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cessary to prevent the Presqui Isle expedi-
tion, I wish the President had interposed at
an earlier period; the Indians will ascribe
the fluctuations of our measures to fear, and
be thereby emboldened. Those Indians now

deserve and require to be put in fear, Cora-
planter not excepted, and a smaller fores
than was expected would be sufficient A
sufficient number of volunteers .would be
got were it not for the disgust that prevails
against land-jobbers.

Your Obedt Servt,

Wm Fihdlet.
To Alexander J. Dallas, Esq.



Bell —Thomas Bell, b. 1737; d. June S3,
1815. His wife Ann, b. 1744; d. Sept 18,
1 840. They had among other children :

i. /fee. Samuel; m. Mary Snodgrass.

ii. Jame$; b. 1732; d. March 6, 1841; m.

Catharine , b. 1782; d. October 4,


m. Eliza; m. James Dale, of Union
county, Pa.

MoCall.— James McCall, of Upper Pax-
tang, died in 1788, leaving a wife Mary, and
children :

t. Robert

ii. Lydia.

Hi Margaret,

iv. Arm-Jane.

v. Jamet-Plunket

What became of this family — and what
the origin of the last Christian i

Campbell. —John Campbell, of East
Hanover, died in 1787, leaving a wife Mar-
garet and children:

i. William.

ii. James.

Hi. John.

iv. Mary.

v. Jane.

vi. leaan.

vii. Margery.

Walker.— James Walker, of London-
derry, died prior to 1785. His widow,
Martha, in 1787, was the wife of Samuel
Weir. The children were:

t. Archibald.

ii, William.

Hi. Margaret.

iv. Mary.

v. LetUce.

Whitley.— Michael Whitley, who died
in 1777, from wounds received at Chestnut
Ilill, left a wife Martha* and children:

i. Michael

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


it WiUlam.
in. Sarah,
iv. Elistabeth.
v. Mary,
vi. Jane,
vii. Martha.

Wilson.— James Wilson, Esq., d. Octo-
ber, 1806. His children were:

i. Elizabeth; m. Robert Sturgeon.

ii. Ann; m. James Moorhead.

Hi. Mary.

iv. John.

v. Samuel

vi. BacJtel

vii. Thomas.

He mentions in his will
-son and Martha Wilson,
rejated ?

Lacy Belle Wil-
How were they


Historical, Biographical an* Genealogical


[From the Dauphin Guardian for Jnne
4, 1811, we call the following poetic flower.
It gives a faint picture of the then town fairs.]
Come let* ns away to Hiddletown Fair,
What a medley of mortals will be there;
Dutch and Scotch-Irish will be plenty,
And Paddies, too, not less than twenty;
Some will be there from Shelley's Island,
And also some from Round Top Highlands —
Gamblers, that are worse than Vipers,
Fiddlers, showmen and Bag-Pipers;
With many more, not worth insertion,
Will come to see the grand diversion —
Of different hues, white, black and tawny,
Some of slim shape, and some of brawny;
Some fellows in the streets are seen
In dress resembling Harlequin ;
To 'maseand gull the gaping crowd,
Proclaim with voices strong and lond —
Step in, step in and see the beast !
The Royal Tiger of the East !
He from Afric's sandy deserts came;
The creature now is mild and tame;
He will not hurt, step in and see,
A quarter dollar is the fee.
Another bawls out, the Casawara,
Imported from the Desert Zara;
A bird he is of great renown,
And on his head he wears a crown ;

Step in, 'tis worth yonr while to see,
This natural curiosity —
Babboons and Monkey*, antic tribe,
And many more I can't describe;
Some beasts of four legs, some of two,
Of the latter kind there's not a few;
Some smoking 8egars,some drinking whiskey,
Some others dancing brisk and frisky ;
Some, [not thinking of the crying sin]
Plodding to take the unwary in ;
Thinking the crime bnt a mere bubble,
Till the devil gets them for their trouble;
Exulting in ill-gotten gains,
Till the devil gets them for their pains;
And we'll allow this adage true,
"The devil ought to have hts due."


[The Rev. A Russell Stevenson, of Sche-
nectady, N. Y., makes inqniry concerning
the following heroes of the War for Inde-
pendence. Our replies are given in brackets.]

I. Alexander Russell, born 1758; died
April 15, 1836; lived in Gettysburg. I have a
copy of an obituary that is cut from one of
the Gettysburg papers and reads as follows:

"Another Soldier of the Revolution Gone
to His Rest — Died at his residence in this bor-
ongn, on the morning of Friday last, in the
79th year of bis age, Alexander Russell,
Rsq. The deceased left the quiet pursuits
of Princeton College at an early age and
nulled himself with the destinies of his
country in the battlefield. From his regi-
ment in the Pennsylvania Line, commanded
by Col. Irvine, into which he first entered,
he was commissioned Ensign, and subse-
quently First Lieutenant, in Captain Alexan-
der's company, and continued in the service
until 1779, having borne his part in the bat-
tles of the Brandy wine, White Horse, Paoli,
Germantown and Monmouth; and having
long been permitted to see his country free
and happy, has laid down the burden of his
years, peacefully to rest in her bosom. "

I also have the following old printed blank
filled up as follows:

"I do hereby certify that Alexander
Russell, Late Lieut 7 th Pa. Regt., Hath
voluntarily taken and subscribed the oath
of Allegiance and Fidelity, as directed by an
Act of the General Assembly of Pennsylva-
nia, passed the 13th Day of Jnne, A. D.
1777. Witness my Hand and Seal, the 14th
Day of October A D. 1783."

His son, Samuel R. Russell, aged 89, now

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

living in Gettysburg, told me the other day
that his faf^er receired a pension from 1 824
till his death in 1836, and the widow con-
tinued to receive it till her death in 1850.
The amount was $26 per month

[Alexander RuwtU was second lien-
tenant 7th Penna (Col. William Irvine),
com., Jan. 1777. First Lieut same regi
ment, prom. Sept. 1st, 1777; resigned April
25th, 1779.]

IL James Dun lop; born in 1727, died
Dec. 15, 1821, in Bellefonte, Fa. He first
lived near Sbippensbnrg and afterwards
moved to Bellefonte. I have a verj old
looking copy of his will dated 24th July,
1817, and iris endorsed "Will of OoL James
Dnnlop." James Han is row living in Belle-
font, wrote me some years ago: **l have
now before me from tie U. S. Fay Office
New York, a statement of amount of
pay dne Lit. Ool James Dnnlop, 10th Keg't
Pa, Vols., to Jan/y 1st, 1777." He and
his brother-in-law James Harris were the
incorporators of Bellefonte, Pa.

[Jamet Dunlop was Major 6th Battalion of
the Line (Col. Win. Irvine) coin., January
10th, 1776. Lient. Col. Tenth Penna.
Reg't (Col. Joseph Penrose), prom. Oct.
25tb, 1776: res. Jan. 23d, 1777, "because
seniority in rank was not recognised in pro-
motions." Colonel First battalion. Comber-
land Coonty Associators, com. July 81st,
1777. Lieut-Col. Sixth battalion. Cumber-
land County Associators, com. May 10th,

III. William Milleh born in 1755; died
June 3, 1831; lived in Adams county. I
have a paper dated Dec. 2, 1850, properly
sworn to before a justice of the peace which
is an application for a pension on account of
the services of this man in the Revolution.
Maria Faxton makes oath that she is the
identical person named in an original certifi-
cate (of which she belivee the following to
be a true copy), and with the pay agent at
Philadelphia :

"I certify that in conformity with the law
of the United States of the 15tb May, 1828,
William Miller, deceased, late of Pennsylva-
nia, who was a captain in the Revolution,
and died 3d June, 1831, is inscribed on the
roll of pensioners at the rate of 480 dollars
per annnm, commencing 4th March, 1826,
and ending 3d June, 1831. Also, under acts
7th Jnly, 1838, and 3rd March, 1843, Mar-
garet Miller, deceased, widow of said Wil •
liam Miller, deceased, and who is entitled to

a pension at the rate of $480 per annum,
commencing 4th March, 1836, and ending
4th March, 1841, and from 4th March, 1843,
to 11th February, 1844, when she died. The
amount is due and payable to their only sur-
viving childien vis: Janus H. Miller,
Nancy Miller, Thomas C. Miller and Matia
Paxton. Given at the Department of the In-
terior this tenth day of June, one thousand
eight hundred and fifty. T. EwiNG,
Secretary of the Interior.

Examined and countersigned,
J. S. Edwards,
' Commit'*— - mf , *«naions."

The justice of the peace goes on to say
that she exhibited before him this pension
certificate numbered 1,150, 10.920, 8,835,
and bearing date of tenth June, 1850. I
have the following obituary cut from a Get-
tysburg paper: "Died, on Thursday night
last (June 2, 1831). WUUwn MUler % Esq.,
ot the vicinity of this boiongb, in the 77th
year of his age. The deceased took an ac-
tive part in the Revolutionary struggle, and
for many years represented this county in the
Legislature of Pennsylvania."

[William Miller, was ensign in Captain
Samuel Hay's company, 6th Battalion of
the Line, Col. Irvine, com. Jan. 9, 1776.
First Lieut, 7th Peoa , prom. March 20,
1777. Capt Lieut, sameRegt, prom. Feb.
2, 1778. Captain, aame Regt, prom. Apr}!
17, 1779; retired, Jan. 1, 1781 ]

IV. Rbv. William Paxton, D. D.,
born April 1, 1760; died Oct 19, 1841. Of
this man Dr. David McConaughy says in
Spragoe's Annals of the American Pulpit,
Vol. Ill, page 554: "His life was, however,
somewhat identified with the struggles of
our country for her independence. He served
In two companies at different times, during
the Revolutionary War, in one of which he
was present and participated in the battle ot
Trenton. " His home was in Bart Town-
ship, Lancaster county, Pa, at the time of
the Revolution. Probably a private, as he
must have been yery young.

[Rev. William Paxton was probably out
with the Associators, as stated, but there
are no rolls of the men extant for many of
the companies. There was a John Paxton
captain of an Associated company, 8ept 1 1,
1776; also. 2d Lane Batt, in 1777.]

V. Joseph Stevenson lived ou a farm
in Letterkenoy township, Franklin county,
Pa. I think he was in the militia under
Col. Samuel Culbertaon.

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


[Joseph Stevenson was First Lieutenant
of the Eighth Company, Sixth Battalion,
Cumberland County Associators, Col. Sam-
uel Cnlbertaon, com. July 31, 1777. First
Lieutenant Eighth Company, Sixth Bat-
talion, May 14, 1778 ]


In 1 783 the northern portion of Lancaster
county became clamorous for a new county.
In, 1785 Dauphin county was formed and
the boundaries of Lancaster have not since
been changed. In 1813, just wheu Dauphin
was beginning to assume large proportions,
Lebanon was formed, taking nearly one- half
ot its population, leaving the mountainous
portions of the mother county without
change, giving an irregnlar shape to the
present Dauphin county. It required thirty-
three year 8 before Dauphin recovered from
this reduction of population or was able to
resume its normal position among the coun-
ties formed prior to 1 800 Lebanon has now
about the same population as Dauphin had
in I860.

The population of Harrisburg in 1790 has
never been published. A careful count of
the names of its inhabitants— slaves and all
others — amount lo 875. Its population hi
1785 was probably 500 Thus showing
"Harris Ferry" to have been quite an im-
portant village before the census of 1790.


Couutv Less








18 JO..





































93 030


Estimate i.

The estimate for 1890 of the ciiy is fairly
approximated. Steel ton is such an uncer-
tain quantity, as to make guesses at the in-
crease of the county very uncertain.

A. B H.

» ♦


The Famine* la Dauphin Connty In 1 790.

It is proposed to publish in Notes and
Queries the first United States census so far
as- relates to the county -of Dauphin, as origi-

nally constituted. This census was, owing
to the primitive manner of its taking, never
published by the National Government, nor,
are we aware that any portion of it has .ever
appeared in print It consists chiefly of the
names of heads of families and the follow-

1. Free white males above 16 years, in-
cluding heads of families.

2. White males under 16.

3. Free white females, including heads of

4. All other free persons. [Persona
auswering to this description are marked
with an *.]

5. Slaves.

The only portion of the record which is
kept separate, unfortunately, is that of the
town of Harrisburg, the rest of the county,
including the present Lebanon, being thrown*

In this connection, it may be stated that
the Marshal for Pennsylvania was Col.
Clement Biddle, and his assistant for the
couuty of Dauphin Charles Brown.


The Town of llarrlabnr*.

John Harris 3 2 7 6-

Joshna Elder 1 . . J 4

Mary Smith 1 . . l l

Agnes Smith 2

Nicholas Smith l . . 3 . .

David Conner 1 4 3..

James McNamara 1 6 3..

Samuel Weir 2 1 2 . .

Hannah Wickersham 1 3 . .

Samuel Graham 1 2 2..

William Crabb 3 3 2 &

Christian Kunkel 1 3 2 . .

Andrew Krause 2 . . 1

George Moyer 3 . . 2 . .

Jacob Egle 1

Michael Kapp 2 1 4 1

Henry Beader 3 . . 2 . .

William Glass 1 2 1 1 ..

Valentine Horter 1 2 4..

John Moyer 2 1 1..

Jane Sweney 4 3

Conrad Fresimider 1 3 a..

Doc Andrew Forrest 1 2 4 . .

John Heize 1 1 2..

John Comfort , 2 . . 1

John Stehley 1 4 3 . .

Adam Dock 1 .. 2 ..

Agnes Branson 3 2 2..

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

William Wanless

Adam Boyd

Adam Parker

Stacy Potts

Jacob Hemiing

Peter Walter

Rachael Keger

Francis Ferguson

James McNeel

John Galbraith

James Mitchell

Philip Rymooth

Oalbraitb Patterson

William J. Folsom

George Hess

Balser Sees

Christopher Sees

Jacob Wetbright

Joho McClellan

Alexander Graydon

flenry Fnlton

George Loshbangh

John Hamilton

John Elder

Gnstavus Graham

Oeorge McKinley

Michael Fnncanon

Mansfield Barton

Robert Irwin

John A. Hanna

John Norton

Michael 8 h aster

Jacob Zollinger

William Mears

■George Weatherbolt

Adam Hocker

Moses Gilcnor

Frederick Girt

William Cochran

Alexander Berry hill

John Hoge

Catharine Foster

John Wall

Garland Anderson

Humphrey High

Alexander Barr

Peter Unger

John Linebangh

Martha Dnnn

James Smith

Lewis & Pfaoger

James McOlennig

Casper Egle

Joseph Poet

William Murray

James Brooks

William Ingram 4

1 ..

1 ..


4 ..


5 ..

3 ..


3 ..


5 ..

1 ..

8 ..


3 ..


1 2


1 ..


2 ..

2 ..

1 ..


3 ..


1 ..


2 ..


4 ..


3 ..

1 1 .

2 3 .
1 1 .

4 .
2 .

1 3 .

1 2 .

.. 1 .

1 .. .

2 .

2 .

3 .
2 .

1 .

2 .
1 .

3 .

.. 1 .

1 2 .

.. 2 .

Matthias Hatman 1*

John Hocker

Michael Stoner

Conrad Bombaagh

Frederick Yonse

George Yonse

Balser Kna'cher

Peter Denig

George Fridley

John Brnmgin

Castle Berry

Patrick Murray

John Shields

Henry Brnner

John' Pool

Martin Greer

Jacob Welshoover

Henry Conrad

Charlotte King

George Benedict

Joho File

John Wethernp

Peter Merling

Valentine Pancake

Jonathan Abbott

James Floyd

James Cains

Jacob Allen

Htnry Poot rough

Andrew Caofman

John Gillara

James Elliot

Michael Knatcher

John Frysinger

John Miller

John McLin

Andrew Coulter

Jacob Bocher

James Clnnie

James Beatty

Alexander Cummins

Martha Swan

Rev. Joseph Montgomery

John Martin

Francis Alexander

James Alexander

Rev. Anthony Hoots

Levi Holliogsworth

Joseph Allen

David Moss

Michael Peters

Frederick Cleckner

Adam Beemer

Frederick Fleeger

Michael Fleegar

George Hartman

Valentine Wyland

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


. Andrew Newman 3

■ John Kreamer

■ Jacob Flowers

Jacob Earnest

John Boyd

Robert 8mith

"David Scarlet

. John BrUben

8amnel Milward

William Re j barn

Edward Borke

• George Horts ±

Samuel Davie :

Charles Bui master

Dennis Clark

George Berkley

John Pifer...'. ...

John Denig

. Nicholas Presler

Samuel Hill

8amnel Berryhill

Tobias Say ford

John HefHey

John Dentzel, Ksq

Robert Stephen

Conrad KissiDger

John Ford

George Firestone

WUliam Graydon

Adam Snyder

Richard Dixon

Peter Graybill

• John Dehait

Robert Barr

Jeremiah Buckley

John Hie key

Thomas M array 2

John Kean, Esq 2

Thomas Forster 1

James Sawyers 4

-James Dnncan 2

total :
.Free white males over 16 years. . . ,
.Free white males nnder 16 years. .

Free white le males

.All other free persons


2 ..

1 ..

1 ..

4 ..

2 ..
8 ..

5 ..
2 ..
2 ..

2 ..

3 1
3 ..
8 ..
2 ..
2 ..
2 ..
2 ..
2 ..

2 ..

3 ..
3 ..

1 ..


, 409

. 25


fJlet*rteml» BUgraphleal aaJ Genealogical.


Eiohelbbboer.— In response to a query
"from York, we can state that Col. Frederick

Richelberger, formerly of Dillsburg, York
county, died at Frederick, in the State of
Maryland, September 12, 1836, well ad-
vanced in life.

Babon Zedwitz.— Information is re-
quested of this gentleman, mentiooed by
Gordon in his History of the Revolution.
His youngest daughter, Mrs Catharine Shu-
ler, died at Harrisburg on Thursday, Febru-
ary 21. 1805.


[In reply to a query, we give the following
companies of soldiers from Pennsylvania
serving in the campaign against Mexico— the
number of regiments being two:]
First Regiment.

Colonel— F. M. Wynkoop.

Company A, Capt. Alexander Hay, Pitts-

Company B.Capt James Nagle, Pottsville.

Company C, Capt. William F. Small,

Company D, Capt. Joseph Hill, Philadel-

Company B, Capt. Fred'k W. Binder,

Company F, Capt Joseph Bennett, Phila-

Company G, Capt. Turner G. Moorhead,

Company H, Capt. Robert K. Scott, Phil-

Company I, Capt E S. Dana, Wilkes*

Company K, Capt. John Herron, Pitts-










Reread Regiment.

William a Roberts.

A, Capt. Thomas A. Loeser,

B, Capt John Humphreys,

C, Capt John 8. Wilson, Dan-

D, Capt. James Murray, Ebens-

E, Capt John W. Johnston,

F, Capt Charles Naylor, Phil-

G, Capt Edward C. Williams,
H, Capt William Quail, Union-

Digitized by



Bistoriemlmtd Qtnsalofical.

Company I, Capt Hubert Porter, Pkto*

Company H, Capt James Miller, Maoch

Company L, Capt Samuel M. Taylor,

Company M. Capt James Caldwell, New-
ton Hamilton.

[Of the foregoing, it is bettered not two
hundred survive.]

» *

I. Robert Young, an early tettler in
Hanover township, then Lancaster county,
d. about 1749, leaving a wife, Kerstine, and
children :

2. i. Jama.

3. ft. John; m. Margery Stewart.

II. James Young (Robert), of Hanover,
d. In 1772, leaving children :

4. £ William; m. Catharine .

5. ii. James.

Hi. John; m Agnes , and had among

others John.

to. Andrew; ro. Sarah , and had

among other* Andrew and Josiah.

v. Alexander; d. p. p.

III. John Young (Robert), of Hanover,
d. in May, 177% leaving a wife Margery
(Stewart) and children.

i. David.

ii. Mary ; m James Dixon.

Hi. Margaret; m. Samnel Atnswortk

to. John

ft Margery.

m. George.

mi. Jama.

6. tiii. William; m. Martha .

IV. William Young (James, Robert) of
Hanover, d. in January, 1785, leaving a
wife Catharine, and children :

t. Robert
ft. John.
Hi. James.

ic Andrew; m. Margery - , and had
* BUher.
vi Martha,
mi. William.

V. James Young (James. Robert) of
Hanover, d. in May, 1787, leaving children:

t [a dau ] m. Samuel Johnson.

ft. BUsabetlk

Hi. Jane.

to. [a dau.] at William McCaulev.

e. Margaret, m. James Robinson.

m. Andrew^

mi. Sarah, m. John Wait

mii John

cr James

a Alexander.

VI William Young (John, Robert), o
East Hanover, d. March 15, 1798, leaving a
wife, Martha, and children:

t Catharine b 1779; m. James Ball; b.
1772; d. March 6, 1814.

ft Eleanor, b. 1781.

Hi. William I*. 1783.

to. John, b. 1785.

11 Jane, b. Jane 1, 1788.

si. James, b. Sect 14, 1709.

mi Bsther, b. April 16, 1791.

mii. RebeU b 1793

[The Editor of Notes and Queries will con-
sider it a favor if any one will refer him to-
some one connected with the foregoing fam-
ily, io the hope of completing the data bete
given, obtained from the records of Lancas-
ter county.]


The PaasHIra la DaaaJrta Omni? %m 1T90.



[For convenience of reference we repeat
that the calumna of figures are:]

1. Free white males above 16 rears,
eluding heads of families.

f. White males nnder 16.

X Free white females, including beads

4w 81aves.

All other free persona [Persons
ing to this description are marked with aa

John Ebsily 1 1 2

John Pettigrew 3 1 2

Abraham France 1 1 3

George Hartmaa 1 1 1

John Shoop 1 1 3

George Syder 2 . .

Frederick Rudolph I*.

George Syder 1 . . 1

Jacob Lehman 1 4 3

George Unger 1 4 2

Jacob Folrz 1 .. 3

George France 1 4 3

Michael France 1 1 4

Peter Neidig 3 4 2

Martin Bucher 1 7 3

Peter Bucher % .. 1

Samuel Moyer 12 3

Digitized by

Google I

Historical and* Genealogical.


Gr orge Meese

Jacob Behny

Casper, Kreiser

Henry Moonshine.

Adam Crist

Jacob Grenf

Andrew Strow

Peter Fake

Jacob Failer

Joseph P«»r

Jacob Routt

Andrew Srroding

Lawrence Yokey

John Menick

Peter Fnrry

Peter Sattaznhn

William Poor

Coorad Rvan

Martin Tdop*, [Dubta]

Edward Jones

Albert Klinefelter

Jacob Walborn

Martin Walborn

ChHhtian Walborn

Wendal Fisher

John Meese

Frederick Moyer

Henry Meese

Adam Panther

Godfrey Kejser

Jacob Miebael

James Bowen

Henry Thomae

John Wearer.

Michael Pidgeoo

George Whi i craft

John Hngh [or Hngle]

A.obihald UoNeel

Nathaniel G ruble 1*

John Boffington 1*

John Reed l*

Moses Do.n

David Mm tin

Bed j ami o Garrison Radiord 1*

Edward Radford I*

Robert McClmiahan

8amntl Garrison

William Radford

Daniel Radford

J hn Mc Bride

James Philips

Alexander Tan? bill

John Wallace."

James Mclntirs.

Michael Bl*ck 1»

•James Coo ran 1*

* ..
i a
3 ..
i ..

1 3
3 ..
1 2
1 1
1 6
1 1
1 3
1 2
1 4
1 )
1 1
1 1

1 ..
8 ..

2 ..

a- ..

3 ..
3 ..
3 ..

6 ..

7 ..

3 ..

4 ..
3 ..

8 ..
3 ..
3 ..
3 ..

3 2 4 ..

12 3..
14 8..

13 1..
1 .. 2 ..

12 1..
1 .. 8 ..

14 3..

4 5 8..

13 8..
8 4 8..

15 5..
18 3..
13 3..
13 4..
1 3 4..

1 ..

a .. s ..
i .. i ..


l .. i ..
i .. i ..

3 3 ..
3 13..
1 .. 8 ..
1 .. » ..

Daniel Strow

Philip Peck

Philip Faver

Jacob Speedier

Adam Wioglenangh

John Bare

George Winglebangh

Jacob Feather boff

Henry Sch-atterly

Peter Potts

Christian Seltzer

Peter Boher

Frederick Boot mire

Balsor FeatherhofF

John Itinhowr

BaUor Feattterhoff

Jocob Meily

Coorad Waggoner

Henry Soerely

Frederick Campbire

Elisabeth Mowra

Mathias Stoop

George Walborn

Peter Ferer

Margaret Fush

J-cob Castle

Jacob Overholzer

Katrine Beattie

Andrew Walborn . .

Henry Hower

John Seegar

Jacob Forney

Jacob Cetile

Michwl Keller

John Campbell

Nicholas Kephart

Widow ? hower

Fredeiick WaUimooth

Henry Seabrick

Magdalen Knntz.

George Moo«e

Benjamin Hower

Jacob Hower

John Sheerer

Rodo'ph Mark 1*


Michael Waggoner

William Weitzel

Peter Showe>

Jacob Weaner

John Kitxmiller

Christian Oberboltzer

Earhari < Iberholtser

Jacob Wilt

M-trtin Oberholtzer

Jonas Rudy

Michael Gilbert

3 3







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