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SJ, 1791; both bsp. Oct. 3, 1791; children
of Charles and Eve Catherine McMotterey;
sponsors, George and Catherine Fry.

Mc Moll in, James, s. of Alexander and
Snsan McMollio, b. Sept 8, 1791; bap. Oct
2, 1791.

Ennis, James, s. of Josboa end Marpery
Ennis, b. Sept 3, 1791; bap Oct 3, 1791

Lloyd, David Hudson, a. of Thos. and
Margaret Lloyd, b. F«b. 3, 1791; bap. Oct.
16, 1791. Sponsors, Fenins and Elisabeth

Flora, Jobn, s. of George and Elisabeth
Flora, b. April 3, 1790; bap. Oct l«th,1791.

Mailer, George, s. of Peter and Maria
Eva Mailer, of the Forest, b. Jane 15. 1791 ;
bap. Oct 33. 1791. Sponsors, George and
Elisabeth Mailer.

Mover, Barbara, d. of John and Catha-
rine Moyer; b. Aug. 13, 1791; bap Oct. 33,
1791. Sponsors, George and Elisabeth

Banm, George, s. of John Christian and
Maria Beam; b. March 18, 1788; bap. Nov.
6, 1791.

Banm, John Frederick, s. of John Chris-
tian and Maria Baom; b. May 17, 1791;
bap. Nov. 6, 1791. Sponsors, John Fred-
erick and Margaretta VVorL

Kerlin, John, s. of Samuel and Catharine
Kerlin; b. Sept 1, 1791; bap. Nov. €, 1791.
Sponsors, John, sr., and Elisabeth Kerlin.

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Historical and Genealogical.


Hoffman, Jacob, a. of Geo. and Maria
Hoffman, of the Forest; b. Not. 23, 1791;
bap. Dec. 26. 1791; sponsor*, John and
Christina Klein man.

Bottr k Sarah, d. of Michael and Anna
Bottr; b. Nov. 27, 1790; bap. Nov. 27, 1791;
sponsors, Peter and Sarah Fisher.

£1 maker, Eliza, d. of Peter and Snsan
Elmaker; b. April 19, 1790; bap. Dec 2,

McKachio, M*ry, b. June 23, 1789.

McKachio, John, b. July 29. 1791; both
bap. Dec. 2. 1791 ; children of Archibald and
Jane McKachin.

Lowry, Jane, d. of James and Margare
Lowry; b. Ocr. 23, 1791; bap. Dec. 2, 1791.

Adoir, Annie, d. of James aod Mary
Adoir; b. Aug. 23, 1791; bap. Dec. 2. 1791.

Miller, Sosanoah, d. of Frederick and
Elizabe'h Miller; b. Oct. 18, 1791; bap.
Dec. 2>, 1791; sponsors, Michael aod Bar-
bara Bixler.

Quigley, John Peter, s. of John Qolgley
and Magdalena Seidenntricker, of the Forest;
b. Nov. 3, 1791; bap. Dec. 25. 1791; spon-
sors, Philip and Elizabeth Miller and Hemy

Uns'adr, Annie, d. of Jacob and Elisa-
beth Unstadr, b. October 9, 1791; bap. Jan-
nary 20, 1792; pponsor, Catherine Unstadt

Polling, Jacob, s. of Peter and Catherine
Polling, b. December 8, 1791; bap. February
26, 17^2; apoosors, Jacob and Anna Maria

Old, James, s. of John and Sarah' Old, b.
November 6. 1791; bap. February 20, 1792;
sponsor, John Zell.

Aston,. William, s. of Joseph and Mary
Aston, b. May 25. 1791; bap. February 27,
1792; sponsor, Anna Aaton.

Rrttew, Margaret, b. Ocr. 29. 1782.

Ret tew. Jame9, b Jan. 22, 1785.

lie t tew, Reheeca, b. March 17. 1787.

Ret tew, David, b. June 20, 1790; children
of Aaron and Rebecca He t tew; all bap.
March 4, 1792.

Eetmao, Mary, b. June 19, 1785

Ketroan. William, b. Oct. 6. 1788; cbil*
dren of James and Elizabeth Ketman; bap.
March 19. 1792.

Mitchel, Michael, b. Aug. 29, 1784.

Mifche', Naomi, b. Sept 19 1787.

Mitchel, Jacob, b. Sept. 4, 1790; children
of Michael and Naomi Mitchel, bap. March
19. 1792.

Thomas, Archibald, s. of Owen and Annie

Thomas, b. Sept 11, 1791; hap. March 29,

Boebm, Jacob, s. of Peter and Maria
Boehm, of the Forest, b. Feb. 27,1792; nap.
April 17. 1792; sponsors, Jacob and Chris*
tins Nirdhack.

Cliogeman, Catherine, .d. of John and
Christina Clingeinan, of the Forest, b. March
14, 1792; bap. April 24, 1792; sponsors,
Qeorge and Maria- Hoffman.

Fohr, Johanna, d. of Matthias aod Mart
garetra Fohr, b. Sept. 22, 1791; bap. May
17, 1792; sponsors, George and Maria Hoff-

Jones, Ezekiel, & of Peter and Catharine
Jones, b. April 2, 1792; bap. Joly 15, 1792.

Windnagle, Jacob, s. of Mathias and
Maria Agnes Windnagle, b. April 4, 1792;
bap. May 20. 1792; sponsors, Frederick and
Eva Windnagle.

Gantzer, George, Michael, s. of George
and Barbara Gantzer; b March 2. 1792;
bap. May 20, 1792; sponsors, Michael and
Elizabeth Seidel.

Drver, Anna Maria, d. of Phillip and Si-
billa Dryer, of the Forest; b. Nov. 19, 1791 ;
bap. May 29, 1792; sponsors, Henry and
Apollooia Hopple.

Darr. Elijah, a. of Christian and Johanna
Darr; b. Sept. 24. 1791; bap. May 27,1792.

Gmbb, Co tries, s. of Peter Grubb and
Philli* Pearsel; b. May 27,1790; bap. May,
27, 1792.

Schats, Henry, s. of Henry and Jacobina
Schatz. b. Sept 4, 1791; bap. May 27,

Hartman, JohB, a. of Frederick and Jo*
hanna Htrtman, of the Forest; b. March
19. 1792; hap May 29, 1792. Sponsors,
Henry and Barbara Kramer.

B»ak. Sarah, d. of Owen and Margaret
Boak, b. April 25, 1792; bap. July 3, 1792.

De Haven, Rehecca,d. of John aod Rachel
DeHaven.b. April 5,1792; on p. Ang 5,1792.

Zimmerman, Aunie, d. of Matthias and
Pentia Zimmerman, b. Jan. 30, 1792; bap.
June 3. 1792.

Kliebentitrin, Christian, s. of Henry and
Catharine Kliebenstein, of the Forest, b.
May 22, 1792; bap. July 22. 1792. Spon*
aor, Johanna Fritz.

Bizler, Samuel, a of John and Elisabeth
Bixler, of the Forest; b. Feb. 29. 1792; bap,
July 22, 1792; sponsors, Adam and Catha-

Frits, Cathaiine, d. of John and Eva

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

Frits; b. July 14. 1791; bap. Aug 11, 1791;
sponsors, Henry aod Catharine Kliebenstoin.

Woetllch. Jacob, s. of Michael and Dora*
tbaa Wostlich, of the Forest; b. Feb 3,
1791; bap. Aug. 11, 1791; sponsors, Jacob
aod Maria Wolf.

Enrgut, 8smue), p. of Jacob and Anna
Bhrgut; b. Jane 1, 1791; bap. August 5,

Barefoot, 8arah, b. March 11, 1751; bap.
August 5, 1791, at Morlatton's church.

Henderson, Rachael El'sabeib, d. of Jamas
and Mary Henderson.

Clemson, Rschael, b. January 4, 1788.

Cletneoo, Amos, b. June €, 1 785

Clsmson, Davis, b. October 15, 1787.

Clemsoo, James, b. April 17. 1791, chil-
dren of Jamas and Mary Clsmson; bap. An*
joat 7, 1791.

Miller, Thomas, s. of Jacob and Bridget
Miller; b. Jan. 15, 1791; bap. Aagost 7,

Cook, James, s. of Stephen and Mary
Cook; b. Jan. 3, 1791; bap. August 17,
1791; sponsors, Jacob aod Mary Ayers.

Homberger, Samoel, s. of George and
Maria Horoherger; b. May 10, 1791; bap.
8epL 16, 1791; sponsor, Micnael Folk.



[The following record of the family of
one of the brilliant officers of the struggle
for independence has recently been forwarded
us by a descendant resident in Ohio.]

L John Campbbll. an early settler in
the Co ruber land Valley, had the following.

t. John.

1 ii. Thomas; m. and left issue.

Hi. Matilda.

te. Joseph.

II. Thomas Campbbll (John) the sol-
dier and officer of the Revolution, to whom
we shall subsequently refer; b. about 1750;
d. 1815; m. and left issue:

i. John;b 1783; d. 1821.

ii Hetty (first); h. 1785; d. 1789.

Hi Thomas (first); b 1787; d. 1788.

iv. William; b. 1789; d. 1839

3. v. Thomas, //%, (second); b. 1791; m.
and left issoe.

ct James; b 1793; d. 1811.

•it. George; b 1797; d. J8I1.

sift. Hetty (second); b 1799; d. In in*
. us. Harriot (twin); b. 1799; d. in infancy.

IIL Thomas Campbbll (Thomas, John);
b. 1791 ; d. l«ftt; so. and had issue:

i. Ann;b 1810.

ii Isabella; b. 1811.

iii Matilda; b. 1816; m. ■ and had

Annie. James, BoUe and Mary.

iv James B. ; b. 1818; m. and had
Marion A , John D. and Charles D.
» ♦

Historical, Btearaplileal nasi C sae a l— leml.


Tub bbobnt Washirotofiav 8alb at
Philadelphia is referred to by two corres-
pondents. There is no disguising the fact
that many persons were deceived "by impli*
cation" — and that a large number of the
relics, broadsides and engravings never be*
longed to the immortal "G. W. " or hie rela-
tires. As ao instance —a broad-side printed
at Lancaster was pot into the catalogue by a
gentleman who had a doseo of them, and It
brought a fabulous price, But — "a fool and
his mousy are soon parted." B.

What is ih a Namb?— At the opening
of the new University Library Building in
Philadelphia on Saturday, February 7th,
the editor of Notes and Q'teries was present
by invitation. The newspapers of that
ancient metropolis got his name into as
many misprints as it. Is possible to put any
name. -One had it Gale, another Ogle,
another EngU, another Bye, another Btale
aod but one, the Inquirer, the correct. Byte.
Could any other name be thus tortured?



Tadbuskund. or Teedynscuny, the noted
Delaware Chief of Eastern Pennsylvania,
became a convert of the Sloraviaos in 1749.
In baptism he received the name of Gideon,
bnt had been known before under that of
Honest John. In the spring of 1763, he was
burned to death while asleep in his cabin at
Wyoming. His wife was bsptiaed March
19, 1750, receiving the name of KUoabeth.
They had three sons:

t TaekyokanhAe; baptised 14 Dec, 1749,
Amos. H is wife Pingtis, a Jersey Delaware,
and sister of Agnes, the wife of the mission-
ary Post, was baptised Justin*. Amoa was
born about 1717.

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


u. KetmUai

Hi. John Jacob.

Johnny 8m allino, or totalling, wu a
grandson of Teedyuscung.

WB8HIOMAOBOHWB, alias Joe Bkane* a
half brother of reedy ascang, was baptized 15
June, 1749, Nichodemw. Withdrew from
the Moravian Mission in 1754, and returned
to the lodian country. He died in January,
of 1760, at Nain, near Bethlehem. His
children, most of them baptized, were:

» Zacharias.

ii. (JUrUtian.

Hi. Nathan.

iv Thomas

v. Qtuhrtu.

vi. Dorothea.

• Indian Pbteb," alias Young Captain
Harris, was a half brother of Teedyuscung,
was baptized 3lst January, 1750-

"Sam Evans, half brother of Teedyus-
eunp, had a daughter Akte&s ; baptized 22d
February, 1756, Theodora. Sbedi.dinthe
8inter's House, at Bethlehem, 17th January,
1761, aged 19 years. J. W. J.





[Abbreviations: d daughter; $. son; b.
born; bap. baptized.]

Qninfer, Thomas, s. of George and Han*
nali Qanter; b. Ang. 9, 1791; bap. 8ept
1«, 1793.

Phillips, Hannah, d. of John and Mar-
garet Phillips; b. Dec 31, 1791; bap. Sep.
16, 1792

Mvy; b. Dec. 25, 1773; bap. Not. 18,
1792; sponsors, George Douglass, Br., and
jr., and Mary Douglass.

Waraser, Wilhelm, s. ot Wilhelm and
Marga-etta Wamser, of the Forest; b. Oct.
11, 1792; bap. Dec. 8, 1792.

Fry. Peter, s. of George and Elisabeth
Fry, of the Forest; b. July 23, 1792; bap.
Sept 30, 1792; sponsors, Joseph and Maria

McNally, Sarah, d. of Henry and Annie
McNally; b. July 25. 1792; bap, Oc 14,
1792; sponsors, Alexander and Kusan Mul-

Lydia, b. Sept 22, 1769; hap. Oct 5,

Moore, William, s. of Jacob and Rosina

Moore, of the Forest; b. March 27, 1792;
bap. Oct 22, 1792; sponsors, Conrad and
Margaret Moore.

Trnbey, Henry, s. of Michael and Eve
Trubey, of the Forest; b. July 9, 1792;
lap. Oct 22, 1792; sponsors, Conrad and
Margaret Moore.

Alexander Campbell, s. of William and
Jean Alexander, b. Febiuary 19, 1792; hap.
February 4,1793; sponsor, Margaret McNeil.

Schnoder, Eva,, d. of Christian and Oath-
erine Schnoder, b. October 15, 1792; b*p.
Febrnary 15, 1793.

Mcsstr, Anna Maria, d. of Christian and
Catherine Mosser, b. November 3, 1792;
bap. February 15, 1793.

Good, Jonathan, s. of John and Rebecca-
Good, b. October 18, 1792; bap. Febrnary
15, 1793.

Church, Robert Colemao, s. of Thomas
and Anne Church; b. June 24, 1792; bap.
March 12, 1793.

May powders, Elizabeth, d. of Wm. and
Rachael May powders; b. Sept 22, 1787;
bap. March 24, 1793; sponsor, Eliza Urn-

Moser, George, s. of Peter and Margaret
Moaer; b. Oct. 22, 1792; bap. Murci 24,
1793; 89on*ors. George aid Eve Spvz

Bnettler, John, s. of David aod Elizabeth-
Buettler, of the Forest; b. Sept. 11. 1792;
bap. March 29 1793; spoosors, John and
Catharine Hoffman.

Schneider, Catharine Elizabeth, d. of Jo*
seph and Catharine Schneider; b. Nov 27,
1792; bap. April 6. 1793; sponsors, John,
and Catharine Sen nit z.

Windnagle, John, s. of Frederick aod Eva
Wiodnagle; b. Dec. 27, 1792; bap. April 7,

Bell, Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and Mary
Bell; b. July 10, 1791; bap. May 5, 1793

John; b. 5 weeks before May; 5 years;
sponsor, Peter Feiss.

George; b. Aug. 27 '.sponsor. Geo Jaoss.

Magdalene; b. April 28, 1793; sponsor,
Mary Eva Geiger; children of Philip and
Magdalene Spannagel; bap M*y 9, 1793.

Spannagel, John, s. ot Philip and Eliza-
beth Spannagel, of the Forest; b. Feb. 10,
1790; bap. May 9, 1793; spoosois, John and
Catherine Frits.

Roller, Anna Maria, d. of John anl
Catherine Roller; b. March 22, 1793; bap. ,
May 2. 1793; sponsors, George and Anna
Maria Hoffman.

Steuer, Jacob, a of Adam and Catharine

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

3tener, of the Forest; b. Feb. 5. 1793; bap.
May 9, 1793; sponsors, Peter and Eve Miller.

Sftidenstruxer, Catharine, d. of Michael
and Barbara Seidenstruxer ; b June 23,1791;
bap. May 9. 1793; sponsor?, John and Cath-,
arine Stewart.

Seidenstrnxfr. Margaret ta Barbara, d. of
Michael and Barbara Seidenstruxer; b. Jan.
2, 1793; bap May 9. 1793; sponsor, Mar-
garetta Barbara Seidenntruxer.

Jone>>, Mary, d. of Ezekiel and Elisabeth
Jones; b. March 7, 1793; bap. Jnne 16,
1793; sponsors, Elizabeth Jones and Jacob

So wan Henk, b. Oct 20. 1772; bap. Jane
16, 1793; sponsors, Mary Lad wig and Dong*
lass* family.

Jones. Lydia, d- of John and Hinday
Jones; b. ian. 21, 1793; bap. July 7, 1793;
sponsors, Jacob and Elizabeth Warren.

Evang, Margaret, d. of Joshua and Mar-
garet Evans; b. Nov. 8, 1792; bap. Aug. 1,

Kichter, Annie, d. of Frederick and Isabel
Richter, b. September 23. 1792; bap. Jaly
21, 1793; sponsors, William and Catherine

Whicklin, Elizabeth, d. of Jacob and
Catherine Whicklin, of the Forest, b. April
12, 1793; bap. August 3, 1793; sponsors,
Jacob and Susan Segf ried.

Burnet, Gilbert, b. July 18, 1778

Burnet, Kcbecca, b. June 12, 1783.

Burnet, Annie, b. April 29, 1787.

Burnet, Sirney, b June 10. 1791; children
of John and Rebecca Buroe r . of MidJletown;
all baptized September 1, 1793

Gril, Jacot>. s. of Henry and Margare'.ta
Gril, of the Forest, b. An*. 1, 1793; bap.
8ept. 15, 1793; sponsors, Jacob and Sasao
Beg fried.

Weaver, Elizabeth, dau. of John and
Margiret Weaver; b. Dec. 28, 1792; bap.
Oct. 4, 1793

Wjrth, Jacob, 8. of Jacob, Jr., and
Elizabeth Wirth, of the Forest, b. Aug. 27,
1783; bap. Oct. 6, 1793; sponsors, Jacob
and Catharine Wirth.

Nirdbach, Elizabeth, d. of Jacob and Ed-
estina Nirdhach, of the Forest, b. Jaly 3,
1793; bap Oct. 6, 1793; sponsors, George
Eckt-rt and Susan Boom.

Hoffman, Peter, s. of George and Maria
Hoffman, of the Forest, b. Sept 8, 1793;
bap. Oct 27,1793; sponsors, John and Catha-
rine Roller.
( Clingman, Jacob, a. of John and Christi-

ana Clingman. of the Forest, b. Aog. 25,
1793; bap. Oct- 6. 1793; sponsors, Jacob
and Magdalena Chngmari.

King, Susan, b. July 7. 1787.

King, Richel, b. June 29. 1791; children
of Francis and Barbara King : hap. Oct 6,
1793; sponsors, Andrew and Elizabeth Blast
and Camper and Catharine Myers.

Morkwort, George, 8. of Abraham and
Elnora Morkwort; b Sept 15 179C; spon-
sor*, George and Magdalena Engelhatdt

Simon. John Adam, s of Lud wig and Eva
Simon; b. Nov. fi, 1793; bap. Nov 17, 1793;
sponsor.-*, Mathia* and Caharioe Z inner..

A lie man, John, a. of John and Barbara
Alleman, b. Oct 22, 1793; bap. Nov. 23,

Johns, Mary, dau. of Peter and Catherine
Johns, b. Sept. 19, 1793; bap Dec. 1, 1793.

Ferree, Israel, s of Israel Ferree and Eva
Catharine Geahler (?) b. Feb. 10, 1792; bap.
Dec. 19, 1793; sponsors, Adam aud Mar-
garet Zell.

Davie*, William, s. of Thomas and Mar-
garet Davies, b. Aug. 20,1790; bap. Oct 15,

Davies, Sarah, dau. of Thomas and Mar-
garet Davies, b. Sept 1, 1793; bap. Oct. 15,

(Jmstead, Elizabeth, dau. of Jacob and
Elizabeth U instead, b. Dec. 16, 1793; bap.
Jan. 12, 1794.

Mark wort Philip, a. of Philip and Eliza-
beth Mark wort, b. Nov. 14. 1793; bap April

7, 1794; eponsors, John and Sahella Bits*.
Zoll, Barbara, dau. of Adam and Margaret

Zoll, b. March 7. 1794; bap. April 15, 1794.

Spatz, Catharine, d*n. of George and Eva
Spaiz. b. Dec. 8. 1793; bap. April 6, 1794.

Bixler, Christina, dun. of Michael and
Hanua Bixler, b. Sept. 29. 1793; bap. Feb.
9,1794; ppmsors, Jacob and Christina Johns.

holing, Anna-Catharine, d. of Peter and
Catharine Pcling, of tb«* Forest, b. Dec. 13,
1793; bap. March 23, 1794; sponsors, John
and Catharine Frt'z.

Kltflbensrein. Michael, a. of Henry and
Catharine Kleibenstein, of the Forest, h.
Marcb 3, 1794; bap. May 25,1794; sponsors,
Michael and Margaret Hoffman.

Bnxlor, Hanna, d. of John and Elizabeth
Bnxlor, of the Forest b. Marr»h 28, 1794;
nap. M-y 25, 1794; sponsors, Michael and
Hacna Bnxlor.

Robinson, James, 8. of John and Eliza-
beth Robinson, b. April 25, 1794; bap. Jane

8, 1794.

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical.


McMottery, Margaret, d. of Charles and
Eve Catharine McMottery, b. Oct 16, 1793;
bap. Jane 9, 1794; sponsor, Catharine Frey.

Brown, Elizabeth, d. of George and Judith
Brown, b. Jan. 38, 1794; bap. Jane 22,
1794; sponsors, Peter and Catharine Jones.
- Alleman, Michael, s. Henry and Johana
Alleman, b. Jan. 11, 1794; bap. Jan. 29,

William; b Jan. 27, 1779.

Rachel; b. March 16, 1781.

Hobert; b. March 17, 1784.

William; b. July 1, 1794; all bap. Ang.
2, 1794

William and Mary Bland, parents to 3
children, and Charles and Mary Conner
parents to the last

Crnmp, Catharine; b. May 15, 1790.

Cramp, Elisabeth; b. April 27, 1792.

Cramp, Ellencra; b. March 29, 1794.

Children of Charles and Catharine
Crnmp; all bap. Ang 2, 1794.

Eschenanr, Johu, s. of Christian and
Christina Eschenanr; b. July 24, 1794; bap*
Aug. 31, 1794.

Siegfried, Elisabeth, d. of Jacob and
Susan Siegfried, of the Pores ; b. March
11 1794; bap. August 17, 1794; sponsor,
Elizabeth SWgfried.

Holtzinger, Anna Maria, d. of Conrad
and Susan Holtzioger; b, Sept 15, 1794;
bap. Sept 24. 1794; sponsor, Elizabeth XII-

Bell, Charles, s. of Jonathan and Mary
Bell; b. July 30, 1793; bap. Not. 16, 1794;
sponsor, Nicholas Jones.

Schoock, Amelia, d. of Henry and
Jacobin a Sehooch; b. July 28, 1794; bap.
Nov. 16, 1794.

Workman, John; b. Sept. 2. 1785.

Workman, Esther; b. April 2. 1787.

Workman, Lad wig; b. Feb. 24, 1790.

Workman, Benjamin; b. Sept 17, 1794.

Children of Joseph and Mary Workman ;
all bap. Dec 13, 1794.

Bailer, Maria, d. of Daniel and Elizabeth
Bailer; \y July 23, 1794; bap. Dec. 21,
1794; sponsors, George and Margaret

Evans, Sarah, b, March 12, 1784.

Evans, Lot, b. May 13. 1786

Evans, Anne, b. Dec. 23, 1787.

Evans, Elizabeth, b. Dec. ), 1793, chil-
dren of Lot and Sarah Evans; bap. Dec 17,

Frey, Johu, s. of George and Elizabeth
Frey, of the Forest; b. Sept 15, 1794; bap.

Dec 25, 1794; sponsors, Philip and Eliza-
beth Spanagle.

Umstead, Rebecca, d. of Peter and Eliza-
beth U instead; b. Feb. 2, 1793; bap. Sept.
18, 1793; witness, John Umstead.

Gril, Eva, d. of Frederick and ifogdalena
Gril, of the Forest; b. Feb 7, 1774; spon-
sors, Jacob and Elizabeth Bohm.

Steward, Johu, s. of Louis and Magda-
lene Steward; b. Jan 8, 1795; bap. Jan.
28, 1795; sponsors, John and Catharine

Seidenstricker, Elizabeth, d. of Michael
and Barbara Seidenstricker, of the Forest;
b. Aug. 10, 1794; bap. Feb 2, 1795.

Staver, John Adam, 8. of Adam and
Catharine Staver, of the Forest; b. Nov. 7,
1794; bap. Feb. 8, 1795; sponsor, Jacob

Poling, Valentine, s. of Peter and Catha-
rine Poling, of the Forest; b. Jan. 10, 1795;
bep March 17, 1795.

Ruthranff, Henry, s. of Henry and Mag-
dalene Rathranff, of Harriabarg, b. Feb.
21, 1795; bap. April 16, 1795.

Bohl, Jonas, s. of Henry and Margaret
Bohl, b. June 20, 1791; bap. April 17,1795;
sponsors, George and Anna Lara and Eliza-
beth Illing.

Bshenauer, Elizabeth, dau. of Casper and
Anna Maria Eshenauer, b. Dec 3, 1794;
bap. April 19, 1795; sponsors, John and
Barbara Alleman.

Gaasert Sarah, dau. of George and
Barbara Gausert, b. Aug. 18, 1794; bap.
April 22, 1795.

McKichen, Jane, dau. of James and
Nancy McKichen, b. Ang. 19, 1794; bap.
April 24, 1795.

Roller, John, s. of Join and Catharine
Roller, of the Forest, b. March 17, 1795;
bap. May 24, 1795; sponsors, Nicholas and
Elizabeth Fuchs.

Feiss, Michael, s. of John and Eva Feiss,
of the Forest, b. Nov. 21, 1794; bap. July
26, 1795; sponsors, Michael and Margaret

Moyer, George Adam, s. of Martin and
Catharine Moyer, of the Forest b. June 26,
1795; bap. July 26, 1795; sponsors, George
Adams aod Maria Margaret Whlttman.

Buttler, Michael, s. of Michael and Anna
Buttler, of the Forest, b. June 14, 1795;
bap. Aug. 16, 1795; sponsors, M'chael and
Dorothea Wirtu.

Sollors, Whilbelm,s. of George and Cath-
arine Sollors, b. Oct 31, 1794; bap, Sept.

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Eistortoal and Genealogical.

20, 1795; sponsors, John and Maria Elisa-
beth Wnnderlich.

Alleman, Elisabeth, d. of John and Bar*
hara AUeman; b. Ang. 24, 1795; bap. 8epi
25, 1795; sponsor, Margaret AUeman,

Evans, Anne; b. April 17, 177a

Evans, Mary; b. March 8, 1789.

Evans, Jehn; b. Oct 24, 1790.

Evans, Abcer, b, Sept 10, 1790.

Evans, Thorn at; b. May 6, 1794.

Children [except the first, which possibly
was the mother], of William and Anne
Evans; bap. Ang. 81, 1795.

O'Kare, Charles; a of Thaddens and
Hester O'Hara; h. Sept 1, 1795; bap. Sept
9, 1795.

Bomberger, Christian, a of John Cassen
and Anna Maria Romberger; b. Feb. 28,
1795; bap. Nov. 1, 1795; sponsor, Maria

Nierdhahl, Samnel, a of Nierdbahl, of the
Forest; b. Jnne 1, 1795; bap. Nov. 29, 1795;
sponsors, Frederick and Magdalena Gril.

8eidenstricker, Maria Barbara, d. of
Michael (Barbara 1st tod) Seidenatricker, of
the Forest; sponsors, Abraham Mark ward
and Margaret Barbara 8eidenstricker.

Zoll, Samnel, a of Adam and Margaret
Zoll; b. Nov. 1, 1795; bap. Jan. 1, 1796.

Miller, Henry, a of Hans and Gertrude
Miller; b. Sept 18, 1795; bap. Jan. 1, 1796.

Beger, Elisabeth, d. of Barbara Barth
and one Reger; b. Ang. 81, 1794; bap. Feb.
12, 1796; sponsors, Henry and Christina

Spar, David, a of Christian and Maria
8par; b. Dec 81, 1795; bap. March 18,
1796; sponsors, Michael and Elizabeth EblL

MacLow, Christian, a of William and
Elisabeth MacLow; b. Jan. 18, 1794; bap.
March IS, 1796; sponsors, Johanna and
Elisabeth Wnnderlich.

Hoffman, Philip, a of George and Maria
Hoffman, of the Forest, b. Nov. 81, 1795;
bap. Jan. 1796; sponsors, George Eckert
and Susanna Bohm.

Burn, William, a of Patrick and Ann
Bnrn, h. January 7, 1779; bap. Jane 4,
1780; sponsors, Lodwig and Catherine
8hnlts and John and Barbara Geig.

Bod, Magdalena, d. of Nicholas and Cath-
erine Bod, of May town, b, May 10, 1780;
bap. Jnne 2, 1780; sponsors, Catherine
Gohlbach and Martin Lindemnth.

Brinton, James, a of James and Elisa-
beth Brinton, b. October 20, 1779; bap.

Jnne 7, 1780; sponsors, Christian and Anna
Maria Winecker.

McGarvey, Arthur, a of William and
Margaret McGarvey. b, October 8, 1780;
bap. November 7, 1780; sponsor Peter Lin-

Fnchs, Elizabeth, d of Philip and Elisa-
beth Fnchs, b. Oct. 8th, 1780; bap. Nov. 7th,
1780; sponsors, George and Anna Maria

Baner, Anna, d of Frederick and Anna
Maria Baner, b. Oct. 29, (1780; bap jNov.
7, 1780; sponsors, Frederick and Anna
Maria Gohlbach.

Nicolas, Elisabeth, d. of Michael and
Eva Nicolas, of May town, b. Oct 12, 1780;
bap. Nov. 9, 1780; sponsors, Peter and Bar-
bara Lindemnth.


Historical, BI««ra»Mcal a*4 QeweaUerleal.

HACH8ITAOBCHTE, an Onondaga Indian
chief, while on a visit to Bethlehem with
Bev David Zeisberger, died there September
9, 1767, and was buried on the 10th.

"Thb Genealogy op the Mbtbb Fam-
ily," by 'Squire Henry Meyer, of Rebers-
bnrg, Centre county, Penn'a , ia the latest
contribution to Pennsylvania genealogy.
The volume is a privately printed work, and
tbe author is deserving the tnarks of the
Meyer "freundscbaft," wheresoever dis-
persed, in thns saving the records of the
family. With the meagre details at his
command, he has done well, and preserved
for all time what might have been lost He

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