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1797; witnesses, Peter and 8nsan Hofam.

Koenlg, John, s. of John and Bfagdalena
Koeoig; b. Jnne 7, 1797; bap. October 5,
1797; witness, Anna Maria 8chwinfort

Bneher, Elias, s. of Henry and Satan
Becher; b July 20, 1797; bap. August 9,
1797; witnesses, John and Maria Bneher.

Whitman, Jacob, a of Andrew and Ger-
trude Whitman; b. August 8, 1797; bap.
September 14, 1797; witnesses, Jacob
Northamer and Elisabeth — .

Ayres, David, s. of John and Elisabeth
Ay res, b. Ang 19, 1796; bap. Oct 20 1797;
wi t nes s es, Henry and Maria.

Weill, Elisabeth, d. ci Valentine and
Maria Whill. of Allegheny, b. Jnne 16, 1797;
bap. Aug. 17, 1797; witnesses, David and
Elisabeth Whill.

Shulfs, Esther, d. of Baiter and riannah
8bults, of the Forest, b. May 26, 1797; bap.
Aug. IS, 1797; witnesses, Phillip and Catha-
rine Fnhrman.

Polling, Henry, s. of Peter and Catharine
Polling, of the Forest, b. April 26, 1797; bap.
Sept 2, 1797; witnesses, Henry and Chris-
tina Bart

Bricker, Sybilla Catharine, d. of John and
Rebecca Bricker, of the Forest; b. Ang. 11,
1797; bap. 8ept. 14, 1797; witt esses, Bene-
dict acd Sybilla Catharine Monty.

Marqnart, Abraham, & of Abraham and
Elinors Marqnert, of the Forest; b. Ang.
31, 1797; bap. Sept 24, 1797; witnesses,
Satnoel and Maria Biston.

Moyer, John, s. of Martin and Catharine
Moyer, of the Forest; b. Sept. 19, 1797; bap.
Nor. 6, 1797; witnesses, Casper and Catha
rine Mojer.

Sayner, Samuel, s. of Hsnry and Catha-
rine Sayner, of Allegheny; h. March 15,
1795; bap. Oct. 29, 1797; witnesses, George
and Margaret Gebhardt

Sayner, Henrv, s. of Henry and Anna
8ayner, of Allegheny; b March 2, 1797;
hap. Oct 29, 1797; witnesses, Henry and
Catharine Eiseuer.

Sohweitser, Barbara, d. of Peter and

Barbara 8chweitser, of Allegheny ; b. Oct
12. 1797; bap. Oct 80, 1797.

Benjamin, bap. October 22, 1797; wit-
ness, John Bneher.

Elisabeth, bap. October 22. 1797. in the
church; witness, Catherine Zer be.

Moyer, Isaac, bap. October 22. 1797; wit-
ness, Catherine Moyer, the mother.

Moyer, Jacob, b. September 18. 1797.

Moyer, Margaret b. May 7, 1798, children
of Walter and Catherine Mojer; bap. Oc-
tober 26, 1797.

Bneher, Anna Maris, b January 19.1795

Bocber, Catherine, b. September 28 1796,
children of Benjamin and Elisabeth Bneher,
bap. October 26, 1797.

Hartmaa, Barbara, d of Frederick and
Hannah Hartmau; b. Sept 27, 1797; bap.
Oct. 26, 1797.

Boehm, Anna, d. of Chrittian and Elisa-
beth Boehm, of Allegheny; b. 8ept 27,
1797; bap. Oct 26, 1797.

Bockhart John, a of Henry and Barbara
Bnckbtrt of Allegheny; b. Sept 20. 1797;
bsp. Nor. 19, 1797; witnesses, Andrew and
Anna Barbara Buckhart.

Sigfried, >usanna, d. of Jacob and Su*
tanna Sigfried, of the Forest, b. Jannary
6. 1797; bap. Dec 17, 1797; witnesses,
Philip and Elisabeth Marqnart.

Kleibenstein, Hannah, d. of Henry and
Catherine Kleibenstein, of the Forest b.
Feb. 19, 1798; bsp. Jnne 17, 1798; wit-
ness, Anna Ruth.

Barth. Catherine, d. of John and Hannah
Berth, of the Forest »• Nov. 24, 1797; bap.
January 19, 1798; witness, Catherine Berth.

McNeal, Sarah, d. of James end Sarah
McNeal, b. Oct 29,1797; bsp. April 18.

O'Hsra, Nancy, d. of Thaddeus and
Hester OHara; b November 8. 1797; bap.
January 21, 1798.

Camel, Cats, child of Bomb, and Sarah
Camel; b. February 20, 1797; bap. February
4, 1798.

Scherk, Jacob, s. ot Henry and Jacobina
Scherk; b. November 8, 1797; bap. January
21, 1798.

Kiamer, Henry, s. of Henry and Barbara
Kramer; b. March 26, 1797; bap. December
81. 1797.

Kocklioger. Anna Maria, d. of Leonard
and Catherine Kochlioger, of Allegheny;
b. October 20, 1797; bap. December 81,
1797; witness, Margaretta Funkhoosea.

Berth, Catharine, d. of and

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Historical and Genealogical.


Slim. Berth, of Allegheny; b. Oct 16,1797;
bap. Dee. 81, 1797; witnesses, Christian
Ebrlmsn end Roeaona Zeigler.

Hoffman, Catharine, d. of George and
Maria Hoffman, of the Forest; b. Nor. 11,
1797; bap. Jan. 7, 1798; witnesses, Phillip
and Elis Mark ward.

Mark ward, 8arah f d of Phillip and Blis.
Mark ward, of the Forest; b. Nor. 8, 1797;
bap Jan. 7, 1798; witnesses, George and
Maria Hoffman.

Flock, George, s of George and Era
Barbara Finck, of the Forest; b. Oct 18,
1797; bsp. Feb. SO, 1798.

Hodgisoon, Ann, d. ot Win. and Ann
Hodgisoon; h. April 9, 1798; bap. July 27,

Mover, 8amael. & of Frederick and Mar-
garet Moyer, of Allegheny ; b. May 35,
1798; bap. Ang 5, 1798; witnesses, John
and Catherine Zerbe.

w-Roes, Abraham, s. of Abraham and Bar*
bare Ross, of Allegheny; b. Jnne 18, 1798;
bap. Ang. 5, 1798.

Stuart, Catherine, d. of George and Blis
Stnart; h. Sept 4, 1797; bap. Sept. 2,
1798; witnesses, John and Catharine

Jane, d. of John and Nancy; b. Jnly 16,
1797; bap. Ang 2, 1798
■ a ■

f Mst«rleal, Biographical and Geaealewtral.


Cabman. — Isaac Carman, a native of the
neighborhood of Harrisburg, went to Illi
nois in 1837, where he died the year follow-
ing. His daughter, Mrs. Mary F. Free-
man, of Campbell, Coles connty, III., de-
sires some information concerning her an-

Dietrich. — My grandfather, Jacob
Dietrich, was a soldier from Pennpylvania in
the War of the Revolu*ion. He was born in
Adams connty, Pa., in 1758, and died in
1801. My father, John J. N. Dietrich, was
horn in 1799, near Gettysburg, and died in
1 887. Can yon give me the record of Jacob
Dietrich in the war for Independence ?

HopkirumUe, Ky. o. H. d.

St. Clair's Dbfb at.— I am anxious to
ascertain the full names of the following

officers who Major Denny says were killed,
Ac, at St Clair's defeat in November, 1791 :
Fimt Regiment of Loom—
Killed— Capt Van Swearingen.
Lieut Boyd.
Bnsign Wilson.
Ensign Reaves.
Wounde I— Capt Buchanan.
Lieut Davidson.
Second Regiment cfLemee—
Killed— Capt Smith.

Bnsign McMickle [MeMiebael].
Bnsign Beatty.
Wounded— Major Butler.
Lieut Read.
Adjt Crawford.
Kentucky Militia—

Killed— Bnsign Montgomery.
[Can any of onr coi respondents furnish
the writer, L. B. J., the information.]

Ci OUOH.— This family tettled in Virginia,
in King and Queen county, coming from
England, at an early day. Col. James
Crouch came to Pennsylvania some years
prior to 1787, for in that year, on September
22d, he married Hannah Brown who was the
mother of Edward Croncb (b. Nov. 9th,
1764,) and three daughters all older. They
were: Mary married Col. James Cowdeo,
Elizabeth married Matthew Gilchrist, who
removed to Washington county, Peon'e.,
and Hannah married Roan McClar«*. That
the family a as of some consequence may be
inferred from the fact that Col. Crouds?
brought with him forty slaves and bought
3,000 acres of land in York county, where
the town of Wrightsville is now situated, on
which he settled for a few years, but which
be eventually sold and removed to 1,000
seres which he purchased near Middletowo,
in now Dauphin connty. The farms of Col.
Toung and Jacob C. Bomberger, are pait
of that tract 1.


Fr«M l.i



George Patterson died in 1746, leaving a
wife, Margaret *"*<! children, as follows:
i William,
ii. Mary.
Hi. Jamee.
to. John.
e. Margaret.

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Historical and Genealogical.

#*. EUanor.
mi. Agnct.

The executors were Robert Allison and
Hugh Berkley.


John Powell, ot Paxtang, died in 1748,
leaving a wife, Margaret, and with several
other younger children, a daughter, Nancy,
who is especially mentioned in the will The
executors of the estate were Thomas McKee,
Indian trader, of Paxtang, and John Alli-
son. John Powell was a tavern keeper, and
for him is named Powell's Valley.


Archibald Montgomery, of Derryi died in
1773, leaving children:

i. Archibald.

n. Mary ; m. Robert Walker.

m. [A dan.]; m. Samnel Hannah.

Robert Ramsey and Barnabas Irwin, of
D. rry were authorised to sell property.

Boyd. .

Jane Boyd, widow of Paxtang, died in
1772, leaving children as follows:

i. Margaret,

ii. Mary,

Hi. Jans.

»«. Martha.

In her will she mentions her sons in-law,
James Miller, James Means, James Ander-
son, William McWhorter and Robert Mc-
Whorter. Also granddaughters Jane
Means and Sarah McWhorter. James
Burd and John 8hell were the executors.



BUaraphleat N«te«.— I.

[The biographical notes herewith given are
mostly of the German residents of Middle-
town and vicinity who signed the first cell to
the Rev. Mr. Illing. In most instances the
descendants reside in some portion of the
county of Danphin, although many are scat-
tered over various States of the Union.]

Gbobob Fbby.

George Prey, or George Everhard, as it
should properly appear, was born in the year
1782, in Germany. It is stated, but upon
what authority we know not, that attracted,

when a young man, to this country, be came
to Pennsylvania, locating at Middletown.
Here he found employment with George
Fisher, the founder of the town, in whose
employ he continue! several years, when by
the frugality and iudustry characteristic of
bis race he saved some mooey. His ambition,
however, wss be>ond the labor usual to the
farm in a new country, that he concluded to
invest his savings in merchandise necessary
aod saleable amoogst the Indians and the
settlers on the frontiers. With his bundle well
stocked, George Bberhard started upon his
journey up the Susquehanna. Wheu in the
vicinity of Port Hooter, which was located
at the Boas Farm, at the mouth of the Fish-
iog Creek, the soldiers garrisoned there ar-
rested him, presuming bim a runaway re-
demptions, but George, In his mother tongue,
said earnestly "Ich bin Frey, ich bir Frey,"
in order to vindicate himself and be able to
proceed on his journey. He succeeded i#
convincing the soldiers that he was free, aod
going with them to their reodesvoos. He
became quite a favorite, while ever after,
he was known as Frey, which they
had learned from his first reply to
them, and hence the changing of
his name. In course of time he opened
a small store in Middletown, subsequently
operated a large flooring mill on the Swa-
tare, aod was a man of much enterprise.
He died in 1806, and although married was
childless. He devised his estate to the found*
iog of an orphan asylum, the Emans Institute
of Middletown.


Frederick Schott was settled in Derry
township prior to the war of the Revolution.
He was a devont member of St Peter's
church. He died in April, 1786. He left a
large family. Many of bis descendants re-
side in Seneca county, New Tork, his sons,
Frederick and Andrew, having removed
thither in 1802.

John Mbtzoab.

John Metsgar, b. January 10, 1774; d.
November SO, 1856, in Middletown, and
buried in the graveyard adjoining St Peter's
Lutheran church. He m. Anna Maria La*
Rue, an emigrant from Sortserk, and Mr.
Metzgar's wife's sister, Elisabeth LaRoe, m.
Rev. Traugott Frederick Illing, of whom the
records of which this is made a part was the
owner. John Metsgar and wife had issue

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Historical and Genealogical.


fourteen children, the youngest, Joseph,
died in Harrisburg, where some of his chil-
dren reside.

Conrad Wolflby.

Mr. Wolfley was a tanner by trade, the
plant being located on the rnn or stream of
water crossing the pike north of what was
known for many years as the Dr. Mercer
Brown farm, near Middletown, now owned
by Col. James Yonng. His children were
John, m. Lydia Shelley, of Shelly 's Island,
and had among other children a daughter
Anna, who became the wife of Dr. Low.
Augustus went to Kentucky. EUaha,m. So-
phia Lafy (?). Rebecca, m. Dr. Mercer
Brown, long a prominent citizen of the
11 Lower find." Elisabeth, m., first, John
Spikeman, m., secondly, William King, and
had a son Christian, whose daughter Mary
m. Jacob Benner, who died a few years ago
in Middletown, Fa., at the age of 90 years;
m., thirdly, John Snyder. Catharine. In
the First Lutheran graveyard on the S. W.
corner of High and Pine streets, is buried
Elisabeth Wolfley, wife of Ludwig, b. Sept
18, 1721; d. Feb. 27, 1804. They were the
parents of Conrad Wolfley.

Frederick Zbbbbbnick.

More than one hundred years ago Mr.
Zebbernick kept an inn or ordinary at Mid-
dletown, which was popularly known far and
wide as •• Zebbernick 's." He was one of the
building committee of St. Peter's church.

siding in Middletown. They also had a
sister, Esther, who became the wife of George

Christian Roth.

Mr. Roth was one of the leading citizens
of Middletown, and in the year 1764 he, in
connection with David Ettle, was licensed to
receive and secure subscriptions for the erec-
tion of St. Peter' b church, and was one of
the elders of the chnrcn.

Jacob and Christian Kobnio.

Jacob Eoeuig, or King as now, was b.
August 28, 1741, and d. March 23, 1806;
his wife Maria Magdalena b. Nov. 7, 1746;
d. Feb. 31, 1809. Christian King who was
b. Jan. 1, 1744, and d. May 1, 1795, was
his brother. The letter's two wives were,
1st, Margaret Toot, b 1747; d. Sept. 29,
1782; daughter of David Toot, b. 1732; d.
Feb. 15, 1792. (David Toot in his day was
a prominent citisen in Middletown and vi-
cinity.) Jacob King and his brother, Chris-
tian, were the ancestors of the Kings yet re-

Philip Parthbmorb.

Philip Parthemore was a communicant in
the Reformed church, and was the ancestor
of the Parthemores in a»d aronnd Middle-
town and Highspire. He was a brother of
John, the progenitor of the Parthemores
along the Jonestown road east of this oity.

Jacob Crbambr.

Jacob Creamer resided on West Main
street, opposite where Michael Lanman re-

George Philip Schackin.

George Philip Schackin, b. Dec 11, 1735;
d. Oct 18, 1807, and wife Anna B., b.
April 19, 1744; d. Nov. 28, 1830. Have
not been able to trace any of his descend-
ants. He resided in the ancient town on the
southeast corner of Main and Union streets,
where the drng store of Dr. Laverty is lo-

Ludwig Hbmpbrlt.

Ludwig Hemperly born about the year
1732; died in 1790; his wife, Mary, b. Joly
11, 1734; d. February 19. 1780; they had
among other children Michael, Martin,
Elizabeth and John. Martin, son of Lud-
wig, died in 1829 at Middletown; his wife,
Mary Ann, born in 1763, died in the year
1808. Their son, Adam Hemperly, was b.
November 18, 1784. He resided in Middle-
town, where he followed the trade of stone-
mason and farming; he died October 17,
1882. He married Susannah Parthemore
and they had eight children.

Gottlieb David Ettle.

Of him little is known excepting that he
was an early settler in Middletown and the
head of the family bearing that surname, of
whom a number continue to reside in Middle-
town. He was zealons in the cause of old
St. Peter's church, and one of the two
authorized by license to secure subscriptions
and collect funds for the erection of the
church. It is said of him that on his col-
lecting tour he walked to and from Philadel-
phia. When he died or where buried we
know not, but certainly the worshipers of
St. Peter's at an early day neglected their
duty when, after his death, they did not

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Hxstor tool and Genealogical*

erect over hit grave a suitable stone to mark
his resting place, for he deserved it. He and
bis wife are undoubtedly buried in the
Lutheran grave yard on Pine street. Of their
children we have:

John Philip, b. 1755; d. 1626; his wife,
Mary, b. 1755, d. 1839; David, b. 1761, d.
1821, and his wife, Mary Magdalene, b.
1768, d. 1829.

There are residing in the borough a num-
ber of the descendants of this familv.

Historical, Blacrapbleal and CJeaeaUcleaJ.


Walkbb —James Walker, of Paztang,
died prior to 1784, leaving a wife Barbara,
daughter of Thomas Mc Arthur, and children
a* follows:

L Isabel

ii William.

Hi Jamet.

te. Damd.

v Robert

t>i. Thomas.

mi Tohn.

He named in his will his granddaughters
Catharine and Rebecca (jraibraith. The son
Thomas commanded a military company in
the war of 1812-U.




BUarnpktcal .N«te

John Backbnstow.

For a number of years we have endeavored
to truce his descendants, but have been un-
successful. He was a devoted follower of
Zwlogli, and in the deed given by George
Frey, May 22d, 1770, for the use of the Ger-
man Reformed church ooe of the trustees
was Mr. Backeostow. He wss a sadler by
trade and so mentioned in the deed. The
name is no strange one on Dauphin county s
assessment rolls from the organisation of the
county till now.

George Laumam.

Mr. Lauman's name was probably Lndwig
George Lao man. He was b. August 26,
1743, and d. June 28, 1809. He was a
native oi Chester county, was a stone mason,
and followed this occupation many years at

Middletowo, where he located when a young
man. He resided on Pine street. He mar*
ried Esther King, of Middletown, b, August
6, 1750; d December 18, 1821. 8he was a
sister of Jacob and Christian King, hereto*
fore mentioned. They left a large family.


He was either the head of the old Dauphin
county family or a brother of Johannes Cue*
eel, both < f whom have many descendants
yet living in this county.

Jacob and Henry Sohaffnbb.

These were early settlers at Middletown.
Henry Schaffoer came to America about the
middle of the eighteenth century from Bos-
sell, in Germany, where be was bound to a
Mr. Hains in order to satisfy his expenses in
crossing the ocean. His wife wae a native
of Bairen, Germany; she was also a redemp*
tioner. After their marriage they settled in
Middletown, where be purchased two lots of
ground, and died in 1778.

Martin Hbmpbblt.

He was a son of Lndwig Hemperly before
mentioned. He died in tbe year 1629, at
Middletowo, where he followed hi* trade of
mason. He took the oath of allegiance
prior to March 26, 1778, before Joshua El-
der, Esquire. His wife Mary Ann, b. in
1763; d. in 1808. They hsd a large family
of children. Of these, Adam Hempeily, b.
November 18. 1784; d October 17, 1872, m.
Susannah Parthemore, and had Catharine,
m. Thomas Black, Adam, m. Rebecca Schu-
ler, Mary m. George F. Whitman, 8v*m
m. William Coombs, Borah m. Isaac Acker*
man, Danid m. Margaret Umberger, and
Rebecca m. Caleb H. Roe.

John Matthias Winaolb.

Matthias Winagle, b. May 14, 1716, in
8wi serland, came to America, landing at
Philadelphia September 21, 1742, from the
ship Francis and Elizabeth, George North,
master, from Rotterdam. He died at Mid-
dletown, February 28, 1786. His wife*
Maria Catharine Ritter, b. April 7, 1717, 4.
February 28, 1786. He was quite prominent
and influential in 8t Peter's church and

Hbinbioh LaRub.

Henry LaRue, b. 8ept 24, 1789, d. Feb-
ruary 15, 1778, son of Jonas LaRue* who

Digitized by


Historical and Genealogical,


was the father-in-law of Rev. Mr. JUfog.
John George LaRue, a native of Switser-
land, came early to America and settled in
Lancaster county. The LaRnes of Danphin
and Cumberland comities descend from him.
Henry LaRue was a aergeant in Captain
Joseph 8herer's company in the war of the


Ulrich Hubtcber or Hypecher, sn early
immigrant to America, roming from the
Palatine, settled in Deny towuship, now
Dauphin county. The proprietaries of
Pennsylvania warranted to him October 26,
1750, fifty acres of land in said township. .
It has been a strong desire ef the writer to
trace his record since the only child known
was Ann Eve Hypscher, who married Philip
Parthemore. At the " 8and Hill " Lntheran
church, near Hummelstown, is an old com-
munion set which is still in use, on the
tankard of it being engraved M U. Hipsher "
and "W. Pob, 1758." On the platter are
the initials "U. P." and •• W. P.," bot
there is no inscription on the cnp. The
whole is of English pewter with the stamp
of the crown thereon.

Christian Demmy.

All that is known of Christian Demmy is
that he had a son John who resided on the
road leading from Middletown to Uummels-
town by the way of "Fidler's blbow," in a
small hamlet known as "Snitztown."

Jacob Eablt.

Jacob Early b. October 23, 17 59, in Done-
gal township, Lancaster county ; d. March
29, 1806, in what is now Highspire and
buried in the Reformed burial ground.
He was a son of Jacob Early. At the time
of his death he was the "keeper of the
Cross Keys ion, which as an inn has long
since gone the way of all the bostelries
which were so necessary for the
weary traveler, bnt still does duty as a
dwelling. It is located on the east side of
the turnpike as yon enter Highspire from
Middletown being the oldest honse in the
town. He married probably Catherine Mus-
ser who succeeded her husband in the pro*
prietorship of the ion. October 10, J 807,
the widow and his brothers and sisters deeded
the estate which consisted of 14} acres and
19 perches to Conrad AUeman who was the
grandfather of Henry Clay AUeman. Con-

rad AUeman and y wife Mary conveyed this
same tract December 23, 1813, to Barents
and Dochterman who laid it out in lots and
called the new town Highspire.

Peteb Kop.

Mr. Kop resided in the ticinity of the
"Ronnd Top," in Londonderry township,
and was a communicant in the Reformed
Church. Some of his descendants are
buried in the Reformed burial place.

Christian Allbman.

Christian AUeman, of Paxtang, now prob-
ably Lower Swatara, died in 1783. He left
numerous descendants. He was a farmer,
and a man of much influence in church and*
civil affairs.

Peter Phankucken.

Peter Phankucken, or Pancake, as now
written, was assessed for 140 acres of rand
in Paxtang township as early as the year
1770 and was the ancestor of those residing,
in thiB county at the present.

Christian Sc hertz

He was the father of Jacob Sberte. hi
Feb. 24th, 1772; d. May 8th, 1808, and m.
Catharine Metzger, b. MSy 22d, 1777; d.
Dec 4th, 184ft; dangbtet of John Metzger
(1740-1826) and Mary LaRue (1747-1826)

Abraham Gboss.

His father, George Gross, was an early
settler, of whom his tombstone says, he ''had
eleven children with three wives." Abra-
ham was probably the eldest. He was a
man of prominence in the early days of
Middletown, and no doubt removed either to
to the West or South at the close of the

John Pbtbb Bkbnnbb.

Peter Brenner, b. in 1738; d. in 1789, an*
was Juried in the beautiful cemetery at
Obsrlin. For many years he resifed south
of Neidig's Meeting Honse as it was origi-
nally named. He m. Julian n Dagen,.
daughter of John Henry Dagen (b.1702; d.
1783) and Barbara, his wife (b. 1706; d.
1783) and a sister of Lad wig \ Dagen, whose
wife died Dec* m bar 20, 1832, at the ex-
treme age of 101 years, 7 months and 13-
days. Mr. Brenner had a son Peter, b.
March 6, 1776; d. May 9, 1852; m. Catha-
rine Blever, b. Sept 11, 1770; d. August 3>

Digitized by



Historical and Genealogical.

1847. Some of the descendant* still reside
in Dauphin county.

John Miohabl Con bod.

He was born io 1729 and died in 1785.
Recently his grandson had bis remains re-
moved from the first bnrial place io the old
Lutheran graveyard, where they laid 105
years, t j the graveyard adjoining St. Peter's
church. He emigrated from Germany to
America and on his voyage acroM the
Atlantic he lost his wife. He married a
second time Christina Ettele, b. July 21,
1752; d. April 24. 1832; possibly a sister of
Gottfried David Ettle. Their children were
Joshua, who m. a Miss Kathvoo, and re*
moved to Yipsilsnti, Mich., and Christina,
who m George Laumao.

Pbtkr Schuster.

On March 24th, 1778, Peter Schuster
took* the oath of allegiance before Joshua
Elder. In the military line for 1786-90 he
was captain in the Second Battalion com-
manded by Col. Robert Clark. He resided
in Middletown, where he kept a store and
followed the occupation of a tailor.


[When the records of the Rev. Mr. Illing,
which have now been concluded, were ready
for printing, and a sketch prepared of that
most excellent divine, it was not known
where he died or was buried. After some
correspondence with the Rev. Samuel Mc-
Elwee, of Morgaotown, Rector of Bangor
church, in Caernarvon, although the min<
utes of that parish gave but little regarding
him, a search in the grave yard attached to

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