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married , 1786, ''near Newark, N. J.," Martha Doty, daughter of

Michael Doty, born November 30, 1768, "near Newark" ; died February 29, 1800,
in Hart county?.

Job Trowbridge when a young man served in the army in the Revolution.§
He volunteered for service and was appointed an assistant wagon-master. He'
was in service from June 14, 1778, to July 30, 1779. The brigade of wagoners in
which he served was enlisted for one year from January 1, 1782. After his
marriage he settled on land allotted to him out of his father's estate, on the road
from Morris Plains to Sussex. He removed about 1795 to Kentucky and
settled in Hart county, where he lived the rest of his life. He was a farmer.
His widow obtained a pension for his war service and received bounty-land in


i. Sally, b. Apr. 10. 1787 : m. James Edgar of Hart county. Kv.

210a. ii. David, b. Mar. 23, 1789.

iii. Doty, b. July 27, 1791.

iv. .Joseph, b. July 21. 1794.

v. Job, b. Oct. 24, 1797.**

yi. Mary Ann, b, Feb. 10. 1800.

vii. Reuben, b. Feb. 22. 1803.

viii. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 20, 1805.

is. Martha, b. Sept. 25, 1808.

142. Joseph Trowbridge (David^^*, Josepli^"^, William'^'''', Thomas'^), bom
October 2, 1756, in Morristown, N. J.; died about 1815 in Catawissa, Pa.;
married November 18, 1784, in Morristown, Mary Losey,+t bom about 1758 in
Morris county, N. J. ; died , 1854, in West Alexandria, Ohio.

Joseph Trowbridge settled after his marriage on a farjn near his native place
in Morris county, N. J. In 1791 he was a member of Capt. Joseph Halsey's

* He witnessed a deed of his father at Morristown in 1812.

t He was "of Randolph. N. J.." when his "wife Phebe d. May 26. 1827, aged about

27," "leaving one child."

Nos. iii and v lived probably on Trowbridge Mountain and had families, but the compiler
was unable to get family records from their descendants. One of them may have been the
husband of "Elizabeth Trowbridge, daughter of Rev. Asa Lyman." who was dismissed in 1822
from the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown to the church in Chatham, N. .1.

:;: There may have been three other children. The register in tlie family bible is torn. It
has been impossible to gather complete records of the descendants of No. 142.

§ Papers describing his services, as stated above, are on file in the U. S. Pension Office.

II By IT. S. Pension Office Records ; i-iv born in Morris county. N. .1. ; v. in . Ky. :

the others in Hart county, Ky. All but ii are mentioned in their father's will, dated the day

before his death. One of the daughters of No. 141 may have m. Houk. Descendants

failed to answer the compiler's letters.
■** He was living in Munfordville, Ky., in 1854.
tt Recorded Locij.


company of militia in Morristown. He is said to have removed about 1795 to
that part of Northumberland county, Pa., that is now Columbia county, and to
have settled on a farm near Catawissa.


i. Betsey, b. , 178- ; m. Foster Williams of West Alexandria, Ohio.

ii. Amelia, b. , 178- •. m. John Rape of West Alexandria. t

iii. Walter, b. . 178-.i:

iv. Timothy, b. , 379-; d. young.S

V. Abraham, b. .

211. vi. John, b. Mar. 2, 1796.

212. vii. William Clark, b. , 1799.

viii. Mary, b. . ISOO ; m., 1st, George Pursell of West Alexandria ; m., 2d,

Jonathan Branson of West Alesandria.t
ix. Charlotte, b. , ISO-; m. John Kelbert of West Ale.xandria.t

143. David Trowbridge (William'^^'% WilHain^'"', Thomas^'''-, ^Yilliam^"".
Thomas^), born May 13, 17G0, in West Haven, Conn.; died March 7, 1S12, in
West Haven; married about 1781 in West Haven, Lucy Catlin, daughter of
John and Margaret (Painter) Catlin?, bom about 1754 in West Ilavon; died
January 26, 1815, in West Haven, "aged 61 years."

David Trovi'bridge settled in West Haven, Conn., and was a boat builder by
trade. He was a soldier in the Revolution. He served from June 5, 1780, to
January 1, 1781, in Capt. Phineas Bradley's company of "artillery guards,"
Connecticut Line.** He also served from February 21 to August 1, 1781, in
Capt. William Van Deiirsen's company, of "state guards," which was stationed
at New He served in the same company under Capt. John Waruer
from August 1, 1781, to January 1, 1782. "On the night of September 1, 1781,
500 of the enemy, in five armed vessels, landed at West Haven and took
prisoners.":)::); David Trowbridge and his brother Samuel were sentinels at West
Haven at this time, and both were taken prisoners. They subsequently were
released. From 1796 to 1798 he was ensign in the 2d Connecticut Regiment,
and from 1799 to 1803 he was lieutenant in the same and became captain in


i. A child, b. . 1782; d. Mar. — , 1782.

ii. Lucy, b. , 1783 ; m., 1st, Capt. Zaccheus Candee of West Haven ; m.,

2d, Jesse Hodge of West Haven.

iii. DiODATE, b. , 1785 ; lost at sea : unni.

iv. Lavtnia, b. about 1788; m. Nathaniel Charter of Walpole, Mass.?.

V. Polly, b. about 1790. II II

vi. Betsey, b. about 1793.***

144. Samuel Trowbridge (William''^^. Wi/^wm"", Thomas^"'-, William'^'"',
Thomas^), born December 22, 1761, in West Haven, Conn.; died July 21, 1827.

* Order, dates and places of births uncertain ; 1-iv probably born in ^lorris county. N. .T. ;
the others in Catawissa, Pa.

t Descendants failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t He is said to have been a hatter in Lime Ridge and Siinbur.v. I'a.. but tlie compiler could
not trace him.

I By a grandson of his brother .John.

II He is said to have been a millwright and tlinn a farmer, and to have died in Buffalo
Grove. 111., but the compiler could not trace him.

*• "Connecticut in the Revolution," p. SCO.

ft Ditto, p. 575.

.;- ; Ditto, p. 620.

§§ "Connecticut State Register."

nil A "Mary Trowbridge"' m. Dec. 20, 1800. in New Haven, Ebenezer Haws. (See footnote lo
No. 12, vl.)

•**A "Miss Betsey Trowbridge" m. Aug. — , 1825. in New Haven. George Moore of Liverpool,


in West Haven; married jSToveniber 9, 1786, in West Haven, Lydia* Johnson,

daughter of Jabez and Abigail ( ) Johnson, born October 4, 1765, in

West Haven; died November 6, 1843, in West Haven.

Samuel Trowbridge followed the trade of a boatbuilder in his native place,
West Haven, Conn. He was a soldier in the Revolution. He served from
February 9, 1779, to February 8, 1780, in Capt. Phineas Bradley's company of
"matrosses," or artillery, in the Connecticut Line.f This company was raised
for the defense of New Haven, and was stationed partly in the town and
partly in East Haven and West Haven at the time of Tryon's invasion.
He again served under Captain Bradley at New Haven from June 5, 1780, until
January 1, 1781.:]: From January 1 to Aiigust 1, 1781, he served in Capt.
William Van Deursen's company of "state guards." He served in the same
company under Capt. John Warner from August 1. 1781, to January 1, 1782.§
He was serving as sentinel and was taken prisoner wlien the enemy landed and
pltmdered West Haven on the night of September 1, 17S1.|| He was released in
a short time and returned to his home. His widow received a pension.


213. i. Eli, b. July 14, 1788.

ii. Samuel, b. .4pi-. 28, 1701 ; A. Oct. 10, 1805.

iii. Lyman, b. Mar. 2, 1793; d. Oct. 22, 1805.

iv. Electa, b. June 21, 1790 ; m. ,Tan. 27, 1820, Calvin Hurwell of New Haven,


V. Lydia. b. . 1799 : m. Joel Slater of New Haven.

vi. Sarah, b. Feb. 18, 1801; m. Oct. 4, 1823, Dea. Daniel Moulthrop of West

vii. A child, b. , 1802 ; d. Oct. 19, 1805.

145. Dea. Thojias Trowbridgk (William^'^'^, WUliamT-o^ Thomas^"-, Wil-
liam'^'"', Thomas^), born September 14, 1764, in Wast Haven, Conn.; died
October 6, 1837, in Litchfield, Conn. ; married December 29, 1785, in New Haven,
Conn., Sally Peck,** daughter of Stephen and Lucy (Miles) Peck, born April
24,tt 1766, in New Haven; died April 25, 1841, in Litchfield.

Thomas Trowbridge, probably early in 1791,:}:$ removed to Litchfield, Conn.,
where he resided the remainder of his life. On December 17, 1794, he purchased
of Abraham Bradley the house which, built by the latter in 1786, stood on the
north side of West street.§§ He was a shoemaker by trade and conducted a
tannery on the brook at the foot of the hill to the west of his house. He was
somewhat prominent in military and town affairs, and was highly esteemed in the

He served in the Connecticut militia, in the Litchfield Light Infantry Com-
pany of the 17th Regiment, being conunissioned its ensign in 1805, lieutenant in
1807, and captain May 20. 1807, being also appointed its paymaster in that year.
He was a grand juror for three years (1803-5) and was elected an assessor in
1813. He was one of the first members of the Litchfield Temperance Society,
organized May 5, 1789 ; said to be the first temperance organization in the world.

• Incorrectly printed Lelia in "Connecticut in the Revolution" in the list of pensioners in
Orange in 1840.

t "Connecticut in the Revolution," p. .552.
t Ditto, p. 560,
§ Ditto, p. 575.

II Ditto, p. 626 ; also U, S, Pension Oftice Records.
** A sister of the wife of his brother No. 146.
■ft By New Haven Town Records : 25 by gravestone.

:■::;: He calls himself "of New Haven" in a deed signed there liy him in 1788, The first deed
of land to bim in Litchfieid was dated May 2, 1791,

S§ This house was torn down in 1892 by the Litchfield Club, who had purchased the property
and that year built their club house on its site.


He was admitted a member of the First CongTCKational Church of Litchfield,
and from 1811 was one of its deacons, holding that office during the pastorate of
the Rev. Lyman Beecher.


214. i. TnoMAS, b. Apr. 16, 17S7.

215. ii. Elisha, b. Apr. 22, 178!».

iii. Sarau Maria, b. Nov. 11, 1791; m. .Tiily 20. 1S13, Curtis WoodruCE of Litch-
210. iv. James, b. Oct. 1, 1794.
217. V. Stephen, b. Feb. Vi. 179,S.
21S. vi. Charles, b. Feb. 1, ISOl.
219. vii. Henry Peck, b. July 29, 1803.

viii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 2, 1805 ; m. Dec. 7, 1829, Darwin W. Hooker of Leightou,

ix. Julia Caroline, b. Dec. 29, 1810 ; m. May 8, 1838, Henry Mansfield of New
Haven, Conn.

146. WiLLMM Trowbridge {William^'^', William'^'"', Thomas^°-, ^YilUam'^°'',
Thomas^), born September 2, 1767, in West Haven, Conn.: died April 16, 1824,
in New Haven. Conn.; married July 27, 1788, in jSTew Haven, Lucy Peck,t
daughter of Stephen and Lucy (Miles) Peck, bom July 20, 1768, in New Haven;
died September 2, 1819, in New Haven.

William settled in New Haven, Conn., where he was known as '"William
Trowbridge, 3d." From 1797 to 1802 he was quartermaster of the 2d Connecticut
Eegiment of militia. He was admitted a member of the First Congregational
Church March 26, 1807.


220. i. William, b. Dec. 13, 1788.

ii. Nancy, b. Mar. 8, 1793 ; m. Samuel Langdon of New Haven.

iii. Lucy Peck, b. June 15, 1790 ; d. May 24, 1875, in New York City ; unm.

iv. Susan, b. May 13, 1799: m. Dea. Cvrus Porter of Farmington, Conn.

221. v. Stephen Peck, b. Aug. 28, 1808.

147. Joseph Ebenezer Trowbridge {WilUam^^^, William^"^, Thomas^"-,
William'^'"', Thomas'^), born July 9, 1772, in West Haven, Conn.; died June
26, 1812, in Skaneateles, N. Y. : married June 18, 1794. in East Haven. Conn..
Abigail Eussell, daughter of Col. Edward and Sarah (Maltby) Russell, born July
11. 1770, in Branford, Conn. ; died May 7, 1839. in Skaneateles.

Joseph E. Trowbridge was a hatter by trade. In Api'il. 1800. he removed to
Skaneateles, N. T., where he lived the remainder of his life. That part of the
state was then almost a wilderness and there were but few settlers; the nearest
place for supplies being Troy, and the journey took a week, so two men would
take turns in going there to trade. The Indians were numerous and troublesome.

children: J

i. Delia Rebecca, b. Jan. 22, 1795; d. June 15. 1809. in Skaneateles. N. Y. ;

ii. Harriet Sarah, b. Mar. 1. 1797: d. Fob. 12, 1871, in Skaneateles; unm.

222. iii. Edward Russell, b. June 18. 1800.

iv. Elizabeth, b. July 1. 1803 ; d. Mar. 8, 18S7. in Cazenovia. N. Y. ; unm.
V. Abigail, b. July 18, 1800 ; m. Oct. 19, 1825, Alonzo Edwards of Lamoile, 111.

223. vi. Morgan Joseph, b. Dec. 21, 1808.

* i-ii born in New Haven. Conn. ; iii-ix in Litchfleld, Conn.

t A sister of the wife of his brotlier. No. 145.

t i-ii born in New Haven. Conn. ; the others in Skaneateles. N. Y.


148. Justus Trowbridge (William'^^^, William'^'"', Thomas^"-, William'"'''.
Thomas^), born May 4, 1T74, in West Haven, Conn.; died March 2,* 1810, in
New Haven, Conn. ; married November — , 1795, in New Haven, Sarah
Bontecou, daughter of Peter and Susannah (Thomas) Bontecou, bom July 8,
1775, in New Haven; died January 9, 1861, in New Haven.

Justus Trowbridge settled in New Haven, Conn., where he followed the trade
of a hatter.


i. James, b. Aug. — , 1706 ; d. Oct. 23, 1798.

ii. Rebecca, b. Nov. S, 1798; m. Mar. 11, 1832, William Townsend of New Haven.

224. iii. James, b. June 27, 1800.

iv. Susan, b. Ma.v — , 1803 : d. July 21, 1825, in New Haven ; unm.

225. V. Charles, b. Aug. 28, 1805.

vi. Henry, b. Oct. — , 1807; d. May 21, 1815.

149. John Trowbridge {SamueV-'-'' , James'^"^, James"'^, William^'"', Thomas^),
bom about 17531 in Bedford, N. Y.; died May 5, 1826, in Eoxbury, Conn.;
married, first, about 1783 in Woodbury, Conn., Esther Strong, daughter of
Preserved and Esther (Stoddard) Strong, born April 16, 17G1, in Woodbury;
died September 13, 1807, in Eoxbury. He married, second, July 2, 1811, in

Washington, Comi., Elizabeth (Baker) Logan, widow of — Logan and

daughter of Ephraim Baker, bom about 1772:}: in ; died January 26,

1848, in Washington.

John Trowbridge while still a young man was a soldier in the Revolution. He
was sergeant under Lieut-col. Frederick Von Weissenfels, Capt. John L.
Hardenburgh, in the 2d and 4th regiments. New Tork Line, in Canada in 1776.§
He also served under the same colonel in the "Independent Corps" of 1,000 men,
Lieut Abraham Ten Eyck, in 1779. ||

About 1783 he removed to Woodbury, Conn., and engaged in farming in the
southern part of the town. He removed to Eoxbury society in 1793. where
he resided the remainder of his life. He was a successful farmer and cattle
dealer, and occupied a prominent place in town affairs. He was a representative
from Eoxbury in 1800, 1802 and 1811, and was a member of the Connecticut
Constitutional Convention in 1818. He was active on the committee having in
charge the building of the Congregational church in Eoxbury in 1707, and was
one of the early members of its society.

By first marriage:^'!

James, b. , 1784.

Edmund, b. Dec. 4. 178G.
John, b. Nov. — . 1788.

Fanny, b. Dec. 21. 1790; m. Apr. 15, 1817, Rev. Fosdic Harrison of Bethle-
hem, Conn. it
Anna, b. Jan. — , 1793 ; d. Sept. 28, 1810. in Rosbury, Conn. ; unm.
Mary, b. Nov. 14. 1796; m. Nov. 13, 1816, Samuel Whitraore Baldwin of

Washington, Conn.
Charles Strong, b. Nov. 19, 1798.
viii. Anna Caroline, b. Apr. — , 1802; m. Dec. 25, 1820, Hermon Baldwin of

* By gravestone in Grove street cemetery and "Bontecou Genealogy" ; 6 by Trinity Church

t "Aged 73" at the time of his death by Roxbury Congregational Church Records.

X "Aged 76" at the time of her death.

§ "New Yorlv State Archives."

II "New York in the Revolution," p. 96.
** 1-v born in Woodbury, Conn.; the others in Roxbury, Conn,
tt No children by second marriage.
Xt See No. 150, viii.
















150. Cai't. JAiiES Thowbridge (SamueP''', James^"'*, James'"'-^, William'^'"',
Thomas^), born about 1754 in Bedford, jST. Y. ; died April 30, 1821,* in Ossin-
ing, N. T. ; married December 29, 1777, in Bedford, Elizabeth Harris, born
January 29, 1759, in Bedford ; died November 18, 1848, in Ossining.

James Trowbridge was about twenty-one when the Revolution began, and he
enlisted in the army early in the spring of 1775 in Capt. Daniel Mill's company.
Col. James Holmes' regiment, Xew York militia, and marched to Ticonderoga,
being in service nine months.f In 1776 he was in the 2d Westchester Count.y
Regiment (later the 4th), New York militia, under Caiatains Samuel Lawrence
and Elijah Hunter, Col. Thaddeus Crane, and was in service on the Hudson.:];
While a member of Capt. Richard Sackett's company, under Col. Thomas
Thomas, he was taken prisoner and confined six months at New York, but he
escaped to Long Island, and returned to his home in Bedford, and later rejoined
his regiment. He continued to see service in this regiment at various times
until November, 1781,§ serving under several successive commanders and part
of the time acting as sergeant of his company.

Captain Trowbridge resided most of his life on his farm in his native place,
Bedford, N. Y. He removed a few j-ears before liis death to Ossining. N. Y.
For his services in the Revolution, his widow was awarded a pension on April 6,


Samuel, b. Jan. 25, 1779.

John. b. Mar. 26. ITSl.

Harris, b. Sept. 13, 17S3 ; d. June 14. ISll, in Bedford ; imm.

James, b. Jul.v 17, 1785 ; d. , 18 — , on the ship Manhattan in the East

Indies ; unm.
V. Stephen, b. Feb. 22, 1787 ; d. Oct. 17. 1790.
vi. George, b. Dec. 6, 1789 ; d. May 9, 1829, in Bedford ; unm.
vii. Polly, b. Jan. 16, 1792 ; m. .Toseph Auser of Ossining, N. Y.
viii. Betsey, b. Apr. 11, 1794 ; m., 1st, Samuel Davis of Ossining ; m., 2d, Rev.

Fosdic Harrison of Bethlehem, Conn. II
is. Sarah, b. Apr. 14. 1796 ; m. Samuel Collyer of Ossining.
X. Ann, b. Dec. 2, 1798 : m., 1st. William Frazee of New York City ; m., 2di John

W. Bloomer of Baltimore. Md.
si. Catharine, b. Aug. 2. 1802 ; m., 1st, Aug. 10, 1820, James McCord of Ossin-
ing ; m., 2d, Isaac C. Smith of Ossining.

151. Samuel Trowbridge (Samuel^'^'', James^''^, James^"", \\'illlain^'"',
Thomas'-), born September 30. 1765, in Bedford. N. Y. ; died May 6, 1834, in

Bedford; married , 1793, in Bedford, Clarissa Raymond, daughter of

James and Abigail ( ) Raymond, bom June 30, 1776, in Bedford; died

April 28, 1851, in Bedford.

Samuel Trowbridge settled in his native place. His homestead is still stand-
ing, one mile east of Bedford village. He conducted a tannery business in
Bedford, and was held in good esteem by his fellow citizens.


232. i. Stephen, b. Jan. 17, 1794.

233. ii. James Hartoy, b. Oct. 21, 1795.

234. iii. Henry, b. Sept. 28, 1797.

iv. Jeremiah, b. Oct. 28, 1799 ; d. Apr. l.">. 1800.

235. V. Jeremiah, b. Mar. 12. 1801.

• By gravestone, "in bis 6Sth year." Chappaqua. N. Y., Friends Records give date of death
of .Tames Trowbridge May 5, 1821. This was probably the date ot the burial,
t V. S. Pension OlBce Records describe this and the following service.
X "New York State Archives" ; "New Yorlv in the Revolution," p. 210,
S Ditto, p, 54,
II See No, 149, iv.


23G. vi. Alexander, b. Mar. 15, 1803.

vii. Abigail Rat.mond, b. Dec. 5, 1805 ; di. Oct. 30, 1828. Walter Leander Keeler

of Bedford,
viii. Clarissa, b. Dec. 25, 1807; m. May 19, 1829. Wecden* Fowler of Bedford,
ix. Angeline Raymo.nd, ) twins, m. Feb. 20, 1834, Joel B. L. Smith

of South Salem, N. Y.

237. X. Edwin, ) b. May 15, 1812;

xi. Maria, b. Apr. 12, 1814; m. Mar. 25, 1835, Samuel Mills of North Greenwich,

238. xii. Samuel Raymond, b. Apr. 15, 1819.

152. Phile.mon Trowbridoe (Joseph^'^^. Isaac'^"'', James'^"'^, William'^'"',
Tliomas''^), born January 13. 1751, in Southbiiry, Conn.; died March 9, 1812, in
Clinton, N. Y. ; married November 29, 1773. in Southbury, Eunice Hicock,
daughter of Daniel and Huldah (Knowles) Hicock, baptized March 31, 1754, in
Southbury; died December 22, 1842, in Clinton.

Philemon Trowbridge was a soldier in the Revolution. He served as corporal
of Capt. Jolin Hinman's company, 13th Regiment, Connecticut militia, at New
York from August 18 to August 25, 1776. f He re-enlisted Feliruary 20, 1778,
for three years in Capt. ^\'illiam Sizer's company of '"artificers.":}: After tlie
war he returned to his farm in his native town. In October, 1793, he emigrated
witli his family to Herkimer county, in the Mohawk valley. New York. The
journey was made by ox-team and occupied three weeks. He first located at
"German Flats," near Herkimer. He remained there but a short time, and
finally settled in Clinton, Kirkland tovraship, Oneida county. He there followed
the trade of a millwright and was also engaged in farming, his farm having been
ever since in the possession of his family.


239. i. Elihu, b. Jan. 11, 1770.

ii. Sally, b. Nov. 13, 1779 ; d. Dec. 10. 1789.

iii. Eli, b. Sept. 17, 1782 ; d. May 3, 1800. in Clinton, N. Y. ; unm.

iv. PUEBE, b. May 23, 1784; d. Apr. 7, 1800, in Clinton; unm.

240. V. Cyrus, b. June 10. 1786.

vi. Mary, b. Dec. 3, 1789 ; d. May 28, 1870, in Clinton ; unm.

241. vii. Philemon, b. Mar. 28, 1793.

153. Dr. Joseph Trowbridge (Josep/i^^*, Isaac'^'"', James^'^^, Willi-am^'"'.
Thomas^), baptized November 8, 1757, in Oxford, Conn.; died April 22,
1812,|i in New York City; married September 18, 1791, in Danbury, Conn.,**
Olive Clark, daughter of Capt. James and Hannah (Stoddard) Clark, born
September 2, 1769, in Danbury. She married, second, about 1817, Dr. Daniel
Noble Carriugton of Danbury, and died February 26, 1805, in Danbury.

Joseph Trowbridge spent his early life on a farm in Southbury, Conn. He
studied medicine and settled as a physician in Danbury, Conn., where he prac-
tised as a physician until 1810. In that year he removed to New York Cit.y,
where he soon acquired an extensive practice and liecame one of the leading men
of his profession.

Doctor Trowbridge was one of the physicians who procured, in 1792, the
charter for the Fairfield County Medical Society, and was its first clerk. He was
elected to the New Haven County Medical Society in 1791 and to the Connecti-
cut Medical Society in ISOl, and served as a fellow and on the examining com-
mittee of the latter from that year until he removed from the state. He was a
member of the Episcopal church in Danbury and was chosen one of its committee
in 1803.

* Wheaden by Westchester County Surrogate Records.
t "Connecticut In the Revolution." p. 466.

t Ditto, p. 2ni. (See Ditto, p. 289 for services of the regiment.)
§ By Woodbury, Conn., Town Records.
II "Aged 50" by "History of Danhiu-y." p. 370.
••By Danbury Congregational Church Records.



i. Hannah, b. Mar. 24, 1792; m. Apr. 20, 3820, Lewis Ilotclikiss of New Haven,

ii. Sally Lorania, b. May 11, 1704; m. Oct. 8, 1813, Peter C. Tappan, M.D.. of

Poughkeepsie, >.'. Y.
iii. Olia'IA, b. Aug. 11. 17'.)S : m., 1st, Tlieodosiu.s Hunt of New llaveu ; m.. 2il,

Rev. Francis Lister Hawkes, D.D., of New York City.
iv. Joseph, b. , 1800 ; d. young.

154. Isaac Trowbridge (Isaac'^^'-', Isaac^"'-', James^"^, William'^'"', Thomas'^).

bom , 1758, in O.xford, Conn. ; died July 10, lS22,t in Brutus, N. Y. :

married about 1795 in Susquehanna county. Pa.,:}: Rachel Hodges, who died
about 1804 in Mottville, N. Y.

Isaac Trowbridge came with his father to the parish of Milton in the western
part of the town of Litchtield, Conn. Wlien but eighteen years old he joined the
patriot army in the Revolution.! He enlisu-d Febru.Ti-y 22, 1776. in the Sixth
Company, Capt. Luther Stoddard, Col. Charles Burrall's battalion, Connecticut
Continentals, raised to reinforce the Northern Department, which under Arnold
and Wooster were besieging Quebec. After its retreat from that position, in
April, 1776, the regiment was stationed at Ticonderoga and that vicinity. His
term of service expired January 19, 1777.

He re-enlisted from Litchfield, as a private, "for the war," September 1. 1777.
in Capt. Joseph A. Wright's company, and served under him and Capt. Elishn
Brewer in Col. Samuel Brewer's regiment in the Massachusetts Line. He was
promoted corporal Xovember 1, 1779, and served under Capt. John Pray in Col.
Ebenezer Sprout's regiment. He continued to serve imder Captain Pray in the
1st Massachusetts Regiment, Col. Joseph Vose, until his discharge at Newburgh,

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