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sionary Society of the Tolono Presbyterian church, and for years
has been greatly interested in the work of a cousin, Mary Ful-
lerton, in her missionary labors in India.

Xo one was more willing to aid the suffering, cheer the
despondent, sustain the weak, and to throw over the frailties of
our race the mantle of Christian charity.

For her noble woman-hood and numerous acts of kindness
to her daily or casual associates, she was universally beloved, and
the tears of the entire community were mingled together upon
the sad news of her untimely taking away. She died from an
operation at Presby. Hospital. Chicago, 111. She sleeps 'till the
"Lord's appearing" in beautiful Mount Flope Cemetery at Cham-
paign, 111.

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants, 29

GEORGE 8 , (ELIZ. 2 , HUGH 3 ).

102. (10) Robert Stuart Fullerton, (b. June I'., 1S.")S, Iiloomingburgh,

(d. Oct. 8, L859, Bloomingburgh, O.

103. (11) William Dixon Fullerton, (b. Jan. 16, I860, Iiloomingburgh,

(d. June IS, lSlil. Iiloomingburgh,
( )hio.

104. (12) Frank Mitchell Fuller- (b. Nov. 25, 1862, Bloomingburgh,

ton, Ohio.

m. Oct. 29, 1885, Blooming-
burgh. Ohio.

105. Esther Caroline Stewart, (b. Mar. 22, 1862, Iiloomingburgh,


Dau. of George and Jane (Gillespie) Stewart, (dau. of Ste-
phen — son of Samuel Gillespie.)

Frank Fullerton, son of George Fullerton, and Esther Caro-
line, dau. of George Stewart, living at Washington Court House,
O., two of the few who have not migrated from the old com-
munity, by their marriage united two of the original families,
being grand-children respectively, of Elizabeth Fullerton, and
James Stewart. They are prominent citizens of Washington C.
H., O., he being in the real estate business, managing his own


FRANK 4 , (GEO. 3 , ELIZ. 2 , HUGH 1 ).

106. (1) Margaret Marie Fullerton, (b. May 7, 1887, Washington C. H.,

(1) Margaret, grad. Wilson College, Chambersburg, with A. B.
degee, studied at Pratt Institute Library School, Brooklyn, X. Y.
1908 to '10. (No degree conferred on any one there). Now at
head of the Circulating Department of Ohio State Library, at Co-
lumbus, Ohio (1913).

107. (2) Dorothy Jane Fullerton, (b. July 22, 1896, Washington C. H.,


GEORGE 3 , (ELIZ. 2 , HUGH 1 ).

108. (13) Harriet Lavinia Fullerton, (b. June 24, 1867, Bloomingburgh,

1st m. Oct. 5, 1887, Washing- Ohio,
ton C. H., O.

109. Maurice Bradford, (b. .

(d. May 1, 1890, Glenwood, la.

30 Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants.

HARRIET 4 , (GFO. 3 , ELIZ. 2 , HUGH 1 ).

110. (1) Louise M. (b. Jan. 13, 1890, Glenwood, la.
Attended Milliken University, Decatur, 111., 1912 and 13.

Harriet Lavinia Fullerton, (b. June 24, 1867, Bloomingburgh,

2nd m. Dec. 25, 1895, Tolono,

111. Harry Riley, (b. Apr. 17, 1869, Missouri.

Add.: Decatur, 111. (1913)

ELIZ. 2 , (HUGH 1 ).

112. (8) Martha Jane Fullerton, (b. Mar. 18, 1817, Bloomingburgh,

(d. Dec. 19, 1861, Bloomingburgh,

Martha spent the best years of her life as a home mission-
ary at Council Bluffs, Iowa. Only those who have studied home
missionary history, can appreciate the sacrifice in leaving home
and friends, for a home on the frontier, as Iowa was in that
day. She returned broken in health, to die among her kindred,
and found kind hearts and loving hands to minister to her, even
as she found the same, when left on orphan at a tender age.

ELIZ. 2 , (HUGH ).

113. (9) James Stewart Fullerton, (b. July 4, 1819, Bloomingburgh, O.

m. Sept. 1, 1848, Columbus, (d. May 13, 1874, Linn Grove, la.

114. Elvira Hobart, (b. Aug. 14, 1824, Burlington, Vt.

(d. Sept. 29, 1890, Martelle, la.

Letter from Ida M. Fullerton, daughter of James Stewart
and Elvira (Hobart) Fullerton of Martelle, Iowa.

Of the earlier missionary life of my father I know little,
Came to Iowa as early as 1846, and commenced his ministry
at West Point, Lee Co. From 1849 to 1855, he had charge
of churches at Marion and Linn Grove, but in 1858, on account
of failing health, resigned from active church work. My mother
cheerfully and heroically, endured the hardships of pioneer life
which fell to her. and soon after coming to Marion, seeing her

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants. 31

husband's failing health, persuaded him to remove to a farm
near Linn Grove, on account of their two sons who were quite
young. Mere she took the greater share of the burdens of life
upon herself, to shield her husband, (an invalid from spinal dis-
ease), who gave his strength and time to the Master's work.
Their lives were beautifully blended; his was one of faith and
prayer, hers, in contrast, was not so much devoted to public
prayer, as to good works and deeds. Only three Sabbaths be-
fore his death, he assisted at ordinance of the Lord's supper,
and gave earnest exhortation, to be faithful to the Master and
his cause. While attending a meeting of Presbyter}, he con-
tracted a severe cold resulting in bronchial pneumonia. He real-
ized that his life's work was done and quietly fell asleep in
Jesus. My mother after a long illness from which she knew
she could not recover, passed away, rejoicing to "depart and be
with Christ, which is far better."


JAMES 3 , (ELIZ. 2 , HUGH 1 ).

115. George Erskine Fullerton, M. D. (b. Sept. 13, 1849, West Point. la.

m. July 4, 1876, Linn Grove, (d. Dec. 8, 1900, Marion, la.

116. Esther Williams, (b. Aug. -JO, 1850, Madison Co., O.

Dr. Fullerton attended college at Mt. Vernon, la., and grad-
uated in Medicine and Surgery, May 26, 1873.
Physician and druggist at Marion, la.

GEORGE 4 , ( JAMES 3 , ELIZ. 2 , HUGH 1 ).

117. (1) James Erskine Fullerton, (b. May 20, 1878, Paris, la.

m. Feb., 1901. California.

118. Eugenia Becker, (b. .

Add.: Dikeman, Alaska.



119. (1) James Erskine Reginald (b. Feb. 19. 190:'., Alaska.


32 Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants.

GEORGE 4 ( JAMES 3 , ELIZ 2 , HUGH 1 )

120. (2) Park Love Fullerton, (b. Feb. 23, 1882, Paris, la.

Insurance business.
Cedar Rapids, la.

121. (3) Chas. Gifrord Fullerton, (b. Apr. 25, 1886, Marion, la.

m. July 7, 1911,

122. Ruth Carleton, (b. .

Mr. Fullerton was conductor on the "Columbian", a Puget
Sound passenger train, in 1913.

Add. : Deer Lodge, Montana.

123. (4) George Hobart Fullerton, (b. Feb. 1, 1889, Marion, la.
R. R. Employee.

124. (5) Maggie Idell Fullerton, (b. July 16, 1892, Marion, la.
High-school graduate, Marion, la., now teaching. (1913).

JAMES 3 , (ELIZ. 2 , HUGH 1 ).

125. (2) Robert Stuart Fullerton, (b. Dec. 30, 1850, Marion, la.

m. Dec. 31. 1874,

126. Mary Ellen Newman, (b. Nov. 25, 1853, Marion, O.

(d. Mar. 24, 1913, Mowbray, X. D.

Add.: Mowbray, X. Dakota.



127. (1) Donna Belle Fullerton, (b. July 31, 1879, Linn Grove, la.

m. Jan. 25, 1898, (d. Feb. 12, 1909, Marion, la.

128. Harley McCaulley, (b. Mar. 3, 1874.

Both graduated from High-school and Business College,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart cud Descendants. 33

DONNA 6 , (ROBERT 4 , JAMES 8 , ELIZ. 2 , EUGH 1 ).

129. (1) Park Love McCaulley, (l>. Oct. 22, 1!)00.

130. (2) Hubert McCaulley, (b. Aug. 31, 1905.

131. (3) Ray McCaulley, (b. June 1, 1907.

ROBERT 4 , (JAMES 1 , ELIZ.' 2 , HUGH 1 ).

132. (2) Minnie Pearl Fullerton, (b. Aug. 28, 1882, Linn Grove, la.

in. Jan. 14, 1913, Fargo, N. D.,

133. George Platz, (b. Oct. 11, 1886, Albany, Minn.

Married by Rev. Air. Gerhardt.

Add.: Russell, N. D.

134. (3) Stella May Fullerton, (b. Nov. 22. 1885, Viola, la.

m. Oct. 9, 1912, N. D,

135. Franklin Cove, (b. Jan. 4, 1886, Ed. in public

school, N. Dakota.
Add.: Windhorst, Saskatchewan, Canada.

ROBERT 4 , (JAMES 3 , ELIZ.", HUGH 1 ).

136. (4) Ray Stewart Fullerton, (b. Nov. 1, 1887.

(d. Oct. 5, 1888.

137. (5) Clarence Leo Fullerton. (b. Sept. 23, 1889.


Add. : Beverly, Sask., Canada.

138. (6) Elmer Clifton Fullerton, (b. Dec. 21, 1892, Marion, la.

Add.: Mowbray, N. D.

JAMES 8 , (ELIZ. 2 , HUGH 1 ).

139. (3) Mary Elvira Fullerton, (b. Mar. 22, 1853, Marion, la.

(d. Sept. 3, 1853, Marion, la.

140. (4) Ida M. Fullerton, (b. Nov. 2, 1854, Marion, la.


Graduated at Marion, la., High-school and State Normal.
School at Cedar Falls, la.

141. (5) William Edgar Fullerton, (b. May 22, 1856, Mt. Vernon, la.

(d. Sept. 6, 1858, Linn Grove, la.

34 Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants.

ELIZ. 2 , (HUGH 1 ).

142. (10) Rev. Robert Stewart Ful- (b. Nov. 23, 1821, Bloomingburgh,

lerton, Ohio.

(d. Oct. 4, 1865, Landour, India,
m. 1850, Foggs' Manor, Pa.

143. Martha White, (b. May 26, 1825, Foggs' Manor, Pa.

(d. Apr. 8, 1895, Phila., Pa.

Dan. of Rev. -Robert White, twenty-seven years pastor of
Foggs' Manor Presbyterian Church, Pa.


Robert Stewart Fnllerton was born in Bloomingburgh, Fay-
ette county, Ohio, November 23, 182 1.

His father, Thomas Fullerton, a Baltimore merchant, was
the third son of Humphrey Fullerton 3rd, who was born in
Pequea, Lancaster county, Pa., about 1748, and died near Green-
castle, Pa., in 1795. Humphrey Fullerton 3rd, owned large tracts
oi land in Pennsylvania. He was a surveyor and helped to sur-
vey the boundary line between Pennsylvania and New York.
The Fullertons were country gentry in the early days. Humphrey
3rd died leaving three sons and three daughters. His eldest son,
Humphrey 4th inherited the homestead. Humphrey 3rd's grand-
father (Humphrey 1st) fought at the battle of Boyne Water
and received a sword from King W r illiam of Orange, which was
handed down to each Humphrey Fullerton in the succeeding gen-
erations, but which was unfortunately lost in the vicissitudes
which later beset the family. Humphrey 1st sailed from Chester,
England, for America in 1723 or 1725, and stopped in Philadel-
phia for a time, but finally settled in Pequea, Lane county, Pa.
His son, Humphrey 2nd, was six years old when he came to
America, and lived until 1777 or 1778. The Fullertons were
Covenanters in the early days. It is supposed that the family
came originally from Corbie, in Picardy, France, and settled about
ten miles from Ayr, Scotland, about 1085. There were Fuller-
tons in Ireland as early as 1602. As the Fullertons were Cove-
nanters, it is likely they went over to Ireland when James II was
king of England. "Fullarton" is the name of the old estate near
Ayr. The name in Scotland was spelled "Fullarton", in Ireland,
"Fullerton." Whether the Fullertons of Ireland went there from

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants. 35

the Isle of Arran or from Ayrshire is not known certainly. On
the Isle of Arran is an old estate "Kilmichael" which was
granted to the Fullartons, hy Robert the Bruce, for services ren-
dered him when his life was endangerd.

Thomas Fullerton (the father of Rev. Rpbert Stewart Full-
erton) being born wealthy, was better educated than most young
gentlemen of his day. He had, however, no taste for business,
and did not succeed in it.

He married Elizabeth Stewart, March 3, 1801, in Green-
castle, Penn. Failing in his business in Baltimore, he went to
live on a farm in Ohio, given to his wife by her father. He had
no practical knowledge of farming, and was not fitted to live in
the woods. He opened an Academy in Bloomingburgh, Ohio,
hoping to further the educational opportunities of that part of
the country. As letters were not in demand in that day, in
Ohio, this effort of his, also, proved unsuccessful. An epidemic
of fever caused the death of his noble wife, and of several of his
children. He soon after moved farther west, where he married
a second time, and not long after, died.

Thomas Fullerton's second wife was a Mrs. Fitzgerald, a
widow (her maiden name some think was Williamson). His
children by his first marriage were as follows :

Sons :

Born. Died.

Humphrey Mitchell Fullerton 1803 1826

Hugh Stewart Fullerton 1805 1863

Thomas Fullerton 1807 1826

David Fullerton 1809 1822

George Stewart Fullerton 1814 1884

James Stewart Fullerton 1819 1874

Robert Stewart Fullerton 1821 1865

Archibald Fullerton 1824 1825

Daughters :

Margaretta 1802 1825

Eliza Caroline 1811 1825

Martha Jane 1817 1861

36 Genealogy of Hugh Stezuart and Descendants.

2m of Thomas Fullerton.

y& Mrs. Fitzgerald.

Grandfather's children by the second marriage were :

7a Thomas (of Princeton, Mo.)

yb Eliza Williamson.

yz Humphrey.

yd Fidelia Fitzgerald (of Leon, Iowa.)

Uncle Robert Stewart once said of our grandfather Thomas
Fullerton, that he was the best conversationalist he had ever

After the death of Elizabeth Stewart Fullerton, her children
who were still living and not married, were scattered among the
Stewart relatives. George lived with uncle Hugh Stewart.

Martha lived with aunt Mary Stewart Ustick.

Robert Stewart with uncle Arcihbald Stewart.

Robert Stewart Fullerton remained with his uncle, Arch-
ibald, until, for the purpose of completing his education, he went
to college. He was graduated at the Ohio University in 1845 5
and took his ministerial degree later at Allegheny Theological

A few words may be said concerning Robert Stewart Fuller-
ton's mother — a very remarkable woman according to her ac-
quaintances. Elizabeth Stewart's father, Hugh Stuart of Ha-
gerstown, Md., left that place for Ohio in 1809, just as it was
coming into statehood. He owned large tracts of land which he
and Thomas Fullerton selected in 1804. ^Robert was a civil en-
gineer, and laid out the town of Washington C. H. and other
Ohio towns.) Hugh's eldest son, George Stuart, is said to have
changed the orthography of the name from "Stuart" to "Stew-
art" and was followed in this by other members of the family.
The father — Hugh Stuart — never liked this.

The old Stuart homestead in Maryland is still standing, and
is called Ringgold Manor. Elizabeth Stuart was educated in Ha-
gerstown, Md. The family records were destroyed, and hence
the period at which they emigrated to this country, remains

Robert Stewart Fullerton married Martha White, the young-
est daughter of Rev. Robert White (for over twenty years, — I

* Robert here mentioned, was Robert Stewart, son of Hugh 1 .

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants. 37

think twenty-seven, - r pastor of Foggs' Manor Presbyterian
Church, Pennsylvania,) in 1850, and they immediately afterwards
set sail for India as missionaries of the Presbyterian Board of
Foreign Missions. They lived chiefly while in India, at Agra and
Fatehgarh in the United Provinces of Agra and Ondh.

During the Indian Mutiny of 1857 they were for ten months
shut up in the Fort at Agra, which was fiercely besieged by the
mutineers. Their three little daughters, Anna, Dora, and Mary,
had been sent, with a friend, to the mountains (Landour, Hima-
laya Mts.) before the breaking out of the mutiny, so were not
with them in the Fort. A fourth daughter, Emma, was born in
the fort during the siege. The mutineers were finally repulsed
and the town remained in the hands of the British.

As all the missionaries stationed at Fatehgarh had been
killed, Mr. Fullerton, (who at that time was stationed at Agra,)
was asked, after the mutiny, to reconstruct the work at Fateh-
garh, Fnrrukhabad, (Fategarh is the European quarter, a
suburb of Fnrrukhabad City). Before it was safe for the women
and children to leave the Agra Fort, Mr. Fullerton went to the
Fnrrukhabad district, and spent many months in gathering to-
gether the scattered native Christians, — in order to re-organize
the mission work. During much of that time his whereabouts
were unknown to his family, nor did they even know that he was

His long service in India without furlough, (fifteen years,)
and the intense heat of the climate, broke his health. He was
preparing to return to America with his family, for recuperation,
when he died, October 4, 1865.

He was of a cheerful, sunny disposition, and greatly beloved,
not only by the people of the country, but by the English civ-
ilians and officials with whom he came in contact. The Mission
re-established by him at Fatehgarh and Furrukhabad, after the
Mutiny, has continued since that time ; and is at present one of
the largest mission stations of the American Presbyterian Board.

His widow and six children, (four daughters and two sons,)
returned to America after his death, and settled in Philadelphia,
where Mrs. Fullerton educated her children. Very bravely did
she take up this responsibility. Being a woman of culture and
refinement, as well as of strong character, she sought to give her
children every opportunity to fit themselves for the best things

38 Genealogy of Hugh Stezvart and Descendants.

in life. Having a very limited income, she taught for a time in
a private school in Philadelphia, in order to carry out her pur-
pose. * To her self-sacrifice and devotion her children owe all
that they have been enabled to accomplish in their lives.

Note: — The first part of this historical sketch was obtained from
Cousin Tom Fullerton, (eldest son of Hugh Stuart Fullerton), whose son,
Prof. Kemper Fullerton, is now connected with Oberlin Theological

The details concerning our life in India have been added from family

Anna M. Fullerton.


144. (1) Anna Martha Fullerton, (b. Aug. 16, 1853, Agra, India.


Anna Martha Fullerton — Address : Landour, Mussoorie,

U. P. India.

Physician, born Agra, United Provinces, India, August 16,
1853, daughter Rev. Robt. Stewart and Martha (White) Fuller-
ton (American Missionaries). Educated Philadelphia Girls'
High School and Normal School, Woman's Medical College of
Pennsylvania (M. D.) '83; post graduate work in Europe, taught
eight years in Girls' High School, Philadelphia, before entering
Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, taught in latter as
demonstrator of Obstetrics, and later as clinical Professor of
Gynecology; Physician in Charge of Woman's Hospital of Phil-
adelphia 1 886- 1 896; taught in Medical School, Lodiana, India,
1899-1907. Went to India in 1899; has been engaged in Medical
Missionary work since 1899; has now retired from very active
work on account of health ; has been associated as an honorary
worker with the Foreign Missionary Society of the American
Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, New York City. Au-
thor of Articles on Gynecology and Obstetrics contributed to the
various journals on these subjects, published in America; two
books for nurses, entitled Obstetrical Nursing and Surgical Nurs-
ing; a book for schools (in India) entitled The Human Body
and How to Take Care of It. Presbyterian. Formerly con-

Genealogy of llmjh Steivart and Descendants. 39

nected with American Medical Association and the Pennsylvania

State Medical Societies; also the County Medical and Obstetrical
Societies of Philadelphia; and Association of Medical Women
and the Medical Missionary Association of India.


145. (2) Dora Fullerton, (b. Aug. 24, 1854, Agra, India.

m. March 15, 1875, Pliila., Pa., (d. Feb. 19, 1886, New Haven,


146. Leonard Waldo, (b. May 4, 1853, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Son of — see sketch.

DORA 4 , (ROBERT 3 , ELIZ 2 , HUGH 1 ).

147. (1) Edith Waldo

148. (2) Fullerton Leonard Waldo

149. (3) Dorothy Waldo.


Dora Fullerton was born in Agra, India, August 24, 1854.
She was educated in Philadelphia Girls' High School ,and Nor-
mal School, and taught for a little while in a private school in
Philadelphia, before her marriage, on March 15, 1875 to Leonard
Waldo, who was born May 4, 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was
graduated Harvard D. Sc. 1879; Yale A. M., 1880. Leonard
Waldo is a son of Frederic Augustus Waldo, M. D., late of Cin-
cinnati, O., (descended from Peter Waldo, founder of the sect
of the Waldenses,) and his second wife, Frances Leonard.
Leonard Waldo was, for some years, attached to the staff of the
astronomical observatory at Cambridge, Mass., in charge of the
railroad time service. In 1874 he was a member of the expedi-
tion, which observed, in New Zealand, the transit of Venus, and
in 1878 he went to Forth Worth, Texas, in a similar capacity, to
observe the total eclipse of the sun. After leaving the service
of Harvard University, Mr. Waldo was for several years con-
nected with the astronomical Observatory of Yale University.

After the death of his first wife, (Dora Fullerton,) he mar-
ried Ada Louise Purdy, of New York, and has an office in New
York, in which he practices as consulting engineer.

40 Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants.

From Who's Who in America :

"Leonard Waldo, metallurgical and electrical engr. b. Cinti.,
O., May 4, 1853. Dr. Frederic Augustus and Frances (Leon-
ard) Waldo, B. S. Marietta Coll.. 1872; A. M. 1877. Studied
in Columbia Sch. of Mines, Sc. D. Harvard 1879 (hon. A. M.
Yale 1880) m. Dora Fullerton of Phil. 1875 ( now deceased), 2nd.
m. Ada Louise Purdy of N. Y., Assist. Astronomer U. S. Transit
of Venus expedition to Tasmania 1884, Now Metal, and Elec.
Engr. Royal Soc. Arts. London. Home, Plainfield, N. J. Office:
Atlantic Bldg. 49 Wall St., New York."

Dora Fullerton was a woman of charming personality; had
marked literary ability and wrote several articles for the mag-
azines of the day. She was also a fine musician. Her social
gifts made her a great favorite, in the literary circles of Cam-
bridge and New Haven. She died in New Haven, Ct., Feb.
19, 1886, leaving three children : Edith Waldo, Fullerton Leon-
ard Waldo, and Dorothy Waldo.

Edith Waldo was educated at the High School in Bridge-
port, Ct., from which she graduated and soon after married.

Edith Waldo married the Rev. W. DeV. Beach of Plain-
field, N. J., on May 17, 1900. Mr. Beach is the pastor of an
M. E. Church in Brooklyn, N. Y. Their address is 2021 84th
Street, Brooklyn.

150. Rev. W. DeV. Beach, graduate of Yale University and Yale

Divinity School. They have four children, as follows :

151. (1) Lois Beach, born Nov. 27, 1902

152. (2) Leonard Beach, born Jan. 14, 1905

153. (3) Beatrice Fullerton Beach, born Jan. 15, 1910

154. (4) Robert Fullerton Beach, born July 14, 1911.

Fullerton L. Waldo is a graduate of Harvard University
and since his graduation' has been engaged in literary work. Is
at present Associate Editor of the Philadelphia Public Ledger,
and resides in Philadelphia. Dorothy Waldo is a graduate of
Mount Holyoke College and is now engaged in teaching at the
High School in Brookline, Mass. She has also done some lit-
erary work.

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants. 41

ROBERT 3 , I ELIZ. 2 , II CJGH ' )
155. (3) Mary Fullerton, (b. Jan. 26, 1856, Agra, tndia.


Mary Fullerton was born in Agra, India, Jan. 26, 1856.
When her mother took the children of the family back to Amer-
ica (after the death of their father,) Mary was nearly ten years
of age.

Her mother settled in W. Philadelphia, Pa., where with her
sisters Mary attended a Young Ladies' Academy conducted by
her uncle, the Riev. John Moore, (a brother-in-law of her
mother's). Upon his removal from the city, her education was
continued in the Public Schools, and she was graduated from the
Girls' High and Normal Schools of Phila. when seventeen years
of age. After that, while teaching in a private school, she car-
ried on her studies in music, the languages and sciences, under
private tutors. On the 25th of Jan. 1877, she sailed for India
in company with Mrs. J. L. Scott, to engage in the work of teach-
ing in the Woodstock School, in Landour, on the Himalaya Mts.,
a school connected with the Foreign Missionary Board of the
Presbyterian Church in America. Aften ten years of work in
this school, she returned on furlough to America. Family cir-
cumstances made it necessary to resign her connection with the
Mission and kept her in the home land, until the death of her
mother, in 1895, made it possible for her to return to India.
She was stationed, for two years after her return, in Jhansi,
United Provinces, and worked among the women and girls of

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