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Jan. 3, 1790. Witnesses, George and Eliza-
beth Frey.

Jones, John, s. of David and Hannah
Jones; b. May 31, 1789; bap Jan. 6, 179a

Corbet, James, s. of James and Ann
Corbet; b Jan. 12, 1790; bap. Jan. 29,

Schweitzer, Catharine, d. of Peter and
Barbara Schweitzer, of the Forest; h. Nov.
16, 1789; bap. Jan. 24, 1790. Witnesses,
Peter Bnxer and Catharine Schweitzer.

Wekley (?) Henry, s of John and Maria
Eva Wekley, of the Forest; b. March 24,
1789; bap. Jan. 24, 1790. Witnesses,
Michael and Dorothea Wekley.

Wekley (?) Anna, d. of Michael and Doro-
thea Wekley; b. June 17, 1789; bap. Jan.
24, 1790. Witness, Elizabeth Wekley.

Wild, Maria, d. of James and Barbara
Wild, of the Forest; b. May 30, 1787; bap.
Jan. 29, 1790. Witnesess, Jacob and Maria

Zoll, Elizabeth, d. of Adam and Margaret
Zoll; b. Feb. 1, 1789; bap. Sept. 15, 1790.
Witness, Eva Margaret Rineman.

Polich, Judith, d. of Peter and Catharine
Polich, of the Forest; b. Jan. 19, 1790;
bap. March 7, 1790; witnesses, George and
Judith Polich.

Good, Sarah, d. of Valentine and Maria
Good, of the Forest; b. Jan. 9, 1790; bap.

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Historical and Genealogical.


March 28, 1790; witnesses, Lad wig and
Sarah Laarr.

Ramsey, Elizabeth; h. April 13. 1782.

Ramsey, Rachel; h. Ang. 2, 1783

Ramsey, William; b. March 27. 1785.

Ramsey. Mary; b. Oct. 14, 1788; children
of William and Elenora Ramsey ; bap. March
13, 1790.

Morns, Jacob, s. of John and Elizabeth
Morris; b. July, 1789; bap April 11, 1790;
witnesses, Jacob Hanp and Elizabeth Mony.

Russell. Wi'.liam. s. of Evan aod Ann
Russell; b. Jan. 10, 1790; bap. April 12,



[The following roll of the officers of the
Second Battalion of Lancaster County Mili-
tia, commanded by Lieut. Col. Edwards, has
come into our possession, and it being of
importance, we preserve it in Notes and
Queries :]

Lieut Colonel
Thomas Edwards. April 29, 1780.

Valentine ShoumVr, May 16, 1780.


Rev. Conrad Boclier, May 16. 1780.


Robert Patton, May 9, 1789.


Daniel Oldenb.nok, May 17, 1780.


Mathias Piimer, May 15, 1780.

Seigeant Major,
John GloMnger, May 15, 1780.

Quartermaster Sergeant.
Jacob Shaffner, May 15, 1780.
First Company —
Captain— Baltzer Orth, May 6, 1780.
Lieutenant— John Orth,"May 6, 1780.
Ensign— Daniel Stouffer, May 6, 1780.
Second Company—

Captain — Michael Holderbaum, May 6,

Lieutenant— Alexander Martin, May 6,

Ensign— Henry Foght, May 6, 1780.
Third Company—
Captain — Casper S toe ver, May 15, 1780.
Lieutenant— Michael Uernner, May 15

Ensign — Nicholas Conrad, May 15, 1780.
Fourth Company—

Captain — David Krause, May 6, 1780.
Lieutenant — Philip Greenawalt, May 6,

Ensign— Jacob Embigb, May 6, 1780.
Fifth Company—

Captain — John Moore, May 6, 1780.

Lieutenant— Jacob Zollinger, May 6. 1780.

Ensign— Michael Mea^e, May 6, 1780.
Sixth Company—

Captain— John Stone, May 9, 1780.

Lieutenant— George)Bowman. Mav 9, 1780.

Ensign —Michael Tice, May 9, 1780.
Seventh Company—

Captain— Wendel Weaver, May 20, 1780.

Lieutenant — Michael Teeffenbagb, May
20. 1780.

Ensign— Michael Haag, May 20, 1780.
Eighth Company —

Captain— John Gassert, May 17, 1780.

Lieutenant— Jobu Field, May 6, 1780.

Ensign— Jacob Lehman, May 6, 1780.
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Historical, Biographical and Genealogical.



Cmharlne VVIUon McAlarney.

At Mifllmbnrg, Union count?, Sabbath
morning. February 8tb, 1891, Mrs. Catha-
rine Wilson McAlarney, widow of the late
John McAl»rn«*y, afur a brief llh ess, passed
into rest, aged 79 years. She was born in
East Donegal townsh'p, Lancaster county, in
1812, and wa-* the second child of Thomas
and Rocanuah Wilson, both of whom died in
Middletown in 1825, aud were buried in the
graveyard near the residence of the late
George Sculler. She was a noble, Christian
mother, whose long life was spent in unselfish
lo\e and labor tor her cliildien; n kindly
ministtations to the suffering an<< afflicted,
and in modest service, with unquestioning
faith, in ihe vineyard of her I)iv:ne Master.
Seven children **urvive: Joseph C. Mc-
Alarney, an attorney, ana M. W. McAlarney,
editor of the Tklkguapu, of Hurrisburg;
Mar> and Rose McAlarney, of Mifflinburg;
Dr William M. McAlarnet, of Philadelphia;
Mrs. J. E. Rockey. of DuKois, and C. W.
McAlarney, an attorney, ot Plymouth.

Hon. George Addison Crawford,
born May 17, '827, in Lycoming, now Clin-
ton county. Pennsylvania, and died at
Junction City, Colorado, January 29. 1891,
of hemorrhage of the lungs, whs a man of
considerable prominence, tie was educated

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Historical and Genealogical.

at Jeffersou College, graduating in 1847,
studied law at Lock Haven, and in 1850 be-
came editjr of the Clinton Denocrat of that
place. Subsequently be sold oat and re-
moved to Kan nas In 1860 be was one of
tbe editors of the Kansas Farmer, and in
1869 became editor of the Daily Monitor,
published at Fort Scott. He was one of tbe
originators of the Kansas Historical Society
in 1875, and, until his removal from the
State, one of its directors. He was presi-
dent of the society in 1877. In 1861 be was
nominated and elected Governor of Kansas,
bat the canvassers of a number of the conn-
ties refusing to recognize the returns, the
Supreme Court declared the election illegal.
He was subsequently nominated for various
titate positions, but invariably declined. He
will be recollected by many of our people as
one of the Kansas State Commissi >ners
during the Centennial Exhibition in Phila-
delphia in 1876, whete he rendered so much
service in making the Kansas exhibit the
success that wan accorded it. About 1882
he removed to Colorado, where he founded
Junction City. He waB a very estimable
gentleman, and notwithstanding his im-
paired health, a very interesting wan. Mr.
Crawlord was a lineal descendant of two of
the members of the Constitutional Conven-
tion of Pennsylvania in 1776, James Craw
ford and John Wei'zel, of whom sketches
will be found in Dr. Egle's Biographies of
members of tLat convention. George Craw-
ford, who died in 1876, was a grandson of
Major James ( -rawford, who married Eliza-
beth Weitzel White, daughter of Charlotte
Weitzel. He was thus connected with
Colonel Hug'i Whir#», a noted man in the
Revolutionary aunals of the West Branch.
He was unmarried. John B. Linn,


"The history of Paxtang Sesqni-Centen-
m*V % — edited by Matthias Wilson McAlar-
ney, is before u«, and we have examined its
coutents with no little interest. The edi-
tor deserves much praise for the manntr
in which he has performed his work,
and the only objection we raise is, that the
title is altogether too modest; for the work
comprises not only a verbatim report of the
proceedings on the day of the celebration, but
a great variety of information relating to the
historic old church, which is invaluable and
which every descendant of the pioneers of
Paxtang will rejoice to see collected and pre-

served in such a permanent and attractive
form, such as the marriage records of Rever-
ends John Elder and John Roan together
with the more complete record* of Rev. James
R. Sharon;— the notes on "Master Allen/'
that old time "autocrat of the school room,"
whose fame in Paxtang is second only to
that of Parson Elder;— tbe fnll and complete
tombstone record, to which is appended four-
teen closely printed pages of biographical
sketches of persons now sleeping in that con-
secrated spot — together with several other
items of like interest, rendering the book
exceedingly valuable to every one whose an-
cestors had any connection with the locality.
And the gensral reader will find himself
amply repaid by a perusal of tbe addresses
made at tbe celebration.

The topics are various, and all taken to*
gether form a most complete, interesting and
reada Me history not only of Paxtang Church
but of Presbyterianism in tbe region round
about; and in which the logic of events is
brought out in a masterly manner.



[Our friend, Frank R. Diffenderffer.of the
Lancaster New Bra, struck the right note
when he penned the I olio wing. Notts and
Queries will second any effort made to pre-
serve the records of the early settlement of
Pennsylvania, and we say with him, "Let us
have a Pennsylvania German Society."]

A movement has been started in several
parts of Eastern Pennsylvania looking to the
formation of a Pennsylvania German Society.
The plan suggested contemplates an organ!
zation Bomethiogjike that of the New Eng-
land Society in New York and the Holland-
Society. Tbe New Era is in hearty accord
with such a society, and believes that with
proper effort such a society cannot only be
organized, but may be made the instrument
of much permanent good. Until one studies
out tbe mission of such a society, he can
form no adequate idea ot the wide scope and
influence it may be made to include.

In recent years many writers have taken
the field in an attempt to place the German
immigration of the last century into this
State in its true light; they have endeavored
to show the character of the men who came
from the Fatherland, bringing with them
the best industry, thrift, morality and vir-
tues of the Old World. We are told that

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Historical and Genealogical.


they cared Utile for education, while the f ict
ie the school home and the church always
went up side by side. They hare been charged
with lnkewarmaess towards the cause of in-
dependence daring the Revolution. The
facts are that no people were sturdier or
more prompt in rallying in defense of their
imperiled liberties. They have been accused
of being an ignorant and uneducated race.
The now historical press at Bphrata and the
still earlier one at Germantown give the lie
to this charge. They led in the abolition
movement long before New England ever
dreamed of such a thing The protest of
Pa* tori as and his colony will be an ever-liv-
ing evidence of the devotion of the Pennsyl-
vania Germans to the principles of human
liberty and the inalienable rights of men.

Let as have a Pennsylvania German So*
ciety. Let us assert ourselves. Let us show
to the world how indelibly our ancestors
have left their impress on this nation from
ocean to ocean. Pride of ancestry within
certain limits is not only pardonable, bnt
highly laudable. Such a society would en-
courage this spirit and tend to set before the
world in their true light a people whose en-
ergies, virtues and powers have not yet been
adequately told.


MlOHABL Haas, of Strasbnrg township,
Lancaster county, was born at sea, cir. 1.758.
He m. Anna Maria — — , said to hsve
been an Obmet or Ommet Michael was a
taxable in Strasbnrg township in 1780 (Uvans
p. 1068 ) A Michael Hause, or House, was
corporal from Lancaster county in the 10th
Pennsylvania Regiment, 1777-81. Michael
and Anna Maria Haas, who wrote their
names Hanse, also, moved to Philadelphia,
where be d ed of yellow fever about 1 793.
Their children, Haubb or Hanse, were:

i. Bli§abeth; b. Lan'r county. Jan. 13,
I77C; ro , in Philadelphia, We, Hagner.

ii John; (wrote his name "ilanze") b.
Lan'r county Jan. 14. 1778; d Philadelphia
Nov 1, 1862; ro., 1835 Rebecca Riffert,
and left i-sus still living.

Hi Wilhdm; (wrote bis name "William
Hanse). b Lnn'r co. Dec 27, 1779; d.
Pnila. May 23. 1817; m. June 7, 1804,
Catharine Hnll ; has issue still living.

iv. Ohirlntte; b. Lan'r co. Nov. 27, 1781;
d. 1805; in. John Black, of Milltown, Pa.;

had— 1. Dr. Jthn; 2. Margaret, m

Gouge; 3. Charlotte; b. 1805; still living.

[These 4 children of Michael were baptised
by Rev. Mr. Illiog, July 19, 1782.]

9. Mary

vi. Jtdtanna; m. Fahnestock, of


vii. Hannah; m. Peter Yeager, of Phila-

viii. Nancy; m. Miller, of Phila-

Any additional data will be gratefully re-
ceived. Hobaob Edwin Hatdbbt.

WWcMBarre, Pa.

» ♦




[Abbreviations— d, daughter; «., son; 6,
born; fop., baptised.]

Fnhrloh, Elisabeth, d. of John and Bar-
bare Fuhrloh, b. September 19, 1789; bap.
April 29, 1790; witness, Elisabeth Sirgeth-

Grahb, John, *. of James Grahb, b.
August 28, 1789; bap. May 2, 1790

Church, Alexander, b. January 18, 1784

Cbnrcb, Maria, b. March 10, 1787

Church, Thomas Mifflin, b. March 19. 1790;
children of Thomas and Ann Church ; bap.
May 13, 1790.

Hughes, John, s. of John and Catherine
Hughes, b. May 24. 1789; bap. May 2?, 1790.

Allemsn, Christian, s. of Henry and Juli-
ana, b Feb. 11, 1790; bap. May 23, 1790;
witnesses Nicholas and Elisabeth Allejian.

Gantser, Anna Maria, d. of George and
Barbara Gantser, b. Pec 6, 1789; bap. May
23, 1799; witness, Anna Maria.

Zell, Jacob, a of John and Elisabeth Zell,
h. Mur. 8, 1790; bap. May 27, 1790.

Fansset, Ann, d of Chas. and Elenora
Faustet,b. April 23,1789; bap. May 29,1789.

8teuer 9 Eva Catharine, d. of Adam and
Catharine Steuer, of the Forest, b. Mar. 24j
1790; bap. June 6, 1790

borgman, Elisabeth, d. of George and
Catherine Sorgman; b. August 4, 1789;
bap. August 1, 1790

KlinJenstein, i atharine, d. of Henry and
Catherine Klindenstein, of the Forest; b.
April 7. 1790; bap. June 13, 1790; witness,
Annie Rotsin.

Prits, Margaret, d. of John and Cathe-
rine Prits, of the Forest; b. Nov. 80 1789;
bap. Jnne 13 1790; witnesses, Conrad an*
Margaret Schmidt.

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

Hartman, Jno Frederick, s. of Frederick
and Johanna Hartman, of the Forest; b.
March 18, 1790; bap. Jane IS, 1790; wit-
nesses, John Jacob and Era Margaretta

Kassal, Esther, d. of Barnhart and Cath-
arine Kassal; b. Oct 1, 1790; bap. July 11,

Worts, Mary, d. of Peter and Elisabeth
Worts; b. July 7, 1790; bap. Aog. 8, 1790.
Witnesses, Richard and Mary Lensey.

Camin, Isaac, s. of Pomly and Sarah
Camin; b. April 2, 1790; bap. Aug 8,1790
Witness, Abigail Evans

Gobeen, Elisabeth, d. of John and Cath-
arine Gobeen; b. Jane 7, 1790; bap. Aug.
15,1790. Witness, Frederick.

A ma, George, s. of George and Elisabeth
Ami; b. Jan. 9, 1790; bap. Ang. 15, 1790
Witnesses, Henry and Margaretta Minegas

Wamser, Margaretta, d. of Wilhelm and
Margaretta Wamser, of the Forest; b. Feb.
11, 1790; bap. Ang. 15, 1790. Witnesses,
John Fehr and Catharine Bauer.

^ ind e os t richer John, a. of Michael and
Barbara Sindenstricher,b. Dec 7,1790; bap.
Aug: 15, 1790; witnesses, Philip and Elisa-
beth Miller.

Febr, Maria, d. of Matthias and Marga-
retta Fehr, of the Forest, b Jane 10, 1790;
bap. Aog. 15, 1790; witnesses, Joseph and
Maria Berger.

Darr, Andrew, s of Christian and Joanna
Darr, b. Aog. 18, 1789; bap. Ang. 19, 1790;
witnesses, Peter and Elisabeth Wurts.

Davis, Elizabeth, d of Jacob and Mary
Davis, b. May 28, 1790; bap. Ang. 29, 1790.
Waller, Mary Elizabeth, d. of Frederick
and Catherine Waller, b. Mar. 12. 1790;
bap. 8opt 5, 1790; witnesses, Philip and
Maria Elizabeth Miller.

Evans, Snsan. d. of Nathan and Mary
Evans, b. Oct 15, 1787; bap. Sept 6, 1790.

Hughes, John, s. of James and Catharine
Hogbes, b. Jnly t, 1786; bap. September 6,

Beck, Peter, b. of Peter and Swan Beck,
b. Jone 30, 1790; bap. September 11, 1790.

Jording, Elizabeth, d. of George and
Anna Maria Jording. b. April 12, 1790; bap.
September 12. 1790; witnesses, Wilhelm
Sneider and Snsauna Kramer.

Dryer, Susanna, d. of Philip and Si bills
Dryer, of the Forest, b. April 4, 1790; bap.
September 14, 1790; witnesses, Michael and
Snsanna Bart

Waltor, Sibilla, d. of Conrad and Catha-

rine Waltor, of the Forest, b. September 15,
1787; bap. September 14, 1790; witnesses,
Philip and Sibilla Dryer.

Diana, b. November 8, 1769; bap. Sep-
tember 19, 1790; witnesses, Abigail Evans
and Sarah Camel.

Piggs, Annie, d. of Joseph and Charlotte
Piggs. b. September 19, 1790; bap. Septem-
ber 25. 1790; witness, Agnes Fisher.

Crabb, Plnnket Augustus, s. of William
and Jane Crabb; b. Jnne 29, 17M; bap.
Sept 25. 1790.

Stober, Jacob, s. of Jacob and Snsan
Stober; b. April 10, 1790; bap. 8ept 26,
1790; witnesses, John and Catharine Shults.

Gibbins, Elisabeth, d of Jesse and Cath-
arine Gibbios; b. Aug. 20, 1790; bap. Sept
26, 1790; witnesses, George and Catharine

Dampmann, Jacob, s. of Adam and Elisa-
beth Dampmann; b. Sept 2, 1790; bap. Oct

3, 1790; witnesses, Jacob and Barbara Beck.
Rani, Elisabeth, d. of Abraham and

Elisabeth Rani; b. Jan. 17, 1790; bap. Oct
8, 1790.

Jones, Thomas, s. of Peter and Catharine
Jones; b. May 8, 1790; bap. Oct 8, 1790.

Umstead, Mary, d. of Jacob and Elisa-
beth Umstead; b. May 21, 1790; bap. Oct
8, 1790.

Thomas, Elisabeth, d. of Hesckiel and
Snsan Thomas; b. Jan. 2, 1790; bap. Oct

4, 1790; witness, Evan Russell.
Shoemaker, Jacob, s. of Jacob and Char-
lotte Shoemaker, b. Dec 20. 1788; bap.
Oct 4, 1790; witnesses, Charles and Elisa-
beth Shoemaker.

Hart, Bernard, a. of John and Barbara
Hart, b Jnlv 14, 1787; bap. Oct 4, 1790;
witnesses, Michael M'Can and Debora Sul-

Har», Charlotte, dan. of John and Barbara
Hart, b. Nov. 20. 1789; bap. Oct 4 1790
witnesses. Jacob aod Charlotte Shoemaker

Kime, John, s. of 8tephen and Catharine
Kime, K Jnly 15. 1781; bap. Oct. 4, 1790.

Ayres, Margaret, dan ot John and Elisa-
beth Ayres, b. Oct 10, 1790; bap. Oct 12,
1790; witness, Lydia Collin*.

Hoston, Mary. dan. of John and Barbara
Hnston, b Aog. 20, 1790; bap Nov. 21, 1790.

Good, John, s. of John and Rebecca Good,
b. Jnly 10b 1790; bap Dec 2, 1790.

John, Elisabeth, d. of Frederick and
Barbara John, of the Forest; b. August 9,
1789; bap. Oct 21. 1790; witness, Peter

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


Lang, Adam, a. of Jacob and Maria
Elisabeth Larg, of I be Forest; b. J one 17, .
1790; bap. Oct 17, 1790; witnesses, Adam
and Magdalene.

Brand, Maria Anna, d. of Jacob and
Maria Elisabeth Brand; b. August 24, 1790;
bap. Nov. 8, 1790; witness, Mathias Wind,
naple, 8r.

Frey, Catherine, d. of George end Elisa
beth Frey, of the Forest, b. Sept 23, 1790;
bap. Not. 18, 1790; witnesses, John and
Catherine Moyer.

Templta, Johana, d. of Thomas and Re-
becca Trmplin, b. Feb. 5, 1790; bap. Dec 4,

Workman, Elisabeth, d. of Michael aod
Sarah Workman, b. Dec 4, 1790; bap. DeT.
4. 1790.

Gril, Catherine, d. of Frederick and Mag-
dalene Gril, of the Forest, b. Not. 24, 1790;
bap. Dec 18, 1790; witnesses, Henrich and
Catherine Gril

Hoffman, John Jacob, a of John and
Dorothea, of the Forest; b. Not 10, 1790:
bap. Dec 18, 1790; witnesses, Jtcob and
An oa Maria Hoffman.

SchUybach, Margaret, d. of Phillip and
EHsnbeth Schlaybacb, of the Forest ; b. Oct
27, 1790; bap. Dec 19, 179*; witnesses,
Michael and Margaret* a Hoffman.

Brandor (?) Adam, a of Hans and Elisa-
beth Brandor; b. July 9, 1790; bap. Jan.
16,1791. Witnesses, Adam and Elisabeth

Jones, Jane, d. of Jonathan and Jane
Jones; b. July 6, 1790; bap. Jan. 20 1791.
Witnesses, John and Jane Jones.

8paty, Elisabeth, d. of Geo. and ETa
Spaty, of Schuylkill; b. Dee 10,1790; bap.
Feb. 5, 1791.

Wei mens, Jacob, s. of John and Barbara
Wei mens; b. Dec 81, 1790; bap. Feb. 7,
1791. Witnesses, Jacob and Barbara Wei-

McKinley, Annie, b. Feb. 21, 1771.

McKinley, Hannah, b. July 9, 1774 Ra-
chel McKinley, mother; bap. March 1, 1791.

Harpan, Hngb, s. of William aod 8nsan
Harpan; b. Not. 12, 1790; bap. March 27,

Ztrbe, Catharine, d of John and Barbara
Zerbt*, of the. Forest; b. Nov. 80, 1790; bap.
April S. 1791; witnesses, John Cliogman
and Catharine Boelin.

Spencer, John, a of Nathaniel and Elisa-
beth Spencer; b. Oct 28, 1790; lap. April
12, 1791.

Weaver, Maiy, d of John and Margaret
Weaver ; b. Jan. 8, 1791; bap. April 17,
1791 ; witnesses, Eben Russell and Mary

Fohr. Phillip, p. of Mark and Catherine
Fohr; b. March 5, 1791; hap. April 26.
1771; witnesses, Phillip and Elisabetb

Sinck, Jacob, a of Henry and Catherine
Stock; b. Sept 7, 1790; hap. May 2, 1791.


Ulatarleal, Bteajraphleal and Ue>aeMl«ul«al«


Frbdbrick Kbausb Boas, b. April 5,
1815, in Harriaborg, Pa,; d there February
15, 1891. He was the son of Frederick Boas
and Elisabeth Kranse (see Erie's P«oomU
Tenia Genealogies). In many rexpecta Mr.
Boas waa a remarkable man, aod to him the
readers of Note* and Queries are in-
debted for much valuable informa-
tion relet iog to Wei history and
to personal reminiscences of the prom-
inent personages in the politics of our State
forty aod fifty years ago. His memory was
a retentive one, and no one loved roorv than
he to dwell upon the incidents in the lives of
many who long since passed from tha stage
of action. The daily newspapers furnish
full sketches of bis life, wbicb was an active
one, and he is the last of that coterie of men
who were so prominent in the political cam-
paign of 1838, aod the * 'Buckshot War"
which ensned. Hallowed be his memory.

Fish br, or Fischer.— We have the fol-
lowing data from Kennedy, Ohio: "Adam.
Fisher, the youngest son of a German no-
bleman, landed in Pennsylvania in 1742,
from the good ship Mary Ann, and settled-
on the banks of the Schuylkill, some twelve
miles from the Quaker City. He died in
1757, of small-pox, leaving sons. Jacob,
Daniel* Abraham and Adam The first
three settled in the Shenandoah Valley, near
Staunton, Augusta county, where many of
their descendants reside. - Adam Fisher, the
youngest son, born in 1750, lived mar He-
gerstowo, Maryland. He served in the Rev-
olutionary war. In 1777 be married busan-
nah Jones, daughter of David Jones, a
worthy Welshman of Western Maryland." 1
Further information is deUred.

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

Gknbaloqioal Notes.

George Armolt, of Lower Paxteog,
Dauphin county, d. prior to October, 1799,
leaving :

i Margaret.

ii George.

iii. Elizabeth.

iv Mary [Polly].

v. John.

Peter Beader, of Paxtang, <L prior to De-
cember 20, 1781. Hit widow m. Matthias
Hnher The former's children were:

i Hmry.

i% 8u$annah; m. George Pefler.

iii David.

iv. Elizabeth.

v Peter

vi. Catharine.

John Carpenter, of Paxtaog, d. prior to
Jananrv, 1790, leaving children :

i John.

ii. Barbara

iii. Magdalena.

te. Veronica

v Jacob.





of John and Hannah
1791; bap. May 33,

[Abbreviations: d daughter; #, eon; b.
born; bap. baptised.]

Vocam, Hannah, d.
Vocam, b January 11

Riohart, Stmuel, s. of Frederick and Elis-
abeth Kin hurt, b. Feb. 4, 1791; bap. May
33, 1791; witness, Maria Riohart.

Alleman, Henry, s. of Henry and Jnliann
AUeman, b. April 5, 1791; bap. May 39,
1791 ; witnesses, John and Barbara AUeman.

Millet, Jobn, s of Adam and Mary Miller,
b. November 4, 1790: bap. May 39, 1791;
witness* a, Nathaniel Child and Mary Weidoer.

Kassel, Catherine, d. of Jacob and Chris-
tina Kauel; b. May 31, 1791 ; bap. July 3,
1791 ; witnesses, Pnilip and Catherine.

Jones. Hannah, d. of Esekiel and Elisa-
beth Jones; b May 7. 1791 ; bap. July 8,

DeHaven, Margaret b. April 5. 1785.

DeHaven, John, b. April 25, 1787.

DeHaven, Edward, b. 8ept. 30, 1789;
children of John and Rachel De. Haven ; bap.
July 25, 1791.

Bohm, John, s. of Jacob and Rliltaabeth
Bohm. of the Forest; h. May 10. 1791; bap.
July 31, 1791.

Zimmerman, David, b. September 8,

Zimmerman, Ruth, b May 7. 1789; bap.
Angast 14, 1791 ; children of Mathias and
Persia Z mmermao,

McNeely, Hugh, s of Henry and Anne
McNeely; b. Novembers. 1790; bap Sept
11, 1791; sponsor, William Hnnter.

Jacobs, Jnliann, d. of <'yru*and Margaret
Jacobs, b. April 4 1791; bap. Pepr. 39,
1791 ; sponsors, James and Margaret Old-

Gartig, Anna Maria, d. of John and
Christian Gartig, b. 8ept. 7, 1791; bap.
Oct. 3, 1791; sponsors, Frederick and Eva

A Hem nn t Barbara, d. of John and Bar-
bara Alleman, b. Sept. 31, 1791; bap. Oct.
2, 1791; sponsors, John and Anna Maria

McMotterey (McMnrtrie), Anna Chris-
tins, b April 38, 1789.

McMotterey (McMnrtrie), David, b. May

Online LibraryFrance) Société asiatique (ParisNotes and queries: Chiefly relating to Interior Pennsylvania, Volume 2 → online text (page 76 of 81)