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Alleman, Barbara, d. of Heory and Anna
Maria Alleman; b. May Si, 1785; hep.
Sept 18, 1786; witnesses, John and Bar-
bara Alleman.

Cornwall, Joseph, s. of Darid Cornwell
and MaryGriffeth; b. Oct 1. 1784; bap.
8ept IS, 1786; witnesses, Mathiae and Era
Maria Witman.

Laomao, John, s of George snd Catha-
rine Lnnman; b. Sept S5, 1786; bap. Oct
S3. 1786; witnesses, Jacob and Maria Mag-
dalena Koenig.

Jack, Joho, a. of Michael and Susan
Jack, of Pequa; b. May 86, 1783; bap.
April 18, 1794.

McWilltatn, Junes, a of Alexander aod
Elisabeth McWilliam, of Pequa; b. Jooe
98, 1783; bap. April 18. 1784.

Hull, Robert, s. of James and Eleanor
Hall, of Peqoa; b. Oct 11, 1783; bap.
April 18. 1784.

Prey, Anna Maria, d. of Mathiaa and
Elisabeth Frey; h. Oct 84, 1783; bap Nor
83, 1783; witnesses, Trangot and Anna
Maria Doblioger.

Haopt, Maria Magdalene, d. of Frederick
and Dorothea Hanpt; b, Oct 30. 1783;
bap. Nor. 81, 1788. Witnesses, Abraham
and Susan Be- leman,

Taylor, Benjamin, s. of Isaac and Bliss*
both Taylor; b. Aug. 8. 1783; bap. May 16,

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


Robinson, John, 8. of James and Susan
Robinson; h. Not. £3 1783; bap. May 16,

Aim acker, Sasan, b. March 9 1779.

Almacker, James, b. Feb. 5, 1781.

Aim acker, Rebecca, b. June 22. 1782.
Children of Leonard and Elisabeth Al-
macker; bap. May IS, 1784.

Moore, John, s. of Joseph and Hannah
Moore; b. Jane 1770; bap. May 17, 1784.
Witness, John Marshall.

Trago, Moses, b. Sept. 1760; ba >. May
28, 1784.

Trago, Mary, b. March 24, 1782.

Trago, Eli, b. January 28, 1784; the two
last are children of Moses and Rebecca
Trego; bap May 24, 1784. Witnesses, Robert
and Catharine Darlington.

Jones, Elizabeth, about 33 years old ; bap.
May 28. 1784; witnesses, Daniel and Bar-
bara S tuber.

Douglass, Thomas, s. of Thomas and
Joyce Douglass; b. Aug. 15, 1783; bap.
May 28, 1784.

Tops, John, 8. of John and Mary Tops;
b. Aug. 6, 1783; bap. June 6, 1784.

Calbort, John, s. of Francis and Agnes
Calbort; b. Nov. 16, 1783; bap. June 6,

Veltin, Agnes, d. of Henry Yeltin and
Mable Boidt; b. June 27, 1783; bap June
6, 1784.

Anna, d.of Henry and Catharine -. ,

from the Fotest; b. Nov. 1, 1783; bap.
May 20, 1784; witness, Anna Roth.

Craigg, Rebeccah, d. of Archibald and
Rebeccah Craigg; b March 16, 1783; bap.
May 20, 1784.

Bowell, Anna Maria, d. of John Rowell
and Maria — ^— ; b. March 25, 1783; bap.
June 12, 1784; witness, Mary Bawan

Essington, Mary, d. of Joseph and Sarah
Essington, b. March 16, 1783; bap. June
13, 1784.

Thomas, Ezekicl, s. of Ezekiel and Susan
Thomas, b. Feb. 27, 1784; bap. June 13,
1784; witnesses, James and Mary Ros«el.

Ervin, John, s. of Thomas and Sarah
Ervin, b. July 16, 1783; bap. June 13,1784;
witnesses, Evan Rossel and Elizabeth Go-

Cunickam, Elizabeth, b. May 10, 1779.

Cunickam, Rebecca, h. Feb. 10, 1782,
children of George and Ruth Cunickam! bap.
June 16„ 1784; witness, Margaret Jones.

Starret, Racbael, b Sept. 13, 1766.

Starret, Jane, b. Aug. 15, 1768.

Starret, Joseph, b. March 12, 1770.

Starret, Mary, b. Aug. 12, 1775.

Starret, Samuel, b. Aug. 13, 1778.

Starret, Reuben, b. May 18, 1781; chil-
dren of William and Mary Starret; bap.
June 16, 1784.

McCraw, James, b. June 25, 1775.

McCraw, Thomas, b March 20, 1779;
children of Mary and Thomas McCraw;
witness, John Attleman.

Anderson, Julianna Barton, d. of John
and Susannah Anderson; b. Sept 12, 1779;
bap. June 28, 1784.

Rodgers, Frederick, s. of James aid
Agnes Rodgers; b. Sept. 3, 1783; bap. Jum»
28, 1784.

Lytel, Rebecca, b Jan. 22, 1780.

Lytel, Jane, b. Nov. 3, 1782; children of
Andrew and Jane Lytel; bap. June 28,

Lytel, Jane, b. Nov. 3. 1779.

Lytel, James, b Nov. 30. 1781; childrei
of James anJ Mary Lytel; bap June 28,

Rothstei i, Jacob, s of Jonas and Mary
Rothstein; b. Dec. 17, 1783; bap. July 1,

Hoffman, Barbara, d of George and Anna
Maria Hoffman; b. July 25, 17S4; bap July
22, 1784.

Bixler, Catharine, d. of John and Mary
Bixler; b. May 11, 1784; bap. July 24,
1784; witness, Christina .

Thomas, Esther, d. of Owen and Anna
Thomas; b. March 16. 1784; bap. Aug. 29,

Cain, Mary, d. of Thomas and Hannah
Cain, b. April 7, 1783; bap. July 18, 1784;
wi ness, Margaret Cain.

Armstrong, Barton, b. March 9, 1781.

Armstrong. William, b. June 12, 1783;
children of John and Jane Armstrong; bap.
July 18, 1784.

Gornish, John, s. of Joseph and Abigail
Gornisn; b. July 13, 1784; bap. Aug. 8,

Evans, Amos, b Sept. 28, (O. S.,) 173$;
bap. Oct. 2, 1784; witnesses, William Smith
and Willis Davies.

Evans, Philip, b Nov. 14, 1764.

Evans, Joshua, b. Sept. 6, 1776; children
of Amos and Christina Evans; bap. Oct. 2,

Warren William, b. May 1, 1782.

Warren, James, b July 17, 1784; chil-
dren of James and Jane Warren; bap. Oct.
3, 1784.

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

Bride, Anne, d. of Hugh and Elizabeth
Bride; b. Aug. 12. 1784; bap. Oct. 3, 1784.

Hand ley, Elizabeth, d. of Thorn is and Eliz-
abeth Handley; b Dec. 27, 1781; bap. Oct.
24, 1784.

Jordan, Samuel, s. ©f Joseph and Tilly
JordaD; b. April 9, 1783; bap, Oct. 24,

Wolf, Paul, s. of Jacob and Maria Wolf;
b. July 31, 1784; bap. Oct 28, 1784. Wit-
nesses, Henry Ulrich and Elizabeth Bitler.

Moser, Philip Jacob, s. of Philip Jacob
and Magdalena Moser; b. June 22, 1784;
bap. Oct 28, 1784. Witnesses, Henry
Ulrich and Elizabeth Schroider.

Jacobs, J h rues, s of Cyrus and Margaret
Jacobs; b. June 15. 1784; bap. Nov. 21,
1784. Witnesses, James and Margaret

Warren, Hannah, d. of Benjamin and
Elizabeth Warren; b. Sept. 1767; bap. Jan.
10, 1785.

Barefoot, Martha, d. of Sarah Barefoot,
father unknown; b. July 1776; bap. Jan.
10, 1785. Witnesses, Jacob and Rucbel

Evans, Margaret, b. June 11, 1780.

Evans. Lot, b. Aug. 2. 1782; children of
John and Snsan Evans; bap. Sept. 26,1784.

Heil, Maria, d. of Frederick and Magda-
lena Heil, of the Forest; b Oct. 20, 1784;
brtp. Nov. 27, 1784. Witnesses, Peter and
Susan Bobm.

Polich, (?) John George, s. of Peter and
Catharine Polich, of the Forest, b. October
12, 1784; bap. November 28, 1784; witnesses,

John, Ueorge and Judith , of the


Mohr, Henry, s. of John and Susan Mohr,
of the Forest, b. October 28, 1784; bap No-
vember 28, 1784; witnesses, George Frey
and Elizabeth Hocker.

Foltz, Elizabeth, d. of George and Eliza-
beth Fohz, b. October 26, 1783; bap. Jan-
uary 1, 1785.

Folbinton, Sarah, d. of Stephen and ,Jane
Folkinton, b. July 3, 1783; bap, January
19, 1785; witnesses, George and Mary Eas-

McCarter, Rutbina, d. of Duncan and
Martha McCarter, b. June 28, 178); bap.
February 8, 1785.

Zell, Henry, s. of William and Elizabeth
Zell, b. Juh 3 1781; bap. Februarv 8, 1785.

Zell, Peter, s. of William and Elizsbeth
Zell, b. January 31, 1784; bap. February 8,

! Evans, Jacob, s. of Nathan and Mary

| Evans, b. August, 1783; bap. February 8,


Shorg, Elizabeth, d. of Matthew and An-

1 nie Shorg, b. November 10, 1784; bap.

March 15, 1785; witnesses, Margaret Reese

j and Catherine Shorg.

Beck, Anna Maria, d. of Peter and Su-
| sanna Beck, b. Oct. 11, 1784; bap March
i 26, 1785; witnesses. Jacob and Anna Maria

' Ellmaker, Am el in, d. of Leonard and Eliz-

! abeth Ellmaker, b. March 29, 1785; bap.
\ April 10, 1785

Elliott, Harmah. d. of Thomas and Ann

Elliott, b. Feb. 14, 1785; bap. April 17,

I 1785; witnesses, Hannah and Edward Go*

| Rees, Jonathan, s. of John and Margaret

I Ree«, b. Dec 14, 1784; bap. April 17, 1785;
f witness, Davii Jones.

! Bicker, John, s. of Peter, jr., and tfliza-

1 beth Bicktr, b Oct. 15, 1784; bap. May 5,
j 1785; witnesses, Peter, si., and Anna Maria
1 Bicker.

| WorJmar, Joseph, b. Dec. 24, 1760.

1 Word man, Benjamin, b. Ang. 2, 1762,

, children of John and Racbael Wordmao;
' bap. May 8, 1785; witness Francis Wilmer.
1 Herat, Caleb, s. of George and Agnes

| Herst, b. Jan. 1, 1785; bap. May 8, 1785.

Powser, Lvdia, d. of William and Sarah

I Powser, b. Nov. 6, 1784; bap. May 29 1785.

| Wirth, Jacob, s. of Wirtb, of the Forest,

j b. Dec 7, 1784; bap. Jan. 5, 1785; witnesses,

Jacob and Catharine Wirth.

| [Evans, Ann. d. of John and Susan Evans,

b. Feb. 21, 1785; bap. June 26, 1785.

Loyd, Margaret and Thomas (twins) chil-
dren of Thomas and Margaret Loyd, b. OcL
8, 1784; bap. June 26, 1785; witness, John

Lafferty, Ann, d. of Samuel and Mary
Lafferty, b. June 14, 1784; ba p. June 26,

Loyd, Elizabeth, d. of Thomas and Mar-
garet Loyd, b. April 22, 1781 ; bap. JulyJlO,


W. A. K, who frequently gives Gossip in-
teresting points upon men and things, fur-
nishes an interesting chapter to-day upon the
bridges of this city He says: "The bridge
question seems to be uppermost in the minds
of many of our people, and while* tbey are
discussing the ownership of the same, let us

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical,


turn to some more interesting data, remem-
bering that to-day is the fifty second anni-
versary of the completion of the first railroad
bridge at this point, viz, that of the Cam-
be r land Valley railroad company. The old-
est of onr five bridge companies is the Har-
risbarg bridge company, which laid the first
stone work as early as December 2d, 1812
The U. S. mail stage crossed over April 1 st,
1816, the first team over on the unfinished
work. The toll houses and bridge were fin-
ished in 1817, although teams crossed the
structure October 16th, 1816, when the first
toll was collected. This bridge cost $192 138
and was built by Mr. Theodore Bnrr. The
eastern section was carried away by the flood
of March 15th, 1846. By September 20th,
1847, a new bridge was completed and open
for travel. May 25th, 1866, at midnight
this section was destroyed by fire, which com-
menced ai the island end. It took bat
eleven minutes for the flames to reach the
city end of the bridge. November 1st, 1867,
the new structure was opened for the travel-
ing public. A ferry boat was used both in
1846-7 and 1866-7 to carry loot and wagon
passengers to the island.

The building of the Cumberland Valley
railroad bridge was commenced during the
summer of 1836, and completed January
16th, 1839, when the first train crossed over
from the western shore end at 2:30 o'clock
in the afternoon. This train consisted of
three locomotives, two baggage and three
double cars. The name of the locomotive in
the lead was * 'Nicholas Biddle." The train
carried the president and directors of the
road and some threw hundred invited guests
as passengers. This lattice work bridge
bad two decks, the upper one for railroad
purposes and the lower one for foot passen-
gers and wagons. On December 4th, 1844, a
fire destroyed this bridge with the exception
of the four spans at the east end, which were
carried away by the flood in the spring of
1846. February 3d, 1845 a new bridge
was contracted for and completed in 1846
by Mr. Kleasor Kirk bride, having a lower
deck for foot and wagon passengers also. In
1850* it was strengthened for railroad
purposes and discontinued as a wagon
bridge. The company sold its right to
collect tolls to the tiarrisburg bridge com-
pany January 4th, 1855. Increased travel
and freight compelled the company to re-
place thia lattice work bridge with one of

much heavier timber, commencing 1855 and
completing the same in 1856 In 1872 it
again became necessary to replace some of
the wood work, and new arches were con-
structed. In 1880 the company, finding that
some of the piers were defective and not
strong enough to hold the new work securely,
rebuilt the same, finishing the job in 1885.
In 1886 the greatly increased weight of the
rolling stock again compelled those in charge
to think of putting up a more substantial
structure. By September 1886 a new iron
bridge was in course of construction and in
July 1887 the traveling pnblic had the pleas-
ure of crossing over one of the finest bridges
in the country. At this date the piers at the
eastern end were raised four feet, thus pro-
viding for additional water way. The.
strength of this fine iron structure was se-
verely tested (and proved satisfactory in all
respecti*) by the flood of June 1-2. 1889,
when it was repeatedly struck by debris of
all sorts, and hundreds of heavy boom logs,
and in many instances by framed buildings,
which hammered its iron ribs, doing little
or no damage to them. This bridge was
built by the Union bridge company and the
Edge Moor iron company.

The unfinished work of the South Penn-
sylvania railroad company's bridge remains
the same as when the contractors left it.
The stone work was coil me need in April,
1884, and completed in nine months by Con-
tractor Smith & Sons. They are fine piers
and may some time be utilized.

The People's bridge company began its
ptone work iu March, 1889, on the western
shore. The finished abutment and piers were
fonnd to be too low, as the flood of June
1-2, 1889 proved. Consequently they had
to be raised, causing much delay. One loss
followed another in the shape of trestle work
floating off and iron spans falling, which
greatly retarded the construction. The bridge
was opened for travel April 26th, 1890. The
stone work was built by John Riley & Co.,
of Lancaster, and the superstructure by Dean
4b Westbrook, of New York.

The Harrisburg Terminal railroad com-
pany came to tovn with the intention of
building a bridge, and the work seems
to have been under a different sort of

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

matagement from (he others. Push, energy
and plack animated all concerned, and in
consequence thereof the bridge had to go
op or down. Ic will be re mem her ed that,
except in hat few instances, none of the piers
were completed before the whole Dumber
were raised several feet abcve ordinal y high
water. This being the case the stone masoos
were not delayed by slight rises in the river,
bat could go from pier to pier as required.
They began the first pier off the ease bank
of the river in March, 1890, and finished
the stone work November 2, 1890. The first
iron was laid on the eastern shore
pier October 24th, 1890, and the
last on the Cnmberland county end
January 8th, 1891. A locomotive used in
hauling material ran to with'n a few feet of
the west end this date, and could have
crossed over entirely had not the "traveler"
(a wooden structure used in hoisting the
irons in place) been in the way. The iron
work was put up on an average of one span
every three days, and to do this successfully
required the "know how" in the tosses and
perfect obrdience and willingness in the
men. With tbe exception of a few slight
bruises, not a person was hurt. The scone
work was built by Nolan Brothers, and the
iron work by Cofrode & Savior.


Historical. Biographical and (Jenenlogicnl.


A German Historical Society, the
organization of which was suggested in Notes
and Queries ten or twelve years ago, is
agitating tbe Philadelphia newspapers just
now, approvingly, of course, provided the
headquarters are in the .metropolitan
city. That such an association should
he formed is beyond controversy, but give
us a h$me in one of the centers of early
German settlement— say at Heading or Lan-
caster. Let the society, however, be first
orgaiized and then there will be no difficulty
in securing quarters. Either Lancaster,
Reading, Lebanon, York or Allentown will
not allow such an association long to want
a home. We have great faith in the energy,
thrift and possibilities of the descendants of
the German-Swiss settlers in Pennsylvania.
They move slow, but that movement is
steady and effective. Yes, let a call be sent

out to such whose interest therein will im-
pel them to take part and make a German
Society, an active body of men and women.
That element in Pennsylvania, more tban
any other, has made onr State what she is —
second to none in the Union.


Baptism*— V.

[Abbreviation -d , daughter; 8., son; ft.,
born ; bap , baptized. ]

Rarpan, Sarah, b. June 4, 1783

Harp*n, William, b. May 5, 1785. chil-
dren of William and Susan Harpan; bap.
July 21, 1785.

Cloud. Ruth, d. ot Jeremiah and Ruth
Cloud; b. January 22, 1785; bap July 21,

Lorentz, Thomas, s. of Christian and
Mary Lorentz; b. April 20, 1785; bap. July
24, 1785.

Kay, Eleanor, d. of Thorn %s and Hannah
Kay; b. July 11, 1785; bap. July 24. 1785.

Little, Andrew, s. of Andrew and Jane
Little; b. June 26, 1785; bap. July 24,

Wamser, John, s. of Wilhelm and Mar-
garet Wamser, of the Foiest; b. May 4,
1785; bap.Ang.7, 1785; witnesses, John and
Barbara Ay res.

Myer, Elizabeth, d. of John and Catha-
rine Myer; b. May 28, 1785; bap. Aug. 7,
1785; witnesses, Philip and Elizabeth Schla-

Jones, Jonathan, s. of John and Mary
Jones; b. Jan. 17, 1785; bap. Aug. 25,

Hanton, Elizabeth, r>. Sept 17, 1781.

Hauton, John, b. Dec 25, 1784; children
of Thomas and Agnes Hauton; bap. Aug.
21, 1785.

Windelsahl, John George, s. of Geor&e
and Dorothea Windelsahl, b. Aug. 10, 1785;
bap. Aug. 28, 1785; witnesses, Jacob and
Maria Hoffman.

Bowan, Sarah, a. March, 31, 1773.

Bowan, Joseph, b. March 26, 177S.

Bowan, William, b. March 18, 1778; chil-
dren ot Levi and Ann Bowan, bap. Aug. 28,

Grigal(?) Maria Barbara, d. of John and
Anna Barbara Grigal, b. June 26, 1785;

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


bap. Sept. 11, 1785; witnesses, John aod
Maria Bixler.

Griga), Anna, d. of Wilhtlm Hnd Maria
Grigal, b. April 11, 1783; bap. Sept. 11,
1785; wicne b, Ekitbeth (jrigal.

Jack, Samoel, a of Michael and Susan
Jack, b. August 16, 1785; b«p. October 16,

Leach, Aon, U. of James aird Martha
Leach, b. August 7, 1785; bap. October 16,

Philson, John. s. of Joseph and Lilly, b.
January 13, 1785; bap. October 16, 1785.

Jacobs, Richard, 8. of Ojrusand Margaret
Jacobs, b. July 1, 1785; bap. Nov. 13, 1785;
witnesses, James and Margaret < >ld.

Cunningham, Anne, d. of George and
Ruth Cunningham, b. Dec 26, 1784; bap.
Nov. 21, 1785.

tiertb, John, b. of Henry and Barbara
Herth; b March 6, 1785; bap. Oct. 9, 1785
Witnesses, Jarob Geiger and Hannah Jack-

Hoffman Join, s.of George and Maria HoftS
man; b. Oct. 5, 1785; bap Ocr. 30, 1785.
Witnesses, John and Catharine K'ingman.

Gray, Nathan, b. March 20, 1779.

Gray, Edward, b Ocr. 2, 1782; children
of Ed*ard and Mary Gray, of the Forest,
bap. Oct. 30. 1785 Witnesses, Jacob and
Catharine .

Bixler, Oathatine, dan. of Philip and Bar-
bara Bixler: b. Aug. 25, 1785; bap., Nov.

20, 1785 Witness", Margaret Bixler.
Volich, Christina, dau of Peter and Cath-
arine Polich; b. Nov 9. 1785; bap., Dec.
11, 17.85 Witnesses, George and Christina
Ear hard t.

Piatt, George, a. of James and Elizabeth
Piatt; b. Nov. 6, 1769; bap., Dec. 26, 1785.

Armstrong, Jane, dan. of John and Jane
Armstrong; b. Feb. 17, 1786; bsp , Feb.
19. 1786.

Z«ll, John; b. March 19, 1761; bap., Feb.
27, 1786 Witnehs, John Huston.

Evans, Susan; b. May 16, 1763; bap,
Feb 27, 1786. Witne*.s, Morgan Evan-.

Evans Margaret, dau. of Morgan and
Susan Evans; b. March 17, 1785; bap.,
Feb 27, 1785.

Witmer, Barbara, d. of Bartbolemus and
Barbara Witmer, of the Forest, b. April 20,
1789; bap. May 21, 1789; witnesses, John
Holler and Catherine \V itmer.

Gril, Maria, d, of John and Regina Gril,
of the Forest, b. Feb. 28, 1789; bap. May

21, 1789.

Bixler, David, 8. of Peter and Elizabeth
Bixler, b. March 26, 1789; bap. May 30, 1789.

Forney, Mathias, a. of Mathias and Anna
Maria Forney, b. Dec 6, 1788; bap. June
1, 1789; witnesses, Philip and Catherine

Old, James, s. of Davis and Elizabeth Old,
b Feb. 23, 1789; bap. June 6, 1789; wit-
nesses, James aud Margaret Old.

Hoffman, Maria, d. of George and Maria
Fir ff man, of the Forest; b. April 26. 1789;
bap. June 7, 1789; Witnesses, Mathias
aud Maria Guldin.

Elmaker. Sabina, d. of Lenhard and
Elizabeth Elmaker; b. Feb. 3, 1788; bap.
June 12, 1789

Morry, Anna, d. of Chas. and Leander
Morry; b. Dec. 6, 1786; bap. June 12,

vlorrv, Alexander, s. of Chas. and Le-
ander Morry; b. Feb. 13, 1789; bap. June
12. 1789.

Ke ;'8«5r, George, ». of George and Anna
K«\\ser; b. Sept. 16, 1788; bap. June 12,

Murphey, Lydia, d. of John and Mary
Murphey, b. April 12, 1787; bap. June 12,

Buisor, (?) John, s. of John and Maria
Buisor, b. January 27, 1789; bap. June 14,
1789; witness, John Albur.

Lorentz, Henry, b. February 9, 1787; bnp.
June 19, 1789.

Lorentz. David, b. April 15, 1789; bap.
June 19, 1789; children of Christian and
Mary Lorentz.

Martin, Iiosina, b. February 14, 1787; bap.
June 12, 1789

Martin, William, b. May 10, 1789; bap.
June 12, 1789; children of James and Jane

Weaver, James, s. of John and Margaret
A Weaver, b.- April 19, 1789; bap. June 14,

Z^ll, Margaret, d. of John and Elizabeth
Zell, b. March 16, 1788; bap. July 5, 1789.

Essington, Daniel, s. of Joseph and Sarah
Essington, b. July 26, 1788; bap. July 5,

Huston, Elizabeth, d. cf John and Bar-
bara Hustoo, b. May 20, 1789; bap. Julv 5,

Hopft, John Christian, s. of Henry, Jr.,
and Maria Hopft, of the Forest, b. June 19,
1789; bap. July 19, 1789; witnesses, Henry,
Sr., and Catharine Hopfi.

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

Corbet, Britchard, b. Aug. 20, 1787; bap.
July 26. 1789.

Corbet, Jane, b. Sept. 19, 1788; bap.
July 26, 1789; children of James and Annie

Z «ob, Jacob, s. of John and Barbara Zoob;
b. April 17, 1789; bap. Aug. 9, 1789; wit-
nesses, Peter and Barbara Schweitzer. .

Stnard, Jacobiia, d. of John and Catha-
rine Stnard; b. July 30, 1789; bap Aug. 10,
1789; witnesses, Henry and Jacobina Cath-
arine Sherk.

Jacobs, Anne, d. of Cyrus and Margaret
Jacobs; b. March 15, 1789; bap. August 16,
1789; witnesses, Aon Coleman, Win. and
Elizabeth Old.

Nothstein, Jonas, s. of Jonas and Maria
Nothstein, of the Forest; b. June 3, 1789;
bap. Augost 30. 1789; wituesses, George and
Maria Hoffman.

Thomas, Margaret, d. of Owen and Annie
Thomas; b. March 13, 1789; bap. Sept. 5,

Fry, Samuel, s. cf John and Eva Fry, of
the Forest; b. August 10,1789; bap. Sept. 13,
1789; witnesses, Peter Fry and Hannah

Alleman, Henry, s. of John and Barbara
AllemaD; b. Aug. 20, 1789; bap. Sept. 20,
1789. Witnesses, Henry and Julianne Al-

Chambers, Elizabeth, d. of Wm. and
Elizabeth Chambers; b. Feb. 23, 1789; bap.
Sept. 27. 1789. Witnesses, John Row li and
Agnes Grumblath.

Ay res, John, b. Sept. 12, 1781.
Ay res, Susan, b. Sept. 11, 1784.
Ay res, James, b. Sdpt. 2, 1789. All bap.
Oct. 8, 1789. Children of Jacob and Isa-
bella Ay res. Witness, Jacob Ay res, sr.

Cook, Rebecca, d. of Stephen and Mary
Cook, b. April 3, 1789; bap. Oct. 8, 1789.

Henrich, Daniel, b. Oct 6, 1778; bap.Oet.
11, 1789

Henricb, Maria Catharine, b. May 20,
1785; bap. Oct. 11, 1789; cnildren of Jacob
and Anna Maria Henrich; witnesses, Ma-
thias, sr., and Eve Wind eagle.

Brand, Christian, s. of Jacob and Maria
Elizabeth Braod, b. Aug. 23, 1789; bap.
Oct 11, 1789; witnesses, Nicholas and Eliz-
abeth Alleman.

Strus, Catharine Elizabeth, d. of Philip
and Catharine Strus, b. Sept S, 1789; bap.
Oct. 11, 1789; witnesses, Henry Strus and
Agnes Bishopp.

Brnbm, John, s. of James and Rosanna

Brnhm, b. Februarys 1789; bap. Oct. 17.
17S9; witnesses, John and Barbara Giegel,

Alleman, Henry, s. of Henry and Anna
Maria Alleman, b. May 12, 1789; bap. Nov.
1, 1789; witnesses, Henry and Juliana Alle-

Getticb, John, s. of George and Christina
Gettich, b. Sept. 29, 17.89; bap. Nov. 1,
1789; witnesses, JViathias Windnagle and
Maria Agnes .

Smith, John, b May 28, 1784.

Smith, Esther, b April 22, 1786.

Smith, Henry, b. May, 1788; all bap.
Oct. 9, 1789; children of Conrad and Sarah

Moyer, Michael, s. of John and Catharine
Moyer, of ihe Forest; b. Oct. 8, 1789; bap.
Dec. 5. 1789. Witnesses, Jacoo and Anna
Maria Hoffman.

Bechtel, Reg in a, d. of John and Marga-
retta Bechtel ; b. Sept. 16, 1789; bap. Dec
1, 1789. Witnesses, Anna Maria Bechtel
and Jacobus Durr.

Klingman. El ; zahetb, d. of John and
Christina Klingman; b. Nov 1, 1789; bap.

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