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church in Adams Centre.

By first inarrkigc:
i. Sarah, b. Aug. 10, 1703 ; m. William Biitterfield of Rodman. X. T.
208. ii. Adonis, b. Sept. 14, 1705.

iii. Philomela, b. Feb. 8. 1707; m. Samuel Farwell of Utica, N. Y.
iv. James, b. Mar. 1, 1700 ; "went to Mississippi before he wa.s middle-aged and d.

By second marriage:

V. Thankful, b. , 1805 ; m. Hall of Springfield. Mich.

vi. Rachel Maria, b. Aug. 20, 1807; m. George W. Perkins of Pulaski, N. Y.
vii. Polly, b. JIar. 10. 1800; m., 1st, William Nichols of Rodman; m., 2d, Abe)
Parker of Rodman.
260. viii. LORIN, b. Mar. 0, 1811.

By third marriage:
270. ix. Orrin Alonzo, b. Oct. 10, 1810.

s. Cinderella, II b. Aug. 28, 1822; m. Dec. 20. 1853, Eli A. Seeley and resides in
Adams Centre, N. Y.

• x\. John Riley, b. , 1824 ; d. , 1835.

xii. Maroaret Ann, b. June 1, 1826; m. Smith Chapin of Rodman.

164. Daniel Trowbridge (James^ - \ Daniel'^'^'', Jaim's'^"'-. William'^'"', Thomas'^),

baptized July 11, 1773, in Wilton, Conn.; died , 180-?, in Darien,**

N. Y. ; married , 1797, in , Dorothea Shears, who died ,

1852. in Eipley, N. Y.

Daniel Trowbridge went with his father to New York. He settled near his
brothers in the town of Tully. He was a tinsmitli by trade and was also engaged
in farming.

children born in tully, n. y. :+t

i. . Eunice, b. , 1708: m. Rheinhardt of China, N. Y.

271. ii. Aaron Seymour, b. Sept. 1, 1800.

272. iii. Daniel, b. , 1802.

iv. Sophronia, b. , 1804; m. Oct. 24, 1822, William Henry Whitney of

Rochester, N. Y.

v. Cornelia. 1 1 b. .1806; m. Fitch?.

vi. Eliza, b. , 1807 ; m. Eggleston of Auburn, N. Y.

273. vii. John, b. , 1800.

viii. AxMiRA, b. Aug. 20, 1811; m., 1st, Jan. 7, 1829, Ezekiel Sayles Rookes of
Ripley, N. Y. ; m., 2d, Elder Boyd of Erie, Pa.

* Had an uncle .Jonathan Nourse in Clyde, N. T., it is said.
t Taken from .\daras in 1SII4.
, i i-iv born in Whitesborough. N. Y. ; tlie others in Rodman, N. Y., except ix, who was born
In Pinckney, N. Y., and xii, who was born in Adams, N. Y. ,

§ It is believed that he married and liad several children.
II She is the authority tor this family register.
•• Or Attica.

tt Dates and order of births of the daughters in doubt.
tt Sally?


274. ix. George Washington, b. June 15, 1812.

X. Mary, b. , 1S13; m. .John Forbes of I'leble, N. Y.

xi. Melinda. b. , 1S15 ; d. aged 12 years.

xii. Pamelia, b. , ISlfi ; m. Leoiuird Fuller of Lnmont. N. Y.

xiii. Matilda, b. , 1817.

xiv. Harriet, b. Jan. 10, 181S: ni. Calviu I'oole of Coniieaut. Oliio.

1G5. Thomas Trowbridge (Joseph'^-'', Daniel^'^'', James^"'^, William^'"'.

Tliomas'), born September 18, 1763, in Wilton, Conn.; died , 184-, in

Norwalk, Conn.; married , 178-, in Norwalk?, Grace Mott, daughter of

Reuben and Phebe (Tuttle) Mott, born -Tuly 14, 1706, in Norwalk; died
, 18—,* in Norwalk?.

Thomas Trowbridge while still a boy became a soldier in the Revolution. He
enlisted in Norwalk, Conn., April 1, 1770. in Capt. Jabez Gregory's company. Col.
Stephen St. John's regiment, and served under Major-general Sullivan. He "was
on guard at Norwalk and Horseneek on the lines," and was in action at the
burning of Norwalk and Fairfield by Tryon in July, 1779. He served nine
months, and was discharged at Norwalk January 1. 1780. He re-enlisted on
June 1, 1780, in Captain Loomis' company. Colonel Beebe's regiment, and served
under General Waterbury at Horseneek, Byron River and Bedford, N. Y. His
period of service was six months, and he received his discharge at North Castle,
N. Y. He enlisted again on March 27, 1781, in the matross, or artillery, company
under Daniel Jackson, Col. Stephen St. John, and served one year and six months
under Generals Mead and Sullivan at Norwalk. and was on duty in the coast
defense and on the line.f He received a pension. After the war he appears
to have settled as a farmer at Norwalk, Conn.

children born in norwalk, conn. :t

i. Nancy, b. , 178- ; m. .Jacob .Jennings of Norwalk.

ii. Betsey, b. . 178- ; m. Uriah Johnson of Norwalk.

iii. Thomas?, b. , 178- ; accidentally shot in Sag Harbor, N. Y. ; unm.?.

166. AsAHEL Trowbridge (William'^-''. Danid"", James^"'^. William^'"',
Thomas^), bom May 2, 1780, in New Milford,§ Conn.; died March 20, 1859, in
Lockport, N. Y. ; married, first, , 1806, in , Polly Hoyt, daugh-
ter of Ezekiel and Mary (Weed) Hoyt, born February 17, 1787, in ,

Conn. ; died April 17, 1819, in Genesee county, N. Y. He married, second,
October 31, 1819, in Pike, N. Y., Betsey (Murray) Doty, widow of Ira Doty of
Pike and daughter of Daniel and Elizabetli (Raymond) Murray, born August
27, 1791, in Herkimer county, N. Y. ; died September 16, 1867, in Napoleon,

Asahel Trowbridge came to Tully, Onondaga county, N. Y., with his father
about 1795. Soon after his marriage he settled on a farm in that jiart of the
town of Pompey which later became LaFayette. He was appointed county
coroner by Gov. Morgan I>ewis on April 6, 1807. He removed to a farm in Pike,
Allegany county, where he lived until 1837. when he removed again and
located in Wlieatfield, Niagara county. In 1855 he left his farm and removed
to Lockiiort, where he died four years later. He was a member of the Presby-
terian Church and of the Masonic fraternity.

* Living in Norwallj in lS"2e.

t tl. S. Pension OfDce Records ; "Connecticut in tlie Revolution." p. 576.

t Family register from Selleck's "History of Norwalk." Descendants failed to answer the
compiler's letters.

§ In that part now Bridgewater.



By first marriage:

i. Amanda, b. Mar. 28, 1807; m. , 1832, Hiram Curtis of Binghamtou,

N. Y.
275. ii. William Elecut, b. Mar. 19, 1809.

iii. Abigail, b. Ma.v 12, ISll; d. Nov. 14. 1885, iu Toledo. Oliio; iinm.
iv. Caroline, b. Apr. 11, 1813; d. Apr. 1, 1837, in Pike. N. Y. ; num.
270. V. Philander, b. Sept. 27, 1815.t


By second marriage:
vi. Mart Sopiironia, b. Aug. 7, 1820 ; m. Oct. 5, 1841, Charle.s Stow Pierce of
Wheatlie'd, N. Y.. and resides in Toledo, Ohio.

277. vii. Lyman, b. Dec. 3, 1822.

278. viii. Demetrius N.vsh, b. Jul.v 2, 1825.

ix. Helen Augusta, b. Mar! 10, 1828 ; d. Mar. 19, 1850, in Wheatfield ; num.

279. X. Mortimer Asahel. b. .Tan. 18, 1834.

167. WiLLL\M TuoWBRiDGE (WUUam^-'^, Daniel^'", James^"^, William'^'"',
Thomas'^), baptized November 17, 1782, in New Milford,| Conn.; died July 5,

1865,§ in Onondaga, N. Y, ; married , 1813, in Preble, N. Y., Cornelia

Trowbridge (No. 161, iv), daughter of Setli and Lueretia (Spoor) Trowbridge,
born March 9, 1792, in Williston, Vt. ; died August 9, 1870, in Onondaga.

William Trowbridge was engaged in farming all of his life. He lived for
many years in Tully, Onondaga county, N. Y., whither he had come in boyhood
with his father. He removed in his old age to the neighboring town of


i. Barlow, b. . 1814 : d. in infanc.v.

280. ii. Piiiletus. b. , 181ti.

281. iii. Tueron, b. Mar. 1, 1818.

282. iv. Seymour, b. May 11, 1S19.

V. Henry-, b. , 1821 ; unm.

vi. Lucretia, b. , 1824 ; m., 1st, Joseph Owen ; m., 2d, David Linderman

of Cortland, N. Y. ; m., 3d, .Tames I. Lum of Kalamazoo, Mich. II

283. vii. Martin Luther, b. Apr. 5, 1820.

168. Seymour Trowbridue (WUliam''-^. Danii'l'^^", ./ames^"-', William^"",

Thomas'), bom , 1788, in Williston, Vt. ; died July 12, 1857,§ in Tully,

N. Y. ; married, first, , 1820, in Granville?, N. Y., Miriam Nichols,

(Uxughter of Charles and Abigail (Winslow) Nichols, who died February 19,
1840, in Tully, aged 47. He married, second, Lurancy .

Seymour Trowbridge lived in Tully, N. Y., in which town his father was an
early settler. He was a farmer and an extensive dealer in live stock.

He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was in the company commanded
by Capt. Azel St. John, in the 98th Regiment of New York militia, Colonel
Clark. He voliniteered for a term of thirty days and continued in actual service
for fourteen days. The company was organized at Manlius, N. Y., about October
18, 1814, and marched from tliere to Smith's Mills, where it was mustered into
service. The distance was about one hundred and ten miles and the company
was discharged there about December 22, 1814.**


* Then a part of Pompey.

t He was the authorit.v for this family register.

t In that part now Brideewaler.

§ By Onondaga Countv Surrogate Records at Syracuse, N. Y., where his will is recorded.

II See No. 261, ix.
** U. S. Pension Office Records.

tt "No children," wrote relatives, and none are mentioned iu his will. No connection was
proved between him and No. 1429, which see.


169. Ralph TnowBRinGE (Ralph'^-", Calel>"\ Jam,es^'>\ William'""', Thomas''),
bom about 1707 in Xcw Fairfield?, Conn.; died about 1852* in Olive, N. Y. ;

married , 1701, in Marbletown?, N. Y., Johannah De Voe, daughter of

John De Voe.

Ealph Trowbridge was a farmer in that part of Marbletown which is now
Olive. TTlster county. N. Y.


i. Elizauktii. 1). Aug. G, 1702; m. Coriiplius Conawa.v of Hurley, X. Y.

ii. Margaret, b. , .1705 ; m. Elias Countrvnian of Marbletown, N. Y.

iii. John. h. , 1798; "of Sullivan Co., N. Y." in 1852.t

2S4. iv. Isaac, b. , 1802.

V. .Temima, b. . ISOO; m. Linus? Lofkwood of >LTrbletown.

vi. Mary, b. , 1800; m. James Hill of Manlius, N. Y.

285. vii. Simeon, b. Feb. 10, 1812.

286. viii. Joseph, b. , 1815.

287. ix. Hiram, b. Nov. 6, 1818.

X. Hannah, b. , 1820?; m. Elnicmlorf of Olive.

170. Emsua TROWiiRiixiE iCaleh'''-''. Caleh'". James">'\ William'"". Thomas'),
bom July 16, 1770, in New Fairfield, Conn.; died January 9. 1860, in Ulysses,
N. Y. ;§ married June 5, 1802, in Ulysses, Susanna Pritchard,|| daughter of
Nathaniel and Comfort (Gillette) Pritchard, born September 2, 1779, in
, Conn. ; died October 3, 1872, in Ulysses.

Elisha Trowbridge emigrated with his father to New York and, after a brief
residence in Cooperstown, came to Tonijikins county in 1798.** He settled in
that part of the counf.v which three years later was organized as Ulysses town-
ship. His farm was in Ulysses township and about a mile west of the present
village of Waterburgh.

children born in I'LYSSES. n.

i. Elisha, b. . 1803 : d. voung.

John, b. May 13, 180.5.

Caleb, b. Nov. 5. 1808.

Huron, b. July 12, 1812.

Nathaniel. ) twins,
vi. Mary, ^ b.








rt. young.

, 181- ;

; (1. young.

m. —

Freeman of Hector, N. Y.?.

m. —

Roli.son of Enfield. N. Y.

vii. Rosetta. b. . 181-

viii. Comfort, b. . 181-

290. ix. Mkhkian, b. Mar. 17. 1820.

291. X. William Edgar, b. Feb. 13, 1823.

292. xi. David, b. Oct. 24, 1820.
292a. xii. Levi Headly, b. Dec. 30. 1832.

171. Sereno Trowbridge (Calcb'^'-'. Caleb'". James'"''. William""'. Thomas').

bom about 1775 ? in New Fairfield, Conn. ; died , IS — , in Whitehall ?,

N. Y. ; married , 179-, in Whitehall, Susannah (Bartholomew) Beckwith,

* He died intestate. The date of his death is not stated in the petition, dated Nov. 16,
1852, which names his children as above. lUlster County Surrogate Uecords at Kingstown.

N. Y.]

t Then a part of Marbletown. Dates and order of hirths uncertain.

JA Maroaeet Trowbhidge. widow lot .John. No. iii?]. d. Nov. IL'. IS".", in Marbletown.
N. Y. Her will, dated .Tan. 1. LSfitJ. was proved .Tan. 15. 1S77. "on petition of her daugliter.
.Tane Scott, formerly .lane Davis." IT'lster Tounty. N. Y.. Surrogate Records.] The lieirs
were this daughter (an only child) and several grandchildren. This daughter: Sarah .Tane
Trowbridgk. horn Dec. 5. l.Slf), in T'lster county; m.. tst. Nov. .30. 18.37. Reuben Davis [See
"Burhans Oenealogy." p. 5L'41 ; m.. 2d. .Tune 17. 1874. William Scott of Marbletown ( Olive i.

§ His will, dated Dec. 15. lS4o. is recorded in Tompliins County Surrogate Itecords at Itliaca.
N. Y.. and from it and the petition of his sons i and iii his family re.gister has been largely

II A sister of the wife of No. 172.
*• "History of Tompkins County. N. Y."
tt There may have been one other child who died in infancy or childhood.


widow of Dyer Beckwith of Wliitehall and daughter of Lemuel and Mary
(Squire) Bartholomew.*

Sereno Trowbridge probably emigrated to New York with his father. He
appears to have been a farmer in Whitehall.


292b. i. Erastus,* b. . 179-.

293. ii. Ctrenus, b. .Tuly 15. 1797.

iii. Mary, b. , ISO- ; m. Eli Sparks of Whitehall.

iv. Caleb.

Other children?!

172. Hemax TROWBBroGE (Caleh'^-', Caleb^'^^ James'""', William'"><', Thomas^),
born about 1779 ? in New Fairfield, Conn. ; died about 1823 in Marietta,

Ohio; married , ISO-, in Ulysses?, N. T., Abigail Comfort Pritchard,§

daughter of Nathaniel and Comfort (Gillette) Pritehard, born February 28, 1783,
in , Conn. ; died January 21, 18.38, in Quincy, 111.

Heman Trowbridge is supposed to have emigrated to Tompkins county, N. Y.,
with his father and to have lived a number of years after his marriage in Ulysses
township. About 1815 he removed to Marietta, Ohio. He was a farmer and
stock raiser. In politics he was a Whig and in religion a Methodist. It is said
that his wife helped to organize one of the first union Sunday schools in Ohio.


i. Mary, b. , ISO-.

David, b. . ISO-.

Nathaniel, b. • , 180-.

Eliza Bloomiteld, b. Oct. 28, 1807; m. .July 24, 1831, George Washington

We.stgate of Quincv, 111.

Hiram, b. , 180- ; m. .**

LuciNDA, b. Apr. 8, 1811; m. May 28. 1828, Elijah Frampton of Avon, 111.
TiiERON, b. Dec. 5. 1815.

Harriet, b. . 181- : d. in infancy.

Harriet Arietta, b. , 181- ; m. ,Tohn Burns Brown of Quincy.

Adaline Regina, b. Dec. 27, 1821: m. Mar. 15, 1838, John B. Brown (above)

and resides in Montrose,
296. xi. Watson, b. Aug. 10, 1823.

173. Caleb Trowbridge (Caleh^-\ Caleh^", James^°\ William^'"'. Thomas^),
bom June 4, 1782, in New Fairfield, Conn. ; died Augiist 9, 1854, in Angola, Ind. ;

married , 1808, in Seneca county, N. Y.. Abigail Congdon, who died

November 22, 1855, in Angola.

By family records^^; he also married Polly Congdon. her twin sister, who died
in 1842.

Caleb Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to the town of Ulysses.
Tompkins county, N. Y. He settled there aft«r his marriage on a farm which
was situated between Seneca and Cayuga lakes. "He served in the War of 1812

* By "Bartholomew Genealogy." p. 99. Descendants give the name ot i Prospek.
t Names and order of birth in doubt. The names from "Bartholomew Genealogy."
Only descendants of No. ii answered the compiler's letters, and the town clerk of Whitehall
and the surrogate of Washington county reported that their records contained no reference to
No. 171. or his children. See footnote to No. 292b. ii.

t Perhaps .Tohn Trowbridge mentioned in the section "Miscellaneous Trowbridges" towards
the end of this volume was one of these. A daughter is said to have m. Edmund P. Wood
of Whitehall. N. Y.

s A sister of the wife of No. 170.

II i-vi horn in Ulysses?, N. Y. : the others in ilarietta. Ohio.
•♦ Descendants failed to answer the compiler's letters,
tt Failed to answer the compiler's, letters.
t± Of those marked ** on the opposite page and a grandson. Clark Trowbridge.























and was with Jackson at New Orleans."* "He came home on sick leave and
later served seven years in the United States Na\'y."t "He was in the Indian
Wars and was in actual service for his country for twelve years."t

"He was the strongest man in all the country roundabout and could take 1,000
pounds in one hand and carry it. His weight was 210 povmds. On a bet of $50.
he carried a 'plate' to a barn raising in Tompkins county that a number of men
could not draw. Men helped him to shoulder it and then he carried it to the
barn and won his bet.":j;

He emigrated to Washington county, Ohio, in 1817, and lived for many years
on bis fann near Marietta. In 1840 he removed to Steuben county, Ind., and
settled near several of his children in Otsego township, near Angola, where he
lived the rest of his life.

Bi/ Abigail C'ongdon:
Sarah, b. Nov. 11, 1S09 ; m. Jesse Walker.
Walter, b. Oct. 11, ISIO; m. Dorcas Bureh.ll
LucT, b. .July 12, 1812: m. Leonard Hall.ll
Freelove, b. Feb. 21, 1814; m. S[tutla?] Driscoll.ll
Mart, b. May 10, 1816: m. Ellison Owens.ll
George Wa.shington, b. June 12, 1818.
Watson, b. Nov. 15, 1820.

Rhoda,** b. Apr. 18, 1824: m. Dec. 31, 1841, Jacob Waller and resides in
Angola, Ind.
is. Heman, b. July 4, 1825; m. : d. in Metz. Iud.?ll

By Polly C'ongdon:

i. Lydia. b. , 1816: m. Orange Clay.ll

299. ii. Morgan, b. Apr. 6, 1818.

iii. Nancy, b. Aug. 11, 1820: m. Daniel Merritt of Flint, Ind. II

iv. Abigail, b. , 182- ; m. Hezekiah Burk,ll

v. Maria, b. , 182- : m. Daniel Brooker.ll

vi. Roanna, b. July 25, 1830; m. Christopber Petrie.jl

vii. Martha,** b. Dec. 19, 1839; m., 1st, Apr. 15, 1800, Uriah N. Welch; m., 2d.
Aug. 7. 1883, Barney McShane: m., 3d, June 15, 1889, Henry C. Norton
and resides in Tustin, Mich.
Other children? One family record credits him with 21 children living at one
time, so five probably died young.

174. Watsox Trowbridge (Caleb'^-', Caleh'''^'^, James'^"-', William'^'"', Thomas'^),
bom February 26, 1789. in ]!^ew Fairfield, Conn. ;tt died January 11, 1866, in
Clymer, Pa. ; married May 1, 1834, in Clymer, Mary Blue, daughter of John and
Mary (Eunion) Blue, born March 10, 1817, in Schuylkill county. Pa, ; died April
6, 1876, in Clymer.

Watson Trowbridge was about ten years old when his father emigrated from
Connecticut to Tompkins county, N. Y. About 1820 he went to Tioga county,:!:^
Pa., and took up a farm in Clymer to^vnship, near Mixtown, then a heavily
wooded and sparsely settled country. He cleared his farm and lived there the
remainder of his life. He was a famous nimrod and hunter, and shot bear,
wolves, deer and panther, all of which were plentiful there in those days.

* By his daughter Rhoda.
t By his daughter Martha.
J By his grandson Clark Trowhridgc.

§ The children born prior to 1817 were born in Tompkins county, N. Y. : the others in
Washington county, Ohio. Some of them ma.v be credited to the wrong mother, as some
descendants of No. 173 seemed to be in doubt as to which they descended from. Some place
the eldest under Polly.

II Descendants failed to answer the compiler's letters.
** Authority tor this family register.

tt By his eldest son. who sent this family register. ,

tt Organized in 1804.



i. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 20, 183C ; m. Lewis J. Stone and resides in Sabin-sville,

300. ii. AsjiER Blue, b. Mar. 26, 183S.

301. iii. Onan, b. Dec. 3, 1840.

175. RuFus Trowbridge (Keeler'^-^, Caleh"'^. James^"^, William'^'"', Thomas^).
bom November 3, 1773, in Williamstown, Mass. ; died April 25, 1822, in Shel-

burne, Vt. ; married , 1803, in Shelburne ?, Lydia Tracy, daughter of

Ilezekiah and Eunice (Rood) Trac.y, bom June 7, 1779, in Williamstown ; died
November 20, 1856, in Bangor, N. Y.

Rufus Trovrbridge came in boyhood with his father to Shelburne, Vt. He
settled there after his marriage, and was a farmer there the remainder of his
life. He was elected overseer of highways there in 1807.


i. Eunice Rood. b. May 12, 1804; m., 1st, .Ian. 8, 1823, Elijah Pliillips of Ver-
shire, Vt. ; m., 2d, , 1835, Stephen Freeman Spencer of Keeseville. Vt.

302. ii. Samuel, b. Aug. «j. 1805.

303. iii. Prosper, b. Oct. 15, 1807.

iv. Hamilton, b. Mar. 5. 1809: d. .Iiilv 3, 1809.

304. V. Pardon, b. Oct. 7, 1811.

vi. ZlPPORAii. b. Oct. 22, 1813 : ra. Samuel Kimball Flanders of I'arishville. X. Y.t

vii. Daniel, b. Sept. 18, 1815 ; d. that day.

viii. LoviNA, b. Nov. 30, 1810: m. Franklin Goodsel! of Sheldon, Vt.t

ix. Cornelia, J b. Jan. 11, 1820 ; m. Oct. 5, 1837, Ezra Stowell of Bangor, N. Y.

176. IIknry Potts TrowbridCxE (Eeeler''-'', Caleb''^'^, James^'"', William^"",
Thomas^), born Februai-y 6, 178G. in Brattleboro, Vt.;§ died September 20, 1858,

in Trowbridge, Pa. ; married , 1817. in Kennebec county. Me., Hannah

Brown, born July 13, 1786, in Kennebec county; died May 3, 1859, in

Henry P. Trowbridge was brought by his father to Shelburne, Vt. "In his
youth intended to become a physician, but when he began the study of medicine
he discovered that his sense of smell was impaired, so he had to give it up, and
returned to his home in Shelburrie."§ He was elected hayward there in 1810.
He is said to have served in the War of 1812, under a Captain Gleason. After
tlie war he went to Kennebec county. Me., and settled near the town of Clinton.
He married, and followed his trade of a painter there until 1850. In that year
he and his wife and daughters returned with his son to Trowbridge, Jackson
township, Tioga county, Pa., where his son had established himself two years
before, and where Mr. Trowbridge passed tlie remainder of his life.

children born in CLINTON, ME. :

i. Elvira, b. , 1819 ; m. Thom.ns McKibbin of Trowbridge, Pa.

ii. Hannah, b. , 1821 ; m. William Gilbert of Canton Center, N. Y.

iii. Lucy, b. , 1823 : m. Samuel Sanford of Bath, Me.

305. iv. Henry, b. June 29. 1824.

v. Eliza, b. , 1825 ; d. Jan. 20, 1892, in Canton Center ; unm.

vi. Daniel, b. , 1828 : d. in infancy.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.
t Descendants failed to answer the compiler's letters.

+ Her daughter Roxa (Mrs. Edward P.ichardson of Kingston. Ontario. Can.) is the authority
for this family register.

§ By family record of his eldest grandson.


177. Henry TRowBRincE (DavicP^". John^'^-. Jomes^"'^, 'William^'"', Thomas^),
bom September 1, 1776, in Hatfield, JIass. ; died December 5, 1844, in Albany,
N. Y. ;* married , 180- ?, in , N. Y. ?, Louise .

Henry Trowbridge when a young man eame to Utica, N. Y., where he built
and opened a tavern on the comer of Hotel and Liberty streets. After conduct-
ing it for a few years, he removed to Albany. N. Y.f "On September is, 1800,
he advertised a museum there, believed to have been the foundation of the Albany
Museum.":]: He continiied managing his museum for many years. In 1824 he
was treasurer of the Bible and Prayer Book Society of Albany. He resided in
that city until his death.


i. Cath.\ri?\-e W., b. , 180- ; m. Dec. 14, 1829, William Marvin Gregory

of Alban.v, N. Y.

178. Stephen Trowbridge (7.s(7(7c"', John^'-", James^"^, William^'"'. Thomas^),
born June 17, 1773, in Danbury, Conn. ; died December 14, 1860, in Providence,

K. I.; married, first, , 1816?, \ — .|[ He married, second,

Sarah Soules of Little C'onipton, R. I.

Stephen Trowbridge learned the hatter's trade from his father, and was in
business with him in Xew York City. About 1830 he removed to Providence,
E. L, and was engaged in the hat business in that city until his death.

Bi/ first marriage:**

306. i. WiLLiAJi b. ,Ian. 10, 1810.

179. Joseph TROWBRrocE (Isaac''-", JolnV-' - , James^"^. IFi'ZZtam""'. Thomas'').

bom May 19, 1780, in Danbury, Conn.;it died , 1808.§§ in New York

City; married May 19, ISOO, in Danbury, Hanimh Benedict, daughter of Joshiua
and Ruth (Westcott) Benedict, born May 4, 1781, in Danbury. She married,
second, Benjamin Stiles of Xew York City and Clarksfield, Ohio, and died June
16, 1824, in Clarksfield.

Joseph Trowbridge was in the hat business with his father until the latter's
removal from Danbury, Conn. He followed his father to New York, and kept
the "Bull's Head" tavern in that city, a famous hotel for cattlemen in that day.


307. i. Joshua Benedict, b. Feb. 2.j. 1801.

ii. Rebecca?, b. , 1803; fl. a .young girl.

180. James Trowbridoe (S/fphen''''-. Samuel". Sami(el'"\ ]yiIUam">'>.
Thomas'), born August 28, 1749, in Bethel, Conn.; died May 1, 183C, in Bethel;
married, first, January 1, 1771, in Bethel, Abigail Davis, daughter of Eliakim

* The will of Henry of .Albany, dated Sept. 5, 1844. pi-oved Feb. 10, 184.5. leaves
all his property to his wife Louise, to go .it her death to daughter Catharine W. Gregory and

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