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vi. Anna, bapt. Nov. 5, 1752 ;tt m. Nov. 16, 1772, Joel Hicko.x of Washington,

vii.? Elizabeth, b. , 17.54; m. Dea. Noah Allen of East Windsor, Conn.

viii. Sarah, bapt. .Tan. 29, 1755 ;tt ni. May 7, 1780, Ephraim Stiles of Southbury.

153. ix. Joseph, bapt. Nov. 8,

X. Ruth, b. , 1759; m. Sept. 3, 1778, David Mallory of Southbury.

Elihu Trowbridge was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted April 20, 1775. from
Hatfield, Mass., as a private in Capt. Israel Chapin's company. Col. .John Fellows' regi-
ment, and was discharged October 8. 1775. He re-enlisted January 1, 1776, in Cam-
bridge, Mass., in Capt. Samuel Hunt's company. Colonel Ward's regiment, Massachusetts
Line. He was chosen in February, 1776, as one of General Washington's Life Guard, as
sergeant under Captain Gibbs. and continued in that service about nine months. He was
appointed a second lieutenant in Samuel Granger's company. 2d Connecticut Regiment,
Col. Charles Webb. January 1. 1777. He resigned December 4, 1777. In January, 1778,
he was appointed a captain of marines on board of the frigate irnrrcH, commanded by
John Hopkins, where he served until she was destroyed at Penobscot some time in March.
1779. He then was on leave of absence from the Marine Committee, of which Samuel
Adams was president, until peace was declared. After leaving the army he followed the
trade of pumpmaking. He lived in Earl. Lancaster county. Pa., Derby Landing, Conn.,
and Washington, Conn., returning in his old age to his native place, where he died. He
drew a pension for a few years prior to his death. II !l

* He (3. in May, 1826, "aged 73."

t By "Trowbridge Family" some of their descendants changed their surname from Smith to
Trowiridge and reside in Philadelphia, Va. Those ot them that the compiler traced failed to
answer his letters.

j Supposed to be a daugWer of No. 117. At her 1st marriage, in Roxburv. Conn., sbe is
called "ot Roxbury," where No, 149, her supposed brother, was living. Was he also the father
of Polly, mentioned in the second paragraph of footnote § under No. 156?
§ By "History of Woodbury," vol. 1 ; 1742 by ditto, vol. 3.
II Of whom no further particulars were found.
** By Woodbridge. Conn., Con.gregational Church Records.
ft By Oxford. Conn.. Congregational Church Records.

tt By descendants of his brothers. No further mention of him was found In public records.
§S Bapt. Elitus, Dec. 25. 174S

II II Authorities : Massachusetts Archives; "Connecticut in the Revolution," p. 158; U. S.
Pension Office Records.


119. Isaac Trowbridge (lsaac''°^, James'^"^, William'^'"', Thomas^), born March

11, 1721, in Stratford, Conn.; died , 1 , in ■ — ; married, first,

January 15, 1747-8 in Oxford, Conn., Judith Hale.* He married, second,
Hannali ( ) Way,* widow of Joseph Way of Litchfield, Conn.

Isaac Trowbridge came with his father to Oxford, Conn., and lived there until
the year 1776. In the spring of that year he removed to Litchfield, Conn.,
settling on a farm of sixty acres in the western part of that town in the parish
of Milton. He was a farmer. He probably followed his son Isaac to the state
of New York. He and his first wife were admitted to the Congregational church
in Oxford July 26, 1772, and dismissed to the church in Litchfield November
24, 1776.


By first marriage :'i
i. Naomi, bapt. Mar. 26, 1749.
ii. Daniel, bapt. Mar. 2S, 1751.+
iii. Esther, bapt. May 17, 1752.
iv. Mart, bapt. Apr. 21, 1754.
V. Sibyl, bapt. Apr. 11. 1750 ; d. Jan. 10, 1760.

154. vi. Isaac, b. , 1758.

vii.? Olive, b. about 176- ; m. Jan. 12. 1786, Phineas Hunt of .§

viii.? Sibyl, b. about 176- ; m. Feb. 20, 1793, John Mason of .§

Otber children ?ll

120. Israel Trowbridge (Isaac'^''^, J anies'^''^ , William}'"', Thomas^), baptized

September 30, 1722, in Stratford, Conn. ; died , 1795, in Fair Haven,

Vt. ; married, first, , 1747, in Derby, Conn., Mary Johnson, daughter of

Peter and Mary ( ) Johnson, born December 3, 1724, in Derby; died

about 1781 ?, in Fair Haven ?. He probably married, second, about 1783 in
Castleton, Vt., Lydia (Kilbourn) Palmer, widow of Benjamin Palmer of Litch-
field, Conn., and daughter of Elislia Kilbourn. She married, third, John Lynch
of Poultney, Vt.

Israel Trowbridge came with his father to Oxford, Conn., and was engaged in
farming there, his home being near the meeting-house. In the summer or fall
of 1780 he removed to the town of Fair Haven, Vt., where he settled on a farm
in the eastern, part of the to^vn. near the west line of Castleton and on the north
side of the road leading from Hydeville. He was one of the proprietors named
in the charter of Fair Haven, and located in September, 1780, three divisions
of his right, nearly three hundred acres, in one body, along Castleton line and
the river.


By first marriage:**
i. Abigail, b. Nov. 9. 1748 ; d. "aged 100" in Superior, Mich. ; unm.
ii. Hannah, b. Feb. 9. 1751 ; m. Nov. 22, 1772, Jeremiah Durand of Oxford.
155. iii. LEVl,tt b. May 25, 1753.

iv. David, b. Mar. 7, 1755 ; was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted in June,
1776, in Capt. Nathaniel Johnson's company, Col. William Douglas' regi-
ment, Connecticut state troops, and was in the battle of Long Island. His
term of service expired in December, 1776.1:4: He d. May 9, 1777. in O.xford ;

* Of whom no further particulars were found.

t Baptisms from Oxford Church Records. No children by second marriage.
t Grandchildren of his brother had never heard of him, and the compiler could not trace
him further.

§ By Sharon, Conn.. Town Records.

II One of the daughters of No. 119 may have married an Allen, for administration on the
estate of Trowbridge Allen of Aurelius, N. Y., was granted in 1814 to Jerusha and Seymour
Allen. (See No. 154.)
*• No children by second marriage.

tt Bapt. Ehj (Eli) July 15. 1753. by Oxford Congregational Church Records.
tX "Connecticut in the Revolution," p. 407.


V. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 15, 1757 ; m. Jan. 10, 1783, Dr. Osee Dutton of Oxford.

vi. Sarah, bapt. .July 20, 17IJ1 ; d. Sept. 19, 177G.

vii. Ebenezer, b. May IS, 1703 ; d. Sept. 8, 1770.

viii. Ann, b. Aug. 28, 1705 ; d. Sept. 11, 1776.

ix. Mart, b. , 1707 ; m. Ralpb Carver of Castleton, Vt.*

121. Daniel Trowbriuge (Daniel'-'^'', James^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), bom

August 25, 1726, in Wilton, Conn. ; died , 1792,t in Bridgewater, Conn. ;

married about 1750 in Wilton ?, Deborah:}; .

Daniel Trowbridge after liis marriage settled at Drum Hill in his native place,
the parish of Wilton in the town of Norwalk, Conn., where he engaged in
farming. He was chosen surveyor of highways in 1754. Early in the summer
of 1760 he bought a farm of about fifty acres in "Still River Neck," on the west
side of the Housatonic river, in New Milford, Conn., and removed there the
following summer. He sold this six years later aud removed to a farm in
"Shepaug Neck," the lower end of the present town of Bridgewater, then a part
of the town of New Milford. He there passed the remainder of his life. He and
his wife were admitted members of the Congregational church in Wilton April
6, 1757, and became members of the church in New Milford after their removal
to that town.


156. i. Ebenezer, b. .Tune 4, 1757.

ii. Sarah, bapt. Feb. 18, 1759; d. July 13, 1700.
iii. Sarah, bapt. Nov. 23, 1760.

Iv. Betsey, b. . 1763?; m. Benjamin Ruggles of Bridgewater, Conn.

V. Polly, b. , 1760?; m. Jan. 20, 1786, Ira Pennock of Southbury, Conn.ll

vi. Abigail, b. , 1770?; m. Sept. 22, 1791, Jonathan Bostwick of Bridge-
vii. "Child" [Abigail?], bapt. Mar. 19. 1770.

viii. Annis, bapt. May 29, 1773 ; m. Aug. 31, 1794, Castle Warner of Bridgewater.
Other children?**

122. Stephen Trowbridge or his brother Samuel Trowbridge {DanieV^",
James^"^, William^"", Thomas^), the former bom December 16, 1727, in Wilton,
Conn., and the latter baptized there September 18, 1743, may have been the

Trowbridge who married , 17 — , in Danbury ?, Conn., Thankful

Benedict, daughter of ilatthew and Mabel (Noble) Benedict, born about 17[38?]
in Danbury?. She married, second, ft John Hopkins of New Fairfield, Conn.,
and died ■ , 17— ,tt in New Fairfield ?.§§

Stephen Trowbridge was a soldier in the French and Indian War. He enlisted
April 1, 1758, in the Eighth Company,|| || 4th Connecticut Kegiment, raised for

' By "History of Fair Haven. Vt."

t Administration on his estate was granted Dec. 4, 1792. His "widow [Deborah] and only
eurviiing son Ebenezer" are mentioned. [New Milford Probate Records.]

t Unless she was a second wife. She may have been a daughter of Stephen Burritt.
§ Order of births uncertain, i-iii born in Wilton. Conn. ; the others in Bridgewater, Conn.
11 Their daughter Polly was the second wife of No. 2iil.
** From footnote t it may be that there was at least one more son who died before his father.
If so, his name is unknown to descendants of No. 121, and the above phrase (in italics) may
have been the form used by the court.
tt Date not found.

tt Before her father, who d. in Sept., 1781. She left the four Trowbridge children below and
one child (Abijah) by Mr. Hopkins.

§§ The burning of the New Fairfield town hall with the town records about forty years ago
and the destruction of the Danbury town records at the burning of Danbury by the British
have caused irreparable loss to the genealogies of families who lived in those localities.
II II Of Norwalk.


the campaign of 1T5S. The roll of his company is on page 163 of the "French
War Kolls, 1758" in the Connecticut State Library,* and opposite his name is
entered: "length of service, 24 weeks and 4 days; dead, September 22, 175S."t

Samuel Trowbridge was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted November
17, 1777, for the war, in Capt. Samuel Comstock's company,:]: 8th Regiment,
Connecticut Line.§ He is entered as "deserted" on May 29, 1778, and as
"rejoined" on September 15, 1778, and as "deserted" again on April 21, 1779.||
A letter from the late Mr. Theodore B. Galusha (a great-grandson of No. 123)
states tliat Samuel went to Tully, N. Y.. where he was a well-known hunter and
died about 1833 ; unmarried.

The compiler has found no proof that either Stephen or Samuel married, or
was the father of the four children recorded below. There seems to have been
no otlier Trowbridge unmarried living at that time in Fairfield county who could
have been their father, and that they were of this immediate family it seems
reasonable to supiiose from the name of child No. iii below, evidently named for
the father-in-law of their supposed grandfather, and child No. i may well have
been named for the wife of No. 123, for this was not a Benedict name. There
seems too great a disparity of years to make Thankful a possible second wife for
No. 110. It is also possible that No. 110 had another son, whose name is not
on record, who married Thankful Benedict.

The records prove that and Thankful (Benedict) Trowbridge had the



i. JIOLLT, b. , 17 — : m., 1st, Martin Tubbs of South East, N. Y. ; m.,

2(1, Peasley of Rensselaerville, N. Y.

157. ii. Matthew, b. . 17 — .tt

iii. Jonx Setmouk. b. . 17 — : d. . 18 — : unm.?ti:

iv. Rebecca, b. , 17 — ; m. Merrit Hamlin (or Hammill) of New Fairfield,


123. James Trowbridge (Daniel"", James^"^. iri^Ziam^"", Thomas^), born
December 14. 1729, in Wilton, Conn ; died about 1800 in Tully. N. T. ; married
November 27, 1752, in Wilton, Molly Dunning, daughter of John and Sarah
(Lambert) Dunning, born about 1732 in Wilton; died§§ about 1800 in Tully.

James Trowbridge settled in his native place, the parish of Wilton in the town
of Norwalk, Conn., where he was elected a tithingman in 1761 and a grand juror
in 1763. Soon after the close of the Revolution he removed with several of his
sons to Sheffield, Mass. The closing years of his life were passed with his eldest
daughter in Tully, N. Y. He followed the trade of a shoemaker for some years,
but for most of his life was engaged in farming.


158. i. James, b. , 1757;

ii. LuRAKiA, bapt. May 28, 1758 : m. , 177(5, Samuel Goodrich of Tully,

N. Y.

* Also "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections." vol. 10. p. 82.

t He must not be confused with No. 132. whose identity is absolutely proved by records in

t Of Norwalk.

§ "Connecticut in the RcTolution," p. 2.3S. Tliis service is not claimed by the widow of
No. 160 in her pension application.

II The regiment had wintered at Redding. There are instances of a man being entered as
"deserted" when he was really dead.
••Order of hirths unknown. They signed deeds in the following order.

tt Al.tout 17119 by "Trowbridge Family," wbich. if correct, precludes his beinix a son of
Stephen, who died in 175S by the French War Rolls.

tt He joined in deeds drawn in Danbury as late as 1804, in which he "made his mark," his
name being always given in full. His name is unknown to descendants of his brother.
§§ About ten years after her husband.

nil Except i. who was born in Danbury. Conn., by his pension record. The baptisms are from
Wilton Congregational Church Records, and the births of the sons from their pension records.
















Stephen, bapt June 22, 1760.
Samuel, b. July 17, ]7(!1.
Seth, b. June 1, 1703.
Aaron, b. Mar. 25, 1765.

Sakah, bapt. Sept. 2, 1769; m. William Kllis of Adams, N. Y.
Mary,* b. Jul.v 0, 1771 ; m. about 1700 Benjamin Galusha of Cortland, N. Y.
.TouN, b. Feb. 28, 1772.
Daniel, bapt. July 11, 1773.

124. Joseph Trowbridge (Daniel''-'^'', James'"'^, Williain'^°'', Thomas'^), born
May 11, 1741, in Wilton, Conn. ; died September — , 1776, in the army near New
York City; married March 9, 1763, in Wilton, Martha Hickox, daughter of Silas

and Ruth ( ) Hickox, born June 13, 1743, in Wilton. She married.

second, July 24,t 1777, David Lockwood of Norvcalk, Conn., and died there May
24, 1815.

Joseph Trowbridge settled in his native place, the town of Norwalk, Conn.,
parish of Wilton. He was a farmer by occupation. He served in the French
and Indian War in the campaign of 1759. He enlisted April 16, 1759, in the
Fifth Company, 3d Connecticut Regiment, and was discharged December 3,
1759.:j: He was also a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted January 15, 1776,
as a private in Capt. Matthew Mead's company. Col. David Waterbury's regi-
ment. He next enlisted in Capt. Gamaliel Northnip, Jr.'s, company, Col.
Silliman's regiment, General Wadsworth's Connecticut brigade, raised in June,
1776, to reinforce Washington's army at New York. He was in the battle of
Long Island, August 27 of that year, and, as he is reported as "missing" in the
retreat from New York, September 15, he probably was killed in one of the
engagements in or near that city.§


105. i. Thomas, b. Sept. 18, 1763.

ii. Sarah, bapt. July 28. 1766 ; d. in infancy.

iii. Sarah, b. Mar. 31, 1770.

iv. Thaddeus, bapt. May 9, 1776 ; d. young, it is said.

125. WiLLL\M Trowbridge (Daniel^^", Janies'^"^, William'^'"', Thomas^), bap-
tized December 30, 1747, in Wilton, Conn.; died October 30, 1837, in Tully,
N. Y. ; married August 8, 1772, in New Milford, Conn., Hepzibah Weller,
daughter of Joseph and Martha (Feet) Weller, born August 6, 1749, in New
Milford; died October 9, 1821, in TuUy.

William Trowbridge after his marriage settled in New Milford, Conn., in the
part which is now Bridgewater, where he engaged in farming. He was a soldier
in the Revolution, and served from July 26, 1779, to January 15. 1780, in Col.
Philip B. Bradley's 5th Regiment, Connecticut Line.|| In 1784 he removed to
Williston, Vt. He emigrated to Tully, Onondaga county, N. Y., soon after the
first settlers, who went there about 1795.** He engaged in farming in Tully, and
was the second postmaster of the town.

* "Polly." Her daughter Frances m. No. 261.

t By Wilton Congregational Church Records ; Aug. 6 by Norwalls Town Records.
t "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections," vol. 10. p. 151. j

§ "Connecticut in the Revolution." p. 394.
II "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections." vol. S, p. 67.
** "History of Onondaga County, N. Y."



i. Pahthena, bapt. Mai-. 27, 1774 : m. Robert Ci'avatb of Prcblo, N. Y.

ii. Esther, b. , 177S : m, Timothy Walker of Tully, N. Y.

IGO. iii. ASAHEL, b. May 2, 1780.

107. iv. William, bapt. Nov. 17. 1782.

108. V. Seymour, b. , 1788.

126. Ralph Trowbridge (Caleh^^^, James^'^'', William^'"', Thomas^), born
about 1737 in Wilton, Conn.; died "about 1800"t in New Paltz?, N. Y. ;
married , 1761?, in Wilton?, Hannah ■.

Ralph Trowbridge was brought .in infancy by his parents to New Fairfield,
Conn. He was a soldier in the French and Indian War. He served from
August 7 to August 23, 1T5T, in Capt. John Hitchcock's militia company in the
alarm for the relief of Fort William Henry.:): He also served in the campaign
of 1758, enlisting May 29 of that year in the Twelfth Company, 4th Connecticut
Regiment, and was discharged Novemher 11, 1758.§ After his marriage he
engaged in farming in New Fairfield, where he and his wife "owned the Cove-
nant" in the Congregational church August 1, 1762. He apjwars to have
removed to Ulster county, N. Y., prior to the Revolution. He served in that war
as a private in the 3d New York Regiment of Ulster county militia, called
out in 1779-81.|| He was in Capt. Jacob Hasbrouck, Jr.'s, company, of New
Paltz, and served under Col. John Cantine. His name also appears in the list
of privates in the New Jersey militia in the Revolution.** He is supposed to
have been in his later years a farmer in New Paltz.


i. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 3, 1702; m. Isaac Kyser of New Paltz. N. Y.?.
ii. jEMiMA,t1: b. May C, 1764; m. John Wilkenlow of New Paltz?.
169. iii. Ralph, b. about 1707.
Other children ?§§

127. Caleb Trowbridge {CaleV^^, James^"^, ^^' illiam^'^'^ . Thomas^), born about

1745 in New Fairfield, Conn. ; died , 18 — , in , Ohio ? ; married

, 1769, in New Fairfield?, Bethia Russica.||||

Caleb Trow'bridge is thought to have been a farmer in his native town until
about the year 1789. He may have lived a while in Williamstown, Mass.*** He
was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted in Berkshire county, Mass., Septem-
ber 7, 1777, as a private in Capt. William Douglas' company, Col. Benjamin
Symonds' regiment, and was discharged September 30, 1777.t+t He emigrated to
what is now Tompkins county, N. Y., and settled in that part of the town of
Ulysses where the village of Trumansburgh is at present located. It was a very

* I born in Wilton. Conn. ; ii-Iv in New Milford (Bridgewater), Conn. ; v in Williston, Vt.
t By family records.

t "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections," vol. 9, p. 220.
§ Ditto, vol. 10, p. (10.
II "New York in the Revolution," p. 198.
** "New Jersey in the Revolution." index.

tt At least the births of i and ii are recorded in the church records there.

+ t It is supposed, although recorded simply "daughter." On that day No. 13.3 also had a
daughter born in New Fairfield.
§§ No child of No. 126 except No. iii is known to his descendants.
A Betsey Trowbridge, born about 1775 ; m. about ISOO Ashbel Armstrong of Laurens.
N. Y. She Is said by descendants to have had a brother Ralph, and one of her sons was
named Caleb.

nil By descendants, but no further facts about her were found. This name was originally
Rcsscguir, but the printed genealogy of tliat family does not contain her name.
*** He witnessed a deed from his tirother Keeler there in 17S6, and enlisted there in the army.
ttt Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 18. r. 104.


wild, heavily wooded country at that time. It is said that late in life, about
ISOO, he removed to Ohio, where he died.


170. i. Elisha, b. .Tuly IG, 1770.

ii. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 25, 1773; m. Jau. 21, 1794, Rev. Justus Bartholomew of
Whitehall, N. Y.

171. iii. Sereno, b. about 1775?

172. iv. Heman, b. about 1779?

173. V. Caleb, b. June 4, 1782.

vi. jMaby, b. about 1785?; m. Calvin Crawford of .

vii. ,t b. about 1787?

174. viii. Watson, b. Feb. 26, 1789.

128. Keeler Trowbridge (CoZe6"\ James^"', William^'"', Thomas^), born

about 1749 in New Fairfield, Conn.; died , 18 — , in , N. Y. ?;

married, first, , 1770, in New Fairfield?, Hannah , who died

May 18, 1783, in Williamstown, Mass. He married, second, September 30, 1783,
in Williamstown, Margaret Kregar.:j:

Keeler Trowbridge after living some years in his native town, New Fairfield,
Conn., removed to Williamstown, Mass., about 1773. In 1785 he settled in Shel-
Inirne, Vt., and was there elected highway overseer at the first town meeting, held
March 9, 1787. He was a considerable land owner in Shelburne, and was living
there as late as 1808. It is uncertain whether he died in that town or in the
state of New York.

children : §

By first marriage:
i. Jemima, b. Oct. 24, 1771 ; m. Maj. John Tabor of Shelburne, Vt.

175. ii. RUFUS, b. Nov. 3, 1773.

iii. Samuel, b. July 14, 1778; untraced.!!
iv. Hannah, b. Aug. IS, 1780.

i?y second mtirrituje:
V. Anna, b. May 31, 1784.
vi. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 10, 178G.

176. vii. Henry Potts, b. Feb. 6, 1786.
viii. RoxT, b. Feb. 16. 1788.

ix. Belinda, b. Mar. 14, 1792.
X. Lucy, b. Mar. 7, 1794.

129. Lieut. John Trowbridge (Jo7tn"-, James^"^, William'^'"', TJiomas^), born
about 1736 in Wilton, Conn.; died , 18 — .** in Danbury, Conn.;

/^ married , 1758?, in Danbury, Deborah (Starr) Truesdell,+t widow of

Thomas Truesdell of Danbury and daughter of Lieut. Benjamin and Eunice

(Taylor) Starr, bom ■ , 173-, in Danbury?; died , 1803,tt in


* By family records. Order of births somewhat uncertain. See page ISO. footnote J.
Family records state that No. 127 had eight children, of whom i was the oldest and viii the
youngest, and name the above children except vii. whom the compiler has been unable to trace.
The name of this child may have been ELij.iH, .ToHN, or Thomas, as family records differ in
regard to the name.

t Some doubt as to the name of this child. Can he be No. 1427a?

J Maiden name Potts by record of a grandson of No. vii.

§ 1 probably born in New Fairfield. Conn. : ii-v recorded in Williamstown. Mass. : vii a son
of No. 128 by family record and born as above in Brattleboro. Vt.. but not found In public
records ; the others recorded in Shelburne, Vt. There must be an error in the births of either
vi or vii as printed above. Descendants of vii state that "he had a half-sister Roxa [Trow-
bridge?], b. .Jan. 11. 1777. who m.. 1st, Horatio Harmon ; m., 2d. Benjamin Hill."

11 He sold land in Shelburne, Vt.. .Tan. S. ISOl.
•♦ He was living in Danbury and deeded land there in .Tune, 1813.
tt "Starr Genealogy."

it Her will, dated Jan. 25, 1708. was offered for probate May 20. 1803. It leaves her house
to her husband for life, then to her niece Urania, wife of William Dobbs.


John Trowbridge came in childhood with his father to Danbury, Conn., and
lived there the remainder of his life. He became a prominent man in that town
and was active in its affairs. He owned a large house on the west side of what
is now Main street in Danbury in wliich he conducted a tavern.

His services in tlie Revolution were as follows. He was commissioned first
lieutenant of the Eighth Company, 7th Connecticut Regiment, July G, 1775, and
was discharged December 21, 1775. On June 14, 1776, he was again com-
missioned first lieutenant of the Seventh Company, 2d Battalion, and served
until November of that year. He continued in the service and was commissioned
January 1, 1777, second lieutenant of Capt. Elijah Humphrey's company. Col.
Return J. Meigs' Sixth Regiment, Connecticut Line.* In the spring of that
year he was talien prisoner, and confined at New York. He was exchanged, and
in January, 1780, was commissioned first lieutenant of the 2d Connecticut

"A few doors south of the Derby News office is a house which was a tavern at the time
of the burning of Danbury by the British in 1777. On the sign, swinging from a post
it bore a copy of the arms of King George IV which gave tlie tavern its name. It was

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