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Henry Trowbridge Gregory eiinally. [Albany Surrogate Records, vol. 12, p. 276.] The maiden
name of his wife is given Lucy bleach in one family record.
t "Pioneers of Utica. N. Y.," p. 174.
t Munsell's "Annals of Alban.v." vol. 5. p. 21.

§ It is supposed from Ills will ; no children by "\A'oodbridge Genealogy."

11 "Hiss Dayton" by "Trowbridge Family," which is in error in this branch of the family
and may be in this instance as well.
** No children by second marriage.

tt His widow is the authority for this family register. Sec abstract of the will of his grand-
father, page 142. footnote ♦.

tt Mr. Henry B. Betts of Danlnu-y. whose grandfather was a step-son of No. 17i). i. is the
authority for this family register.

§§ Administration was granted on his estate .Tune 27. 1808. [New Y'ork City Surrogate
Records.] The "Trowbridge Family" states that No. 179 m. Oct. 15. 180G. Polly Wakely.
(See footnote to No. 226.)


and Elizabeth ( ) Davis?, boni January 1, 1753, in Bethel?; died June

9, 1818, in Bethel. He married, second, Mrs. Rebecca Elwell, who died February
1, 1844, in Bethel, aged G7.

James Trowbridge settled as a farmer in his native jilac-e, the parish of Bethel
in the town of Danbury, Conn., and was a considerable land owner at Grassy
Plain. He was a member of the Episcopal church, and a highly respected citizen.


By first marriage:*

308. i. Jabez, b. Mar. 2, 1772.

ii. Esther, b. Oct. 22, 1774 ; m. Nov. 1, 1792, Dea. Micajah Iloyt of Bethel.

309. iii. Eliakim Davi.s, b. Juue 21, 1770.

iv. DiLLA, b. Jan. 25, 1778; m. July 24, 1799, Benjamin Hoyt of Bethel.

V. Elizabetu, b. Apr. (j, 1782 ; m., 1st, Jesse Beers ; lu., 2d, Michael Russell of

New York City,
vi. lEA, b. Aug. 4, 1783 ; d. Jan. 22, 1808, in Bethel ; unm.

181. Samuel Trowbridge {Stephen'^''-, Samuel^'-'-^ Samuel'"*, WilHam'^''".
Thomas^), born March 19, 1752, in Bethel, Conn.; died February 15, 1845, in
Newtown, Conn. ; married May 31, 1779, in Newtown, Mary Turner, born March
21, 1754, in Newtown; died January 22, 1841, in Newtown.

Samuel Trowbridge lived lor a time at Grassy Plain in his native place, the
parish of Bethel in Danbury, Conn. He settled after his marriage in Newtown,
Conn., where he resided the rest of his life. He was a blacksmith by trade, and
was also occupied to some extent with farming.

children born in newtown, conn. :

i. Sarah, b. Apr. 19, 1790; m. William C. Hawley of Newtown.
310. ii. Jeremiah Turner, b. June 25, 1792.

182. Stephen Trowbridge {Stephen^''-, Samuel^'^^, Samuel'^''*, William'^'"',
Tliomas'), born January 18, 1750, in Bethel, Conn.; died November 5, 1841, in
PougUieepsie, N. Y. : married June 27, 1781, in Danbury, Conn., Elizabeth
Barnum, daughter of Eliphalet and Elizabeth (Benedict) Bamum, born Novem-
ber 22, 1761, in Danbury; died April 20, 1822, in North East, N. Y.

Stephen Trowbridge at the age of nineteen enlisted in the army in the Revolu-
tion. In his application for a pension he declares that his war service was as
follows : "He entered the service of the United States under the following
named officers and served as herein stated. That at Danbui-y in Connecticut on
first of May 1775, deponent enlisted as a private for seven montlis in a company
of Connecticut militia, commanded by Capt. Noble Benedict, in a regiment
commanded by Colonel Waterbury, and marched from Danbury to Horseneck,
remained there a few weeks, thence went to New York, and encamped and
remained there until some time in July, when they were ordered to Half Moon
Point (now Waterford). Deponent thence went in a company of men detached
forward to mend the road before the main army as far as Fort George ; went
tlienee across tlie lalve and joined the army at Ticonderoga, then commanded by
General Montgomeiy; from thence crossed Lake Champlain to Isle au Noix;
from thence by water to St. John's; there had an engagement with the Indians;
was in the siege of St. John's about six weeks; after taking of St. John's went
to Montreal and was there when that. place was given up to the American army,
and stayed in Montreal until about the 20th of November; on his return home,
was discharged at Fort George and arrived at home on the fifth day of December.

* No children by second marriage.


1775. On the 1st of May, 1776, at Daubury aforesaid, enlisted for eight mouths
in the Connecticut troops in Capt. Gailor Hubbell's company, and marched to
Norwalk, thence to New York and joined the regiment commanded by Colonel
Silliman ; remained in New York until toward the last of July ; thence went
to Long Island ; returned to New York with the array under General Washing-
ton, and was with the army on its retreat from New York to Kingsbridge and
along the North River until the last of December, 1776. when he was discharged
at Tarrytown. Deponent sei-ved under both engagements fifteen months."*'

Although he does not mention tlie following service in his pension application,
he was, without doubt, the Stephen Trowbridge who is on the rolls of the Nintli
Company, 16th Regiment of Connecticut militia, as ensign in May, 1777, and
in Capt. Daniel Hickok's company, of the same, under Col. Nehemiah Beardsley,
in the expedition to Fairfield, Conn., in July, 1770. at the time of Tryon's
invasion. t

Stephen Trowbridge settled in his native town after his marriage, in 1781,
but soon removed from there and settled on a farm in Amenia precinct, Dutchess
county. N. Y. His homestead, built in ISOO, was in North East, one mile south
of Millerton, N. Y. He lived there until March, 1831, when he removed to the
town of Washington in the same county. The closing years of his life were
passed in the neighboring town of Poughkeepsie.


i. Rhes.\, b. .Tilly IT. 1782: m. Feb. 5. ITOn, .Vbraliam Rockee Pugsley of North


ii. Sarah, b. Jan. 20. 1784 ; m. Oct. 29, 1806, Caleb Dakin of Amenia, N. T.

iii. Elizabeth, b. .Tune 12. 1780: d. .Tan. 28, 1828, in North East; unm.

iv. Eliphalet Barnum. b. .Tan. 17, 1780 ; d. Oct. 31, 1702.

311. V. Stephen Barnum. § b. Mar. 39. 1799.

312. vi. Alexander Walstein, b. .Tiily 22, 1803.

183. Abel TROWBRroGE (Seth"^ Samuel"\ Samuen^K ^Yiniam^'">. Thomas^),
bom September 28, 1751, in New Fairfield, Conn. ; died September 23, 1815, in
Great Bend, Pa.; married January 1, 1777, in New Fairfield?, Anna Mosier, born
December 28, 1753, in New Fairfield?; died March 10, 1832, in Great Bend.

Abel Trowbridge was a soldier in the Revolution. His name appears in the
roll of Capt. Peter Penfield's company in the 16th Regiment of Connecticut
militia, Col. Nehemiah Beardsley, in the expedition to Fairfield and Norwalk,
Conn., in July, 1779. ||

He was engaged in farming in his native town. New Fairfield, Conn., until
about 1785, when he removed to Albany county, N. Y. He settled on a farm in
that part of Coxsackie which became the town of Cairo. Greene county, about
twelve miles from Catskill Landing. In the spring of 1813 he removed with his
family to Great Bend. Susquehanna county. Pa., where he died two years later.


i. Mehitable, b. Nov. 28, 1777 ; m. . 1791, Walter Munson of Orange. Pa.

ii. Polly, b, Dec. 1. 1770: ra. Sept. 11. 1797, Abel Blackmar of Newark, N. Y.
iii. Sally, b. Sept, 30, 1781: m. Feb. 19. 1801. Peter Ivrura of Cherry Valley.

iv. Anna. b. Jlay 9, 1783: Thomas Smith of Freehold?. N. Y,

• U. S. Pension Office Records ; "Connecticut in the Revolution," p. 68 ; "History of Dan-
bury." p. 57.

t "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections." vol. S. p. 100.
J. i born in Bethel. Conn. : the others in North East, N, Y.

§ His daughter Miss Eliza Trowbridge is the authority for this family register.
II "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections," vol. 8, p. 100.
•• i-iv born in New Fairfield, Conn. : the others in Cairo (then a part of Coxsackie), N, Y,
His grandson Edward N. Trowbridge contributed this family register,
tt Descendants failed to supply this date.


V. Salmon, b. Nov. !">, ITSfi ; d. Apr. 12, 1808, in Cairo, N. Y. ; unra.

vi. Lucy, b. Sept. 4, 1787 ; ni. Nov. 19. 1812, Luther Jackson of New York Cit.v.

vii. I'HEBE, b. Sept. 3, 171)0; m.* Oliver Trowbridge Hatcbt of Great Bend, Pa.

313. viii. Seeley, b. Aug. 22, 1792.

314. ix. Daniel, b. Oct. 21, 1794.

315. X. AViLLiAM, b. June 1, 1798.

184. Seeley Trowbridge (Seth'^-'\ Samuel'". SamupP''*, William'"*'',

Thomas'), born , 1753, in New Fairfield, Conn.; died , 1804.

in Chatham, N. Y. ;$ married , 1775, in Chatham ?, Margaret Foote,

daughter of Ephraim and Margaret (Smith) Foote.

Seeley Trowbridge settled after his marriage iu the Nine Partners district,
N. Y. He is thought to have removed about 1782 to that part of the original
Albany county, N. Y., which became the town of Chatham, Cohmibia county.
He lived there the remainder of his life. He was a millwright by trade and a
Quaker in religion.


i. LrrnER. b. , 1777: d. , 1811.11 in Claverack, N. Y. ; unm.

310. ii. Calvi.m. b. July 3. 1779.

iii. TiHZAU, b. July 28, 1781; in. Apr. 4, 1808, William Grant of Stillville, N. Y.

iv. Polly, b. , 1783; m. Larrv Patrick of Cayuga county, N. Y.

317. V. Setu, b. , 1787.

818. vi. William (Bille), b. , 1788.

vii. Margaret Foote,** b. June 3, 1700: m. Sept. 20, 1819, Homer Chittenden of
Adams. N. Y.
319. viii. John Foote, b. July 21, 1791.

185. Eli Trowbridge (5e<7i."^ Samuel''-^, Samuel'-o*, William^'>°, Thomas''),

born , 1755, in New Fairfield, Conn.; died , 179-?,tt in

, ; married .:j::l:

Eli Trowbridge settled in New Milford, Conn., where on September 5, 1778, he
bought a dwelling-house and land on the road to Newberry parish, now Brook-
field. He took the freeman's oath at New Milford on September 15, 1778. He
was a soldier iu the Revolution, and was sergeant in Capt. Joseph Smith's com-
pany, 16th Regiment of Connecticut militia, Col. Nehemiah Beardsley, in the
expedition to Fairfield and Norwalk, Conn., in July, 1779. §§ He sold his property
in New Milford on April 15, 1780, and is supposed to have removed to New York
and t« have settled near his brother in Cairo, Greene county.

children II II BORN IN CAIRO, N. Y.?:

320. i. Eli, b. . 1780?.

321. ii. ZiRA, b. Aug. 19, 1785.

* Descendants failed to supply tliis date,
t A son of No, 133, viii.

t His will, "of Chatham." dated Apr. 12. 1S04. proved Nov. 10, 1S04. mentions: "wife
Peggy," and children. Luther, Talvin, Tirzali. I'oIIy. Seth, Bille, Peggy and John. He signed
his name Sceli/ Trowbridge. The older spelling of this name was SceU/c. [Columbia County
Surrogate Records at Hudson. N. Y.l

§ i-iii born in Nine Partners, N. Y. : iv-viii in Chatham. N, Y.

II His will, "of Montgomery Co.. N. Y., now residing in Claverack." dated in Jan., ISll,
proved May 23. 1811, [Columbia County Surrogate Records.]

♦•Her daughter Margaret C. (Mrs, Robert) Bentley of Otsego. Mich,, is authority for this
family register,
tt Before Feb., 1798. when his father made his will,

tt Perhaps she was the "Polly Trowbridge" who "m. Mar, 9, 1797, in New Milford, Nathaniel
Stone of New Milford." This Polly is unknown to the descendants of Daniel Trowbridge
(No. 121) of New Milford, See second paragraph of footnote § under No, 15G,
SS "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections," vol. 8. p. 196.
nil "Two only," wrote No, ii's grandson Mr. William T. Smith of Milwaukee. Wis.


186. Daniel Trowbridgf: (Seth'-'' - , SamueP^ - , Samuel^"*, Willium'^"'',
Thomas'^), born July 1, 1757, in ISTew Fairfield, Cunn. ; died March 14, 1814, iu
Buckland, Mass. ; married January Iti, 1777, iu New Fairfield, Mary Taylor,
daughter of Rev. James and I\Iary (Field) Taylor, born June 29. 175S, in New
Fairfield ; died August 21, 1825, in Buckland.

Daniel Trowbridge while still a boy of seventeen became a soldier in the
Revolution. He enlisted May 9, 1775, in the Ninth <IIompany, Capt. Nehemiah
Beardsley, 5th Regiment, Connecticut Line, Col. David Waterbury.* This regi-
ment was raised at the first call for troops, and marched under General Wooster
to New York and then to the Northern Department. Tie was discharged
September 17, 1775. He re-enlisted June 10, 1770. in Capt. Jonah Benedict's
battalion, Wadsworth's brigade, and served at the defense of Fort Washington.
He was discharged December 25, 1770.+

After his marriage Daniel Trowbridge settled in Deerfeld, Mass., where he
lived at the ''Turnip Yard."' About 1784 he removed to Buckland, Mass., where
he resided the remainder of his life. He was a farmer.


322. i. RUFUS, b. Mar. 27, 1778.

ii. TiRZAH, b. .Tiil.v 30, 1770 : m. Feb. 12, 1800, Joel Clapp of Southampton. Mass.
iii. James, b. June 17, 1781 ; A. Nov. 22. 1787.

iv. roLLY. b. Mar. 10, 1783; m. Jan. 5. 1805. David ritcher of Martinsburgli,
N. Y.

Betset, b. Jan. !•. 17S.'> ; m. , 1807. Joseph Torivv of Southampton.

Electa, b. Feb. 19. 1787 ; d. Mar. 21, 1788.

James Taylor, b. Mar. 4. 1789.

Samuel Epward, b. Feb. 4, 1792.

Electa, b. Mar. 7. 1794; d. Sept. 12. 1795.

Daniel, b. Feb. 17. 1790.

Silas Fairchild, b. JIar. 14, 1798.

Dorothy ( Dolly i. b. Feb. 8, 1800; ra., 1st, , 1822, Rev. Lewis Covell

of Rochester, N. Y. ; m.. 2d, Mar. — , 1836, Arvin Nash of Goshen, Mass.

187. Maj. Olfver Trowbridge (Sefh'^"'^, Samuel"^, SamueP"*, William'^'"',

Thomas'^), born December 11, 1759, in New Fairfield, Conn.; died ,

IS — , in Castle Creek, N. Y. ; married January 11, 1780, in New Milford, Conn.,
Anna Noble, daughter of Gideon and ]\Iartha (Prime) Noble, born September — ,
1701, in New Milford. She married, second, Luther Mason, and died May 11,
1835, in Great Bend, Pa.

Oliver Trowbridge enlisted from his native town in the army in the Revolu-
tion. He was in Capt. Peter Penfield's company in the 10th Regiment of
Connecticut militia. Col. Nehemiah Beardsley, iu the ex]iedition to Fairfield and
Norwalk, Conn., in July, 1779. §

In 1780 he is supposed to have removed with his brother Eli to a farm near
the present town of Cairo, Greene county, N. Y. In 1790 he removed with his
family to Great Bend, Susquehanna county. Pa. '"That year Horatio Stroiig
had a license to keep a tavern. He had only a log house. This it appears was
purchased by Oliver Trowbridge, who built in 1797 a frame part to it. An vipper
room was used by a Masonic lodge, and the walls of it were papered, the first
instance of a papered room in the county. He was licensed in 1801."||

* "Connecticut in the RevoUition," p. 70.

t Ditto, p. 422.

X i-iv born in Deerfield. Mass. ; tlip otliors in Buckland. Mass.

§ "Connecticut Historical Society's Collections." p. lOG.

II "History ot Susquehanna County, Pa."













Oliver Trowbridge was known in Great Bend as "Major Trowbridge." He was
elected supervisor of Great Bend (then Williugborough) in 1797. In 1800 he
was collector of state revenue for that place and Nine Partners. About this time
he was one of the petitioners for a road from Eed Eock by the river to the north
line of the state. lie later located on Section 4 of what was called "The Fan,"
just outside of Great Bend borough and extending about two miles on the river.
He died from injuries in lifting a big stone in the Susquehanna river, and was
buried on his farm in Castle Creek, Broome county, N. Y.

ciiiLnREN :*

327. i. Noble, b. . IISOI.

328. ii. Lyman, b. June 19. 1783.

iii. Betsey, b. , 178.5V; m. Thomas? Hayes of Unadilla, N. Y.

IV. PniLENA, b. Apr. 25. 1788: m. Oct. 5, 1808, William Ruck of Great Bend Pa

329. V. Augustus, b. July 14. 1792.

vi. Sally, b. , 179.5?; m. Thayer of Palmyra. N. Y.

330. vii. Henry, b. July — , 179S.

viii. Orpha, b. , 1800?; m. Allen Upson of Springville, Pa.

188. Abraham TROWBRrocE {J ohn'-'-'* . SamueP", Sainuel^"*, William'°'>,
Thomas'-), born July 7, 1772, in New Fairfield, Conn.; died November 20, 1842,'
in New Fairfield; married February 15, 1795, in New Fairfield, Sarah Osborne,
daughter of Eleazer and Sarah (Burr) Osborne, bom March 6, 1768, in Fairfield.
Conn. ; died January 13, 1865, in New Fairfield.

Abraham Trowbridge was engaged in farming all of his life in his native
town, New Fairfield, Conn. He was admitted a member of the Congregational
church there on December 6. 1795.


1. Hannah, b. Nov. 19, 1795: m. Mar. 28, 1824, William Porter of Stepney,

331. ii. . Barlow Sturges.i b. Nov. 11, 1797.

iii. ABiAn. b. Jan. 10. 1800; d. Jan. 15. 18.59, in New Fairfield ; unm.

iv. Eunice, b. June 19, 1803 ; m. Dec. 13, 1835, Benjamin Porter of Easton, Conn.

V. Sarah, b. Aug. 27, 1805 ; m. Deo. 31, 18.33, Barrett A. Couch of Bethel, Conu.

332. vi. Ephraim Burr, b. Jan. 23, 1807.

vii. Mary, b. Oct. 13, 1808; m. Nov. 20, 1827, William Beers Hawley of New

333. viii. John Stevens, b. Mar. 13, 1811.

189. Keuben Trowbridc;e (John^''^ SamueP'^^. Samuel^"*. William'""',
Thomas'^), born March 30, 1780, in New Fairfield, Conn.; died June 16, 1862,
in New Lisbon. Wis.; married November — , ISOO, in New Fairfield ?,| Susannah
Benedict, daughter of Eleazer and Jerusha (Crosby) Benedict, born April 16,
1784, in Danbury, Conn.; died March 11, 1855, in Chicago, 111.

Eeuben Trowbridge settled in Danbury, Conn., after his marriage. For a
great many years he conducted a stage and goods-wagon route between Danbury
and Ossining, N. Y., making the trip weekly. He was admitted a member of
the King Street Baptist Church in Danbury on October 5, 1816. His wife was
admitted on July 5, 1817. His old age was passed at the homes of several of
tlie children, and he died at the home of one of them.

* Some dates in doubt. If this arrangement is coi-reet, i-ri were born in Cairo N Y (see
footnote to 183) ; the others in Oreat Bend, Pa.

t His daughter Mrs. Maria T. Gilbert of Danbury. Conn., is the authority for this family

t Recorded thus in New Fairfield Congregational Church Records.




334. i. Truman, b. Apr. 27, 1802.

335. ii. Alvah, b. Nov. 27, 1803.

iii. Electa, b. Jan. 20, ISOG ; m. Jan. 30, 1825, Francis C. Sherman of Newtown.

iv. Salome, b. July 2. 1808 : tl. in infancy.

V. Elvira, b. Nov. 14. ISOO ; cl. Apr. 21, 18.33, in Danbury ; unm.

vi. Almeda, b. Nov. 27, 1811 ; m. Jan. 18, 1829, Cliarles A. Jolinson of New Lis-
bon, Wi.s.

vii. Sarah, b. Nov. 29, 1813 ; d. in infancy.

viii. Sarah Maria, b. Feb. 5, 1815 ; m. Dec. 24, 1835, Thomas Shergold of Chicago,

ix. Jerusha, b. Nov. 29, 1810 ; m. Jan. 12, 1840, Harrison* H. Husted of Chicago.

336. X. Eleazer Benedict, b. Deo. 20, 1818.

xi. Mary, b. Feb. 3, 1821 : m. Aug. 10, 1S3G, Peter L. Updike of Chicago.

xii. Eliza Moore, b. Mar. 27, 1823 ; m. Dec. 25, 1845, David Augu.stus Foote of

xiii. Patience, b. Dec. 29, 1824 ; d. Mar. 1. 1833.

xiv'. Jane, b. Nov. 29. 1827 ; m. Horatio .Tames and resides in Michigan City, Ind.t
XV. Ira, b. Dec. 12, 1829 ; d. Feb. 13, 1855, in Chicago ;' unm.

190. Alvaii Trowbridge (Bilhj"'-, SamueP^\ Samuel'-''*, WilUam^"".
Thomas'^), born September 4, 1779, in New Fairfield, Conn.; died June 10, 185C,
in South East, IST. Y. ; married November 30, 1707, in Carmel,. N. Y., Sally
Crane, daughter of Judge John and Tamar (Cari)enter) Crane, born Juno 27,
1780. in Carmel; died April G, 1S33, in South East.

Alvah Trowbridge after his marriage settled on a farm in Cannel, N. Y. He
was a soldier in the War of 1812, according to family records. About 1830 he
removed to South East, N. Y., where he passed the remainder of his life. He
was a member of the Gilead Presbyterian Church in Mahopac, N. Y.


Phineas Beardslet. b. Dec. 4, 1798.

Adah Zillah, b. Oct. IS, 1800; m. Nov. 23, 1820, Levi Knox of South East,

N. Y.
Allerton Montgojiery, b. Feb. 24. 1,803.

Aralinda, b. Feb. 26, 1805 : m. Nov. 19, 1828, Orrin Richards of South East.
William Crane, b. Apr. 15. 1807.
vi. Cornelia Ann, b. Nov. 8, 1809: m. Feb. IS. 1846, Reynolds Piatt (belowK
vii. Arabella Caroline, b. June 28. 1812; m. Feb. 24, ia36, Reynolds Piatt of

North Castle, N. Y.
viii. Sarah Belden, b. Mar. 21, 1821 ; m. Oct. 21, 1840, David Baldwin Rogers
of New Fairfield, Conn.

191. Billy Trowbridge (Billy'^-'\ Saniuel'^^, SamueP"*, WilUatn'°'>, Thomas^),
bom March 26, 1781, in New Fairfield, Conn.; died May 8, 1854, in Syracuse,

N. Y. ; married , 1802, in Colerain, Mass., Polly Stewart, daughter of

John and Ajin (McClellen) Stewart, born March 16. 17S2, in Colerain; died
December 4, 1859, in Syracuse.

Billy Trowbridge accompanied his parents when they emigrated from Carmel,
N. Y., and, after his father's death while on the trip, he continued on with his
mother to Truxton, Cortland county, N. Y. He settled in Truxton and lived
there forty-nine years. He represented the county in the New York Assembly
for three consecutive sessions, and was appointed to positions of high responsi-
bility and honor in various departments of business and civil life. He was an
intimate friend of Gov. De Witt Clinton, who frequently consulted him on tie
subject of building the Erie canal.

• 'William H. in Danbury Town Records.
t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.










111 1846 he removed t» Syracuse, N. Y., where lie resided the remainder of
his life. lie was engaged for many years in the milling business, in which he
was highly successful. lie afterward was owner and president of a jjlank road
company, and managed most of its business himself. He was a member of the
First Presbyterian Church in Syracuse.


i. Alvah, b. Feb. 7, 1803 ; d. Fob. 10, 181.3, in Truxton ; unm.

340. ii. John, b. Api-. 22, 1805.

341. iii. Levi, b. May 8, 1807.

342. iv. Samuel, b. Sept. 14, 1809.

343. V. Hubbard, b. Jan. 17, 1818.

344. vi. Smitu, b. May 12, 1819.

vii. RnoDA Ann, b. Mar. 3, 1822; m. Aug. 28, 1843, Edward H. Babcock of Syra-
cuse, IS'. Y.
viii. William La Fayette, b. May 3, 182."); d. Sept. 2, 1833.

192. Lkvi Trowbridge (Billy'^-'", Samuel^", iSamneP"*, William'^'"', Thomas'^).
born February 16, 1783, in New Fairfield, Conn. ; died September 28, 1846, in
LeKoy, III; married February 26, 1805.* in Fabius, N. Y., Abigail Smith,
born January 19, 1782, in Bennington, Vt. ; died August 26, 1839, in Fayette
county, Ind.

Levi Trowbridge came in boyhood with his mother to Truxton, N. Y. After
his marriage he settled in Trumansburgli, N. Y., and ongiiged in farming.
Family records show that he served in the War of 1812, and that in 1814 he was
a captain of infantry in the army which operated against the British forces on
the Canadian frontier. A descendant wrote the following anecdote about him
while he was in this campaign. "Wliile he was in camp, three men were killed
on picket duty. He took that position, and while on post heard a noise, and it
being too dark for him to see the object which caused it, he waited until it came
closer and fired, killing an Indian. I'he guards had been stabbed in the back
by Indians, who had then crept on. He was promoted for this service. Hi.s
friends always spoke of him as "Major Ti-owbridge,' but his letters that I have
are addressed to him as Col. Levi Trowbridge."t

Colonel Trowbridge removed to Indiana in the fall of 1825 and settled near
what is now the town of Harrisburgh in Fayette county. He was there engaged
in farming and horse raising until a few years before his death, which occurred
at the home of his son Doctor John in LeRoy, 111. He and his wife were
members of the Baptist church, and he was a Royal Arch Mason.

children born in TRUMANSBU8GH, N. Y. :t

i. Polly, b. Aug. 24, 1805; m. Aug. 23, 1827, William Winans Thomas o£ Harris-
burgh, Ind.
ii. Sally, b. .Jan. 1, 1807: m. Lester Ellis of Alexandria, Ind.

345. iii. Billy Smith, b. Aug. 22, 1808.

iv. Franklin Young, b. Sept. 5, 1810; a physician; d. June 23, 1831, in Leba-
non, Ohio : unm.
340. v. John DeMott. / twins,

vi. A son, f 1). Aug. 28, ISIO; d. Aug. 29, 1816.

vii. Samuel, b. Jan. 4, 1818; d. Oct. 4, 1821.

347. viii. Edwin Nestor, b. Mar. 19, 1824.

348. ix. Silas Thompson, b. Feb. 19, 182G.

193. Samuel Trowbridge (Billy^''^, Samnel^^K SamueP"*, William'-'''',
Thomas'"), born December 1, 1788, in Carmel. N. Y. ; died September 19. 1817,

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