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On hearing the name of the owmer, and that he was what they called a rebel,
and also that he had a brother who was a captain in the 'rebel' army, and a near
relative who was in command of an armed brig holding a letter of marque and
cruising against British commerce, they gave orders to visit the house. Captain
Rice, desirous of saving his friend's property, interceded, saying that the family
had been gone from town for some time, and that the house was shut up, where-
upon the order was countermanded and the house escaped visitation. On the
return of Mr. Trowbridge and family, after an absence of two days, everything
was found undisturbed, even to the bread in the oven."J


lip first marriage:
i. Rutherford, b. Feb. 4, 1768; d. Sept. 7, 17G9.
32. ii. Joseph, b. Apr. 23, 1769.

iii. Wealthy, b. Nov. 21, 1770 ■. m., 1st, July 7, 1791, Samuel Barnes of New

Haven; m., 2J, June 21, 1800, Ezekiel Hayes of New Haven,
iv. Rutherford, b. Apr. 25, 1772; d. Jan. 4, 1788.

* Mrs. Trowbridge's old home was in Woodbridge.

t They are deposited with the New Haven Colony Historical Society.

t Atwater's "History of the City of New Haven," p. 58.



V. Melissa, b. Jan. 17, 177-1 : m. Jan. 17, 1797, Joseph Dalbv of Jamaica, W. I
vi. LucRETiA, b. July 25, 1775 ; m. May ICi, 1804, Ashbel Stillman of New Haven.
vii. Grace, b. Nov. 30, 1776; m. Nov. 3, 1798, Jabez Dwight of New Haven
viii. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 25, 1778; m. Dec. 11, 1805, Capt. Levi Hoadley of New

33. ix. Henry, b. July 30, 1781.

34. X. Amos,* b. Nov. 25, 1783.

xi. Dorcas, b. Jan. 14, 1786: m. Oct. 13, 1804, Zebul Bradley of New Haven,
xii. Hannah, b. Oct. 11, 1787; d. Feb. 24, 1788.

By second marriage:
xiii. Rutherford, b. July 9, 1794; d. Sept. 13, 1795.

17. Capt. Stephen Trowbridge {Daniel^, Thomas*. Thomas-, Thomas^), born
December 21, 1746, in New Haven, Conn.; died April 7, 1835, in New Haven;
married, first, June 17, 1770, in New Haven, Mary Bassett, daughter of Ebenezer
and Susanna (White) Bassett, born August 15, 1751, in North Haven, Conn.;
died August 20, 1776, in New Haven. He married, second, September 16, 1778,
in New Haven, Margaret Hall, daughter of John and Abial (Macomber) Hall,
baptized June 8, 1755, in New Haven ; died December 24, 1799, in New Haven.
He married, third, in 1800, in New Haven, Hannah (Hall) Munson, widow of
Amos Munson of New Haven and a sister of his second wife, born about 1751
in New Haven; died August 30, lS32,t in New Haven.

Stephen Trowbridge was a mariner and merchant in New Haven, and appears
to have carried on an extensive grocery business at his store on Long wharf.

CniLPREN born in NEW nA\'EN, CONN. :
Btf first marriage:
i. POLLT, b. • , 1772 ; d. Oct. 13, 1774.

By second marriage:

ii. Martha, b. , 1779 ; d. Sept. 30, 1800, in New Haven ; unm.

iii. Abigail, b. Feb. 15, 1783; m. June 10, 1804, Eli Townsend of New Haven.
iv. A child, b. July — , 1785 ; d. Sept. 3, 1786.

V. Stephen, b. , 1787 ; d. Nov. 15, 1864, in New Haven ; imm.t

vi. Robert, b. , 1790; d. , 1835, in Havana, Cuba: unm.§

vii. Nancy, b. , 1793 ; d. Sept. 30, 1819, in New Haven : unm.

viii. Margaret, b. . 1794 ; d. JIar. 26, 1797.

ix. Wyllys, b. , 1796; d. Oct. 15, 1802.

18. Capt. John TROWBRmoE (Daniel^, Thomas*, Thomas", Thomas^), born
June 1, 1748, in New Haven, Conn.; died September 8, 1791, in New York
City; married February 13, 1777, in New Haven, Thankful Doolittle, daughter
of Isaac and Sarah (Todd) Doolittle, bom January 21, 1754, in New Haven;
died February 14, 1827, in New Haven.

John Trowbridge lived in New Haven on the southeast corner of Chapel and
Union streets.] | Before he had reached an age to become very active in business
affairs, the outbreak of the Eevolution called him to a field of greater activity.
In 1776 he was first sergeant in Capt. Jonas Prentice's company. Col. William

• Incorrectly recorded Thomas at his baptism on Jan. 25. 1784, by First Church Records.

+ New Haven Town Records state that "Stephen Trowbridge" died on that day, hut there
are several instances where the record gives the husband's name for that of the wife.

t Probably the "Stephen Trowbridge of New Haven" who served in the War of 1812 under
Joseph A. Bishop Sept. S to Oct. 21. 1814 : and as 2d lieut. of the artillery corps, "vol-
unteer exempts," under Capt. James HitchcocU, in 1S15. He was agent tor the New Haven
Packet Company tor many years in New Haven.

§ Served in the War ot 1812 under Lahan Smith June 13 to Aug. 12. 1814 ; and in the crew
of the privateer General Armstrong. Administration was granted on his estate Nov. 16,

!i Union street has been obliterated by the recent railroad improvements.


Douglas's regiment, under General Wadsworth, raised to reinforce Washington's
army at New York. The regiment served in the city and on the Brookljni front,
being at the right of the line during the battle of Long Island on August 27.
It was in the retreat, and at Kip's Bay during the attack on New York on Sep-
tember 15 and at the battle of Wliite Plains on October 28. Its term of ser-
vice expired December 25, 1776. On January 1, 1777, he was commissioned second
lieutenant in the Cth Kegiment, Connecticut Line, and was promoted first
lieutenant Ajjril 29, 1779, and acted as quartermaster during those years and
until 1781. His regiment went into camp at Peekskill in the summer of 1777;
served on the Hudson under Putnam, and the following summer at White Plains
under Washington. He served in the detachment of picked men from his regi-
ment under General Wayne in the assault on Stony Point at midnight on July
15, 1779. The regiment wintered, 1779-80, at Morristown huts, and the follow-
ing year saw service on both sides of the Hudson. On Januai-y 1, 1781, he was
transferred to the 4tli Connecticut Regiment, and served with credit until his
retirement January 1, 1783.* He was one of the original members of the Con-
necticut Society of the Cincinnati. He died while on one of his business trips
to New York. His wife was admitted a member of the First Church, New Haven.
February 25, 1781.


35. i. John Todd, b. Oct. 23, 1780.

ii. Julia, bapt. May 5, 1782; d. Sept. 29, 1783.

36. iii. Charles Edwin, b. Feb. 27, 1784.

iv. Elihu, bapt. Dec. 17, 1780; d. young.t

V. Julia, bapt. June 11, 1789 ; d. ■ , 1837, iu New Haven ; unm.t

37. vi. Elias, bapt. Oct. 24, 1700.

19. Daniel Trowbridge (Daniel^, Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas^), born October
2.3, 1750, in New Haven, Conn.; died August 7, 1818, in New Haven; married
January 8, 1778, in New Haven, Sibyl Atwater, daughter of Isaac and Dorothy
(Mix) Atwater, born January 25, 1755, in New Haven ; died July 1, 1831, in
New Haven.

Daniel Trowbridge passed his life in New Haven. He lived on the old family
property in Meadow street and carried on a cooperage business on Water street.



Sibyl, b. Aug. 22, 1778; d. Sept. 22, 1778.

Sibyl, b. Nov. 3, 1779 ; d. Oct. 7, 1781.

Sibyl, b. May 4, 1782 : d. .\pr. 16, 1794.

Daniel, b. Apr. 27. 1784 ; d. Sept. 23, 1787.

SuSAN.§ b. May .5, 1787: d. Sept. 7, 1868, in New Haven; unm.

Daniel, b. Oct. 15, 1790; a mariner; d. . 1818, iu Martinique. W. I.;

unm. II
vii. Winston, b. Jan. 23, 1794 ; d. July 12, 1820, in New Haven ; unm.
viii. Harriet, b. Feb. 27, 179G ; d. Feb. 14. 1847, in New Haven; unm.

20. Joseph Easton Trowbridge (Stephen^", Stephen', Thomas*. Thomas'-.
Thomas^), born June 14, 1752, in New Haven, Conn.; died August 19, 1801, in
New Haven; married , 1780, in New Haven, Sally** Dodd.ft daughter

• "Connecticut in tlie Revolution," pp. 406-8. 20.'>-fi, 242. 337 and 616.

t Prob.ilily. He is not mentioned in the division of his father's estate in 1S08 and is
unknown to descendants of liis brothers.

t Her will, dated Feb. 2C. 1832. was offered for probate Oct. 11. 1837.

§ Bapt. Sukeij.

11 Administration was granted on his estate Oct. 26, 1818.
*• By gravestone,
tt A sister of the second wife of No. 14.


of Thomas and Esther (Bishop) Dodd, born , 1752, in New Haven ;

died September 13, 1799, in New Haven.

Joseph Easton Trowbridge, known usually as Easton Trowbridge, lived on
Meadow street in his native town and was taught tlie joiner's trade liy his
father. He was a soldier during the Kevolution and served as a bombardier in
Capt. John Bigelow's artillery company, being "on command with Gen. Arnold"
in 1776.* This was the first artillery company raised in Connecticut during the
Kevolution. It was recruited early in 1776 and marched to the northern depart-
ment, and was stationed during the following summer and fall at Ticonderoga
and vicinity. He and his wife attended Trinity Church in New Haven.


3S. i. Joseph EASTON.t [ twins,

ii. Easton, j b.apc. May — , 17S1 ; d. in infancy.

iii. Lydia, b. Sept. 20, 1TS3 ; d. Mar. 20, 1S«)G, in New Haven ; uum.

iv. A son, b. Sept. 1-i. ITSG ; d. Aug. 30, 17S7.

V. Elizabeth, b. Feb. IS. 17S9 ; m. Sept. 2, ISIO, Lieut. Solomon Davis, Jr., of
Baltimore, Md.

39. vi. George, b. June — , 1791.

vii. "Unbaptized infant," buried July 25, 179G+

21. Joseph Trowbridge (Joseph^'^, Joseph^, TliomasK Thomas-, Thomas'^),
bom February 13, 1776, in New Haven, Conn. ; died November 29, 1853, in
Hingham, Mass. ; married December 2, 1804, in Hingham, Susannali Burr,
daughter of Levi and Susannah (Stower) Burr, born February 21, 1786, in
Hingham; died October 28, 1859, in Hingham.

Joseph Trowbridge learned the watch-making trade in Philadelphia and estab-
lished himself in business in Boston, Mass. Soon after his marriage he settled
in Hingham, Mass., where he took up the trade of a blacksmith, which he fol-
lowed the remainder of his life.

children born in hingham, mass. :

i. Emma Gushing, b. Juue 18, 1805 ; m. Oct. 7, 1822, Leavitt Souther of Hing-
40. ii. RoswELL, b. Jan. 26, 1811.

iii. Susan Stower, b. Dec. 20, 1814; m. Jan. 25, 1842, Matthew H. Burr of

22. Capt. Joseph Trowbridge {Caleh^-, Joseph^, Thomas*, Thomas",
Thomas^), born August 15, 1772, in New Haven, Conn.; died September 29,
1836, in New Haven; married October 27, 1796,§ in New Haven, Lois Mis,
daughter of Joseph and Patience (Sperry) Mix, bom May 17, 1774, in New
Haven; died August 8,|| 1863, in New Haven.

Joseph Trowbridge settled in his native town and became a well-known sea
captain, following the profession of his father and grandfather. His wife was
admitted a member of the First Church, New Haven, June 26, 1803.

children born in new ha\'en, conn. :

i. Mart Elizabeth, b. Apr. 14, 1799 ; ra. Oct. 19, 1817, LeGrand Cannon of

New Haven,
ii. John, b. Mar. 27, 1801 ; d. Apr. 22, 1809.

* "Connecticut in the Revolution," p. 124.

t This middle name was added after the death ot his twin brother.
t Trinity Church Records.

§ By Trinity Church Records ; Oct. 10, 1797, liy "Trowbridge Family," which probably
confused the date with that of the marriage of No. i, below,
II By gravestone ; 7 by New Haven Town Records.


iii. George, b. Feb. 14, 1804 ; a grocer ; d. Aug. 5, 1848,* in New Haven ; unm.
iv. Olivia Eunice, b. May 31, 1806; m. Oct. 30, 1827, Charles F. Hotchkiss of

Vineland, N. J.
V. Nancy Mama, b. Feb. 16, 1809 ; m. July 11, 1831, George Tuttle of New Haven.

41. vi. John, b. Aug. 31, 1811.

23. Dea. Caleb Trowbridge {Caleb^^, Joseph'^, Thomas*, Thomas'^, Thomas^),
bom September 11, 1776, in New Haven, Conn. ; died March 8, 1852, in Mans-
field, Conn. ; married October 6, 1799, in Mansfield, Abigail Southworth,
daughter of Dea. Constant and Mary (Porter) Southworth, born July 9, 1778,
in Mansfield; died December 23, 1866, in Mansfield.

Caleb Trowbridge after his marriage settled in Mansfield Center, Conn., where
his commodious house is still standing. He was a hatter by trade, and an
—industrious and prudent man, and though never acquiring a large fortune, by
diligence and economy, he succeeded in bringing up his five children in comfort
and respectability. He was an earnest Christian and for many years held the
office of deacon in the First Congregational Church in Mansfield.


i. Epaphras Southworth, b. Nov. 14, 1800; studied medicine at Yale College

and settled in Haniburgh, S. C, where he soon d. Sept. 8. 1S28 ; unm.
ii. Sherman, b. Jan. 3, 1803; d. Jan. 27, 1828, in Mansfield; unm.
iii. Louisa, b. Dec. 26, 1804 ; d. Jan. 2, 1835, in Mansfield ; unm.

42. iv. Francis, b. Sept. 25, 1809.

V. Catharine JIaria, b. Apr. 28, 1818 ; was an authoress and writer of numerous
Sunday school and other books for children; d. Jan. 13, 1892, in Mansfield;
unm. "Her fame was not wide, but her beautiful life and character will ever
be held in loving remembrance, and the fragrance of her gentle spirit will
never be forgotten."

24. James Trowbridge {Caleh'^-, Joseph^, Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas'^), bom
July 7, 1784, in New Haven, Conn. ; died September 11, 1825, in Plattsburgh,
N. T. ; married October 31, 1814, in Vergennes, Vt., Cornelia Rogers, born
November 24, 1787, in Norwalk, Conn. ; died September 9, 1S47, in Warsaw, Va.

James Trowbridge left his native town and settled in Plattsburgh, N. Y.,
where he was a merchant. He fought in the battle of Plattsburgh in the War
of 1812, and was one of those to whom Congress voted a musket with a suitable
inscription commemorating their distinguished bravery.

children born in plattsburgh, n. y. :

i. Ann Seymour, b. Nov. 1, 1816; m. Oct. 21, 1843, Judge Thomas Jones of
Warsaw, Va.

43. ii. James Hewit. b. May 27. 1820.

iii. Hannah Rogers, b. Aug. 17, 1822; d. Aug. 27, 1893, in Warsaw; unm.

25. WiLLUM Trowbridge (New7nan}*, DanieV, Thomas*. Thomas", Thomas''),
bom July 23. 1772, in New Haven, Conn.; died January — , 1818,t in
Trinidad, B. W. I.; married, first, January 8, 1794, in New Haven, Eunice
Merriman.$ He married, second, Sally .f She married, second, Octo-
ber 13, 1822, in New Haven, Edward W. Conklin of Sag Harbor, Long Island.§

William Trowbridge was employed in the West India business, and died at
Trinidad, while on one of his voyages as a supercargo. He|| was elected in 1793
a member of Hiram Lodge, No. 1. E. and A. M., of New Haven.


* By New Haven Town Records, which also give the year 1849. "aged 44."

t His will, made .Tune 1. 1816, offered for probate Mar. 2. ISIS, mentions his "wife Sally."
of whose parentage nothing was found on record. She was admitted a member of the First
Church In New Haven June 20, 1817.

t Of whose parentage nothing was found on record.

5 She was living In Southampton, L. I., in IS.'^T.

!| Probably, rather than No. 146. as his brothers were members.


26. Newman Trowbridge (Newman^*, Daniel^, Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas^),
born November 8, 17S1, in New Haven, Conn. ; died October 19, 1830, in New

Haven; married , 1818, in Hamden, Conn., Lydia Warner, daughter of

Samuel and Lydia (Hitchcocl-c) Warner, born July 30, 1800, in Hamden. She
married, second, about September, 1833, George Burnett of New Haven, and died
January 14, 1893, in New Haven.

Newman Trowbridge was associated in business with his brother Isaac in New
Haven, Conn.


i. Nancy Maria, b. May 10, 1819 ; m. Sept 28, 1840, Henry Lewis Cooper and

resides in New Haven.
ii. Susan Eliza, b. Aug. 23, 1821 ; m. July 6, 1840, Hial Burr Strong and resides

in New Haven,
iii. Eliza Ann, b. July 5, 1823 : d. June 10,* 1825.

27. Capt. Eoswell Trowbridge (Newman^*, Daniel^, Thomas*, Thomas'^,
Thomas*), bom April 29, 1784, in New Haven, Conn.; died January 4, 1844, in
New York City; married January 6, 1813, in New Haven, Nancy Hayes,t
daughter of Ezekiel:}: and Mary (Hemingway) Hayes, born July 3, 1791, in New
Haven; died August 30, 1857, in New Haven.

Eoswell Trowbridge was a shipmaster and merchant, being in partnership with
his brothers Isaac and Richard in New Haven, Conn., the firm being known as
Isaac Trowbridge & Co. He was elected a member of Hiram Lodge, No. 1, F.
and A. M., of New Haven, in 1811.

"While pursuing his vocation as captain during the War of 1812, on a voyage
from New Haven to St. Bartholomew, then a neutral port, in the West Indies,
some four days after sailing from New Haven, he was captured by a British
vessel of war, on board of which was the admiral of the fleet. Captain Trow-
bridge was ordered on board of the frigate with his papers. His vessel was laden
with a general assortment of American produce and a deck load of oxen and
sheep. The admiral, on ascertaining Captain Trowbridge's name, claimed that
he was a British subject, but, on being assured that he was born in America, he
did not press his claim in that respect; but from the fact of his name being the
same as that of the old adnural,§ with whom he had formerly sailed and fought
under, he treated him very kindly, and although he would have been justified in
making his vessel and cargo a lawful prize, he paid him liberally for all his
stock and what produce he took, which he transferred to his own ship; and
when Captain Trowbridge, finally, separated from him, sent a boat loaded with
delicacies and many things valuable as a token of his respect. Captain Trow-
bridge immediately sailed for New Haven, where he arrived in eight days after
leaving the post, to the surprise of his friends, they supposing he had lost every-
thing by capture.

"Captain Trowbridge was a universal favorite with all who made his acquain-
tance at home or abroad. In his long experience as a sea-faring man many
incidents occurred which are interesting to his friends. At one time he had
safely arrived with a valuable cargo at Guadaloupe. On the night of his arrival
a violent hurricane arose, wliich destroyed a large portion of the town and drove
every vessel to sea or on to the shore, and there was a great loss of life among the
seamen. Anticipating the gale, he had jiut to sea, but soon after his vessel was
capsized, and for a long time remained thus, but finally righted with the loss of
her masts and most of her rigging and spars. After the gale abated he dis-
covered that he was near St. Domingo, which he soon after reached. For

* By gravestone ; 1 1 by New H.iven Town Records.

t A sister of the wife of No. 33.
X His second wife was No. IG, iii.
§ Sir Thomas Troubridge nf the Bi'itish Navy.


months he had to remain there, without being able to communicate with his
friends. Nearly all of his crew, wliieh had escaped death by the gale, died of
yellow fever, but Captain Trowbridge by his skill and perseverance made new
masts, and so fitted up his vessel as to enable him to sail for New Haven, where
he arrived, after six months' absence, and his return was a cause of great rejoic-
ing to his friends and family, as he was supposed to have been lost in the


44. i. Frederick Hayes, b. Sept. 18, 1813.

ii. Harriet Hayes, b. Alay 22, 1815 ; m. Sept. 12, 1838, John Benuptt Carrington

of New Haven,
iii. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 1, 1818; m. Oct. 28, 1840, Rev. James Augustus Hawley

of Augusta, III.
iv. RoswELL, b. JIar. 18, 182] ; entered the store of his eldest brother in New York

City, where he was employed up to the time of his last illness ; d. Feb. 29.

1840, in New Haven ; unm.

45. v. Edward, b. Jan. 28, 1824.

vi. Augusta Caroune, b. Apr. 21. 1826; m. July 25, 1843, James Stanton Bailey

and resides in Brooklyn, N. Y.
vii. Francis BAYLEV.t b. July 22, 1828; d. Aug. 2. 1839, in New Haven.
viii. Emily Cornelia, b. Sept. 17, 1830 ; d. July 24, 1851. in New Haven ; unm.

28. Isaac Trowbridge (Neivman^*, DanieP, Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas'^).
born April 1, 1789, in New Haven, Conn. ; died November 13, 1877, iu Franklin,
La. ; married, first, March 21, 1813, in New Haven, Elizabeth Pardee, born
December 24, 1789, in New Haven; died February 21, 1833, in New Haven. He
married, second, in August, 1835, in New Haven, Mehitable (Wire:}:) Hall, widow
of Samuel Hall of Waterford, N. Y., and daughter of Samuel and Eunice
(Gould) Wire,:]: bom July 9, 1806, in Milford, Conn.; died September 8, 1845,
in Franklin. He married, third, July 10, 1848, in Pomjiey?, N. Y., Mary Ann
Willard, daughter of Samuel G. and Desire (Bartholomew) Willard.

Isaac Trowbridge for a number of years after his first marriage was in partner-
ship with his brother-in-law, James Munson, in New Haven, Conn., the firm being
Trowbridge & Munson. About 1830, with his brothers Roswell and Richard, he
organized the firm of Isaac Trowbridge & Co., merchants, in New Haven. He
removed to Franklin, La., where he built the first house in St. Mary's parish. He
resided in that city until his death. . He was elected in 1819 a member of Hiram
Lodge, No. 1, F. and A. M., of New Haven.

Bij first marriage:
i. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 1, 1814: ni. Sept. 23, 1834, George P. Stillman of New
4G. ii. Timothy, b. Jan. 31, 1815.

iii. Isaac, b. Jan. 13, 1817 ; a merchant in Franklin. La. : d. II

iv. Laura, b. Aus. 1, 1818 : d. Sept. 21, 1819.
47. V. Daniel, b. Jan. 29, 1820.

vi. Mary, ~1 twins, m.. 1st, Edward Pemberton of Staten Island.

1 N. Y. : m., 2d, Oatley of , R. I.

vii. Martha, } b. Aug. 12, 1821; m. Oct. 31, 1842. Dr. George Seagrave of New

J Haven.

viii. Sarah, b. Jan. 26, 1824 ; m. Marcus Walker of Woodbury, Conn,
ix. Louisa, b. Deo. 5. 1825 : m. Richard E. Talbot of Georgetown, Tex.
X. Henrietta, b. Feb. 26, 1828; m. Theodore Carling of Franklin, La.

• Reprinted from "Trowbridge Family." There is no likeness of Captain Trowbridge in

t Named for Sir Francis Bayley of Trinidad, B. W. I.

t By family record ; Wcus by Miltord. Conn.. First Congregational Church Records.

S i-xiv born in New Haven. Conn. : the others in Franklin. I. a.

II He left a widow and several children, who (ailed to answer the compiler's letters.


By second marriage:
xi. Maria, b. Apr. 20. 1S3I5 : d. B>b. 22. 1837.
48. xii. Newman, b. Nov. 29, 1S3S.

xiii. Helen Maria, b. Mar. 9, 1840; m. Jan. 23, 1S()1, Charles J. Van Pelt of

Bloomington, 111., and resides in Minonk, III.
siv. George Stillmax, b. Dec. 26. 1842: d. Feb. 9, 1845.

XV. Charlotte Rebecca, b. Apr. 15, 1844 ; m. June 18, 1872, Marcus Miles Norton
and resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

By third marriage:
xvi. Willard Dunning, b. May 12. 1&50 ; resides in Franklin.*
xvii. RoswEix Bartholomew, b. Mar. IS, 1852; resides in Franklin.*
xviii. Clarence Winston, b. Sept. 4, 1854; resides in Franklin.*

29. Eichard Trowbridge (Newman'^\ Daniel^, Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas'^),
born November 18, 1791, in New Haven, Conn.; died May 17, 1857, in New
Haven; married November 20, 1835, in New Haven, Caroline Temple (Bartholo-
mew) Seward, widow of Capt. Azariah P. Seward of Durham, Conn., and daugh-
ter of Moses and Mary Submit (Sharyf) Bartholomew, bom October 14, 1793,
in New Haven ; died December 3, 1878, in New Haven.

Richard Trowbridge was a sea captain and merchant, and was in partnership
with his brothers Roswell and Isaac, the firm being known as Isaac Trowbridge &
Co., in New Haven, Conn.

NO children.

30. Thomas Trowbridge {Thomas^^, DanieF. Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas'^).
baptized June 20, 1773, in New Haven. Conn.; died January — , 1797,:): in New
Haven; married June 19, 1794, in New Haven, Euhamah§ Hall, daughter of

Elias and Ruhamah ( ) Hall, born January 16, 177(5, in Cheshire. Conn.

She married, second, March 30, 1799, in Branford, Conn., Elias Plant of Bran-
ford, and died May 24, 1842, in Branford.

Thomas Trowbridge lived in New Haven, Conn. He was a mariner and
merchant, with a store on Long wharf.


31. JoHN|| Trowbridge {Thomas^'", Daniel". Thomas*, Thomas-. Thomas'^).
baptized September 16, 1781, in New Haven, Conn. ; died about 1812, in New
Orleans, La.; married September 18, 1804, in Hudson, N. T., Nancy Folger.
daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth (Worth) Folger, born April 25, 1784, in
Hudson. She married, second. Eev. Wells.

John Trowbridge lived in New Haven, Conn., and seems to have been asso-
ciated in business with his brother. He was a mariner and died in New Orleans
while on one of his voyages.


i. Lemira. b. , 180- ; m. Rev. Peter Boughtou.**

ii. Sarah, b. , ISO-; m. Edward Bingham of Detroit, Mich.**

* By "Trowbridge Family." Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

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