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280. (2) Mildred Irene Stone, (b. June, 1909, Bloomington, 111.

(d. Jan. 9, 1912, Urbana, 111.

''Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while, then closes, within a dream."

One loving her, said, "Such a blessed friendly baby."
On Monday morning the 27th of January, 1913, Mildred
Burrill Stone, in the early morning of the joy of life, entered into
blest release after three years of suffering, at Bloomington, 111.
She was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery at Urbana, 111., beside the
little daughter Mildred Irene, who went before, just one year.

"Oh, but alas for the smile of smiles that never but one face wore,
Oh ! for the voice that has flown away like a bird to an unseen shore.
Oh! for the face — the flower of flowers — that blossoms on earth
no more."

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants. 7!»

MAIM 1 1. \' (SAMUEL 3 ROBERT 2 HUGH 1 )

281. (6) Charles Edward (horn (b. Dec. 11. 1881, Pendleton, Ore.

Burrill) Adopted Sims,

m. Nov. -21, 1904, Urbana, 111..

282. Pansy Cook, (b. July L8, L885, Neponset, Ml.

Dau. of A. B. and Setta i Snow ). Cook, \ Irbana, II'.


283. (1) Kenneth A. Burrill-Sims, (b. Sept. i'". \<m. Urbana, 111.

(d. Sept. 8, 1906, Urbana, 111.

284. (2) Helen M. Burrill-Sims, (b. Aug. 2, 1907, Worthington,


285. (3) Louis Burrill-Sims, (b. Oct. 9, 1909, Worthington,


Mildred and Charles were twins, and on the death of their
mother at their birth, [Mildred was adopted by Dr. and Mrs.
Thomas J. Burrill, of Urbana, 111. Dr. Burrill was long Vice
Regent and several years Acting Pres. of the Univ. of 111., and
a noted biologist. Mrs. Burrill was Sarah (Alexander) of
Schenectady, N. V.

Charles, the twin brother, was adopted by [Mr. and Mrs.
Emma (Burrill ) Sims, of Lincoln, 111., sister of Sanford. Charles
was graduated from Univ. of 111., 1905, C. E., B. S. degree, was
a while at Indianapolis, Ind., and then removed to Worthington,
Minn., where he is consulting Engineer of the Worthington Con-
crete Tile Company, which company he organized.


Rev. Sanford Burrill, with his wife [Martha Stewart, (dau.
of Samuel) and four children, in the interests of his church and
to further a land acquirement, went into the mountains of eastern
Oregon, in 1881. Here were born twin children in December,
with the snow and ice holding all the mountain world in thrall.
"Have you written home about the little ones?" the pioneer
mother asked her brother Robert ; and then came coma to end her
sufferings, and she went "Home". Bereft of a mother for his
children, the father put the few weeks' old infants into a basket,
and with her brother (Robert) and four little boys, journeyed to

80 Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants.

the Pacific ocean, and took a steamer to San Francisco, where they
began the long journey overland to Illinois, sympathy and ten-
derness from fellow travelers being accorded them all the way.
The great floods of 1882 delayed the little party, and they were
three weeks in reaching the end of their journey, where the
well-cared-for, smiling infants, crept into the hearts of those who
adopted them for their own, lovingly rearing them to educated
manhood and womanhood. Rev. Burrill, taking his four boys
and niece Mary, returned to Oregon with Robert.

Note: — Mr. Burrill and his wife's brother, Robert Stewart, were
assisted in caring for these babies on their long journey, by any ladies
who chanced to be fellow travelers on boat, or train. These services
were voluntary. "In-as-much as ye have done it unto one of the least
of these, .... ye have done it unto Me."



286. (4) Mary Eliza Stewart, (b. Mar. 10, 1845, Frankfort, O.

m. Oct. 17, 1867, Champaign,

111., (d. July 15, 1895, Monticello, Minn.

287. Franklin Bosworth Fillmore, (b. Aug. 5, 1837, Burlington, Vt.

(d. Feb. 22, 1890, Monticello, Minn.

Gt. nephew of Pres. Millard Fillmore, U. S. A.

Franklin Bosworth Fillmore came to Illinois in 1855, from
Burlington, Vt., and to Monticello, Minn., 1883, at which place
he owned a fine stock ranche on the Mississippi River. He had
enlisted in the Civil War, Oct. 1, 1861, and was mustered out in
1864 as First Lieut, in Co. I, 26th Reg. 111. Vol., Col. John Mason

A flag carried through the Revolutionary War in 1776 by
Lavius Fillmore, the brother of President Millard Fillmore, is
now owned by Maud Stuart (Fillmore) Wilson, Lavius Fill-
more's gt. grand-daughter, and is now in a glass case in the
Chicago Public Library. In style it antedates any other Revo-
lutionary flag.

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants. 81


288. (1) Maude Stuart Fillmore, (1). July 28, I Nils, Champaign, 111.

m. June 6, 1894, Ft. Smith,

289. Win. Henry Wilson, M. D., (b. Oct. 26, 1866, Rockville, Canada.

Son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Errett) Wilson.

Maude was graduated from Monticello, Minn., High School
1 888, Mem. of Sat. Afternoon Club Ft. Smith '88 to '96; Mem.
Literary Score Chic. 1900, Pres. 1911-12, this club being affiliated
with all progressive activities; eligible to patriotic societies in
several lines.

Dr. Wilson was reared in Benton Co., Iowa, attending dif-
ferent schools and colleges, and was graduated from the Uni-
versity of Michigan in 1893, B. L. Since 1898 has practiced
medicine in Chicago, pathologist in Hahnemann College, Chicago,
1890. Registrar since 1900. He has held consulting positions
and elective ones, in various organizations and has become a
trusted and noted man in his specialty. Fraternity : Sigma Alpha
Epsilon; Clubs: Columbia, Chicago Motor. Address: W. Henry
Wilson, M. D.. 3129 Rhodes Ave., Chicago, 111.


290. (1) Imogene Wilson, (b. Sept. 18, 1901, Chicago, 111.

291. (2) Elizabeth Wilson, (b. July 24, 1906, Chicago. 111.


292. (2) Carlos Robert Fillmore, (b. Jan. :>, 1873, Champaign, 111.

(d. May 17, 1900, Nevada, Mo.

Was graduated from the High School, Monticello, Minn.,
1895, from the University of Arkansas, A. B., 1899, ami was
killed while traveling, at Nevada, Mo. Buried at Monticello,

293. (3) Lavius Byron Fillmore, (1). Nov. 30, 187"), Champaign, 111.

(d. July 29„ 1895, Monticella, Minn.

294. (4) Earle Gillespie Fillmore, (b. Sept. 2, 1878, Champaign, 111.

Accidental death from heing

caught in machinery, (d. Feb. 19, 1891, Monticello, Minn.

82 Genealogy of Hugh Steivart and Descendants.

295. (5) Paul Evans Fillmore, (b. May 15, 1880, Chaampaign, 111.

(d. Nov. 30, 1880.

296. (6) Lorin Fillmore, (b. May 5, 1882, Champaign, 111.

(d. Dec. 27, 1883, Monticello, Minn.

297. (7) Mildred Alevia Fillmore, (b. June 28, 1887, Monticello, Minn.


298'. (5) Amelia Jane Stewart, (b. Sept. 5, 1846, Frankfort, Ohio.

299. (6) Margaret Patton Stewart, (b. Aug. 20, 1848, Frankfort, Ohio.

(d. June 12, 1870, Champaign, 111.


300. (7) Robert Evans Stewart, (b. Apr. 12, 1852, Frankfort, Ohio.

m. June 26, 1884, Athena, Ore.
301.; Mary Loretta Burrill, (b. Dec. 27, 1864, Freeport, 111.

Dan. John and Harriett (Winchester) Burrill.

The niece of Rev. Sanford and Dr. T. J. Burrill of Univ. of
Illinois. Returned to Oregon in 1882 to care for her uncle's
children, and married Robert. Prosperity came in no small meas-
ure, and they are active and influential members of the com-
munity of Athena, Oregon. Robert is a well-known Prohibition-
ist of decided views.



302. (1) Ruth Carson Stewart, (b. Feb. 14, 1894, Athena, Ore.

Was graduated from High
school in 1913,

303. (2) Louis Francis Stewart, (b. Sept. 9, 1897, Athena, Ore.



304. (8) Emma Stewart, (b. Mar. 10, 1854, Frankfort, Ohio.

m. Jan. 16, 1873, Champaign,

305. George Henry Lyman, C. E., (b. Oct. 4, 1850, Springfield, 111.

Son of Henry Pratt and Mercy (Sanders) Lyman, New
York and Vt.

"Emma S. has been charter officer of a number of philan-
thropic and civil, as well as literary, organizations. She was

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants. 83

sponsor for a girls' club over thirty years, and sent four groups
of young girls out to the world's helping. Several orphan girls
owe their educated, and useful careers to the training in her
home, while her pen was ever at the service of all local benefit."
Regent local chapter D. A. R. 1914.

(Rec. of Univ. of 111. 1914. Woman's Who's Who.)

"Both were students of the Univ. of 111. where Mr. Lyman
was graduated in the first class of 1872. He was of Colonial and
English ancestry. Richard Lyman of High Onger, Essex Co.,
England, with his wife Sarah (Osborne) and children coming
over on the ship Zion, the day of whose coming caused a day of
Thanksgiving. From Roxbury, Mass., Richard went to Conn.,
and became one of the founders of Hartford, and his name is
inscribed on a stone column in memory of the first settlers. Mr.
Lyman was a Civ. Eng. on the 111. Central Ry., and put in the
transfers at Cairo, for the Cotton Belt. He came into Ark. with
the Little Rock and Ft. Smith, as Asst. Supt, and seeing at the
latter place fine business opportunity, he founded in 1884 a Real
Estate and Abstract Company, and established other financial in-
stitutions of great worth to the community, for their reliability.
He has had many Masonic honors, and received in 1909 one of
the few appointments ever given by a Democratic Gov. of the
State, to a Republican, as Pres. of the ''Million-Dollar-Free
Bridge" over the Arkansas River, at Ft. Smith; a beautiful
structure, erected without one hint of graft". Also president of
State Abstract Association, 191 o. — Lyman Genealogy.


EMMA* (sAm'L. 3 ROBERT 2 HUGH 1 )

306. (1) Georgina Lyman, (b. Dec. 17, 1885, Ft. Smith. Ark.

m. Oct. 27, 1909, Ft. Smith,

307. Paul Carroll Edwards, 1). I'd). 11, 1882, Knightstown, Ind

Son of Joel B. and Elizabeth (Emery) Edwards.

Georgina was graduated from High School 1903, and from
Leland Stanford Univ. 1907, taking dramatic honors. Fraternity,
Kappa Alpha Theta ; Degree A. B. Married Mr. Edwards of
Stanford University, late of San Francisco, a journalist of marked
ability, now editor of the Houston (Texas) Press, (1914). Fra-

84 Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants.

ternity, Delta Epsilon. Both were students at Stanford at the
time of the earthquake of April 18, 1906, being for ten days
completely cut off from communication with friends. Studied
music in Chicago, 1909.

Paul C. was graduated from Shortridge High School,
Indianapolis, Ind., 1902. Of Colonial ancestry — son of Joel B.
Edwards and Elizabeth Emery; Joel was son of Morris F.
Edwards and Rose Anne Carey who was a daughter of Waitside
Munson Carey, a soldier of War of 1812', and Nancy Rock, also
related to Alice and Phoebe Cary. Elizabeth Emery, daughter
of Dr. John P. Emery, b. 1812, removed to Ohio, 1817. Dem.
Rep. to General Assembly from Clermont 1853. Helped "frame"
New Constitution for Ohio 185 1. A man of wide information by
reading and research; son of Judge Emery of N. J., who
removed to Loveland, Ohio, in 181 7. Prominent in political
affairs; Rep. in Legislature 1828 and 1829. Judge of Common
Pleas Court 1832-37. Organized the Loveland Horticultural
and Agricultural Association, and his press articles were known
statewide, and through him Loveland became widely known for
its environs and delightful community. Dr. Emery m. Emmaline
Starr Noble who was daughter of Dr. Asiel Noble and Eliza
Harberger and Eliza was daughter of Henry and Eliza Harberger
of Philadelphia and came from Germany.



308. (1) Paul Carroll, Jr., (b. May 9, 1914, Houston, Texas.


309. (2) Henry Pratt Lyman, (b. Mar. 25, 1890, Ft Smith, Ark.

Real Estate, Loans, Abstract and Bldg. & Loan.

Graduated from High School 1907, attended law school of
University of Illinois for two years, but was obliged to leave
college on account of his father's failing health. Fraternity,
Phi Delta Theta. Sec. of State Abstract Association, 1910. Sec.
and treas. for state body to revise state constitution, 1914.

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants. 85

SAM'L. 3 (rOIV't." HUGH. 1 )

310. (!)) Arthur Robinson Stewart, (b. July 25, 1855, Frankfort, O.

m. Sept. 1. L900, Zanesville,


311. Margaret Nesbaum Roper, (b. July 1, 1867, Zanesville, O.

Dau. of Charles Roper, Zanesville, O., of Colonial ancestry.
Born at Francistown, Mass. Mother, Susan (Fairbanks) Ded-
ham, Mass., related (cousin) to Ex-Vice-Pres. Fairbanks.
Margaret's mother, Amelia Nesbaum, was of German ancestry,
while her grandmother was Margaret Mac Donald, born in
Scotland of the family who succored Charles Edward Stuart.
The Ropers may have come over in the Mayflower or very soon
after, and have Colonial Dames and D. A. R. rights through
the Ropers and Fairbanks. Sir Thomas More was an ancestor
of the Ropers.

ARTHUR 4 (SAM'L. 3 ROb't. 2 HUGH 1 )

312. (1) Lyman Roper Stewart. (b. June 18, 1902, Champaign, 111.

313. (2) Charles Robert Stewart, (b. Nov. 11, 1903, Champaign, 111.

(d. Oct. 3, 1904, Champaign, 111.

314. (3) Donald Judson Stewart, (b. Jan. 25, 1906, Champaign, 111.

315. (4) Katherine Elizabeth Stew- (b. Feb. 23, 1909, Champaign, 111.


Arthur inherited the old home called "Forest Rest," at
Champaign, 111. After purchasing the interest of other heirs, he
lived there until 191 1, when the Illinois Central R. R., requiring
it for traffic purposes, purchased it for a record price, and steel
rails now cover the once attractive spot. These lands owned by
SamT, Coulter, and John Stewart in 1855, faced the unbroken
roll of the prairie to the west, and sloped to the rivulet that
bordered the edge of the Mashaw Montuck, the Indian name for
the "big grove" that lay, a dark and beautiful background, to the
wild prairie, to the front for eighteen miles. The boundless
extent of billowing grass, where "boomed" the prairie chicken,
with breaks of wonderful colors of acres of wild flowers, there
the elm and linden trees swept the water's edge. The groves
of walnut and willow, the magnificent crab orchards that flung
yard-long pearl-pink boughs, and perfumed the breeze for miles ;

86 Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants.

the noisy black birds secure in their thorny homes, the hillsides
rich with acres of blue-bells and May-apples, the lowlands yellow
with cowslips, and acres and acres of the lithe brown-stemmed
hazel; the wonderful white sanded springs where the children
drank and watched their mirrored faces; here the "prairie fires
swept from long distances, catching the tumble weeds and flinging
them aloft, where they burst into balls of fire and terrified, while
they fascinated, the watchers, as the red flames sprang toward
the cottage homes. All this is now but a beautiful memory to
the few left of this once large community-family.

Arthur now lives at "Beasley Place," Champaign.


SAM'L. 3 (ROB'T. 2 HUGH 1 )

316. (10) Walter Newton Stewart, (b. Jan. 25, 1858, Champaign, 111.

m. Nov. 19, 1884, Urbana, 111., I<}0 'R.r.H.'S ^AiO /*A.WA<> 0,

317. Carrie Flora Burrill, (b. Aug. 11, 1862, Freeport, 111.

Robert's wife is sister and niece of Rev. Sanford and Dr.
Burrill, dau. of John and Harriett (Winchester) Burrill.

Walter was named by his grandfather Robert, for the High
Stewards of Scotland. He was a student of Univ. of 111. and
married and left for Shelby, Neb., 1885, and in a few years
removed to Ingles, Neb. (1900) on the Mississippi River where
he purchased an extensive hay and stock ranch, and taking
advantage in 1910 of the opening of the Dakota lands he
removed to Stuart, Neb., to educate his children, securing for
them lands in South Dakota, at Carter.

WALTER 4 (SAM'L. 3 ROb't. 2 HUGH 1 )

318. (1) Clarence Burrill Stewart, (b. Aug. 16, 1886, Shelby, Neb.

319. (2) Winifred Stewart, (b. Nov. 7, 1889, Shelby, Neb.

(d. Mar. 22, 1890, Shelby, Neb.

320. (3) Irene Elsa Stewart, (b. July 7, 1-891, Shelby, Neb.

321. (4) Arthur Rarlph Stewart, (b. Mar. 31, 1893, Shelby, Neb.


322. (5) Gerald Evans Stewart, (b. Nov. 28, 1896, Shelby, Neb.

323. (6) Esther Frances Stewart, (b. Dec. 20, 1898, Shelby, Neb.

324. (7) Alice Louise Stewart, (b. Jan. 16, 1900, Ingles, Neb.

325. (8) Vera May Stewart, (b. April 25, 1902, Ingles, Neb.

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart end Descendants. 87

ROM.- (HUGH 1 )

(1) Deacon Samuel Gillespie (b. Apr. I, 1816, Bloomingburgh,
Stewart, X. Y.

2nd m. Nov. 16, 1871, Chicago, (d. May 10, 1891, Champaign, 111.

326. Margaret Cloyde, <1>. June 30, 1816, London, Eng.

(d. Aug. 20, 1896, Burnhara Hos-
pital, Champaign, 111.



327. (2) Margaretta Stewart, (b. Feb. 14, 1818, Bloomingburgh,

m. 1837, Frankfort, 0., N. V.

(d. Feb. 11. 1889, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

328. Isaac N. Taylor, (b. Sept. 8, 1817.

(d. June 3, 1899.

Tribute to Mrs. M. S. Taylor by her niece, Esther Stewart
Hunt, 1893.

"Aunt Margaretta attended school at Chillicothe, Ohio,
taught by the Clark Sisters of Tevvksbury, Mass., and Mrs.
Coggin, wife of Rev. Mr. Coggin, of Boxford, still in the service.
I saw her last summer, a lovely woman of 82 years. Mrs. Sim-
mons, the mother of Father Christian Endeavor Clark, died many
years ago, and she gave her boy to Edward Clark, who was her
half brother, to educate for the ministry. The influence of these
Yankee teachers have moulded and bent my own life, through
aunt Margaretta's teachings and influence. I was under her
roof a year, attending Liber College, near Portland, Ind.


MARGTA 3 (ROR't.- HUGH 1 )

329. (1) Robert Stewart Taylor. (b. May 22, 1838, St. Mary's, near

m. Liber, Ind., June 30, 1858, Cincinnati, Ohio.

330. Fanny Wright, (b. Aug. 31, 1838, Randolph Co.,


"May 22, 1838, Rev. Isaac N. and Margaretta (Stewart) T.
moved with the family to Indiana, in Robert's childhood; acad.
edu. m. Fanny Wright of Randolph Co., Ind. June 30, 1858, f.

88 Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants.

of Frank B. Taylor; admitted to bar i860; prae'd at Fort Wayne;
now Sen. Mem. Taylor and Hulse; Pros. Arty. 1867-8; Judge
Com. Pleas Court 1869-70; Mem. Ind. House Rep. 1871-2: Mem.
Miss. River Com. since 1881 ; Mem. Monetary Com. ; appointed
by executive com. Indianapolis. Mem. Conference 1897; Repub.
One of organizers Am. Bar. Association. At present Sec'y. and
chairman Com. on patent, trade mark and copyright law, 1903.

Home 2905 Fairfield Ave., Office Elerton Bldg., Ft. Wayne,

From "Who's Who in Am."


''The oldest member of the Mississippi River Commission,
the organization which has complete charge of all the work upon
that mighty stream, Judge Taylor was appointed in 1881 by
Pres. Garfield to succeed Gen. Benj. Harrison, who had been
elected U. S. Senator from Ind., and who later became President.

The work of the Mississippi River Commission, consists of
keeping the channel of the stream open, building levees, and by
other means keeping the surrounding lands from being flooded.
To do this necessitates the employment of a vast army of men,
and Judge Taylor, in company with other men of the Commis-
sion, makes a number of trips up and down the river each year.
He is a leading lawyer of Indiana, and always canvasses the
State in Presidential campaigns, giving great aid to the Repub-
lican cause. He was one of the Monetary Commission in 1897,
and when a candidate for the U. S. Senate in 1899, he carried the
conservative vote of the State, when defeated by Beveridge.
Of him, his sister Esther writes in 1893, "Stuart had a very
delightful day at Cincinnati some time ago, finding the house we
lived in, and standing with uncovered head, where over forty
years ago he played as a child. He is a charming story teller,
and fills the house with laughter and joy; such a strong, sensible
and sunny nature he has, even while carrying tremendous care
for his different cases."

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants. 89



331. (1) Frank Bursley Taylor, (b. Xov. 23, I860, Ft. Wayne. Ind.

m. Mackinac tsld., April 24,

332. Minnetta Ketchum, (b. July 2, 1865, Huron, Ohio.

"Frank Bursley Taylor; Geologist, 1). Ft. Wayne, Ind. Nov.
23, i860; s. Robert Stewart and Fanny (Wright) T. Graduated
High School, 1881; attended Harvard as special student, without
entering for degree. Married Minnetta A. Ketchum of Mackinac
Isld., Mich., April 24, 1899. Since 1892 has published numerous
papers relating to history of Great Lakes and Niagara Falls,
and to the glacial and post-glacial geol., the lake region, both
U. S. and Canada, employed in Mich. Geological Survey 1900;
In U. S. Geol. Sur. in 1908. Author, the Planetary System, a
study of its Structure and Growth, 1903. Address 548 Home
Ave., Ft. Wayne, Ind."— Who's Who.


333. (2) Esther Taylor, Author, (b. Oct. 22, 1840, St. Mary's near

m. Oct., 1858, Champaign, 111., Cincinnati, Ohio.

(d. May 7, 1898, Boston, Mass.

334. Sam'l. J. Housh, salesman, (b. 1832, Ripley, Ohio.

(d. Cincinnati, Ohio.



335. (1) Chas. Housh, (b. Nov., I860, Ripley, Ohio.

(d. Dec, 1869, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

336. (2) Frank E. Housh, manufac- (b. Feb., 1862, Ripley, Ohio.


m. June, 1898, Boston, Mass.,
.".:'i7. Harriet Bustin, (b. Union Springs, X. Y.

Resides at Boston, Mass.


"Born Oct. 22. 1840, died May 7, 1898. Buried in Ft. Wayne, Ind.
"After a life spent in active work for humanity, Mrs. Esther
(Taylor) Housh passed away to the higher life beyond. Possessing
a charming personality, and rare qualities of the heart which

90 Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants.

endeared her to her family and friends, she also drew many to
her by her intellectual vigor, and deep poetical instinct. She
consecrated herself to earnest, helpful work, for the uplift of
the unfortunate and erring, and by her example, showed that even
this life held much that was beneficent and helpful to all. Her
cheerful, hopeful serenity even amidst severe trials, made a
marked impression on the minds of those who knew her. With
clear spiritual insight, she recognized that religion was an attri-
bute of the soul toward God, not a creed, a life, a litany, a service,
and a sacrifice, nor a spectacle, and she exemplified this in her
daily life.

"The immediate family are her son, Frank Ellsworth Housh,
and her brothers and sisters, Judge R. S. Taylor, and Samuel
R. Taylor, and Mrs. W. L. Hulse and Isaac N. Taylor of this city,
and Mrs. Bertha T. Rehm of Kansas City. She was born at St.
Mary's, near Cincinnati, Ohio, and lived a short time in Ft.
Wayne, Ind., and later removed to Louisville, Ky., where she
established a Woman's Magazine in 1877, entitled "Women at
Work." The publication was removed to Brattleboro, Vt, in
1882', where she continued her editorial work upon the Woman's
Magazine, and it was here that she became actively engaged in
the temperance work. She was President of the Vermont W. C.
T. U. for ten years. During this time she edited the National
W. C. T. U. Bulletin, and then became closely associated with
Miss Willard, whose warm and intimate friendship she con-
tinued to enjoy. About six years ago she removed to Boston,
where she continued her active temperance work as State Secre-
tary of Mass. W. C. T. U. She was also the author of man}
popular temperance leaflets."

338. (3) William J. Taylor, Jour- (b. July 12, 1843, Cincinnati, Ohio.

nalist, (d. July, 1871, Ft. Wayne, Ind.


339. (4) Sophia Taylor, (b. July 25, 1845, Cincinnati, O.

m. 1868, Ft. Wayne, Ind..

340. William L. Hulse, Mechanic. (b. Nov. 1, 1835, Morristown, N. J.

(d. Aug. 8, 1905, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants. 91


341. (1) Luretta E. Ilulse, (b. Nov. 4, 18G!>, Ft. Wayne, tnd.

m. 1891, Ft. Wayne. Iiul.,

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