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most unfeigned thanks to all those gentlemen
and ladies who were so generous as to contri-
bute a considerable eum ofaneaey on my be-

*Alaganey is the name of a place upon the
river of the same name.


Btetarleal, Blaarapkleal an* UeaeaUffleal.


Tub Fibst Orphans' Courts of the
County of Dauphin were held successively
at Louisburgh, Jonestown, Harrisburg, and
Myerstown. The firnt place was the name
of the town as given bv the authorities — bat
never recognized by John Harris, the founder.

Konklr - Rear-Admiral Hughes, of the
U 8. N., writes us in regard to the Revolu-
tionary services of John K nkle, born June
8, 1757, in Fraaconia township, Philadelphia
county. An examination of the records does
not reveal the fact He probably served in
the associators or militia, but there is noth-
ing among the State Archives to verify it.

4 Adamantine Guards. "-This high-
sounding title was given to a military com-
pany at Shippensburg in 1799, and com-

manded by Capt Shippen ot that town.
Daring the first inauguration of Gov. Shunk
a company named the "Big 8pring Adaman*
tine Guards" attracted considerable attention,
from the fact that the "fuss and feathers'*
captain, whenever the crowd pressed upon
his lines, shouted out at the top of hie
voice, "make way for the "Big Spring
Adamantine Guards," and which, for years^
was quite a by word with young America of
the Bute Capital.

Grnbalooioal Notes.— Squire Evab*
sends us the following:

1. Martin Whitman settled in Cocalico-
township Lidc ister county. He died about
1760. and left-

i. Wendle; in 1764 lived in Plymouth,
tewnship. Fbilada county.

ii. Ohritiian; ramaioed in Cocalico.
Hi. Jacob; remained in Cocalico.

2. John Weidman died in 1790, and left —
i Mary; m. George Illick, of Cocalico.
ii. Catharine; m. Philip Mainhard.

3. Alexander Schaeffer's wife was Anna-

4. George Redsecker, who lived in fclisa^
bethtown, left one son, George, and several
daughters. Peter Redsecker, of Warwick,
township, had the following:

i. John

ii Jacnb.

ii. Peter

iv. Ohritiian.

t Oertraut

vi Anna Johanna.

vii. Blieabeth

Somi Revolutionary Worthies.— We
find the following among our unpublished

Hubley, CoL Frederick, died at Harris-
burg, Monday, Dec. S3, 1822, of plemisy.
Oo the following day his remains were in-
terred with Masonic and military honors

Henniog, Jacob, died at Harrisburg. Feb.
19, 1824, aged 83 years— a soldier of the

Humphrey, J* cob, s captain of the Revo-
lotion, in 1824 resided on a farm in East
Fallowfield, Cheeter county, aged upwards of
70 years.

Udree, Geo. Daniel, died at his residence
in Oley township, Berks ca, July 16, 1828.
At the time he was an elector on the Jackson

Wilkins, Gen. John, died at Pittsburgh,

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

April SO, 1816, aged 55 year* -and thirty
years an inhabitant of that city.

Woodwatd, John, died at Erie May 19,
1833, a captain In the Revolution and for
many years transcribing clerk of the House
of Representatives of Pennsylvania, aged 94

Wallace, Qen. James, died near Hum-
melstowo, Danphin county, Pa., Wednes-
day, Dec 17, 1823.

Wolfersberger, Philip, died at Campbells-
town, Lebanon county, July 14, 1834, in his
47th year. He was a lieutenant.

Walker, Jonathan H., of Pittsburgh,
President Judge Western District of Penn-
sylvania, died at Homachita, near Natches,
Miss., April 23, 1824, sged 61 years— "a
"Whig and a soldier of the Revolution."

Welch, James, died in Turbut township,
Northumberland county, May 8, 1826, aged
SI years.

Warner, Thomas, late of Cluster county,
-died at Harrisburg August 28, 1821, aged
96 years.

— m • •




BaptlMSM.— I.

[Abbreviations: d % daughter;!., son;
tarn; bap. % baptised. |

Evans, Sarab, d. of David and Mary
fivany, of Caernarvon, b. Oct 20, 1779; bap.
July 9. 1780; sponsor, Anne Evans.

Moon*, Rebecca, d. of John and Roth
Moore, born March 21, 1780; bap. Jnly 9,
1780; sponsors, Sarah and Joseph Rossel.

Redew, John, s. of Aaron and Rebecca
ft*dew, b. March 25, 1780; bap. Jnly 9,
1780; sponsors, parents.

Ellef, Edward, s of Samnel and Susanna
Bllet, b Jan. 26, 1779; bap. Jnly 9, 1780;
eponsors, parents.

Davies, Bdward, s. of Janus and Elisabeth
Davies, b Nov. 19, 1779; bap. Jnly 9, 1780;
sponsor, James Old.

Essiogton, James, s of Joseph and Sarah
Kssingtoo, b. July 3, 1779; bap. Aug. 6,
1780; sponsor?, parents.

Thomas, William, s. of Esekiel and 8nsan
Thomas, b. May 4, 1779; bap. Ang 6. 1780;
sponsors, Ivan Rossel acd Elizabeth Gaheen.

Hatsoo. George, s. of George and Elsey
Hatsoo, b. June 6, 1779; bap. Ang. 6, 1780;
sponsor*, parents.

Evans, Ivan, son of Nathan (sr.) and

Mary Rvans, b. Jnly 22, 1779; bap. Aug.
6, 1780; sponsors, parents.

Cathbert, John, a, of John and Mary
Cathbert; b. Dec 5, 1779; bap. Aug. 6,
1780; sponsors, Ivan and Mary Evans.

Evans, James, a of Nathan (jr.) and
Elisabeth Evans; b. March 29, 1779; bap.
Ang. 6, 1780; sponsors, parents.

Davies, Mary, d. of John and Margaret
Davis; b. Aug. 25, 1778; bap. Aug. 6, 1780;
sponsors, parents.

Davies, Annie, d. of Philip and Hannah
Davies; b. April 19, 1767; bsp Ang. 6,
1780; sponsors, James and Margaret Old.

Jack, Mary, d. of Michael and Susannah
Jack; b. Oct. 9, 1778; bap. Sept 24, 1780

Tig tt, Elisabeth, d. of John and Hannah
Tigitt; b. Jan 24, 1780; bap Sept. 24.1 7

Kern, John Henry, a of Henry and Bar-
bara Kern; b. Dec. 7, 1779; bap. Sept. 28,
1780; witness, Christopher Kern.

Evans, Thomas Barton, a. of Lot and
Sarah Evans; b. Aug. 7, 1779; bap. Oct. 1,
1780; witness, Evan Evans.

Diets, Dorothea, dau of Christian and
Jnlianna Diets, b. May 18, 1780; bap. Oct.
21, 1780; witness Michael and Dorethta Drop

Mackvily, Sarah, dau. pf Crowell and
Margaret Mackvily, b. Jnne 7, 1779; bsp.
Oct 22, 1780; witness An. e Evans.

Douglass, John, a of Thomas and Joyce
Douglass, b. Ang. 1,1780; bap. Sept. 9,178a

Lloyd, John, s. of Thomas and Margaret
Lloyd, b. March 6. 1780; bsp. Sep . 7 1780.
Witness Elijah Hatsoo.

Hynton, Elisabeth, dau. of Thomas and
Nancy Hynton; b. Oct 25, 1778; bap. Oct
29, 178a 8ponsor, James Foolon.

Hynton, William, s. of Thomas and Nancy
Hynton, b. Sept 17, 1780; bap. Oct 29,
1780. Sponsor, James Foolon.

Good, Catharine, dau. of Henry Good and
Barbara Huber; b. Jan. 15, 1780; bap. Nov.
2, 1780; witnesses, Annie McOumery, Jobn
and Barbara Geiger.

Ludwig, Christian, s. of Christian and
Catharine Lnd wig; b. Oct 23, 1780; bsp.
Dec 31, 1780; witness, Henry Kern.

Smith, Rebecca, dau. of William and
Deliah 8mith; b. Oct 11, 1780; bap. Nov.
24,1780; witnesses, James and Margaret Old.

Mnrrey, Mary, dau. of Charles and Ele-
nora Mnrrey; b. June 11, 1779; bap. Dec
24, 1780; witnesses, Moses and Margaret

Mockel, Catharine, dan. of Benjamin and

Digitized by


Historical and Qeneahgical.


Sarah Mockel; b. Jan. 31, 1778; bap. Jan.
45, 1781; witoess, Barbara Kern.

Good, Hubert, s. of Robert and Jane
Good; b. Dec. 4, 1779; bap. Jan. 21, 1781;
witness, James Davies.

Gilles, Hannah, dan. of Joseph and Manr
Gilles; b. Dec 11. 1780; bap. No?. 11,1781';
witness, Henry Kern.

Reese, Elizabeth, d. of John and Marga-
ret Reese; b. January 16, 1781; bap. March
28, 1781; witnesses, Sosanna Ellet

Jones, Caleb, e. of John and Jane Jones;
b. April 23, 1780; bap. April 16, 1781; wit-
ness, John and Margaret Reese.

Da vies, Margaret, d. of John and Margaret
Davies; b. February 5, 1781; bap. April 29,
1781; witness, Mary Ann Clay.

Blusser John George, s. of Jacob and Do-
rothea; b. February 13, 1781 ; bap. April 29,
1781 ; witnesses, Jacob and Christina Becker.

Fogerty, Rebecca, b. December 16, 1755;
bap. May 13, 1781; witnesses, Richard lands-
ley and Thomas Fogerty.

Fogerty, Rachael, b. December 14, 1778;
bap. May 13, 1781.

Fogerty, Anna, d. of Thomas and Re-
becca Fogerty ; b. November 16, 1780; bap.
May 13, 1781; witness, Mary Lindner.

Stober, George Adam, s. of John and
Barbara Stober; b. September 4 1780; bap.
May 13, 1781; witness, George and Marga-
retta Sen at tie.

Bossier, John, s. of John and Snsan Boss-
ier; b. February 26, 1781; bap. May 13,
1781; witnesses, John and Barbara Stober.

Jack, Jacob, s of Michael and Susannah
Jack;b. Dec. 31, 1780; bap. May 27, 1781.

Bush, Mary, d. of Martin and Rachael
Bush; b. Feb. 1 1781; ban. May 27. 1781.

Betson, Elizabeth; b. March 11, 1777.

Betson, Thomas; b. Dec 4. 1778.

Betson, Minha; b Aug. 29, 1780; chil-
dren of Gentge and Anna Betson; bap.
June 10, 1781 ; witnesses, Richard and Mary

Cohin, Anna, dan. of Edward and Catha-
rine Cohen; b. April 6, 1779; bap. June 10,
1781; witness, Edward Hughes.

Logitt, Jane, dan. [of Thomas and Mar-
garet Logitt; b April 26, 1776; bap. June
10, 1781; witness, Josia Douglass.

Euher, Maria Elizabeth, dan. of Abra-
ham and Sophia Euher; bap. Jul? 10, 1781,
aged 1$ years; witness, John Gnldin and
Elisabeth Weber.

Foltz, John; b. July 13, 1776.

Foltz, Barbara; b. Jan. 9, 1779.

Foltz, George; b. Jau. 1781, children of
George and Elizabeth Foltz; bap. July 11,
1781 ; witnesses, John and Barbara Geiger,
and Adam and Christina Tochroan.

Daries, Jobo, s. of James and Elizabeth
Davies, b. March 20, 1781; bap. June 24,
1781; witness, James Old.

Funck, Johannes, s. of Philip and Christian
Funck, b. March 20, 1781; hap. Sept 9,
1781; witnesses, Johannes and Elizabeth

Funck, Hanna, s. of Johannes and Eliza-
beth Fuick, b. Feb. 15, 1781; bap. 8ept 7,
1781 ; witnesses, Philip and Christian Funck.

Cohin, Roth, d. of James snd Elizabeth
Cohin, b. Feb. 17, 1776; bap. Sept. 30,1781;
witnesses, Edward Hughes, Sarah Rossel and
Anne Morris.

Cohin, John. s. of James and Elizabeth
Cohin, b. March 5 1779; bap. Sept 30,
1781; witnesses, Ed ward Hashes, Sarah Ros-
sell and Anna Morris.

Steever, Anna Catharine, dau. of Adam
and Catharine Steever, b. Aug. 12, 1781;
bap. Oct. 28, 1781; witnesses, Henry and
Catharine Finefrock.

Miller, Auna Catharine, dan. of Peter and
Eva Milter, b. Oct 1, 1781; bap. Oct 28,
1781 ; witnesses, Adamand Catharine Steever.

Thomas, Margaret, dan. of Hezekiel and
Susana Thomas, b. Aug. 31, 1781; bap
.Oct 28, 1781; witnesses, Anne Cohin and
James and Sarah Rosset.

Fehr, Marcus, s. of Marcos and Catharine
Fehr, b Oct 20, 1781; bap. Nov. 2, 1781;
witnesses, Philip Fehr and Margaret Fehr.

Meyers, John Jacob, a. of John and
Catharine Meyers; b. Sept. 26, 1781; bap.
Nov. 4, 1781; witnesses, Jacob and Anna
Maria Hoffman.

Wamsher, Magdalena, dan of Wilhelm
and Margaret Wamsher; b. Aug. 16, 1781;
bap. Nov. 4, 1781; witness, Magdalena

Bnchsler, Johannes, a. of Henry and Eva
Bnchsler; b. Aug. 20, 1781; bap. Dec 1.
1781; witnesses, John and Catharine Zerbe
and Jacob Werth.

Niclas, Susan Margaretta, dan. of Eliza-
beth Niclas; b. Jan. 20, 1781 ; bap. Nov. 4,
1781; witnesses, Snsan Wertz, Margareth
Leidebend and Henry Bncksler.

Mesner, Jacob, s. of Christian and Catha-
rine Meaner, b. Sept 17, 1781; bap. Dec.
16, 1781 ; witnesses. Jacob and Maria Schno-

Mesner, Christian, s. of Jacob and Mag-

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

dalena MesDer; b. Not. 11, 1781; hap. Dec
16, 1781 ; witnesses, Christian and Catharine

Segfried, Jacob, son of Jacob, Jr., and
8usan 8egfried; b. Dec 10, 1781: bap. Dec
25. 1781; witnesses, Jacob, Sen., and Elisa-
beth Segfried

Hoffman, John Michael, s. of Henry and
Eva Hoffman; b. Oct 21, 1781; hap. Dec
37, 1781 ; witness, Michael Franckhauser.

Schaffer, Barbara, d. of Christian and
Phillippina Schaffer, b. N»r. 18, 1781; bap.
Dec 26, 178) ; witnesses, Marcus Behler and
Barbara Amon.

Davie*, Sarah, d. of I»aac and Liddy
Davies, b. Not. 30, 1781 ; bap. Jan. 1, 1782;
witnesses, Martha Wallis and Sarah Davies.

Kern, Christoph, s of Henry and Barbara
Kern, b. Not. 21, 1781; bap. April 1. 1782;
witnesses, Christoph and Margaretta Kero.

Westley, Johan Michael, s. of Michael
and Dorothea Westley, b. Not. 21, 1781;
bap. April 1, 1782; witnesses, Solomon and
Regina Westley.

Wittensahl, Johannes, s. of Henry and
Dorothea Wittensahl, b. Feb. 17, 1782; bap.
April 1, 1782; witnesses, Jacob and Marian

Qaast, John, a. of Nicholas and Maria
Qoasr, b. Feb. 6, 1782; bap. April 1. 1782.

Reidenbach, Ma garetta, d. of Henry and
Margaretta Reidenb ch, bap. April 14, 1782,
in her 9 year ; witnesses, Andrew an dMarga-
retta Beischlen.

Kliebenstein, Henry, s. of Henry and Oath-
atioe Kliebenstein, b. Dec. 22, 1781; bap
April 14, 1782; witnesses, Henry and Eliza-
beth Lidung.

Lern, Barbara Elizabeth, dan of George
and Mary Lern; b. April 23, 1782; bap.
April 27, 1782; witnesses, Barbara Elizabeth
Lern and John and Sabina Kissner.

Windnagle, Maria, Eva, dan. of Matbias,
jr., and Maria Agnes Windnagle; b. Jan.
4, 1782; bap. April 28, 1782; witnesses,
Frederick Windnagle and Maria Eva Early.

Harris, Elizabeth, dan. of Henry and
Catharine Harris; b Dec 17, 1781; bap.
April 18, 1782; witness, Elizabeth Dreit-

Postlethwait, Susan, dau. of John and
Snsan Postlethwait; b. Dec. 3, 1781 ; bap.
April 29, 1782.

Postlethwait, John, s. of William and
Elizabeth Postlethwait, b. Jnne 10. 1781;
bap. April 29, 1782

Not hate, Maria, dau. of John and Maria

Nothste; h. March 22, 1782; bap. May 9,
1782; witnesses Peter and Maria Heiker.

Finefrock, Maria Magdalena, dan. of
Michael and Catharine Elizabeth Finefrock ;
b. March 7, 1782; bap May 9, 1782; wit-
nesses, Philip and Magdalena Hahman.

Finefrock, Maria Elisabeth, dau. of Henry
and Catharine Finefrock; b. Feb. 27, 1782;
bap. May 9, 1782; witnesses, Adam and
Catharine Stever.

Giek or Gick, Joh Henrich, s. of Michael
or Rosioa Giek ; b. Not. 1781; bap. June 9,
1782; witnesses, Henry and Barbara Seiden-

Barcker, Maria; b. Oct 28. 1781.

Barcker, Appolopia; b. Oct 25, 1780; chil-
dren of Jacob and Elizabeth Barcker bap.
Jnne 9. 1782.

Ehrjtott, Peter, a. of Cnristian and Chris-
tina Ehrgott; h. Sept 29, 1781; bap. Jnne

9, 1782; witnesses, Peter and Maria Walter.
Morris, Charles, a. of Charles and Helen

ton Morris; b. Not. 6. 1781; bap. May 7,
1782; witness, William Walter.

Boh me John, 18 years.

Boh me, Michael, 15 years.

Boh me, Christian, 10 years; sons of Adam
and Margaretta Bob me; bap. May 16. 1782;
witnesses, Christian and Catharine Messner
and Henry and Barbara Kern.

Becker, John, s. of Peter and Elisabeth
Becker; b Feb. 14, 1761; bap. May 16,1782.

Jones, Margarer, b. Not. 1738

Jones, Rachaei; b Oct 2. 1761 ; daugh-
ters of Jonathan and Margaret Jones; bap.
May 29, 1782.

Jones, John, b. June 23 1763

Jones, David, b. Sept 27. 1764

Jones, Rebecca, b Sept. 24 1766.

Jones, Mary, b. May 8. 1768.

Jones, Caleb, b. Sept 30. 1770

Jones, Jonathan, b. March 3, 1772.

Jones, Elizabeth, b. Aug. 9, 1773

Jones, Margaret, b. Jnne 28 1775.

Jones, John, b. Jan. 24. 1778

Jones, Hannah, b. Jnne 24, 1779; children
of Jonathan and Margaret Jones ; hap. Jnne

10. 1782.

Evans, Mary, d. of Nathan and Elisabeth
Evans, b. Oct 19, 1781; bap. Jnne 10,

Jones, Sarab, aged 21 Tears.

Jones, Diana, b. Sept. 5, 1781. children
of Elizabeth Jones, bap. June 10, 1782; wit-
nesses, John and Jane Jones.

Watt, John, s of James and Mary Watt,

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


m. April 26, 1782; bap. Jane 3, 1782; wit-
ness, Charles Jacob.

Bucher, Elisabeth, d of John and Maria
Bucher, b. Mat 24, 1782; bap. Jane SO,
1782; witness, E'isabeth Becker.

Bohme, Eva Margaretta, d. of Peter (sr.)
and 8naan Boh me, b. April, 1782; bap.
Jane 80. 1782; witnesses, Peter, (jr.) and
8naan Bonnie.

8eidenstricker, John Sebastian, s. of
Jacob and Anna Margaretta Seidenstricker,
b. May, 1782; bap. July 6, 1782; witnesses,
Henry and Barbara Seidenstricker.

HssterleaL Bteoraphleal mm* Genealogical.


The publication of the census of 1790 in
Notes and Q'ierie$ has aroused considerable
interest in this Mmost forgotten unpublished
record, and recently the city of Bostoc has
directed the printing of it so far as relates to
that city. Would it not be proper for the
State of Pennsylvania to preserve what refers
to this State in its series of archives ?

Easily Earned Honors. — Among the
list of the members of the Scotch -Irish So-
ciety of America is that of a Mr. Msclay, of
Brooklyn, N. Y., who claims the authorship
of "Maclayof Lurgan." Now this is the
copyright title given to the Msclay family in
the* first series of Pennsylvania Genealogies—
and the person referred to has no more claim
to the authorship of the record in question
than "the man in the moon." Honors are
easy, especially when some one else is bar-
rowed from.


A number of years ago when we tran-
scribed the tomb-stones in the old grave-
yard, at 8bcop's church, we became anxious
to learn somewhat of the descendants of
John Adam PhiUipi, b. November 19, 1711;
d. Jooe 20, 1789. and (Jasper Beyerly, n.
August 24, 1727; d. Novembtr 7, 1794, who
with the exception of Michael Schmidt, are
the oldest in birth who have tomb stones in
the graveyard referred to, and which surnames
have long ago disappeared from the assess-
menrs rolls of Daopbin coanty. Of Phillipi
we have learned nothing; but of Beyerly we

have secured an interesting genealogical
record, which is herewith given:

L Casper Brybrlt lived and died in
what was known as Lower Paxtang town-
ship, this county. The executors of his
estate were Stophel Snoop and JacobBeyerly,
a son. His wife, Catharine — , b. in

the year 1729; d. April, 1799. They had
isau-i among others (surna e Beyerly):

i. Andrew

m. Stephen Reese.

Geoege Wibly.
b. March 14,

ii BUsabeth;
2. m. Jacob.

it. Mary; m.
3 v Miehaet; b. March 14, 1774; d.
February 15, 1841, in Ross county, Ohio.

ti Philip.

II. Jacob Bbyrrly (Casper), b. March
9, 1768, in Lancaster now Dauphin county.
Pa. ; d. March 9, 1846. He removed to near
Chillieothe, Ross county, Ohio, at the close
of the last century, having gone there from
his nrtive county with his family on wagons.
He married, December 4. 1790, Maria Eliz.-
ABkTH ParthrmoRB, b. August 6, 1768, in
Dauphin county, daughter of John Partbe-
more (! 738-1812), and Catharine Shnpp
(1739-1817). She d August 6, 1812, in
Ross county, Ohio. The following 1 iter*,,
written at this time by Mr. Bejerly to his
brother-in-law, are worth preservation iu.
this connection :

Spbinqkikld Township.

Ross County. Ohio. August 14, 1812
Orrrtino: To your friends and relations:

I hope these few Hoes will find yon in-
good health Wben you left us we were
yet well. Again, I have received your letter
of August twelfth, and have noted your sor-
rowful condition, but not as sorrowful as-
mine, as my dearly beloved wife died on the
tenth day of August, between eight and nine
o'clock A. M On the sixth day of August
I went to the salt works. 8he was fresh and
hearty when I left home; wben I was away,
and on the eighth of August, between three-
and four o'clock, she went into the spring*
house and put the cream into the batter*
churn, after which she drank some thick
milk, and then went into the house. As be
came into the bouse, she said she was sick,
and tola the children tbey should call me,
but they told her I was not at home, but they
wonld send for me. She said no, for he has
gone to the salt-works. Then they called in
the neighbors, and about two hours there-
after she was taken with convulsions and was
unable to talk On the ninth day of August

Digitized by



Historical atui Genealogical.

they sent for me, and met roe twenty miles
from home. I arrived at one o'clock P M ,
feat she did not recognise me, and was Doable
to speak oue word to me. This is what
•makes my sorrow much greater, hot I am as-
sured she died happy, as her whole life proved
it. She and I have had a heaven here upon
earth, since we lived in peace and nnity with
each other.

I can well say that she calls me. What
-great peace there is yonder in Christ's
garden. Oh, bow glorious the sound, where
so many thousand seraphim, with unwearied
lips and songs, their hallelujah's sing. Oh,
-coold I there be found, oh, sweet God,
before your throne, and bearing many palms ;
I woold with angels love to praiee your
name with thousand beautiful psalms.

So far as her worldly life was concerned
«be attained the age of forty three years
and eleven months, less three days; and
lived taeoty-one jears and eight months,
lets Ave days, In a married state. Our
union was bletsed with eleven children, vis:
Three sons and eight daughters. We have
,ennngh of everything, but no contentment
* * • * I woold still have a great deal to
write to you, but my bereavement is so
£reat that I cannot express it in these few
lines. I will close with so much. From
your brother, brother-in-law, friend and
well wisher, Jacob Bbybrly,

Stats op Ohio. 8prinofibld Township,

Ross County, March io, 1813.
A Friendly Greeting to you. greatly beUned

brother in law andfriendi :

I hope these few hoes will find you in a
.good state of health. When you left me I
was in moderate good health, but in a very
soirowfol condition of mind. Upon this
•earth I have no happiness. My heart lien
buried. All this causes nothing but grief to
me all my days. I received your letter the
fourth day of March, 1813 Too have writ-
ten to me aboot my children, and their
names and ages.

Mary- Elizabeth was twen'y years on Jan-
uary 12. 1818; Catharine was eighteen years
•old February 22, 1813; John will be seven-
teen years old December 17, 1813; Jacob
was fourteen years old February 20, 1813;
Nancy will be twelve years old July 13,
1813; Frederick will be ten years old Sep-
tember 13, 1813; Sarah was Ave years old
February 5, 1813, and Polly will be four
years old November 12, 1813. Elisabeth is

n arried to Benjamin Mussel man. He has
a distillery on the sea or river [evidently
meaning a lake] and seven hnndred acres of
the best farming land in the vicinity, Cath-
arine is married to Jacob Immell. and they
have a young son. They have left me, and
I have no one to keep house for me but
Nancy, who is not yet twelve years old.

I wish that I coold live another twenty
years yet with my wife blisabeth. I would
cheerfully walk one thousand miles, bare-
footed, and begin housekeeping in the for-
ests. We both worked very hard during our
lifetime, and when once we had enough to
live comfortably, death separated us. But
the Lord wished to have it so. The greatest
comfort I have in this world is that she died
happy, as her walk io life during the past
few years fully ptoved.

Jacob Bkybbly.

Jacob Be\ erly and his wife Lad issue as

i Mary Elizabeth; b Januarv 14, 1793,
in Danpbtn county, Pa ; d. near Springfield,
III. ; m. Benjamin Mussel man. His mother
was Elisabeth Kreider, a descendant of John
Kreider, who went from Lancaster county to
Huntingdon county, Pa , about the year
1790 and engaged io grist milling. Ab ut
the year 1796 this enterprising German miller
conceived the idea of erecting an ark or flat-
bottomed boat and loaded it with the pro-
ducts of bis mill—flour — and successfully
rpn the same down the Juniata and Susque-
hanna river through the Conewago Falls,
and at last brought his boat with its cargo
to Baltimore, where he was smply com pen
sated for his successful venture.

ii. Catharine, b Febrnary 22, 1795, in
the vicinity of Walker's Mill, Dauphin
county, Pa , m. Jacob Immell, who de-
scended from Ever hard Immell, b. October
14, 1747; d. Jtfue 2, 1839, at Myerstown,
Pa. After Catharine I m melt's death, her
husband married the second time and had
issue twenty four childreu.

iii John, b. December 17, 1796; m. Su-
san Overly.

to. Jacob, b. February 20. 1799; m. Susan

e. Nancy, b. July 13, 1801 ; m. Jacob

vi. Frederick, b. September 20, 1803; m.
Elitha Madden. It was recorded of him at
the time of bis death, December 9, 1846, at
Dubuque, Iowa, that be was "a man of rate
talents, great energy and pei severance."

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He had a Dumber of children; the oldest, a
eon, died as a soldier in the Mexican War.

III. Michael Bbtbblt (Casper), b.
March 14, 1774, in what now is Lower Pax-

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