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nagle, sea.

Hemperly, John Jacob, s. of Luftwigwet
IBRsebeth Hemperty; b. Sej*. 1, 17«1; bsm.
Oct 21, 1781; witiiesses, Jacob and
Elisabeth Brandt.

LindemuUh, John fetter; s, of Peter i

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Bistorteal *n& Genealogical.


Maria Barbara Lindemtrth; b Oct 22,1781 ;
bap. Oct 29, 1781; wHneeees, Michael and
Bra Niclas.

Con, John, s. of John and Elisabeth Con,
b. March IS, 1781; bap. Not. 19, 1781; wit-
neases. Ulrich Saner and William McGerey.

Dougherty, Gearga, s. of Thomas and
flonory Doogbeity, b. Nov. 14, 1781; bap.
Not. 17, 1781; witnesses, William Williams,
George and Mary Lern

Bishop, John Wilhelm, s, of John and
Anna Maria Bishop, b. Oct 22, 1781; hap.
Not. 19. 1781, witnesses, Jacob and Elisa-
beth Vogelsgesang.

Bishop, Anna, d. of Qottleib and Barbara
Bishop, b. July 9, 1781; bap. Not. 19,1781;
witnesses, Anna, John and Anna Maria

Alleman, Barbara, d. of John and Barbara
Alleman, b. Not 8, 1781; hap. Not. 18,
1781; witnesses, Barbara Schaffner, Conrad
and Margaret Alleman.

Stein bach, John Adam, s. of Adam and
Elizabeth Stetnbacb, b June 8, 1781; bap.
March 8, 1781; witnesses, Mr. Maher and
Mr Pasnacht

Holsinger, Wilhelm, 8. of Conrad and
8nsan Holsinger, b. Feb 2, 1782; bap.
March 24, 1782; witnesses, Jacob and Cath-
arine Breidenstoin.

Laner, John Henry, s. of John Christo-
pher and Christian Laner, b. Feb. 8, 1782;
bap. March 25, 1782; witnesses, John Henry
and Maria Dorothea Laner.

Rothacker, Samuel, s of John Frederick
and Anna Margaret ta, of Long Swamp; b.
Jaonary 28, 1782; bap. March 25, 1782;
witnesses, John Christoph Laner and wife

Rirter, Hannah, d. of Heory and Elisa-
beth Bitter, of New Holland; b. September
14, 1781; bap. March 25, 1782; witness,
Anna Maria Rein.

Gehmann, Isa-*c, s. of Adam and Anna
Gehman; b. Febrnary 16, 1782; bap. May
5, 1782; witnesses, Leonard and Catharine
Elisabeth Gehman.

Brandt, Maria Catharine, d. of Jacob and
Maria Elisabeth Brandt; h. April 90, 1782;
bap. May 26, 1782; witn ess es, Lndwig and
Anna Maria Hemperly.

McGee, Thomas; b. June S3, 1779

Motfee, Jane; b. October 1, 1781; chil-
dren of Charles and Martha MeGte; hap.
May 26, 1782? w it nes s , George Frey.

Alleman, Elisabeth, d. Of Conrad and
Bargarst Alleman; b. Maw 19, 17W» baav

June 15, 1782: witnesses, George Niehliand
wife Anna Maria.

Smidt Henry, s. of Christoph And Lnvia
Smidt; b. October 26, 1781; bap. Jine 16*
1782; witnesses, Mathias and Maria Agnes

Hitner, (?) Jacob, s. of Baltaser and Phil-
ippina Hitner; b. May 19, 1782; bap. Jnne-
19, 1782; witnesses, Andrew and Catharine-

Hanck, Elisabeth, d. of George and Maria
Catharine Hanck; b. November 23, 1780;
bap. July 20, 1782; witness, Maria Marga-
ret Jontin.

Haas, Elizabeth, b. Jan. 18; 1776.

Haas, John. b. Jan. 14, 1778

Haas, Wilhelm. Dec. 27, 1779

Haas, Charlotte, b. Not. 27, 1781, chiN
dren of Michael and Anna Maria Haas; bap*
Jnly 19, 1782 Witnesses, John and Anna
Margaret ta Seitz and Andrew an 'J Catharine-

Call, Elisabeth, dan. of Agnes and Hogb
Call, b. Jnly 3. 1781; bap. Sept. 8, 1782'
Witnesses, Phillip and Barbara Brown.

Edmison. Mary, dan of Thomas and
Hannah Edmison, b. May 15. 1781; bap.
Sept 30. 1782. Witness, Christina Spate.

Lanman, Joho George, s. of George and 1
Maria Esther Lanman, b. Mi? 20, 1779;
bap. Not. 17, 1782 Witnesses, Jaob and*
Maria Magdalena Konig.

Jone«, George, s. of Jacob and Elizabeth
Jones, b. Se^t 6, 1782; t«p. Nov. I8i
1782. Witnesses, Sarah Solom<»n am*
Adam Bitter.

Alleman, Jacob, s. of Christopher and)
Elisabeth Alleman; h. Not. 3, 1782; bap.
April 27, 1783. Witnesses, Jacob and Mar-
garet Shaffner.

Noll, Elizabeth, dun of George and
Catharine Noll; b. March 8, 1783; bap*
April 27, 1783. Witnesses Conrad and
Margaret Alleman.

Gettig, Christina, dan. of Frederick and
Catharine Gettig, of Elizabeth town; b»
Jan. 25, 1783; bap. April 28, 1783. Wit*
nesses, Simon and M^ria Sophia EHerly.

Bishop, Anna Catharine, dan. of John
and Anna Maria Bisho^; b. Jan. 10. 17ft;
bap. April 29, 1783. Witaeeses, Catharine
Albert and Anna Bishop.

Karbacb, Maria Sophia, d. of Peter Kar-
haeh, b May 7, 17S3; bap. May 17, ITS*;
wit ne sse s , Maria Sophia Eberly, Maria Cath-
arine and Elizabeth Gettig.

Vlaoiotto, John, «. of John and Annie*

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HistortccU and Genealogical.

Fl snick io, b. Ang. 16, 1782; bap. May, 18,
1783; sponsors, Christoph and Elisabeth

Alleman, Samnel, s. of Nicholas and Elis-
abeth Alleman, b. Feb. 6, 1783; bap. Jnne
14, 1783; witnesses Lndwig and Anna
Maria Oempsol.

Alleman, Conrad, s. of Henry and Maria
Alleman, b. Jan 15, 1783; bap. Jnne 15,
1783; witnesses, Conrad Pfantz and Magde-
lena Wbackelson (?),

Weaver, Catherine, b. May 1, 1779.

Weaver, Mary, b. July 12, 1782; children
of Adam and Catherine Weaver ; bap. Jane

16, 1*83; witnesses, Christina, Jacob and
Margaretta Weaver.

AUemao, Anna Maria, d. of John and
Barbara Alleman, b. Jane 13. 1783; bap.
Jnne 16, 1783; witnesses, Conrad and Mar-
garetta Alleman and Magdalena Straber. (?)

Windnagle, Mathias, s. of Frederick and
Eva Windagle, b. Jane 15, 1783; bap. Jnne

17, 1783; witnesses, Mathias, sr., and Maria
Agnes Wiodnagle.

Bobl, Regina, d. of Michael and Anna
Bohl. b. Angnst 14 1783; bap. October 25,
1783; witness, Henry and Margaret Bohl.

Stewart, Frederick Adam, s. of Adam and
Catharine Stewart, of The Forest, b. Jan.
26, 1784; bap. April 25, 1784 Witnesses
Frederick and Elizabeth Eisenberg.

Gingrich, Elizabeth, dan. of Lndwig and
Anna Maria Gingrich, b. Not. 20, 1783;
bap. May 9, 1784 Witnesses, Martin and
Catharine Gingrich.

Brandt, Samnel, s. of Jacob and Maria
Elizabeth Brandt, b. Nov. 20, 1783; bap.
May 9, 1 784. Witnesses, Mathias and Maria
Agnes Windnagle.

Wiodaagle, Maria Agnes, dan. of Mathias
and Maria Agnes Windnagle, b. Dec. 22,
1783; bap. May 9, 1784. Witnesses, Frederick
and Maria Eva Windnagle.

Sostmann, Mathias, a. of Wilhelm and
Anna Maria Sostmann, b. Oct 28, 1788;
bsp. May 5, 1784. Witnesses, Mathias and

Lanman, Catharine, dan. of George and
Maria Esther Lanman, b. April 2, 1784;
bap. July 11, 1784. Witnesses, Conrad and
Margaretta Alleman.

Branch, Auna Maria, dan. of George and
Maria Branch; b. Jnne 29, 1784; bap. July
12, 1784. Witnesses, Henry and Margaret

Hines, Margaret, dan. of John and

Boaina Hines; h. Feb. 1, 1788; bap. Oct.
17, 1783 Witness, Anne Cox.

Gants*r, John George, s.of John Gantzer
and Cathatine; b May 24, 1782; bap. Oct.
1 7, 1 784. Witnesses, Oeorge and Catharine

Miller, John George, s. of Adam and
Maria Miller; b. Sep. 4, 1784; bap. Oct.
17, 1784. Witnesses, George and Catharine

Book?, John Peter, s. of George and
Elizabeth Books; b. Sept. 29, 1784; bap.
Nov. 7,1784. Witnesses. Peter and Mar-
garetta Books.

Crabb, William, s of William and Jane
Crabb; b. Sept 12, 1784; bap. Nov. 7,

Gauntzer, Jacob, s. of George and Bar-
bara Ganntzer; b. Oct 22, 1784; bap. Nov.
4, 1784. Witnesses, Frederick and Eva

Herrenbeder, Joseph, s. of Philip and
Martha, b. Sept. 28, 1784; bap. Nov. 8,
1784; witnesses, Joseph and Margaretta.

Oberlander, John Christoph, s. of Chris-
tian Frederick and Catharine Oberlander, b.
Jan. 16, 1783; bap. Feb. 19,1783; witnesses,
John Christoph Siebach, Christoph Fred-
erick Oberlander and John N. Strobel.

Schlaock, Snsanna, d. of George and Sn-
sanna Schlanck, h. Jan. 28. 1785; bap.
March 29, 1785; witnesses, Peter and Snsan

Alleman, Magdalena, d. of John and Bar-
bara Alleman, b. Feb. 13, 1785; bap. Feb.
21, 1785; witnesses, Magdalena Alleman and
Casper Esbenaner.

Heil, Maria, d. of Henry and Margaret
Heil, of the Forest; b. March 10, 1785; bap.
March 29, 1785; witnesses, Frederick and
Margaret Heil.

Meyer, John, s. of Richard Templio and
Maria Meyer; b. October 13, 178-4,; bap.
April 24, 1785; witnesses, John and Catha-
rine Meyer, jr.

Miller, Catharine, d. of Philip and Elisa-
beth Miller, of the Forest; b. March 1,
1785; bap. April 24, 1785.

Miller, John Peter, s. of Peter acd Eva
Miller, of the Forest; b. December 18, 1784;
bap. April 24, 1785; witnesses, Philip and
Elisabeth Miller.

Hay man, Susan, d. of James and Snsan
Hay man; b. November 1, 1784; bap. April
24, 1785; witness, Jane Steanson.

Siebach, Maria Snsan, d. of Christoph
and Elisabeth Siebach; b. Dec 14, 1784;

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Historical and Genealogical.


bap. May 19, 1785; witness, Frederick

Gray, John Peter, s. of Edward and Marj
Gray, of the Forest ; b. Dec. IS. 1785; bap.
F.b. 12, 1786; witnesses, Peter and Susan.

Notestine, Cathartic, d. of Jacob and
Maria Notestioe; b. Jan. 1, 1786; bap.
March 26, 1786; witnesses, Nicholas
Schmidt and Susan .

8ibella, Henry, e.of Benry and Sophia 8i-
bell a; b. Dec. 27, 1785; bap. Feb. 12, 1786.

81aybaugh, Elisabeth, dan of Philip and
Elisabeth Slayhaugh, b. Dec 24, 1785; bap.
March 26, 1786; witnesses George Frey and
Elisabeth Hader.

Hartman, Magdalene, dan. of Frederick
and Hanna Hartman; b. Jan. 20, 1786; bap.
March 26, 1786; witnesses, Frederick and
Magdalena Hell

Ehrgood, John, s. of Jscob and Anna
Ehrgnoil of the Forest; b. March 3, 1786;
bap. May 25, 1786.

Windoagle, Jacob, s. of Frederick and
Eva Windoagle; b. Oct S. 1785; bap. July
80, 1786; witness. Jacob Early.

Allemau, Christian, a of John and Bar-
bara Alleman; b. Jone 11. 1786; bap. July
80, 17*6; witnesses, Christian Esbenaner
and Margaret Alleraen.

Johnson, Chris' ins Maria, d. of William
and Apol Ionia Johnson, b. Jmuar? 2, 1783;
bap. July 30, 1786; witnesses, Philip and
Maria Barbara Brown

WindnMgle. Saaan, d. of Mathias and
Maria Agnes Wiodnagle, b. Not. 23, 1785;
btp. July 30, 1786; witnesses, Jacob and
Maria Elisabeth Brandt

Alleman, Christina, d. of Christopher
and Elisabeth Alleman, b. July 24. 1785;
bap. July 30. 1786; witnesses, Nicholas and
Eiiztbfth Brandt

Brandt, Maria Elsabeth, d. of Jacob and
Maria Elisabeth Brandt, b. Dec. 5. 1785;
hip. Joly 30. 1785; witnesses, Nicholas and
EliSHbeth A I !«• man.

Hasson, John, s of Thomas and Mary
Ha»«oo, b. March 26. 1781; bap. Joly 30,

Eastora, Sarah, d. of George and Mary
Eatitom, b OctoLer 26, 1785; bap. March 8,

E »ler. John, s of John and Rebecca Ep-
ler, b. October 12, 1785; bap. March 8, 1786.

Zel), Elizabeth, d. of John Zell and Ro-
sina Gig ; witness, Matbia* Shirk and Mary
Rot cts.

Rnssell, James, s. of Ev-n and Anne Rus-

sell, b. Not. 17, 1785; bap. April 10, 1786;
witness, James Rujsell.

Becker, Frederick Diller, s. of Frederick
and Margaret Becker, of Pequea, b. January
8, 1786; bap. April 11, 1786.

Cotes, Margaret, d. of Jonathan and Jane
Cotes, b, February 14, 1773; bap. April 10,
1786; witnesses, John and Margaret Wilson.

Bossert, Elisabeth, b. May 22, 1780.

Bossert, John, b. April 6, 1782; children
of George and Margaret Bossert; bap. April
11, 1786.


HUtarlcal, BU*ra»hleal mm* Ooaewlaglenl.

Twins, Incident. —In the Carlisle Go-
tette we find the following:

"Married, Jane 22, 1790. in Franklin
county, the twin brothers McKibheo to twin
sisters named Beard, of Clark's Gap, in said

A Cobeection —It woold take up weekly
the regular issue of Nates and Querist if the
proper corrections were made of the many his-
toric blonder* which find their way into the
newspapers, apart from the labor it woold
involve. Now and then these error* are so
conspicuous that it is eminently proper to
apply the corrective. A receot illus-
trated Sunday newspaper of Phila-
delphia has produced a represen-
tation of the log honae of John Harris, the
Indian trader, in its illustrations of the city
of Harrisburg. That in itself was all right,
but their correspondent placed under the en*
graving • -Remodeled and still standing at
Front and Mulberry streets. " In the first
place this trader's bouse was not there lo-
cated, and was probably torn dowo a century
ago, for the Harris msosion was erected In
1766. The log house built fifty years prior
woold have decayed long ago whether re-
modeled or not

OM time Unlaw In Swatara.

About thre*- fourths of a mile northeast
of Rutherford Station, in Swatara township,
Dauphin county, on the back part of what,
a centnry and a half ago, was the property
of Joho Wilson, is plainly discernible the
outlines of a dam and a mill-race. The im-
mediate locality is occupied by the primeval
forest About thirty rods north ot the dam.

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HiUorical and Genealogical.

on the eaat bank of the stream, in what is
now Mr. Page's field, the plow-sheer Urns
■p evidences of so ancient building sits.
The memory of tee oldest inhabitant doee
not reach beck to a time when tbeee mine
presented any different aepeet from that
which is now visible, excepting that about
fifty years ago an old trough was to be eeen
lying half baried in mod, jest below a spriog
of water which rises hard by the building
site. The stream thus utilised in the olden
time, is one of the breeches of the creek
which from days immemorial has turned
what is now Boyd's mil), and i» said to have
been stronger formerly than now.

The tradition concerning this particular
spot is, that at an early day, long before the
Revolution; a distillery was located here, in
the loft of which a lodge of Mason* held
their meetings. Several stories are told about
these Masons and their efforts to guard agsiost
the impertinent curiosity of the uninitiated ;
which stories would seem to be verified, from
the fact that once every month, at the dead
hour of night, strange knocking* sre still
heard, as of a tyler alarming bin lodge, fol-
lowed by a hurry-skurry through the woods,
bat nothing is told of the man who built and
operated the distillery, if toch it was. Who
was he t and what lodge of Masons met

It would seem to be en easy task to trace
the ownership of property in this locality,
but in the case in hand, the difficulty lies in
the fa t that the land upon which the dis-
tillery stood was not included in the sur-
reys of either John Wll-oo or Ed-
ward Sharp, both of whom were
original owners of what were «uppo*ed
to be adjoining tracts. Messrs. Wilson and
Sharp both died in the early part of the last
century, Mr. Wilaon's property de> eroding
to his son William, whilst Mr. Shcrp's lands
passed bv purchase to Mr. Page, the ancestor
of the pteseot owner. Accurate survays
having been made, it was discovered that a
strip of land, twenty- five or thirty rods wide
la? betweeo tbe two estate Mr. Page soon
afterwards purchased this strip from the
Penns. The dam and about half the length
of the race was within Mr. Wilson's survey
and the building with the remainder of the
race was oo the vacant land. If one of these
original proprietors was a Mason and the
other was not, the M»ison was doubtless tbe
operator of the distillery. If hot \ or neither
of them were Masons, the qoestiou then re-

mains, who wee the proprietor cf this still,
which was dismantled more than a century
and a quarter ago?

The qoestiou is rather curious than impor-
tant, for it is rare indeed that any mine can
be fonnd in Americ* later than those of the
Mouod Builders, whose history cannot be
fully treced. The reproach has often been
cast upon ns by foreign travellers thai we
have no mine whose history is lost in tbe
unknown, amongst which tbe poetic soul can
sit dowo and weave garlands of story to suit
the passing whim, and whilst it is proper to
submit questions such as this to the erudition
of the £ 1 1 tor of Note* and Q'ier at, one can
aluuMt wish that he aball fiua himself uneMe
to brow any light upon the old dam and its
appendages, end so leave unbroken the mys-
tic spell which has for ages rested upon in
haunted shores. W. P. &.


Blacrapaleal skate* «T a NatMl Man la
PaaaejlTaala Provincial Htatary.


On the 29ih April, 1763. William Edmonds
became an inmate of "The Ko-s Inn" prior
to taking charge of the store which was in the
conise of erection a few rods south of that
hostelry and facing the road to the Minisiuk.
This storehouse was built of unhewn logs,
and was thirty feet square; it was one story
in height, and contained a dwelling room,
kiicheo and two cellars, in addit'oo to tbe
store room. Oo its completion it was
stocked with diverse merchandise to the
amount of £960.5 3±, and Mr. Edmonds at
a stlary of £65 per annum, including board
and firewood, assumed charge under the fol-
lowing warrant of Nathaniel Seidle ••the
Moravian Proprietor:"

"Whbbbaa, Application has been made
to me through the Deacons of Bethlehem by
certaio inhabitants of Nasereta, of PUiu-
field, and of 3 mi infield townships, that a
Kaposi (or y of goods might be placed at a
more convenient distance than to come to
Bethlehem, and for as much that of many
years' experience William Bdmond* late
storekeeper in Bithltthem. has approved
himself to be a careful and upright dealer
know ye: That reposing special trust and
confidence in bis well and prudent manage-
ment for said Deacons and the Coaoty, I do

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Historical and Genealogical.


hereby constitute, empower an J appoint
htm, the 8aid William Edmonds, to be
storekeeper or factor at tbe boose Utelj
erected for tbai purpose io Plain A •'Id towo-
sbip, in tbe County of Northampton, and
Province of Pennsylvania."

A well-thumbed "Blotter of the Rose
8tore" (8 February 1769 -March 1772) io
the Archives at Bethlehem, attests th* brisk
bosioe^s traosacted at this mart with ihe
neighboring settlers for sopplies, aod with
tbe Indians of Wyalnsiog aod other po ; ots
aa remote as Shesbequin, 8hamo k aod
Owego, who exchanged skins, deer Wet and
wooden ware for stronds and half- thicks and
powder and lead. Oo the 1Kb of July,
1767, the building was struck by lightning
and slightly damaged With the c»m
pletioo of a store- house in "new"
Nsssretb, William Rdmood's connection
with the Rose atoro ceased, and on the
£6th October, 1772. he removed its stock
aod fixtures to the new building. He retired
in 1773 after a service of near tweoty years
io i he stores of the Church. The store at
the Rose, however, wss continued by his son,
John A. Edmonds for Dorst Allemao, who
became its purchaser. Towards the close of
the la*t century the store house was again
struck by lightning, and this time totally de-

During the years of contention between
Great Britain and her American Colonies,
WilL ; am Edmonds espoused the cause of the
Colonies, and during the struggle for Inde-
pendence he was a whole sonled patriot.
His advanced age precluded him from par-
ticipating in the operations of the army, but
be gave his time and iniuence sn its behalf.
At the autumnal election of 1770, he was
again elected to represent bii couoty in the
Assembly, receiving 623 votes to his oppo-
nent, James Alien s, 183 votes, and through
tbe partiality of his constituents, was re-
elected to the sessions of '71, '72. '73 and

An enumeration of the principal Commit-
tees on which be wired, will aid us in form-
ing an opinion of his ability as a legislator,
aod the estimation in which he was held by
his associates. Throughout his legislative
career, he wss a member of the "Committee
on Aggrie vanes, " one of the most important
of all standing committees, "taxatioo of the
colonies by great Britain;' "Excise tax;'
"to grant an additional member to represent
Northampton county in the AttS.mbl) ;" *'to

increase tbe duty oo importation of slaves;*'
"measures for putting the city and Province
io a state of defence;" and he invariably
rated against the granting of money to the

In 1774 he was one of the four delegates
from Northampton to tbe Provincial Con-
vention held at Philadelphia 15th July, where
it was resolved to hold collections for the
relief of the Bostonians, suffering from the
effects of the Boston Port tfil ; aod in 1775
was appointed a member of the Committee
of Safety of Pennsylvania, serving from
Jnne 30 to October 19.

Nasauuth, August 9, 1775.
Deab Si a:

The assembly having appointed a number
of arms to be made aod Deposited io erery
County, a Pattern of which siae and bore
with Iron Ram Rods and Bayonets and
Cartridge B>xes as also knapsacks, were to
be made at Philadelphia aod sent to the Dif-
ferent Counties. Who is to act the part I
know no*; but some time ago I wrote
to Mr. Hillegas, bnt have yet rec'd no an-
swer, and being appointed a Committee mar,
I take this opportunity to request yon will
speak to him, and use your Endeavor to for-
ward said Pattern up to me. if it can't be
immediately sent to Jacob Opp's at Eastoo,
who Is ooe of County Cimmiss'r*. You
and he will excuse my giving you this trou-
ble, as we don't know what emergency may
be to hare them ready, aod

I am with Love and Respect, Sirs,


To Me**n HiUigm and Schlomr:

This was toe last public office held by Mr.
Ed moods, and tbe remaining eleven years of
his life were spent in retirement at Nasareth.
lie died of consumption, Septan ber 15th,
1786, a son, two daughters and three grand-
children surviviog hi in. The epitaph on his
grave-stone in the "God's Acre" reads:
Here Lieth
William Edmonds,
born Oct. 24, 1 70S.
at Colfor I io the Parian of Newlaod,
Departed Sept 15, 1786
William Edmonds was twice married
His Arst wife was Rebecca de Beauvoise, of
Huguenot| ancestry, whom he married in
New York io 1739, and by her had fonr chil-
dren. In 1744. with ber husband, she uiited
with the Moravian Congregation io that

Digitized by



Hietortoal and Genealogical.

city. 8he ditd in 1747. Hia Mcooi wife,
Margaret, daughter of Henry and Bra
Anthony, was born in New York in 1731.
Her parentt were member of the Reformed
church, bnt she wan first awakened throne h
the preaching of Whltefiel I. After the
death of her mother, ehe went to lire with
her father's half sister, widow of Luke
Brashier, who was a member of the More-
rian Congregation, with which she united in
1753 In February of 1755, she removed In
Bethlehem, and on 81st of March ensuing
was married to Mr. Edmonds. 8he died at
Nasareth 26th February, jutt four months
after removing with her husband from the
store at the Rose to the new store in Nasa-




[Abhreriatioue— *, daughter; a. sou;*.,
born; bap., baptised.]

Hudson, George, a of John and Maty
Hudson; b. Nor. 16, 1785; bap. March 11,

Plat, Thomas, s of James and Elisabeth
Plat; b. April 16. 1786; bap. April 18, 1786.

Wilson. John Hues, sou of Moses and
Mary WiUon; b Oct. 14, 1785; bap. April
S3. 1786; witoftsses, James Russell and
Elisabeth Goheen.

Stober, Maria Era, d of Henry and Bar*
bira 8tober; b. Oct 5, 1785; bap. May 7,
1786; witness, Catharine 8iober.

Hudson, James; b Oct 29 1781.

Hudson, Caleb; b Jan. 19. 1784.

Hodaoo, Cathaiine; b. April 18, 1786;
children of Oeorge aod Rice Hodaoo; I ap.
May 18. 1786

Bucher, Samuel, a of John and Mary
Bocher; b. Dee. 17, 1785; bap. May .17,
1786; witness, John Oeige).

Smith, Margaret, d of John and Blin-
both 8mith; b. Nor. 98. 1785; bap. May 14.

McDill, Mer«»ret, d of Usee and Catha-
rine Mel Mil; b. April 15. 1786; b*p. May
14. 1786.

fttephen, Joho, a of John and Apolonia
Stephen; b Aug. 3. 1780; bap. May 5,
1786; witnesses, John aod Magdalene

Goheen, Hannah, a of Edward Goheen

and Catharine Westley, b. February 10,
1777; bap. June 6, 1786; witnesses, John and
Margaret Rees.

Ay res, George, a of Marks and Catharine
Ayres, of the Forest, b April 8. 1786; bap.
June 18. 1786; witnesses, John and Anna

8tener, George, a of Adam and Catharine
Btener, b. Februir* 6, 1786; bap. June '8.
1786; witnesses, Philip and Maria Magdalen

KleibeasUin, Elisabeth, d. of George and
Catharine Kleibensteiu. b. Nor. S3, 1785;
hep. Juoe 18, 1786; wit n es se s. Ana* Wolf
and Jacob 8eibert

Miller, John Frederick, a of . Peter and
Era Miller, of the Forest, b, June 18, 1786;
bap. August 80, 1786; witnesses, Frederick
and Barbara ■ .

Ernst, Joh% a of James and Bra Ernst,
b, February 6 1786; bap. 8rpt 11. 1786;
witnesses, John and Christina .

Noll, Henry, a of Christian and Christina
Noll, b. June 16. 1786; bap. 8ept IS. 1786;
witnesses, Henry and Anna Maria Allemao.

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