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May 9, 17S4, in Haddam,:j: Conn, ; died December 17, 1852, in Eochester.

Charles E. Trowbridge for about twelve years after his marriage lived in his
native town. New Haven, Conn., and was connected with the shipping interests
there. He was elected in 1813 a member of Hiram Lodge. No. 1, F. and A. M.,
of New Haven. About 1820 he settled on the Eidge road near Rochester, N. Y.,
where he followed farming during the remainder of his life.

i. Mart Ann, b. Aug. 28, 1808 ; m. JFar. 1, 1829, Dr. John J. Rav of Rochester,
N. Y.

• Letter from his grandson Mr. Miles M. Trowbridge. No. 85.
t I-iil born in New Haven. Conn. ; iv-vi in Rochester. N. Y.
t Probably : bapt. Oct. 26, 1701, in Middletown, Conn.
§ i-vi born in New Haven, Conn. ; vii-ix in Rochester, N. Y.


ii. Frances Caroline, b. Sept. 21, 1809 ; m. July 5, 1829, James Lansing of

Lansingburgh, N. Y.
iii. Elizadeth Mama, b. Sept. 13, ISll ; m. Nov. 2, 1834, Joseph Belton Parke of

Cisco, Tex., and Stockbridge, Mich.
iv. Julia Elma, b. July 4, 1814: m., 1st, William Herrick; m., 2d, Ammi Hills

of Plainville, Conn.
V. Charles Kdwi.v, b. Feb. 22, 1S16 ; d. Oct. 13, 1834, in Memphis, Tenn. : num.
vi. Harriet Amelia, b. July 4, 1819; m., 1st, Oct. 4, 1S4G, Luther Sheldon of

Rochester; m.* 2d, Mar. 23, 18G9, Edmund Phelps* of Lockport, N. Y.
vii. Augusta Louisa, b. June 15, 1821 ; m. Apr. 2, 1844, James William Huggins

of San Augustine, Tex. V.
viii. Loudon Bailey, b. Oct. 8, 1823; d. Nov. 30, 1838, in Rochester.
ix. Frederick William, b. Apr. 11, 1825 ; d. May 19, 1845, in San Augustine,

Tex. ; unm.

37. Elias Trowbridge (John^^, Daniel^, Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas^), bap-
tized October 24, 1790, in New Haven, Conn.; died September 17, 1862, in
Oswego, N. Y. ; married May 6, 1816, in New Haven, Harriet Huntington,
daugbt<>r of Asa and Lydia (Hine) Huntington, born September 22, 1795,+ in
Woodbridgc, Conn. ; died September 2, 1887, in Oswego.

Eiias Trowbridge was a sea captain, sailing from New Haven, Conn., in the
West India trade. He was elected a member of Hiram Lodge, No. 1, F. and
A. M., of New Haven, in 1819. In 1829 he removed to Oswego, N. Y., and was
captain of vessels sailing on Lake Ontario, between that place and Lewiston,
being engaged in the forwarding business until failing health compelled him to
retire. He and his wife were among the first members of Christ Episcopal
Church in Oswego.

children :t

GO. i. Lewis Beele, b. Sept. G. 1817.

ii. John Phelp.s, b. Sept. 7, 1820: d. Sept. IS, 1828, in New Haven, Conn,
iii. Charles Frederick, b. Mar. 3, 1823 ; lost with the schooner Henry Clay on
Lake Erie in 1831.

iv. Alfred Cuampbell, b. June 7, 1826; a sailor; d. , 1883, in Cleveland,

Ohio ; unm.
CI. V. Frederick Elias, b. Jan. 1, 1834.

38. Joseph Easton Trowbridge {Joseph E.-". Stephen}", Stephen', Thomas*,
Thomas-, Thomas^), baptized May — , 1781, in New Haven, Conn.; died October

8,§ 1821, in New Haven, married , 1806, in New Haven?, Harriet

, who died February 27,|| 1837, in Hartford, Conn.

Joseph E. Trowbridge lived in New Haven, Conn., where he was in business as
a joiner. He and his wife attended Trinity Church in that city.

children born in new haven, conn. :

i. Stephen, bapt. Jlar. 11, 1807 ; d. Apr. 10, 1807.

ii. Harriette Elizabeth, b. , 1807;** m.. 1st, Sept. 30, 1827, Capt.

Langhorne Dade of New Haven ; m., 2d, .John H. Fields of New Haven,
iii. James, bapt. Sept. 4, 1808; d. in infancy. tt

iv. Grace Ann, b. . ISIO : drowned July 4, 1826, in New York, N. Y.

V. Stephen, bapt. Sept. 26, 1811; d. Oct. 6, 1811.n

vi. Ltdia Burroughs, b. , 1813 ; m. Oct. 25, 184G, Joseph Hurlbutt of

Waterbury, Conn.

• See No. 1070, iv.

t By family bible record ; Sept. 21, 1704, by "Hine Genealogy."

t i and v born in Oswego. N. Y. ; ii-iv in New Haven, Conn.

§ By New Haven To-mi Records, "aged 42" ; 9 by gravestone, "aged 41."

II By New Haven Town Records, "agod 5S" ; 26 by gravestone, "aged 53."
»« "Aged TO" at her death. Dee. 14, 1SS6. by gravestone.

tt Probably. He is not mentioned in the will of his aunt (No. 20, iii), which mentions his
sisters ii and vi.
It By gravestone, "aged months." Buried Oct. 4. ISll, by Trinity Church Records.


39. George Trowbridge {Joseph E.-o, Stephen'", Stephen', Thomas*, Thomas-.
Thomas''), born June — , 1791, in New Haven, Conn.; died November 24, 1854,

in New Haven ; married , 18—, in New Haven ?, Maria Beers, born about

1799, in New Haven; died Marcli 19, 1828,* in New Haven.

George Trowbridge was a sailor and lived in New Haven, Conn. He served in
the War of 1812 on board the Constitution in her fight with the Guerriere.


40. EoswELL Trowbridge {Joseph-', Joseph", Joseph^, Thomas*, Thomas^,
Thomas'), born January 26, 1811, in Hingham, Mass.; died March 7, 1886, in
Hingham; married September 2, 1832, in Hingham, Sarah Lane Jones, daughter
of Benjamin and Lucy (Jones) Jones, born March ol, 1808, in Hingham; died
July 4, 1885, in Hingham.

Eoswell Trowbridge resided all his life in his native town, Hingham, Mass.
He was a blacksmith.


i. RoswELL, b. July 9, 3834; d. Jan. 6. 1858, in Hingham: uum.
ii. Sarah, b. Apr. 21, 1836 ; m. Dec. 24, 1856, Josepli H. Litchfield and resides in
C2. iii. Heney, b. July 14, 1842.

41. John Trowbridge (Joseph-^, Caleb'-, Josephs Thomas*, Thomas-,
Thomas'), born August 31, 1811, in New Haven, Conn. : died March 22, 1893, in
Ipswich, Mass.; married May 17, 1833, in New Haven, Betsey Tomlinson, daugh-
ter of Amon and Hannah (Kimberly) Tomlinson, born November 9, 1812, in
Oxford, Conn. ; died July 28, 1884, in New Haven.

John Trowbridge settled in New Haven, Conn., where he carried on the tailor-
ing business during the most of his life. His last years were passed at the home
of his daughter in Ipswich, Mass., where he died.


c.;^. i. George Tuttle, b. Nov. 9, 1833.
04. ii. Elisha Mix, b. Feb. 22, 1836.

iii. Mary Olivia, b. July 15, 1838; m. Oct. 31, 1886, Joseph Howard Buruham
and resides in Ipswich, Mass.

65. iv. Charles Hotchkiss, b. Nov. 11, 1844.

66. v. Caleb, b. .\ug. 30, 1849.

42. Francis Trowbridge {Calel-^, Caleh'-. Joseph^, Thomas*. Thomas-.
Thomas'), born September 25, 1809, in Mansfield, Conn.; died July 28, 1890, in
Milford, Conn.; married May 20, 1835, in Milford, Mary Durand, daughter of
William and Mary (Baldwin) Durand, born December 4, 1803, in Milford ; died
December 31, 1888, in Milford.

Francis Trowbridge came to New Haven, Conn., about 1832. He was in part-
nership first with H. L. Dudley and later with a Mr. Thompson, under the firm
name of F. Trowbridge & Co. They were dealers in plants, shrubs, trees, and
agricultural hardware. In 1847 he issTied an agricultural almanac and the fol-
lowing year the first "Beckwith's Almanac." He joined the First Congregational
(Center) Church in New Haven by letter August 5. 1S32, and was dismissed in
1835, when he removed to Milford, Conn., where he passed the remainder of his
life and where he was engaged in the hardware business and farming.

children born in milford, conn. :

i. Charlotte Durand, b. Sept. 26. 18.39; d. June 15, 1845.

67. ii. William Durand, b. June 25, 1842.

• Probably, for "the wife of George Trowbridge" died that day, "aged 29," by New Haven
Town Records.


43. Rev. James Hewit Trowbridge (James-*, CaleV", Joseph"^, Thomas*.
Thomas'^, Thomas'^), born May 27, 1820, in Plattsburgh, N. Y.; died January 9,
1887, in Riverside, 111. ; married, first, May 24, 1855, in New York City, Caroline
Kettell Preeman, daughter of Nathaniel and Charlotte (Kettell) Freeman, born
December 18, 1833, in New York City; died December IS, 1855, in Marshall,
Mich. He married, second, October 11. 18G0, in Chicago, 111., Alice Lindsley
Mason, daughter of Hon. Roswell B.* and Harriet (Hopkins) Mason, born July
9, 1837, in Pompton, N. J. She resides in New York City.

James H. Trowbridge was graduated from Middlebury (Vt.) College in 1847.
He studied theology at the Union Theological Seminary, New York City, and at
the Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Conn. He entered upon the work of the
ministry in North Haverstraw, N. Y., where he remained until 1854. His suc-
ceeding pastorates were in Marshall, Mich., 1854-56; Dubuque, Iowa, 1850-62;
the Calvary Church, Chicago, 111., 1862-65 ; and Riverside, near Chicago, 1873-85.
Previous to tlie last pastorate he was for a time editor of Th e Interior of Chicago,
which he was largely instrumental in establishing and to which he gave the name.
In 1865 he was appointed district secretary of the New School Presbyterian
Committee. of Home Missions and continued in this work until 1870, when the
oifice was abolished. He was one of the chief actors in organizing the Presbyte-
rian League of Chicago. He died in Riverside, Til., where he had resided since

By second marriu(je:t

i. Geobge Mason, b. Oct. 16, 1861 : wa.s graduated from Amherst College in 1883
with the degree ol: B.A. He studied law in Chicago. 111., and practiced there
until 1890. In that year he went into jouniaIi.sui in Los Angeles, Cal.. and
in 1001 in San Francisco. Cal. In 19(»3 he went to Portland, Ore., and is now
managing editor of the Oregon Jimrnal. He is vnnnarried.

ii. JiARY Conger, b. Oct. 0, 1863; d. Aug. l."i, 1804, in Dubuque. Iowa.

iii. Alice Uouers, b. Ma.v 6. 1865; d. Aug. 5. 1860, in Chicago, 111.

iv. Harriet Hopkins, b. Feb. 11, 1867; d. .Tune 24, 1893. in Chicago: unm.

v. Cornelia Kogers, b. July 28. 1809 : was graduated from Smith College in 1891 ;
resides with her mother : unm.

vi. James Kutherfori), b. June 12, 1871 : was graduated from Tale Univei-sity in
1894 with the degree of B.A. He was in business in Chicago, 111., until 1899.
He then spent a year in New Jlexico and Colorado, and in 1900 went to a
plantation in Jlexico. He came to New York in 1904, and the following year
went to Cuba to take charge of a plantation there. He returned to New
York in 1900, and is now with the Astor Trust Company in that city. He is

vii. Sidney Howell, b. Oct. 23, 1873; d. July 24, 1874. in Evanston. 111.

viii. Sarah, b. Feb. 13, 1875; d. July 17, 1875, in Riverside, III.

is. Mason, b. Nov. S. 1877; prepared for college at the North Division High
School in Chicago, 111., and was graduated from Yale University with the
degree of B.A. in 1902. While in college, in his freshman year, he was
elected fence orator, was awarded the McLaughlin gold medal for excellence in
literature, and was one of the class debating team. He continued prominent
in his studies and in social life during his entire college course, and on gradu-
ation was appointed assistant and instructor in rhetoric and instructor in
debating at Yale, a position he held until .Tune, 1905. During those three
years he took the course in the Yale Law School, from which he was grad-
uated, with honors, with the degree of LL.B. in 1905. He was admitted to
the bar and at once began practice in New Y'ork City, and at present is a
deputy assistant in the office of the New York district attoruey. Mr. Trow-
bridge is a member of the Yale chapter of the Delta Kappa Epsilon frater-
nity, the Skull and Bones Society of Yale, and the Yale Club of New York
City. He is unmarried.

* Initial only. Mr. Mason was mayor of Chicago at the time of the great fire.
t i born in Dubuque, Iowa ; ii-v in Chicago, 111. ; vi-ix in Kiverside, 111.
% No children by first marriage.

\ c^^^^^^c^ -z^^J^^



44. FREDiiRicK Hayes Trowbridge (Boswell-'. Xewman^*. DanieV, Tlivmas'.
Thomas'-, Thomas^), bom September 18, 1813, in New Haven, Conn.; died May
7, 1897, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; married, first. June 20. lS:i7, in New York City.
Jane Elizabeth Southmayd, daughter of Horace and Julia Maria (Bull) South-
mayd, born January 17, ISIG, in Middletown, Conn.; died October 12, 1851, in
New York City. He married, second, August 24, 18.53. in New Haven, Mary
Denman Kice. daughter of Eeuben and Eleanor Paris (Root) Eice, born Febru-
ary 7, 1830, in Wallingi'ord, Conn.; died May 12. 1895, in Brooklyn.

Frederick H. Trowbridge came to New York City in 1832 with A. S. Barnes,
a publisher. For a long time he was connected with the firm of Hoyt. Rprague &
Co., and while representing its interests in the Cotton States at the outbreak of
the Civil War had some thrilling e.xperiences. In 1854 he moved to Brookljni,
where in 1870 he became the secretary of the South Brooklyn Savings Institution.

Mr. Trowbridge was for thirty-five years vestryman and warden of Christ
Church, Clinton street, Brooklyn, where he found a congenial religious home on
coming from St. George's Church. New York. He was conspicuous in faithful-
ness and good works as long as his health permitted. He was especially inter-
ested in the building of the Church of Our Sa^'iour on Clinton and Luquer
streets. "His courteous bearing and well-rounded, sympathetic Christian char-
acter won him a wide circle of friends, and his beloved and venerable form will
be greatly missed."

Bii first marr'wrjc:*

i. Julia Maria, b. Aug. 11. 1838; m. .Tune 24. 1875. Willi.Tm Grayson Ad.ims and

resides in Brooklyn. N. Y.
ii. Jane SocTinrAYi). b. Oct. 26, 1839 : d. Sept. 8. 1842.
iii. Caroline Wheeler, b. Aug. 10, 1841: m. Nov. 1, 18(;3, Henry X. Whittlesey

of New Haven, Conn,
iv. Horace Southmayd, b. Aug. 17. 1843: d. Jan. 21. 184(!.
V. RoswELL. b. May 12, 1845 ; d. Jan. 17. ]84().
vi. Frederick Hayes, b. May 14. 1S4(; : d. July 25, 18.50.
vii. Jane Elizabeth, b. June 0. 1848: m. Jnne 1. 1870, Frank Herbert Marston

and resides in Brooklyn.
viii. Mary Ella, b. Jvuie 24. 18.50; m. Nov. 14. 1872. Charles .Marvin Howard of


45. Edward Trowbridge (Boswell-', Newman''^, DanieP. Thomas*, Thomas^,
Thomas^), born January 28, 1824, in New Haven, Conn,; died May 12, 1877, in
Barbados, B. W. I.; married August 6, 1851, in Eidgefield. Conn., Sarah Anne
Smitli, daughter of Dea. Harvey and Lois (Butler) Smith, liorn September 13,
1827, in Eidgefield. She resides in Brooklyn. N. Y.

Edward Trowbridge in 1844 went to Barbados. West Indies, as agent for the
firm of Trowbridge, Sons & Dwight, West India merchants, of New Haven, and
later became a member of Trowbridge & Co., their represeutatives in that island.
He took up his residence in Barbados, and lived either there or in the island
of Trinidad for the remainder of his life, with the exception of the years 1859-61
and 1863-66 which he passed in Brooklyn, N. Y. During the Civil War he
served as United States consul at Barbados, and evinced in that capacity the
interest he felt in his native country and her citizens. At the close of the war
business duties obliged him to resign the consular service, and from that time
until his death he was active in the interests of his firm,

"The intelligence of his death will be received with intense sadness by those
who knew him and knew how to appreciate his noble nature. His unswerving
honesty and integrity commanded the implicit trust and confidence of all with
whom he had business relations — the warmth of his social affections were an

* No children by second marriage.











inestimable treasure to his family and friends, while his generous impulses, his
frankness and sincerity, made him loved and honored by all who knew him." *


Edward, b. June 3, 1852.

Harvey Smith, b. Jan. 30, IS.'jS ; d. May 24, 1855.

Helen Radner, b. June 12, 1857 ; resides with lier mother ; unm.

RoswEix Hates, b. June 9, 1859 ; d. Aug. 2, 18(52, in Barbados, B. W. I.

Augusta Elizabeth, b. Mar. 17, ISGl ; has been for twenty years principal of

a well known private school in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; unm.
William Leslie, b. July 12, 1863.
Sarah Loise, b. Feb. 8, 1805 ; m. June 3, 1880, Benjamin Silliman Warner and

resides in Salisbury, Md.
Mabelle Whitney, b. Nov. 14, 1809; m. June 20, 1899, Harry Alexander

EctoroiT JIunn of Orange, N. J.

46. Timothy Trowbridge (Isaac-^, Newman^^, DanieP, Thomas*, Thomas-,
Thomas^), horn January 31, 1815, in New Haven, Conn.; died April 9, 1863. in
New Haven; married January 23, 1838, in New Haven, Eliza Ann Bradley,
daughter of Zebul and Dorcas (Trowbridge (No. 16, xi)) Bradley, bom July 18,
1814, in New Haven; died January 1, 1881, in New Haven.

Timothy Trowbridge for most of his life was engaged in the mercantile busi-
ness in New York City. He died while still a comparatively young man.


i. Sarah Hoadley, b. aiar. 20, 1S39 : d. Dec. 8, 1805. in New Haven, Conn. ;

ii. Elizabeth Dorcas, b. July .30, 1842; d. , in New York City.

iii. James Lawrence Varick. b. July 6, 1845 ; d. , in New York City.

47. Daniel Trowhkidge (Isaac-", Newman'^*, Daniel^. Thom^as*, Thomas-,
Thomas'^), born January 29, 1820, in New Haven, Conn.; died August 18, 1893.
in New Haven; married, first, October 25, 1840, in Orange. Conn., Cynthia M.
Ailing, daughter of Levi Ailing, who died November 7, 1841, in Orange, aged
20. He married, second, May 15, 1843, in North Salem, N. Y., Jane Keeler,
daughter of Nathan and Nancy (Benedict) Keeler, bom April 4, 1821, in Nortli
Salem; died February 28, 1893, in New Haven.

Daniel Trowbridge settled in his native town, New Haven, Conn. His life
was mainly a business one. He never entered society or jiolitical life to any
extent and was of a very plain and unpretentious character. He began life with
only the good name of his ancestors and the careful training imparted by them.
He was barely of age when he opened a grocery business on Custom House square.
Two or three years afterwards he removed it further up State street. He was
successful from the start and continued this store until the time of the Civil
War. He built a number of vessels at New Haven and Madison, Conn., and in
Maine. In 1888, his fleet having been reduced b.y sales of five or six vessels and
the West India business having drifted away from this port, he disposed of the
remainder of his marine interests. From that time he devoted his attention to
the various coi-porations with which he was identified.

Mr. Trowbridge was one of the incori^orators of the Connecticut Savings Bank
in 1857, and became its vice-president. He was one of the five organizers and

• The New Haven Jouninl and Courier of May 14. 1877.

t i. ii and vi born in Ridgefield, Conn. ; iii and viil in Barbados. B. W. I. ; Iv, v and vii in
Brooklyn, N. T.

t Dates of birth from "Trowbridge Family."

I "Aged 23 years and 6 months" by New Haven Town Records.


owners, a director for life, and vice-president, of the First Xational Bank of New
Haven, the first bank in New England and the second in the United States to be
started under the National Banking Law in 1862. He was one of the organizers
and largest stockholders of the New Haven Gas Light Company, and became its
vice-president. He succeeded to its presidency in 1871, on the death of the Hon.
William W. Boardman, who had been its first president, and held this oifice until
his death. He was also a director in the Now Haven and Northampton Railroad
(,'ompany and the West Haven Horse Eailroad Company, before their consolida-
tion with larger companies. He was a director in the Security Insurance Com-
pany, the Mercantile Safe Deposit Company, and the West Haven Water
Company, and was one of tlie founders and the president of the West Haven
Buckle Company. He was for many years a member of the New York Produce
Exchange. He was long a member of the First Methodist Church and was ever
active in its interests.

By second marriage:*
i. Jennu; Keelei!, b. Jlay 1, 1845 ; m. May 15, 1SG7, John .1. Matthias of New

48. Newman Trowbridge (Isaac-^, Newman^*, Daniel", Thomas*, Thomas^,
Thomas'^), born November 29, 18.38, in New Haven, Conn.; died November 14,
1886, in Franklin, La.; married April 10, 1872, in Springfield, Ohio, Elizabeth
Graham Wallace, daughter of George and Isabella (Smith) Wallace, bom
November 29, 1848, in Sandusky, Ohio. She resides in Franklin, La.

Newman Trowbridge removed to Franklin, La., prior to the Civil War, where
he became a merchant and planter. He saw service in the Confederate army.
He was prominent in Masonic circles and was mayor of the city of Franklin
at the time of his death.

children born in franklin, la. :

i. Wallace, b. Aug. IS. 1ST.'!: is owner of the Eunice Ice Company in Eunice,
La. : m. Feb. 11, 1904, Mary Jane Kemper. Child : Wallace, b. Nov. 5, 1906.t

ii. George Graham, b. Dec. 14. 1S75 : an electrician : resides in Franklin ; unm.

iii. Harry Lorraine, b. July 18, 1878; is in mercantile business in New York
City ; unm.

iv. Paul Wire, b. Nov. 18, 1881; resides in Franklin; unui.

49. Thomas Edtherfoed Trowbridge {Henry'"-, Rutherford^'', Daniel^,
Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas*), born July 17, 1810, in New Haven, Conn.; died
May 26, 1887, in New Haven; married September 17, 1834, in New Haven,
Caroline Iloadley, daughter of Capt. Simeon and Polly (Harrison) Hoadley, born
April 30, 1818, in New Haven. She resides in New Haven.

Thomas E. Trowbridge completed his education at Partridge's celebrated mili-
tary academy at Middletown, Conn., in 1826. After leaving school he entered
tlie ofiice of his fatlier, who was the senior member of the well-known firm of
Trowbridge & Dwight, a house carrying on an extensive and prosperous trade with
the West Indies. At the age of twenty-one he was admitted a partner in the
business, and the name of the firm became Trowbridge, Son & Dwight, becoming
Trowbridge, Sons & Dwight after the admission of his brother Henry. Busi-
ness was conducted under that style until the retirement of Mr. Dwight in 1847,
the firm then becoming H. Trowbridge & Sons. After the death of his father,
in 1849, Thomas and his three brothers estaldished the fii-m of H. Trowbridge's
Sons, which succeeded to the business of the older firm, and of whicli he became
the senior partner.

•• No children by first marriage.

t Failed to complete his family record.


His brothers in their partnership were in the hiibit of phieing great dependence
upon the business judgment of their elder brother, and they would often say,
when questions were asked either of them, "Ask Thomas." On May 1, 1S85, by
the retirement of his only surviving brother, Ezekiel, he and his four sons became
sole successors to the firai's business. On Janiiary 11, 1887, the firm removed
their New Haven office from Long wharf, a location identified with the family's
Ijusiness for over two hundred years, to the building then recently vacated by the
Mechanics Bank. Business was conducted in that office until the dissolution of
the firm in 1891, a few years after Mr. Trowbridge's death.

From the time of his first entrance into his father's firm until his death, a
period of over sixty years, Mr. Trowbridge was actively interested in the business,
and, with the exception of occasional absences in the West Indies and elsewhere,
was always at his office. He was a man of sound judgment, founded on solid
information and a wide experience of men; cautious in engaging in new enter-
prises, but resolute in carrying them out with activity and spirit when under-
taken. He was emphatically a merchant of wide views, and the business which
he left to his sons at his death testified to his business sagacity.

Mr. Trowbridge was often obliged to decline positions of high trust in his
state and city, contenting himself with the management of his own affairs and
the numerous family interests which he guarded for many years. Some of these
trusts were of a wearisome sort, but they were executed with no charge to those
who had placed them in his hands, and he always rendered a faithful account of
his stewardship. As an evidence of the esteem in which he was held by his fellow-
citizens throughout the state, at the Republican convention held at Hartford in
1861 he received the unanimous nomination as candidate for lieutenant-governor
of Connecticut, with Hon. William A. Buckingham for governor, an honor which
he positively and persistently declined, much to the chagrin of the party. Had
he accepted the nomination, he would have been elected triumphantly, as the
ticket on which he was offered the nomination su(.-ceeded by an overwhelming

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