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tang township, Dauphin county, Pa. He
also settled in Ross county, Ohio, where be
died. He was a soldier in the war of
1812-14. He married, September 6, 1800*
Anna Miller; b. October 6, 1781, in York
count j, Pa.; d. September 1, 1833, in Chil-
licothe, Ohio. They had issue, (surname
Beyerly) :

*. OaUender, b. September 16, 1801; d.
December 15, 1830.

ii Eveline, b, December 29, 1802; d.
Apiil 20, 1884.

Hi. William H. t b. December 24, 1804; d.
April 3, 1873; m. Mary McDonald, and had
Wallace and Annie E.

it, Eliza, b. August 15, 1808; d. Septem-
ber 20. 1854.

«. Emmarine Alinda, b. April 3. 1808; d.
April 25, 1847; m. in the year 1837 to Jo
seph B. Maddox, and had issue (surname

1. Eveline, b. September 29, 1839; m.
George Mullen and resides in Ports-
mouth, Ohio.

2. Anna, b. September 19, 1841; m.
George Em mitt

ti. Jacob, b. October 8, 1810; d. s. p.

en. Michael, b. April 11, 1813; m.
Bacbael Glover, and had issue: William,
married and resides in Portsmouth, O ;
EUa, m. William Wilson and resides in Co-
lumbus, O. ; Lucy, and Anna

viii. Andrew J ; b. November 15, 1815;
m. November 7. 1852, 8usan Fulton and re-
side near Chillicothe, Ross county, O Tbey
have issue:

1. Lydia; b. October 5, 1855; m. Oc-
tober 23. 1882, Dr. L F. Soofield.

2. Irvin M.

3. Wade J.

4. Lucy E.

5. KaUS.
6 Grace.

7. Wallace F.

ix, Casper; b. January 14, 1818; d. s. p.

x. Anna Mr, b. February 14, 1819; m.
J. W. Robinson, and reside in Chillicothe,
O. They had issue, (surname Robinson)
Taylor, and Jane Eliza,

8». Lucy Jane; b. February 7, 1822; m.
John Daugherty, and had issue four chil-

Thus hare passed from off the rec-
ords of our county assessments a surname
that did honor in other counties. B. w. s. p.



[Abbreviations: <t, daughter; «., son; b ,
born: bap., baptised.]

Trop, Job. Philip, s. of Philip and Catba.
rine Trop; b. April 11, 1782; bap. July ft,
1782; witness, Michael Finefroek.

Stover, Anna Maria, dan. of Hanes and
Barbara Stover; b. July 1, 1782; bap. July
28, 1782; witnesses, Henry Bncherand Susan
Catharine Kern.

Ellet, Jane, dan. of Samuel and Susan
Ellet; b. Sept 14, 1781; bap. Feb. 17. 1782;
witness, Elisabeth Cohin.

Cohin, Anne, dan. of James and Sarah
Cohin; b. March 4, 1781; bap. Feb. 17,
1782; witness, Elisabeth Cohin.

McCardy, Hagar, about 35 years; witness,
Mary Davies and Margaret Old.

McWatty, Thomas, s. of Cromwell and
Margaret McWatty; b. Oct 15, 1781; bap.

23, 1782; witnesses, Elisabeth Davis

and Nathan Evans.

Hughe*, Mary, dan. of John and Catha-
rine Hughes; b. June 18, 1781; bap. Juno
23, 1782; witnesses, Mary and David Ed*

Evans, Evan, s. of Lot and Sarah Evans;
b. Dec. 8, 1781; bap. June 28, 1782; wit-
nesses, John and Mary Evans.

Moore, John, a. of John and Rnth Moore;
b. May 2, 1782; bap. July 14 1782; witness,
John RusseL

Herat, John, 8 of George and Naney
Herat; b. June 8, 1782; bap. July 14, 1782$
witnesses, John and Elisabeth Davies.

Sammes, William, b, July 17, 1777.

Sammes, Thomas, b. March 8, 1780; sons
of William and Jane Sammes; bap. July
18, 1782; witness, John Hock Ian.

Strackln, Anna Mari*, dan. of Hanes and
Catharina Strackin, b. July 18, 1782; bap.
August 6, 1782; witnesses, Jacob and Anna
Maria Hoffman.

Mnller, Anna Maria, dan. of Jacob and
Catharine Mnller, b. July 8. 1782; bap.
August 18, 1782; witnesses, Jacob and Maria

Menges, Maris Elisabeth, dan. of Jacob

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

and Elisabeth Menges, b. Jaly 4, 1783; bap.
August 18, 1782; witnesses, Barbara Zell and
Maria Elizabeth Menges.
Hannah, about 40 years.
Annie, aged 1 4 years.
Sylbe, aged 11 years.
James, aged 8 years.
Hannah, aged 4 years.
Barney, aged 2 years.

All bap. September 19, 178S; John and
8arah Edwards, sponsor*; Folts, Elisabeth,

Kayser, Elisabeth, dau. of Qeorge and
Nancy Kayser, b. February 17, 1782; bap.
September 22, 1782; witness, Catharine

Justus, Nancy, b. Angus! 10, 1777.

Justus, Peggy, b. October 2, 1778.

Justus, John. b. April 12, 1780; children
of John and Barbara Justus; bap. Septem-
ber 23, 1782; witnesses, John Reese, Edward
Goh sen, Mary Daries and Rosina Anne

Becker, Regiaa, dau. of Peter and Elisa-
beth Becker; b. Aug. 12, 1782; bap. Oct. 10,
1782; witness, Wm'ia Buch.

Harbison, Hugh,s of John and Jane Har-
bison, b. Aug. 16, 1781; bap. Oct 12, 1782.
Witness, Joseph Right-

Becker, John, b. May 27, 1778.

Becker, Emanuel, b. May 21, 1779.

Becker, Jonanes, b. Not. 15, 1780.

Becker, Christina, b. Fab. 26, 1782, chil-
dren of Jacob jr. and Maria Becker; bap.
Oct 28, 1782, Witnesses, Jacob sr. and
Christina Becker and Jacob Bloser.

Mohr, Catharine, dau. of Hanesand 8ophi
Mohr, b. Oct. 12, 1782; bap. Not. 10, 1782;
Witnesses, John and Catharine Meyer.

Spahr, v q8sq Margaretta,dan. of John and
Anna Maria Spahr, b. 8ept 22, 1782; bap.
Dec. 8, 1782; witnesses, Jacob and Susan Sey-

Kacbelflur, Catharine, dau. of Simon and
Barbara Kacbelflur, of Allegheny, b, Oct.
26, 1782; bap. Dec 22,1782; witnesses, John
am* Elisabeth Laub.

Sterer, Rosina, d of Adam and Catharine
8terer; b. Oct 12,1782; bab. Dec 25,1782.
Witnesses, Michael and Rosina Gig.

Ludwig, Christoph, s. of Christian and
Catharine Lud wig, ot Allegheny; b. Sept
7, 1782; bap. Dec 29, 1782. Witness,
Christoph Schmidt.

Hoffman, George, s. of George and Anna
Maria Hoffman; b. Dec 25, 1782; bap.

Jan. 9, 1783. Witnesses, Michael and Anna
Maria Hoff aan.

Geigel, John George, s. of John and
Barbara Geigel; b. Jan. 8, 1783; bap. Jan.
24, 1783. Witnesses, George and Catharine

Martin, Esther dan. of Thomas Mar-
tin and Catharine Westley; b. Feb. 21,
1782; bap. Jan 24, 1783. Witnesses,
Michael aod Catharine Finefrock.

Piersol, George Douglass; b. Feb. 26,

Piersol, Bathsebo, b, March 18, 1782.
children of Mordacnai and Anne Rebecca
Piersol; bap. Jan. 24, 1783.

Dorothea, about seven years—a black;
bap. Jan. 27, 1783.

Zerbe, Anna Maria, d. of John and Cath-
arine Zerbe, of Allegheny, b. Jan. 12. 1783;
bap. Feb. 2, 1783; witness, Maria Ursula

Cromlin, Catharine, d. of Adam and Elis-
abeth Cromlin, of Allegheny, b. Jan. 7,
1783; bap. Feb. 2, 1783; witnesses, Begins
Roffner and Adam Fribset

Keplinger, Jacob, s. of Peter and Mag-
dalene Keplinger, of Allegheny, b. Jan. 4,
1783; bap. Feb. 2. 1783; witnesses, Maria
Moser and Jacob Keblinger.

Riem, John Wilhelm, s. of John and
Margaret Riem, b. Jan. 17, 1783; bap. Feb.
2, 1783; witnesses, Dietrich and Elisabeth
Margaret Fernsler.

Schneider, Elisabeth, d. of Jacob and

Anna Maria Schneider, of , b. Sept

19, 1782; bap. Feb. 2, 1783; witnesses,
John and Elisabeth Schneider.

Lausmy, Mary, d. of James snd Catharine
Lausmy, b. Aug. 12, 1782; bap. Feb. 19,
1783, witness, Mary Bow.

Wolff, Elisabeth, dau, of Jacob and
Maria Wolff, of the Forest; b. Nor. 13, 1782
bap Feb. 23, 1783; witnesses, Solomon
and Regica Westley.

Klingcman, Era, dau. of John and Chris-
Una Kliogeman, of the Forest; b. Feb. 2, 1783;
bap. Feb. 23, 1783. Witnesses, Era Hoffman
and Frederick Heil.

Bob ra, John, a. of Peter and Susan Bobm;
b. Jao. 22, 1783; hap. March 16, 1783,
Witnesses, Adam and Margaret Bobm.

Waller, John, s. of Jacob end Era Wal-
ler, of the Forest; b. Feb. 19. 1782; bap. - — ;
witnesses, John Fries and Era Morgesson.

Funfrock, Andrew, s. of Dehwald and
Rosina Funfrock, of the Forest; b. Jan. 3] (

Digitized by


Historical and GenecUogtcal.


1783; bap. April 14, 1783. Witnesses, An-
drew Fonfrock and Maria Elizabeth Monger.

Wamser, Elisabeth, dan. of William and
Margaret Wamser, of the Forest ; b. Jan. 2*,
1783; bap. April 13, 1783 Witnesses, Jacob
Geiger and Barbara Rettig.

Mogel, Maria Magrielena, dan of Bene*
diet and Sarah Elizabeth Mngel, of Alle-
gheny; b. May 10. 1782; bap. April 3,
1 783. Witnesses, Andrew and Maria Magda-
lene Ootenbach.

Mnller, John Philip, s of Peter and Eva
Mailer; b. Aug. 12, 1783; bap. Sept. 21,
1783. Witnesses, Philip and Maria Magda-
lena Mnller.

Bizler, Johannes, s. of Peter and Catha-
rine Bixler; b. Angnst 1, 1773; bap. May
4, 1783; witness, Conrad Moores.

Bixler, Wilhelm, s of Peter and Catha-
rine Bixler; b. Jnne, 1774; bap. May 4,
1783; witness, George Moores.

Bixler, Samuel, s. of Peter Bixler and
MagJalenaPeifer; b. October, 1781; bap.
May 4, 1783.

Gig, Catharine Elisabeth, d. of Michael
and Rosin a Gig, of the Forest ; b. March
12, 1783; bap. May 25, 1783; witnesses,
Adam and Catharine .

Gomenger, John, s. of 'George and Catha-
rine Gomenger, of the Forest ; b. September
25.1782; bap. May 25, 1783; witness .

Bauer, John Frederick, a. of Lndwig and
Sarah Bauer, of the Forest; b. November
22, 1782; bap. May 25, 1783; witnesses,
John Frederick Johns and Catharine Dow-

Gebhaid, Anna Christina, d. of George
and Maria Margaretta Gebhard, of Alle-
gheny; b. May 13, 1783; bap. May 29,
1783; witnesses, Andrew and Anna Bar-

Keller, George, s. of Casper and Agnes
Kellet; b. October 4, 1782: bap. Jnne 8;
1783; witnesses, George and Anna Mary

Koessler, Maria, s. of John and Susan
Koessler; b. Nov 20,1782; bap Jnne 9, 1783.
Witness, Maria Koessler.

Fnnck, John Philip, s. of Michael and
Anna Maria Fnnck; b. May 8, 1783; bap.
July 25, 1783. Witnesses, Philip and
Christina Fnnck.

Finefrock, Maria Elisabeth, dan. of
Michael and Catharine Elisabeth Finefrock,
of the Forest

8cblanfelter, Jnlianna, dan. of George
and Catharine Schlaufelter; b. Jnne 7,

1783; bap. Ang. 10, 1783 Witnesses, John
and Barbara Su ber.

Bixler, Christian,* of Philip and Barbara-
Bixler; b. May 25, 1783; bap. June 8,1783.
Witnesses, Christian and Anna Maria-

Hudson, Jane; b. Mach 23, 1779

Hudson, John, b. May 17, 1783; children
of William and Else Hudson; bap. Oct. 16,

Hudson, Jonathan; b. March 30, 1781.

Hudson, Sarah; b. Sept. 6. 1783; chil-
dren of John *nd Mary Hudson; bap. Oct*
16, 1783

Hudson, Margaret; b. Nor. 15, 1780

Ilndson, Samuel; b. April 15. 1783; chil-
dren of Mo rri8 and Elizabeth Hudson; bap.
Oct. 16, 1783.

Hughes, Anne; d. of John and Catha-
rine Hughes; b Aug. 25, 1783; bap Nov.
9, 1783; witnesses, Peter and Anne docker.

Mejer, John Henry; s. of John and
Elizabeth Meyers, of the Forest; h. >ept.11,
1783; bap. Nov. 16, 1783; witnesses, John
Henry Hoffman and Anna Hoffman.

Boebm, Margaretta; d. of Peter add
Sotaa Boebm, of the Forest; b. Jnne 26\
1783; bap. Nov. 10, 1783; witnesses, Nicho-
las Gontser and Elisabeth Schweikert.

Stnmp, John; s. of Johanna Dorothea
Stnmp, of the Forest; b. Nov 19, 1788;,
bap. Feb. 26, 1784; witnesses, Gottleib and.
Maria Magdalene .

Stnber, Anna, b. Jan 1, 1755

Stuber , b. July 12. 1774.

Stnber, George, b. Nov. 1. 1778.

Stuber, Maria, b. March 26 1781.

Stnber, Anna, b. Ang. 16, 1783, children
of [except first which was possibly, the
mother] Daniel and Anna Stnber; bap.
April 6, 1784.

Stnber, George, s of George and Bar bar*
8tnber, b, Aug. 25 1783; bapl April 6,1784;
witness, Christian Schneider.

Rossel, Joseph, s of. Evan and Anna
Russel, b. Oct 3, 1783; hap, April 10, 1784;.
witnesses, Hngh and Elizabeth Goheen.

Elliot, William, a. of Samuel and Susan
Elliott; b. Jan. 24. 1784; bap. April 10,.
1784. Witness, James Old.

Reinecker, Jacob, a. of George and Catha-
rine Reinecker; b. Jan. 9. in the morning,
1781; bap. Jan. 16, 1781. Witnesses,
Jacob and Elizabeth Nas*.

NasSf-Kebecca, dan. ot Jacob and Elisa
beth Nans, b. Nov. 1, 1780; bap. Jan. 2S*

Digitized by



Historical and Qaualogical.

1781. Witnesses, George and Catharine

Money, Add* Maria, dan. of Abraham
s-d Catharine Money; b. Dee. 28, 1780;
hap. March 25, 1781 ; witness, Anna Maria

Rowland, John, a* of William and Mary
Rowland; b. Dec. 29, 1788; bap. May 20,
1781 ; witness, Anthony Lepeay.

Frits, 8olomon, a of John and Catharine
frits, b. May 18, 1781; bap. June 81, 1781;
witneases, Peter and Catharine Pfaokochen.

Bri'sb, Satan, dan. of Valentine and
Anna Maria Britsh, b. April 27, 1779; bap.
Jane 6, 1781 ; witnesses, Jacob and Elisa-
beth Reesley.

8ch*eickert, Daniel, a of Andrew and
Catharine Schweickert, b. May 18, 1781;
fosp.Jooe 17,1781; witnesses, John an«!Anna
.Maria Roth

Baaman. Elisabeth, dan. of John and Ju-
lia Banmao, b. December 18. 1779; bap.
-June 17. 1781; witnesses, Henry and Maria
Dorothea Lauer

Mills, Matthew, e. of 8amnel and Sarah
Mills, h Jannary 14. 1781; bap. April 22,
1781; witnesses, Edward Laner, Rebecca
Thomas and Elisabeth Finey.


<llatMrle«l« BtegraplilesJ and « sae aJ —jawl,


(have received from a descendant residing in
Illinois a copy of the disry of Lieut. Wil-
liam McDowell, of the First Pennsylvania
(Regiment, Continental Line of the Bevoln-
'tion, which gives an interesting account of
Gen. Wayne'* commanJ, from Us leaving
Tork, Pa., nntil after the surrender of Corn-
wallis, which we propose publishing shortly
In Note and Queries


Blearnphleml Sketch •€ a Neteel Man In
PeaeeylvMla Prevlaclal History.

[We are indebted to John W. Jordan,
Esq., of Philadelphia, for the sketch and
documents, which follows, concerning one
<d the most interesting personages in the

early history of Northampton county and of

Or the few members of the Moravian
Chnrch who figure in the political history of
Pennsylvania prior to the present century,
William Edmonds of Northampton County
ranks next to William Henry, of Lancas t er,
in poiot of service and influence. He was
born October 24, 1708, at Coleford, in the
parish of Newland, hnndredof St. Bria veils,
Gloucestershire, England, and was baptised
in the Anglican Chnrch. His father, who
was a merchant of the town, gave him a
liberal education and afterwards apprenticed
him to a white leather tanner in Monmouth.
In 1786 he emigrated to New Tork, where he
continued his trade until 1747. Therein
1741 he became acquainted with the Mora-
vians, attended their meetings and in 1744
was admitted to their communion. After
the death of hie first wife in 1747, he re-
moved to Bethlehem, and in 1748 made a
voyage to Holland and England in the ca-
pacity of cook in the Irene, the first trans-
port vessel built by the Moravian Chnrch in
America. On bis return he repaired again
to Bethlehem, where he was employed first,
in the tannery, then at the Ferry. In 1754,
he was appointed to succeed 8am uel Powell
the first storekeeper of the Chnrch store,
which was located on Market 8treet opposite
the graveyard. This store was opened by
the Moravians in the summer of 1753 for
the benefit of their "Economy," and was

Kobably the first, erected in the Forks of

William Ed mood's entry into political life
dates from October of 1754, when ha served
as Inspector of Election for Bethlehem town-
ship, When James Bornside, a Moravian,
was elected assemblyman by 443 votes. At
the ensuing election he was elected by 821
votes to represent Northampton county in
the assembly, but owing to an informality
In the returns (for which the sheriff subse-
quently apologised by letter to the assembly),
he was not sworn in for several days. He
took an active part in the deliberations of
the session and served on all the principal
committees—Indian Affairs, Finance and
Military. In 1758, be was elected township
assessor. The outbreak ef the Indian war
(1755) made the position of political affairs
particularly trying to the Moravians. It was
well known that they were averse to bearing
arms, and that they regarded offensive war-
fare as incompatible with the teachings of

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


the religion of Jesus Christ; their mission
among the aborigines wss nnpopolar with
that class of whites who were interested in
their degradation, and they were denounced
as being in league with the savages in the in-
terest* of the French. From prndeutial
reasons, they largely abstained from voting
at the election of 1756. William Allen was
elected to succeed Edmonds, but having also.
been returned for Cumberland county, be
chose to represent the latter. The following
letter of the Rev. William 8mith, later Pro-
vost of the University of Pennsylvania, ad-
dressed to Mr. Vernon, at fcaston, is not in-
appropriate in this connection.

Philadelphia, October 15, 1756.
Mb. Vernon.

It gave us all great Pleasure to find you
return Mr. Allen as your Representative,
but as he was engaged before for Cumber-
land he was obliged in Honour to stand for
that County. I snppose Edmonds will en-
deavour with all his might to get in, but I
hope the County will never disgrace itself by
putting in any Moravian whose principle
for ought we know may be Popish. They
are against Defence and you know even re-
fused to sell Powder to Protestants tho' it is
said they furnished the Indians with it
How true these Things are you know best,
but it would be a Shame to Rend down a
Moravian at such a dangerous Time. You
should chase some Man of Weight who can
serve you with the Government when you
want any Thing in Philadelphia. We have
therefore tbo't that no Person would be so
it as Mr. Plumsted. He is known in yonr
County, has Lands in it, and is a very
honest Man and can be of great use to the
County. I hope you will support him with
all your Interest, and get all your ffr'ds
to join you. It happens luckily
that A|r. Plumsted sets out to-morrow
on Business for Cedar -Creek and will be
at Bastou. For Ood's-8ake stir ) ourselves
for without we get Men in the Assembly who
will defend the Country we shall soon be
rained. The Qaaker Deputies from Eng-
land hays obliged three of the Chester Mem-
bers and one for Bucks to resign, so th«t we
have a phaooe of Four good Men In their
stead, and I hope One for your County will
make Jive. Do not mention my name to
any Body nor show this letter to any except
it be tei Mr. Parsons, to whom I send my
Complements and need not write to him as
Mr. Piers has done it this Morning.

I am glad to hear that old Quarrels are
forgot, I have by desire wrote to Mr. Gordon
to go up and uss his Interest, and hope you
will all stick to one another for the sake of
jour Country, forgetting every other Differ-

In enclose you Three of an excellent Paper
which you may make a proper use of, and
remain your ffriend to serve you,

William Smith.

William Edmond's position as storekeeper
at Bethlehem, brought him in contact with
the Indian chieftains passing and repassing
throngh that town to the capital of the Pro-
vince, and through his personal acquaintance
and influence with them, between the years
1756 and 1758 his services were in constant
request in behalf of the Province. In Jan-
nary of 1756, he accompan ; ed Franklin, who
was engaged in erecting the chain of forts
for the protection of the frontier, between
the Delaware and the Susquehanna, and in
July we find him one of the Commissioners
to the treaty at Easton>~ Bethlehem had been
suggested by the Governor, but the Indians
insisted on Baston as originally agreed npon
— and to which he bad personally escorted
Captain Newcastle. After the treaty he es-
corted the Indians to Fort Allen. During
the years 1757 and 1758, he frequently es-
corted Teedyuscung and other Chiefs to Phil-
adelphia, or was called thither for his advice
on Indian affairs.

The Bethlehem store hal been during
these troublesome years the source from
which the Province had drawn its supplies
and presents for the Indians. The adjust-
ment of these accounts also frequently called
Mr. Edmonds to the capital, but their settle-
ment was deferred — "no pay until the Pro-
vince has more money" — for some years. In
the following letter, the old storekeeper ex-
plains some of the transactions, of which
there had been apparently some criticism :
New fttore near Narth.
Deer. 2d, 1763.
Dbae Bbothbb Marshall:

Hereby I welcome you to Bethm from your
long and tedious Journey to Philadelphia.
Next, I have heard among the many Asper-
sions against the Brethren that they were so
Penurious in charging the Provjnc* for In-
dians, that they set down J Pints of milk,
etc. As to which (though I delivered all tho
former Accts, to the£ommissrs) I cannot Ab-
solutely say there was so much charge among
the Various acuta, But since my hearing of

Digitized by




it, I have examined some copies and And
milk charged <& 64. per Gait, though it Is
Probable that in ardor to Demonstrate the
Gentlemen (though the Qaautlty «m large),
that it wm not given Lavishly oat on the
Province Expense to the Indians at Bethle-
hem. That the Bookkeeper charg'd it m - *
Pints to show each ooe's Dividend. For
sometimes thev were 93 sometimes more.
For the Indians who liv'd on that side the
Lech 7 Fort Allen stood, did after the Bsrn-
ing off of Mahonj Repair with the White
Brethren te Bethlehem, 4b pat themselves
under the Protection of Government in Gov-
ernor Morris' Administration, who with the
Oentlemen Commissioners at that time,
Ordered them Belief. The Brethren also
set them to Work, so that what was ex-
pended on them, over and above what they
Earned by Grabbing, making Baskets, chop-
ping Wood, Washing, etc, in the Provincial
Accoaots, did not for each Amount to 1}<L
per Diem throagh the Whole — there were
old Men 4b Women that were past much
Labor 4b also Young Children. But such a
Number, with many more ordered by the
Board of Commissioners to Bethm after the
Treaties, to be sure cost a Great Deal The
latter of which the Brethren often desired
might be moved, .as it gave them great
Trouble to look after them; But for the
Assistance that was Giveo for them others
that Work'd, the Brethren were thankfull.
Too* in the meantime their Timber was
Damag'd by making baskets, firewood 4bc
Yet they *ere glad io hopes, the Gospell
would take more 4b more root in their hearts.
Now what remains, God knows all things.
But to be sure they were as I said once
much cheaper to the Province than the wild
ones that was kept a treaties 4b in the State
house at Phila From Yours

Wm. Edmonds.


[Abbreviations: A, daughter; t.,«oa; &. f
born ; bap. , baptised. ]

Alleman, *ChTtetiam, s. of Htehoias and
Elisabeth Alteittta, %. Jtrry, 12. T78H *■»..
Sept. M, 1791 ; witnesses, Christian wad
Kagiue &l)*tian.

tfrube, Maiy, d. of Thomas and Mary
Grubb, b. April 3, 1781; bap. July 1, 1791;
witness, George Prey. t ProteDl T Orabb. ]

Weylin, John George, s. of George and
Anna Maria Weylin, b. June 16, 1781; bap.
Jnly 1, 1781 ; witnesses, Catharine Frey acid
John Spate.

Cox, John Boas, s. of Cornelius and
Recusal Cox, b. April 19, 1781; bap. Jnly
2, 1781.

- Spongier, s. of Valentine and Barbara
8peng1er, of Esthertowu, b. March 3. 1781;
bap. July 2, 1781; witnesses, Christopher
and Lucia Schmidt

Schneider, Eva Magdaleaa, d. of Valen-
tine and Elisabeth 8ctneider, of Esther-
town, b, April 4, 1781; bap. J sly 2, 1781;
witness, Eva Magdalena Dieffenbacu.

Lewis, James, s. of James and Eva Lewis,
b. Ang. 30, 1780; bap. July 3, 1780; wit-
nesses, Robert Herrin and 8imon Rareton.

Rareton. 8imon, s of Simon and Msry
Rareton, b. Jnly 9 1780; bsp. July 3, 1761;
witness, Robert Rareton.

Alleman, Anna Maria, d. of Nicholas and
Elisabeth Alleman, b. July 12, 1781; bap.
Sept. 23, 1781; witnesses, Wilhelm and
Anna Maria Lesseman.

Alleman, Ghristopher, s. of Christopher
and Elizabeth Alleman; b. Joly 25, 1781;
bap 8ept 23. 1781; witnesses, Lieter and
W under lich and Barbara Schaffner.

Noll, Regina. d. of George and Christina
Noll; b. July 31, 1781; bap. Sept. "3, 1781;
witnesses, Christian and Regina Allema- .

Crabb, John, s. of William and Jane
Crabb; b, August 31, 1781; bap. 8ept 23,
1791; witnesses. Mrs. Minshall and Mrs.

Ganser, John Henry, s. of George and
Barbara Ganser; b. Oct 10, 1780; bsp.
Tept 23, 1781; witnesses, William and
Mary Rowlan.

Riddle, John, s. of William and Mary
Riddle; b. Sept 16, 1781; bap. Sept. 25*
1781; witness, Elisabeth II ling.

Hemperley, Anna Maria, aged 29 years;
hap. Oct. 21, 1781.

Alleman, Anna Maria, aged 20 years; espJ
Oct 21, 1781; witnesses, Lndwig Hem-
perly, Henry Wrndnagle and Matties WM-

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