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tory in the present Lebanon county, Leba-
non North and South, Annville North and
Sooth, (Torn wall, &c, townahips. Lebanon
county was taken from Danpbin in 1813.
Annville created in 1799.
Allwine, Conrad, Killinger, George,

Alleman, Leonard,
Arnold. John,
Arnold, Peter,
Achenbach, Adam,
Arnold, Hermanns,
Bucher, Benedict,
Bard, Adam,
Blnnch, Abram,
Blanch. John.
Beck, John Philip,
Bamberger, Joseph,

Klein, Handieter,
Ley, Andrew,
Labe**, Baltzer,
Lang, Christiar
Lang, Henry,
Lang. Abram,
Light, John, Sr.,
Loeb, Christ opb,
Lang, Wilhelm,
Light, Martin,
Liuht, Jacob, Jr.,

Burkholder, Oh riftian, Light, Jacob (M. ,
Burkholder, Ulricb, son),

Bart, John,
Boehm, Jncob,
Brand, Christian,
Biely, Adam,
Boltz, George,
Bager, Valentine,
Brechhill, John,
Buehler, Henry,

Light, John (M.,son),
Light, Martin, Jr.,
Lehman, Jacob,
Lesher, Michael,
Lautermtlch, John,
Light, John,
Light, Felix,
Light, Henry,

Brid -nbach, Mi hael, Miller, Peter,
Bender, Kherhard, More, Samuel,
Burkholder, John,
Bt-eneisen, Jacob,

Becker, Michael,
Buehler, George,
Buecher, Jacob,
Roeahore, Henry,

Meyly, George,
Meyly, Samuel,
MeGrnndel, George,
Mil er, Rudolph,
McFadian, John,
Miller, John,

Bach man, John Jr., Miller, Peter (farmer),

Buehler, Christian, Miller, Daniel,

Bowman, George, Meyer, John,

Bryans, Kdward, Meyer, Henry,

B*rry, Henry, Mensinger, Conrad,

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Historical and Genealogical.


Jfenner, John,
Bard, Adam, Jr.,
{Bolts, Michael,
Baconian, Christian,
Bolts, Jacob, Jr.,
Brand, Isaac,
tBenner, Charles,
Bash, Martin,
Bleistine, Abram,
Becklej, Jacob,
♦Bnrkhart, Peter,
Boehm, Christian,
Berry, Conrad,
Clark, Thomas, Esq'r,
Crall, Abraii,
Castle, Christian,
.Dohner, John, Jr.,
Diets, John,
Doebler, Anthony,
Dabs, Joho,
Dohner, John. Sen'r,
Denies, John,
Denies, Nicholas,
Dntweiler, Michael,
Dohner, Jacob,
Doebler, Abram,
Dohner, Henry,
Dishong, David,
Eichelberner, God-
Ensminger, Peter,
Ensminger, Daniel,
Entree, Peter,
Erter, Samuel,
Ellenberger, Jacob,
Bby, George,
Embich, Cbristoph,
Embich, Jacob,
Embich, Fredrick,
Eichelberner, Peter,
Etterline, Christopb,
Eckert, Philip,
Ellenberger, Jacob,
Fnnk, Martin, Jr.,
fernsler, Philip,
Frank, Peter,
Fisher, Peter,
Fitzbeiger, Daniel.
Folmer, Jacob,
Pinkel, John,
Feierabend, John,
Frolich, George,
Fisher, Petet, Jr.,
Fernsler, Fred'k,
Fassnacht, Conrad,
Fernsler, Philip,
Fronts, John,

Myer, John (miller),

Menges, Adam,

Matter, John,

Myer, Henry,

Martin, Alexander,

Miller, John (8we~

Meyer, Christopb,

Maalfer, Michael,

Mark, Conrad,

Marshall, David, Doc-

Mellinger, Jacob,

Morris, Mathias,

Mark, Jacob,

Meyer, Abram,

Meily, 8am ael, Jr.,

Miller, George, Jr.,

More, Conrad,

Meyer, Martin,

Nagel, G. Frederick,

Neef, Jacob.

Orth, Adam.

Orth, Baltzet,

Ohrendrof, Christian,

Orth, Gotlieb,

Ohrendrof, John,

Peiffer, Jacob,

Peter. Henry,

Rithel, Henry,

Beinoel, George,

Reifwine, Jacob,

Richter, Peter,

Rndy, Henry,

Read, James,

Ragnil, Abram,

Reish, Peter,

Ritter, Michael,

.Roessly, John,

'iteinoel, Conrad,

Reish, John,

Rnpp, John,

Rein hart, Bernhard,

Rohrer, John, Jr.,

Rnhl, Peter,

Roland, Jacob,

Richard, Jacob,

Richard, Adam,

Rehwalt, John,

Rapp, Jacob,

Richard, John,

Stoever, Adam,

Stoever, Tobias,

Stoever, Fred'k,

8haak, Jacob,

8haak, Nicholas,

Shindel, Peter,

Gingrich, John, Jr.,
Groffi, John,
Greenawalt, Philip,

Greider, Christian,
Greider, Jacob, Jr.,
Glassbrenner, George,

Greenawalt, Philip,

Groh, Abram,
Gingrich, Michael,
Gingrich, Christian,

Gingrich, Johu, Sr.,
Greider, George,
Greider, Tobia?, 8r.,
Greider, Martin,
Greider, Jacob, Sr.,
Greider. John, Jr.,
Greider, Michael,
Greider, John, Sr.,
Geisseman, George,
Gilbert, Henry,
Gebhart, George,
Gnntrnm, Fred'k,
Gehrhard, Conrad,
Gloninger, John,

Esq'r, -
Greenewalt, John,
Gray bill, Peter,
Gray, Jacob,
Gneagy, Joseph,
Glassbrenner, Peter,
Gloninger, Peter, Jr.,
Gloninger, George,
Gingrich, Michael P.

Greider, Jacob, Jr.,
Guenther, Peter,
Gnntrnm John,
Gingrich. John
Getz, BalUer,
Hostetter, John,
Holz, George,
Heilman, Anstet,
Heilman, Adam,
Heilman, John,
Hearter, Mathias,
Heissy, Joho,
Horst, Joseph,
Huber, Andrew,
Deissy, Michael,
Hock, George,
Henner, John, Sr.,
Hoffman, Conrad,
Henning, Daniel,

Sheafer, Isaac,
Stohr, Philip,
Shafner, Jacob,
Shafner, Henry,
Snevely, John,
Snevely, Ulrich,
Snevely, George,
Snevely, Peter,
Stiel, David,
Strohm, John,
Strohm, George,
Sweigert, John Imbo-

Stanfer, Christian,
Stroh John,
Sham bach, George,
Steger, Frederick,
Shally, Baltzer,
Shally, Lncas,
Shants, Henty,
Stroir.e, Henry,
Shott, Lewd wick,
Snock, John,
Seegriat, Lorentz,
8wab, Jacob,
Shalleberger, John,
Steckbeck, Michael,
Santer, Jacob,
Seegriat, Jacob.
Sherry, John,
Sierer, Coorad,
Smith, Henry,
Sweigert, J. Imboden,

Smith, John,
Six, Jacob,
Slotterbeck, Joho,
Shamo, Joseph,
Shenk, Joseph,
Stroehrer, John,
Spicker, Benjamin,
Singer, Michael,
Sweigert, Imboden

Snee, John, Jr.,
Shaak, Jacob, Jr.,
Stiel, Jacob,
Stiegly, Jacob,
Sbanz, George,
Stoehr, John,
Stieb, Jacob,
Teis«, Michael,
Traxel, Abraham,
Thorny, Jacob,
Thorny, John,
Thome, Joho, Esqr.,
Teisss, David,

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Historical and Genealogical.

Hoffman, Fredrick,
Hetoy, Peter,
Hirsberger, Christian,
Haber, John,
Herr, Abram,
Haber, Michael,
Haber, George,
Hoffman, Jacob,
Jorty, John,
Jorty, Henry,
Imhof, Marty,
Jacob, Adam,
Jang, Felix,
Juen, Wilhelm,
Jeager, John,
Jorty, Jacob,
Jensel, Martin,
Jung, Abram,
Jorty, Ulrich,
Karmeny, Joho, Jr.,
Kitzmiller, Jacob,
Krebs, Michael,
Kelker, Rudolph,
Kelker, Anthony, Esq.
Killinger, Michael,
Keller, Valentine,
Koeler, Leonard,
Knoll, Christian,
Krnppensch, George,
Krause, David, Esq'r,
Keller, John,
Karmeny, Philip,
Kinzer, Christian,
Karch, Jacob,
KocheBdorfer, John,
Keller, George,
Keller, Jacob,
Kop, Valentine,
Kornman, George,
Knoll, Jacob,
Kinsy, Jacob,
Kien, Charles,
Kelker, Henry,

Ubler, Christoph,
Uhler, Martin,
Ubler, Michael,
Uhrig, Philip,
Ulrich, Martin,
Umberger, John,
Umberger, Jonas.
Uhrig, Michael,
Wentz, Jacob,

Wftirinh. .To/v>b f Esqr. ,

William, Frederick,
Wolff, Christian,
Walter, John,
Waltz, Christoph,
Wirth, Christian.
WeidS, Nicholas,
Witmer, Peter,
Werner, Henry,
Woods, James,
Wingert, Christian,
William, Thomas,
Walter, Christian,
Wentz, Peter,
,Wentling, Peter,
Weiss, Jacob,
Wagner, Daniel,
Weitzel, Elias,
Wilhelm, John,
Williams, Henry,
Wenger, John,
Walter, Henry,
Xander, Jacob,
Zinn, George,
Zimmerman, Godfried,
Zi m merman, Frederick
Zimmerman, John,
Zebold, Leonard,
Zerman, Francis,
Zehring, John,
Zerben, Fredrick,
Ziegler, John,
Zeot, Jacob,
Zenab, Jacob.


Of Delaware County, Feaa'a.

[The information concerning this family is
rommnnicated by the Rev. Horace Edwin
Hayden, ef WilkesBarre.]

An old manuscript of the Evans family, of
Gwynned, Montgomery county, Pa., entitled
"Genealogy of the Evans family, collected
in the years 1819, '20 and '21, by Samnel

Morris Lynn, and transcribed by William S.
Evans, of Philadelphia, 11th month, 1821,"
has lately come into my possession. It ena-
bles me to complete a line not carried oat in
Mr. Howard Jenkins* valuable ''History of
Gwynned." Connected with the family by
marriage, I am able to give such additional
data as I find in my own record. In the
manuscript there is also a deduc ion of the
Owens genealogy from Owen ap Evans (p.
144 of Mr. Jenkins* Gwynned). Appended
are also additional data from the MSS. con-
necting Mr. Jenkins' "Evans" peiigree.

I. C a dwal ad rr Evans (Robert, Thomaar
Evan ap-Evan) ; b. 4 mo., 7, 1709, at Mo-
rion; d. cir. 1768 (he is recorded as No. 39,
p. 151, "History of Gwyoedd* ); m. Ann
Pennell; d. 1799; daughter of Joseph
Pennell, and his wife Alice Garrett, daugh-
ter of Wm. Garrett, of Darby. Joseph
Fennell was son of Robert and Hannah Pen-
nell, of Middletown, Delaware county, b. in
1686; Robert was constable of M. in 1687.
His wife, Hannab, d. in 1711, aged 71, he
eurviving. Mr. Evans removed from Me-
rion to Middletown and thence to Edgemont
"The farm on which he lived contained 340
acres. He bequeathed it to his son Thomas."
"(M. C. D ) Their children were:

2. i. Pennell; m. Margaret Jackson.
ii. Hannah; d. a. p; m. Roland


3. Hi. AU*e; b. 1734; d. 1818; m.
Jonathan Morris, M. D.

4. w. Robert; d. cir. 1815; m. Sarah

v. Joseph; d. unm

vi. Thomas; d. 1787; m. Jane Coxe,
who m. secondly, Caleb C reason, of Phila-
delphia, and d. s. p.

5. mi. Ann; m. Joshua Cowpland.

II. Pennkll Evans (Cadwalader,
Robert, Thomas, Evan ap-Evan): m. Mar-
garet Jackson. Their children were:

i. Sarah; d. s. p. 1819; ra. first, William
8avery, a public Friend; secondly, Thomas
Norton, a worthy Friend, who d. 2d ma,

ii. Ann; d. young.

6. Hi. Cadwalader; m. first Sarah Cox;
secondly, Sarah Bond.

III. Alicb'Kvans (Cadwalader, Robert,
Thomas, Evan ap- Evan) b. 1734: d. in 1818
at Darby; m. in 1757, JONATHAN MOB-
ris, M. D., b. 3d mo. 17, 1729, in Marple
township, Delaware county; d. 4th
mo., 7, 1819; son of Jonathan and

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Historical and Genealogical.


Catharine (Moore) Morris, and grandson of
David Morris, an early emigrant from
Wales to Pennsylvania, and his wife, Mary
Phillipio. Catharine Moore was daughter
of Richard Moore, of Radnor, Delaware
county. A very interesting sketch of this
early and eminent physician is given in Dr.
Smith's "History of Delaware County
Pa.," pp. 486-487. Their children (surname
Morris) were:

i Cadwalader, M. D. ; b. 10 mo. 2, 1758;
d. 1798, m. Mary Lewden of Lewden's Is-
land, Del., who d. 1801-2. He lived at New-
port, DeJ. They had—

1. Dr. John Lynn; grad. M. D , Univ.
of Pa. 1816.

2. Maria; living on the Island in 1821 ;
m. Dr. Samuel Daffield of Lancaster
county, Pa. ; grad. M. D. Univ. of
Pa. 1817; they had— William H. d. ;
Sirah-S. in. James Hopkins, and had
Samuel-D. and Washington; Samuel
Morris, m. Georgianna Sparks of
Philadelphia, and had Georgian na-
Sparks, Harriet- S., and Thomas-T. ;
Mary-Cadwalader; John-Lewden-
Morris; Anna H; Cadtoalader- Mor-
ris, d inf.

ii. Ann, b. 8 mo. 1, 1760; d. 1825; m.
1781, Joseph Lyou of Philadelphia who d.
in 1800 aged 42; they had —

1. Mary; m. Abraham Hoops of Lon-
don-grove; and had, Mary- Ann,
Amelia, Francis, Howard,

2. Phebe; b. 1789; d. 5 mo. 8, 1821.

3. JohnM ; grad. M. D., Univ. of Pa.

4. Jonathan; d. young.

5. Jonathan M. ; d. young.

6. Joseph Morris.

7. Samuel- Morri*.

Hi. Jonathan, b. 11 mo. 16, 1762; d.

iv. Catharine, b. 6 mo. 15, 1765; m. Jo-
seph Shallcross, M. D. ; b. Dec 12, 1759, at
Wilmington, Del.; d. May, 1811; son of
Joseph and Orpba (Gilpin) Shallcross, of
Delaware: he studied medicine with Dr.
Nicholas Way, so eminent as a physician,
and president of the Philadelphia Mint
under Washington; Dr. S. practiced in
Wilmington until 1788, when he removed to
Stanton, Del.; in 1794 he located in Darhy
township, Penn'a., where he died; they had:
1. Eliza, m. Thomas Wickersham, of
Philadelphia, and had Morris, Anna,

2. Morris- Cadtoalader, M. D. t b. Aug.
8, 1791, at White Clay creek, Del. ;.
d. Nov. 28, 1871, at Philadelphia; m.
Eliza Sparks, of Philadelphia; waa
educated in the schools ot Darby town-
ship; was an especial favorite of hla
grandfather, Dr. Jonathan M >rris,
from whom he received much of his
mental and moral training, and whose
character is so well portrayed by .
the sketch, from Dr. Shallcross* pen,
in Smith's History of Delaware
County. He graduated M. D. from
the University of Pennsylvania, April
1813, his thesis being • 'Effect of Ar-
dent Spirits on the Body and Mind."
In 1812-13 he held a post in the Phil-
adelphia alms house. In 1813 he
located in Darby, where his practice
became so extensive as to affect his
health He removed in 1834 to-
Philadelphia and continued his prac-
tice until his retirement in 1852. He
hud Joseph, of Sharon Hill, Delaware
count 7; Sarah; Harriet

3. Hannah; m. Robert McCauley, and

had Joseph.

4. Joseph.M. D.. b. March 21, 1797, at

Darby; d Jul/ 10, 1871, at Gallt-
polis, O. ; graduated at the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania 1826;
practiced for many years with suc-
cess in Kentucky and Ohio; mar-
ried and left children.
v. Samuel, b. 2 mo. 19, 1768; of London-

vi. Evan, b. 3 mo. 2, 1770; of LOndon-
grove; m. Amelia Stone, daughter of Lewis
Stone, of Newport, Del., and had —
1. Lewis.
* 2. Samuel.

3. Herba.

4. SabeUa.

5. Alice-Anna

vii. Hannah, b. 1 mo. 3, 1774; d. young.

viii. Thomas, b. 2 rao. 26, 1776; d. )79],
drr.wned in the Schuylkill.

ix. Alice, b. 5 mo. 23, 1779; m Joel
Jackson, living in Lancaster county, Henna. >
in 1821, and bad—

1. Mary- Anne.

2. Alice,

3 Catharine.
IV. Rob bbt Eyans (Cad walader. Robert
Thomas, Evan ap-Evan); d. in 1815; he set-
tled in Virginia, and owned a farm near

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Historical and Genealogical.

RichraoDd; m. Sarah Faulkner. Their chil-
dren were:

i. Abraham.

ii. Cadtcalader.

Hi. Robert.

iv. Thomas.

v Jane; m. James D. Ladd; both died in
1821, leavirg Oliver and Anna-Maria.

V. Ann Evans (Cadwalader, Robert,
. Thomas, Evan ap-Evan) ; m. in 1 765,
Jojhua Cow PL AND, son of David and
Isabella (Bell) Cowpland, and grandson of
William CJowpland, of Chester. Their chil-
dren (surname Cowpland) were:

i. Caleb.

ii. Cadwalader.

Hi. Sarah.

7. it). David C; m. Anna Neale.

VL Cadwaladkr Evans, (Peunell.Cad-
walader, Robert, Thomas, Evan ap-Evan) d.
June, 1825, at Wheeling, W. Va., m. first
at Old Swedes church, Philadelphia, Oct.
Utb, 1778, Sarah Coil, who d. at Andover
Forge, Sussex county, N. J., 10th ma,
1794; he m. secondly in 1796, Sarah Bond,
daughter of Col. Bond, of Hacketstowo,
Sussex county, N- J., probably Col. Wm.
Bond, who was captain of the First Regi-
ment of Sussex county, i*i 1776, and Lieu-
tenant-Colonel of same Oct 7th, 1778 —
also, a Captain in the Continental Army,
(N. J. in Revolution p. 357). Mr. E. re-
moved to Brownsville, Pa., where he was
known as an inventor and miller. He was
a member of Lodge No. 60, F. A. M., at
Brownsville in 1815. The children by first
marriage were :

8. i John Cox; m. first Hannaa Rich-
ards; secondly, Louisa Thomas.

it, Abraham; d. young.

9. Hi. William 8.; m. Ann Parsball

iv. Thomas L.; unm. in 1820; master of
a vessel in Buenos Ay res, S. A.

v. Samuel; d. young.

vi. Josephus; d. young.

vii. PenneU; d. young.

viii. Sarah- Ann; d. young.

ix. Susan; d. young.

x. Cadwalader; moved to the West.
By the second marriage, the children were :

xi. Sarah Ann; unm. in 1821.

xii. Charles; m. and lives on Mobile Bay,

xiii. Maria; m. Joseph Barclay Bay lis,
residing at Brownsville in 1821, and mem-
ber of the mercantile firm of D. B. Bay lis

& Co. in B.on Front street, in the house now
owned and occupied by the family of the
late D. P. Knox.


Historical, BUsraphlcal and GeaeatocteaL


Amos Gustine.— In reply to a corres-
pondent in Philadelphia, we may *tate that
Amos Gustine was the son of John Gustine,
who was an early settler in the Juniata Val-
ley. Amos wait a school teacher and mer-
chant, and located at Mifflintown in 1811.
He held a number of local offices, was sheriff
1831-34, cjunty treasurer in 1837, and
served in the Twenty-seventh Congress,
1841-43. He was the first president of the
Juniata bridge company. He died in L r st
Creek Valley, March 3, 1844, and left a
valuable estate.


Contributions to Ita Biographical History.

Loudon, Archibald.

Archibald Loudon, son of Matthew and
Elizabeth (McCormick) Loudon, was born
March 18th, 1762, in Shearman's Valley.
Ue was of Scotch-Irish parentage, received
a good English education, and learned the
trade of book binder, and subsequently the
profession of printing. He established him-
self in business at Carlisle in November,
1790, and kept the first book
store In that borough. He pub-
lished and edited some of the earliest
publications printed west of the Sus-
quehanna. In 1808-11, he compiled and ed-
ited two small volumes of * 'Indian Narra-
tives," which, on account of their remarkable
rarity, have recently been published in a
limited edition by the "Harrisburg Publish-
ing company." These were followed by
"The Wonderful Magazine," a miscellany
of entertaining events and remarkable things,
and other publications. He was for a num-
ber of years postmaster of Carlisle. In
1814 he edited and published the Cumberland
Register, in connection with his book
Htore in that town. He died on the
22d of March, 1832. Mr. Jjoudon married
in 1788, Margaret Bines, daughter of
Thomas and Margaret (Vance) Bines, of

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


Cumberland county, and left a lam family
of children. Of Mr. L.'s personal charac-
ter we shall not essay to speak, save to say
that he was one of the historic men of the
valley, whose memory deserves great honor.

Montgomery, William*

William Montgomery, son of fol. John
Montgomery, was born at Carlisle in 17t>0.
He stndied medicine nnder Dr. McCoskry,
■and giadnated from 'he University of Penn-
sjlvania. After remaining in Carlisle
a few years, he removed to the South and
located at Colombia, South Carolina, where
he secnred a lucrative practice, and became
widely known as eminent in his profession.
He died in that town on the 1st of Novem-
ber, 1803, in the 43d year of his age. The
-Carlisle Gazette, in alluding to his decease,
says: "He was a native of Carlisle, and be-
ing early educated in the best schools, bis
great professional talents, adorned with a
rich and suolime fancy, qualified him either
to shine in the gorgeous temples of ambi-
tion, or to charm and delight in tne arbour of
ease and pleasure. "

MoClurb, David.

David McClure, born in the North of Ire-
land in 1726, of Scotch parentage, received
a good education, and came to Pennsylvania
with the great outpouring of Scotch-Irish
emigration in 1750; he settled at first in the
Cumberland Valley, south of the Kittatinny
mountains, but about the year 1760, in com-
pany with his brother, William McClure,
took up land on Shearman's creek, now in
Peiry county He served towards the close
of the Revolution on the frontieis, al-
though well advanced in years, yet was
an active and influential patiiot. He
was appointed a justice ot the peace
under the Constitution of 1776, and com-
missioned one of the judges of the court of
common pleas for the county of Cumber-
land, October 4th, 1784. He died at his
residence in Shearman's Valley, July 14th,
1796, in the seventieth year of his age.
Concerning him, the Carlisle Gazette held
this language: "He filled the office of jus-
tice of the peace in this county many years
with reputation, and to general satisfaction.
Few men excelled him in benevolence,

philanthropy and probity. He was a sin-
cere friend to religion, virtue and civil liberty.
He lived in peace and friendship with
his family, neighbors and acquaintances, and
his death is greatly lamented.

Waugh, Bbv. Samuel.

Samuel Waugh, the son of William
Waugh, was born in 1749 in York, now
Adams, county. His father came from
Scotland, and was among the earliest set-
tlers on Carrol's Tract. During the Indian
maraud or 1757 his barn was burned by the
savages, he and his family having escaped to
the Codoros settlement The son received
a classical education and graduated
from the College of New Jersey in
1773. He then pursued the study ef
theology, but at what period he was licensed
as a minister we have no knowledge, nor do
we know what was his first charge. In
1782 he received "a call from the united
congregations of East Pennsborough [Silvers
Spring] and Monaghan * • * * together
with bonds for the annual salary of one hun-
dred and fifty pounds, and also for a gra-
tuity of seventy-five pouods from each con-
gregation, that in East Pennsborough to be
paid in one month after his instalment, and
that from Monaghan within three years. " Mr.
Waugh accepted this call and he continued
as their pastor until his death, which oc-
curred on the 3d of January, 1807, in the
58th year of his age. "He was," says the
Gazette, "much beloved as a man, of ami-
able deportment, of great simplicity, plain-
ness and sincerity of manners, affectionate
in his addresses, and sedulous in all the duties
of his office, * • * * the people among
whom he labored have lost a faithful and
beloved pastor, the College of Carlisle one
of its earliest and most learned patrons, and
the Church a zealous and able defender of
the faith first delivered to the saints. " J udge
Clendennin, who knew him well, gave this
estimate: "Mr. Waugb was a sound divine,
a very acceptable preacher, and highly
esteemed by his people. After I became a
member of his church I was intimately ac-
quainted with him, and as far as my ac
quaintance extended I can say of him that
he was an Israelite in whom was no guile."
Mr. Waugh married April 14, 1783, Eliza
floge, daughter of David Hoge (1735>1804) 9
and had a large family of children, most of
whom, however, died in youth.

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.


Of Delaware County, Pean'a.


VII. David C. Cowpland (Ann, Cad-
walader, Robert, Thomas, Evan ap-Evan) ;
m. in 1797, Anna Neale, of Burlington,
N. J. Their children (surname Cowpland)

L Mary-Weak, (twin); d. 1864.

ii. Ann, (twin).

ill. Joshui, of Philadelphia, merchant,
m., December 11, 18*3, Catharine W. Carr,
of Philadelphia, who iL in 1841; and had
hildren :

1. Wm, Thompson, b. May 17, 1824;
d. 1846.

2. John-Carr, b. May 2, 1827; d. 1866.
m. Ada Brookfield.

3. Anna, b. Aug 22, 1829; d. 1827.

4. Thomas- Crumpton, b. Nov. 30, 1831 ;
d. 1832.

5. Martha-Neale, b. Feb. 16, 1833; d.
1870; m. Charles Goepp.

6. Rev Joshua; b. Ang. 18, 1835; m.
Anna M. Wood, of Wheeling, W.
Va.;grad. Penn'a Coll. 1861; grad.
Theolog. Sena., Gam bier, O., 1864;
ordained deacon 1864, and priest in
1865; rector Christ chmch, Wells-
burg, W.Va., 1866-1878; St. John's,
Curwensville, P«, 1878-1881; Christ
church, Point Pleasant, W.Va., 1881-
1885; asst. rector, Epiphany, Phila-
delphia, 1885-1887; children, Joshua-
Wood, AnnaM, and Joshua,

7. Henry Martyn, b. March 1, 1838;
d. 1878.

8. Reginald Heber, b. March 29, 1841 ;
killed in U. S. A. at Gettysburg, July
3. 1863.

iv. Charles G.
v. David, of New York,
vi. Sarah; m. H. P. Kennedy; now of
Cincinnati, O.

VIII. John Cox Evans (Pennell, Cad-
walader, Robert, Thomas, Evan ap-Evan);
m., first, Hannah Richards, daughter of
Samuel Richards, of Philadelnhia. r Besides
Hannah, Mr. Richards' other children were,
Joseph, Rachel, m. William Simmons, Mary,
Lydia, m. first Elliott and secondly Ship-
ley.] John Cox Evans m., secondly, Louisa
Thomas, of Delaware county, Penn'a, The
children by the first marriage were :

t. Mary-Ann.

ii. Jane, m. Joshua Tevfr, of St Louis,
Mo., later a merchant of Philadelphia, and
they had :

1. William H.

2. Marshall

3. Norman.

4. Edwin.

5. Howard.

6. Jane.

Hi. Thomai L. ; m. Elizabeth Sellman, of
Cincinnati, O., and they had:

1. Marshall.

2. Mary; m. Lewis Baker.

3. Rachel

4. Julia; d. s. p.

iv. Samuel- Richard; m. Mrs. Peck, of
Cincinnati, C, and had two children.

v. William R. % b. 1808; d. 1857 in Phila-
delphia; m June, 1832, Mary Hause, h.
1809; d. March 14, 1841, daughter of Wil-
liam and Catherine (Hull) Hause,* of Phila-
delphia. Their children were:

1. Mordecai-Dawson, b. June 4, 1834r
m. Nov. 18, 1868, Mary G. Bring
hurst, daughter of John and Rebecca
L Bringhurst, of Philadelphia.

2. William Hause, b. Sept. 12, 1836.

3. Mary, b. March, 1840 ^d. young.
vi. Francis.

vii. Morris; of Louisville, Ky. ; ro. and
had three children.

viii. John Cadwalader.

ix. Hannah; m. Nov. 22, 1843, Alfred
Morris Collins, merchant of Philadelphia,
son of Isaac and Margaret (Morris) Collins,
jr., and had (surname Collins):

1. Henry Bill; m. Edith Earl Conrad,
and had Henry-Hill Alfred-M.

2. Jans- Tevis; m. S. G. Morton Manle,

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