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Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas^), bom June 29, 1849, in New Haven, Conn.; died
February 24, 1004, in New York City; married December 5, 1870, in New Haven,
Harriet Trowbridge Can-ington, daughter of John Bennett and Harriet Hayes
(Trowbridge (No. 27, ii)) Carrington, bom August 9, 1851, in New Haven; died
April 19, 1904, in New York City.

Edwin D. Trowbridge became a member of the banking firm of Vermilye & Co.
of New York City. He continued in this fimi until about a year before his
death. He was well known socially in New York, and was a member of the
Union League, Grolier, New York Yacht and Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht
clubs, the Down Town Association, the New England Society, the Society of
Colonial Wars and the New York Mayflower Society.

children born in new ha\'en, conn. :

i. Emily Carrinoton, b. Sept. 12. 1879; m. Apr. 24, 1902, Frederic Gallatin, Jr.,

and resides in New Yorlc City,
ii. Louise Atwater, b. July 14, 1882.



81. Dr. George Trowbridge (Amos H.^*, Amos'^*, Rutherford^'', Daniel^,
Thomas'^. Thomas-, Thomas^), bom July 11, 1S55, ia New Haven, Conn.; died
September 10, 1898, in New York City; married May 25, 1881, in New York
City, Theodora Polbemus, daughter of Abraham Ditmas and Mary Cortelieou
Gerritsen) Polhemus, bom July 16, 1858, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; died March 31,
1902. in New York City.

George Trowbridge fitted for college at Charlier Institute, New York City, and
Hopkins Grammar School, New Haven, Comi. He was graduated from Yale
College in 1ST8, among the prominent men in his class, being a member of the
Psi Upsilon fraternity and the Scroll and Key Society. The following year he
entered tlie College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, from which
he was graduated with the degree of M.D. in 1881. He received the degree of
M.A. from Yale in 1882. He was occupied with the practice of his profession in
New York City until 1884, when he retired from active practice to devote himself
to the cultivation of his scientific and literary tastes.

Doctor Trowbridge was a very genial man, popular with his college classmates
and with his associates in after life. At the time of his death he belonged to
the Union, University, Raexjuet and Tennis. New York Yacht and Camera clubs
of New York City.


i. Theodora PoLHESirs, b. Aug. 12, 188.3; m. Oct. 20, 1000, Douglas Ludlow

Elliman and resides in Xew Tori Citr.
ii. JUUA Atwater. b. Oct. 11, 1S84 ; m. Dec. 20, 190G, D. Herbert Lloyd and

resides in New York City.

82. Frederick Kellogg Trowbridge (George A.^^, Amos^*. Rutherford^^,
DanieP, Thomas*, Thomas-. Thomas'"), bom April 26, 1843, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ;
resides in New York City ; married December 7, 1871, in New York City, Elvira
Kellogg Trowbridge, daughter of Edwin Lucius and Alida (Bulford) Trow-
bridge,* bom August 27. 184S, in Brooklyn.

Frederick K. Trowbridge has been well known for many years in banking
circles in New York City, where he resides. He is a member of the Union
League and Grolier clubs and the New York Mayflower Society.


99b. i. Edwin Kellogg, b. May 12, 1876.

83. Prof. Augustus Trowbridge (George A.^^, Amos^*, Rutherford"^, DanieP,
Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas"), bom January 2, 1870, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; resides
in Princeton, N. J.; married September 20, 1893. in New York City, Sarah
Esther Fulton, daughter of Justin Dewey and Sarah Esther (Norcross) Fulton,
bom May 19, 1870, in Boston, Mass.

Augustus Trowbridge prepared for college at Phillips Academy. Andover,
Mass.. in 1886-7. He was a student at Columbia University, New York City,
from 1889 to 1893, but was not graduated. While at Columbia, in 1889, he was
elected a member of the Delta chapter of Delta Phi fraternity. He entered
the University of Berlin, Germany, in 1894, receiving the degree of Ph.D. in 1897.
The following year he was appointed instructor in physics in the University of
Michigan, where he remained two years. In 1900 he was appointed assistant
professor of physics in the University of Wisconsin, and in 1903 was advanced
to a full professorship at the same institution, a chair he filled until 1906. In
the latter year he accepted a call to a professorship of physics at Princeton Uni-
•versity. Princeton, N. J., which he holds at present. He resides in Princeton.f

• See No. 33, v.

t It is regretted that no portrait of Professor Trowbridge could be obtained.

«2-0 . ^y^-i.-<y^~^r^.r^<^^i

^Ttilc^ ^ ^.t^^H^^^^y^



i. Katherike, b. Oct. 7, 1894, in Berlin, (Germany.

ii. Geokge Augustus, b. Aug. 12, 1897, in Berlin.

iii. Cornelius ToLnEMUS, b. Aug. 22, 1898, in New York City.

84. George Edw.vrd Trowbridge {Elihit F.-'"', John 2'.^=, John^'*, Daniel",
Thomas'^, Thomas-, Thomas'), born May 20, 1846, in Cliathiuii, Ohio; resides
in Denver, Colo. ; married September 3, 1893, in Denver, Martha Louisa
Wlieeler, daughter of John Oatman and Sarali Ann (Neel) Wheeler, bom
February 8, 1860, in Albion, Iowa.

George E. Trowbridge soon after his marriage settled in Arkins, Colo., where
he was engaged in farming for several years. About 1900 he removed to Denver,
Colo., where he is in the teaming business.


i. George Robert, b. June 26, 1805.
ii. Mart Henrietta, b. Nov. 7, 1896.

85. Capt. Miles Marshall Trowbridge {Stewart i/.^**, John T.^", John^^,
DanieP, Thomas*. Thomas-, Thomas^), bom May 22, 1843, in Dover, Wis.;
resides in Portland, Ore. ; married February 22, 1869, in Dover, Rachel Sanders
Crawford, daughter of John and Charlotte (Sanders) Crawford, born February
16, 1842, in Jersey City, N. J. ; died February 6, 1898, in Portland.

Miles M. Trowbridge passed the first fourteen years of his life in the imme-
diate neighborhood of his grandfather, and learned lessons of patriotism from his
lips through stories of his adventurous life. He worked on his father's farm
summers and attended the common school winters \mtil the breaking out of the
Civil War in 1861. His father restrained liim from enlisting with the three
month men, but when Fremont's proclamation in Missouri disclosed that it
would be a fight to a finish, and remove the cause of the war, his consent was
given and Miles enlisted September 10, 1861, in Company C, 1st Wisconsin
Infantry, for three years and went as one of the color guards to that regiment.
The regiment was employed in keeping open communications and similar duties
in Kentucky, Tennessee and Northern Alabama until September, 1862.*

The first serious battle in which tlie regiment engaged was at Perryville, Octo-
ber 8, 1862. During the battle, the regiment in front lost every field ofiicer and
was thrown into confusion and obliged to retire. The 1st Wisconsin was
advanced to its place and with the assistance of artillery held the position until
all the artillery horses were killed or unmanageable. The regiments of the
brigade were ordered to hold the ground while the guns were withdrawn. About
this time the 1st Wisconsin made a dash and captured the flag of the 1st Tennes-
see. Protected by the fire of other regiments, the 1st Wisconsin took away from
the field every gun and caisson by hand. Their flag was riddled by balls and
flag staff severed in two places. All the color guard but three were killed or
wounded. The regiment received the thanks of Indiana for rescuing the battery
which belonged to that state, and a present of a full complement of colors in
recognition of its bravery.

Miles was reported mortally wounded. His father went down for his body,
but saved his life hy careful nursing. He removed him to the Louisville hospital,
and on November 15 he was discharged as pennanently disabled. Even then
the chances of his reaching home alive seemed about even, but by easy stages,
and laying over a day or two for rest in different places, his father brought him
through. The ball entered his left shoulder, passed through the upper portion
of his lung and came out close by the spine. He has never fully recovered from

* This and the following paragraphs are extracts from a sketch printed in the Mower county
(Minn.) Transcript of Aug. 26, 1891.


the effects. He remained at home and in the fall of 1863 removed with his father
to Lyle, Minn.

A part of the succeeding- year, as his health became firmer, was spent in com-
mencing a higher education, but he was chiefly indebted for his admirable fund
of information and terse use of the English language to his persistent habit of
reading, formed in his boyhood and kept up after the war. He was not satisfied
to study wliile others were fighting, and on September 2, 1864, re-enlisted in Com-
pany K, 4th Minnesota Infantry. He joined the regiment in season to take part
in the terrific fight at Altoona, where Corse "held the fort" on Sherman's signals,
notwithstanding his great loss of men and the individual loss of an ear and a
cheek bone.

He was the sixty thousand selected for the march to the sea. After
resting at Savannah more than a month, the still longer march north commenced
in February. This was a far niore arduous task. The spring rains rendered it
necessary to corduroy all roads for the passage of baggage and artillery and fre-
quently rendered the swollen rivers impassable, and Joe Johnston, at least second
in ability of Confederate generals, commanded the enemy and delivered a blow
at this wing or the other at evei-y opportunity. Then followed the surrender of
the Confederate armies, the grand review at Washington, and the mustering out,
which occun'ed July 19, 1865.

Mr. Trowbridge held the oifices of town clerk, town treasurer and chairman of
the board of supervisors in the town of Lyle, and in 1877 was elected county com-
missioner from the southwest district. He held this oifice for three years, and
was quite instrumental in the erection of the court house. The people voted not
to issue bonds for that pui-pose, and as the records were unsafe under existing
conditions he with others wisely disregarded present popularity, and the outcries
of the penny wise and pound foolish, and voted to raise the necessary amount by
taxation, distributed over three years time. In the fall of 1880 the court house
was so far advanced as to show it was an excellent bargain for the money and he
was promoted to the office of register of deeds of Mower coiuity, which he held
by successive elections for six years. He proved an efficient and acceptable
officer. During tliis period he became captain of Company G, 2d Regiment,
Minnesota National Guard, and brought the company up in numbers and effi-
ciency. He realized the importance of such organizations for the preservation
of order and as a preparation for defense, and enjoyed the esteem and confidence
of the company.

In the spring of 1887 Captain Trowbridge was employed to get up a set of
abstract books at Superior, Wis. His experience as register of deeds fitted him
for this work and gave him the reputation that secured him the jjosition. A
year and a half later he moved to Portland, Ore., where he accepted a position
with the Pacific Title and Trust Company, with which he has since been identi-
fied. Captain Trowbridge has a fine heme on Portland Heights, a tliousand feet
above sea level, which commands a beautiful view of the city and harbor, with
Mounts Hood and Adams in the distance.


99o. i. John Stewart, b. Jan. 27, 1870.

ii. Henuy M.^k.shall, b. Feb. 24, 1875 : is in the building business in Portland,

Ore. ; unm.
iii. Mary Leoxa, b. Dec. 2, 1877 ; resides with her father : unm.
iv. ALiatEi) LOCKWOOD, b. Oct. 1.5, 1880 ; was graduated from Stanford University

in 100.5, being president of his class. He is engaged with his profession, that

of a civil engineer, in Portland : num.
V. Frank Hudson, b. Ma.v 25, 1882 ; is an electrician in Portland ; unm.
vi. Miles CameroN; b. Sept. 25, 1884; is a stenographer in Portland: unm.

* i-iv born in Lyle, Minn. ; v-vi in Austin. Minn.


8C. PIexry Count Tro\vi3KID(!E (Stewart H.^^, John T.^^, John^^, Daniel",
Thomas*, Thomas'-. Thomas^), born xVpril 22, 1846, in Dover, Wis.; resides in
Lyle (Austin P. O.), Minn.; married January 2, 1871, in Austin, Roxana Chand-
ler, daughter of Welcome and Amy (Phelps) Chandler, bom November 9, 18.52,
in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Henry C. Trowbridge was brought up on his father's farm. At the age of
eighteen he enlisted in the Union army in the Civil War. He was mustered
March 21, 1865, in Company A, 11th Illinois Cavalry, and was stationed at
Memphis, Tenn., until August of that year, when he was discharged, having in
the meantime suifered from a severe case of tyjihoid fever, from which he has
never fully recovered. After his discharge he joined his parents in Minnesota,
where he has since resided, engaged in farming in the town of Lyle, near Austin,
Mower county. He is also president of a fine creamery near his farm.

In Mr. Trowbridge is combined strong individuality and a genial temperament,
and he has always been a leader in the affairs of the community in which he has
lived since 1863. He has been active in school affairs and to^vnship management,
having been school director, town treasurer and chairman of the board of super-
visors many terms. He enjoys the confidence and respect of his neighbors to the
fullest degree.


i. Nettie Elinor, b. .July 5. 1873 : ra. June 24, 1896, Samuel Henry Warington
and resides in Lyle.
9r»d. ii. Frederick Adelbert. b. Jlay 22. 1S7.5.

iii. Grace Edith, b. .July 5. 1878: m. July 2. 1002. Alanson P.einis Wilder and

resides in Lyle.
iv. Ethel Irene, b. Mar. 13. 1880: resides with her parents: unm.
90e. V. Harry Chandler, b. June 9. 1883.

vi. George Trum.\n, b. Aug. .31, 1887: conducts the home farm in Lyle: unm.

87. Lewis Lothrop TRowBRronE {Leivk B."". EUas^'. John}^, DanleP. Thomas*,
Thomas-. Thomas^), born May 1.5, 1864, in Builalo, N. Y. ; resides in Reading,
Pa.; married May 29, 1900, in St. Louis, Mo., Mary Peck Gray, daughter of
James Richard and Sarah (Scott) Gray, bom March 0, 1871, in Jefferson, Tex.

Lewis L. Trowbridge was graduated from Buffalo University with the degree of
Ph.G. in 1888, and then, 1888-90, pursued a course in metallurgy and chemistry
at the University of Michigan. He became assistant superintendent of the
Missouri Car and Foundry Company in St. Louis. Mo. He left there in 1900 to
become general manager of the Reading Car Wlieel Company of Reading, Pa., a
position which he at present occupies. His home is in Reading.


1. James Gray. b. Apr. C. 1901 : d. Apr. 1.5, 1901.
ii. Cornelia Gray. b. .luly 2(!. 1906.

88. FREnr.RicK Ei.ias TRowBRincR (Lpiris -B."", Elias^'. John'"'. Datiiel".
Thomas*. Thomas". Thoma,^'^). horn May 15, 1864, in Buffalo, X. Y. ; resides in
Lewiston, N. Y. ; married December 28, 1892, in Lewiston, Alice Thorburn
Craigie, daughter of John and Margaret (Thorburn) Craigie, born March 15,
1861, in Nithvale, Canada ; died March 20, 1899. in Lewiston.

Frederick E. Trowbridge is a cariienter and builder, and has been engaged in
his trade both in Buffalo. N. Y., and in Lewiston, N. Y., where he at present


i. Lewis Craigie. b. May 21, 1894.
ii. John Frederick, b. Feb. 21, 1S9G.


89. WiLLUM Wallace TuowBRrooE (George T."^, John*^, Joseph - . Caleb'-'-,
Josei)h^, Thomas*, Thomas'-, Tliomas''-), bom April 11, 1857, in Alliiigtown
(Orange), Conn.; resides in Newark, N. J.; married May 12, 1880, in East
Orange, N. J., Ida Bernice Hamilton, danghter of Benjamin and Leah (Doland)
Hamilton, born Jannary 14, 1859, in Hackettstown, N. J.

William W. Trowbridge went in childhood with his parents to Newark, N. J.,
where he has since remained. He is engaged in hat manufacturing.


i. Leah Hamilton, b. Sept. 23, 1881; m. .June 30. 1899, Benjamin Wilbur

JlcPeek and resides in Newark,
ii. Louisa Edith, b. June 28, 1892.

90. Isaac Little Trowbridge (Elisha M.^*, John*', Joseph - , Caleh*-, Joseph^,
Thomas*, Thomas'-, Thomas'*), bom July 30, 1856, in Bridgeport, Conn.; resides
in Naugatuck, Conn.; man-ied July 3, 1881, in Naugatuck, Ida Jane Moore,
daughter of John and Martha (Flynn) Moore, bom November 2, 1863, in

Isaac L. Trowbridge settled in Naugatuck, Conn., where he engaged in the
real estate business. On May 1, 1898, he was appointed by President McKinley
postmaster of Naugatuck, an office which he still holds.

child born in naugatuck. conn. :
i. Edith Moore, b. Apr. 5, 1882.

91. Frederick Clinton Trowbridoe (Elisha M."*. John**, Joseph - , Caleb'*'',
Joseph'*, Thomas*, Thomas'-, Thomas*), bom March 31, 1859, in Bridgeport,
Conn. ; died June 27, 1902, in Naugatuck, Conn. ; maiTied January 18, 1883, in
Naugatuck, Mary Leslie Kane, who resides in Naugatuck.*

Frederick C. Trowbridge removed with his elder brother to Naugatuck, Conn.,
where he worked at the trade of cutter in the Goodyear Rubber Goods Manu-
facturing Company.


i. LeRoy Leslie, b. Sept. 29, 1883 ; i.s with tlie Goodj-ear Mfg. Co. in Naugatuck.

ii. FnEiDA, b. Dec. 6. 1884.

iii. Kenneth Bateman, b. Jan. 17, 1892.

iv. Amy, b. Aug. 21, 1893 ; d. Oct. 29, 1893.

92. Jonx Hatfield Trowbridoe (Elisha M."*, John*'*, Joseph''-, Caleb*-,
Joseph^, Thomas*, Thomas'^. Thomas*), born June 6, 1875, in Newark, N. J.;
resides in Naugatuck. Conn. ; married October 12, 1898, in Naugatuck, Eleanor
Amelia Wig'more, daughter of Thomas Nixon and Eleanor (Freeman) Wigmore,
born May 30, 1877, in Seymour, Conn.

John H. Trowbridge settled in Naugatuck, Conn., where he is an electrician
with the Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company.

children born in nattgatdck, conn. :

i. Helen, b. Nov. 27, 190].

ii. George Wigmore, b. July 14, 1903.

93. Henry Trowbridge (Henry'"'. Thomas B.*^. Henry^^, Rutherford*^,
DanieP. Thomas*. Thomas'-. Thomas*), born August 12, 1859, in New Haven,
Conn.; died June 24, 1894, in Trinidad. B. W. I.; married October 6. 1887, in

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


Bridgetown, Barbados, B. W. I., Minnie Barker Jones, daughter of Thomas and
Annie (Fields) Jones, born November 29. 1864, in Barbados. She married,
second, December 24, 1902, in London, England, Henry Eade Churchman and
lesides in London.

Henry Trowbridge prepared for college at Hopkins Grammar School in New
Haven, and was graduated from Yale College in 1880 with the degree of B.A.
The follo-\ving fall he entered the Yale Law School, but left that institution in
May. 1881. to take a position with Trowbridge & Co., the branch of the firm of
H. Trowbridge's Sons of Xew Haven located in the island of Barbados, British
West Indies. He early evinced an aptitude for business and held a responsible
position in the house. Wliile residing in Barbados he was very hospitable in the
entertainment of visitors who came to the island. The firm was dissolved in
1891. In 1892 he went to the island of Trinidad and formed a partnership with
a Mr. Rust, under the firm name of Eust. Trowbridge & Co., doing a general
commission business. He continued in this connection until his death, which
resulted from an attack of yellow fever. Mr. Trowbridge was a member of the
Psi Upsilon fraternity at Yale and in Barbados was a member of the Bridgetown


94. Joseph Parker Trowbridge (Henry'", Thomas i?.", Henrtf^, Ruther-
ford^^, Daniel^, Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas^), born June S, 1861, in New Haven,
Conn.; resides in New York City; married December 15, 1893, in Branford,
Conn., Ivatherine Vferonica Shields, daughter of David and Catherine (Cava-
naugh) Shields, born May 20, 1874, in New Haven.

J. Parker Trowbridge received his education preparatory to college at Hopkins
Grammar School in New Haven, and was gi-aduated from Yale College in 1883
with the degree of B.A. In the fall following his graduation he entered the Yale
Medical School, but left during the second year to enter the house of H. Trow-
bridge's wSons, West India mcrcliants. a firm composed of his grandfather, father
and uneles. His duties caused him to be chiefly identified with the New York
City ofEce of the firm, and he remained in that connection until the dissolution of
the firm in 1891. For a number of years after this he traveled in the winter
months and passed the summer months at his cottage at Indian Neck, in Bran-
ford, near New Haven. In 1900 he entered the freight department of the New
York, New Haven and Hartford Eailroad Company, and is at present located at
its Harlem river terminal in New York City, where he resides.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of the Yale chapter of the Psi Upsilon fraternity.
He was elected to the Quinnipiack Club of New Haven in 1886 and to the
University Club of New York City in 1890.


i. Kathryn P.\rker, b. Feb. 20, 180;"., in Rr:inford, Conn,
ii. .Joseph P.\rkek, b. Aug. 21, 1898. in Northport, N. Y.

iii. Marion Elizabeth, b. Sept. 9, 1903, in New York City; d. there Julv 19,

95. Thomas Rutherford TROWBRroGE (Henry'", Thomas i?.", Henry^^,
Rutherford^", DanieP,*. Thomas^, Thomas^), born September 10. 1864,
in New Haven, Conn. ; resides in Milwaukee, Wis. ; married January 18, 190.5, in
Wheaton, 111.. Christine Rau, daughter of Gottlieb and Marion (Wiegors) Ran,
born October 29, 1S72. in Formosa, Canada.

Thomas R. Trowl.ridge prepared for college at Hopkins Grammar School in
New Haven, and entered the class of 1884 of the Sheffield Scientific School, Yale
University. Before completing his course in the chemistry department of that


institution, lie left to take a jiosition with H. Trowbridge's Sons of New Haven,
West India merchants, of which his father was senior partner, and was con-
nected with their representatives, Trowbridge & Co., in Barbados, West Indies.
After the di.ssolution of the firm in 1891, he purchased a playhouse in Providence,
E. I., and became manager and owner of the Star Theatre in that city. \Vliile in
this capacity, he became exalted ruler of B. P. O. Elks, Providence 14, the
youngest exalted ruler ever elected to fill this position. He retired from the
theatrical line and entered the furniture house of The Geo. C. Flint Co. in New
York City. In 1903 he removed to Chicago, 111., and identified liimself with
the furniture interests of Mandell Bros, of that city, leaving them in 1905 to
take a similar position with Gimbel Bros, in Milwaukee, Wis. He left this house
in a years time to accept a managerial position with the IvlingTiian Sample
Furniture Co. of Milwaukee. He resigned in 1907 to accept a position on the
display advertising staff of the Milwaukee Journal, the largest evening daily
paper in Milwaukee and one of the largest in the Northwest. , His principal line
on this paper is the automobile division, in which he figures as automobile editor
and display advertising solicitor, creating this line of advertising in this paper,
which has grown to be the leading automobile paper, both from an editorial and
an advertising standpoint, in the city.

Mr. Trowbridge while at Yale was elected to the Theta Zi fraternity. He was
raised in Hiram Lodge, No. 1, F. and A. M., in New Haven in 1895. He is also
a member of the B. P. O. EUvS, Providence 14 ; the F. 0. Eagles, Milwaukee,
No. 1.37; General Grant Council, No. 67, Royal League, of Chicago; and the
Milwaukee Automobile Club. His home is in Milwaukee, Wis.


i. A daughter, b. Aug. 18, 1900 : d. that day.
ii. TnoMAS Rutheeford, b. Feb. 20, 1908.

96. Francis Bacon Trowbridge (Thomas -R.'\ Thomas R.*". Henry^^, Ruther-
ford^", DayiicI^, Tlioinas*, Thomas", Thomas^), bom June 7, 1866. in New Haven,
Conn. ; resides in New Haven ; married June 30, 1898, in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Mabel Christine Nelson, daughter of James Augustus and Helen Josephine
(Chipman) Nelson, born September 14, 1875, in New Haven.

Francis B. Trowbridge took the preparatory course of study at Hopkins Gram-
mar School in his native city. He was graduated from Yale University in 1887
with the degree of B.A. and from the Yale Law School with the degree of LL.B.
in 1890, and was admitted to the Connecticut bar. He did not, however, engage
in the practice of his profession, but became associated with his father in the
management of family real estate and trusts, succeeding to several of the latter
after his father's death in 1898, and is at jtresent acting in a fiduciary capacity

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