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Palestine, Asia Minor, Turkey and Greece. Upon his return to the United
States he was admitted a partner of Trowbridge & Co., the West India branch
of his father's firm, H. Trowbridge's Sons of New Haven, and took up his resi-
dence in Barbados, British West Indies, where he had charge of an important
branch of the firm's business. He spent twenty years in that island, visiting his
native place, however, every two or three years. In 1883 he was admitted a
partner of H. Trowbridge's Sons, and in 1885 he returned to New Haven to live.
In 1S91 the firm was dissolved by mutual consent and he retired from active busi-
ness, and about two years later he and his family removed to Europe. He has
resided there ever since, except for occasional visits to this country, and spends
his time principally in Italy and England. He considers New Haven, however,
as his residence.

Mr. Trowbridge was admitted a member of the First Church in New Haven
in 1858. He was chosen one of its deacons in 1887, and performed the
duties of that office until his removal to Europe in 1893, when he resigned.
Wide travel and extensive reading have made Mr. Trowbridge an agreeable and
instructive companion. He has contributed stories and sketches to a number of
.Vmeriean and English newspapers and periodicals. He received the degree of
:\[.A. from Yale in 1867.


i. William Rutherford Hates, b. Jlay 19, 1866 ; resides iu London, Eug. ; unm.
[See below. 1

ii. Isabella Tiiomasixe. b. .Tan. 26. 1S70 ; resides with her father; unm.

iii. Clifford Nesbit. b. Feb. 3, 1871 ; attended Hopliins Grammar School in New
Haven and the Blaek Hall School in Lyme, Conn. Having early manifested a
preference for the life of a sailor, he entered the -Vmerican merchant service.
He had followed the sea for six years, during which time he had visited every
quarter of the world, and was on his way from Charleston to New York to
join a ship bound for China, when the schooner he was in was wrecked in a
heavy gale and abandoned, the crew being picked up by the Clyde line steamer
Iroguoh and brought to New York. A cold, contracted while in the ship's
boat, developed into pneumonia, of which he died at the home of his maternal
grandmother in Bristol, Pa., Dec. 20, 1803 : unm.

iv. Florence Caroline, b. .\ug. 9, 1S74: m. Apr. 29, 1902, .John Edward Heaton
and resides in New Haven, Conn.

v. Harold Rutherford, b. May 7, 1882 : was educated at the Polytechnic in
Dresden, Germany. He has traveled extensively in Europe, passing several
months of each year in Switzerland in order to follow his favorite pastime
of mountain climbing. He made the ascent of the Matterhorn, Breit-
horn. etc., and is a member of the Swiss .\lpine Club. He resides with his
father and is unmarried.

W. R. H. Trowbridge, Jr., acquired his eaily education at Harrison College. Barbados,
one of the best schools in the West Indies. Here he attracte<l the attention of Bishop
Mitchinson, since master of Pembroke, Oxford, who wished that he should complete his
education at Oxford I'niversity. and was preparing him with a view to this, when at
fourteen he wa.s sent to the fnited States. Here he spent three years at Hopkins
Grammar School in New Haven. Conn., and four at Yale University, from which he
was graduated in 1SS7 with the degree of B..\. .\fter an extended tour of Europe he
returned to Barbados and entered the firm of Trowbridge & Co.. the representatives of
H. Trowbridge's Sons of New Haven, West India merchants, which had been established
for nearly a century in that island. On the closing of the firm's business four years
later he entered the Colonial Bank of London and in the course of seven years was
employed in various responsilile posts in nearly all the bank's branches In the West


A strong desire for a literary career, which had manifested itself by the publication of
three books of Anglo- West Indian life ("Gossip of the Caribl)ees." "'For the Vagabond
Hour" and "Children of Men" 1 , induced him to resign his post in the bank in January,
lUOO, when he went to England to make literature his profession. Since that date he has
made London his home and has written several books, of which the most popular have
been the novels "The Letters of Her Mother to Elizabeth." "A Girl of the Multitude,"
"The Situations of Lad.v Patricia" and "A Dazzling Reprobate," and the historical works
"Court Beauties of Old Whitehall" and "Mirabeau the Demigod." A thorough knowl-
edge of French, acquired in his early youth in the West Indies, led him to write a play in
P^rench belles Icttrex, ".Tezabcl," which he published in Paris in VMY.i in book form and
dedicated, with her permission, to Madame Sarah Bernhardt.

Besides his literary work he has found time for other things. In December. 1900, he
received a commission as lieutenant in the 1st Cadet Battalion, The Queen's Royal West
Surrey Regiment, from which he retired with the rank of captain in 1907. During this
period he had the unique experience of taking part in the funeral procession of Queen
Victoria. He has also obtained an intimate acquaintance with the conditions of the
working classes in London, having lived for several years at the Passraore Edwards Settle-
ment in that city, which owes its origin to Mrs. Humphrey Ward's novel "Robert Els-
mere," and of which that lady is secretary. Association with the social work of the
settlement has led to a keen interest in political questions. His principal recreations are
fencing, motoring and rowing, and the holidays he has been able to get in the course of
a very busy life are spent in traveling about England and the Continent. He is a member
of the Royal Societies, the I'laygoers and the New Vagabonds clubs of London and the
Bridgetown Club of Barbados, B. W. 1. His present address is 33 Buckingham Gate,

Mr. Trowbridge's published books are as follows: "Gossip of the Caribbees." 1804;
"The Children of Men," 1905: "For the Vagabond Hour." 1896: "The Letters of Her
Mother to Elizabeth," 1901 : "The Grandmother's Advice to Elizabeth," 1902 : "Eglee :
A Girl of the Multitude." 1902: "The Situations of Lady Patricia." "O Duchess!" and
"An Inarticulate Genius." 1903; "That Little Marquis of Brandenburg or The Boyhood
of Frederick the Great." 1904; "A Dazzling Reprobate," 190.3 ; "Court Beauties of Old
Whitehall." 190(1 : "Mirabeau the Demigod." 1907; and ".lezabel : un drame en un acte
en prose." 1903.

73. EiTiiEKFORD Trowbhidoe (Tlioiiias B.*^, Henrij"'^. Rulherford^'''. DanieP,
Thomas'', Thomas-. Thomas^), born December 1, 1851, in New Haven, Conn.;
resides in New Haven ; married, first, October 5, 1882, in New Haven, Alice
Maude Anderson, daugliter of John Charles and Mary (Beecher) Anderson. He
married, second, January 8, 1891, in Ansonia, Conn., May Wells Farrel, daughter
of Franklin and Julia Lockwood (Smith) Farrel, born May 26, 1868, in Ansonia.

Rutherford Trowbridge received his early education at the well-kno\\ai school
of Stiles French in his native city. He had studied with a view to entering Yale
College, but in 1868 inducements were offered him to leave school and take a
position in the firm of H. Trowbridge's Sons, of which his father was senior
member. This position was in the West India branch of the house, in the
island of Barbados, B. W. I. After acquiring a thorough knowledge of this part
of the firm's business he returned to New Haven and entered the 'head ofiice in
that city. After the retirement of his uncle and cousin in 1885 he was admitted
to full partnership with his father and brothers, and was occupied with his duties
in the firm until it was dissolved by mutual consent in 1891.

Since his retirement from the West India business ilr. Trowbridge has been
engaged with the care of numerous family trusts and with the management of
a number of corporations w-ith which he is identified. Among the more
prominent of the latter, in which he is also a director, are the National New
Haven Bank, the Development Company of America and the Mexican Lumber
Company. He is also one of the incorporators of the New Haven Savings Bank.
He is a director and member of the advisory board of the Carrington Publishing
Company, proprietors of the Journal and Courier, the oldest newspaper in

Mr. Trowbridge has always taken a prominent part in local politics. In ISSl
he received an appointment with the rank of colonel on the staff of Gov. Hobart
B. Bigelow. In 1884 he was elected a member of the city council, and held that


office for two years. On very many occasions during and since that period he
has served as a member of committees, both municipal and state. At the
Kepublican state convention held in 1904 he was unanimously chosen a presi-
dential elector-at-large, and in the election that followed received the largest
number of votes of any elector. At the present time he is a member of the
New Haven Park Commission, and is also a director of the New Haven Hospital,
the New Haven Board of Associated Charities and the Connecticut Humane

Mr. Trowbridge is much interested in the welfare of his native city and has
contributed generously to her civic, educational and charitable institutions.
Among his more prominent gifts have been the following. In 1899, in memory
of his father, ho establislied the Thomas R. Trowbridge Course of Lectures on
Architecture in the Yale School of Fine Arts. The memorial window in Center
Church, illustrating the arrival of the first settlers at New Haven in 1638, was
placed there by Mr. Trowbridge as another tribute to his father's memory. He
founded, as a memorial to his only son, the Rutherford Institute m the
Young Men's Christian Association in New Haven, which is designed to give a
technical education to poor boys. Also in memory of his son he established the
Rutherford Trowbridge, Jr., Scholarship in Hopkins Grammar School in that

In New Haven Mr. Trowbridge is a member and one of the board of governors
of the Quinnipiack Club, and a member of the Union League and the New Haven
Country clubs, the Yale Archaeological Society and the Society of Connecticut
Arts and Sciences, and is a life member of the New Haven Colony Historical
Society, of which he is also a director. He is also a member of the Union
League Club and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts of New York City, the
National Geographical Society of Washington. D. C, and the Connecticut Society
of the Sons of the American Revolution, and is an associate member of the New
Hampsliire Society of the Cincinnati. In Stockbridge, Mass., where he has
passed many summers, he is a director of the Golf Club and the Casino Company.
He was admitted a member of the First Church in New Haven in 1879. In
1896 he took a letter to Trinity Church in New Haven, in which he was
confirmed and of wliich he is at present a vestryman.

By first marriage:
i. Elsie Rutherford, b. .Tune 17, 18S3.

Bj/ second marriage:
ii. Rutherford, b. Apr. 1.3, 1894 ; was a student at Hopkins Grammar School ;

d. Mar. 11, 1905, in New Haven,
iii. Caroline Rachel, b. May 5, 1899.

74. CouRTLANDT Heney Teowbkidge {Henry^", Henry^^, Rutherford}'^, DanieV,
Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas^), bom April 21, 1870, in New Haven, Conn.;
resides in New Haven; married, first, April 26, 1892, in Deckertown, N. J.,
Blanche Tyler, daughter of Charles and Alice (Whitaker) Tyler, born February
23, 1871, in Deckertown; died June 27, 1892, in Deckertown. He married,
second, December 2S, 1893, in Bridgeport, Conn.. Cornelia Elizabeth Hubbard,
daughter of Dr. Robert and Cornelia Boardmau (Hartwell) Hubbard, born July
12, 1870, in Bridgeport.

Courtlandt H. Trowbridge prepared for college at Hopkins Grammar School
in New Haven and entered tlie Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University,
where he pursued the special course of studies. Since leaving college he has
made his home in New Haven. He is fond of open air life and pass&s several
months of each year at his country place in Washington, Litchfield county, Conn.


Mr. Trowbridge is a member of tlie Quiiiiiipiack Club of New Haven, the New
Haveu Country Club, the New Haven Lawn Club and the St. Anthony Club of
New York City. He is also a member of Hiram Lodge, No. 1, F. and A. M.,
of New Haven, and the Tale chajiter of the Delta Psi fraternity.

Bi/ aecond marriage:*
i. ViRCiiNiA. b. Oct. 21. 1894.
ii. Henry, b. Mar. 15. 180(5.
iii. Robert Hubbard, b. Dec. 14, 1900.

75. EzEKiEL Hayes Trowbridge (Ezckiel iJ.^^, Hcnry^^, Rutherford}'^, Daniel",
Thomas^ Thomas'-, Thomas^), born March 22, 1841, in New Haven, Conn.; died
November 30, 1901, in New Haven; married, first, April 26, 1865, in New York
City, Amelia B. UhUiorn, daughter of Caspar Frederick and Sarah Maria
(Goodrich) Uhlliorn, born July 30, 1844, in New Haven; died January 31, 1867,
in New Haven. He married, second, November 10, 1869, in New York City,
Katherine Allen Quincy, daughter of John Williams and Katherine Feeks
(Allen) Quincy, born April 22, 1846, in New York City. She resides in New

E. Hayes Trowbridge early entered the service of the old firm of H. Trow-
bridge's Sous, of which his father was a member. Here he was trained to
familiarity with the West India trade in which the firm was engaged; and into
partnership relations with the firm he ultimately entered, a connection con-
tinued until the exjairation of the partnership by limitation in 1885. So closely
associated with his father as to be almost identified with him in business
interests, Mr. Trowbridge shared with him in the gradual transfer of his business
undertakings from the foreign shipping trade to railroad, baulving and commer-
cial enterprises nearer home. This close association in business with his father
continued until the death of the latter in 1893 ; and since then Mr. Trowbridge
devoted himself to the management of the large property interests which he and
his father had jointly built up, and of w-hich his father's demise had left him in
sole charge.

His business talents and his extensive sJiare in the conunercial life of the city
where he lived brought him numy positions of trust, responsibility and honor.
Thus, he served as a director of the old New Haven National Bank, and of its
younger associate the Second National Bank. He was on the managing boards
of the New Haven Gas Light Company, the New Haven Water Company, the
Fair Haven and Westville Railroad Company, the Winchester Avenue Railroad
Company and the New England Street Railway Company, and was vice-presi-
dent of the Boston and New York Air Line Railroad Company. He was a mem-
ber of the New Haven Chamber of Commerce. In these various posts he showed
himself the faithful and efficient man of business.

Mr. Trowbridge had a hearty interest in the welfare of the city wliere he lived.
He gave of his means to foster its charities and to increase its attractiveness.
He contributed generously to the erection of the maternity ward of the New
Haven Hospital, and he gave to Grace Hospital. He aided in the construction
of the handsome building occupied by the Young Men's Christian Association.
He was much interested in the Center Church, of which he had been a member
since 1864, and he gave to it, in memory of his father, the fine window
over the pulpit representing Rev. John Davenport preaching to the first settlers

* No children by first marriage.




on New Haven soil. He was an active and generous member of the committee of
the society ' connected with the Center Church, and he remembered all these
interests in his will. He built and presented to the city the Trowbridge Drive
that adds so much to the beauty and accessibility of East Rock Patk.

Mr. Trowbridge was a genial and companionable man, and his welcome asso-
ciation with others is attested by his membership in such organizations as the
Society of Colonial Wars, the Quinnipiack Club, the Ansantawae Clvib, the New
Haven Lawn Club, tlie New Haven Countr,y Club and the Union League Club of
New York City. It was at his summer home in Litchfield in the September
before his decease that Mr. Trowbridge was seized with the illness that proved

By second marriape:'\
i. Adele Hayes, b. July 30, 1870 : d. Nov. 25, 1874.

97. ii. Hates Quincy, b. Oct. 27.+ 1875.

98. iii. Edmund Quincy, b. Nov. 20, 1877.

iv. Dorothy Quincy. b. Mar. 23, 1880 ; m. Apr. 7. 1900. Robert Hager, Jr.. and
resides in New York City.

76. Winston John Trowbridge (Winston J.^-, Henry^^, Rutherford^'', BanleV,
Thomas^, Thomas-, Thomas'^), born November 24, 1856, in New Haven, Conn.;
resides in New Haven; married October 16, 1884, in Lexington, Ky., Annie
Mitchell, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Smith) Mitchell, born March 2, 1861,
i;i Lexington.

Winston J. Trowbridge passed his early youth in the island of Barbados,
B. W. I. After returning to New Haven he prepared for college at Hopkins
Grammar School and was graduated from Yale College in 1879 with the degree
of B.A. The following seven months were occupied by a Eurojaean trip. On
returning to New Haven he entered the Yale Law School, from which he was
graduated with the degree of LL.B. in 1881. The following year he took a posi-
tion in the paymaster's office of the New York, New Haven and Hartford
Eailroad Company in New Haven. In the fall of 1883 he obtained a more
satisfactory place in the treasurer's office of the same_ company in New York, to
which city he removed. In the spring of 1885. his health not being good, he
resigned that position and returned to New Haven. The following year he
became associated with his uncle Ezekiel H. Trowbridge and the latter's son, E.
Hayes Trowbridge, in the management of the several properties and trust estates
with wliich they were identified. Since their death he has continued to manage
thejse and other trust estates, and has succeeded his cousin as a director in several

Mr. Trowbridge is a trustee and assistant treasurer of the New Haven Savings
Bank, and a director of the Second National Bank of New Haven, the New
Haven Gas Light Company and the New Haven Water Company. He is a mem-
ber of the Quinnipiack, Graduates and New Haven Country clubs, the New-
Haven Colony Historical Society, the New Haven Chamber of Commerce, and
the Yale chapter of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.


i. Mary Mitchell, b. July 15, 1890.

ii. Winston John, b. July 1.5, 1S92 ; d. Dec. 19, 1893.

* Biographical sketch read by Prof. Williston Walker before the annual coiu't of the Society
of Colonial Wars of Connecticut on May S. 1901.
t No children by first marriage.
t Correcting New Haven City Vital Records.


<■<. Frank Dean Trowbridge {Winston J.^-, Henry^"\ Rutherford^'^, DanieV,
Thomas'^, Thomas'-, Thomas'), bom March 16, 1861, in Barbados, B. W. I.;
resides in New Haven, Conn. ; married May 16, 1889, in Davenport, Iowa, Carrie
Haven Hubbell, daughter of George Edward and Mary Brewster (Pease)
Hubbell, born August 9, 1864, in Davenport.

Frank D. Trowbridge took his preparatory studies at FTopkins Grammar and
Blaciv Hall schools. He was graduated with the degree of B.A. from Yale College
in 1S84, and traveled for most of the two succeeding years. In May, 1886, he
entered the office of Hazard & Parker, bankers and brokers, in New York City,
in which connection he continued one year. He then returned to New Haven,
and on May 1, 1888, entered the National New Haven Bank, with wliich he has
since been identified and in which his promotion has been rapid. Beginning as
clerk, he was soon advanced to the office of teller and on July 1, 1902, was
appointed cashier. On September 20, 1905, he was elected president of the
bank, a position he has since filled with success. He is also chairman and
treasurer of the New Haven Sinking Fund Commission.

Mr. Trowbridge resides in New Haven. He is a member of the Quinnipiack,
Graduates, New Haven Country and New Haven Yacht clubs, the Yale chapter
of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, and is a life member of the New Haven
Colony Historical Society. He makes his summer home in Old Lyme, Conn.,
on Long Island Sound.


i. Margaret Dean. b. Nov. 2, 1890.
ii. Maey Brewster, b. May 23, 18".t4.

7 7a. Elford Parry Trowbridge (Winston J.^-, Henry^^, Rutherford'^,
DanieP, Thomas*, Thomas'', Thomas''), born September 16, 1862, in New Haven,
Conn.; resides in New Haven; married October 5, 1904, in Old Lyme, Conn.,
Anna Bertha Chadwick, daughter of r>aniel and Ellen (Noyes) Chadwick, born
January 1, 1866, in Old Lyme.

Elford P. Trowbridge prepared for college at Phillips Academy at Andover,
Mass., and was graduated from Yale LTniversity in 1887 with the degree of B.A.
He then spent about two years in travel abroad and in tliis country. In 1889 he
entered the office of the paymaster of the New York, New Haven and Hartford
Eailroad Company in New Haven, Conn., where he remained until July 1, 189.3.
He then was appointed stationer for that corporation, his duties being to pur-
chase and distribute stationery and all kindred supplies used by that large rail-
road system. While he conducted this office, tliis branch of the company's business
was carried on in a most efficient manner and various economies were inaugu-
rated. He resigned his position with the railroad in 1898 and purchased a con-
trolling interest in the Montowese Brick Company, a brick manufacturing plant
in Montowese near New Haven. He subsequently acquired all of its stock, and
is now sole owner and president of the company.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of the Quinnipiack, Graduates, New Haven
Country and New Haven Lawn clubs, the Yale Club of New York City, the
New Haven Colony Historical Society and the Yale chapter of the Delta Kappa
Epsilon fraternity. He resides in New Haven and has a summer home in
Old Lyme, Conn.


78. Stephen Atwater Trowbridge (Edwin L.^^, Amos^'^, Rutherford'^,
DanieP, Thomas*, Thom,as^, Thomas'), born June 8, 1838, in Brooklyn, N. Y.;
died August 23, 1807, in Toledo, Ohio; married Jime 16, 1864, in Pekin, lU.,
Frances Sabilla Gill, daughter of Thomas Nelson and Theresa Amelia (Booker)
Gill, born January 10, 1845, in Pekin. She resides in Toledo, Ohio.


Stephen A. Trowbridge prior to 1880 was secretary of the Peoria, Pekin and
Jacksonville Railroad Company, following' which he became paymaster of the
Toledo and Ohio Central Railroad Company. He then with David R. Lock
(Petroleum V. Nasby) started a lithographing business in Toledo, Ohio, which
they conducted for several years. At the time of his death he was in the life
and accident insurance business. He was secretary of the Anthony Wayne
Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.


99. i. Enwix Lucius, b. Apr. 12, 1871, in New York City.

ii. Alida Bulfohd, b. Apr. 27, 187G, in Peoria, 111. ; d. Nov. 18, 1894, in Toledo,

Oliio ; unm.
iii. Nelson Gill, b. Mar. 24, 1881. in Toledo; is in the dry goods there;


"9. James Atwater Tuowbridge (Amos H.^*, ^wios^*, Rutherford}'^, BanieV,
Thomas*. Thomas'-, Thomas^), born June 6, 1843, in New Haven, Conn.; resides
in New Tork City; married, first, December 7, 1869, in New York City, Kate
Bloodgood, daughter of William Adolphus and Margaret Ann (Bromlee) Blood-
good, born in 1843 in New York City; died November 19, 1873, in New
York City. He married, second, April 30. 1884. in Plainfield, N. J., Jennie
Niles (Gardiner') Benjamin, widow of William Wallace Benjamin of Ossining,
N. Y., and daughter of Hugh Brodie and Mary Elizabeth (Niles) Gardiner, bom
September 9, 1850, in Madison, Wis.

James A. Trowbridge resides in New York City and is retired from active
business life. He was for many years connected with Vermilye & Co., bankers,
of tliat city, of which he was the senior member until about two years before
that firm dissolved. He always devoted a great deal of attention to his business
and was well known in financial circles. He is a member of the Union League
Club and other organizations in New York City.

children born in new YORK CITT :
By first marriage:
99a. i. William Bloodgood, b. Nov. 12, 1873.

By second marriage:
ii. .Tames Atwater, b. .Tuly 9, 1886.
iii. Gardiner, b. Oct. 1.5, 1889.
iv. AitTHUR LusK, b. Apr. 24, 1892.

80. Edwin Dwight Trowbridge (Amos H.^*, Amos^*, Rutherford}'^, DariieP,

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