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tender that it beat in sympathy with all mankind and with all God's creatures." [The
Green Valley Banner, Jan. 29, 190-t.]


1455. i. George Wasiiisi^ton, b. Aug. 14, 1854.

ii. Alice Gary, b. Mar. 12, 18.50 ; m. June 4, 1889, Frank B. Welch of Green

iii. DiLLA, b. Mar. 28. 18.58 ; m. Apr. 28, 1897, Samuel Donley and resides in

Delavan, 111.
iv. Emma E., b. Jan. 9, 18(10; m. Apr. 9. 1894. B. Reed Mowry and resides in

Emden, 111.
V. S.^KAU E., b. .Tan. 9. 1801: resides in Green Valley; unm.

1456. vi. John Frank, b. May 9. 18G3.

1457. vii. .Jesse, b. Mar. 12, 18(39.

1458. viii. Teis, b. Nov. 19, 1870,

14.59. ix. Lewis Henry, b. Dec. 2(1, 1872.

1454. Ferdinand STROWBErocE (Jesse''^*'-, Berijamin'^*^"), born March 13, 1849,
ill Dillon township, Tazewell covmty. 111.; resicies in Bradford, Kan.; married,
first. September 22, 1869, in Dillon. Adelaide Elliott, who died May 30, 1896.
He married, .second, Clara Elliott Johnson,*

Ferdinand Strowbridge is a farmer in Bradford, Kan.


i. .Tessie.

ii. Mary Elizabeth.

iii. May-.

iv. Laura.

V. Grace.

vi. Benjamin, resides in Los Angeles. Cal.*

vii. Alice.

viii. Frederick, resides in Topeka, Kan.*

ix. NOEA, m. and resides in Battle Creek, Mich.

X. Nellie, m. and resides in Bradford, Kan.

xi. Ola, ) twins.

xii. Ora. \

xiii. Francis, d. in infancy.

xiv. Hazel, d. in infancy.

1454a. Benjamin Frederick Strowbridge (Jesse'^*^-, Beniamin^*^"), born
July 17. 1851, in Dillon township. 111. ; died February 19. 1905, in Green Valley,
m. ; married January 22, 1878, in Malone, 111., Enclla Marv- Giffin, born July
17. 1855. in ilalone. She resides in Green Valley.*

Benjamin F. Strowbridge was a fanuer in Green Valley, 111.

children born in green valley, ill. :
i. Ethel.
ii. Myetle.
iii. Elizabeth.
iv. Mary.
V. Estella.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.
t i-x are married.


1154b. WiLLUM Henry Strowbridge (Jesse^*^-, Benjamin"^''), born Novem-
ber 4, 1858, in Dillon towiisbip, 111.; resides in Green Valley, 111.; married

February 14, 1889, in , Anna Belle Fisher, bom February 16, 1861, in

Sand Prairie, 111.*

William H. Strowbridge is a farmer in his native place. Green Valley, 111.


i. Blanche.
ii. Donald.

1454c. GiLMAN Justice Strowbridge (Jesse^*'-"-, Benjamin'^*''"), born Septem-
ber 20, 1863, in Dillon township, 111. ; resides in Green Valley, 111. ; married

January 31, 1895, in , Minnie Alice Robinson, bom Febmary 8, 1868, in

Sand Prairie, 111.*

Gilman Justice Strowbridge is a farmer in Green Valley, 111., his native place.

cuild born in green valley, ill. :


1455. George Washington Trowbridge {John^*^^, Benjamin^^'""), bom
August 14, 1854, in Green Valley, 111.; resides in Washington, D. G.; married
June 7, 1888, in Wheeling, W. Va., Carrie E. Cowgill, daughter of Jeptha and
Amanda (Mead) Cowgill, born July 11, 1859, in Martins Ferry, Ohio.

George W. Trowbridge at an early age engaged in agricultural pursuits with
his father. He attended the public school, the Delavau, III, high school, and
later the Peoria Business College. In 1879 he moved to Chicago, III, where he
engaged in the real estate business and entered the employ of the Chicago and
Northwestern Railway Company. He later accepted a position as freight
traveling agent of the Merchants Transportation Company, with headquarters
in Chicago. During this employment he became a member of the Elgin Board
of Trade. In 18!)iS he was appointed an internal revenue agent, and is now in
charge of tlie Baltimore division. He resides in Washington, D. C.


i. Daisy Ethel, b. Mar. 10, 1800.
ii. Agnes Cowgill, b. June 11, 1894.
iii. William Scott, b. May 12, 1897.

1456. John Frank Trow dridgk (./o/^n"=^ Benjamin^*'-"), born May 9, 1863,
in Green Valley, 111. ; resides in Delavan, 111. ; married August 26, 1886, in
Delavan, Etta Ballinger, daughter of Lafayette and Sarah Elizabeth (Burke)
Eallinger, bom April 29, 1868, in Monticello, Ind.

J. Frank Trowbridge is engaged in farming in his native place, Green Valley,


children born in green valley, ill. :

i. John, b. Oct. 29, 1887.
ii. May, b. Nov. 10, 1889.

1457. Jesse Trowbridge (JoJin'^*'^^, Beniamin^'^'-'''), bom March 12, 1869, in
Green Valley, 111. ; resides in Green Valley ; married December 1, 1887, in
Green Valley, Dora Watts.

Jesse Trowbridge is a painter by trade. He lives in Green Valley. IlLf

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters, so it is not known if they have had any children.


1458. Teis Trowbridge (Jo/o]"^", Benjamin''*''''), bom November 19, 1870, in
Green Valley, 111.; resides in Green Valley; married February 13, 1S95, in Green
Vallej', Fannie Dixon Martin, daughter of Joseph Warren and Cornelia Alzina
( ) Martin, bom January 30, 1870, in Green Valley.

Teis Trowbridge is a farmer in his native place. Green Valley, 111.


i. Emma Cornelia, b. June 13. 1897, in Cedar, Iowa,
ii. Helen, b. Dec. 18, 1898, in Green Valley, 111.

1450. Lewis Henry Trowbridge (John^*^^, Benjamin^*^''), bom December
20, 1872, in Green Valley, 111.; resides in Green Valley; married March 12, 1899,
in Green Valley, Mary Matilda McGalliard, daughter of Aaron and Olivia (Hall)
McGalliard, bom October 12, 1874, in Green Valley.

Lewis H. Trowbridge is a fanner in Green Valley, 111., his native place.

NO children.


Of Ireland

1459a. WiLLL\M Strowbridge, son of William*, bom , 18 — , in

Ireland; died February 20, 1897, in Springboro, Ohio; married Evebii Abbott,
who died December 7, 1897, in Springboro.


i. John C. Trowbridge,! b. Oct. 2.5. 185(5 : is in the dry goods business in
Louisville. Ky. ; m. Oct. 3, 1888. in Shelbyville, Ky., Jlinnie Beckham,
d.iughter of Dr. B. JI. and Mary E. (Carpenter) Beckham, b. Juue 15,
1858, in Shelbyville.

» William Strawbridge, living in 1844 in Ireland, had Children : William (see No. 14o9a

above); a daughter, living with Dr. Strawbridge (no relation) in . Pa.?; Jnnc, m.

July 14, 1S33. Rev. Thomas McKeown of Philadelphia, Pa.; James: Andrew, came to Phila-
delphia in 18oS. now resides in Springlioro. Ohio: George: iSartha Jane.

t Thus in this family can be found three spellings of the family name.


1460. William Trowbridge (son of William (see footnote below, No. vi)),

bom , 1829, in London, England; died May 13, 1892, in Brooklyn,

N. Y. ; married , 18 — , in London, Clara Gordon Hall, bom ,

1827, in London ; died December 2, 1895, in Brooklyn.

William Trowbridge was employed under his father in the Imperial Gas Works
in London until 1868, when he emigrated to the United States. He settled in
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and lived tliere the rest of his life. He was a steam fitter.


i. Thomas, b Jan. 23, 1865 ; resides in Broolilyii, N. Y., and is a member of tlie
firm of Armstroug & Co., producers of apple cider and vinegar.

14fil. Georgk Trowbridge (son of Elins (see footnote, No. viii, end)), born
June 14, 1844, in Donhead, St. Mai-y's, Wiltshire, England; resides in Salt Lake
City, Utah ; married August 19, 1872, in Salt Lake City. Sarah Eliza Coshell,
daughter of Kobert and Mary Ann (Giles) Coshell, bom September 16, 1848, in

George Trowbridge emigrated when a young man to the United States. He
settled in Salt Lake City, LTtah, where he married and has since resided, except
for an occasional visit to his old home in England. He learned the trade of a
bricklayer, and is now a contractor.


i. GEORtiE Robert, b. June 8, 1873 ; m. Apr. 28, 1897, Emma Briggs ; is a

briclilayer in Salt Lake City,
ii. James Elias, b. Sept. 3, 1S74 ; m. Nov. 11, 189C, Edith Sargent; is a

briclslayer in Salt Lake City,
iii. Clara, b. Apr. 22, 1S7G.

iv. Maroni Coshell, b. Jan. 11, 1878 : d. Jan. 12, 1898.
V. Alfred Coshell, b. Aug. 23, 1880 ; d. Sept. 3, 1881.

William Trowbridge (d. aged 122) and his wife, Sarali (d. aged 114) of Wiltsbii'e,
England, had :

children :•
i. Lucy, h. May 2.3, 1782.
ii. John, b. Mar. 6, 1784.
iii. Mary, b. Oct. 8. 1785.
iv. Ann, b. Apr. 11, 1787.
V. Thomas, b. .Tan. 15, 1701.
vi. William, b. Oct, 20. 1792 ; employed for many years as foreman at the Imperial

Gas Works, London. t
vii. Maria, b. Sept. 8, 1794.
viii. Elias, b. Mar. 27, 1796 ; d. Aug. 27, 1855, in Five Ways, Ludwell, near Salisbury,

Wiltshire, England ; m. , 1828, in St. George's. Hanover Square. London,

Rebecca Read, b. Mar. 5. 1803 : d. May 9, 1S81, in Five Ways. Children
(born in Donbead, St. Mary's, Wiltshire) : Elias, b. Mar. 8, 1829. resides near
Reading, Berks. ; Ann Bittl, b. Oct. 8, 1832 : m. T. Chivrall and resides In
London; James, b. Sept, 10, 1834, resides in Five Ways (above) ; Rebecca, b.
Feb. 27, 1840 ; d. July — , 1869 ; Sarah, b. June 25, 1842 ; George, b. June
14, 1844. t
ix. Mary Butt, b. June 17, 1798 ; m. Adam Sanger.
X. George, b. Apr. 7, 1800.
♦ Records furnished by Mr. George Trowbridge of Salt Lake City, Utah,
t See No. 1460.
t See No. 1461.


vi. Rebecca, b. Aug. 2. 1SS2.

vii. Alice Caroline, b. Aug. 16. 1884.

viii. Charlotte Aivx. b. Aug. 25, ISSG.

ix. Lucy Phebe, b. Aug. 11, 18SS.

X. Sophia Hajs^-ah, b. Nov. 27, 1890.

1462. WiLLL\ii Trowbridge, bom . 1 , in Wiltshire, England; died

1S54, in Campbell, Mich.; married , IS — , in , Eng-

land, , who died , 1856, in Campbell;

William Trowbridge with his wife and four sons emigrated from England in
the spring of 1846 to Canada West and settled in Tilbury township. Two years
later they removed to Ionia county, Mich., and settled on farms in the present
village of Campbell, near the town of Clarkville.


i. William, b. , lS25.t

1463. ii. Elijah, b. July 11, 1827.

iii. Elisiia, b. , 1829 ; is a farmer in Campbell, Micb.l

iv. James, b. , 183- ; is a farmer in Campbell. t §

v. ilAEY. b. . 183-?; m. Jlifflin and lived in Canada.

Three other daughters remained in England.

1403. Elijah Trowbridge (Wj7h'«m"'^-), born July 11. 1S2T. in Wiltshire,

England; died November 6, 1890, in Spokane, Wash.; married , 1851,

in Canada, Seeelena Oliver, daughter of Chai'les and Christa (Goudfellow)
Oliver, bom December 29, 1827, in Wiltshire; died November 3. 1901, in
Spokane. ^

Elijah Trowbridge lived in Ionia county, Slich.. until 1886, when he removed
to Spokane, Wash.


14G4. i. Charles Oli\-ek. b. Oct. 16, 1852.

ii. Martha C, b. Nov. 9, 1853.

iii. Mart Axx*, b. May 12, 18.55.

iv. Praxel Kesip. b. June 14. 1857.

V. Reubex- Elijah, b. July 25, 1S59.

vi. JoHX L.. b. Juue 15. 1862.

vii. Geoege F.. b. Nov. 26. 1863.

viii. MEL^^x G., b. Sept. 1, 1868.

1464. Charles Olu'er Trowbridge (Elijah'^*'^", ^Yill^am'^■*^-) , born October 16,
1852, in Sheparay township, Ionia county, Mich. ; resides in Spokane, Wash. ;
married October 9, 1879, in Fox Lalie, Wis., Susan Elizabeth Devolve, daughter
of George and Maiy Ann (Sutz) Devolve, born April 2, 1855, in , Pa.

Charles O. Trowbridge is a millwright and mill builder and superintendent
construction work. His office is in Spokane, Wash., where he resides.


i. Charles Erxest. b. Jime 29. l.SSO. in Campbell. Mich,
ii. Ralph Edward, b. Sept. 10, 1893, in Spokane, Wash.

* Order of births uncertain. Family records sent by No. 14G4.

t He came with his wife and two children with his father to Canada and Michigan. His
children were: Seeelena and Albert. The latter was in a Michigan regiment in the Civil War
and was last heard of in the battle of Pittsburg Landing.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

§ He is supposed to be the James Trowbridge who enlisted from Ionia county in the Civil
War in Company C, 3d Michigan Infantry, and was mustered out September 25. 1S66.


1465. George Trowbridge (son of Eenry^), bom April 12, 1841, in Blandford,
Dorset, England ; resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; married June 4, 1874, in New
York City, Susan Hazzard, daughter of Edward and Jane (Dundas) Hazzard,
bom June 20, 1846, in Tulley, Feranama, Ireland.

George Trowbridge enlist<^d in Pool, Dorset, October 12, 1858, in the 2d
Brigade, 14th Regiment, and served through the New Zealand campaign 18C1-6,
and received a service medal. After taking his discharge, he emigrated to the
United States and settled in Brooklyn, N. Y.


i. Georoe Wesley, b. Aug. 9, 187.5: m. May 22, 1895, in Brooklyn, Sarah

Teller and resides in Brooklyn,
ii. Edward Hazzard. b. Feb. 8, 1877; d. Mar. 32. 188.").
iii. Henry John, b. Sept. 28, 1880; reside.^ in Brooklyn.
iv. ' Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 29, 1882 ; d. July 4, 1883.

14CG. James Trowbridge, bom , 1840, in England ;t died ,


18 — , in ; married September 19, 1864. in Danbury, Conn., Mariette

Frances Buckley, daughter of Stephen E. and Harriet (Rockwell) Buckley, born
January 24, 1846, in Bridgeport, Conn. She resides in Danbury.

James Trowbridge emigrated to the United States and was living in New
Haven, Conn., early in the period of the Civil War. He enlisted there November
2.5, 1862, as bugler of Company E, 1st Connecticut Cavalry. He was admitted
to the hospital July 26, 1864. He returned to his regiment on December 29 and
served to the end of the war. He then came back to his home in Danbury, Conn.,
but in the sunuuer of 1865 he left there, and was never heard from again.


i. Hattie Estella, b. June 6, 1805 ; resides in Danbury ; unm.

14(57. TiiojiAS Trowbridge.:}; born about 1S22, in Donhead, St. Mary's, Wilt-
shire, England; died October 15, 1885, in Lexington, Ky. ; married September
— , 1855, in Hairfield, Middlesex. England, Annie Piatt, daughter of James and
Phoebe (Perkins) Piatt, born July 18, 1832, in Flowers Farm, Herts., England ;
died March 10. 190.3, in Lexington.

Thomas Trowbridge was a member of the police force in England. In the
spring of 1871 he came from Hounslow, England, to the ITnited States with
his wife and six children and settled in Lexington, Ky.


i. Emma, b. Feb. 19. 1858: m. Feb. 21, 1877, Charles E. Wilson and resides

near Le.xington, Ky.
ii. Annie, b. Sept. 29. 1861; m. Sept. 20. 1882, Thomas -Vubrey and resides in

Paris, Ky.
iii. Thomas Arthur, b. Aug. 13, 18C3; is proprietor of a stove, tinware, roofing,

etc., business in Lexington : unm.

* Henry Trowbridge (son of Christopher of Oxford. Dorsetshire, and brother of George,

James and Charles), b. about Dec. ISOO, in Phipin, Oxford. Dorset: d. . 1860. in

Blandford. Dorset; m. in Blandford, Mary Hannam. daughter of Robert and Hannah

Haniiam, b. about ISO" in Blandford ; d. . 1870. in Blandford. Children' (born in

Blandford! : Rirhnrd, b. ]S.'!3. enlisted 18.51 in the 05th Regiment, served through the Crimean
War and the Indian Mutiny and was discharged May 0, 18G1 : m, Ma,v lo, 18G1, in Dublin,
Ireland, Mary Gaven ; went to Winchester, England, where he joined the police force ;
Heiirii. b. 18.35, enlisted 1857 in 7th Fusileers ; d. of dysentery Sept. 13. 1865. in Quebec,
Canada: Mary, b. 1838; m. Sampson Bright of Blandford: Gcnrpr (see No. 1465), b. Apr.
12, 1841 ; Man) Jane, b. 1843 ; m. 1866, Enos Seviour of Blnndfoi-d.

t By his marriage record in Danbury, Conn.

+ Son of .Tesse Tbowbridoe of Wiltshire, England, who m. Turner and had. besides

No. 1467, Chfldrex : James of the Royal Guards; Charles; Oeorye; John; Alfrcil ; Jane.

§ Except vii, who was born in Lexington, Ky,


iv. Martha, b. Feb. 3, 18G5: m. Oct. 19, 1882, Charles C. Gribbiu and resides

in Lexington.
V. James, b. Dec. 13, 18(57: is a blacksmith in Paris; unm.
vi. Edward, b. Feb. 17, 1871 : d. Oct. 28, 1871.
vii. Florence Selixa, b. Dec. 2!t, 1875 ; resides in Lexington ; unm.

1-K58. Henry Trowbridge, boni , 18-1-, in , England; died

-, 18 — , in ; married , 1870, in London?, England,

Clara Clark, who died , 1881, iu London.

cniLrniEN boiin in london, England:*

i. Annie Cl.\ra, b. JIar. 7. 1871 ; m. Charles L. Thomas and resides in

Bristol, Conn,
ii. George Henry, b. Mar. 7, 1873; is a tower operator for the Rock Island

Railway Company in Chicago, 111.
iii. William, b. , 187!».

1469. Capt. Henry Trowbridge. -f- bom May 29, 1805, in Bourton, Dorset,
England ; resides in Gloucester, Mass. ; married October 28, 1897, in Grand
Bank, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland, Jessie Green, daughter of George and Mary
Amelia (Hickman) Green, bom March 11, 1870, in Grand Bank.

Heni-y Trowbridg'e was taken back to England after his motlier's death, and
lived with her mother, Mrs. Maria Penny. He is engaged in the fisheries off
Grand Bank, Newfoundland.

1470. Alexander IL Thowbridge,:!: a native of Canada, is clerk of the U. S.
District Court in Boston, Mass,; married Mary Jane Deering, daughter of
Frank Deering, who died February 25, 1891, in Worcester, Mass.


i. Laura, b. Aug. .">, 1882.

• They were sent to the McPherson family in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, after their
mother's death.

t Son of William Teotvbkidge who m. Sarah Penny. She was b. in Bourton. Dorset,
England. She m.. 2d. Carter, and d. in New Orleans, La.

t He has a brother R.\NS0M M. Trowbridge, a newspaper man, residing recently in Worces-
ter, Mass. They failed to answer the compiler's letters.


Mary Trowbridge (<lit'd 1609) married John Collins of Branford and Guil-
ford, Conn. [Talcott Ms. in the library of the !New Haven Colony Historical
Society, New Haven, Conn.] The compiler could not connect her with the
family of Thomas Trowbridge No. 1.

The name John STR.\BRroG* appears on the roll of Capt. William Turner's
company, from April 7, 1(!76, which was st«tione<l at the garrison at Hadley,
September 23, 1676, during King Philip's War. There is no evidence that he
took part in the Falls Fight.f No later record of him has been found. Was tliis
not John iS'/oci'bridge who "swore fidelity" at Haverhill in 1677 ?

"Newton, Mass., Vital Reconk," recently published, mentions the deaths of
two Trowbridges: "M. S., December 28, 1701-2, aged 28," and "P., October
23, 1713, aged about 60." The compiler thinks there could have been no Trow-
bridges of those initials, imless possibly the foniier was the first wife of No.

"Thomas Trowbridge died on board the sloop Seaflower, from Ireland to
Boston, Mass., in February, 1741." [Boston Kecord Commissioners' Reports,
Vol. 15, p. 328.]

"The Winchell Family History" states that, Trowbridge of Nine

Partners, N. Y., married daughter of Robert and Lydia (Hurlburt)

Winchell. An examination of the wills of Robert (dated December 11, 1758)
and Lydia (dated June 20, 1773) Winchell of North East, N. T., shows that
there was one daughter, Anna, the fourth of seven children named in her father's
will, and the only unmarried daughter in her mother's will, who might have
inarried a Trowbridge. Her father was born in 1705, and she must have been
born prior to 1750. perhaps nearer 1740. Eli (No. 185) had a brother, Seeley,
who lived in Nine Partners. The compiler could not connect her with any

Betssey Trowbridge married December 24. ISOl, Elisha Bill of Windham,
Conn., and died April 22, 1843, aged 70. ["Bill Genealogy," p. 250.]

JoH.v Trowbridge married January — , 1818. Martha Phelps, daughter of
David and Maiy (Sperry) Phelps, born March 26. 1792, in Cambridge, Wash-
ington county, N. Y. She was then living in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Her
brother Beriah Phelps, of Brantford, man-ied Lydia Robinson (bom 1813),
daughter of Daniel and Martha (Trowbridge) Robinson of Genesee coimty,
N. Y. ["Phelps Genealogy."] Perhaps this .John was a son of No. 171.

• Strowbridge in "Massachusetts Archives," vol. 68, p. 212, and "New England Historical
Genealogical Register," vol. 41. p. 79.

t "Soldiers in King Philip's War," pp. 240, 3G1.


Charles Trowbridge (died January 25, 1849,) married Mai-j' Phelps,
daughter of Elisha* and Ancastra Elizaheth (Vanderliij) PheljiS, bom March
8, 1829, in Brantford. ["Phelps Genealogy."]

Daniel H. Trowbridge of , N. Y., had a daughter, Lucy, married,

1842. Lorenzo Dow Ayres of Genesee, N. Y. ["Ayres Genealogy."] Can this
Daniel be No. 164 or No. 272 ?

Mary Louisa Trowbridge married December 25, 1844, Barton B. Wilkinson
(born 1802). He was in Aurora, 111., in 1869, but was unknown there in 1899.

Trowbridge married Sally Cook, who was a sister of Silas Cook of

Lansingburgh, N. Y., whose will was proved 1821 [Rensselaer County Surrogate
Eeeords], George Cook and , wife of Fitch Skinner.

Trowbridge married , IS [21?], Irene Noxon, daughter of

B. Davis and Sally Ann (Van Kleeck) Noxon. She married, second.
Lake. ["Van Kleeck Genealogy."]

Clinton Trowbridge married Catharine Ann Newcomer and had a daugh-
ter: Ellen, married 1877, Robert Heni-y Chase of Williamsport, Pa.f

Mary Ann Trowbridge, a widow, died August 13, 1888, in Norwich, N. Y.
Her will, dated April 26. 1887, with codicil, dated August 3, 1888, mentions,
son yViUiam E. Trowbridge of Middletown, N. Y.+ [Chenango county, N. Y.,
Surrogate Records.]

Jajies Trowbridge, born in Massachusetts, died May 29, 1824, in New York
City, aged 27 years. [New York City Vital Records.]

"Jane Trowbridge of Litchfield, Conn., married, first, July 12, 1861, Edwin
Banks Alvord of Torringtou, Conn. She married, second, a New York man."
[Letter from Mr. E. J. Steele of Torrington to Mr. S. M. Alvord of Hartford,
Conn., who is compiling an Alvord genealogy.] The compiler could not find any
reference to her in Litchfield records or in the family records of descendants of
No. 145.$

* A brother of Martha Phelps of the last paragraph of preceding page. Were they related
lo No. 1438?

t This family failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t It may be that William Trowbridge, No. 215, i, page 18G, was married and that she was his


The following Trowbridges who served in the Civil War the compiler was
unable to trace:*

George M. TROWBRiDc;Et resides in Tomah, Wis.:j; He was a soldier in the
Civil War. He enlisted January 4, 1864, in Company D, 25tli Wisconsin
Infantry, was transferred to Company D, 12th Wisconsin Infantry, June 2, 1SG5,
and was mustered out July 16, 1865. He married Polly O. Bigelow, daughter of
Joseph and Catherine (Chillott) Bigelow, born iMarch 17, 1835, in Crown Point,


i. Ida, m. Webster and resides in Tomah, Wis.J ["Bigelow Gene-

George Trowbridge. Bear Valley, Cal., enlisted December 11, 1864, in
Company H, 7th California Infantry, and was mustered out March 1, 1866. He
drew a pension and died in 1895. No other claim on file at the U. S. Pension

David A. Trowbridge. St. Louis, Mo., enlisted September 1, 1861, for tln-ee
years, was appointed corporal of Company L, 5th Illinois Cavalry, and was
discharged for disability Xovember 17, 1863. Recruit for U. S. army November
— , 1864. Was he No. 650, i, page 372 ?

Edwin Trow-bridge, Hillsdale, ]\lich., enlisted August 4, 1861, for three years,
was appointed sergeant of Company F, 42d Illinois Infantry, and was discharged
for disability, as a i^rivate, January 13, 1862.

Hexrv H. Trowbridge, Belvidere, 111., enlisted May 6, 1864, for 100 days
in Company C, 142d Illinois Infantry, and was mustered out October 26, 1864.
He re-enlisted at Rockton, 111., February 1, 1865, for one j'ear, and was mustered
out September 21, 1865. He is a pensioner and resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho.:}:

James Trowbridge, Sheffield, 111., enlisted September 1, 1862, for three years
in Company C, 66th Illinois Infantry, and was mustered out June 20, 1865. He
is a pensioner and resides in Brewster, Neb. Is he No. 650, iv, page 372 ?:j:

George Trowbridge, Floyd county, Ind., enliste<l for six months, mustered
August 12, 1863, in Company E, 117th Indiana Infantry, and was mustered out
in Company F, Februaiy 25, 1864.

Samuel Trowbridge, Clarksville, Iowa, aged IS, bom in Indiana [about
1843], enlisted May 20, 1861, in Company I, 3d Iowa Infantry, wounded slightly
on the left hand at Blue Hills, and was mustered out September 17, 1861. He is

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