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Waide & Sons, Ltd.

Ward & Payne.

Waters Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Watson Laidlow & Co., Ltd.

Wifley Co., Ltd.

Wilder Gohn).

Agricultural Engineers' Association.

Secretary and Offices : J. King Stewart, 70, Fenchurch
Street, London, E.C.3.

Cable Address : " Stewartry," London.


Winding Engine Makers' Association.

Secretaries and Offices : W. B. Peat & Co., H. Iron-
monger Lane, London, E.C.2.

When writing to these Associations, it is of advantage to mention " EXPORT REGISTER.'

Sub-Group 8.

Loom Makers' Association.

Secretary and Offices : L. D. Kidson, 1, Booth Street,

Irish Power Loom Manufacturers* Associ-


Offices : 7, Donegal Square West, Belfast.

Textile Machinery Makers' Association

Total Membership : 20.

Secretary and Offices : L. D. Kidson, F.C.A., 1 , Booth

Street, Manchester.

Exporting Members :

Ayrton &Co.(Wm.).

Arundel & Co., Ltd.

Ash worth (Elijah).

Broadbent (Robt.) & Son. Ltd

Brooks & Doxey, Ltd.

Chadwick Machine Co., Ltd.

Coulthard & Co., Ltd.

Dobson & Barlow, Ltd.

Garnett(P. & C). Ltd.

Haigh (John) & Dons, Ltd.

Halstead (John) & Son.

Hetherington (John) & Sons, Ltd.

Holt (Thos.). Ltd.

Lees (Asa) & Co., Ltd.

Piatt Bros. & Co., Ltd.

Stubbs (Joseph), Ltd.

Tatham (W.). Ltd.

Taylor, Lang & Co., Ltd.

Trelfall (Richard).

Whiteley (Wm.) & Sons. Ltd.


Sub-Group 12


Society of British Gas Industries.

Total Membership : 123.

Secretary and Offices : Arthur L. Griffith, 46, Queen
Victoria Street, London, E.C.4.

Telegraphic Address : " Treforgan," Cannon, London.

Objects : To promote the consideration and discussion
of all questions affecting Gas Works Contractors
and Manufacturers, and to diffuse amongst its
members information on all matters affecting the
Gas Industries.

Sub-Group 13.

Society of British Gas Industries.

(See Group 2, Sub-Group 1 2.)







Shipbuilding Employers' Federation.

Objects : Principally to watch over, protect and advance
the interests of Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers
in Great Britain.

Secretary and Offices : Sir Chzirles J. O. Sanders,
KB.E., 9, Victoria Street, London. S.W.I.

Engineers and Shipbuilders Employers'

Offices : Barry Graving Dock, Barry.

Tees & Hartlepool Shipbuilders' Assn.

Secretary and Offices : A. Kennedy, " Kinnoull,"
Dovecot Street, Stockton-on-Tees.

Sub-Group 2.

Bridge & Constructional Ironwork Assn.

Offices: 11, Ironmonger Lane, London, E.C.2.

London Constructional Engineers* Assn.

Offices ; 1 1, Ironmonger Lane, London, E.C.2.

Patent Glazing Conference.

Offices : 37a, Waterloo Street, Birmingham.

South Staffordshire Ironmasters' Assn.

Total Membership : 55.

Objects : To promote an interchange of information
on all subjects of interest to the trade ; to secure
united action and mutual support for its general
welfare ; to watch Parliamentary Bills relating

to Railways, Canals, and Foreign Tariffs, or
commercial matters affecting the interests of
employers and employed.

Secretary and Offices : Richard LowTides, Beauty

Bank House, Stourbridge. •

Telegraphic Address : " Lowndes," Stourbridge
Exporting Members :

Adams (George) & Sons, Ltd.

Bagnall Gohn) & Sons, Ltd.

Bradley (John) & Co.

Bromford Iron Co., Ltd.

District Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Downing (Samuel) & Son, Ltd.

Earl of Dudley's Round Oak Works, Ltd.

Grazebrook (M. & W.), Ltd.

Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds, Ltd.

Harts Hill Iron Co., Ltd.

Heath (Robert) & Low Moor, Ltd.

Hingley (N.) & Sons, Ltd.

HolcroftG. &C.),Ltd.

Johnson's Iron and Steel C^., Ltd.

Knutton Iron and Steel C^., Ltd.

Lees (J. B. &S.).Ltd.

Lilleshall Co., Ltd.

Lones, Vernon & Holden, Ltd.

Parkes(E.) & Co., Ltd.

Patent Shaft & Axletree Co., Ltd.

Russell (John) & Co., Ltd.

Shelton Iron, Steel & Coal Cx)., Ltd

Shropshire Iron Co., Ltd.

Simpson (F. R.) & Co., Ltd.

TTiomas (G. & R.).

Walker Bros., Ltd.

Wolverhampton Steel & Iron Co., Ltd.


Engineers & Shipbuilders Employers'

(See Group 3, Sub-Group 1 .)


Sub-Group 1.

British Electrical & Allied Manufacturers*

{See Advertisement Section, page 286.)
Total Membership : 219.

Objects : By the power of co-operative action, to
foster and protect the electrical and allied
industries in Great Britain, {particularly in the
following capacities : —

(1) As a central organisation providing me£ms
for the discussion of, and speedy action on, all
questions a^ecting the industries.

(2) As a promoter of primary, secondary and
technical education, particularly by linking up

When writing to these Associations, it is of advantage to mention " EXPORT REGISTER."





Britisb Electrical and Allied Manufacturers*
Association — contin ued.

education with industry and commerce, by the

founding of scholarships, and by the active

prosecution of scientific and industrial research.
(3) As a promoter of business in colonial and

foreign markets.
Director and Secretary^ and Offices : D. N. Dunlop,

King's House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2.
Cable Address : " Perihelion, Westcent, London.'
Exporting Members :

Abbott, Anderson & Abbott, Ltd.

Accumulators (Birmingham), Ltd.

Adamson, Daniel & Co., Ltd.

Allen (W. H.), Sons. & Co., Ltd.

Alley & MacLellan, Ltd.

Andrews, Cuthbert.

Arc & General Equipment, Ltd

Arma Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Aron Electricity Meter, Ltd.

Arora Co. (The).


Ashton Frost & Co., Ltd.

Ashworth & Parker.

Associated Battery Co., Ltd-

Atlas Carbon & Battery Co., Ltd.

Barnard, J. W.

Bastian Electric Co., Ltd.

Belling & Cx>.

Belliss & Morcom, Ltd.

Benjamin Electric, Ltd.

Berry's Electric, Ltd.

Bever, Dorling & Co., Ltd

Bluemel Bros., Ltd.

Boothroyd (H. T.), Ltd.

Bray, Markham & Reiss, Ltd.

British Battery Co., Ltd.

British Central Electrical Cx)., Ltd.

British Electric Plant Co., Ltd.

British Electric Transformer CIo., Ltd.

British Ever-Ready Co., Ltd.

British Insulated & Helsby Cables, Ltd.

British Thomson-Houston Co., Ltd.

Brolt. Ltd.

Broom & Wade.

Brompton & Kensington Accessories Co., Ltd.

Brook, Hirst & Co., Ltd.

Browett, Lindley & Co., Ltd.

Brush Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Buckley & Taylor, Ltd.

Burnley Ironworks Co., Ltd.

Callender's Cable & Construction Co., Ltd.

Cambridge & Paul Instrument Co., Ltd.

Chamberlain & Hookham, Ltd.

Chloride Electrical Storage Co., Ltd.

Clarke, Chapman & Co., Ltd.

Clayton, Goodfellow & Co., Ltd.

Cole, Marchent & Morley, Ltd.

Concordia Electric Wire Co., Ltd.

Cossor (A. C), Ltd.

Cox-Cavendish Electrical Co., Ltd.

Crabtree 0. A.) & Co., Ltd.

Credenda Conduits Co., Ltd.

Creed & Co., Ltd.

Crighton & Co.

Croggon & Co., Ltd.

Crompton & (^.. Ltd.

Crossley Bros., Ltd.

Crypto Electrical Co., Ltd.

Curtis Memufacturing Co.

Davenport Engineering Co., Ltd.

Davey, Paxman & Co., Ltd.

Davies, Kent & Stewaut.

Davy Bros., Ltd.

Day (G. St. John) (Patents), Ltd.

Dean (A. E.) & Co.

Douglas & Grant, Ltd.

Dowsing Radiant Heat Co., Ltd.

D. P. Battery Co., Ltd.

Ebonestos Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Ecco Battery Co., Ltd.

Edison Swan Electric Co., Ltd.

Efandem Co., Ltd.

Electric Control, Ltd.

Electric & Engineering Specialties Co.

Electric & Ordnance Accessories Co., Ltd.

Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Electromotors, Ltd.

Elliott Brothers (London), Ltd.

Ellison (George).

English Electric Co., Ltd.

Erskine, Heap & Co., Ltd.

Everett, Edgcumbe & Co., Ltd.

Evershed & Vignoles, Ltd.

Ferguson, Pailin, Ltd.

Ferranti, Ltd.

Film Cooling Tower;, Ltd.

Fielding & Piatt, Ltd.

Fleming, Birkby & Goodall, Ltd.

Foster Instrument Co.

Fraser & Chalmers Engineering Works.

Fuller Accumulator Co., Ltd.

Fullerton, Hodgart & Barclay, Ltd.

Galloways, Ltd.

General Electric Co., Ltd.

Gent & Co., Ltd.

Glenfield & Kennedy, Ltd.

Glover (W.T.) & Co., Ltd.

Greenwood & Batley, Ltd.

Griffiths Bros. & Co. (London), Ltd.

Hart Accumulator Co., Ltd.

Hathom, Davey & Co., Ltd.

Heatly-Gresham Engineering Co., Ltd.

Heenan & Froude, Ltd.

Henley's (W. T.) Telegraph Works Co., Ltd.

Hick, Hargreaves & Co., Ltd.

Hightensite, Ltd.

Holden & Brooke. Ltd.

Holman Bros., Ltd.

Holmes (J. H.) &Co.

Howden, James, & Co., Ltd.

Igranic Electric Co., Ltd.

Jackson Electric Stove Co., Ltd.

Jenson & Nicholson, Ltd.

Johnson & Phillips, Ltd.

Joyner (Chas.) & Co., Ltd.

Keighley Gas & Oil Engine Co., Ltd.

Lancashire Dynamo & Motor C!o., Ltd.

Laurence, Scott & Co., Ltd.

Lilleshall Co., Ltd.

Liverpool Electric Cable Co., Ltd

Lucas Electrical Co., Ltd.

Lucy(W.) & Co., Ltd.

Lundberg (A. P.) & Sons.

Lyon (Arthur) & Wrench, Ltd.

Macfarlane Engineering Co., Ltd.

Mackley, (E.N.) & Co.

Marsdens* Engines, Ltd.

Mather & Piatt, Ltd.

Mavor & Coulson, Ltd.

Mawdslcy's, Ltd.

Medical Supply Association.

When writing to these Associations, it is of advantage to mention " EXPORT REGISTER."



GROUP 4-ELECrRICAL ENGINEERING— Sub-Group \-contirmed.

Battish Electrical and Allied Manufacturers'
Association — contin tied.

Metropolitan-Vic kers Electrical G)., Ltd.

Miomite & Insulators G}., Ltd.

Mirrlees, Bickerton & Day, Ltd.

Mirrlees Watson G>., Ltd.

Morgan Crucible Co., Ltd.

M.P. Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Musgrave (John) & Sons (1913), Ltd

Nalder Bros. & Thompson, Ltd.

National Gas Ejigine Co., Ltd.

New Svkitch Gear Construction Co., Ltd.

Newton, Bean & Mitchell.

Newton Bros. (Derby), Ltd.

Newtons, Ltd.

*' Oliver-Pell " Electric & Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Osram-Robertson Leimp Works, Ltd.

Park Royal Engineering Works, Ltd.

Parkinson (F. & A.), Ltd.

Parmiter, Hope & Sugden, Ltd.

Parsons (C. A.) & Co., Ltd.

Parsons (C. H.), Ltd.

Parsons Motor Co., Ltd.

Peam (Frank) & Co., Ltd.

Peebles (Bruce) & Co., Ltd.

Pinchin, Johnson & Co., Ltd.

Pirelli General Cable Works, Ltd.

PoUit & Wigzell. Ltd.

Premier Accumulator Co., Ltd.

Premier Cooler and Engineering Co., Ltd.

Premier Gas Engine Co., Ltd.

Pritchett & Gold and Electrical

Power Storjige Co., Ltd.
C^ead, Ltd.
Randall Brothers.
Reason Manufacturing (^., Ltd.
Record Electrical Cx>., Ltd.
Rees Roturbo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Reid Bros., Elngineers, Ltd.
Reyrolle(A) & Co., Ltd.
Rhodes Motors, Doncaster.
Richardsons, Westgarth & Cx)., Ltd.
Richford & Co., Ltd.
Roberts (Wm.) & Sons, Ltd.
Robey & Co., Ltd.
Rotax Motor Accessories Cx)., Ltd.
Roy(W.H.) &Co.
Rushmores (1919), Ltd.
Sandy croft, Ltd.
Saxon (George), Ltd.
Scott & Hodgson, Ltd.
Shcinks (Alex.) & Sons, Ltd.
Siemens Brothers & Co., Ltd.
Siemens Bros. Dynamo Works, Ltd.
Simplex Conduits, Ltd.
Slaughter (T. E.) & Co.
Small Electric Motors, Ltd.
Stott(S.S.) &Co.
Submersible Motors, Ltd.
Sunderland Forge & Engineering Cx)., Ltd.
Sun Electrical Co., Ltd.
Sunlight Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Surrey Electrical Co., Ltd.
Switchgear & Cowans, Ltd.
Thomas (Bertram).

Tllghman's Patent Sand Blast Co., Ltd.
Tok Manufacturing Cxj., Ltd.
Trevelyan & Co.
Tucker G.H.) & Co.. Ltd.
Tudor Accumulator Cx)., Ltd.
Tyer & Co., Ltd.

United Brassfounders & Engineers, Ltd.

Urmson & Thompson, Ltd.

Vandervelde (L.).

Vandervell (C. A.) & Co.. Ltd.

Vickers, Ltd.

Vlasto, Clark & Watson.

Vulco Dry Battery Co.

Walsall Electrical Co., Ltd.

Wandsworth Electrical Miuiufacturing Co., Ltd.

Ward & Goldstone.

Wardle Engineering Co., Ltd.

Watford Electric & Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Watson & Sons (Electro-Medical), Ltd.

West, Allen, & Co., Ltd.

Westminster Engineering Co., Ltd.

Whipp & Bourne, Ltd.

Wiggin (Henry) & Co., Ltd.

Wiggins (F.) & Sons.

Wilson-Wolf Engineering Cx)., Ltd.

Wood Brothers.

Woodhouse & Mitchell, Ltd.

Worthington-Simpson, Ltd.

Yates &Thom, Ltd.

Electric Lamp Manufacturers' Associa-
tion OF Great Britain, Ltd.

Offices : 46, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4.

Telephone Manufacturers' Association.

Offices : 4, Southampton Row, Kingsway, London,


Sub-Group 2.— CABLE MAKERS.

Cable Makers' Association.

{See Advertisement Section, page 252b)

Total Membership : 14.

Objects : (1) To discuss and take action in regard to
legislation or regulations affecting the Electrical
Cable Industry in regard to the adoption of
suitable standards for technical details, quality
of manufactures and terms of contracts ; and
generally to promote the interests of the industry.
(2) To regulate the relations between the
several members of the Association and their
workmen in connection with wages, hours and
conditions of employment, the employment of
apprentices, and in connection with, and for the
purjKjse of, preventing and settling trade disputes.

Secretary and Offices : Llewelyn B. Atkinson,
M.IJE.E., A.M.Inst.,C.E., Sardinia House, Sar-
dinia Street, London, W.C.2.

Cable Address : ** Howardist " (Holb.) London.
Exporting Members :
Anchor Cable Cx)., Ltd. (The).
British Insulated & Helsby Clables, Ltd.
Callender's Cable & Construction Co., Ltd.
Craigpark Electric Cable Co., Ltd. (TTie).
Greengate & Irwell Rubber Co., Ltd. (The) (late

I. Frankenburg & Sons, Ltd.).
Glover (W. T.) & Co.. Ltd.
Henley's (W. T.) Telegraph Works Co.. Ltd.
India Rubber, Gutta Percha & Telegraph Works

Co.. Ltd. (The).
Johnson & Phillips, Ltd.
Liverpool Electric Cable Co., Ltd.
London Electric Wire Compwiny & Smiths, Ltd.

Siemens Brothers & Co., Ltd.
St. Helens Cable & Rubber Cx)., Ltd.
Western Electric Co., Ltd,

When writing to these Associations, it is of advantage io mention " EXPORT REGISTER.




Sub-Group 1.

PIG IRON (Spiegel and Ferro-Manganese). —

(a) Hematite, Ferro-Manganese and Spiegeleisen,

(b) Basic Forge and Foundry.

— (a) Steel Makers, (b) Bar, Hoop and Wire Rod

SHEETS. — (a) Galvanised Sheets and Black-
sheets, (b) Tin, Teme and Blackplates.


British Joist Makers* Association.

Offices: c/o Messrs. W. B. Peat & Co.
Exchange, Middlesbrough.


British Wire Rod Rollers' Association.

Offices : Norris Deakin Buildings, King Street,

Cleveland Ironmasters' Association.

Total Membership : 1 9.

Objects : Regulation of wages and conditions of labour

in the Cleveland Pig Iron Trade.
Secretary and Offices : J. T Atkinson, Cleveland

Buildings, Middlesbrough.

Exporting Members :

Bell Brothers, Ltd.

Bolckow, Vaughan & Co., Ltd.

Cargo Fleet Iron Co., Ltd.

Carlton Iron Co., Ltd.

Cochrane & Co., Ltd.

Consett Iron Co., Ltd.

Dorman Long & Co., Ltd.

Cjers Mills & Co., Ltd.

Linthorpe Dinsdale Smelting Co., Ltd.

North Eastern Steel Co., Ltd.

Pease & Partners, Ltd.

Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Co., Ltd.

Partington Steel & Iron Co., Ltd.

Samuelson (Sir B.) & Co., Ltd.

Seaton Carew Iron Co., Ltd.

Skinningiove Iron Co., Ltd.

South Durham Steel & Iron Co., Ltd.

Tees Furnace Co., Ltd.

Whitwell (W.) & Co., Ltd.

Lancashire Bar Manufacturers* Associa-

Objects : To afford facilities for the communication
and interchange of views on all matters affecting

the Lancashire Wrought Iron Trade, and to take
such action with regard thereto as may be con-
sidered desirable.

Secretary and Offices : H. S, Knowles, Atlantic
Chambers, Brazennose Street, Manchester.

Cable Address : " Colleague," Manchester.

Lincolnshire Ironmasters' Association.

Total Membership : 8.

Secretary and Offices : A. Glover, Prudential Buildings,
Park Row, Leeds.

Cable Address : " Justinian," Leeds.
Exporting Members :
Appleby Iron Co., Ltd.
Brown (J.) & Co., Ltd.
Frodingham Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Lysaght (J.), Ltd.
North Lincolnshire Iron Co.
Redbourn Hill Iron & Coal Co., Ltd.
Trent Iron Co., Ltd.

Midland Steel Anglemakers' Association.

Office : c/o Messrs. W. B. Peat & Co., The Royal
Exchange, Middlesbrough.

National Federation of Iron & Steel


Offices : Temple Bar House, London, E.C. 4.

North-East Coast Barmakers' Association.

Offices : c/o Messrs. W. B. Peat & Co., Royal Exchange,

North-East Coast Steel Makers* Associa-

Offiices: c/o Messrs. W. B. Peat & Co., Royal
Exchange, Middlesbrough.

Scottish Ironmasters' Association.

Total Membership ; 1 1 .
Secretary and Offices : James

St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.

Exporting Members :

Baird(Wm.) & Co., Ltd.

Carron Co.

Coltness Iron Co., Ltd.

Colville (David) & Sons, Ltd.

Dalmellington Iron Co., Ltd,

Dixon (Wm.), Ltd.

Dunlop (Jas.) & Co., Ltd.

Glasgow Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

Langloan Iron & Chemical Co

Shotts Iron Co., Ltd.

Summerlee Iron Co., Ltd.

C. Bishop, 156,


When writing to these Associations, it is of advantage to mention " EXPORT REGISTER."





Sub-Group 1 — continued.

Scottish Steel Makers' Association.

7*0/0/ Membership : 7.

Objects : TTie promotion of the common Gsmmercial

interests of the Firms concerned.
Secretary and Offices : W. A Millar, Writer,

77, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.
Cable Address : " Lycidas," Glasgow.
Exporting Members :

Beardmore (William) & Co., Ltd.

Colville (David) & Sons, Ltd.

Dunlop (James) & Co., Ltd.

Glasgow Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Motherwell Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Steel Co. of Scotland, Ltd.

Stewarts & Lloyds, Ltd.

Sheet Makers' Conference.

Offices : 37, Waterloo Street, Birmingham.

Sheffield & District Rolling Mills Pro-
prietors' Association.

Objects : To safeguard the common interest of the
Rolling Mills Proprietors, and to provide an
organisation for the Trade to deal with the
collective bargaining on the part of Trades

Secretary and Offices : Walter Foulston, F.SA.A.,
Norris Deakin Buildings, King Street, Sheffield.

Sheffield Forgers' & Tilters' Association.

Objects : To safeguard the common interests of the
Forgers and Tilters ; to provide an organisation
for the Trade to deal with the collective bargaining
on the part of Trades Unions.

Secretary and Offices : Walter Foulston, F.SA.A.,
15, Norris Deakin Buildings, King Street,

South Stafforshire Ironmasters' Associa-

{See Group 3, Sub-Group 2.)

South Wales Siemens Steel Association.

Total Membership : 10 (representing 14 Steelworks).
Objects : To deal with Labour and Clommercial

matters affecting members of the Association.
Secretary and Offices : Lewis Jones, 1 & 2, Royal

Metal Exchange, Swansea.
Telegraphic Address : " Ingots," Swansea.
Exporting Members :

Briton Ferry Steel Co., Ltd.

Gilbertson (W.) & Co., Ltd.

Port Talbot Steel C^., Ltd.

South Yorkshire Bar Iron Association.

Total Membership : 13.

Objects : Mutual intercourse and exchange of views

and discussion upon matters affecting the Trade.
Secretary and Offices : M. W. Tallent, Tinsley Steel,

Iron and Wire Rope Works, Sheffield.
Cable Address : " Tallent," c/o Cooke, Sheffield.

Exporting Members :
Butterley Co., Ltd.
Coghlan Steel & Iron Co., Ltd.
Cooke (William) & Co., Ltd.
Kirkstall Forge Co., Ltd.
Midland Iron Co., Ltd.
Sheepbridge Coal & Iron Co., Ltd.

Steel Ingot Makers' Association.

Total Membership : 34.

Objects : Mainly concerned in dealing with questions
of wages and conditions of employment of workmen.

Secretary and Offices : John A. Gregorson, Royal
Exchange, Middlesbrough.

Cable Address : " Gregorson," c/o Winpenny, Middles-

Welsh Plate & Sheet Manufacturers'

Offices : 25-29, Royal Metal Exchange, Swansea.

Sub-Group 2.

RAILWAY MATERIALS.-(a) Wheels and Axles,
(b) Tyres and Axles, (c) Laminated and Coil Springs,
(d) Rolling Stock, (e) Fastenings.


IRON CASTINGS.— (a) Heavy Castings, (b) Light
Castings, (c) Malleable Castings, (d) Pipes.

WIRE.-., Ltd.

Jenkins (J. B.) & Co.

Morriston Silica Co.

Oughtibridge Silica Co., Ltd.

Penwyllt Silica Co., Ltd.

Pickford Holland & Co.

Reddish (Gregory) & Co.

Smart (H. & H. E.).

Stephens & (Do.

Templeton Silica Co., Ltd.

Thomas (R.) &C:o.,Ltd.

Vale of Neath Silica Clo., Ltd.

W?ien writing to these Associations, it is 0/ advantage to mention " EXPORT REGISTER."




British Wire Rope Manufacturers' Associa-

Total Membership : 51.

Objects : To take action in regard to any matter

which, in the opinion of the members, may affect

the interests of the Wire Rope Industry, and also

to co-operate or affiliate with other associations

or organisations in furtherance of the objects

of the Association.
Secretary and Offices : R. M. Beresford, The Guild-
hall, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Cable Address : " Chairman," Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Exporting Members :

Allan, Whyte & Co., Ltd.

Barton (Wm.) & Co.

Binks Bros., Ltd.

Boro* Motor & Aero Supply.

Bowie (W.T.) & Co., Ltd.

Brown (W. B.) & Co. (Bankhall). Ltd.


Bullivant & Co., Ltd.

Caledonian Wire Rope Co., Ltd.

Cooke (Wm.) Co., Ltd.

Craven & Speeding, Bros.

Crawhall (Joseph) & Sons.

Dixon & Corbitt & R. S. Newall & Co.. Ltd.

Dunn & King, Ltd.

Dawson & Usher, Ltd.

Edge & Sons, Ltd.

eiis (Edwin) & Co.. Ltd.

Excelsior Wire Rope Co., Ltd.

Frew Bros. & Qo.

Gamock, Bibby & Co., Ltd.

Glaholm & Robson, Ltd.

Glover Bros.

Glover (W.J.) &Co.

Govan Ropework Co., Ltd.

Haggie Bros., Ltd.

Haggle (D.H. &G),Ltd.

Haggie (R. Hood) & Son, Ltd.

Hall's Barton Ropery Co., Ltd.

Hartlepool Ropery Co., Ltd.

Hebbum Rope & Sail Works Co., Ltd.

Hopper Oohn L), Ltd.

Houghton (W. D.) & Co., Ltd.

Latch & Batchelor, Ltd.

Midland Wire Cordage Co. (Davisons).

Newall (R.S.) & Son, Ltd.

Overton Bros.

Pick (W. H.) Latham &Sons.

Rylands Bros., Ltd.

Scott (F.W.).

Shaw Gohn), Ltd.

Sheffield Wire Rope Co., Ltd

Smith (Thos. &Wm.),Ltd.

Stephens 0-) & Son, Ltd.

Stevens (F. J.) & Co.

TTiomson, Black & Co., Ltd.

Tvne Wire Rope Manufacturing Co.. Ltd.

Warrington Wire Rope Works, Ltd.

Webster & Co, Ltd.

Whltecross Co., Ltd.

Wilkins Wire Rope Co., Ltd.

Wright (John & Edwin), Ltd.

G)il Spring Makers' Association.

Offices : Norris Deakin Buildings, King Street,

Federated Forgemasters' Association.

Secretary and Offices : J. W. Percival, Cyclops Steel
& Iron Works, Sheffield.

Iron & Steel Wire Manufacturers* Associa-

Total Membership : 73.

Objects : To watch over all matters affecting Ae
interests of the Trade : —

(1) Regular consideration of wages, hours and
working conditions of the Industry as a whole.

(2) The collection and regular consideratio«
of statistics and information on all matters apper-
taining to the Industry.

(3) The encouragement of the study of processes
and design, and of research with a view to per-
fecting the products of the Industry, etc.

Secretary and Offices : R.C.D. Isgar, Economic

Buildings, 21, Spring Gardens, Manchester.
Cable Address : " Wenham," Manchester.
Exporting Members :

Bain(Wm.) & Co., Ltd.

Bates & Northcliffe, Ltd.

Beesley (W. T.) & Co.. Ltd

Binns(J. &A.).Ltd.

Brearley (Ralpli).

Bruntons. Ltd.

Crownshaw, Chapman & Co., Ltd.

Darlington Wire Mills, Ltd.

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