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II No children by first marriage.
•* Relatives failed to answer the compiler's letters.


-11. Juiix Trowbridge (Joseph^*-, David"^, Joseph^"'^, William^'"', Thomas^),
born March 2, 179(i, in Catawissa, Pa.;* died July 22, 1873, in Poplar Kidge,t
Ohio; married:): March 15, 1819, in Sonora, Ohio, Margaret Harmon, daughter
of Henry and Mary (Wilde) Harmon, born August 25, 1798, in Staunton, Va. ;
died November 10, 1891, in Poplar Eidge.

Jolm Trowbridge was a soldier in the War of 1812. He enlisted from his
native place as a substitute for one Foster Williams, February 10, 1814, and
served in Capt. S. S. Allen's company, 9th U. S. Infantry, and was discharged
at Sackett's Harbor May 17, 1815.§

In 1817 he emigrated to Ohio and became one of the early settlers in what was
then Harrison township, Preble county. He engaged in farming there and was
a hunter and woodsman of considerable fame. About 1832 he removed with his
family to a farm in Poplar Kidge, Darke county, in the same state, where he
resided the remainder of his life. He was supervisor of Van Beuren township
for several years and many of the early roads were constructed by him.

C1IIL[)I!E>' :||

402. i. Henuy Harmon, b. ilar. 25. 1821.

ii. Elizabeth, b. June 20, 3823 ; m. Apr. 0, 1840, lianiel Gower and resides in

Greenville, Ohio,
iii. Sakah, b. Aug. 7, 1825 ; m. Apr. 7, 1847, John Culbertson of Ansonia, Ohio,
iv. Racjiel, b. Nov. 17, 1827 ; m. Sept. 20, 1849, Joseph Gordon Miller and resides

in Greenville.
V. Feeby, b. June 0, 1830; m. Apr. 30, 1851, .Joseph Williams of Arcanum. Ohio.

403. vi. Da\-iij, b. Sept. 10, 3834.

404. vii. Frederick, b. Feb. 14, 183C.

viii. Philip, b. Mar. 24, 1841 ; d. "in tlie sprins of 1857."

405. ix. Simon, b. Feb. 3, 1845.

212.- WiixuM Clark Trowbridge (Joseph^*-. David"^^*, Joseph'^'"^, Williayn^'"',

Thomas'^), born , 1799, in Catawissa, Pa.; died September 1, 1881, in

Twin Creek township, Preble** county, Ohio ; married , 1821, in Cata-
wissa, Elizabeth Hanna, daughter of Jolm Hanna, born , 1800, in

Catawissa ; died April 1, 1874, in Twin Creek.

William C. Trowbridge about 1823 followed his brother to Ohio. He settled
in Twin Creek townsliip, Preble (now Warren) county. He was a farmer all
his life.


406. i. Walter, b. Dec. 2, 1822.

ii. Louisa, b. . 182-?: m. .

iii. JOHK, b. , 1829 ; is a farmer in Warren county. Ohio ; unm.Jt

iv. Phebe, b. .1.82-?; m. .

V. Nathaniel Sharp, b. , 1835; is a farmer in W.irren coimty ;

213. Eli Trowbridge (Samuel^*\ WiUiain'-'': WilUam'o^, Thomas^"^,
William.^'"', Thomas'^), born July 14, 1788. in West Haven. Conn.; died Decem-
ber 24, ISOC, in New Haven, Conn. ; married November 16, 1809, in New Haven,

* By his widow's pension application papers.

t Now Greenville P. O., Darke county.

t Although his widow declared in her application tor a pension th.Tt this was his first

marriage, it is said he maiTied previously in , Pa., and had one child : Charlotte,

b. , 1S16 : m. Ruch and resides in Brookville, Ind. She failed to answer the

compiler's letters.

§ TJ. S. Pension Office Records.

II i-v born in Harrison township. Preble county, Ohio : the others in Poplar Ridge, Green-
ville, Darke county, Ohio.
*• Now Warren.

tt 1 born in Catawissa. Pa. ; the others in Twin Creek township, Ohio.
tX Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


Lue* Wheaton Lines, daughter of Ezra and Lue (Wlieaton) Lines, bom Septem-
ber 28, 1792, in J^ew Ilaven; died January 25, 1858, in New Plaven.

Eli Trowbridge after his marriage settled in Pittsfield, Mass., where he
engaged in the boot and shoe business. He and his wife united with the Congre-
gational church in that town in 1811. The following year he returned to New
Haven, Conn., where lie continued in the same business for over fifty years and
up to his death. "He will be remembered for his kindness and Christian


i. Henry Lines, b. Feb. 28, 1811 ; d. Sept. 2, 1810.

ii. Harriet Wheaton, b. Dec. 11, 1813; m., 1st, Feb. 21, 183G, John Piatt of
Rockford, 111. ; m., 2d, Mar. 12, 1883, Robert Hutchinson Cotton of Rock-

iii. Elizabetu Lue, b. June 5, 1815; d. Feb. IS, 1807, in New Haven; unm.

iv. Henry Lines, b. Apr. 28, 1821 ; was in business with his father ; d. June
21, 1847, in New Haven ; unm.

V. Emily Amelia, b. Oct. 30, 1825; m., 1st, May 3, 1816, Anson T. Chidsey of
East Haven, Conn. ; m., 2d, Apr. 28, 1852, Heman B. Storer of New Haven.
407. vi. George Eli, b. Mar. 15. 1829.

vii. CoRNEUA Augusta, b. Mar. 10, 1834; m. Sept. 11, 1868, Charles B. Crafts
of Stonington, Conn.

214. Thomas Trowbridge (^/lomas"^ WilUam"^, William'^"'^, Thomas^"-,
William'^'"', Thomas^), born April 16, 1787, in New Haven, Conn.; died February

— , 1850, in Chenunig county, N. Y. ; married -, 1813,:): in Litchfield?,

Conn., Sally S. Marsli, daughter of Ashbel and Rachel (Shelter) Marsh, born
, 1791, in Litchfield ; died August 2, 1880, in Plainville, Conn.

Thomas Trowbridge settled in Litchfield, Conn. He served in the War of
1812 at New London, Conn., under Capt. Samuel Waugh from August 3 to
September 16, 1813.§ He was employed in his father's tannery in Litchfield for
some years, and then removed to Chemung county, N. Y.


408. i. John Peck, b. Feb. 13, 1817.

ii. A son, b. , 1819 ; d. in infancy.

215. Elisha Trowbridge {Thomas'-*^, William'-^'', William^o", Thomas^"-
William^''°, Thomas'^), bom April 22, 1789, in New Haven, Conn.; died ■

18 — , in ; married February 4, 1819, in Dutchess county, N. Y.,|| Anna


Elisha Trowbridge settled in Litchfield. Conn. He served in the War of 1812
at Bridgeport, Conn., under Capt. Joseiili H. Bellamy, from April 28 to May 31,
1814.§ He was employed in his father's tannery in Litchfield duriiig his early
manhood. He removed from that town and no further records of him were found.


i. William, b. Oct. 29, 1819; d. Dec. 29, 1891, in Litchfield; unm.

216. James Trowbridge (Thomas'^^^ William'^^^, William'^''^, Thomas'^''-,
William''^'"', Thomas'^), bom October 1, 1794, in Litchfield, Conn.; died June 8,
1841, in I>itehfield; married April 22, 1818, in Litchfield, Lucy Parmelee,

* By family records (correct) ; Louisa in Pittsfield, Mass., Congregational Church Records.

t Except i. wbo was born in Pittsfield, Mass.

t By the Woodruff MS.

§ "Connecticut in the War of 1S12."

II By Litchfield Town Records.


daughter of Amos and Elizabetli (Gross) Parmelee, boru December 27, 179G, in
Litchfield; died February 12, 1875, in Thoraaston, Conn.

James Trowbridge lived all his life in his native village, Litchfield, Conn. He
was a painter by trade.


409. i. James, b. May 11, ISIO.

ii. Helen Elizabeth, b. Dee. S, 1821; m. Oct. 11, 1810, Robert Williams of

iii. IlARiiiET Amelia, b. June 10, 1S2(3 ; m. Nov. 28, 1814, David Moore of Litch-

iv. Mary Jane, b. Sept. 5, 1S2S; in. Oct. 22, 1817, Robert Alcott of Plymouth,

V. Cornelia Eliza, b. June 1.5, 18.".0 ; m. Nov. 21. 1851, George Benjamin Cook
and resides in Winsted, Conn.

vi. Lucy Ann. b. Aug. H>, 1831; m. Sept. o, ISol, Leonard Stoddard and resides
in Tama,* Iowa.

217. Stephen Trowbridge (Thomas'-*'^, William^^'', ^Yilliam'^°'', Thomas'-'*'^,
'William^"", Thomas^), born February 13, 1798, in Litchfield, Conn.; died
September G, 1884, in Litchfield; married, first, August 31, 1823, in Guilford,
Conn., Eliza Hart, daugliter of Dea. Thomas and Mary (Parmelee) Hart, born
March — , 1802, in Guilford; died May 5, 1841, in Litchfield. He married,
second, June 27, 1848, in New Haven, Conn., Grace Ann Umberfield, daughter of
Harvey and Grace (Smith) Umberfield, bom March 12, 1822, in Orange, Conn.;
died December 26. 1873, in Litchfield.

Stephen Trowbridge settled in Litchfield, Conn., his native place, where he was
engaged in the tailoring business. After the death of his father he acquired the
old homestead on West street, where he resided the remainder of his life.

He was appointed a grand juror in 1833, and served on that body three years.
He was elected clerk of the borough in 1842, and held that office four years. In
1854 he was elected town treasurer. He was a justice of the peace for many
years from 1844. He was elected vice-president of the Litchfield Savings Bank
in 1836, and held that oflice two years. He was a member of the First Congre-
gational Church of Litchfield.

children born in LITCHFIELD, CONN. :

By first mnrriage:'\

i. Makia Hall. b. Oct. 20, 1824; m. May IS, 1848, Frederick Goodwin of Stock-
bridge, Mass.

ii. Frederick Hart, b. July 31, 1828; was in the dry goods business in New
York City; d. there July 22, 1854; unm.

iii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Oct. 12, ]S34; m. Apr. 4, ISGl. Samuel Gilbert Dickin-
son and resides in Northampton, Mass.

iv. Julia Caroline, b. July 30, 1837 ; d. ilay 27, 1839.

218. Charles Trowbridge (Thomas^*\ WiUiam^^^ ^Yillia7n^'"^', Thotnas^"-,
William'^''", Thomas'^), born February 1. 1801. in Litchfield, Conn.; died April
7, 1873, in New Haven, Conn. ; married, first, December 31, 1827, in Troy, N. Y.,
Betsey Ann Van Volkenburgh, who died February 20, 1830, in Troy. He
married, second, February 12, 1834, in Troy, Julia Maria Fuller, daughter of
Stephen Chester and Elmira (Moses) Fuller, born April 29, 1813, in Amsterdam,
K Y. ; died July 17, 1894, in New Haven.

Charles Trowbridge learned the trade of a carriage-maker in his native town.
\Vlien a young man he went to Troy, N. Y., where he followed his trade for
several years after his marriage. In 1837 he located in Albany, N. Y., and

♦ Columbia township.

t No children by second marriage.


started in the business of building carriages and wagons. He also built many of
the coaches for the Albany and Mohawk railroad, since merged in the New
York Central. In 1861 he met with business reverses and removed with his
family to New Haven, Conn. There he was engaged again at his trade for
several years. His closing years were passed in the home provided by his
youngest son for his parents in that city.


By first marriage:

i. Thomas, b. Oct. 21, 1S2'.» ; d. July 13, 1S31.

By second marriage:

ii. Arthur William, b. Mar. 4, 1836 : was a lumber surveyor in New Haveu,
Conn., and was considered one of the best mathematicians in the city. He d.
there Feb. 6, 188S ; unm.

iii. Julia Maria, b. Dec. 25, 1838: d. Jan. 25, 1842.

iv. Edward Thomas, b. June 10, 1844 ; came with his father to New Haven and
entered the Pease book store as a clerk. While working for Mr. Pease he
attracted the attention of Matthew G. Elliott, who was then president of
the National Tradesmen's Bank, and he offered the young man a position in
the bank as clerk. He was attentive to business and was well liked and
was promoted to be assistant bookkeeper, in which position he served for a
number of years with high efficiency. He finally gave up his place in tlie
bank to start in the real estate business. At about this time, it is stated,
he was offered a place by Mr. Gage, since secretary of the United States
Treasury, at Mr. Gage's bank in Chicago, but he did not accept, having fair
local prospects. He d. Nov. 12, 1898, in New Haven : unm.

219. IIknry Peck Trowbridge (Thomas^*^ ly^7/wm"^, William""', Thomas^"-,
William^'"', Thomas'"), born July 29, 1803, in Litchfield, Conn.; died August 4,f
1870, in Litchfield ; married July 12, 1841, in Litchfield, Maria Kilbourn, daugh-
ter of Benjamin and Amanda (Millard) Kilbourn, born November 15, 1823, in
Litchfield. Slie married, second, December 9, 1889, in Thomaston, Conn.,
Joseph Howard, and died December 21, 1894. in Thomaston.

Henry P. Trowbridge, as he grew into young manhood, found a desire on the
part of his family that he should study for the medical profession ; but his
plans were made to follow the business of his father in Litchfield. He was a
thrifty yoimg man, and in 1840 he built the house which he and his wife
occupied after their marriage, the following year, and in which he lived until
his death. He assumed the business of his father shortly after the latter's death.

His knowledge of skins and leather was that of a master, and he was the
authority for all Litchfield county and beyond. He was alwa.ys in funds for
buying stock and frequently had a surplus, but he kept everything on the move,
and the market opened for the finished product when it was ready. He was a
good buyer, which meant half sold to him. He added to the structure built up
and left him by his father until there was no more convenient land available in
the rear. He built vats in the open space before the building, which were well
utilized. If a tanner to-day put hundreds of dollars worth of skins and leather
in vat^ outside his building, he would be considered as running some risk. His
method of tanning was bark and cold water pickle, and fine leather was the
result. His leather never came out of the vats for dressing until his individual
eye and his handling assured him it was rightly cured. He was successful from
the beginning and the years during the Civil War and a few years following were
prosperous ones for him.:j:


410. i. George Henry, b. Aug. 4, 1843.

411. ii. Thomas, b. Jan. 17. 1857.

* i-li born in Troy. X. Y. ; iii in Watervleit, N. T. : iv in Albany, X. T.
t By family record and gravestone ( correct i : 3 by town record.
5 No good likeness of Mr. Trowbridge could be obtained.


220. Capt. WiLLiAii Trowbridge {William'^*''', ll'i/Ziani"", WillMm^"^,
Thomas"^"^, William^'"^, Thomas^), bom December 13, 1788, in New Haven,
Conn. ; died January S, 1873, in Southington, Conn. ; married, first, May 30, 1812,
in Aliddletown, Conn., Maria Hall, daughter of Tliomas and Sarah (Robinson)
Hall, born April 16, 1788, in iliddletown ; died :March 23, 1822, in ]\Iiddletown.
He married, second, August 23, 1834, in Southing-ton, Sarali Smith,* who died

, 1843, in Southington. He married, third, December 22, 1844, in

Southington, Anna Smith,'''' born May — , 1780, in Woodbridge, Conn. ; died
February 27, 1864, in Southington.

William Trowbridge settled in Middletown, Conn., where he engaged in
mercantile business with a Mr. \\'hiting. He was a soldier in the War of 1812,
and served under Capt. Laban Smith, probably at Xew London, from June 13 to
August 12. 1814.t He was appointed first lieutenant of the 3d Cavalry Troop in
1815 and captain of the Fourth Company, 1st Connecticut Artilleiy, in 1817.
About 1833 he removed to Milldale in Southington, Conn., where he resided the
remainder of his life.

Captain Trowbridge was admitted a member of the First Congregational
Church of New Haven March 26, 1809, and was dismissed to the church in
Middletown in 1813. He was always careful in his attendance at public worship,
walking for that purpose two and one-half miles to the church in Plantsville,
when over eighty years of age. '"He was a good specimen of the cultured man,
and of the dignity, courtesy and manners of a past generation."

By first marriage:"-
i. Sarah Robinsox, b. May 15, 1S13 : m. Sept. 10, 1834, 'William Ga.ston Fair-
child of New Haven, Conn,
ii. Ann Maria, b. Aug. 7, 1815 ; ni. .Tune 21. 1830. Leander li. Sayre of Middle-
bury, \t., and resides in Rochester, X. X.
iii. Frances Julia, b. Julv 24. 1817 ; d. Nov. 10, 1821.
iv. William Hall, b. Oct. 28. ISIO ; d. Jlay 28. 1822.

221. Stephen" Peck Trowbridge {WdUani^^'^, WiUiam^'^^. 'William'^''^,
Thomas^"-, William^'"', Tliomas^), bom August 28, 1808. in New Haven, Conn.;
died September 8, 1873,§ in Ehnira, N. T. ; married March 22, 1855, in Col-
chester, Yt., Louisa Ann (Chase) Alexander, widow of Asahel W. xVlexander of
Colchester and daughter of Daniel and Sarah Ann (Sanders) Chase, born June
9, 1827, in Shelburne, Vt. She married, third, November 6. 1889, Ephraim
Sa\\-yer Smith of Charleston, N. H., and resides in Rutland, Yt.

Stephen P. Trowbridge learned the tailor's trade in his native town, where he
resided for many years. He is said to have acted as chorister of one of the Con-
gregational churches there for about twenty-five years. He located in Rutland,
Vt., about 1860, and engaged in the clothing business with F. Chafi'ee. He con-
tinued in this connection until about 1872, when, owing to poor health, he took
up outside work and traveled on the road for nearly a year. His death occurred
from pneumonia while on one of his trips.


412. i. William Hall, b. Feb. 12, 1SG2.

222. Edward Eussell Trowbridge (Joseph E^*'. William'^'^^, Willkim'^°^,
Thomas'^"', William^'"', Thomas''), born June 18, 1800, in Skaneateles, N. Y.;
died July 9, 1839, in Cincinnati, Ohio ; married June 18, 1826, in Auburn, N. T.,

* Sisters.

t "Connecticut in the War of 1812."

t No childron by the other marriages.

§ Rutland, Vt., Vital Kecords state his age 64, which his widow wrote was incorrect.


Martha Matilda Allen, born May — , 1812, in Auburn. She married, second,


Edward E. Trowbridge is thought to have been a clerk in the mercantile busi-
ness, first in his native place and later in Cincinnati, Ohio.


i. Jane Russell, b. .Tune 8, 1828; m. .Tan. 7, 1852, Charles Wood Palmer and
resides in Beverly, N. J.

ii. Frederick, b. Feb. 28, 1833 ; d. Nov. 5, 1833.

iii. Fkances Isabella, b. Jan. 12, 1835 ; m. Oct. 18, 1858, Pierre Augustus Par-
sells of New York City.t

223. Morgan Joseph Trowbridge (Joseph E.^", William^^^, William^"'^,
Thomas"-"^, William^'''', Thomas'-'), born December 21, 1808, in Skaneateles,
N. Y.; died June 18, 1881, in Cazenovia, N. Y.; married, first, October 4, 1832,
in Skaneateles, Hannah Piatt, daughter of Daniel and Betsey (Higby) Piatt,
born April 2, 1809, in Milford, Conn.; died August 16, 1843, in Baldwinsville,
N. Y. He married, second, x\ugust 18, 1845, in Augusta, IST. Y., Clarinda Lucas,
daughter of ^Vmaziah and Nancy (Green) Lucas, who died April 8, 1851, in
Cazenovia. He married, third, October 22, 1851, in Fitchburg, Mass., Harriet
Phelps, daughter of Sewall and Catherine (Wright) Phelps, bom May 16, 1817,
in Auburn, N. Y. ; died January 10, 1895, in Syracuse, N. Y.

Morgan J. Trowbridge was a cabinetmaker by trade. He was a member of
the Episcopal Church and was active in church work while residing in
Skaneateles, Baldwinsville and Cazenovia, N. Y., being lay reader in the latter
place for a long time.

cHiwir.EX :§

By first marriar/c:
i. Ann Eliza, b. Sept. 22, 1833 ; ni. Jan. 20, 1874, Augustus Reed and resides

in, East Onondaga P. O., N. Y.
ii. Caroline Simpson, b. Aug. 27, 1.835; m. Oct. 25, 1860, .Joel Perry White of

Cazenovia, N. Y^.
iii. Daniel Platt, b. Dec. 3, 1837 ; served in the Civil War. He enlisted Dec.

12, 1801, in Company B, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry; and d. Feb. 7, 1865, in

La Crosse. Wis. ; unm.
iv. Russell Higbt, b. July 4, 1843 ; d. Oct. 23, 1860, in Skaneateles, N. Y. ; unm.

By second marriage:
413. v. AiiAziAH Lucas, b. Apr. 12, 1847.

By third marriage:
vi. Mary Emily, b. July 29, 1852 : d. Nov. 8, 1852.
vii. Hannah Clara, b. Oct. 11. 1&">3 ; m. June 28, 1876, Edward Clark Hackley

of Cazenovia and resides in Mayfield, Cal.
viii. Harriet Phelps, b. May 30, 1859 ; m. May 17, 1888, Samuel Anderson and

resides in Syracuse.

224. James Troavbridge (,7MS^^(s"^ William^^^ WiUMm^'>% Thomas^^^
William'^^'', Thomas^), born June 27, 1800, in New Haven, Conn.; died
November 26, 1893, in Catskill, N. Y.; married March 5, 1826, in New Haven,

Charity Camion, daughter of James and Mary (Burritt) Cannon, bom ,

1801?, in Stratford?, Conn.; died Eebruary 10, 1860, in Catskill, aged 59.

* "They removed to tlie South, taking her youngest daughter," by No. i.

t i born in Woodstock, Vt. ; il in Skaneateles. N. Y. ; ill in Batavia, N. Y.

t "By "Strong Genealogy," which prints her father's name Joshua Silsbce Trowbridge. Per-
haps Joshua H. was Mr. Chapman's name. The "Trowbridge Family" states that she "married
Robert Bear and went South,"

§ i born in Auburn. N. Y. : ii in Skaneateles, N, Y. ; iii-iv in Baldwinsville, N. Y. ; the
others in Cazenovia, N. Y.


James Trowbridge learned the trade of an umbrella maker and was engaged in
that business on Chapel street in New Haven, Conn., until 1832. He then
removed to Catskill, N. T., to enter the employ of his brother Charles in the
chandlery business. He resided in Catskill the remainder of his life.


414. i. Makcus Hexrt, b. Mar. 20, 1827.

ii. Sarah Rebecca, b. May 19. 1829 ; d. Mar. 18, 1887, in Catskill, N. Y. : unm.
iii. IiiOGENE, b. Jau. 3, 1835 ; d. Apr. 22, 1889, in Catskill ; unm.

225. Charles Trowbridge (Justus"-'', William"^, WilUatn'^'"^, Thomas^"-,
}YilUam^'>'', Thomas'^), born August 28, 1805, in New Haven, Conn.; died
December 21, 1880, in Catskill, N. Y. ; married September 15, 1829, in Coventry-
ville, N. Y., Emily Scott, daughter of Samuel and Melinda (Hurlbut) Scott,
born November 1, 1805, in Coventryville ; died January 15, 1890, in Catskill.

Charles Trowbridge early learned the printer's trade in his native city, New
Haven, Conn., but did not adopt it. Soon after his marriage, in 1829, he
removed to Catskill, N. Y., and bought into a tallow chandlery business there,
in which he continued until his death.

Mr. Trowbridge held various ofSces in Catskill. He had a high reputation
for honor and integrity, and was entrvisted with the settlement of n^any estates.
He was connected with St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Catskill for nearly fifty
j'ears, first as vestryman and afterwards as senior warden.


i. Sarah JIelinda. b. Sept. 23, 1831 ; d. Aug. 10. 1850 ; unm.

ii. Emily, b. June 15, 1834; resides, in Catskill ; unm.

415. iii. Hobart. b. Sept. 1, 1837.

416. iv. Charles, b. Sept. 24, 1840.

V. Caroline Louisa, b. Mar. 8, 1845 ; resides in Catskill ; unm.
vi. Harriet Augusta, b. Apr. 3, 1847 ; resides in Catskill ; unm.

226. James Trowbridge (Johii^*^, Samuel''-''-'', James^''*, James'"', William'^'"',

r/iomasi), bom , 1784, in Woodbury, Conn.; died October 9, 1838, in

Eoxbury, Conn. ; married October 15, 1806.t in New Milford, Conn., Sally
Wakeley, daughter of Thomas and Anne (Smith) Wakeley, born May 5, 1788, in
New Milford ; died June 9, 1840, in Murraysville, Ohio.

James Trowbridge settled in Eoxbury, Conn., where he was engaged in
farming. He was elected a justice of the peace in 1824, and held that office
until his death. He was elected a selectman in 1830 and was chosen first
selectman in 1836.


227. Edmund Trowbridge (John'*", Samuel'^'', James^'>\ James^"^ WillMm^'>'>,
Thomas'-), born December 4, 1786, in Woodbury, Conn.; died July 3, 1873, in
Woodbury; married May 4, 1809, in Eoxbury, Conn., Esther Lavinia Mallory,
daughter of Adna and Hauntal (Ward) Mallory, born September 13, 1790, in
Woodbury; died March 8, 1875, in Woodbui^y.

Edmund Trowbridge came in childhood with his parents to Eoxbury, Conn.,
and lived there the remainder of his life. He was a well-to-do farmer.


417. i. TniLO Mallory. b. Aug. 4. 1810.

418. ii. Charles Samuel, b. Jlay 4, 1812.

iii. Fanny Caroline, b. June 18, 1817; d. Mar. 2, 1803. in Woodbury. Conn.;

iv. Francis Finch, b. Aug. 14, 1830; d. Oct. 5, 1836.

* iii born in New Haven. Conn. ; iii in C.itskill. N. Y.

t On tills date tlie "Trowbridge Family," p. IL'7, states .Toseph Trowbridge (No. 179) m.
Polly Wakeley.


228. John Trowbridge (^John^*^, SamueV", James^"^, James^"^, 'William^'"\
Thomas'^), born November — , 1788, in Woodbury, Conn.; died November 11,
1855, in Rosbury, Conn. ; married November 14, 1808, in Bridgewater, Conn.,
Maliala Thompson, daughter of Samuel and Sally (Leavenworth) Thompson,
born January 27, 17'J0, in Eoxbury; died April 5. 1S55, in Eoxbury.

John Trowbridge was brought in childhood by his parents to Roxbui-y, Conn.,
where he settled and lived the remainder of his life. He conducted an iron
foundry in Eoxbury, where he manufactured plows and other farm implements
and mill gearing. He served as a justice of the peace from 1821 to 1823 and
represented Eoxbury in the Connecticut General Assembly in 1844. He was a
member of Woodbury Lodge, F. and A. M.

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