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Com moo wealth of Pennsylvania. The ques-
tion was then duly refarred. This uncer-
tainty shifted to others, the Council met
"on ye 22d July, 1707." The Governor
laid before it the account of his last journey
among the Indians." We quote such por-
tions of it as are of local interest at present

The narrative is a curious one, and may
be found in Vol. 2 of the Pennsylvania
Archives (old series).

"The Gov'r., with Msrs. John Ffrench,

Wm. Toage, Mitciel, Bezaillion,

Grey & four servants, sett out from New-
castle the 27th of June, and ye next morn-
ing arrived at Otteraroe [Octorara], where
the Gov'r. was presented with some skins by
the Indians, and the same night we arrived
at Pequthan[Fequea.], being received at Mar-
tine's by O Pessah and some Indian chiefs,
who conducted us to the town, at onr En-
trance into which place we were saluted by
the Indians with a Volley of small arms.

"On Monday [Jane 80] we went to Deko*
noagah [Donegal Springs] upon the river
Snsquehannagh, being abont nine miles Dis-
tance over from Pequehan. Sometime after
onr coming here a meeting was held of the
Shawanois, Senequois and Canoise Indians

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Historical and Genealogical.

and the Nantikoke Indians" and from seven
other tribes.

•'An Iodian presented to the Govern'r and
his company, and all ye Indians there present,
a large pipe with Tobacco, out of which
every one smoakt, and then the Gov'r ac-
qnaiDted the Indians that he had rec'ed a
message from the Seneqnois Indians, of
Cones togoe and those of Peqaehan, how
that several strange Indians were amongst
them and Desired bin presence there. "

This ceremony was the cause of many
speeches between the parties. The narrative
proceeds :

* 'During our abode at Pequehan several of
the Shaonois [Shawanese] Indians irom ye
South watd, came to settle here and were ad-
mitted to do so by O Pessah, with the Gov-
ernor's consent; at tfce same time an Indian
from a Shaonois town, near Carolina, came
in, and gave an account that four hundred
an1 fifty of the fflatt- headed Indians
had besieged them; and that in all
probability, the same was taken. Besallion
informed the Gov'r, that the 8haonois of
Carolina, (he was told) bad killed several
Christians; whereupon the Governm't of
thai Province raised the said fflat-headed In-
dians and joined some Christians to them,
besieged, and have taken it as it thought,
the said Shaonois town.

"On Tuesday, 1st July, we went to Cou-
estogoe, and lay there that night, and the
next morning proceeded on our journey, and
arrived in the Evening within 3 miles of an
Indian village, called Peixtao. The Gov'r
had received information at Pequehan, that
one Nicole, a Ffrench Indian Trader, was at
that place, agst whom great Complaints had
been made to the Gov'r, of which he ac-
quainted the chief Indian of Peixtan, as also
of his design to seize him ; who williogly
agreed to it, but advised the Gov'r to be very
cautious in the manner; there being only
young people at home, who perhaps might
make some resistance, if it were done with-
out there being first told of it; for this reason
we lay short of the Village that night,
but early in the moroiog we went within
half a mile of the Town, leaving: our horses;
marched afoot nearer the same, from whence
the Gov'r sent Martine to the Village, order-
ing him to tell Nicole that he had bi ought 2
caggs of rum with him, which he had left in
the woods for fear any Christians were there,
and withal to perswade Nicole to go with
him and taste the rum. Martine returned

with James Letort & Joseph Jessop, 2 In-
dian Traders, but could not prevaH with
Nicole. Upon this, Martine was sent back
with orders to bring down some ot the In-
dians and Nicole with them. Then we drew
nearer the town and laid ourselves in the
bushes, and Martine returned with 2 Indians,
whom the Gov'r acquainted with his intent of
taking Nicole, telling at the same time, he
had spoken with to the Uncle of one of them
upon that head, who ordered the Indians to
submitt to the Gov'r's Command, tho' we
perceived too well the contrary by their in-
quiring how many we were and how armed;
and by the Concern they seemed to be in,
when they fonod we were more men in num-
ber than they. But still Nicole was want-
ing. It was, therefore, Resolved to try once
more if he could be got into the woods; ac-
cordingly Martiue went again and brought
Nicole to the place where we lay
concealed, and asking him to Drink
a dram, he seised him, but Nicole
started from him and run for it, when
immediately we started out and took him,
and presently carried him to the village
(thro' which we were obliged to pass), and
there we fonnd some Indians with guns in
their hands, who lookt much displeased at
what we had done, but we being in readiness
against any surprise they thought it not fitt
to attempt anything. Here we staid abot
half an hour and then parted, for Turfy-
hoeken, having mounted Nicole upon a horse
and tied bis legs under the Belly. We got
within a mile of Turpyhocken about 2 of ye
clock on fryday morning, and about 7 the
Gov'r went to the town; from thence we
went to Manatawy that night, & the next
day to Philadelphia." This was Saturday.
The story is continued as follows:

"John Moore, of Pbilad'a, Esqr., and
Thos. Clark, two practition«r» of the taw,,
to whom the case concerning the ffrench
Prisoner, Nicole Godio, was referred, having
given in their opinions to the Bo^rd in
writing, and the Attorney Gen'l being called
on, but not being ready; It was further
alledged to be reported that the said Nicole,
tho* a ffrench man in speech and extract, yet
was really born in the city of London, and
therefore a natural born subject of ye queen.

"The said Nicole, ye prisoner himself, was
sent for to be examined before the board,
and beine brought in custody of the 8henff.
In answer to the several questions asked him
by the Gov'r, he said that according, what

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


his mother informed bim, he was horo in
Blackfryer, in London; that his mother
had carried bim over into ff ranee, and that
his node had sent for him over again to
London; that about twenty years ago he
was brought over into this Co no try with a
ffrench gentleman who came hither on sect
of Doct'r Cox, and being asked what Conn-
trey man he accounted himself, he answered
that ne now reckoned himself a subject to
the Queen of England tho' of ffrench parent-

The prisoner being remanded, it was or-
dered that be should be tried by Indictments,
as a subject of Eogland, by the most expe-
ditious methods, of which the Att'n'y Gen'l
is to be acquainted & required to prepare for
it accordingly." He was tried, found guilty
and deprived of his privileges as a trader.

"The Gov'r laid before the Board sect's of
the expense he had been at in the two sev-
eral journeys h- bad made amongst the In-
dians on Sasquuhanuagb,"&c., and they
were allowed, not, nowever, without debate
and delay. We have no remaining paper
respecting the ihst of these visits, but the
one just quoted is as invaluable record of the
official cunning or courage of Peon's repre-
sentative. A. B. H.

[The note* referred to in the foregoing
article, having been previously printed and
circulated, are omitted, with all deference to
the opinions of our correspondent]



The Bathertee Seiner Ipttoee* 1775-6.

ESTHEBTON, Jan. 1775.

£. s. d.

Johan Ebtrhard Kettenring 5

Johanes Galgen 5

Abraham Muncy 5

Abraham Aller 7 6

Adam Boor 5 . .

Leonard Umberger 5 . .

Heinrich Umberger 5 . .

Johannes Gerberich 5 . .

Conrad Schmidt 6

Johannes Kisler 6

Joseph Galgen 3 9

Michael Jeosel 6 . .

George Fsckler 10

George Deffenbacb 15

George Reinecker

Jacob Nass 10 ..

George Friedley 6

Christian Oberboltz 2 &

John Ciine 1 0-

Ludw-g Mein'zer 5 . .

George Adam Gartzer 5

[In 1776 the following new names ap-

John Dies 5 o>

Velde Schneider 7 6

George Albrecht 6 5

[In the year 1777 in the list of subscribers
the following new contributors are fonnd :]

Conrad Manesshmidf 7 6

Mathews Mickens. 2 6

The Mebern Sebeerlptlene, 1776— Gerani.
Whereas, I Traugott Frederick filing,
minister in Middletown, have been asked u>
preach the Lord's word, every 4 weeks, here-
in Lisburn, I would ask tbe members of the
congregation to sign their names & subscript
tionp, so that I may know what to expect.
Lisburn, Aug. 4, 1776.

£. s. d.

Baltzer Knetzer l

Wilhelm Mibhel 10

Henry Ensminger 10

Simon Forg 5

Hames Adicb 7 6

Samuel Groan 7 6

George Gaotzer 7 6

Henry Gantzer 5

Thomas West 7 6

John Schneider & O

Jacob Misch 5

Jacob Bppley 10

John Driver

George Mash 2 7

George Hausminger 7 6-

John Chaffin 2 0-

Jacob Hart 7 6

John Gantzer 5

Samuel Fleid 5

Jacob Reiss 5

Thomas Tbackary 5

Jonn Turner 5

Cornelius Haodley o 7 6

The IJebern ftet»eerlptlene-1776-Be«llali.

Whereas I, T. Frederick II ling, have been
desired to preach the Gospel likewise here in
Lisburn in the English tongue. The con-
gregation is therefore desired to affix tbe
sum what they are willing to pay, with their
respective names :

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

LlSBURN, Aug. 4, 1776.

£ 8. p.

Robert Cunningham 5

John GilliUnd 7 6

James Murray 6 5

David Lewis 5

And. Green 5

John Sands 7 6

James Young 5

Andrew Martin 5

Abner Willis 5

William Tborley 5

Christopher King 5

Henry Lewis 5

Nathaniel Phipps 16

Anthony McCue 5

Edward Boyle 2 6

Robert Common 5

James Smith 10

David Means 2 6

Ben j. Davis 5

John Jones 1 6

Evin Evins 2 6

William Williams 5

Thomas Cunningham 5

Thomas Watkin 2 6

William Jones 3

James Elliottt. 3

John Kankln 7 6

Molly Ross 2 6

Ellis Davies 5

Isaac Elliott 3 9

Andrew McCagne 2 6

Daniel Gaines 2 6

Samuel Johnson 2 6

Thomas Halbert 5

Benjamin House. 5 ,.0

•Gernard Irwin 7 6

William Han Da. 5

Abraham Thorley 5

Nail Daveny 5

John Maginnry 5 6

James Welsh 7 6

Thomas Campbell 5

Philip Care 5

Robert Miller 7 6

James Laird 5

Thomas Morgan 5

Hugh McMullin 1 3

The Mlddlet*wo SabMrtptlana for 1777.


Now that another year has ended coioci-

denfally with the expiration of our Rev.

Truagott F. tiling's term, it would be perti-
nent for the Church Council and members of
the Evangelical congregation to inquire of

the Rev. Trangott F. Illing if be will hence-
forth serve us in his ministerial capacity, as
he has done in the past 4 years, for the con-
sideration of voluntary subscriptions. If
he be willing to continue in the highly im-
portant office expounding the pure, unpol-
luted Word of God forcibly, which, without
any doubt, the Lord will give one who is
sincere the power to do, the Lord will bless
the little which our limited means allow us
to subscribe for his support that be may not
be wanting for anything good. [Following
this petition are the names of only twenty-
three of the subscribers with no new names
excepting the names of David Dott and
Anna Maria Bader.]

The Mayfvrn Safcserlptlana— 17T7-8.

Subscriptions in May town, Lancaster
county, Pa., Nov. 24, 1777, and 1778. [The
absence in the following list of any Scotch-
Irish or English names is accounted for— the
close proximity of this appointment to old
Donegal Presbyterian church.]

£. a. d.

Christian Wenger. 1 4 7

Jacob Wolf 3

Michael Clause 10

Nicolas Beck 110

Frederick Bower 1 2 6

Mathias Stiehr 1 2 6

Philip Brenner 15

Adam Hnbley 1

Philip Schneider 15

Peter Lindermuth 15

George Schneider 15

Jacob Klopster 15

Adam Na-s 10

Stophel Albrecht 7 6

Hanes Kriel 7 6

Simon Jost 2 6

John Nickles 15 o

WilhelmPeck 1 10

John Tiller 110

Peter Krey 12

Bernhard 8peck 7 6

Christian Betsler 10

Regina Rosenberger 14

Frederick 8eiler 5

Frederick Geig 15

Martin Schneider * 12 6

The Baigsr Chareb S«baerlptle>M-1780.

We, the subscribers belonging to the con-
gregation of Bangor church, and other in-
habitants of the Counties of Chester, Lan-
caster and Berks, being desirous of haying a

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical


Minister of the Gospel to serve at said
church in this capacity; and whereas, the
Reverend Mr. Frederick Eling [Ming] has
been with ns for some time, and will engage
to supply ns at said chnrch as a Minister of
the Gospel, if health permits, every other
Sunday for one year, to commence the first
•of September, 1780, we promising to pur the
amounts annexed to our names in gold or
silver, or the exchange, or country produce
at the old rates, to be paid in two equal pay-
ments. Witness our hands Nov. 4, 1780.

£. s. d.

James Old. 5 10

James Davies 2 10

John Rees 2 10

Samuel Elliott 2 10

William Barry 15

John Edward

William Smith.

Isaac Davies


Amos Evans

Mr. , old paper.

Mr. Keamer

Cromwell McVithy

Joshua Evans

Mr. Fox ; .

John Evans, a wagon of hay ? .

[Thtr names where no amount is given are
crossed out in the original papei.]

Pew Reata In Bug«r Cbareb— 1781.

The following gentlemen being the pur-
chasers of the pews in Bangor church and
the number of each pew to each man's name
and the snm set on each pew towards the
support of the Gospel minister:

£ s. d.
No. 1. The pew that went under

the name of Col. James Old. ..200

No. 2. James Old 1 10

No. 3. Rees Morgan, James Kei-

mer, Jr., and John Wilkin in

Ang., 1782 1 10

No. 4. John Edwards 12 8

No. 5. Evan Edwards, Amos

Evans in Aug., 1782 1

No. 8. Richard PersoL 1

No. 7. William Perry 1

No. 8. James Keiaer 10

No. 9. Meredith Darlington,

Joshua Evans 10

No. 10. Zachens and John Davies 1 15
No. 11. Amos Evans, John Has*

ton and Moses Kinkade in Aug.,

1782 15

No. 12. Morris Morris, Evan

Evans 10

No. 18. Abraham Persol, Moruecai

Persol 1

No. 14. Amos Evans, late Evans,

Thomas Ratew 1

No. 15. Evan Evans, or James

Walsh, I. Trago 1

No. 16. My rich Davies, John

Jones 10

No. 17. John Jooeb. 10

No. 18 John Davies, Sen., Morris

son 1 2 6

No. 19. Nathan and James Evans
No. 20. David Davies, John Ko-

heen 1 5

No. 21. Edward Davies 1 10

No. 22. Edward Hughes, late Wil-
liam Douglass 1 10

No. 23. Gabriel Davies, John

Evans, Capt., and Levy Brown

in Aug. 1 782 1 10

No. 24. William Morris, John

Evans, farmer, in Aug., 1782.. 1 05
No. 25. Ann Hughes, & James

Goheeo, Samuel Elliott 15

No 26. Edward Hughes 1 2 6

No. 27. John Evans. 1 2 6

No. 28. John Martin, Frances

Wilhelm J. 2 6

No. 29. Robert Ellice, Nathan

Evans, at the run, Aaron Rattew 12 6

No. 30. James Morgan 1 5

No. 31. Francis Morgan, Thomas

Morgan, Jr 15

No. 32. Jacob Morgan, Et«q 2

No. 33. William Morgan 2

▼eetry Meotlac at Baacer Cbareb, 1781.

At a meeting of the congregation of Ban-
gor church, ou Monday, the 21st day of
April, 1783, present 'he Kev. Frederick Illing
and a majority of the vestry. It is agreed
that James Old and William Smith, the
present church wardens, shall collect all the
ariearages of ground rents and pewages that
is on the lands and pews of said church and
pay into the hands of the Rev. Mr. Illing and
take his receipts for the money in order for
settlement with the veatry.

Frbd'k Illino,

Amos Evans.

Caleb Jonbs, sides man.

Bamubl Elliott,

Cromwell MoVitt,

John Rbrs,

Jam as Evass.

Digitized by



HutoruxU and Genealogical.

MtaterlaaJ, BlatfraaBlesJ u« Gmm1hI«1*


HABBI80H8 OF H ABOYBB. — Isaac Hani-

too b, 1744; d. Jao. 31, 1806. His wife
8arah, b. 1748; d. May 14, 1806. Of their
children we nave:

i .M* b. Jan. 8, 1775; d. Feb. 18,1887.
He was titled General. He m. April 26,
1804, first, Frances Rodger*, b. 1781; <L
Anril 15, 1813. Hi* seeood wife Rachel, b.
1787; d. Nor. 10. 1829.

ft. Samuel, b 1784; d. Dec. 8, 1799.

in. Jewm, b. Not. 18, 1787; d. April 6,

fo Stephen, b. 1794; d. July 89, 1881.

MoAllutbb, of Fort Huiitbb.—
Among oar Nairn we bare the following re*
lating to tbis family, which is of genealogical

Archibald, m. May 6. 1886, Mrs. Sarah-
sella Dnnlap, of Chambersburg.

Amelia, daughter of Archibald, m. Jons
85, 1617, Rst. Zelah Paine, of N. T.

Richard, son of Archibald, cLnear Savan-
nah, Georgia, Nor. 9. 1888.

Jamee, m. 8ept 6. 1834, Bliaa Oeiger.

Oapt Archibald (?) sen , <L in Tulpe-
hocken, Berks county, January, 1808.

Dr. Qmtet, son of Oapt Archibald, cLFeh.
7, 1809, ae*d 25 years.

George Wtuhington, son of Capt Archi-
bald, m. March 11, 1804, Catharine Mac*
lecd, daughter of Dr. Donald Macleod, of
Savannah, Ga.

Thb 8tobt of Fbanobs Slocum, as
historically narrated by the anthor of the
"History of the West Braoch," John F.
Megioness, D.sq., of Williamsport, will be
ready for the subscribers within the next ten
days. From proof sheets in advance we
hare no hesitancy in saying that the volume
will be r he most valuable contribution to the
history of Wyoming which has appeared for
years. The author has uatbered up the inci-
dents of Frances Slocum's life, and through
personal interviews with ber descendants
resident on the Wabash gives ns a story
more brilliant than a romance and a work of
thrilling interest. The book will be a monu-
ment to Mr. Megioness' indefatigable in-
dustry and historic research. Readers of

Neimemd Querim should not fall to i
a copy, as the work Is limited.



By act of Assembly, requiring the return
of the ear-marks, etc., to be made to the
commissioner's office of Northampton coun-
ty, the Moravians filed the following in
1755 :
D. N. D. N.

B. [Bethlehem] N [NasarethJ

D. N. D. N.

G. [Ouadenthal] C [Christian'eSpriagJ*
D. N D. N.

F. [Friedensthal] M. [Mahoning]

The horses are marked on the near but*
tock only.

The cows, etc, are branded on the near
horn, and ear-marked as follows, via:

At Bethlehem. Both Horns branded 4
a circular Piece cut of the Right Bar.

Nomareth. A round Hole stamp'd thro*
the Right Bar as big as a Fenny 4 a slit
thro* se left Bar.

QnadenthaL A Heart stamp'd tturo* so
right Bar.

Ohrietiane-Brten. A circular Piece cat
out of se right Bar.

Friedenethal Ths right Bar erop'd and
ths left slit

Mahoning. Both ears slit

Ths initials D. N. stand for David Nitch-
mano, proprietor of the Moravian estates.




[Prior to 1790 we have no record of the
marriages performed by the Rev. Mr. Illing*
It is more than probable there is another
memorandum book in existence. ]

Jan. 5. Patrick Flanigan and Jane Jack*
son, both of Middletown, Paxtang township,
Lancaster county; married at Mr. Moor's
house. Received £40 0s. Od.

Jan. 11. John Joseph Schneider and
Anna Catharine Weyhrich, both of Middle-
towo, Paxtang township, Lancaster county;
banos first announced at Bstherton Jan. 2,
in the afternoon, and third time at Zebber-
nick's and married. Received 40 7s. 6d. and
one silver dollar.

Digitized by


HUtorieal and Ghnealofftcal.


Jan. 17. Nicholas AUeman and Elisabeth
Brandt, both of Paxtang township, Lancas-
ter eoantj; first time at Estherton Jan. 2;
second and third time Jan. 11 at Zebber-
aick's; married at Zebbernick's doom. Re-
ceived £0 7s 6d. and ooe silver dollar.

Jan. 19. James Richardson and Margaret
Bell, both of Psxtang township, Laneast
county; msrried at Mr. Moor's house. Re-
ceired £40 2s. 6d.

Jan. 21. William Wilson and Jane Mar-
tin, both cf Newberry township, York connty ;
married at Mr. Ross* house. Received £83
7s. 6d.

Feb, 15. John Hilsdorph and Eilnora
Mnckell, both of Donegal township, Lancas-
ter connty; first time at Windoagle's, Feb.
6; second time at May town, Feb. 13; the
third time at Zebbernick's boose, where they
were msrried. Received £60 0s. Od and
three bnshels of wheat.

Feb. 20. Thomas Mohr and Barbara
Schmidt, both of Psxtang township, Lan-
caster connty ; married st Zebbernick's house.
To receive 2 bnshels of wheat or 45 pounds.

March 3. Thomas Hassou and Msry Fit-
simmons, both of Donegal towosbip, Lan-
caster connty; married at Mr. Gregg s. Re-
ceived 15s.

March 14. Philip Feuerbach and Magda-
lene Knster, both of Psxtang township,
Lancaster county; msrried at Mr. Frey's
boose. To receive £1 2s. 6d, or 3 silver

March 23. John Toland and Liddy Weston,
both of Newberry township, York county;
married at Zebbernick's bouse. Received 1
bushel of rye, or 60 pounds.

March 28. Richard Richardson and Ara-
miotea Meredith, both of Rye township,
Cumberland county; married at Mr Boll's
house. Received £39 7s. 6d., Congress

March 29. Henry Bull and Grace Brown,
both of Rye township, Cumberland connty;
married at Mrs. Brown's bouse, near Juni-
atta and Buffalo Creek. Received 2 guineas
and 1 silver dollar.

March 31. Joseph Kittara and 8arrh
Davies, both of Lancaster township and
county; married at Mr. David McClnre's
house. Received 1 guinea and £1 15s. Od.

April 4. George Lindemnth and .Christina
Wolff, both of Donegal township, Lancaster
connty ; married at Zebbernick's house. Re-
ceived £0 lis. 3d. in silver.

April 11. Christoph Bormann (Poorman)

and 8abiua Pfankncher (Pancake) both of
Psxtang township, Lancaster connty; mar-
ried at Zebbernick's house. Received £2 5s.
Od , or 6 silver dollars.

May 11. William Crabb and Jane Min-
sball, both of Middletown, Psxtang cown-
ship, Lancaster county; married at Mr.
Minshall's house. Received one guinea, or
£1 15s. Od.

May 16. John Rettick [Redick] and Mary
Hoog [Hoge], both of East Pennsboro,
Cumberland county; married at Mr. Ret-
tick 's [Redick 's|.

May 23. William Thorley and Jamimj
Walt, both of Newberry towosbip, York
county; banns announced first time May It,
at Mr. Rettick's; second tia-e May 21, at
Estherton. and third time on day of mar*
riage in the afternoon at Albright Inker's.
Received £37 10s Od.

Ma> 28. Christian Gungerich and Anna
Hogstadlin, both of Lebanon township,
Lancaster connty; at Zebbernick's bouse.
Received 6 silver dollars and £2 5a 0d.

June 20. Paul Mies and Elisabeth Hoff-
man, both of Newberry township, York
county, at Zebbernick's" house. Received
£2 ©s. 3d. hard geld.

July 2. Henry Wenicker, of Donegal
township. Lancaster county, and Elizabeth
Hoffman, of Manchester township, York
connty; banns first Jnne 20 at Zebbernick's
honse; second time Jnne 25 in Middletown;.
third time at marriage. Received £0 7s. 6d.

July 4. John Dukemannenr and 8a ah.
Caton, both of Donegal township, Lancaster
connty; Banns first June 25, at Middletown;
second, July 2 at May town ; third at mar-
riage at Wenieker's Honse; married at Mr*
Mercer's House. Received £93 15*. 0.

July 4. Henry Goncher, of Newberry
township, York connty, and Roddy Louis, of
Derry township, Lancaster county; Banns
first time, Jnne 25, in Middletown; second-
time July 2, in May town; third time at
Wenieker's and married in Zebbernick's
honse. Received £0. 15s. 6d.

July 20. John Pag and Elizabeth Bucksler
[Bixler] both of Hellam township, York
connty; at Mr. Frey's honse. Received £2.
17a fid. hard money.

Sept. 10. Ludwig Hemperle and Anna
Maria Brandt, both of Paxtang township,
Lancaster connty; the first in May town, 20
Aug't. ; the second in Caernarvon, 27 Aug. ;
third time in Caernarvon, 3 Sept. Re-
ceived 15s.

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

Sept 16 Peter Hitter and Barbara
Peiffer, of Donegal township, Lancaster
county ; married at Mr. Bauer's. Received
1£ 2*. 6d.

Oct 3. Phillip Funk, of Brecknock
township, Lancaster county, and Christina
Scheffer, of Robeson township, Berks
•county; third time in Caernarvon, 1st Oct
Received 3s.

Nov. 29. Thomas Re tew, of Caernarvon
township, Lancaster coonty, and Elizabeth
Dougherty, of Caernarvon township, Berks
county. Received 15s.

Dec 7. Alexander Mc Ken ley and Judj
Hase, both of 8a) is on ry township, Lancaster
•county; 15s.

Dec 20. Benjamin Talbolt and Rachael
Ramsey, of Caernarvon township, Berks
•county; married at Mr Ramsey's house.
Confl £71. 5s. 0, and 1. 17. 6.

Jan. 8. Robert Thomson and Barbara
Schneider, of Brecknock township, Lancaster
•county; married at Mr. Schneider's. Re-

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