Clinton av E to 14th av and
Beulah Park, crossing

Jones 13th av

4th av E Summit

Elliott Spring

CLINTON AV, E Oakland, see Alma av,
fm 4th av NE

CLINTON AV, Seminary Park, Bklyn
Twp, E of Madison av, fm Washn av
NE to Willow

For cross streets see Seminary av

COLBY, Peralta, W of Moulton, fm
Claremont av and Foi-rest N to Al-
catraz av

COLLEGE, Bklyn Twp, E of Mills Col-
lege, SE of Summit av, fm Simpson
av NE to Bryant and Gibson av

COLLEGE, Park Place, Bklyn Twp, SE
of Railroad av, fm Harrison av NE
crossing Mabel av

COLLEGE AV, Peralta and Claremont,
fm Bdy and Clifton N to State Uni-
versity, Berkeley
175 at Bdy 331 at Vernon or

175 at Clifton 59th

Bryant av 351 at Miles av

250 at 4th av 500 at Florida

251 at Manila av 501 at Claremont
251 at Hudson av

300 at 3d av 501 at Norris
Harmon or 65th Sharon or 63d

301 at Forrest Alcatra? av

301 at Law'ton av Harmon or 65th
and 3d av Fairview or 66tli

350 at Shaffer av Woolsey, Bkly
and 2d av
Fm thence north see Berkeley St Guide
COLLEGE AV, see Hawthorne, fm Bdy

W to Dwinell
COLUMBIA, East Oakland, see E 25th

fm 7th av to 9th av
COLUMBUS AV or Birch, Temescal, see

49th, fm Bdy W to Tel av
COLUSA, Peralta, see 62d, fm Colby W

to Racine
COMMERCE, East Oakland, see 14th av,

fm E 12th N
CGM&TOCK AV. Fiuitvale. E of Fre-
mont av S fm Talcott av

CONGRESS AV. Fruitvale, S of Bel-
levue av fm High st to Oakland-Hay -
ward Scenic Boulevard, crossing
Courtland av, Bryant av, Vicksburg and
Boulevard av
CONTRA COSTA, Fruitvale, N of Pres-
cott, fm High NW, crossing Euclid
CONTRA COSTA AV, Linda Vista Ter-
race, see Walsworth av, fm Santa
Clara av N to Monte Vista av
CORA, Fitchburg, W of George, fin

Stanton NE to E 14th
For cross streets see Fitch av
CORFIBLD, Boulevard Heights, W of

English, fm Excelsior av S
CORNWALL, Temescal, see 51st, fm Tel

av to Shattuck av
CORNWAI-I-, Alden, see 51st, fm Tel av

W to Shattuck av
COTTAGE, S of Chamber or Prince, fm
Lake Shore av and Wildwood av W
to Pleasant Valley av
For cross streets see Chamber
COUNTY ROAD, No 1109 E of Piedmont

av fm Pleasant Valley av NE
COUNTY ROAD No 1540, see E 27th, fm

13th av to Fruitvale av
COUNTY ROAD No 1525, same as E 14th

(San Leandro Rd)
COURT, E Oakland, E of Mitchell, con-
tinuation of Julia or 27th av N fm
Talcott av or Old Coimty Rd to E
IPOl at Talcott av

COURTLAND AV, Fruitvale, fm High,
nr Patterson av, NE crossing Boule-
vard, Henry, St Charles, Georgia and
Congress av to Bellevue av
CRAWFORD, Golden Gate, see 62d fm

Baker W to San Pablo av
CRESCENT, Oakland Heights, E or
Summer, fm Perry N to Santa Clara
CRITTENDEN — Fruitvale, off VicXsburg,

N of E 14th.
CROCKER AV, Crocker Tract, E or
Sheridan av, fm La Salle av NW to
Lincoln av. crossing Farragut av,
Grand av. Union av
CROSBY AV, Fruitvale, E of Redwood

av, fm Talcott av N to Helen
CROXTON AV. N of Randwick av fm
Piedmont av B to Richmond Botllc-
y^rd „, ,

CUNNINGHAM. Park Place, Bklyn
Twp, S of Glen Road, fm Fairview
av E to Summit Drive
CURTIS, E of Market, fm 19th N to 22d
1451 at 19th 1551 at 21st

1501 at 20th
CURVE, see 19th, fm San Pablo av W

to Grove
CYPRESS, Fruitvale. n of Lynde fm

fm Fruitvale av. E
CYPRESS, W of Kirkham, fm 1st (No
1400) N to 11th and fm 14th to 22d and

601 at ist 1001 at 10th

701 at 3d 1201 at 14th

SOI at 5th 1251 at 15th

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