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Doct John S. Vanderslice,

tion. Bat I have no right to advise.

who departed this life

Remember me to all oar friends — tell them

January 20th, 1838,

I remember them alL Yours truly,

aged 24 years. 2 months

Simon Cameron.

& 23 days.



Departed this Life
Sept 23. 1841,

Inscriptions In the Old Graveyard.

In the 40th year

[The following concludes the inscriptions

of his Age.

in this old graveyat d, one of the noted land-

marks of the Scotch-Irish settlement in

In memory of

Pennsylvania. Although there are a few


who do not appreciate these records, there

consort of James WILSON,

are very many who do, and we have letters

aod daughter of

from numerous sections of the Union ex-

John and Prances

pressing gratification in this effort to pre-


serve them.]

who departed this life

Aug. 21, 1831,


Aged 26 years.



memory of




who departed this life


February 15th, 1775,

who died November

aged 56 years.

14th, 1817, aged

Also of

19 years.


who died


September 14th, 1794,

memory of

aged 46 years,


and of

who departed this Life


September 20th, 1812,

who died

aged 20 years.

December 16th, 1809,

In the 21st year of his age.

memory of



memory of

who departed this life


November 18, 1811,

who departed this life

aged 22 years

July 2d, 1831,
aged 27 years.


Also of

memory of



was born on the 1st of

who departed this life

December, iu the year of

September 11, A. D.

our Lord 1830, and

1806, in the 47th year

died on the 27th of

of his age.

August, 1839.

memory of


to the memorv of



Relict of Andrew Wilson.

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


who departed this life

December 20, A, I). 1814,

in the 46th year of

her age.




who depot ced this life

August 18th, A. D. 1314,

aged 1 5 years

and 1 month.

In memory of


who died Sept'r. 13th., 1784,

in the 27th year of his age

and 3d of his ministry.

Doting the short time of his ministry

he approved himself a diligent.

faithful Servant of Christ

In him were united Learning, Judgment

and eminent Piety, with great Meekness,

self-diffidence and humility.

This marble was the Donation of

his affectionate People.

Serve Christ humbly on earth, if yon

expect to reign triumphantly with

him in heaven.

[Omitted in proper place.]

In memory of


who departed this

life the 19 day

of September, 1782,

Aged 74.

In memory of


who departed this life

Jannary 20th, A. D, 1824,

in the 70th year

of his age.

♦ — *


Historical, Biographical and Genealogical.


John Cummin, who served in the Legis-
lature of Pennsylvania, and was a member
of the Constitutional Convention of 1838-39,
died near Mifflintown October 7, 1840, aged
seventy years. Was he not the ancestor of
the late Jndge Cummin?

James Hoover, State Librarian, died at
Harrisburg, October 7, 1840, at the age of
twenty* nine years. Information is requested
concerning him— his parentage, former
residence, education, etc

Old Paxtang Church.— It is proposed
during the year 1790, the date to be here-
after agreed upon, to celebrate the one hun-
dred and fiftieth year of the erection of the
present church ed-fice. It is only proper
that this should be done, and in the mean-
time a full and accurate history of that old
land-mark of Scotch-Irish settlement be pre-
pared. Let the congregation take definite
action in the matter, for a year is brief
enough time to prepare what should be done,
carefully and well.

Eos. — The death of the Kev. Oliver E»e,
of Mechanicsburg, at the extreme old age of
ninety years, calls to mind the following
facts relating to his ancestry:

Jacob Ege came to America in 1 739, from
Holland and located in Berks county, Penn-
sylvania. Of his children, Michael Ege set-
tled in Cumberland county, where he btcame
largely interested in the iron business, and
during the Revolutionary periol was one of
the most prominent iron manufacturers in
the State. He died August 31, 1815,his wife
Dorothy preceding him on the 4th of Sep-
tember, 1810. They left three sons and two
daughters — Peter, Michael, George, Eliza
and Mary. By a division of his estate, to
Peter was given Pine Grove furnace, to Mi-
chael Boiling Springs furnace, and to George
Ml Holly furnace. The daughters received
their shares in the estate. Mary married
Dr. William C. Chambers, and Eliza, James
Wilson, a merchant of Chamhersburg. Peter
married, his wife Jane dying Feb. 1, 1841,
and left descendar ts. George married Eliz-
abeth Miller, daughter of John Miller, of
Carlisle, anil Michael, jr., Mary Galbraith,
daughter of Andrew Galbraith, ot East
l'ennsboro*. Cumberland county.

» ♦


The following record of a Family of Rev-
olutionary Heroes s worthy a place beside
that of the gallant butlers:

David Bush, b January 19, 1 707 ; d April
2, 1792. He was a justice of the peace for
the county of New Casile, Delaware, active
in recruiting the militia, and in 1748 erected
a battery on the Hocks of Christiann*

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

for the defense of Wilmington. Three of
bis sons entered into the contest for Inde-
pendence, as follows :

Lewis Bush, the eldest son, b. October
8, 1751; was commissioned first lieutenant
of the Sixth Battalion of the Pennsylvania
Line, Col. William Irvine, January 9, 1776;
and promoted captain, vice Captain Robert
Adams, killed at Isle Aux Noix, Jane 21,
1776, of the same battalion, Jane 24, 1776.
Upon the formation of Col. Thomas Hart-
ley's regiment, he was commissioned major,
January 13, 1777; was mortally wounded at
the battle of Brandy wine September 11,1777,
and died daring the retreat

George Bush, the second son, b. March
23, 1753; d. in February, 1797; was com-
missioned captain in the Eleventh Penn'a
regiment January 13, 1777; transferred to
the Sixth Penn'a January 17, 1781; and
subsequently to the Third Penn'a January 1,
1783. He was an original member of the
Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati.
After the war he was appointed by General
Washington the first collector of customs for
the district of Delaware.

John Bush, the third son, b. February
7, 17&5; d. May 2. 1806; was commissioned
ensign of Capt. James A. Wilson's com-
pany, in the Sixth Pennsylvania battalion,
June 24, 1776; promoted to first lieutenant
in Seventh Pennsylvania Regiment of the
Line, March 20, 1777; promoted captain
lieutenant in same regiment April 17, 1780,
and December 11, 1781, captain in the Third
Pennsylvania. He was one of the original
members of the Society of the Cincinnati.

L. B. J.


"A List of the Freeholders of Dauphin
County, A. D. 1794," is the title of a MSS.
presented to the Dauphin County Historical
Society by Coi.F. A. \wl, in 1888. Itspen-
manhip is of a superior character. It has a
German motto, literally translated says:
"These men will soon all be dead;" which is
now solemn truth.

At tbe time this list was prepared, Harris-
burg had become a borough, 1791, and Pax-
ton comprised all of the present townships
of Lower Pax too, Susquehanna, Swataraand
Lower Swatara; Middle town was separately
enumerated. It is a curious fact, showing
how absolute custom is, that in no act of
Assembly or order of courts is there any
Authority for the words "Lower" Pax ton;

legally that township has no right to Its
Christian name. The assessor!! and custom
fixed the present nomenclature. In the
same fashiou what was once St. Thomas has
become Linglestown, in the same towoship.
Paxton was formed into a township in 1729.

In 1794, John Joseph Henry was presid-
ing Judge; his associates, John Gloninger,
John Carson. John Kean, Thomas Forster,
Samuel Moore; Alexander Graydon, pro-
thonotary. A note by Judge Henry, pre-
ceding the list, redds:

"The Constables are arranged to do Duty
at Court according to the following Order:
Paxton, ) To attend at June sessions

East Hanover, > during the four days of the
Lebanon, ) sessions.

Upper Paxton,} To attend at September
West Hanover, > seisions during the four
Heidelberg, ) days of the sessions,
Middle Paxton, ) To attend at Dec'r ses-
Londonderry, J- sions during the four daj*


one of the


) of the sessions.

| To attend at the March
j- sessions during the four days
| of th<


■ the sessions. "

The two other constables of the Borough
of Harrisbnrg are to attend the Court of
Common Pleas on the Friday aud Saturday
of ea h court week. "

It will be observed that freeholds, held by
women and non residents, are n it registered.
Estates owning a great many lots and large
farms — such as John Harris, John Ham-
ilton, and others, in town and to «nship— do
not seem to have teen enumerated in tbe
Harrisburg list.

In 1787 the assessment of "Louisburg"
contained 143 names. This one, 7 years
later, shows but 105, proving the slow
growth of Harrisburg in its early days.

The spelling has been preserved as in the
original. H.


Bumbach, Conrad,
Bennet, Thomas,
Bruoner, Henry,
Beatty, James,
Barr, Alexander,
Barr, Robert,
Berry hi II, Samuel,
Boyd. John,
Beder, Henry,

Hartman, George,
Heiss, John,
Henning, Jacob,
Hortman [Hatmanf,

Homing. Stephen,
Ingram, William,
Irwin, John,
Kapp, Michael,

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


Bother, Jacob, Kean, John, Etq ,

Boyd, Adam Esq Knnkel, Christian,
Berryhill, Alexander, Krause, John,

Esq , Krause, Andrew,

Balsly, John, Knatser, Michael,

Brindel, Philip, Lather, John, Doctor,

Conrad, Henry, Mears, Wm.,

Cummins, Alexander, Montgomery, Joseph,
Comfort, John, Esq.,

Crabb, William, Mish, Jacob,

DenUel, John, Esq., Murray, Patrick,
I>nncan, James, Mitchel, James,

Davis, Samuel B., McChesny, John,

Dsawley, John,
Ebbert, John,
Elder, John,
Fa 1 ton, Henry,
Fridley, Georjre,
Fridley, Barnet,

Murray, Wm.,
Martin, John,
Murray, Thomas
Miller, Charles,
Norton, John,
Newman, Andrew

Forrest, Andiew, Doc- Ott, Nicholas,

tor, Patterson, Galoreath,

Fenton, Ben j.. Doctor, Esq,
Fisher, George, Esq., Potts, Stacy,
Firestone, George, Pool, John, jr.,
Ford, Henry, RedJick, George,

Forster, Thomas, Esq., Reinmuth, Philip,
Graydon, Alexander, Roragen, John,
Esq., Ream, Andrew,

Grimes, Samuel, Siegler, George,

Graydon, Wm., Esq., Sawyers, James,

Graybill, Peter,
Glass, William,
Gilmor, Moses,
Gill am, John,
Hanns, John A.,

llorter, Va'entine,
Hoyer, George,
Hess, George,
Harris, Robert,

Seyboth, Tobias,
Sailor. Henry,
Sees, Stoppel,
Sees, Baltzer,
Smith, Casper,
Tressenrider Conrad,
Unger, Peter,
Wet her holt, George,
Welckhance, Jacob,
Weir, Samuel,

HouU, Anthony, Rev. Walter, Peter,
Hill, Samuel, Youse, Fredrick

Hocker, John,
Hocker, Adam,
Hocker, Stoppel,
Hoge, John,
Hoefly, John,

Touse, George,
Youse, Jacob,
Zollinger, Jacob,.
Zinn, John,


Atly, Phillip,
Atley, David,
Bollinger, Emanuel,
Blattenberger, John,
Blair, Thomas,
Bamberger, Michael,
Bernheiter, John,
Christ, Valeniiuev

King, Jacob,
Kissinger, John,
Lenning, John, Esq.,
Lauman, George,
McClure, Jon., Esq.,
McFarling, Walter,
Moore, Henry,
Measenkope, Jacob,

Cansert, George,
Conrad, Widow,
Elijah, Green,
Eberly, Jacob,
Eneas, Joshua,
Frey. George,
Fraok, David,
Garber, Christian,
Gross, Christian,
Gross, Michael,
Gross, George,
Gromiller, Martin,
Hem per ly, Michael,
Hains, John,
Hoffman, Daniel,
Hem perl v, Martin,
Heppich, Christ'r,
Hayp, Stephen,
Krall, John,
King, Christian, Esq,

Meyer, Henry,
Metzgar, John,
McKann, John,
McKinny, Mordecai,
McMutrie, Charles,
Oberlander, Fred'k,
Russsell, James,
Itaup, George,
Rathfang. Fred'k,
Snyder, Jacob,
Snyder, Joseph,
Shuster, Peter,
Shaaky, Philip,
Snyder, Mark,
Spayd, Christian,
Stubs, Thomas,
Snowgoose, George,
loot, George,
Wierich, Philip,
Woldy, Jacob,
Lad wig.


Historical, Biographical and Genealogical.

An Old-Time Obituary. —The Car-
lisle OazeUeo\ September 7, 1800, in speak-
ing of the death of James Pollock. Esq.,
who died on the 1st day of that month. sa\s:
"Mr. P. was oue of the earliest inhabitants
of this county — a respectable and useful
member in society; a hater of 'Rats that eat
the malt that lay in the house that Jack
built;' a real and genuine Republican, and
we may say the Republic has to regret the
loss of a faithfnl and true patriot"


It to Only a Century Old.

[The following Ion-mot and reply we copy
from the Car isle GautU for 1787. The
prohibitory measures adopted by the Legis-
lature of 1889. although repudiated by the
people, recalled them to mind.]

On Wednesday the memorial presented to
the General Assembly by the College of
Physician**, against the excessive use of
spirituous liquors, was taken up for a second
reading, and hating occasioned soma wit and
mirth at the expense of that learned body,
it was proposed to give the memorialists
leave to bring In a bill "No, no P ex-
claimed Mr. Peters, **I hope the House will

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

never agree to that, for I am sore I have
smarted enough already under long bill* of
their bringing in.

[To theforegoiog a member of the College
essayed a reply through the new papers.]

A witty member of the late Assembly
having treated the town to a langh at the
expense of the faculty, on occasion of the
memorial presented to the Legulatnre upon
the abate of spiritoas liqnors, one of the fel-
lows of that body begs leave to observe that
however long the bills they send in may be,
many of their patients stretch the time of
payment to a moch greater length,
which, in a year of snch extraordinary
health as the present, becomes a greater
grievance to the Doctors than the nnpaid
bills can possibly be to their patients— for
this reason it is hoped nobody for the f ntnre
will complain of his Doctor's bill till he has
paid it, unless he is a professed wit, in which
case the payment of a long bill is never ex-



[ The following letter, written by the son
of Col. Samnel Postlethwaite, of Carlisle, to
his father, is an interesting contribution to
onr Western History. Of the father, a
notice of bim will shortly appear among onr
appear among onr sketches of Cumberland
Valley worthies. The son remained in the

Camp on Grand Auglaize Riveb, 175
miles advanced of Fort Washington, 29th
August, J 7 94.— Dear and Honored Father
The bearer of this letter (Captain Slough,
wounded thro' the body) would perhaps be
better able to satisfy you with regard to the
route of the army and other circumstances
attending it, bnt lest his time or yours
would not permit it, I shall give you a very
brief accourt of the whole. On the 16th of
July, as I before informed you, I left Lex-
ington; on the 20th about 1,600 Volunteers
crossed the Ohio; the 28th Gen'l Wayne's
army, near 1,600 men effective, and one
Brigade of Volunteers left Greenville
Head Quarters, leaving the other
Brigade of Volunteers to bring up
military stores. At the River St Mary, 86
miles advanced of Greenville, the Brigade
left behind joined us, and the whole (after
building a Garrison) proceeded on iih Aug.,
course generally N. from 10 to 15 £. without
any difficulty, except passing thro' low
swampy ground, untill we arrived at the

junction of Maumee and Auglaize which
forms the Grand Auglaize, and makes a
beautiful point much resembling that at
Pittsburgh. The army destroyed on their
route to this place an astooishing quantity of
corn and every vegetable known in any part
ot the world, a great number of houses, Jfcc
After building a strong garrison on the
point, the army proceeding down the Grand
Auglaize nearly an East course 41 miles, en-
camped on a piece of risiog ground betweea
two beautiful Prairies, built a little fortifi-
cation where all heavy baggage was de-
posited on the 19th. On the 20tb, early is
the morning, the army in motion—at three
quarters after 8 — on a piece of thick, bushy
ground, a prairie on the right, the Front
guard of 2 companies of spies commanded by
Major Price, of Kentucky, was attacked by a
large body of Indians, formed in three liner.
The spies retreated, giving the right wing
commanded by Gen'l Wilkinson time to form.
At the same time Gen'l Todd's BHgade of
Volunteers formed on the extreme left and ad-
vanced, when in a few minutes a heavy fire
commenced on the right and gradually ex-
tended to the left In about one hour the
Indians, received so contrary to their expec-
tations, fled with precipitation and dlsmsy
before the army, leaving their dead upon the
field and not haviog time to take more than-
2 or 3 scalps. One whole brigade com-
manded by Gen'l Barber, and a rear guard
commanded by Major Russell, which made
nearly 1,000 Volunteers, were entirely ia
the rear of the whole, aod were not in the
action at all, so that not more than one-
third of the army were engaged. The In-
dians retired beyond a strong British Gar-
rison, which was but 3 miles from the
ground on which the action was fought
The army proceeded about one mile and
halted to take care of the wounded. The num-
ber of killed and wounded is said to be 135,
bnt by far the greater number are wounded;
but two officers killed and 3 wounded. The
express is just starting. I am extremely
sorry I cannot take time to be more correct,
as well in my relation as in my writing. I
have written to Jacky to give you the ne-
cessary information with regard to onr busi-
ness. It may be two months I am afraid
before I shall be in Kentucky. When I ar-
rive there I shall write to you early and
It is not certain what number of Indians
i killed. Some say 200. I think not s»

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


many. It is however certain that t hey were
aided by a number of Canadians and British
troops. British guns and bayonets were
found by several of the dead. We had the
pleasure to destroy the Plantation ttnd
houses ot one of the Girty's, with fine corn-
fields, &c

After reading what I have wiittcn, I find
I have related things so out of place, owing
to my hurry, that I am almost ioduced not
to send it, but as it will be a pre of that
altho* I was really in danger, I am yet alive
and perfecly well, and that I have still the
same respect and affection for my dear and
honored father. My love to Mama and all
family. Sam. Postlbthwait, jb.

To Sam'l PoUlethtoaiU E»q.

Gen. Scott's compliments.



Lower Pastang Township.

Alleman, Nicholas,
Alleman, Stoppel,
Alleman, John,
Alleman, Henry,
Achy, Henry,
Arnolt, George,
Brank, Jacob,
Beegler, John,
Beseem, Rod?,
Been, John,
Buck, John,
Bishop, Peter,
Boyd, William,
Byere, James,
Bell, Thomas,
Broison, Thomas,
Berryhill, And'w,

Bob, Peter, Jun'r,
Barnet, John,
Byerly, Casper,
Biowu, Philip,
Bomberger, John,
Berryhill, And'w,

Briner, John,
Brand, Jacob,
Bach man, Jacob,
Bucher, Casper,
Bobe, Philip,
Bobe, Peter, Sen'r,
Biinwn, Daniel,

Kiblinger, John,
Kerr, Wm.,
King, Thomas,
Kehr, Jacob,
Keller, Joseph,
Knob, Jacob,
Koch, Martin,
Kohr, Michael,
Lerne, George,
Lingei, Thomas,
Lingel, Frederick,
Long, Conrad,
Landis, Felix,
Limbert, Henry,
Landis, Abraham,
Lucas, Daniel,
McCord, James,
Meharg, Alexander,
Mc Robert 8, Robert ,
McElhaioy, John,
Montgomery, Hngb,
Moore, Archibald,
McArtnur, Thomas,
Morton, James,
McClure, Robert,
McKinney, John,
Myer, Henry,
Myer, John,
Montgomery, David,
Miller, Jacob (miller),
Meder, John,
Mama, John,

Bennetch, Lawrence, Miller, Martin,

Bergenhof, Wm.,
Chambers. Arthur,
Calhoon, Wm.,
Cochran, James,
Caldwell, James,

Minoch. George,
Myer, Abram,
McAllister, Archibald,.
Miller, John. (Beardy),
Milleisy, Jacob,

Carson, John, Esq'r, McCreigbt, Anthony,

Cox, Cornelius,

Crouch, Edward,

Castle, Michael,

Castle, John,

Co wdeo, James, Esq'r, Neidich, John,

Crain, Wm., * Neesly, John,

Carson, Richard,

Carson, George,

Cooper, Daniel,

Castle, Fred , Sen'r, Pancake, Peter,

Castle, Fred., Jr., Pitner, Michael,

McClay, Wm., Esqr.>
Nagel, Stoppel,
Neidich, Abram,
Neavling, George,

Newman, Pe«er,
Neesly, Michael,
Overhcltzer, Jacob,

Crall, Christian,
Castle, Emanuel,
Diller, Leonard,
Dagon, Lad wig,
Dancan, Benjamin,

Peck, Jacob,
Parthimer, John, Sr. r
Parthim«-r, John, Jr.*
Page, Christian,
Pattoo, David,

Ethenhauer, CaSper, Page, George, Sr.,
Ksbenhauer, Chris- Parthimer. Philip,

Earnest, Wm.,
Eply, John,
Earl 7, Jacob,
Espy, Josiah,
Elder, Robert,

Peifer, John,
Roop, Christian,
Rutherford, John,
Rutherford, James,
Reigart, John,
Roop, John,

Elder, Joshua, Esq'r, Roop, Jacob, Sr.,
Foltz, Francis, Roop, Jacob, Jr.,

Felty, Peter, Jun'r, Ream, Daniel,
Felty, Peter, Sen'r, Roberts, Daniel,
Feeser, George, Ritchy, Daud,

Fhckinger, Christian, Rees, George,
Flora, Joseph, Robison, John,

Fackler, George, Stever, Casper,

Fackler, George, Slrrer, Stoppel,

Parkier, Wendel, Stephen, Ephraim,

Fackler, John,
Fisher, Phillip,
Fulton, Richard,
Farling, Jacob,
Furry, Christian,
Fisher, John,
Fox, Peter,
Fisher, Jacob,

Stephen, Hug!-,
Stephen, Andrew,
Stephen, Zachariah*
Swan, Moses,
Steward, Elijah,
Steward, Hugh,
Shearer, Peter,
Steward, James,

Fisher, John (Swee- Syder, Jacob, Sen'r. t

tara), Smith, George,

Fritchey, God fried, Smith, Adam,

Fronts, Michael, Smith, Wm.,

Fo^elsanger, David, Shoop, Bernard,

Greiner, Philip, Shoop, Stoppel,
Gilchrist, Jobn, Jun'r, Shjly, George,

Gray, George, Smith, Jacob,

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

Gray, Joseph,
• Gray, John,
Gray, Robert,
Gross, George,
Good, Jacob,
Groff, Jonas,
Gehroan, Abram,
Hoorer, John,
Hoover, David,
Hoover, Jacob,
Houser, Martin,
Heiger, John,
Hains, Adam,
Hains, Simpson,
Hi^kel, Casper,
Heckert, Philip,
Heiltnan, Peter,
Hay, Abram,
Hock, Henrv,
Johnston, Alexander,
Johnston, James,
frenhauer, Peter,
Kiblinger, Henry,

Swartz, Christian,
8hell, Martin,
Sbttz, George,
8 wan, Richard,
8}b*rt, John,
Stober, Jacob,
Stever, Adam,
Sbafner, Martin,
Shafner, Frederick,
Shearer, Samuel,
Willsoo.John, (Cl'k.),
Willson. John, Jr.,
Walhnrn, Christian,
Walhnrn. Michael,
Whitehill, John,
Willwon. Alex'r.,
Wal lower, Leonard,

Wenrich, Francis,
Wi^gena, James,
Whitmore, John,
Walhnrn, Peter,
Wetzel, Martin.


Historical, Biographical and Genealogical.


The History op Carlisle I*rebby-
TERY. to comprise two octavo volume*, is to
be published by subscription. The different
papers read at the Centennial three years
ago have been amplified to such an extent
that it is expected the work will be well
nigh exhaustive upon the different subjects
treated of.

Mil LER.— William Miller, of Carlisle,
made his will Dec 2, 1775. His estate he
bequeathed to his wife Elizabeth, and chil-
dren as follows:

t. WiUiam

it. John.

Hi MizabetJi.

iv. Mary.

v. Sirah.

vi. [posthumous].

A legacy is left to bis step-son, John Mc-
Cuidy. The executors named are John
Byers. John Moutgomery, brothers John
and Robert Miller, and brother-in-law Robert

To the foregoing we may add this :

John Miller, whose will was made Au-
gust 5, 1775, and proved April 13, 1776,

brother of the foregoing, mentions his wife
Mary, and children:

1. WiUiam.

ii John.

Hi. Mary.

iv. Margaret

He also mentions his brothers, Robert an4
William Miller, brother- in law, Robert Mc-
Pherson, and son-in law, Charles Leiper.




Lebanon Ttwn and Tewaahlp.

This assessment covered all of the terri-

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