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Indianapolis as one of the superintendents of tie Traction and Terminal


944. Jo.'JEPii Trowbridge (David''". JosepM^^, David-"^, David"^. David''*.
Joseph'"". William'"". Thomas'), born October 13, 1835. near Salem, Ind.; n^sides
in Stanberry. Mo.; married September 22. 1864, in Crotbersville. Tnd.. :\[ary
Ann Catharine Barringer.* daughter of Daniel and Rebecca Ann (Lovier)
Barringer, bom December 20, 1840, in Louisville. Ky.

Joseph Trowbridge was brought at the age of five years by his parents to a
farm near Tampico, Jackson county. Ind.. where he grew to manhood and learned
the carpenter's trade. T\lien the Civil War broke out he enliste<i July 11. 1861.
"for tliree years or during the war" in Company B. 22d Indiana Infantry,

* A sister of the husband of his slsler No. 718. v.


organized at Xorth Madison. Ind. The regiment was nn duty at St. Louis.
Jefferson City and on the North ilissouri railroad until .lanuary 24, 1862, when
it marched south in the direction of Springfield, Mo., where General Price was
quartered. It fought his rear guard down to Pea Ridge, Ark., a distance of 325
miles, where they were engaged in battle, the Union forces coming out victorious.
From there the regiment was transferred to Pittsb\irg'h Landing on the Ten-
nessee river, where the enemy soon after evacuated their strong fortifications at
Corinth, Miss., and fled south. From there the regiment went to Eastport and
crossed the Temicssee river to Florence, Ala., and from there north after the
enemy toward Louisville, Ky. He participated with his regiment in the battle
of Perryville and the three days' battle of Stone's Eiver (Murfreesboro. Tenn.).
He remained in the fortifications there until August 25, 1SG4, when he was
honorably discharged at Louisville, Ky.

After leaving the army, he returned to his homo in Indiana and resumed the
carpenter's trade, which he has followed up to the present time. He was married
the month after he left the ai-my and removed to Marj'ville, Mo., and in 18T8 to
Barnard, Mo. He later removed to Stauberry, Mo., where he has lived for over
thirty years.


i. Almox Albert, h. Oct. 19, 1808: d. Aug. 11, 1870.

ii. Flor.\ Axx, b. Mar. 5, 1870: m.. 1st, July 4. 18SC, Charles Morris Roper of

Gallatin. Mo.; m., 2d, June (J, 1907, James Nicholas Barry and resides

in Kansas City, Mo.
iii. Xettie Rebecca, b. Mar. 9. 1878 ; m. Apr. 4, 190G, Artie Bernley Duke and

resides in Kans,as City,
iv. Harry Dakiel. b. Oct. 1."). 1879; is a carpenter in Stanberry. JIo. ; unm.

94-5. Francis Mariox Trowbridge (Daind~^^, Joseph^^^. David-"^, David"^,
David^^*, Josepli^"^, WillM.m^'"', Thomas'^), born May 16, 18.37, near Salem, Ind.;
died January 8, 1904, in Crothersville, Ind. ; married, first, Mary Ann Bell, who
died a few years after her marriage.f Lie married, second, March 3, 1866, in
Crothersville?, Mary Jane Brown, daughter of Andrew and Susan (Little)
Brown. She resides in Crothersville.

Francis M. Trowbridge was brought by his parents to Jackson county, Ind., and
from the time of his marriage until his death was engaged in 'farming near
Crothersville in that county.

Bti scaind marriage:
i. Pelina Ellen, b. Oct. 19. lS(i7.
ii. Sarah Ann, b. Jan. 30, 18159.
iii. IRVIN Ellis, b. Jan. 19, 1871.
iv. Amanda Elizabeth, b. Apr. 21. 1873.
V. Catharine Margaret, b. Oct. 1, 187.".; m. May 17, 1890, Robert Morton

Cartwright and resides in Crothersville, Ind.
vi. Rosella Bell. b. May 25, 1878.
vii. Ora May, b. Dec. 14, 1880.
viii. Francis Meade, b. Aug. 22. 1883.
is. Da\id Harland, b. Nov. 17, 1886.

946. Wir.T.TAM Walter Trowbridoe (DnciV/^", Josepli'^^^. David-"^. David^^^,
DfivkV. Joseph^"\ Wimam^"". Thomas'), born March 9, 18.50. in Tampico, Ind.;
resides in Westerville, Iowa ; married September 18, 1870, in Tampico, Maryette
Bohall, daughter of William and Marj' Ann (Morgan) Bohall, bom October 30,
1850, in Tampico.


William W. Trowbridge received a common school education in Tampico, Ind.
He has always been engaged in farming. After his marriage he lived in Tampico
until 1875, when he removed to a farm one and one-half miles from the village
of Westerville, Iowa, where he has since resided. Tie united at the age of
eighteen with the Baptist Church aud has been a faithful member of it ever

William Leroy, b. June V2, 1S71 ; d. .Juno 2, 1SS7. in Westerville, Iowa.
David Almokd, b. Aug. 0, 1872; d. Nov. 29, 1670, in Westerville.
Annie Ros.\lie, b. Feb. 5, 1874 ; d. Aug. 27. 1S7.5. in Tampico, Ind.
Elnora, b. Feb. 18, 1876; m. Aug. 26, 1891, George W. Arnold and resides

in Mt. Ayr, Iowa.
Lacka Mae, b. May 27. 1878; in. .July 13. 189G. .lamps A. Bartholow and

resides in Grand River, Iowa.
Joseph Alva, b. Sept. 30, 1889.

9i7. George Wasiiixgtox Trowbridge (James W.'^^, Joseph^^^, David-"'^,
David'-^^ David"^ Joseph^"-; WiUiam^o", Thomas^), bom March 23, 1842, in
Canton, Ind.; died December 11, 1900, in Kurtz, Ind.; married December 14.
1866, in Brownstown, Ind., Rebecca Elizabeth AVestern, daughter of Joseph
Western, bom October 2, 1850, in Salem, Ind.; died September 24, 1897, in

George W. Trowbridge was brought by his parents to Jackson county. Ind. He
followed the occupation of fanning, except tlie years passed as a soldier in the
Civil War. He enlisted in the army for three years and was mustered June 14,
1862, in Company G, 54th Lidiana Infantry, aud was mustered out at the
expiration of his term of service. He re-eulisted for one year and was mustered
January 26, 1865, in Company C, 145th Indiana Infantry, and was mustered out
January 21, 1866.


i. Mart Elizabeth, b. Dec. 4, 18GS: d. Sept. 27. 1870.

ii. Asher W., b. Sept. 21, 1870; is a farmer in Vallonia, Ind.t

iii. Kittle Leoria, b. Sept. 23. 1872 ; m. .\ug. 12, 1892, Rev. Lemmon Franklin
Robold and resides in Indianapolis, Ind.

997. iv. James Walker, b. May 25, 3875.

v. Carlton Leonard, b. May 2, 1877 ; is a farmer in Shattuck. Okla.t

vi. Harry, b. Apr. 26. ISSl.

vii. David I., b. , 188- ; resides in Urbana, III. ; unm.t

viii. Charles, b. Sept. 29, 1888; is a florist in Martinsville, Ind.; unm.

is. George Washington, b. June 25, 1891; resides in Kuightstown, Ind.: unm.

948. David Gilpinchy Trowbridge (Jnines IF."'", Joscp/i ■''•■', David-"'^,
David^"", David"*, Joseph'^"''. William^"". Thoma^^}, born Xovember 19, 1845.
near Tampico, Ind. ; resides in LeRoy, HI. ; married August 1, 1869, in Vallonia,
Ind., Ann Eliza Dilleno, daughter of William Boyd and Jane (Gregorj-) Dilleno,
bom February 13, 1852, in Jackson county. Ivy.

David G. Trowbridge at the age of eighteen enlisted in the army during the
Civil War. He was enrolled May 1, 1864, in Company D. 137th Indiana
Infanti-y, "for 100 days." and was discharged September 2, 1864.

He has been engaged in farinin* since the war. He settled after his marriage
in Vallonia, Ind., and lived t.Iicrc over twenty years. He then removed to
Danvers, HI., and from there in August, 1902, to LeKoy. 111., where he lives at
])resent. He and his wife are members of the Christian Church, having joined it
in Vallonia, Ind.



998. i. Edwin Archibald, b. July 29, 1870.

ii. A son. b. Jan. 10, 1873 ; d. Jan. 23, 1873.

998a. iii. Frank Burrell, b. Now 8, 1876.

iv. William, b. Mar. 14, 1881 : d. Mar. 9, 1SS2.

V. Harrison Waskom, b. Feb. 7, 1883.

949. Levi Esimett TROwDiuncK (James W.'^^, Joseph''^'^. David-'"^, DavicP^^,
David^^*, Joseph^"', ^Yilliam^'"', Thomas^), born March 7, 1856, in Brownstown,
Ind. ; resides in Brownstown ; married December 25, 1896, in Brownstown, Mary
'Butoff, daughter of William and Liicinda (Harris) Butoff, born August 12, 1865,
in Kossuth. Ind.

Levi E. Trowbridge is a carpenter in his native place, Brownstown, Ind.

950. Isaac Franklin Trowbridge (DiUard'-". Joseph"-"^. David-"", David"-^,
David^^*, Joseph^°^, William""'. Thomas^), born October 0, 1S49, in Brownstown,

Ind. ; resides in Rosalia, Kan. ; man'ied , 1866, in Wayne county, Iowa,

Sarali Speck.

Isaac F. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Eosalia, Butler county, Kan.*

951. Jerome Elbridge Trowbridge {Dillard'-", Joseph^^". Da7>id-'"^, David^^^,
David^''-'^, Joseph''^"''. Willi^im'^''^, Thomas'^), born October 24, 1851, in Browns-
town, Ind. ; resides in Armourdale, Kan. ; maiTied May 14, 1869, in Eockland
county, 111., Ruth Emma McClellen, daughter of Uriah and Isabel (Mahan)
McClellen, bom October 30, 1851, in Jackson county, Ind.

Jerome E. Trowbridge is a contractor of gi'ading and building rock and sand
in Armourdale, Kan. lie is a member of the I. O. O. F.


i. DiLLAED Uriah, b. Oct. 28. 1870, in Warsaw, Iowa; d. Jan. 5, 1872.
999. ii. David Warren, b. Nov. 18, 1872, in Xenia. Mo.

iii. Celestia Jane, b. Oct. 24. 1874. in Pickering, Mo. ; d. Aug. 9, 1875.

iv. Mart Melinda. b. Aug. 8, 1S76, in Guide Rock, Neb.; m. July 3, 1893,

Leonard Foster and resides in Armourdale, Kan.
V. Cynthia Adelia, b. Sept. 22, 1878, in Smith Centre, Kan. ; m. Apr. 16. 1896,

E(hvard Jliller and resides in Sheffield, Mo.
vi. Walter, b. Apr. 7, 1881, in Red Cloud, Neb. ; resides in Kansas City. Kan. ;

vii. Myrtle Anna, b. Sept. 21, 1883, in Clearmont, Mo. ; m. Oct. 12, 1901, Charles

Arthur Colvin and resides in Argentine, Kan.
viii. Oscar, b. July 6, 1887, in Gaylord, Kan. ; resides in Kansas City, Kan. ; unm.t
is. Lydia Belle, b. Apr. 21, 1S90. in Basehor, Kan.

952. William Levi Trowbridge (DiUnrd'"", Joseph'-"^'^. David-''^ David"-'-^,
David'-'^*, Joseph^"^, William^'"'. Thomas^), born March 30. 1856, in Edgar county,

HI. ; died July 25, 1906, in Argentine, Kan. ; married , 1877, in Webster

county, Neb., Phoebe Jane Smith.

Willinm L. Trowbridge was a fanner near Argentine, Kan.*

953. Albert Prince Trowbridge (Dillnrd''-'', Josepli"^^. David-"^, Davld^^^,
David^''*, Joseph'^''', William^'"'. Thomas^), born February 23, 1861, near Warsaw,
Iowa ; resides in Argentine. Kan. ; married June 8, 1879, in Nelson, Neb.,


Sophronia Jane Foster, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Hudson) Foster, born
July 15. IS").'), in Frankfort, Kan.; died September 6, 1896, in Argentine.
Alliort P. Trowbridge is a mechauio. He live-; at present in Argentine. Kan.

DiLLARIi. 1i. All-. 1^. 1VSL'. n, Si J Ii. Mo.

IUkry. h. .1.111 Jl. l^v,. : 1, K.iii.; <1. Mn: 24. 18.S.5.

James Lai i'. li. .hm. UJ. l^^*;. ,i, i... -i^l.

Fra.xcis .M.\i:i...n. I.. 11... J.^. l^v", i,, .\,i;,.,uine. Kan.: d. Sept. 20, 1891.

Mary. b. Mar. :W. ]S'.r2. in Wild...-. Kan.; .1. Feb. l."). l.S'.iT.

I.ME. b. Sept. 2G, 189.5, in Kansas Cit.v, Mo.

954. Emory Ellsworth TROWBRrocE (William'-^, Joseph^'^", David-"'^,
David"^, David^", Joseph^"-, William^'"', Thomas^), bom March 1, 1862, in
Tampico, Ind. ; resides in Kansas City, Kan. ; married July 2, 1885, in Hooker,
Ind., Emma Eliza Martin, daughter of James Hiter and Susan (Mitchell)
Martin, bom January 9, 1859, in Washington county, Ind.

Emory E. Trowbridge located in Kansas City, Kan., in 1891. With John I.
Standish he formed the firm of Standish & Trowbridge, live stock commission
merchants. Later he disposed of his interest to Mr. Standish, and from 1902 to
1907 was cashier for the ileinrath Brokerage Co. In 1907 he became identified
with J. T. McClanahan, M.D.. of Boonville, Mo., in the promotion and develop-
ment of extensive mining interests in Gilpin county, Colo. Mr. Trowbridge
was elected secretary of the Dollar Savings, Gold Mining and Milling Company,
and also the New Empire Gold Mining Company, with the understanding that
the management of the business interests of these large corjiorations will be in
his hands, with headquarters at Idaho Springs, Colo.

Mr. Trowbridge resides on Garfield avenue, in Kansas City, Kan., which has
been his home for fifteen years. He was elected a member of the board of
education of Kansas City, Kan., in 1S9S for a term of three years. He is a
member of the Edgerton Place Baptist Church and the director of the Edgerton
Place choir. His wife is a member of the Christian Science Church.


955. Thom.\s Li.ndsey Trowbridge (Allen //.' - , Dempsey-^^'\ David-"'',
David"^, David"*, Joseph'"^. ^YiUiam^'"', Thomas^), born February 2.3, 1852, in
Rutland, 111.; resides in Blue Hill. Neb.; married, first, ilarch 11, 1874, in
Norwalk, Ohio, Gertrude Adeline Burr, daughter of Kev. Frank and Sarah
Emeline (Baker) Burr, bom June 18, 1854, in Torringford, Conn.; died April 8,
1889, in Blue Hill. He married, second, November 2. 1892, in Blue Hill,
Esther Virginia Martin, daughter of Jotham and Rebecca (Clegg) ilartin, bom
Januarj' 3, 1859, in Beeler's Station, Marshall county, W. Va.

Thomas L. Trowbridge went to the district school in his native township and
from 1868 to 1870 attended the Rutland high school, his parents having in the
former year moved into the village. He then spent two years at Eureka College,
Eureka, 111., from which institution he was graduated in 1872. That year his
parent,* and their children moved back onto the old farm near Rutland. lie was
married two years later and moved to a farm west of Rutland, where he was
engaged in farming and teaching school until !March. l.'*S:1, when he moved to
Eureka, HI. lie t^aught the West School in E\ireka during the school .vear of
1883-4. In the fall of 1SS4 he canu> to Blue Hill. Xel... wheiv he engaged in the


grain business, in which he has since continued. Mrs. Trowbridge attended the
Conservatory of Music of Eureka College, receiving her diploma in June, 1885.

056. Dr. Demptsy LeEoy TROWBRiDfiE (Dempisy H.'-*, Dempsey^'^^, David-"^,
David^"^, David^''*, Joseph^"', William^'"', Thomas^), born May 14, 1872, in
Lincoln, lU. ; resides in Denver, Colo. ; married December 25, 1895, in Juniata,
Neb., Anna Barbara Gripe, daughter of John "W.* and Mai-y (Butterbaugh)
Gripe, born May 17, 1876, in Warsaw, Ind.

Demptsy L. Trowbridge was graduated from Drake Uuiversity Commercial
School, Des Moines, Iowa, in 1894 and from the Eclectic Medical School, Lincoln,
Neb., with the degree of M.D. in 1898. He then practiced in Cowles, Neb., and
Atchison, Kan. He made up his mind to combine the practice of medicine
and phai-macy, and came in the fall of 1899 to Kansas City, Mo., to study for the
Ph.G. degree in the Kansas City College of Pharmacy and National Science. He
took a six months' course in that institution and then entered the Highland Park
College of Pharmacy, Des Moines, Iowa, where he received the degree of Ph.G.
in the fall of 1900. Since then he has been combining medical and pharmacy
work. He was in practice in Missouri imtil the latter part of 1907, when he
located in Denver, Colo., his present residence.


i. DuiiA PAULI^-E. b. Dec. 3. 1897 ; d. Mar. 2. 1898.

957. LiXDSEY Siiipsox Trowbridge (David A'.'-", Linzey-''>'\ David-"'^, David^ - ^,
David'-^*, Joseph^^''", William^'"', Thomas^), born July 31, 1870, in Terre Haute,
Mo. ; resides in Newport, Wash. ; married February 25, 1900, in Garfield, Wash.,
Mary Ellen Hammer, daughter of John and Esther (Young) Hammer, bom
February 5, 1878, in Whitesborough, Tex.

Lindsey S. Trowbridge lived in his birthplace until he was thirteen years of
age and then went with his mother and step-father to Texas, remaining there a
year and a half. He was then for three years in Arkansas and then came to
Garfield, Wash. He has since lived there and in Newport, Wash., his present
residence. His occupation is diversified fanning and poultry raising.


i. Lerot Benton, b. Jan. 4. 1901; d. Feb. 26, 1901.

958. Leroy Elbert Trowbridge {David A'.'-", Linzey'^", David-"^, David^"'^,
David^'^*, Joseph^"^, ]Yilliam'^''°, Thomas'^), born March 22, 1875, in Terre Haute,
Mo. ; resides in Opportunity, Wash. ; married November 9, 1904, in Colfax,
Wash., Effie Lee (Ewell) Williams, widow of James Monroe Williams of Gar-
field, Wash., and daughter of P. D. and ilary Jane (Quarles) Ewell, bom
October 13, 1881, in Nevada, Mo.

Leroy E. Trowbridge accompanied the members of his family to Texas and
later to Garfield, Wash. He is a paper hanger by trade, but at the present time
is engaged in farming in Opportunity, near Spokane, Wash. He united with
the Christian Church in Garfield in 1898 and joined the Knights of Pythias
in 1901.


i. '\'ERn.\ "\'ioLA. b. .Tulv 3, 1905.


959. Joseph Melford TROWBRrocE (Franhlin H.'-'', Limey'^", David-"",
David^^", David^^*, Joseph?-"'-, William^'"', Thomas^), bom August 18, 1878, in
Terre Haute, Mo.; resides in Eosalia, Wash.; married October 26, 1904, in
Eosalia, Annie Viola Tumley, daughter of William Fletcher and Susan (Kelley)
Tumley, born October 16, ISSC, in Oakland, Ala.; died March 11. 1907, in

Joseph M. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Chico, Tex.,
and came with his mother to Garfield, Wash. He is a clerk in a hardware and
implement store in Eosalia, Wash. •


i. Mildred Marguerite, b. Dec. 31, 1905.

960. Edward Sylv-ester Trowbridge (Eohert W."=% David''"^, David-"'',
David'-"'\ David^^*, Joseph^"'-, William'^"", Tliomas'-), bom May 25, 1873, in

Henry county, Iowa ; resides in Ottumwa, Iowa ; married , 1893,

in Ottumwa, Mary Jane Turner, daughter of James Henry and Sarah Louisa
(Simmons) Turner, bom • , 1877, in Keokuk county, Iowa.

Edward S. Trowbridge is a painter by trade. He lives in Ottumwa, Iowa,
his residence for several years past.


i. LrciLE YOL.VNDE, b. May 29, 1894.
ii. Harold, b. Apr. 6. 1897: d. that day.
iii. Robert Sylvester, b. July 1, 1898.

960a. Ira Otis Trowbridge (Newloyi C'."-*», David-'"\ David-"". David"-^^,
David^^\ Joseph^"^, William?"", Thomag^), born April 14, 1881. in Jackson
county, Ind. ; resides in Jackson county (Crothersville P. O.), Ind. ; married
October 26, 1905, in Scottsburgh, Ind., Carrie Blanche Warman, daughter of
James Augustus and Eebecca Olive (Haun) Warman, bom November 8, 1886,
near Crothersville in Vernon township.

Ira 0. Trowbridge lives on a farm in his native place. Grassy Fork township,
near Tampico, Jackson county, Ind. He is a farmer and photographer.


i. Clara A\-enell, b. July 2, 1906.

960b. Thomas Marshall Trowbridge (John IV.""'' }YiUiam L.^"*,
Jonathan-"', David"", David"*. Jo,^eph^"-, ]YiUiam^"", Thomas^), bom February
18, 1876, in Morgan county, Ind. ; resides in Carthage, Mo. ; married December
9, 1899, in Oronogo, Mo., Fatima Dilender, bom June 9, 1884, in Oronogo.

Thomas M. Trowbridge came when eight years old with his parents to
Carthage, Mo., and is employed there as a miner and engineer in the lead and
zinc mines. He served in the Spanish- American War in Company A, 2d
Missouri Infantry.


i. John Leonard, b. Aug. 6, 1901.

960c. Otto Trowbridge (John IT."'^, William L.'"». Jonaihan-"', David"^,
David"*, Joseph^"^, William''"". Thomas^), born March 20, 1881. in Prairie
Grove, Ark.; resides in "Carthage, Mo.; married July 27, 1904, in Carthage,
Dora Eeno, dau.ghter of Louis P. and Elizabeth (Atchley) Eeno, bom April 25,
1883, in Carthage.

Otto Trowbridge was brought in childhood by his parents to Carthage, Mo.
He is a stationary engineer in the lead and zinc mines in that place.



961. William Emanuel Trowbridge (David^"^, Joseph^^^, Jonathan-"'',
David>-'^, David'^^*, Jjaseph^"^, William'^'"', Thomas^), bom Au^st 28, 1872, in
Palmyra, Ind. ; resides in Palmyra ; married May 30, 1897, in Hancock county,
Ind., Sarah Ann Lelmianowskey, daughter of JIartin and Susan (Herrel)
Lehmanowskey, born November 14, 1874, in Palmyra.

William E. Trowbridge is engaged in farming- in his native place, Palmyra,


i. John Eakl, b. Sept. 5. 1S08.

ii. Mart Martha Ann, b. Feb. 16. 1900.

iii. WiLBUE, b. Jan. 17, 1902.

iv. Martin, b. .Ian. 20, 1904.

V. Franklin, b. Apr. C, 1900.

962. Amos Travis Trowbridge (David'^'. JosepM^-, Jonathan-"'', David^'",
David^^*, Joseph'^"'-, ^7illiam^'"', Thomas'^), bom October 28, 1873, in Palmyra,
Ind.; resides in Palmyra; married February 17, 1901, in Palmyi-a, Mary
Elizabeth Keehn, daughter of John and Anna Margaret (Stoltz) Keehn, bom
September 26, 1879, in Morgan township, Ind.

Amos T. Trowbridge is a farmer in Palmyra, Ind., his native place.


963. Charles David Trowbridge (DaluVi"^ Joseph^^-, Jonathan-"'', Dav'id^^",
David'^'^*, Joseph'^"', M'illiam'^"", Thomas'^), born October 28, 1877, in Palmyra,
Ind.; resides in Palmyra; married jSTovember 20, 1898, in Blue River, Ind.,
NeUipha Jane Voyles, daughter of Irven and Louisa Ann (Burrell) Voyles,
bom November 28, 1883, in Blue Eiver.

Charles D. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Hancock, Ind.


i. Ada Bell. b. June 9. 1899.
ii. Olive, b. , 1S9-.

963a. Isaac Larkin Trowbridge (Jonathan DJ^''^, Isaac^^-^, Jonathan""'',
David^^^, David'^^*, Joseph^"^, William'^"", Thomas^), bom August 31, 1856, in
Pendleton county, Ky. ; resides in Covington, Ky. ; married September 12, 1880,
in Pendleton county, Joan E. Adams, daughter of Thomas D. and Lucretia
(Adams) Adams, bom November 1, 1863, in Pendleton county.

Isaac L. Trowbridge is a house carpenter by occupation and resides in
Covington, Ky.

children :*
i. Alexander, b. Dec. G, 1881 ; resides in Portl.ind. Ky.

ii. TuoMAs William, b. Apr. 9. 1SS4 ; is a furniture finisher in Rusliville, Ind.
iii. Maude Ann, b. Apr. 21, 1890.
iv. CoKA JiAT, b. Aug. 10, 1892.
v. Mart Almeda, b. Feb. 13, 1902.

963b. William Henry Trowbridge (Jonathan DJ^^^, Isaac^"-^, Jonathan""'',
Bavid^^", David^^*. Joseph^"\ WilUam^"", Thomas^), born July 14, 1866, in
Pendleton county, Ky. ; resides in Duvall, Ky. ; married, first, October 20, 1886,
in Pendleton county, Martha Pace, who died November — , 1888, in Pendleton
county. He married, second, September — , 1890, in Scott coimty, Ky., Bertha
Jane Simpson, daughter of William and Elizabeth ( ) Simpson.f

William H. Trowbridge is engaged in farming near Duvall, Scott county, Ky.

* i born in Pendleton county, Ky. ; ii in Covington, Ky. ; iii-iv in Georgetown, Ky. ; v in
Dry Ridge, Ky.

t Failed to make his record complete.



liy first marriage:
i. Clarence RiciiAno, b. . 1887.

By second marriage:
ii. Edith Frances, b. May 10, 1S!»2.
iii. E\-ERT Lee, b. Feb. 26, lS!)(i.
iv. LuLA Bertha, b. Aus. 1(>, IS'.)!).
V. Wllliam, b. JNIar. 4, 1901. '

963c. James Harrison Trowbridge {Jonathan D.'-^'^". Isaac'"-'', Jonathan-'*',
David^'-'", David'^''-*, Joseph^"'', William'""', Thomas'-), bom July 4. 1874, in
Pendleton county, Ivy.; resides in Duvall, Ky. ; married September — , 1896,
in Scott county, Ky., Ellen McKinney.*

James H. Trowbridge is farming near Duvall, Scott county, Ky.

child born in SCOTT COUNTY, KY. :

i. Nettie May, b. , 1898.

963(1. Albert Luthee Trowbridce (Jonathan Z>.''*=^, 7.saac'^-", Jo7i<ithan-''',
David.'-''^, David''''*, Joseph''"^, William""', Thomas'^), born May 10, 1876, in
Pendleton county, Ky. ; resides in Scott county (Paynes Depot P. O.), Ky. ;
married November 9, 1898, in Versailles, Ky., Nannie Bell Stewart, daughter of
David and Lucy (Hamilton) Stewart, born December 18, 1878, in Falmouth. Ky.

Albert L. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Paynes Depot, Scott county, Ky.

NO children.

963e. Francis Adkins TROWBRmoE (Gordon'^', Ehenezer^"'^, Isaac-"^. David'-^",
David"*, Joseph"''^ William^'"', Thomas'-), born August 15, 1886, in Clay county,
111. ; resides in Noble, HI. ; married June 3, 1906, near Bogota, Jasper county,
111., Bertha Worthey, daughter of Elijah and Sarah Ann (Gippson) Worthey,
bom October 31, 1886, in -Jasper county.

Francis A. Trowbridge is a farmer by occupation. He lives in Clay county,
near Noble, 111.

children born in clay county, ill. :

i. Gainal. b. J\lar. 3, 1907.

ii. La^\t!ence Edward, b. Feb. 17, 1008.

964. John Alexander Trowbridge (George M.'^", Joseph^^", Isaa^-"^, David'^",
David"-*, Joseph'"^, William^'"', Thomas''), born October 9, 1866, in Washington
county, Ky. ; resides in Washington, Ind. ; married December 20, 1886. in

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