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N. Y., June 3, 1783. He was at Valley Forge, and took part in the battle of
Germantown, the storming of Stony Point and the battle of Monmouth. For his
service in the war he received a pension.

He is said to have removed with his father from Litchfield, Conn., to Susque-
hanna county. Pa., and thence to Onondaga county, K". Y. He lived for a time
in Skaneateles, removing finally to what is now the town of Brutus, Cayuga
county, where he died. He was engaged most of his life in fanning.

children :1I

i. Polly, b. . 1796; m. Crawford of Liverpool, N. Y.

242. ii. Jasper, b. Dec. 27, 1798.

155. Levi Trowbridge (IsmeP-", Isauc'^"^. James'"'"-. William^'"', TJiomas').
bom May 25, 1753, in Oxford, Conn. ; died December 14. 1843, in Swan Creek.
Ohio;** married December 29, 1782, in New Haven, Conn., ft Hannah Smith,
daughter of Capt. Benjamin and Abigail (Smith) Smith, born about 1760 in
New Ha.ven ; died January 8, 1832, in Amesville, Ohio.

Levi Trowbridge enlisted at the outbreak of the Revolution in Capt. Thomas
Clark's Derby company, which marched to relieve Boston at the Lexington alann
and was on duty two days.:J::j: Family tradition credits him with a later enlist-
ment, and says he w^as talien prisoner with his brother by the British and con-
fined in a prison ship, where both had the smallpox, of which his brother died.

• By Danlniry Town Records.

t Administration on the estate of Isaac Trowbridge of Brutus, N. T., is granted Aug. 12.
1822. to .John Grover of Aurelius, N. Y.
t By a grandson.

S Record of his service as described below will be found in V. S. Pension Office Records and
"Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls" (indexed) in the State House at Boston. Mass.

il i born in Mottville. X. Y. : ii in Skaneateles. N. Y.. bv family records of a grandson of
No. 154.
"His gravestone there recites that he was: "A Patriot of the Revolution."
tt By Trinity Church Records,
ti "Connecticut in the Revolution." p. S.


After his marriage he settled on a farm in Oxford. He and his wife were
admitted members of the Oxford Congregational church April 18, 1784. He
followed his father to Fair Haven, Vt., and in August, 1786, the latter gave him
his "second division lot" lying on the south side of the river. He sold this
after his father's death and went to live on West street in the village. He
lived there until the S]H-ing of 1810, when he emigrated to Washington county,
Ohio, and settled near Marietta, He removed to Ames township, Atliens county,
in 1820, and in June, 1830, to Swan Creek, Ohio township, Gallia countj^ where
he passed the remainder of his life. He was a prosperous fanner and pursued
an active life until shortly before his death.


i. Sarah, b. Jan. 15, 17S1 : m., 1st, Caleb Wheeler of Fair Haven, Vt. ; m., 2d,
Eliphalet Case of Swan Creek, Ohio.

213. ii. David, b. June 13, 1780.

214. ill. PuiLO, b. July G, 1788.
245. iv. Jacob, b. Dec. 25, 1700.
240. V. Chauncey, b. Mar. 21, 1794.

247. vi. Archibald, b. Nov. 30, 1790.

vii. Ann.\, b. Dec. 7, 1708 ; m. Lemuel G. Brown of Wilkesville, Ohio,
viii. Hannah I'aiielia, b. July 6, 1802; m. Dec. 10, 1826, Anselm Tapper Blake
of Swan Creek. '

156. Capt. Ebenezeb Trowbridge (Daniel''-'^, DanleP'^'', James^"^, William'^'"',
Thomas'^), born June 4, 1757, in Wilton, Conn.; died June 2, 1836, in Edinburg,
Ohio ; married March 10, 1779,t in Bridgewater,:t: Conn., Parnel Wheeler, born
July 11, 1760, in , Conn. ; died September — , 1847, in Palmyra, Ohio.

Ebenezer Trowbridge was brought in childhood by his parents to the village
of Bridgewater in New Milford, Conn. At the age of eighteen years he became
a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted at New Milford February 1, 1776, in
Capt. Ebenezer Couch's company, Col. Andrew Ward's regiment, and was in the
service two months and twentj'-one days, serving on Jjong Island. This was
followed by five months' service, including Crown Point. He re-enlisted Febru-
ary 1, 1777, "for the war," in Capt. Eli Catlin's company, 5th Regiment,
Connecticut Line, Col. Philip B. Bradley. He was promoted corporal in May.
1779, and continued in the service until his discharge at Morristown, N. J.,
February 1, 1780. He aetfed as sergeant part of the time, and took part in the
battles of Germantown and Monmouth. For his service in the war he received a

After the war he engaged in farming in Bridgewater, Conn. He was captain
of the militia company of tliat parish about 1800. He was prominent in town
affairs and was a subscriber to the new church society in 1803. He was also high
in tlie Masonic fraternity. In 1815 a son, Daniel, came on from the West to
visit him, and he and his wile decided to accompany liim upon his return to
Ohio. At first they lived for a time in Palmyra, but finally settled in the adjoin-
ing town of Edinburg, where Captain Trowbridge died. He was actively engaged
in fanning for most of his life.


248. i. Stephen Burritt, b. Oct. 28. 1780.

ii. Naomi, b. Jan. 22. 1785: m. Abijah Tyrrell of Fowler, Ohio.

249. iii. Daniel, b. July 2, 178G.

iv. A child, b. , 1788; d. Feb. 18, 1795.

250. v. Ammi Dayton, b. , 1790.

* Except i. who was boi'n in Oxforrl. Conn.

t IT. S. Pension Office Recorfls.

J Then a part of New Milford.

§ Parnel TrowbriclKe, the widow of Ebenezer (No. 15G). in her application for a pension
declares that she had nine children, but Artemas Rnggles. who made an aflBdavit in her favor
in that connection, declares that she had scrcn, so another child as well as No. iv may have


251. vi. Wheeler, b. , 1703.

vii. LOKIXDA, b. , 17!)5?; m., 1st, Elijah Smith of Ravenna, Ohio; m.,

2d, Dr. John D. Wellman of Ravenna,
viii. Electa, b. , 1798?; m. Horace Hollister of Palmyra, Ohio.

157. M.VTTiiEW TROWBRrocE ( ^ - ?, DanieP^", James'^"'-', William^'"',

Thomas'^), born , 17 — * in Danbury,-)- Conn.; died November 9, 1822,

in Salisbury, Conn. 4' married about 1792 in Betbel, Conn., Rachel Hickok,

daughter of Maj. Benjamin and Rachel ( ) Hickok, born April 6, 1775,

in Danbury. She married, second, about 1835 in Weston, Conn., Nathan Seeley
of Bethel, and died November 13, 1843, in Bethel.

Matthew Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Bethel, Conn. His home
was near the meeting-house. He built and conducted a hat shop in Gra^^sy
Plain in Bethel. In 1811 he and Miles Dunbar succeeded Almon Bostwick in
keeping a hotel in Pine Plains, N. Y. Mr. Dunbar left in a year, and Mr. Trow-
bridge went on alone with the hotel until ISIS, wlien he went to Bangall, N. Y.
He kept a hotel there until his removal to Salisbury, Conn., about a year before
his death. Mr. Trowbridge was veiy popular with his patrons and was celebrated
for his hospitality.


Ctnthia, b. about 1794; m. Jtiles Diinbar of Pine Plains, N. Y.

Emeline Maria, b. about 1796 ; m, Henry I. Traver of Pine Plains.

Benjamin Hickok, b. .June 9, 1797.

Clara, b. about 1799 ; ni. Abraham Parsons of Saugerties, N. Y.

Thomas Benedict, b. Mar. 10, ISiin.

Eliza, b. about 1802 ; d. Apr. 1. 1817.

Amelia, b. Mar. 27, 1804; m. Abraham Parsons (above).

Austin Benoni, b. Mar. 1. 1805.

Rachel, b. about 1808 ; m. Feb. 1, ISoS, Rev. John B. Richardson of Geneva,

N. Y.
Lucetta, b. Nov. 15, 1810; d. Feb. 17, 1812.
A son, I twins, d. in infancy.

Mart Lucetta, ■- b. Aus. 22, 181-1 : m. Dec. lo. 18.3G. Augustus Comstock
I Shepard of Bethel, Conn,

xiii. Henry L,II b. Dec. 20, 1810; resided in Danbury. Paris, France, and the last

years of his life in New York City, where he d. Feb. 1, ISSl ; unm.

158. James Trowbridge (James^-^, Daniel^''-'', J ames^"'' , William^'"', Thomas^),

born ■ , 1757, in Danbury, Conn.;** died July 28, 1832, in Lebanon,

N. H. ;** married about 17S4 in Great Barrington, ilass., Tabitha (Phelps)
Graton, daughter of Zeplianiah and Mary (Hooker) Phelps, baptized November
18, 1753, in Great Barrington; died October 19, 1828, in Lebanon.

James Trowbridge at about the age of twenty-one settled in Sheffield, Mass.
He enlisted in the Continental armyft August 22, 1779, under Capt. James
Tisdale. His name appears entered as re-enlistina at Fishkill, N. Y., January
20, 1780, under Capt. Luke Hitchcock, in the 4th Regiment, Massachusetts Line,

died in infancy. The names of the above children are known from the pension papers and
family records, and the name of no other child is known to descendants ot these seven. New
Milford To^vn Records do not mention any of them, except Xo. iv, "a child," dying as above,
"aged six."

In New Milford Town Records appears : "Polly TEOWnRiDOE m. Mar. 0. 1797, Nathaniel
Stone of New Milford." She is unknown to descendants of the above children of No. 1.56.
She was not a daughter of No. 121. She m.nv have been the widow of No. 185. or a daughter
of No. 117.

* About 1769 by "Trowbridge Family."

t In the part of the town now Bethel by family record.

t Buried in Pine Plains, N. Y.

§ i-x born in Bethel. Conn. ; the others in Pine Plains. N. V.

II Initial only.
** By his pension record.

tt See "Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls" (indexed) in the State House in Boston. Mass.,
and U. S. Pension Office Records.
















"for the war." His name appears on a pay abstract in Lieut.-col. Ebenezer
Sprout's 12th Regiment, Massachusetts Line, for three months' service in 1780.
His name appears as sergeant on a muster-roll of Capt. Luke Hitchcock's com-
pany, 1st Massachusetts Regiment, Col. Joseph Vose, for June, 1780. He con-
tinued to serve in that company the two following years.

Sergeant Trowbridge describes his war service in his application for a pension
(which was granted) as follows: "I served as a private soldier and sergeant
employed in the war of the Revolution on the Continental establishment; and
after serving under short enlistments most of the time from the year 1775 to the
year 1778 or 1779, I then enlisted, during the war, into a company commanded
by Capt. Luke Hitchcock in Colonel Sprout's regiment in the Massachusetts
Line, and that said company was afterward tranferred to the 1st Regiment in
said Line commanded by Col. Joseph Vose. I continued in said service in said
company until the ninth day of June in the year 1783, when I was honorably
discharged by General Washington, and received a written discharge. I was in
the battle of Stillwater and the battle of Yorktown. I received a wound in the
Indian War, while in a detachment under Capt. William Eaton, and I was put
on the i^ension list."

After the war he settled in Great Barrington, Mass., where he lived until 1809.
In that year he removed to Lebanon, N. H., where he resided the remainder of his
life. He was probably the James Trowbridge who served in the War of 1812,
and enlisted from Hanover, N. H., September 28, 1814, for sixty days' seiwice in
Capt. 'William Courson's company. Except for the years passed in the army, he
was always engaged in farming.


i. Mary, b. , 1789; m., 1st, Apr. 13, 1822. Samuel Woodbm-y of Mont-

pelier, Vt. ; m., 2cl, Dec. 25, 1849, Halsey R. Stevens of Lebanon. N. H.

ii. Daniel Dunning, b. , 179- ; a lumberman ; d. about 1838 in Leba-
non ; unm.*
254a. iii. James, b. , 1803.

iv. David, b. . 1808 ; d. Sept. 12, 1830, in Lebanon ; unm.

159. Stephen Trowbridge {James^-~\ DanieV-'^''. James'^'*', William}'"'.
Thomas'^}, baptized June 22, 1760, in Wilton, Coma.; died December 6, 1830,
in Berkshire, Vt. ; married May lO.f 1780, in Skenesborough, N. Y., Isabella

Frasier, born , 1703, in Schenectady?, N. Y. ; died about 1850 in

Preble, N. Y.

Stephen Trowbridge emigrated with his father shortly before the Revolution to
Ballston, N. Y. He early became a soldier in the American army. He served
with the "Green Mountain Boys" under Col. Ethan Allen and General Arnold,
and was in Major John Brown's detachment of that historic command at Quebec
in 1776.:]: He enlisted again from Ballston, January 3, 1777, "for the war," in
C^pt. William McEwen's company. Col. Seth Warner's regiment, "raised on tlie
Hampshire Grant by order of Congress." He was appointed sergeant soon after
his enlistment. He took part in the battles of Hubliardton. Bennington, Sara-
toga, and Port George, where he was taken prisoner October 11, 1780. He was
carried to Canada, where he was a prisoner about two years. He was then
exchanged, and joined Capt. Stephen Potter's company in Col. Heman Swift's
2d Regiment, Connecticut Line, in which he served as sergeant until the close of
the war, when he was honorably discharged at the Highlands, N. Y., June 8,

* By family records. He dis.ippeared sometime in 1838 : his hat and gun were found near
a sink hole near the river, but his body was never discovered.

t By her pension application ; 8 by town record. Skenesborough is now Whitehall.
t "New York in the Revolution," p. 61 ; "Vermont Revolutionary Rolls," p. 83.3.


In his application for a pension Sergeant Trowbridg-e details his war service
as follows: "In the year 1777, on the 2d day of January, I engaged in a regiment
commanded by Col. Setli Warner, for 'during the war.' I fought, and served my
country faithfully through the war to the end, without any impeachment, through
thick and thin, cold, wet and dry, sometimes half naked and half star\-ed, often
glad to get raw hides to sew on our feet in cold winter weather to keep them from
freezing. When on duty or sentry, I suffered the fatigues and hardships of a
long war, two years in captivity, taken at Fort George, on Lake George, and
when exchanged, I, with pleasure, returned to duty again, and sensed to the end
of the war, and got an honourable discharge from General Washington, specify-
ing in it that I was entitled to the badges of honour for my faithful service to
my counti"y, it being six years and seven months; after I got from the war I
got married and lived in Salisbury in Connecticut, but not getting any pay for
the last part of the war we all had to come home poor."*

His widow in her pension apiJication recited the following narrative: "I wag
taken a prisoner with my husband and so kept over two years, in the time of the
Revolution. My mother was opposed to my marriage; my father dead.
Trowbridge stole me away and married me with little form and in haste — my
brother. Captain Frasier, belonged to the British army, and my uncle was General
Frasier, killed at the Battle of Saratoga. This Captain Frasier was in the habit
of visiting me and happened to be there when my husband and I came back
after the reconciliation with my mother, which was two or three weeks after the
marriage. The next night Captain Frasier came with some men and took us both
prisoners and carried us to Montreal. Mr. Trowbridge was a great singer of
songs, and knew many adapted to the times and our situation, and used to sing
them in Montreal, for which he was frequently imprisoned, when Captain Frasier
was not there; but as soon as he found it out he was released through his
influence on my account, as I insisted on and was permitted to share his close

After the war Stephen Trowbridge engaged in farming. He lived for a time
in Salisbury, Conn., and then removed to Vermont and settled on a farm in tJie
town of Williston. Wliile clearing up land he was injured by a rolling log, and
had to give up his farm. He was then engaged in mercantile business for several
j'ears in Sullivan. Oneida county, N. Y. He left his family in that town and
went to Canada, where he was in business for several years. In 1817 he removed
to Berkshire, Vt., where he resided the remainder of his life.


2,^5. i. Archibald Scott, b. . 1781.

256. ii. William Frasier, b. Nov. 10, 17S3.

2o7. iii. Daxiel. b. Jan. — , 1787.

iv. Betsey, b. , 1789 : m. .John Cadwell of Fabiiis, N. Y.

V. Polly, b. , 1701 ; m. Harry Hamlin of Cleveland, Oliio.

vi. Sally, b. . 1703 : m. James Crowfoot of I'reble, X. Y.

258. vii. Stephen, b. . 1705.

2.59. viii. Samuel, b. , 1708.

ix. Isabella, b. , 1800 ; m. Oct. 7, 1810, John A. Johnson of Trnxton. N. Y.

IGO. Samuel Trowbridge (James^-'-\ Danld"". Jaines^°^, WUUam'^'^'',
Thomas'"), born July 17, 1701. in AVilton. Conn.; died July 31, 1850. in Preble,
N. Y. ; married January 13, 1784,:j: in SheiBeld, Mass., Miriam Winslow, daughter

• U. S. Pension Office Records.

t i born in Montreal, Can. ; ii was bapt. 1T.S.5 in Sclienectady. N. Y., and may have been
born in Salisbury. Conn. : iii-ix in Preble, N. Y.. it is thousht.

t By lier affidavit sworn in connection witb tlio pension papers of No. 161 ; 1785 by Sheffield
Town Kecords.


of Prince and SaraJi (Goodrich) Winslow, born March 25, 1764, in Salisbury,
Conn. ; died November 8, 1851, in Preble.

Samuel Trowbridge came with several of his brothers to Sheffield, Mass. He
was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted from Sheffield, Mass., June 27,
1780, in Capt. John King's company, Col. John Ashley's regiment, which
marched by order of General Fellows for the defense of West Point. He was
discharged July 4, 1780.* He was engaged in farming in Sheffield until 1790,
when he removed to a farm in Florida, N. Y. He next moved to Tully, Onon-
daga county, N. Y., and the first town meeting there was held in his house on
May 1, 1803. His farm adjoined that of his brother Seth in what is now the
town of Preble, and there he passed the remainder of his life.


161. Seth Trowbkidge (Jamos''-^, Danicl^'°, James'"''-', 'William'^'"', Thomas'^).
born June 1, 1703, in Wilton, Conn.; died May 10, 1836, in Preble, N. Y.;
married February 2, 1785, in Sheffield, Mass., Lucretia Spoor, daughter of John

Spoor, born •, 1765, in , . ; died September 12, 1855, in

Tully, N. Y.

Seth Trowbridge came with his older brothers to Sheffield, Mass. He like
them served in the Revolution. He enlisted for three years from Sheffield in
October, 1781, in Capt. Nathan Dick's company. Col. Michael Jackson's regiment,
Massachusetts Line. He went from Sheffield to West Point, N. Y., and from
there to Newburgh, where he helped build huts for the army that winter. He
went from there with his company to keep the jail at Westchester, N. Y., and
then came back to West Point. From there he went with his regiment to Morris-
town, N. J., and then returned to West Point, where he remained until he was
discharged in February, 1783.t

After the war he was engaged for several years in farming in Sheffield. In
1787 he removed to the town of Williston, Vt. He moved his family to Florida,
N. Y., about 1794, and six years later to Preble, N. Y. His farm lay on the
present Tvilly line and adjoined that of his brother Samuel. He and his wife
were members of the Presbyterian church in Preble.

"Once on a time there was a string of Trowbridge famis about a mile long
one-half mile south from Tully village, in the town of Preble, connnencing with
William and his family of boys on the north ; Milo, my father, next ; Uncle
James next; and Uncle Hiram with his boys in the old, big red house of
Grandfather Seth; next was Uncle Samuel, brother of Seth. All of these were
farmers brought up to the trade of farming, and it was a real Trowbridge neigh-
borhood. But oh, how changed it now is! I am the only Trowbridge living in
the two towns; all have pased away, or wandered off to the Far West. Grand-
father Seth was a strong, enterjirising Yankee. His wife was of Dutch descent,
intelligent and hardy. Most of their seven sons were six-footers, and the six
daughters were as fine-looking girls as could be found round about.":^


Eli, b. , 17S6.II

JIiNOR, b. July 29. 17S7.

John, b. July 31, 1790.

Cornelia, b. Mar. 9, 1792; m. William Trowbridge (No. 167).

* "Massacliusetts Revolutionary Rolls."

t "Massachusetts Revolutionary liolls" (indexed) in the State House in Boston, Mass.;
U. S. Pension Office Records.

t Letter from Mr. Robert C. Trowhridge (No. 487).

§ i born in Sheffield, Mass. ; It-lv in Williston, Vt. ; v-viii in Florida. N. Y. ; the others in
Preble, N. Y.

][ ".\ged 84," in Apr., 1871. when he swore to his pension application papers. He had his
father's family bible.









263. V. James, b. Mar. 4, 1794.

264. vi. MlLO. b. Dec. 3, 1705.

vii. Pamelia, b. . 1797; m. Hpury Woolston of Preble.

265. viii. Hiram, b. , 1799. ,

266. ix. Stephen, b. Aug. 14, 1804.

X. Cauoline, b. , 1S05; m. Guy .\. Woolston of Clinton, Wis.

si. Sally, b. Mnr. 3, ISOS; m. Samuel T. Comstock of Clinton.
xii. Polly, b. Apr. 14, 1810 ; d. Deo. 29, 189."), in Clinton ; unm.
xiii. Catherine, b. June 19, 1S12 ; m. .lob J. Johnson of Clinton.

162. Aarox Trowbridge (Jame.s^-^, DanieP'^'', James^"'^. WilUam^°°, Thomas^),
born March 25, 1765, in Wilton, Conn.; died January 7, 1831, in Medina, Mich.;

married , 1781, in SheiEeld, Mass., Keziah Jacob, daughter of Richard

and Thankful ( ) Jacob, born November 17, 17C2, in Sheffield ; died

March 15, 1830, in Galen, N. Y.

Aaron Trowbridge was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted from Norwalk,
Conn., and served in the militia tinder Col. Samuel Canfield at West Point in
September, 1781.* Soon after this he removed with other members of his family
to Sheffield, Mass. He enlisted in the army from that town in May, 1782, as a
private in Capt. Joseph Williams' company, 3d Regiment, Massachusetts Line-f
He was tranferred to Captain Tisdale's company:}: in the same regiment, and was
discharged in November, 17S3.t "During the period of his service he marched
from West Point to Philadelphia to check the threats of certain disaffected troops
or persons who under the pretext of demanding their arrears from Congress
threatened and endangered tlie safety of the members."'t He was granted a

Aaron Trowbridge settled in Sheffield, Mass., after his marriage. He was
chosen hogreeve at a town meeting held there April 14, 1789, and one of the
surveyors of highways on the same date in the following year. In 1793 he moved
with his family to Windsor, Vt. About ten years later he removed to Seneca
county, N. Y., and settled in that part of the town of Junius which became
the town of Galen. After the death of his wife, which occurred in the spring
of 1830, he emigrated with one of his daughters to Michigan. He was proprietor
of a hotel at Windsor for a few years, but fanning was tlie jirincipal occupation
of his life. He was well esteemed by his neighbors and was a Free Mason of
high standing.


i. Abigail, b. Nov. 10, 1782 ; m. Parker Wooster of Alloway, N. Y.

ii. Roxalana, b. July 25, 17S7 ; d. Feb. 15. 1815 : unm.

iii. Laura, b. Apr. 2, 1790; m. Green of Windsor, Vt.?

iv. Mary, b. Aug. 30, 1792 ; m. , 1812. Seth Fletcher of Windsor.

V. Parmelia, b. June 20, 1794 : m. . 1810, Allen Tuttle of Auburn, N. Y.

vi. Aaron Seymour, b. Dec. 29, 1797: d. Sept. 20, 1829, in Galen, N. Y. : unm.

267. vii. Richard, b. Jan. 29, 1799.

viii. Julia. II b. Mar. 0. 1.801 ; m. Aug. 11, 1819, Solomon Lampson of Granville,

N. Y.
is. Keziah. b. JIar. 2. 1803; d. Apr. 22, 1805.

163. JoHX Trowbridge {Janies^-^, Daniel^'^''. Jamcs'^'''', William'^'"', Thomas'^),
bom Febrviary 28, 1772, in Wilton, Conn. ; died February 25, 1852, in Adams
Centre, N. Y. ; married, first, , 1792, in Wliitesborough, N. Y., Sarah

Gould, daughter of James and Sarah? ( ) Gould, bom , 1774,


* "Connecticut in the Revolution," p. 582.
t D. S. Pension Office Records.

t "Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls," vol. 5.3. p. 147a.
§ i-iv born in Sheffield. Mass. : the others in Windsor. Vt.

II Her daughter Mrs. Elias Jewell of Dowagiac, Mich., is the authni-ity for this family



in ; died , 1803, in Whitesborough. He married, second.

, 1804, in , Abigail Nourse,* who died April — , 1812, in Eod-

man, N. Y. He married, third, , 1818, in Pinckney, N. Y., Waity

(Greene) Witter, widow of James Witter and daughter of Charles and Waity
(Bailey) Greene, born December 20, 1787, in Westerly, R. I. ; died September 9,
1873, in Adams Centre.

John Trowbridge emigrated to the state of New York, probably with his father
and brothers. He lived several years at Whitesborough, removing from there to
Rodman.f Jefferson county, and finally settling in Adams Centre. He was
engaged in farming all his life. He was a deacon of the Seventh Day Baptist

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