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lecture room was bnilt, aod in 1861 an ad-
dition was made to accommodate the increat
ing number of Sunday school scholars. In
1844 the second roof was put on the church,
and io 1850 its interior was remodeled. At
this tiro* the pulpit was erected on the north
side, between the two large windows and
about midway between the floor and the ceil-
ing, and vm reached by a narrow flight of
steps. There were two entrances— one on
the south side, which, on the remodel-
ing of the edifice, whs closed. The
building was remodeled while Rev.
Dr. Beam bad charge of the con-
gregation, and the work was done by Maj.
Rehrer. In 1855 and 1856 the parsonage
was built. This old stone church is now
need ooly at stated times, mostly at funerals
of aged persons who wish the fnneral ser-
vices to be held in its sacred walls, an ele-
gant new church edifice having been com-
pleted on another lot and dedi ated io 1879.
Its pastors have been: 1757-73 Rev. Tbeo-
philuR Engeland; 1773-88, Rev. Traugot F.
Illing; 1788-93 Rev. J Kurtz; 1793-95, Rev.
P. Pents; 1795-1803, Rev. H. Miller; 18 / >3-
12, Re v. F.C Scheaffer; 1 81 2-1 5, Rv George
Lochman, I). D ; 1815-30 Rev. A II. Loch,
man, D. D. ; 1830-34, Rev. J. Van Hoff;
1834-87, Rev. P. Saline; 1837-44 Rev. S.
D. Fiockel, D D ; 1844-47, Rev. J Voch-
baugh; 1847-48, R**v. L. Gerhart; 1848-53,
Rev. W. M. Banm. D. 1) ; 1853-56. Rev.
Benjamin Sadtler; 1856-65, Rev. O. J.
Ebrebart; 1865-72. Rev. Peter Kahy, fol-
lowed by Rev. John Finkbiner and Rev.
Mr. Holloway. On Sept. 4, 1867, the
church celebrated its centennial anniver-
sary, at which were present many distin-

•David Ettele. one of the committee to ralie
the money for the church, wanted to Pntlddel-
phla on his coile ting tour.

guished clergymen of the Lutheran and other
denominations and persons prominent in the
State. At this centennial anniversary George
Scantier sent one hundred grains of choice
selected wheat to Hon. Robert J. Fisher, of
York, the oldest of the legal heirs aod rep-
resentatives of George Fisher, who laid out
the town, and of whom the church lot was
purchased, as full satisfaction of one clause
in the original deed requiring a rental of one
grain of wheat to be paid annually. The
wheat was contained in a silk bag worked by
Miss Carrie Smuller.

The old chnrch lot is two hundred by fifty
feet. When "3t Peter's Kirche" (as it was
denominated by a Uttered stone still in its
front ovei the door) was dedicated in 1767
the members consisted of sixty six old and
sixty-three young persons. It was hnilt of
red sandstone, was two stories in height,
and had a gallery on the east, s nth and
west sides, the pulpit occupying tbe north
side There was a second entrance fronting
on High street, which was reached through
the yard in front and staitcaee leading from
each door to the gallery, meeting at the
southeast corner. The witdows were
low, with quite small panes of glaas.
The bricks in the floor were nine
inches square. The pews were nar-
row, with high, straight backs. When the
house was finally warmed, it was done by
two large stoves capable of taking io a vast
amonnt ot fuel, consisting of ordinary cord-
wood four feet in length. The pulpit was
small and supported by a post eight or ten
feet high, and reached by a narrow stairway.
Over it was a sounding board* A pipe-organ
at one time occupied a portion of one side of
the gallery. In Angust, 1793, the eongre-*
y at ion secured the adjoining lot. No.
134, of Jacob Gross aod wife, who made
a conveyance thereof to George
Frey and Jacob King for the con-
sideration of three pounds in hand and a
y early rent of one grain of wheat to be paid
annually on May l*t By mistake tbe deed
was made to Frey and King individually, but
when they died their trustees and executors
— John Land is, Charles Fisher, William
Crahh and John Cassel for Frev's estate,
ami Jncoh Sn\der and Daniel Erismao for
King's— coovcyed it to the truatres of the
church. In 1826, Jane Hannegan [Flanoa-
ganlsold lor No. 133. 134 and 135. When
the Drick floor was replaced by a wooden one,
in 1830, the straight back pews gave way to

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others of a more comfortable character, and
a new polpit was erected, beneath which was
an alcove or recess loto which the paetor
could retire and leave his wrappings
before entering the sanctuary. It had
step* at either side, and a semi-
circular railing hnng with velvet inclosed it.
The reading desk was also covered with
velvet The alterations were superintended
by Jacob Heppich. In the remodeling of
1850 the whole inside woodwork— pews, gal-
terv and all— was removed. The windows,
which were formerly ic two tiers, were made
into one, and the doorway facing High street
was converted into a window. The polpit
was erected at the west end, aod the galler-
ies extended around the other three sides.
A vestibule was made, from which ioclosed
stairways led to the gallery and shot off the
cold from the auditorium. A parsonage was
erected on High street, near the old church,
in 1855 In 1872 the congregation purchased
the lots on Union street, on which its second
and beautiful edifice wee built and dedicated
in 1879.

<?all *f tke Radios) f4p*akla« lahufcltaata

Middlbtown. iota February, 1773

Whbbbas, We are in much want in the
town of Middletown and country adjacent of
a minister; and

Whereas, The Rev. Mr. Traugot Fred-
erick II ling has been sent by His Grace, the
Ix>rd Bishop of Loudon to preach the gospel
at Eftthertor*, Juniata, Ac, and

Whereas. The said Kcv. Mr. llling has
egretd to give us part of his labors, that is
to say to preach* in the town of Middletown
every third Sunday in English and Dutch
in the Lutheran church there, and

Whereas, A good understating subsisting
between us and our German brethren belong-
ing to the said St Peter's Church,
.and they have agrted we should assemble
•with them in said churth to attend their
-diviue worship, we hereby agree to pay
to the said minister, agreeably to the
>sum8 affixed to our names for one year :

£ a d.

James Burd 3

James Crouch 3

WiUUm McWb „.. 7 6

John McWhortt i 7 6

Daniel Voshall (?J lo v»

Gforge Doughert) o 7 i

Jo bo Laoirg 15 v

E. Wicker»hatL 1 10

William Jennings o 7 f

George Linten ] 7 A

James Kennedv 10

T . „ DaTt * 10 ii

JobnPatton i in a

WilliemWail ".'.'.'/.'.[ o 7 2

Abner Wickers!*,.!.. . ^ i o

John Cain „ 5 n

Michael Schon 5

George Willi anill n , 5 n

Thomas Burns 10

John Meckr>reei | „

Mary McCafert* 7 Q

William Hunter 10

John Williams \ 15 „

James Mack e> 1 17

Christy Bald/., h,. 5 n

Henry R. itzel 5 5


[This family so intimately connected with
the biographical htstory of Central Pennsyl
vania, aa also of Maryland, are deserving of
fuller mention than we ctn give at present
—but at some future date propose alluding
to them. Recently, however, we came
across the following genealogical data, which
we herewith preserve:]

k Bbnjamtn Kurtz, sen., m. Elisabeth
Gardner Rankin, of York county, Penn'a;
and they had inane :

1. Cassandra; m. John Henniog.

ii. Anna Maria; m George J. Heisely.

Hi. JohnN.; m. Anna Murphy.

iv Rev. Dr. Benjamin; m., first, Nancy
Somerdyke, of llagerstown, Md. ; secondly,
Catharine Baker, of Winchester, Virginia;
thirdly, Mary Calhoun, of Chambersburg,

9. Henry; went to Kentucky, where he
married and died

vi. Emanuel; d. unm. at Bloody Run,

vii Louisa; m. John DePoi.

viii. Caroline; ra Hon. A. G. Miller,
who removed from Gettysburg to Milwaukie,
as the first United States District Judge of

[Puller genealogical information is desired
concerning these several families— dates of
birth, marriage and death, with names of
children, the desire being to preserve the
same in a volume relating to Pennsylvania
families ]

UU Bifhts fiesar-ed.]

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Historical and Genealogical.



Historical, Biographical and Oenealofjlcal.


HUDSON. — George Hudson came to Penn-
sylvania in the year 1720. and settled in what
was afterwards Caernarvon township, Lan-
caster county. Of bis children we have the
name of Charles, who mat ried and had among
•other children:

i Joshua.

it. William.

Hi. George

The first two remained in Pennsyl-
vania, it is supposed, while George
Hudson removed to Augusta county,
Virginia, in 1775, having previously mar-
ried Jean Davies, a daughter of Thomas
Davies. Their son Charles married Mary
Paris, of Staunton, Virginia; and of their
children, Jobn Paris Hudson, was a minister
of the Gospel, and Robert M. Hudson a
judge of the circuit court of Virginia.

Inquiry comes to u* from Willi am sport,
Pa., concerning the Pennsylvania branch of
this family. No doubt our friend 'Squire
Evans can assist our correspondent.
» ■»


[Such is the heading of an article, a por-
tion ol which we copy, written by the Hon.
Edward McPherson. in a criticism on the re-
cently published "History of Carlisle Pres-
bytery." Mr. McPherson has the war-paint
on, and he is making it very warm for some-

"In Vol. II, p. 69 the reader is gravely
informed that the 'nlighr. from strong drink
is on that community. ' [Gettysburg ] It is
stated that, 'from g meration to generation, '
this blight has been 'carrying its victims to
drunkards* graves ' To give emphasis and
particularity to the narrative, it is charged
that the blight has invaded and is invading
all classes and ranks; and that it has struck
down, and is striking down, 'the merchant
behind his counter, the physician at his
practice, and the lawyer at the bar.' That
nothiog may be needed to complete the
•dreary and degrading description, it is
charged that as the fathers of one hundred
years ago 'clung to their cups,' so the
children in this generation 'are clinging to
their cups,' and this iu righteous judgment

upon the children for the offense of the
fathers in refusing to accept, one hundred
years ago, Rev. John BUck's proposed
means of diminishing the evils of intemper-
ance, and in dissolving that pastorate by
reason of that difference.

"It is scarcely necessary to say, of
this ebullition of ill temper on the one
hand and of fanatical judgment on the
other, that there is no ground
for either. It is true, that the
Presbyterian congregation in 1790, did de-
cline to enter into Mr. Black's methods on
tbe Temperance question. But it is also
true that the same congregation did accept
the methods, to the same end, proposed by
his immediate successor, Rev. Dr. Mc-
Conaughy, who had a pastorate among them
for thirty-two years, and who then volun-
tarily removed to a new field. And it is not
true, that, either in the former period, or in
any later period, the community of Gettys-
burg was exceptionally intemperate. I can-
not speak, from personal knowledge, of a
remote period, but I know that for the last
fifty years the tone of society in Gettysburg
as to Temperance has been exceptionally
high, and that It has always compared, and
will now compare, favorably with any of the
towns included within the limits of the
Presbytery of C irllsle. There is not a shred
of evidence to the contrary of this, but there
is every evidence of record In its favor. The
writer of the article alluded to sustains his
statements by but one proof. It is that he
was in Gettysburg, in 1888, on the twenty-
fifth anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg,
and that he never before saw* so much drink-
ing or so many staggering and prostrate men
as then. But it does not appear to have oc-
curred to this blind but censorious critic that
the staggering drunkards, who then offended
his sight, were not our citizens, but were
strangers turning their outing into a carousal.

4 'It is expressly stated in the introduction
to the work, that each writer is responsible
for his own statements and opinions. Tbe
Presbytery appears to have had no control
over the publication, and cannot therefore be
regarded responsible for anything in it. But
the work was, in a sense, authorized by the
Presbytery, and it has credit, within tbe re-
gion, by reason of that fact. And tbe ques-
tion arises whether the Presbytery will be
passive while one of its members vituper-
ately and falsely denounces in its Historical
and Memorial work one of its congregations

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Historical and Genealogical.

and the community in which that congrega-
tion exists.

"The writer referred to U Rev. Ebeneser
Erskine, D. D.. of Newville. B. MoP. M



Call •(* the Goran a Iakaattaats.

MlDDLETOWN, Feb. 10, 1773
After Rev. Trangott F. IUing, a traveling
clergy man, came to Jnniataand other places,
he preached for as in English and German,
because we were without a minister at this
time, and therefore we made an effort that
he should also serve ns, and he promised to
serve ns every three weeks in case onr church
wonld be satisfied therewith, and he should
be successful in getting other charges. For
that reason we are securing the names of
trustees and elders and deacons of onr
church and the voluntary subscriptions
towards his support:

£ s. d

George Frey 3

Frederick Schott 1 o

John Metrgar 1

ilonrad Wolfley 110

Frederick Zebbernich 1

Elizabeth Drey tlein 7

Jacob Walter 5 6

Christian Roth 10

Jacob Konig 15

Abraham Gross, and labor 1 10

• hilip Kraft 7

Ulrich From 7 6

Peter Rieger 5 6

Heinrich Holtzapfel 5

Jacob Creamer 7

Jacob Gross 1 6

Philip Parthemore 5

Immannel Zelliger 7

William For ten bach 5 6

George Gross. 1

George Scbackin 1

Ludwig Knntz 7 6

George Saul 3 6

Jacob Spath 7 6

Ludwig Hemperly 10

Daniel Dantel 1

Gottleib David Ettelen 1

Christopher Siebach 1

Johannes Backenstoss 010

Simon Schneider 3 9

Daniel Hoffman o 7 6

Frederick Laible 7 6

Antonius Weyhrich 5 Q

George La n man 1

Nicholas Cassel 1 10 o

Peter Mony 10

Jacob Schafner 7 6

Henrich Schafuer 5

Martin Hemperly 7 6

Johannes Eberhart 5 O

Michael Welcher 7 6

Martin Deber 5

Msthias Wentnagle 013

Adam Mailer 7 6

Philip Jordan 10

Adam Fackler 5

Heinrich LeRub 7 6

Philip Muller 5

Christian Demmy o 3

Frederick Deininger 5

Ulrich Hubscher 5 6

Johannes Bneheler 2

Andieas Ketterman 5 o

Michal Fuock 2

Johannes Kuessner 10 o

Daniel Biaim 10 6

Christopher Schmied 5 o

Peter Cramer (miller) 7 6

Christian Spatt I O

Gotf ried K retch many 1

Jacob Ehrle 5

Peter Kop 7 6

Conrad Alleman 1 10

Christopher Alleman 10

Christian Alleman 5

George Kop w 2 6

Philip Zeller 5

Abraham Mony 10

Michael Muller 2

George Lern n 2 6

Peter Pbankuehen 5

Elisabeth Weybrick 5 O

Since I, Trangott Frederick IUing, have
been appointed (as preacher for Juniata,
Esthertoo & Pennsborough), by His Emi-
nence, Richard Jerrick, Lord Bishop of
London, I have been also authorised 4 or-
dained (according to its desire), to preach the
word of God and administer the holy sacra-
ments to the congregation here in Middle-
town. Considering my aforesaid appoint-
ment, I will be able to preach but once in 2
week 8, viz: one 8 on day and one week day in
4 weeks, aggregating 26 times yearly. If I sat
to serve the congregation, according to the
above conditions I would like the members
to undersign their names and subscriptions.
For the apostle saysCor .9:13-14. *'0oye

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Historical and Genealogical.


not know that they who sacrifice, eat of the
sacrifice ? and they who serve well the altar,
partake thereof?" Fourteen. ''Even hath
the Lord commanded that they who preach
the gospel shall subsist thereof. "

MlDDLBTOWN. December 25, 1773 — At
this date, when settlement was' made for the
year we have the additional names to those
above* mentioned :

£ s. d

Elisabeth Freidlinger. 1 5

Valentine Pautzer 5

Christian Schertz 8

Emmannel Hollinger 7 6

Johannes Hofflich 5 O

Gottfried Kretsclimann 1 5

Peter Brenner 7 6

In Ml Joy, leceived from November 1,
1774 to 1776 from—

William Bishop ,sr 4

George Adam Klopf «r 5

Peter Bishop 7 6

Jacob Fehr. 7 6

Philip Ranshkolp 5

John Baltzer Hotz 7 6

William Haag 6

William Kircher 7 6

Ohristoph Bishfip 6

William Bishop, jr 7 6

TkePeBM**r«8Bb«e»lptl*a», 1773.

8ince I, Trangott Frederick Illiog, (ap-
pointed by his Eminence the Lord Bishop of
London as minister for Juniata, Estherton,
Pennsboro, and other congregation*), was
ordained and authorized, I have preached the
word of the Lord and administered the holy
sacrament at this place; As I have nothing
to expect from the Synod in London, and
am dependent upon these congregations for
my support, therefore do I ask that they af-
fix their names and subscriptions, so that I
can regulate my expenditures accordingly.
Pbnnsboro, December 18. 1773.

Johannes Wurmle (Wormley) 2

Baltzer Knertser 1 5

Elias Emminger 1

Simon Kraass 1

Michael Boor 1

Christopher Eicbelberger 6

Caspar Retter 10

Christian Mnller 10 o

Daniel Franck 7 6

George Rnpley 10 6

George Oden wait 1

George Gibson 10

Adam Kreutzer ijo

Johan Adam Weber. 7 6

William Mnller 1

Nicholas Pohr. 7 6

William So ell 5

Johannes* Harter 5

Dewalt Erf urd o 3 &

Johann George Beunetscb 7 6

Michael Knnkel 5

Jacob Farney 3

Adam Ares 7 6

Adam Stock 3

Peter Schmidt 5 '»

Stephen Rielb 15 o

George W ending 6 o

Jastus Ueinrich Weber 5

Johann Adam Bernhardt 7 6.

Balser Graff 5 O

Sebastian Wagner 3

Christian Fncbs 1

Simon Bretz 5

Jacob Liebenstein 3 J>

Michael Dill 7 6

Andreas Kap o 6 O

Abraham Adams 1 10 O

Samuel Adams 1 lo O

Edward Morton 110 G

Jeremiah Robinson 10 O

Tobias Hendricks 1 10 O

The MM4tot*wa Satoerlptl***, 1774.

MlDDLBTOWN, Oct. 18, 1774.
In the name of Jtru$ :

Whereas, the time is approaching, it is
deemed proper to call an assembly of all
members and church councillors of this con-
gregation who are pleased with our Rev.
Magister IUing, for the purpose of resub-
scribing for bis third jear (1775) among as;
end also to induce him to stay on with us,
because he has, as we can with a satisfied
conscience testify, served his pas-
toral calling solicitously & faith-
fully; and, furthermore, has conducted!
his c erical vocation with the propriety
looked for, of a servant of Jesns, and
thorough Evangelical preacher; througb-
whose words our souls find consolation. We
have no reason, whatever, to find the least
fault with his teachings, or his habits, but
do feel, that in the event of his leaving onr
midst, that the blessing would also depart
from our souls and our homes Likewise
does Rev. IUing shw a particular love
for us, therein, that for our asking he
has determined to double his services-
for us; that instead of presching

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

one Sunday in 4 woeks, he will
deliver a sermon every two weeks, which we
regard with much honor & great thanks,
and in consideration of which, we will give
oar mite for his maintenance, with this wish,
that beloved God, the donor of all good
things, may provide for that, which oar
limitel means cause as to be lacking in.
May God give to & crown oar Rev. Illing, a*
his (God's) Hervant, with hi alth, faculty &
pastoral en leavor, and preserve him for the
word's & honor's sake, as a capable
medium until old age. Yes, we eternally
thank Thee, Lord, for Thon canst make
well and we will hope in Tby name, For
Thy saints find pleasure therein. Amen.

John Michael Cod r ad 1 10

George Frey 4

Jacob Koenig 1 10

John Metzger 2

George Scbakin 1 15

Frederic* Scbott 1 15

Lad wig Hemperle 15

Oe rge Laamao 110

Daniel Danttel 1

George Gross 1 a

Frederick Zebbernick 9 o

Gottfried Kretschman 1 10

Christoph Siebacb 1 10

John Philip Ettelin 10

Henry Holtzappel 12

Samuel Cyriao 5

Henry Schaff ner 5

Nicholas Cassel 12

Peter Money 12

Christian Spath 15

Elizabeth Treeilingen 8

Michael Gross 10

Elizabeth Badero 3 9

Simon Schn *ider 5

P -ter Schuster 10

Adam Ritter 5

John Eberhard 2 6

Velde Welcker 5

Mar'a Badern 6

George Gross 10

Christian Gross 15

Conrad Alleman 1

Christoph Alleman 10

John Schneider 10

Christian Koiig 10

Henry Mailer 5

Daniel Brann. - 10

John Steinweg o 5

Mat hip a Windnagle 10

Jacob Brand 7 6

Henry LeRu 1 15

George LeRu o 5

Philip Graft o 7 6

John Peter Brenner o 7 6

Christoph Hauei o 4 6

The PeaaeWr* SafcwerlptlaM, 1775.

Subscription for the preacher. Traugott
Frederic* Illing, for the year 1775.

East Pbnnsboro, Dec 26th, 1774.

Michael Boor l o

John Wnrmle 2

Eliaa EmmioKer 1 o

Christopher Eichelberger 1 o

Daniel Frank 10

Samuel Adams l 15 •

Abraham Adams 15

William Mailer o 10

John George Bennet?cb 7 6

Adam Kreutzer o 7 6

Simon Bretx o 5

John K upp o 6

Andrew Kap o 7

Jacob Fai ny o 7 6

Casper Rotter 10 o

Johannas Krauss 4 6

Wilhelm Starr 15

Adam Bernhard 7 6

Baltser Kuertzer 1 5

Jacob Eppley l 10

Thomas Miller 5

John Gantzer o 5

Henry Gantzer 5

John Bobner 5

Adam Weher 5

The MMdletawa Saewerlptlaaa, 1776.

Whereas, by the grace of God another
year has ended, & our Rev. Traugott Illing,
who already for 3 years, has by us, reputably
conducted the Lord's calling, it should be
decided if he is to be henceforth our
preacher and spiritual minister for the >ear
1776 Therefore, it is required on part of
the Church Council, that each member of the
honorable congregation of Middletowo, be
asked to lay bare bis opinion, as to oar fa-
tore relations toward the reverend
gentleman; and how much each
would be pleased to give towards
his annual salary, if he continue to render
bis ministerial duties as heretofore, in the
past year, namely : to hold religions services
once in 1 4 days. Hoping that the merciful
Father in Heaven may prompt as to give
willingly, through our love for God, that
which is intended for his servants, in return
for which gifts we will in time and spirit be

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


richly rewarded. We subscribe agreeable
with the above conditions as follows:

George Frey 3

Jacob Koenlg 1 10

John Metzger 2

George Schackin 1 10

Lndwig Hemperley 115

George Lauman 1 10

Nicholas Caesel 10

Christian Spath 15

John Philip Ettele 10

Michael Gross 10

George Gross, sr 1 4

Christian Gross 6

George Gross, jr 6

Maria Bates 7

Peter Money 7 6

Philip Kraft 10 6

Abraham Gross 5 5

Hanes Eberhardt 2

Valentine Welcker 5

Gottfried Kretschman 1 10

Christian Sehertz 10

Christoph ftiebach 1 10

Peter Gross 10

Simon Schneider 5

Elizabeth Dreitling 8

Peter Wenttner 5

Peter 8chnsler 10

Adam Ritter 5

Frederick Schott 1 15

Conrad Alleman 1

Christian Alleman 10

Christoph Alleman 015

John Alleman 10

Mathias Windnagle 1

George Schoeegantz 7

Daniel Danttel 1 2 6

William Smith 5

Henry Meyer. 7 6

Jacob Brand 15

Albrecht Schweioford 1 2 6

Christian Konig 10


Historical. Biographical and Geaealaalcal.


Dbabmond. — In reply to an inquiry from
Washington city, we give the following
references to that surname:

James, son of Richard, b. October 2,
1782; d. January 7, 1812.

Joseph, in 1812 resided at Palmatown,
now Palmyra.

Richard, b. Sept 1, 1743; d. Nov. 19,

Betsy, daughter of Joseph, m. August 1 6,
1806, Christian Spayd, of Middletown.
Eliza, m. April 11, 1818, Robert Miller.
» +

The first recorded and indisputable fact in
the early history of this immediate locality
is the official record of the visit of Governor
Evrns in 1707 to the "Snsquehannagh."
The cause ot this journey was "one Nicole
Godin, a Ffrenchman, an active, bold young
fellow" using endeavors to incense the Indi-
ans "against the subjects of the crown."
This adventurer was captured and brought a
prisoner to Pbilad'a. "in the common goal
of which he now lies.*' What to do with
this * "Ffrenchman" was the question to be
disposed of.

The Governor made report of his journey
to the Provincial Council, but not knowing
what was proper to do, sent for "John
Moore and Thomas Clark, two practitioners
in law," to decide and advise in what 1 man-
ner "Nicole Godin was to have a trial." A
full account is among the State papers of
record in the office of the Secretary of the

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