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104. Samuel Trowbridge (WiUiam^'"', Thomas'^), born October 7, 1670, in
New Haven, Conn.; died in March?, 1741-2,§ in Fairfield. Conn.; married about

169S Sarah . She maiTied. second, May 20, 1743, in Fairfield, Edward

Treadwell of Fairfield,

Samuel Trowbridge went with his elder brother t« Stratford, Conn., and in
May, 1695, was "a soldier pressed in the Province galley."|| After his marriage
he settled in the parish of Stratfield. near Fairfield, Conn., where he was engaged
in farming. He was admitted a member of the Stratfield Congregational church
on July 23, 1710, and his wif©|pn February 14, 1713-4.


i. Sarah, bapt. Jan. 22. 1098-9 ; d. young.

113. ii. Saml-el, b. Aug. 20. 1700.

iii. .ToiiN, bapt. Dec. 9. 170.J ; d. Oct. 20. 1741. in Fairfield, Conn.:

iv. Elizabeth, bapt. July 30. 1710; m. Nathan Nichols of Stratlield.

V. Hannah, bapt. Oct. 20. 1712; m. Ilezekiah Treadwell of Stratfield.

vi. Sarah, bapt. Feb. 19, 1715-0; m. Daniel Bennett of Fairfield.

105. Joseph Trowbridge {William'^''''. Thomas'^), bom , 1676, in New

Haven, Conn. ; died May — , 1715,:j::j: in Stratfield, Conn. ; married about 1708
in Fairfield?. Conn., Anne Sherwood, daughter of Capt. Matthew and Mary
(Fitch) Sherwood. She married, second, about 1710, Caleb Fairehild and
removed to Hanover, N. J.

Joseph Trowbridge settled in the parish of Stratfield. near Fairfield. Comi..
where he followed the trade of a canienter and was also engaged in farming.
He and his wife were members of the Stratfield Congregational church.


i. Matthew, bapt. June 5. 1709; d. in infancy. §§

114. ii. David, b. Dec. 30, 1709.1(11

iii. Anne, bapt. Dec. 13, 1713; m. Feb. 25, 1734-5. Jacob Wakely of Stratfield.

* i horn in New Haven, Conn. : ii-ix in Stratford, Conn. ; x-xi In Wilton, Conn.
t TliPD liipton parish in Stratford.
t Matthias?

S His will was dated Feb. 11. 1T41-2 ; the witnesses were sworn Mar. 25, 1741-2. [Fairfleld
Probate Records, vol. 10. p. Ifi9.]
II County Court Records.
*• Baptisms by Stratfield Congregational Church Records.

ft His will, dated .Tuly 1. 1741 (witnesses sworn Dec. S, 174H, was presented Feb. 14, 1741-2.
r Fairfleld Probate Records, vol. 10, p. 102.]
ii: The inventory of his estate was taken May 31. 1715. and presented June 1, 1713. [Fair-
field Probate Records, vol. 5. pp. .313-4.]

§5 Probably, as on .Tune 1. 1715. at the settlement ot his father's estate there is mention only
of the other two children, of whom their mother was appointed guardian. [Fairfield Probate
!||| By his family bible.


106. WiLLUM Trowbridge (Thomas'^''-, WiUiani^"", Thomas''), born April 14,
1700, in West Haven, Conn. ; died December 14, 1787, in West Haven ; married
June 18, 1Y24, in West Haven, Mehitable Blakesley, daughter of Samuel and
SaraJi (Kimberly) Blakesley, bom August 31, 1702, in West Haven ; died May
2, 1788, in West Haven.

William Trowbridge lived all his life in his native place, the parish of West
Haven in New Haven, Conn. He was a farmer. He and his wife were members
of the West Haven Congregational church.


115. i. William, b. June 33, 1725.

ii. Meuitadle, h. Jan. V.i, 172G-7 ; m. Jiuie IS. 1744, Capt. Titus Smith of Wood-
bridge, Conn.

iii. Thankful, b. about 172'J?; m. Mar. Ill, 1745-6, Benjamin Bristol of Water-
bur.v. Conn.

iv. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 16, 1731 ; m., 1st, Nov. 3, 1756, Capt. Ezra Candee of
West Haven ; m.. 2d,J Josepli Prindle of West Haven.

v. Abigail, b. June 4, 1734.

vi.? Mary, b. , 1745; m. , 376C, John Beecher of West Haven.S

107. Ebenezer Trowbridge (Thomas'^''-, William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom July 25,
1702, in West Haven, Conn.; died November 24, 1777, in West Haven;]] married
February 9, 1725-6, in West Haven, Hannah Brovrn, daughter of Ebenezer and

Elinor (Lane) Brovm, born January 31, 1096-7, in West Haven; died ,

1787,** in West Haven.

Ebenezer Trowbridge was a fanner and lived in"lie parish of West Haven, his
native place. His home was known as "Trowbridge Farm."


i. Hann.\h, b. Mar. 13, 1726-7; d.

136. ii. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 26, 1728-9.

iii. Sarah, b. Apr. 22. 1731 : m. Levi Clinton of West Haven.

iv. Mary, b. , 37.33; m. .John Benham of West Haven.

108. James Trowbridoe (./ames'"'', Willinm''"''. Thomas'^), bom September 13,
1689, in New Haven, Conn.; died abovit 1730, iirobably at sea; married about
1715 Susannah 4^

James Trowbridge was a mariner, sailing out of New Haven, where he made
his home. He appears to have been a prosperous man, and owned considerable
real estate and a warehouse near the water front. He died at sea while on one
of his voyages.

* Then a part of New Haven.

t The birflis of i, ii. iv and v are recnrdecl in New Haven Town Records.

t Before Mar. 1, 1771.

§ By R. B. Hnglies' "Beecher fienealogy." The "Tuttle Genealogy." p. 153. prints his name
Ezra Boecher. On Dec. .5, 176-^, a Mary Trowbridge and William Trowbridge (No. 106) wit-
ness a deed from No. 115 and his wife.

II Administration on his estate was granted on the third Monday in .Tan.. 1778. to John
Benham "in right of his wife Mary, a daughter of said Ebenezer Trowbridge."
•* Administration on her estate was granted Dec. 3, 1787. fNew Ilayen Trobate Records.]
tt Probat)]y. and before her mother. She was living unmarried in West Haven in 17.'t2.
XX The only "Susannah" in New Haven, who is unprovided with a husband either by the
records or by genealogists, is Susannah Blakesley. daughter of Ebenezer and Hannah (Lupton)
Blakesley, born May 21, 1080. in New Haven.

Did the widow of James Trowbridge marry, second. Benjamin St. John of Norwalk? (See
footnote § opposite page.)



i. James, b. about 1716.t
ii. John, b. about 1720.t

117. iii. Samuel, b. about 1726.S

109. Isaac Teowbkidge (James'^''^. William'^'"', Thomas^), born , 1693,

in Stratford, Conn.; died about 1770 in Southbury?, Conn.; married, first,
about 1717 in Stratford. Ruth Perry, daughter of Arthur and Anna (Judson)
Perry, born May 5, 1690, in .Stratford; died January 27, 1767, in Oxford, Conn.
He married, second, Hannah , who died Marcli 29, 1769, aged 60 years.

Isaac Trowbridge received a grant of land from his father at the north end of
Long Hill in Stratford, and settled there after his marriage. He conducted a
tannery in Stratford for a number of years. On January 2S, 1719-20, he was
appointed with Col. Ebenezer Johnson of Derby a committee to run a line
between the town and the Indians. The following year he removed to the parish
of Eipton (Huntington), where he and his wife were among those who organized
the Congregational church in that parish on February 12, 1724. He was elected
a grand juror of Stratford in December, 1732.

He removed to the adjoining township of Derby, and lived in that part now
the town of Oxford, "the southwest part of Waterbury woods." In May, 1740, he
was a petitioner for the setting apart of Oxford as a separate parish. The peti-
tion was granted ilay 7, 1741, and he was chosen clerk of the new parish at the
first meeting, which was held June 30, 1741. He was active in organizing the
Congregational church in Oxford, and he and his wife were among its first
members, being received October 27, 1745, from the church in Eipton.


By first m-arriage:\\

118. i. Joseph, b. June 12, 1718.

ii. Rachel, b. Nov. IS. 1719 ; m. Moses Bristol of Oxford, Conn.

119. iii. Isaac, b. Mar. 11, 1721.

120. iv. Israel, bapt. Sept. 30, 1722.

V. Esther, b. , 1726; m. Dec. 9, 1761, Nabotli Candee of Oxford.

vi. Sarah, b. , 1730: m. Feb. 19, 17.55, David Jolui-son of Southbury,


110. Daniel Trowbridge (James^"', William^'"', Thomas'^), born August 13,

1701, in Stratford, Conn. ; died , 17 — , in ; married ,

1725, in Norwalk, Conn., Sarah Se,ymour, daughter of Capt. John and Sarah
(Gregory) Seymour.

Daniel Trowbridge came with his father to the parish of Wilton in Norwalk,
Conn., where he settled and was engaged in farming. His farm was near his
father's on Chestnut Hill. He was elected fence viewer for Wilton in 1728 ; sur-
veyor of highways in 1731 ; highway committeeman in 1737 ; grand juror in 1743
and 1749 ; and lister in 1747. He was a member of the Congregational church in
Wilton, and was appointed one of its society's committee of three in 1733. The
record of his death was not found.

♦ It is supposed, although not recordod then'.

t He is mentioned in the will of his grandfather I No 10.'!). dated 17.32. Ho sold land in
New Haven, inherited from bis great-aunt Hannah Alsop, July 12, 1737, and no further
reference to him has been found in any record.

+ He chose his mother guardian Jlay 6. 1734. He sold land in New Haven, inherited from
his great-aunt Hannah Alsop, July 2S. 1742, and no further reference to him has been found
in any record.

It is thought by the compiler that i and ii were sailors and were lost at sea. and that they
were unmarried.

§ Chose Benjamin St. John of Xorwallf, Conn., as his guardian Mar. 3. 1740-1.

II No children by second marriage. Authorities : Stratford and Oxford town and church











Daniel, b. Aug. 25, 1726.
Stephen, b. Dec. 16, 1727.
James, b. Dec. 14, 1729.

Sarah, b. about 1732 : m. Sept. 18, 1754, James Olmstead of Wilton.
Abigail, b. about 1735; ni. Sept. 11, 1750, David Hitchcock of New JMilford,
vi. Elizabeth, b. about 1739; m. Mar. 31, 1763, Aaron Hitchcock of New Milford.

124. 'vii. Joseph, b. Ma.v 11, 1741.
122. viii. Samuel, bapt. Sept. IS, 1743.

ix. Lydia, bapt. Oct. 27, 1745.

125. X. William, bapt. Dec. 30, 1747.

111. Caleb Trowbridge (James'^°^, William^'"', Thomas^), bom April 8, 1706,
in Stratford, Conn.; died January 2, 1759,t in New Fairfield, Conn.; married
about 1730 in Wilton, Conn., Jemima Keeler, daughter of Ralph and Jemima
( ) Keeler. She married, second, Ebenezer Beardsley of New Fairfield.:j:

Caleb Trowbridge came in childhood with his father to Wilton, Conn., where
he was engaged in farming for a number of years after his marriage. He had
six acres from the north part of his father's homestead on Chestnut Hill, his
brother Daniel's farm being on the south. In May, 1741, he removed to New
Fairfield, a neighboring town, where he passed the remainder of his life.

The names of Caleb Trowbridge and his wife are in the first list of communi-
cants of the New Fairfield Congregational church, dated March 29, 1758. One
of his descendants thinks that Caleb was a soldier in the French and Indian War,
but no such service is on record.


Rebecca, b. about 1733 : m. Abel Hodge of New Fairfield, Conn.

Mart ("Molly"), b. about 1735; m. , 1750, William Betts of New

Milford, Conn.
Ralph, b. about 1737.

Jemima, bapt. Oct. 7, 1739; m. Feb. 5, 1760, Abel Sanford of Newtown, Conn. II
Caleb, b. about 1745.**
Keeler, b. about

Elizabeth, b. about 1750 ; d. young probably.
Mercy, b. about 1752.Ji
Esther, b. about 1756.§§

112. John Trowbridge (James^"'', William'""'. Thornas'^), born May 22, 1709,
in Stratford, Conn.; died May — , 1777, in Danbury, Conn. ;|||| married about
1735, in Norwalk, Conn., Mary Comstock, daughter of Capt. Samuel and Sarah

(Hanford) Comstock, born August 5, 1710, in Norwalk; died , 17 — ,***

in Danbury?.

John Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to tlie parish of
Wilton in Norwalk, Conn. He lived there until the spring of 1749, when he
removed to Danbury, Conn. He served in the French and Indian War as
corporal of the Fifth Company, 4th Connecticut Regiment, enlisting September

* By Wilton Congregational Church Records.

t His will was dated Dec. 25, 17."i8. The witnesses. John Trowbridge (No. 112) and Com-
fort Trowbridge (second wife of No. 113) were sworn Feb. 2, 1759. [Danbury Probate Records,
vol. 1, p. 166.]

X The destruction of the New Fairfield town records has c.iused irreparable loss to the
records of No. Ill and his descendants who lived in that town.

§ Mentioned in their father's will ; i-iv probably born in Wilton, Conn. ; the others in New
Fairfield, Conn. See footnote J.

II Did she m.. 2d, June 16, 1762. Benjamin Griffin of Danbury, Conn.?
** Chose guardian May 1. 1759.
tt Chose guardian Aug. 23, 1763.
tt Chose guardian Aug. 13. 1764.
§§ Chose guardian Jan. 20, 1768.

nil His will, dated Mar. 29, 1777, proved May 26, 1777, mentions wife Mary, "son John now
In captivity in New York," etc. [Danbury Probate Records, vol. 3, p. 495.]
*♦• After her husband.













12, and being discharged November S, 1755.* He was sergeant of the Seventh
Company, 3d Connecticut Regiment, on a roll dated Fort William Henry October

13, 1756.t He was a sergeant of Capt. John Barn urn's Danbury militia company
for eighteen days in August, 1757, in the alann for the relief of Fort William

John Trowbridge was engaged in farming in Danbury the rest of his life.
His farmhouse was in the lliry Brook district, just west of the town, and during
the Revolution soldiers were quartered there, among them his son-in-law Mr.
Fames. In Norwalk Mr. Trowbridge was chosen tithingman in 1735, grand
juror in 1740 and lister in 1746. In Danbury he was chosen a selectman in 1753
and collector of rat«s in 17G1. He was also a prominent member of the Danbury
Congregational church.


129. i. .Toiix, b. about 17.'U!.

130. ii. David, b. , 173S.

iii. Sarah, b. about 1739 ; m. , 1763, Lieut. Loinuol Bonedict of Danbury,

iv. Ann, b. about 1741 : m. , 1701, Joseph Tlioma.s of Litclifield. Conn.

131. V. Isaac, b. about 1744.

vi. Esther, b. Nov. 6, 1748 •. m. Dec. 13, 1769. Lieut, .\aron Benedict of Middle-
bury, Conn.

vii. Phebe, b. July — . 1751 : ni. Nov. 11, 177S. Everet Eames of Danbury.

viii. Lydia. b. , 1755?; ra. July 13, 1786, .Tohn Woodward of Watcrtown,


113. Dea. Samuel Thowbridoe (SamueP"*. William^'"'. Thomas'^), born
August 26, 1700, in Strattield, Conn. ; died November 24, 1782. in New Fairfield,
Conn. ;|| married, first, August 30, 1722. in Stratfield. Sarah Seeley,** daughter

of Lieut. James and Sarah ( ) Seeley, born June 20, 1703, in Stratfield ;

died March 15. 1752. in New Fairfield. He married, second. November 1, 1753,
in Ro.xbury, Conn., Comfort ( ) widow of Lieut. Joshua Hurl-
but of Roxbury. He married, third, February 9, 1774, in New Milford, Conn..
Mrs. Anne Moger.

Samuel Trowbridge after his marriage settled in his native town and lived
there until the spring of 1749. At that time he removed to the town of New
Fairfield, Conn., where lie passed the remainder of his life. He was a farmer.
In Stratford he held several of the minor town offices, such as fence viewer in
1735 and surveyor of highways in 1730 and 1746. He and his wife were admitted
to full communion in the Stratfield Congregational church July 28. 1731. They
were also communicants of the New Fairfield Congregational church, of which
Mr. Trowbridge was chosen a deacon on March 29, 1758. He held this oifice
until his death and was a leading man in the to-^vn.

His family bible, in which had been entered the following records of the
family, had been preserved by his descendants until 1858, when it was destroyed
by fire in a store at Abbeville. S. C, which belonged to his great-great-grandson
Joseph Trowbridge. The following verse was also recorded there:

"Samuel Trowbridge, born was he
In seventeen hundred, you may see:
The month of August he was born.
The sixth and twentieth, in the morn."

• "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections." vol. 9, p. 55.

•t Ditto, p. 2.S7.

± Ditto, pp. 13.S-n.

§ i-vi horn in Wilton. 4;'onn. : the others in Itanbury. Conn.

The destruction o£ the town records at the burning of Danbury by the British Is an Irrepar-
able loss to the genealogies of families who lived there.

I[ The inventory of his estate was tal;en .Tan, 13. 17S3. His "widow .\nne" Is mentioned.
[Danburv Probate Records, vol. 4, p. 261.]
*• Or Seelye.

Tt The dates of her birth and death were not found. She was a witness to the will of
No. Ill in 1758 and was alive at the date it was offered for probate.



By first marriage:*
i. Abigail, b. July 9, 1724 ; m. Lacy.

132. ii. Stephen, b. Jan. 30, 1720.

133. iii. Setii, b. June 24, 1729.

iv. William, b. Mar. 13, 1732-3: d. Apr. 13. 1742.
V. jMeiiitable, b. Jan. 13, l^o.'vt! ; d. July 12, 17.58; unm.

vi. Hannah, b. Feb. 13, 1740-1 ; m. Aug! 22,i 1763, John Stillson of New Mil-
ford, Conn,
vii. Sarah, b. Apr. 27, 1743; m. July 21, 1762, Samuel Dibble of Bethel, Conn.

134. viii. John, b. Apr. 7, 1746.

135. ix. Billy, b. Nov. 4, 1748.

114. David Trowbridge (^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), born December 30,
1709, in Stratfield, Conn.; died November 16, 17GS, in Morristown, N. J. ;:j:
married July 3, 1735, in Bedford, N. T.?, Lydia (Holmes ?),§ bom January 21,
1716, in ; died January 27, 1792, in Morristovpn.

David Trowbridge settled after his marriage in "the township of Hanover,
in the county of Hunterdon, alias Morrice county. West New Jersey."|| He was
a farmer and probably lived in the west part of Hanover which became Morris-
town. He and his wife were Baptists in religion.

Trowbridge Mountain, situated partly in Hanover and partly in Eandolph,
N. J., derives its name from the fact that David Trowbridge and several of his
sons and grandsons had their farms on and near it.

children born in morristown, n. j. :**

i. Lydia, b. Aug. 30, 17.30 : d. ilar. 9, 1750.

Daniel, b. Dec. 28, 1737.

SuuBAEL, b. Sept. 3, 1739.

Ann, b. Nov. 15, 1740 ; d. June C, 17.>'i.

Samuel, b. Feb. 23, 1742.

David, b. July 11, 1743.

Caleb, b. Slar. 29, 174.'5; d. Mar. 13, 1760.

Mary Ann, b. Oct. 17, 1747; m. Jan. 29, 1766, Gershom Johnson of Morris-

ix. Tabitha. b. , 174- ;tt d. youns.

X. Joseph, b. Apr. 10, 1749 ; d. July 7, 1753.

140. xi. Absalom, b. May 25, 17.50.

xii. Tabitha, b. ■, 175- ;ti- d. "aged 21 years and S months. "+!:

141. xiii. Job, b. Mar. 8, 1754.

142. xiv. Joseph, b. Oct. 2, 1750.

XV. Ann, b. Jan. 30, 1763 ; d. Dec. 12, 1767.

xvi. Lydia, b. Feb. 23, 1709 ; m. June 26, 1793, .

116. William Trowbridge (TV'^7^^■am"^ Thomas^"-, William'""'. Thomas'^),
born June 13, 1725, in West Haven, Conn. ; died December 6, 1793, in West
Haven; married , 1759, in West Haven, Rebecca Painter, daughter of

• No children by the other marriages.

t By New Fairfield Congregational Church Records; 11 hy New Miltord Congregational
Church Records.

t His will, dated Nov. 9, 1708, wherein he calls himself "of the town of Morris," was proved
Dec. 9, 1768. and mentions : "wife and eight children." Shuhael being the only child mentioned
by name. lTr<^nton Surrogate Records. Liber K of wills, pp. .58. etc.]

§ She is called "of Bedford" in the family liilile.

II By Stratford. Conn.. Town Records.
** This family register is copied from the family bible of David Trowbridge which was found
in the mountains, eight miles from Dover. N. .T.. by Mr. William A. Eardeley of Brooklyn.
N. Y., a genealogist who visited that locality in behalf of the compiler,
ft Date torn off from family bible register. Perhaps a twin.
%t Gravestone in Whippany. N. J., churchyard. No date on gravestone.

The name of Peter Trowbridge appears in 1783 in West New Jersey Deeds recorded at
Trenton. His relationship, if any. is unknown.

























Shubael and Elizabeth (Dunbar) Painter, born May 19, 1734, in West Haven;

died" , 180-." in West Haven ?.

William Trowbridge lived all his life in his native place, the parish of West
Haven in the town of New Haven, Conn. He was a farmer. He is said to have
set the psalms in the parish Congregational church of which he and his wife were
members. He was commissioned ensign of the parish trainband Jfay 29, 1751.


David, b. May 13. 1760.
Samuel, b. Dec. 22. 17C1.
Thomas, b. Sept. 14, 1704.
William, b. Sept. 2. 17(57.
XlEIIITARLE. b. Aug. 10. 1700.
Joseph Ebenezer, b. July 9, 1772.
Justus, b. M.ay 4. 1774.

116. Capt. Ebf.nezer Trowbridge (Ebenezer^"' , Thomas'"'^, WilUatn'°'',

Thomas'^), born February 26. 1728-9, in West Haven, Conn.; died ,

1767,t in West Haven;:}: married , 17 — , in West Haven, Esther Catlin,

daughter of John and Jemima (Allen) Catlin, born May 24, 1733, in Deerfield,

Mass. ; died , 17 — , in West Haven. He is supjiosed to have married,

second, § in West Haven, Obedience Beecher, daughter of Stephen and Susannah
(Hale) Beecher, born January 27, 1723-4, in West Haven; died January — ,
1807, in West Haven.

Ebenezer Trowbridge was a sea captain, and died, perhaps, while making one
of his voyages. His home was in his native place, the parish of West Haven,
Conn. In his inventory there is mentioned his interest in the sloop Trojan.

xo children.

117. Capt. Samuel Trowbridge {James^"^, James'-''^, William'""'. Thomas'^).

born about 1726 in New Haven, Conn.; died , 1771. || in Bedford, N. T. ;

married, first, about 1751** in New Canaan, Conn., Anna Eells, daughter of Rev.
John and Anna (Beard) Eells, born May 1. 1729, in Milford, Conn.; died

, 17 — , in Bedford. He married, second, Anne (Smith) Jump, born

May 10, 1730. in . She married, third. Seth AVliitney of Crownpond

village, Yorktowii. N. Y., and died there June 29, 1819.

Samuel Trowbridge after his father's death probably went to live with his
guardian, Benjamin St. John, in Norwalk, Conn. After his marriage he
settled in Bedford, Westchester county, N. Y. He was a shoemaker by trade,
and followed that business in early life, but the last ten years of his life was
engaged in farming.

* She was living in West Haven as late as 1808. probably, as she is mentioned as "late
deceased" in April of that year.

t Administration on his estate was granted to his brother-in-law Levi Clinton Sept. 1. 1767.

There is a deed In New Haven Town Records, vol. 45, p. 404. dated May 26. 1794. to
Elienezer Trowbridge, .Jr.. in the first clause and to William Trowbridge, .Ir., in the second
clause. The name in the first clause must be an error.

I Or at sea.

5 Prior to Aug. 17, 1762. There seems to have been no other Trowbridge in West Haven
(of suitable age) who could have been the husband of Mrs. Obedience Trowbridge, as she is
known in deeds and at her death.

II Administration on his estate was granted to his widow Anne Trowbridge Dec. 12. 1771.
(New York City Surrogate Records. Litier D. part 2. p. !!».]

*■• Before Feb. 1, 17.j2. when he aud his wife Anna sell land in Jlilford. Conn., which she h:nl
inherited from her maternal grandfather, Jeremiah Beard.



By first marriage:

149. i. John, b. about 1753.*

150. ii. James, b. about 1754.

Bij second marriagef :
iii. Ltdia, b. about 1763; m. Nov. 19, 1788, Richard Smith of Yoiktown, N. Y.t

151. iv. Samuel, b. Sept. 30, 1705.

v.? Lucy, b. Feb. S, 1768 ;* ra., 1st. May 30, 1790, Dr. Reuben Warner of Bridge-
water, Conn. ; m., 2d, Sept. — , 1827, Robert Andrews of Brookfield, Conn.

118. Joseph Trowbridge (Isaac'^"", James'^''^, William,'^'"', Thomas'^), born June
12, 1718, in Stratford, Conn. ; died October 9, 1801, in Danbury, Conn. ; married
April 15. 1741, § in Southbury, Conn., Trial Morehouse.||

Joseph Trowbridge settled in the soutliern part of the town of Woodbury,
Conn., in the parish of Southbury. He was engaged in farming there until
a few years before his death, which occurred at the home of his son Doctor
Joseph, with whom he had passed his declining years. He and his wife were
members of the Congregational church in Oxford, Conn.


i. LORANIA, b. , 1742; m. , 1764, David Woodin of Oxford, Conn.

ii. James, bapt. Aug. 19, 1744;** d. in infancy.
iii. James, bapt. Dec. — , 1745 ;tt d. young.U

iv. Elihu,§§ b. , 1748; d. Mar. 23, 1826, in Southbury; unm. [See


152. V. Philemon, h. Jan. 13, 1751.

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