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kept by John Trowbridge. Owing to its sign it was saved from destruction, but its
furniture was piled up and burned. He was a lieutenant in the army and was away with
his regiment at that time. His people removed themselves and what furniture they could
get together to Nathan Cornwall's tavern in the Beaver Brook district, east of Danbury
and bordering on Derby. The Royal troops did not interfere with the property, but the
destruction of the furniture was the work of Tory neighbors."t


130. D.wiD Trowbridge (./o/m"-, James'^"', William''^'', Thomas^), born

, 1738, in Wilton, Conn.; died September 16, 1816, in Little Falls,

N. T. ; married October 18, 1770, in Hatfield, Mass., Sarah Woodbridge, daughter

of Eev. Timothy and Sarah (Welles) Woodbridge, born , 1746, in

Hatfield; died October 24, 1826, in Albany, N. Y.

David Trowbridge settled in ILatfield, Mass., where he lived until 1777, when
he removed to Amherst, Mass. He was in the Amherst company of militia,
Capt. Moses Cook, and served in the defense of the government in Springfield
for seven days in September, 1786, during "Shay's Insurrection."§ He was a
felt maker by trade and worked at that business in Hatfield and Deerfield. He
later kept a tavern in the latter town, at Bloddy Brook, and also in Amherst after
his removal there.

He removed to Albany. N. Y., and was proprietor of Trowbridge's Inn on
Green street, as early as 1796. He sold it in 1S03 to Christopher Dunn|| and
removed to Utica, N. Y., where that year he announced that he had "taken
possession of the well-known hotel in Utica." His hotel contained an "assembly
room," which was a popular place for holding the social entertainments of that
day. "He was a plump, good tempered boniface, of respectable character and
standing, who, although he did not prove very successful in his undertaking, yet
gained the respect of the community."** He returned to Albany in 1806. He
resided there until shortly before his death, which occurred while he was on a
visit at the home of his daughter Eunice in Little Falls, N. Y.


i. Sarah, b. . 1771 ; d. Oct. 10. 1770.

ii. Mary, b. July 18. 1773; m. John Anderson of Deerfield. JIas.s.

• "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections," vol. 8, p. 48.

t "Connecticut RevoUitlon.'iry Rolls."

t "History of Danbury."

ii Massactiusetts Rolls.

II Munseirs "Annals of Albany." vol. 4. p. 308.
** "Pioneers of Utica. N. Y.," p. 174.

it i-vii iMrn in HatfipUl. Mass.. probalily, although the births ot ii and iii only are recorded
there : viii in Deertield, Mass.


177. iii. Henry, b. Sept. 1, 1776.

iv. Eunice, b. , 1777; m. Joseph Herkimer of Little Falls, N. Y.

V. Sarah, b. JIar. 10, 1779 ; m. July 1, 1807, Dr. Marcus Hitchcock of Utiea,
N. Y.

vi. David, b. , 178- : d. unm.

vii. Susan, b. , 178- ; m. David Wells Childs of Utica.

viii. Emily, b. JIar. — , 1793 : m. June 15, 1S15, Ephraim Williams of Deerfield.

131. Isaac Trowbridge (Jo/oi^'-, James'^"'', William^"", Thomas^), boru about
1744 in Wilton, Conn.; died October — ,* 1829, in New York City; married,
first, February 17, 1767, in Danbury, Conn., Rebecca Peck.f daugliter of Dea.

Joseph and Rebecca ( ) Peck. He married, second, Lucy (Foote)

McMahan, widow of Robert McMahan and daughter of John and Deborali
(Hoyt) Foote, who died August 27, 1803,:^ in Danbury. He married, third,
about 1804 Mercy (Pugsley) Delaplain, widow of JSTicholas Delaplain of New
York City and daughter of Israel and Elizabeth (Causten) Pugsley, who died
July 17, 1848, in New York City.

Isaac Trowbridge settled in Danbury, Conn., where he engaged iu the hat
manufacturing business. He also is mentioned as a "broker" in 1790, when he
bought and sold securities. He was a member of the firm of Trowbridge, Cozier
& Co. in Danbury. He sold his interest in this firm October 21, 1Y97, and
removed to New York City, where he continued in business the remainder of his

In the Revolution he served as a soldier in the "Danbury alarm. "§


By first m n mo ,(76 : II
i. Polly, b. July 12, 17f)9 ; d. Jan. 19, 1770.
ii. Rebecca, b. Dec. 17, 1770 ; m. Mar. 10,** 1790, Samuel Barnum of Daubury.

178. iii. Stephen, b. June 17, 1773.

iv. Polly, b. Aug. 7, 1775; d. Dec. 3, 1775.

179. v. Joseph, b. May 19, 1780.

132. Dea. Stephen Trowbridge (Samuel'^'^^, Samuel^"*, William'^'"', Thomas^),
born January 30, 1726, in Stratfield, Conn. ; died June 6, 1812, in Newtown.
Conn. ; married May 27,it 1748, in Bethel,:}::|: Conn., Lydia Crofut, daughter of
James and Lydia (Bristol) Crofut, born November 1, 1725, in Bethel; died
September 10, 1813, in Bethel.

Stephen Trowbridge settled in Danbury, Conn. His home was in Grassy
Plain, in what is now the town of Bethel. He and his wife were among the
seventy-one persons who organized the Congregational church in Bethel on
November 25, 1760, being dismissed from the church in Danbury. He was
chosen ,,a deacon of the church and fulfilled the duties of that office for many
years. He seems to have kept a store in Bethel and may have been a tailor.
The last few years of his life were passed at the home of his son Samuel in
Newtown, Conn.

• His will, dated Oct. 4, was proved Oct. 13, IS'JO. [New York City Surrogate Records, vol.
63, p. 308.] It mentions his son Stephen and grandson William Henry Trowbridge, thus dis-
proving the "Trowbridge Family."

t The dates of whose birth and death were not found.

t "Isaac Trowbridge's wife from New York,'* by Danbury First Congregational Church
Records ; ISOl "in 42d year" by gravestone "erected by her eldest daughter."
§ "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections," vol. 8, g. 2G6.
II No children by second or third marriases.
** By Danbury Town Remrds ; 11 by Danlniry First Congregational Church Records,
tt By Danbury Town Records ; 26 by family record.
J J; By Danbury Town Records.


He was probably* the Stephen Trowbridge who served eighteen days in August,
1757, in Capt. John Barnuni's Danbury militia company in the alarm for the
relief of Fort William Ilenry.t He was probably the Stephen Trowbridge who
was commissioned ensign of the 3d Company, a trainband, of Danbury in
May, 1769.


150. i. James, b. Aug. 28, 1749.

151. ii. Sajiuel, b. Mar. 19, 17,^2.
182. iii. Stephen, b. Jan. 18. 1756.

iv. Lydia, b. Feb. 25, 17(31 : m. May 22, 1783, Tliaddeiis Starr of Bethel.

133. Seth Trowbridge {SamueU'^^, SarnueP"*, William'^'"', Thomas'^), born
June 24, 1729, in Stratfield, Conn.; died February 16, 1798, in New Fairfield,
Conn. ;|| married, first, about 1750 in New Canaan?, Conn., Mary Hayt, daughter

of Moses and Mary ( ) Hayt, born February 26, 1735, in New Canaan;

died , 178-,** in New Fairfield. He married, second, December 29, 1791,

in New Fairfield, Mrs. Mabel Bamum,tf widow of Joseph Barnum of Danbury,

Seth Trowbridge came in childhood with his father to New Fairfield, Conn.,
where he lived the rest of his life, engaged in farming. He served in the
French and Indian War from August 7 to August 23, 1757, in Capt. John
Hitchcock's militia company in the alarm for the relief of Fort William Henry.:}::}:
He also served in the campaign of 1759. He enlisted April 4, 1759, in the
Fourth Company, 3d Connecticut Regiment, and was discharged December 4,
1759.§§ In the Revolution he was a sergeant in the Sixth Company, 16th
Connecticut Regiment, and served in July, 1779, in the expedition to Fairfield
and Norwalk.]||| He and his wife Mary were admitted members of the New
Fairfield Congregational church September 29, 1771. His second wife was
admitted a member of that church April 9, 1792.

children born in new FAIRFIELD, CONN. :

By first marriage:***

183. i. Abel, b. Sept. 28, 1751.

184. ii. Seelet, b. , 1753.

185. iii. Eli, b. , 1755.

186. iv. Daniel, b. July 1, 1757.

187. V. OLmsR, b. Dec. 11, 1759.

vi. Mary, b. Apr. 17, 1762 : m. Job Cook of New Fairfield.

vii. Hannah, b. May 6, 1764 ;ttt m. Benjamin Knapp of New Fairfield.

viii. Lucy, bapt. Oct. 13, 1771 ; m. Nov. 3, 1793, Svlvanus Hatch of Great Bend,

is. Mehitable, bapt. Apr. 10, 1774; d. young probably.J + t

• Rather than No. 122, as No. 134 was sergeant of the company and its captain was a
Danbury man.

t "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections." vol. 9. p. 238.
t Then a part of Danbury.
§ By Danbury Town Records.

II His will, dated Feb. 10, 1738, mentions his wife Mabel, "oldest son" Abel, "second son"
Seelye. "Eli oldest son of Eli deceased," Daniel, Oliver, Mary, Hannah and Lucy. [Danbury
Probate Records, vol. 7, p. 223.)
♦* She was living In 178.'>.
tt Her parentage and the dates of her birth and death were not found. She survived her

husband, and may have married .July 5. 1803. Mr. of Danbury. [Name of groom not

mentioned in New Fairfield Congregational Church Records.]
Xt "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections," vol. 9. p. 22G.
§§ Ditto, vol. 10, p. 140.

nil Ditto, vol. 8. p. 197. Four of his sons were in this regiment.
*** No children by second marriap:e.

tttOn that day No. 126 also had a daughter born in New Fairfield.
ttt Not mentioned in her father's will.


13-t. John Trowbridgk (SaniueP", Samuel'^'''', William'^'"', Thomas^), bom
April 7, 1746, in Stratfield, Conn.; died February 23, 1825, in New Fairfield.
Conn. ; married October 17, 1771, in New Fairfield, Abiah Stevens,* who died
September 12, 1823, in Danbury, Conn., aged 78 years.f

John Trowbridge settled in New Fairfield, Conn., whither he was brought by
his father. lie made a purchase of land in Lanesboro, Mass., in 1770, but soon
returned to New Fairfield. He was a cooper by trade and also engaged in
farming. In middle life he removed to Danbury, where he lived a number of
years, his home being at the upper end of Main street. He returned to New
Fairfield about a year and a half before his death.

His service in the Revolution was as follows. He was sergeant of Capt. Noble
Benedict's Danbury company of militia, raised after the Lexington alarm.ij: He
was also sergeant of the Sixth Company, 5th Connecticut Regiment, from May
9 to July 13, 1775. § In his application for a pension John Trowbridge describes
the remainder of his army service as follows: "I was a soldier in the army of
the United States in the late Revolutionary War in the year 1775 in Col. Benja-
min Harrison's regiment and Capt. John Watson's company, and in tlie year
1776 in Colonel Warner's regiment and Capt. Joshua Stanton's company; and in
March, 1777, I enlisted in the Seventh Connecticut Regiment, Col. Heman
Swift, and served three years in Captain Watson's company. The last term of
service I served as a sergeant in Captain Watson's company, being appointed
April 14, 1778. I had an honorable discharge from said service." He was
awarded a pension on March 31, 1818. || He was known as Sergt. John


188. i. Abraham,** b. July 7, 1772.

ii. Sarah, bapt. May 8, 1774; m., 1st, [Nov. 5?], 1802, Elisha Cozier of Danbury,
Conn. ; m., 2d, Michael B. Russell of Springfield. Mass.

189. iii. Reuben, b. Mar. .SO, 1780.

iv. Abigail, b. Sept. 20, 1783; m. Dec. 2, Daniel Hoyt Scofield of

135. BiLLY}:f Trowbridge (Samuel"'-', Sainuel'^''^, 'William''-'"', Thomas''), born
November 4,§§ 1748, in Stratfield, Conn.; died February 16, 1798, in Oxford,
N. Y. ; married June 12, 1777, in New Fairfield, Conn., Rhoda Beardsley, daugh-
ter of Capt. Phineas and Ruth ( ) Beardsley, born February 14, 1758, in

New Fairfield. She married, second, May 16, 1822, in Truxton, N. Y.. Daniel
James of Cortland, N. Y., and died February 8, 1844, in Truxton.

Billy Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his father to New Fairfield, Conn.
In 1771 he bought land in Lanesboro, Mass., but did not settle there, returning
to New Fairfield soon afterwards. He enlisted from that town in the Revolution,
his service being as follows : He was sergeant of the Ninth Company, Capt.
Nehemiah Beardsley, 5th Regiment, Connecticut Line, Col. David Waterbury,
Jr., enlisting May 9, 1775, and serving until November 9 of that year.|||| This
regiment was raised at the first call for troops and marched first to Horseneck
and Harlem, under General Wooster, and then by boat to Albany and the
Northern Department, and marching to Ticonderoga, engaged in the taking of

• Her parentage and birth were not found.

t By gravestone.

t "History of Danbury," p. .56.

§ "Connecticut in the Revolution," p. 6S.

II U. S. Pension OtBce Records and "Connecticut in the Revolution," pp. 61, 70,
** Bapt. Abram. [New Fairfield CongrcKational Cluiroh Records,]

tt By family records; correcting New Fairfield Con.gregationai Church Records which give
the date Nov, 5, 1802.

tt Spelled "Bille" in most public records, his father-in-law's will, and by himself until about
1790. when he commenced the use of "Billy,"
§S 25 by his widow's pension declaration,
II II "Connecticut in the Revolution," pp, 44, 70,


St. John's and then went on to Montreal.* He served as sergeant in Capt. Wil-
liam G. Hubbell's company, under Colonel Waterbui-y, the following year.f His
name appears as second lieutenant of Capt. Jesse Bell's company. Colonel Eno's
Connecticut state regiment, in June, 1777,$ and at the same time is recorded as
ensign of the Sixth Company, 16th Regiment. There is also on record the name
of "Bills" Trowbridge, enlisted soldier in the Dutchess county militia, 7th New
York Regiment, Major Adams.§ His Revolutionary services, as described in
his widow's application for a pension, were as follows :

"That he enlisted in the town of New Fairfield then in the Colony of Coimocti-
cut now in the County of Fairfield State of Connecticut in the spring of the
year 1775, as orderly sergeant in this deponent's uncle's company, commanded by
Nehemiah Beardsley, in the northern expedition, and was absent in the service
until the following winter — She fvirther says that he enlisted as an ensign in the
spring of 1776 in the town of New Fairfield in Connecticut, and served in the
company conunanded by her father Phineas Beardsley, Capt., in Col. Joseph
Piatt Cook's regiment of Danbury, and marched to New York and was in the
battle of Long Island and the evacuation of New York ; and at Harlem Heights ;
and was absent from home that season. She further says that her husband
enlisted in the spring of the year 1777 in Capt. Taylor Hubbell's company as
lieutenant, 1 1 and was in command of the company under Colonel Porter, and
that he marched to Mamaroneck, then to Horse Neck, after having left Fishkill,
and returned home in January, 177S, — And 'she further states that her husband
was in the service continually from the commencement of the year 1775 until
war closed, and that she further states that she has frequently seen his

In 1784 he removed with his family to Carmel, then a part of Fredericktown**
and in Dutchess county, N. Y. He was engaged in farming there until shortl.y
before his death. For his services in the war he had land bounty rights in the
town of Truxton, Cortlandt county. N. Y. While on his way thither with his
family in 1798, he was stricken with inflammation of the lungs, and died at
Oxford in Chenango county. His widow and children continued on to Truxton.


Ephraim, b. Mar. 22, 1778 ; d. May S, 1701, in Carmel, N. Y.

Alvah, b. Sept. 4, 1779.

Billy, b. Mar. 20. 1781.

Levi, b. Feb. 16, 1783.

Polly, b. Apr. ,3, 1786; m.. 1st. Oct. 7. 1811, Jonathan Hubbard of Cortland,

N. Y. ; m., 2d, David McClure of Cortland.
Samuel, b. Dec. 1, 1788.

Sally, b. Feb. 23, 1702 : m. Apr. 19, 1807. Thomas McKnight of Tnixton, N. Y.
viii. Epheaim, b. Jnne 15, 1704 ; d. Jlar. 14, 1798.
194. ix. John Crane, b. Oct. 18, 1798.

13C. D.wiEL Trowbridge (David^^*, Joseph^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), born
December 28, 1737, in Morristown, N. J.; died , 179-?.:}:$ in Morris-
town?; married October 4, 1764, in Morristown, Sarah Ludlum, daughter of

Samuel and Abigail (Hathaway) Ludlum?, bom , 1744, in Morristown?;

died October 27, 1786, in Morristown.

* tJ. S. Pension Office Records.

t "Connecticut in tile Revolution," p. 79.

t Ditto, p. 614.

§ "New York in the Revolution," p. 252.

II "Lieut. B. Trow.. Eno's regiment, received bounty tor extra service in 1777." ["Connecti-
cut Historical Society's Collections." vol. S, p. 142.]
** Or Fredericl;sliurgb.

tt i-iv born in New Fairfield. Conn. ; ix in Truxton. N. Y. ; the others in Carmel, N. Y.
ti He survived his wife, but "died when bis youngest son was a little boy."














Daniel Trowbridge appears to have lived all his life near Morristovpn, N. J.
He was a farmer. He and his wife were members of the Baptist church in


i. Benjamin, b. , 1765; d. May 30, 1777.

195. ii. David, b. Jan. 20, 1708.

Hi. A child, h. , 177- ; d. May — , 1772.

iv. Lydia, b. ,1773: d. Jan. 28, 1800 ; iinm.

190. V. Samuel, b. , 1776.

197. vi. Abner, b. , 1779.

vii. Mart, b. July 18. 17S2 : m. Oct. 11, ISOO, Joseph Denman of Mendham, N. J.

137. Shubael Trowbridge {David"*, Josepli'^"^, William^°''. Thomas^), born
September 3, 1739, in Morristown, N. J.; died March 12, 17S2, in Morristown;
married December 3, 1765, in Morristown, Mary Bayles, daughter of Benjamin
and Letitia ( ) Bayles, bom September 7, 1745, in Morristown; died

Shubael Trowbridge was a farmer at Succasunna Plains, near Trowbridge
Mountain. He was a private in the New Jersey militia in the Revolution.*


198. i. AUGUSTIN, b. Apr. 19, 1767.

199. ii. .Tabez, b. July 8, 1709.

iii. Justus, b. Xov. 1, 1771; probably settled in Columbia county, Pa.t
iv. John, b. Aug. 12, 1774 ; may have emigrated to Ohio.t
V. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 24, 1780.

13S. Eev. Samuel TROWBRrouE:}: (David"*, Joseph^"^, William^'"', Thomas^),

born Februarj' 23, 1742, in Morristown, N. J. ; died , 18 — , in Frederick

county, Va. ; married, first, , 1768, in Frederick county ?, Jane Ruble,

daughter of George Ruble, born about 1750 in Fi-ederick county?; died Novem-
ber — , 1785, in Frederick county. He married, second, about 1786 in Frederick
county, Christiann Dumire.

Samuel Trowbridge is supposed to have removed to Virginia in company with
his brother David several years prior to the Revolution. Family tradition
credits him with service in that war. He settled on a fann in Frederick county
on "Apple Pie Ridge," sixteen miles west of Wincliester. He lived there the
remainder of his life. He was a prominent man in that jsart of the county, and
was a local Methodist preacher.


Btj first marriage:

i. Elizabeth, b. . 1770 :§ m. John Lewis of Frederick county.

ii. Mart, b. , 1771 ; II m. Matthew McGinnis of Kingwood, W. Va.

* His regiment is not givon in "Offlcors and Men of New Jersey in the Revolution."

t The family tradition among the descendants of their two older brothers is. "they went to
Pennsylvania, or the West, changed their names to StrowhrUh^e, and one of them had a son
who was a doctor." There seems little doiiht that Justus is the Justus Strawbridge (or
Strowbridge) of Columbia county. Pa., whose family record and that of his descendants appear
in Mrs. Mary S. Guild's "Strobridge-Strawbridge Genealogy." pages 251 to 260. By the
record there printed, it appears that Justus Strowbridge (as he signed his name), or .Straw-
bridge (as it is printed), (his descendants use both spellings) had. among others, a son
Shohel and another son who was a doctor. To letters written by the compiler and mailed
with his introductory circular to descendants of this Justus, the Strawbridges of Philadelphia,
Pa., and the Strowbridges of Portland, Ore., families of prominence in those cities, no reply
was received.

t His granddaughter Mrs. Sarah T. Beatty (No. 201, xi) was the principal authority for
this family register. No records of their births were found in New .Jersey.

§ Is remembered to have said, "father had six brothers."

II She told a nephew (No. 376) that her father (No. 13S) and a brother came from New


200. iii. David, b. . 1772.

iv. Geokge, b. , 1770.*

201. V. Jesse, b. Nov. 10. 17S2.t

202. vi. S.4.MUEL Ruble, b. . 1784.

liii second marriage:t

203. vii. Bethuel. b. about 1788.S
viii. JoH>', b. about 1790.S

204. is. William, b. July 14, 1703.

X. Absalom, b. , 179- : d. unni.

xi. Saeaii, b. . 179- ; m. Jones of Winchester, Va.

xii. Lydia, b. . 179-?; m.?

xiii. OciE, b. about 1800 ; d. unm.

205. xiv. Joseph, b. Aug. l."i, 1805.11

139. David Trowbridge (David"*, Josepli^"'^, W illiam^'"' , Thomas'*), born

July 11, 1743, in Morristowu,** N. J. ; died , 18 — . in Washington

county, Ind. ; married .

David Trowbridge is supposed to have gone to Virginia at the same time as his
brother Samuel. He was engaged in farming there, removing later, first to
Kentucky and then to Wa.sliington county, Ind.


200. i. David, b. about 1770.

207. ii. Jonathan, b. about 1772.JJ

208. iii. Isaac, b. about 1775.JI
200. iv. Silas, b. about 17S0.§§

Other children ?|| II

140. Absalom Trowbridge (David'^**, Joseph*"''. William*'"', Thomas*), born
May 25, 1750, in Morristown, N. J.; died September 10, 1824, in Randolph,
N. J.; married January 3, 1785, in Randolph?, Phebe Hedges, who died March
25, 1833. in Eandolph, aged 70.

Absalom Trowbridge was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted at Little
Nine Partners, IST. Y., May 5, 1778, in the Fifth Company. Lieutenant Living-
ston, 2d Regiment, New York Line, Col. Philip Van Cortland, and was
discharged February 10, 1779.*** "Tie was honorably present and assisted in
storming the fort on Valentine's Hill, near Kingsbridge, on New York Island,
and also was in several skirmishes on the Wliite Plains." He is supposed to be
the Absalom Trowbridge who was a private in Capt. Amariah Babbitt's company.
Colonel Symonds' 3d Massachusetts Regiment, and whose name appears on the
roll endorsetl for service in an alarm in October, 1780.t+t He was a member of

* "Left home at the age of eighteen and was never heard from again."

t Spoke of "Uncle Shnbael" (No. 1.S7).
t Order of births somewhat vmcertain.

{? Bethuel or John was undimlitcdly the father of the children under No. 3*1.*'.. although
proof is lacking. As John is known by descendants of his brothers to have emigrated to
Ohio, Bethuel seems more likely to have been their father, if the grandchildren of No. 203 are
correct in stating, "grandfather (name unknown) died in Virginia."

II One account states that Joseph, son of No. l.'iS. emigrated to Illinois and had several
daughters hut no sons. If this is correct, the Joseph born in ISOo must have been a son o£
No. vii or No. viii, but both of these would seem to have been too young. .Joseph's (205)
father's name is unknown to his children.

** Jersey Citif by one descendant.

tt Order, dates and places of births uncertain. They are thought to have been brothers from
statements quoted in the following footnotes. No records of them were found in New Jersey.

tt "Came to Kentucky with his brother David." wrote a granddaughter. No. 207 visited his
nephew No. 389 in 1838.

§§ "Had brothers David and Isaac." wrote a grandson.

III! Very probably there were daughters, and possibly other sons, but none are known to the
descendants of the above sons from whom the compiler has heard.
*•* "New York in the Revoluticm." p. 38 ; U. S. Pension Office Records.
ttt "Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls."


Capt. Joseph Halsey's Morristown militia company in 1791. He engaged iu
farming after the Revolution in Randolph township, Morris county, N. J. He
was a Revolutionaiy pensioner.


i. Absalom, b. Oct. 3, 1787 : d. .Tune 23, 1800.

ii. Saeaii, b. May 5, 3789 : d. May 4, 1700.

iii. Maiilon, b. Dec. 31, 1792.*

210. iv. CniLiON, b. Oct. 17, 1795.

V. Gamaliel, b. , 179-.t

vi. Mary, b. , ISO-?: d. (bible record torn').

vii. Jane, b. , 180- ; ra. .Tune 11, 1831, William H. Wilson o£ Morristown.

Other children??:

141. Job Trowbridge (Davi(P-^*, Joseph^"^, William^''°, Thomas'^), born March
8. 1751, in Morristown, N. J. ; died August 12, 1821, in Hart county, Ky. ;

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