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i. Eliza, b. Mar. 18, 1814: d. Ma.v -3, 1814.

ii. Maky Ann, b. Apr. 7, 1817 ; m. May 22, 1837, IGnoch Ford of Bridgewater,

419. iii. John, b. Dec. 25, 1819.

iv. Eliza, b. Fob. 5, 1S23 ; m. Apr. 20, ISl,"}, .Tay Gregory and resides in Water-
bury, Conn.

v. George, b. Nov. 18, 1S24 ; d. , 1849, in California ; unm. He went

to California during the mining excitement of 1849 and was never heard of
again after reaching one of the small settlements.

vi. Caroline, b. Jan. 13, 1S28 ; m. Nov. 30, 1S4G, Samuel Thomas and resides in

420. vii. William E.,* b. .Tan. 28, 1830.

229. Cn.\RLES Strong TuowBRrooE (./o/m^'"', Samuel'^'-', James^"^, James^"",
William^'"', Thomas^), born November 19, 1798, in Eoxbury, Conn.; died
September SO, 1885, in Eoxbury; married April 30, 1834, in Eoxbury, Elizabeth
Clark, daughter of David and Marinda (Turrill) Clark, bom January 28, 1812,
in New JVIilford, Conn. ; died December 16, 1896, in Eoxbui-y.

Charles S. Trowbridge lived all his life in his native town. At the age of
fourteen he began work in a saw and grist mill, an occupation which he followed
for twenty-eight years. He tlien bouglit the Weller farm, now occupied by his
youngest son at Weller's bridge in Eoxbury. He gradually added to his farm
until he owned two hundred acres. Much of this land he devoted to general
farming, the remainder being used for grazing cattle, the raising and fattening
of which he made a specialty. He made many changes for the better in the
homestead, built in 1790, enlarging and remodeling the buildings.

Mr. Trowbridge was one of tlie leading farmers of his day, dealing largely in
grain and tobacco, and raising cattle, both for the market and teaming. He was
regarded as one of the most enterprising and successful men in that part of the
county. He made an ample fortune as a progressive and successful farmer, and
filled a prominent position in the community. He was a Democrat in politics
and was elected on tliat ticket to a number of town offices, such as selectman and
a member of the board of relief. He served on the grand jury in 1851 and was
elected town agent in 1865.


421. i. Charles Edwin, b. May 8. 1835.

ii. Mary JIarinda, b. Nov. 20, 1836 ; m. .Tune 3, ISGl, Cyrus Elisba Prindle and

resides in lioxbury.
iii. Esther Elizabeth, b. Oct. 10, 18.38 : d. .Tuly 5. 1842.
iv. .Tames Edward, b. Oct. 18, 1840: d. Feb. 15, 1841.
V. Henry Canfield, b. Dec. 14, 1841: d. Feb. 19, 18.52.

422. vi. Albert .Tob, b. Aug. 14, 1843.

vii. Esther Elizabeth, b. .Tuly 12, 1S45: ra. Oct. 31, 1806, Pliny Horace Squire
and resides in New Milford, Conn.

• Initial only.

i7^uu<^jL> i^^*t/^L^^


viii. WiLLiAJi FuEDEUiCK, b. Mar. 22. 1848 ; lives on liis t'athor's liomcstpail iu
Koxbiiry, Coun., and is a prominent member of the farming community of
that town. lie has made many improvements to the homestead, where he
is now prosperously engaged in general farming, growing a great deal of
tobacco. He also raises cattle, and makes a specialty of fine steers of guo<l
pedigree and well-broken, of which be is a connoisseur and for which he hat^
- taken first premiums at every agricultural fair at which he has e.xhibited.
He is a Democrat iu politics. He is unmarried.

ix. SAR.\n Harriet, b. .lune 2.5, 1850; d. Oct. (>, 1S51.

X. Sarah, b. Feb. 10, ISoo ; m. Sept. 0, 1876, Harvey Thomas and resides in

230. Samuel Trowbiudgu (James^''". Samuel''-^'', James^"^, James"^"^,
William'^'"', Thomas^), bom JcOniiaiy 2r,. 1779. iu Bedford, N. Y.; died April 21,
1853, in Albany, N. Y. ; married Aug-ust 14, 1807, in Albany, Rachel Mabie,
daughter of Albert and Maria (lioagen) Mabie, born October 8, 1781, in Manliu.s,
N. Y. ; died December 31, 1851, in Albany.

Samuel Trowbridge passed the early years of his life iu his native town, Bed-
ford, N. Y. After his marriage he settled in Ossining, N. Y., where he engaged
in the tanning business. The latter years of his life were jjassed iu Albany,
N. Y., where his children resided.

"Samuel Trowbridge was a quiet and very unassuming man. He was a gentle-
man of the old school, very striking in his apiJearance, and a man very much
respected where he lived. I do not think that the doors were ever opened for
service that he did not attend; still, he never unitetl witli any church."*

children born in ossining, n. y. :

i. Elizabeth, b. liar. 5, 1809: m., 1st, July IG. 1825. Samuel I'.elden of Ossin-
ing; m., 2d, June 19, 1830, Henry Burhans Haswell of Albany, N. Y.
ii. Albert, b. Sept. 19, ISIO; d. Jan. ;U). 1S.';5. in Ossining; unm.
iii. Ann Maria, b. Oct. 19. 1812; d. Feb. 18, 18211, in Ossining; unm.

423. iv. Syl\'ester, b. Aug. 17. 1815.

V. James, b. Feb. 1, 1818; entered the employ of Gelston, I^add & Co. in New
York C'it.y. "He was a young man of strict virtue and sterling integrity,
honorable in all his dealings, faithful to every trust, temperate, frugal, of
bland disposition and manner, and untiring industry. With such virtues he
soon recommended himself to his employer, acquired his full confidence, and
at length on Jlay G, 1839. at the early age of twenty-one, he was taken into
partnership in one of the most extensive and valuable stores on Broadway.
He d. Sept. 9, 1839, in New York Citv: num.

vi. George, b. June 8, 1821; d. Oct. 11, 3824.

424. vii. John Harris, b. Nov. 21, 1822.

231. John Trowbridge (James'^", Samuel'^'^', t/dmcs^"'', James^'''^, M'illiam^'"^,
Thomas^), born March 2(3, 1781, in Bedford, N. Y.; died July 28, 1818, in New
York City; married September 6, 1807, in Bedford ?,t Ann Mend, daughter of
ITalsey and Hamtali (Knapp) Mead, born February 9, 1788, in Bedford? ;t died
June 30, 1862, in Brooklyn, N. Y.

John Trowbridge learned the trade of a tanner and shoemaker in his native
village. After his marriage he removed to New York City, where he engaged
in the shoe business, in which he continued until his death.

children born in new YORK CITY :

i. Adelia, ) twins, m. June 5, 1828, John A. Davton of Brooklyn,

N. Y.
ii. Malvina, ) b. May IG, 1808 ; d. May IS. 3808.

iii. Ann Eliza, b. Jan. 17, 1810 ; m. Dec. 13, 1843, Jacob Mathews of New York

• Letter from a descendant.

t Greenwich, Conn. ? Not on record there.



iv. James Harris, b. Apr. 22, 1811 ; d. Aug. 6, 1812.

V. Hannah Mead, b. .July 22, 1812; m. Nov. 1, 1831, Frederick Louis Vultfe of

New York City.

vi. James Harris, b. Aug. 23, 1S13 ; d. Sept. 8, 1814.

vii. William, b. Nov. 23, 1815 ; d. Mar. 11, 1819.

viii. Samuel, b. June 4, 1817 ; d. Mar. 20, 1837, in New York City ; unm.

232. Stephen Trowbridge (Samuel^^''-, Samuel'-'^'', James^"^, James'-''^,
WilUam^o<', Thomas^), born Januai-y 17, 1794, in Bedford, N. Y.; died April 3,
1874, in Monticello, N. Y. ; married, first, December 31, 1815, in Bedford, Milli-
cent Haight, daughter of John and Amy (Parks nee Knapp) Haight, bom
August — , 1793, in Harrison, N. Y. ; died August 25, 1867, in Monticello. He
married, second, November 28, 1868," in Monticello, Mary (Bassett) Hall, widow

of Asa Hall of Monticello and daughter of Epliraim G. and Abigail ? ( )

Bassett, born May 28, 1S09, in Delaware county, N. Y. ; died February 13, 1892,
in Albion, Ind.*

Stephen Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life. After his marriage
he settled at Cross River, near South Salem, N. Y., where he resided about ten
years. In 1826 he removed to a farm near Monticello, Sullivan county, X. Y.,
where he resided the remainder of his life.

By first marriage :i

425. i. Benjamin Haight, b. Nov. C, 1816.

ii. Jane Haight, b. Oct. 5, 1818; m. Dec. 6, 1838, Cornelius Hatch of Monticello,

N. Y.
iii. Elizabetu, b. Jan. 10, 1S21 ; d. Jau. 24, 1821.

426. iv. John Jay, b. Oct. 1, 1822.

V. Minerva, b. Jan. 23, 1827 ; m. Aug. 12, 1852, John H. Divine of Ellenville,

N. Y.
vi. Indamora, b. Dec. IS, 1832 ; m. July 10, 1860, George Bronson Hamilton and

resides in Dubuque, Iowa,
vii. George Henry, b. Apr. 11, 1837 ; d. Oct. 26, 1855.

233. James Harvey Trowbridge {SamueP'-'^, SamueP^'', James'"'^, Janics^°^,
^yillia7n^'">, Thomas^), born October 21, 1795, in Bedford, N. Y.; died March 10,
1849, in Bedford ; married September 9, 1818, in Bedford, Eliza Canfield, daugh-
ter of Amos and Theodosia (Palmer) Canfield, born January 9, 1800, in Bedford ;
died January 21, 1890, in Bedford.

James H. Trowbridge settled as a farmer in his native village, Bedford, N. Y.,
and lived there all his life. He was a prominent member of the Presbyterian
church in Bedford.


427. i. Isaac Lewis, b. Feb. 6, 1820.

428. ii. James Hartoy, b. Apr. S, 1822.

iii. George Henry, b. 5Iar. 15, 1824 ; d. Aug. 5. 1824.

iv. Elizabeth Canfield, b. Dec. 23, 1828; m. Feb. 20, 1850, Arden V. Canfield
of Bedford.

234. Henry Tr(jwbridge (SamueP'^'^, SamueP'^', James^"^. Jnmes''°^,
WilUam^oo, Thomas^), born September 28, 1797, in Bedford, N. Y.; died May 25,
1859, in New York City; married February 28, 1829. in New York City,
Charlotte Purdj', daughter of Ebenezer and Eunice (Purdy) Purdy, bom
January 1, ISOS, in New York City; died January 10, 1894, in Brooklyn, N. Y.

• At the home of a sister.

t i-iv born in Salem. N. Y. ; the others in Monticello. N. Y.

X No children by second marriage.


Henry Trowbridge removed to New York City in 1816. He entered upon a
business career, and in due time he established himself in the dry goods busi-
ness, in which he was uniformly prosperous until his deatli. His firm was first
established under the name of Trowbridge & Nichols, which in 1814 became
Henry Trowbridge & Co. and five years later Henry Trowbridge.

Mr. Trowbridge was one of tlie first directors of the Tradesmens Bank, Chat-
ham square, in 1845, and hold several private positions of trust for individuals
and estates. "In purity of character and Christian benevolence, none stood
higher, either in social or business life."


429. i. Henry, b. Dec. 9, 1820.

ii. Sarah Thomson, b. Mar. 15, 1S31 ; m. May 8, 1850, Samuel Dlackwell Bar-
tow and resides in Fitchburg, Mass.

iii. Helena Loundes, h. Aug. 22, 1832; d. Oct. 11, 1003, in Tlainfield, N. J.;

430. iv. William Staples, b. Nov. 8, 1834.

431. v. Miner, b. Sept. 12, 1840.

235. Jekejuau Trowbiudge {SamueV'^'^, Samud"', James'^'"^, James^"',
William^'"'. Thomas^), born March 12, 1801, in Bedford, N. T.; died March 13,t
1843, in Bedford; mamed November 30, 1825, in Bedford, Harriet Fountain,
daughter of Kev. Ezra and Jenisha (Tyler) Fountain, born March 18, 1804, in
Bedford ; died December 9. 1SS9, in , N. J.

Jeremiah Trowbridge lived the life of a well-to-do farmer in liis native town,
Bedford, N. T. He was a member of tlie Methodist church in that place.


i. Ann Augusta, b. May 24, 1827 ; m., 1st. Feb. — , 1840, Frederick Requa
Vredenburgli of Ossining, N. Y. ; m., 2d, Isaac Carpenter.

ii. Clarissa, b. , 1820 : m., 1st, Underwood ; m., 2d, , 1851,

M. Clement Toe (below).

iii. Julia, b. , 1830 ; m. , 1848, i\I. Clement Yoe.

23(5. Alexander Trowbridge (SamiicU^'^, Samuel'-''-'', James^"^, James'"^,
^Yilliam'-<"', Thomas''), bom March 15, 1803, in Bedford, N. T.; died February
17, 1868, in Haverstraw, N. Y. ; married October 30, 1828, in North Castle,
N. Y., Elizabeth Heusted, daughter of David Dayton and Abigail (Waring)
Heusted, born August 30, 1807, in North Castle; died January 22, 1888, in

Alexander Trowbridge after his marriage settled as a famier near Cross Biver,
Westchester county, N. Y. In 1840 he removed to Peekskill, N. Y., where he
resided until witliin a few yeai-s of his dcatli, which occurred in Haverstraw,
N. Y.

Mr. Trowbridge at an early age became a member of the Presbyterian church
in Bedford, and on his removal to Peekskill became a member of the First
Presbyterian Church of that town. He was an earnest and devoted Christian,
and an active member of his church, in which he held the office of elder.


i. Emily Lucinda, b. Aug. 26, 1829 ; m. May 5, 18.50, .ludge Jackson O. Dykman

of White Plains, N. Y.
ii. Clarissa Amanda, b. Jan. 28. IS.''.] : in. \ua. 22, 1860, Michael Allison Archer

and resides in Haverstraw, N. Y.
iii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. May 18, 1838 ; m. Sept. 27, 1859, Francis Briggs and

resides in Brooklyn, N. T.
iv. Julia Kent, b. Sept. 7, 1853 ; is an authoress ; resides in White Plains ; unm.

* Except iii, who was horn in White Plains, N. Y.

t By Westclicster Surrogate Records: 10 by gravestone.

t Except iv, who was born in Peekskill, N. Y.


237. Edwin Tkowbridge (5a»M{eP^S Samiiel^^'', James^"", James^"^,
^YilUam^'"', Thomas^), bom May 15, 1S12, in Bedford, N. Y.; died July 18, 1873,
in Bedford ; married, first, JSTovember 29, 1844, in Bedford, Lavinia Mead,

daug-hter of Zadoc and Nancy (Knapp) Mead, born , 1815, in Katonali,

N. Y.; died July 6, 1859, in Bedford. He married, second, October 10. 1860, in
Bedford, Mary Jane Scofield, daughter of Neheiniah and Hannah (McCormack)
Scofield. born May 9, 1827, in Pound Eidge, N. Y. ; died November 8, 1876, in

Edwin Trowbridge was born and lived and died in the old Trowbridge home-
stead one mile east of Bedford village, Westchester county, N. Y.. and was an
energetic and prosperous fanner. He was a member of the Bedford Presbyterian

CH1LD1^E^' HORN in IlEOTORD, N. Y. :
By first marriage:*
i. Emma Lavinia, b. Jan. 2."), 18.50; d. Dec. l.j, 1001, in Cross River, N. Y. ;

ii. Hei^n, b. Oct. 10, 18r)5 ; m. Dec. 8, 187."), George Wasliinglon Reynolds and
resides in Cross River.

238. Samuel Raymond Tkowbridge (Samuel^^'^, Sam.uel'^", James^"^, James^"^,
William'-''", Thomas'), born April 15, 1819, in Bedford, N. Y.; died May 17,
1882, in New York City; married March 11, 184;i, in New York City, Cornelia
Anne Oliver, daughter of Thomas and ]\Iary Anne (Davie) Oliver, born Novem-
ber 8, 1823, in New York City; died March 26, 1907, in New York City.

Samuel K. Trowbridge in early manliood went to New York City and entered
on a mercantile career. He was for a long time in the employ of A. T. Stewart,
when the latter's store was on the corner of Broadway and Chambers street. He
was later in business for himself.

Mr. Trowbridge resided in Brooklyn during most of his business life. He was
a member of Holy Trinity Church in that city, and was later warden of the
Church of the Evangelists, which afterwards united with St. John's Church.


i. Charlotte Purdy, b. Mnr. 9, 1844; resides in Xew Yorlf City; unm.

ii. EuzA Van Arsdale, b. July 6. 184.5; m. July 3. 1879, Frank Chauncey Mark-
ham and resides in New York City.

iii. Mary' Louise, b. Feb. 28, 1847 ; m. Nov. 5, 1873, Francis Irving Morris of
New Y'ork City.

iv. Stella Carlton, b. Jan. 3, 1S49 ; d. Oct. 27, 190.">, in New York City ; unm.

V. Ada, b. Aug. 23, 18.53 : d. Feb. 24. 1859.
432. vi. Samuel Raymond, b. Jan. 6. 1863.

239. Ei.iHU Trowbridge (Philemon'^-, Josei)h"^, Isaac'"^, James'"^,
WilUam'"°, Thomas'), born January 11, 1776, in Southbury, Conn.; died May
7, 1815, in Clinton, N. Y. ; married October 18, 1802, in Southbury, Lois Curtis.

Elihu Trowbridge soon after his marriage settled on a farm in Clinton,
Oneida county, N. Y. He served in the War of 1812. On June 26, 1813, he was
bi-evetted lieutenant of a troop of cavalry raised in that county under Capt. San-
ford Tracy, and which wa.s later organized into a company of horse artillery to
be used under Lieut. -col. James Lynch of the cavalry.:}:

children born in clintox, n. y. :

i. Maria, b. , 1S04; d. , 1S[S-?], in Auburn, N. T.?; unm.

ii. Corneua, b. , 1812 ; d. Oct. 17, 1806, in Clinton ; unm.

• No children by second marriage.

t i-iii born in New York City ; the others in Brooklyn, N. Y.

* "Military Papers of Gov. D. T. Tompkins." vol. 1. p. 444.

OEN. CVItl.S ruoWliltlDUE.


2-1:0. Gen. Cyrus Trowbridoe (Philemon''' - , Jvseph^^^, Isaac^"", James'"'-',
William'""', Thomas^), born June 10, 17S(>, in Southbury, Conn.; died January
01, 1801, in Lockport, N. Y. ; married January 5, 1)^12, in Albany, N. Y., Nancy
Whipple, daughter of Benjamin and Susamia (Hall) Whipple, born December
8, 1784, in Albany; died August 27, 18&0, in Lockport.

Cyrus Trowbridge caxue in childliood with his parents from Connecticut to
Clinton, Kirkland township, Oneida county, N. Y. After his marriage he
settled in Lowville, Lewis county, N. Y.

In the June succeeding his marriage war with Creat Britain was declared, and
he enlisted in the army. He was appointed lieutenant of Capt. Caleb S. Clark's
company, 101st Kegiment of New York militia. Col. Zebree Carter. Captain
Clark resigned his commission, and Cyrus Trowbridge then took command of the
company as its captain, under his lieutenant's commission. He was in actual
service as eonimauder of the company from March 1 to March 21, 1813, when he
was honorably discharged at Brownsville, N. Y. He was also in actual service
as commander of the same company in the same regiment under command of
Colonel Buck from July 30 to August 22. 1814, at Sackett's Harbor, N. Y., being
honorably discharged at that place on the latter date.* On March 27, 1819, he
received from Gov. De Witt Clinton tlie commission of brigadier-general of
the 20th Brigade of Infantry in the New York militia.

General Trowbridge in 1820 returned to the village of Clinton, where he
resided about three years. In the fall of 1823 he removed to Lockport, N. Y.,
which was organized as a township the following year. In partnership with a
Mr. Van Rensselaer, who came from Albany, he established a dry goods and
grocery business there. The store was shortly afterwards burglarized and
burned, and he lost everything. In 1840 he removed to Adams, N. Y., where he
spent about eight yefirs, being engaged in farming. He then returned to Lock-
port, where he passed the remainder of his life. He and his family were
members of the Presbyterian church.


i. Benjamin, h. Oct. 11. 1812; d. .Tul.v 30, 1813. in Albany, N. T.
ii. Sus.\N Wnii'PLE. b. .Tan. !l. 1814; d. Mar. IS. 1814, in Lowville, N. T.
433. iii. George Eliuu. b. Jan. 10, 181."i.

iv. Mary Amelia, b. Oct. 2. 1810; m. May 17, 1S37, Emei-son Brainard Ilarwood

of Lockport, N. Y.
v. Joseph Lani)0>', b. Apr. 20, 1818; wa.s for some years in the jewelr.v busines.s.

In 1840 he went to California to dig for gold, and d. Jan. 15, 18.50. at a

camp on the fork of the American river ; nnm.
vi. Susan Wiiii-pi.e. b. Nov. 0, 1.S10 ; m. Nov. 23, 1846, Rev. William Dexter

Wilson. D.D., of Syracuse, N. Y.
vii. Ann Elizabeth, b. Sept. 10. 1821 ; d. Mar. 1. 1822. in Clinton. N. Y.
viii. Frances Elizabeth, b. July 4, 1X23; m. Nov. 1. 1854. Benjamin Gaylord

Wright of Lockport.
ix. Charles Ransom, b. Dec. 11. ]82.''>: d. May 23, 1826, in Lockport.
X. Charlotte JL^ri.\. b. Jlay 8. 1S27; m. Dec. 13, 1855, Lewis Harmony and

resides in Lockport.

241. PniLEMOX Trowbridge (Philemon^-'-. Josepli^^^. Isaac^"^, James^"'.
irjHjam"", Thomas^), born March 28, 1793, in Southbury, Conn.; died March
19, 1881, in Clinton, N. Y. ; marrietl January 28, 1818, in Clinton, Betsey Bart-
Ictt. daughter of Ebenezer and Eunice (Warriner) Bartlett, born February 11,
1800. in Clinton; died December 30, 1884, in Mexico, N. Y.

Philemon Trowbridge was six months old when his parents removed from Con-
necticut to the village of Clinton in the town of Kirkland, Oneida county, N. Y.

• TJ. S. Pension Office Records.

t i born in Albany, N. Y. ; ii-vi in Lowville. N. Y. ; vii-viii in Clinton. N. Y. ; ix-x in
Lockport, N. Y.


lie is said to have enlisted in the War of 1812, but to have seen no ser-
vice. He engaged in farming in Clinton, and resided on the farm where his
father-in-law settled in 1790 and which is now occupied by his grandson Charles
F. Trowbridge (No. 768). He was a well-to-do farmer, and highly respected
in the community where he lived.


i. riiEUE, b. Oft. 23. 1818 ; d. Nov. 23, 1845, in Clinton ; unm.

434. ii. ELinu, b. .Tune 20, 1820.

435. iii. Eli Bartlett, b. Sept. 6. 1823.

iv. Elizabeth, b. Aug. C, 1820; m. Mav 12. 1875, .Tohnson Dunham of Valley
Mills, N. Y.

436. V. George Edwards, b. Jvine 14, 1834.

242. Jasper Trowbridge (Isaac'^^*, Isaac^^", Isaac""', James^"'^, William^'"',
Thumas^), bom December 27, 1798, in Skaneateles, N. Y. ; died January 7, 1882,
in Auburn, N. Y. ; married, first, February 17, 1825, in Auburn, Maria Hall,
daughter of Zadock and Sibyl (Parks) Hall, bom September 14, 1800, in Auburn;

died December 14, 1842, in Batavia, N. Y. He married, second, , 1847,

in Auburn, Angeline Pitcher, daughter of Truman and Fanny (Loomis)

Pitcher, bom , 1814, in Middlefield, N. Y. ; died May 3, 1888, in


Jasper Trowbridge was bound out in boyhood to Major Olmstead of Auburn,
X. Y., and lived with him until reaching his majority. He learned tlie mason's
trade, and was a mason builder in Aiibum practically all his life.

children born in auburn, n. y. :
By first marriage:
i. Jane Maria, b. Jan. G, 1820; ra. Sept. 1, 184G, George E. Cornell of Buffalo,

N. Y.
ii. Edna Sibyl, b. Aug. 24, 1829 ; m. May 1, 1850, Dwiglit C. Mellen of Auburn.

By second marriage:

437. iii. John Jasper, b. June 4, 1848.

438. iv. James Henry, b. Mar. 15, 1850.

243. David Trowbridge (Levi'^^'^, IsraeP-", Isaac^°^, James^"^, William'^°'',
Thomas''), born June 13. 1786, in Fair Haven, Vt; died March 14, 1868, in
Swan Creek, Ohio; married March 7, 1813, in Marietta, Ohio, Sophronia Howe,
daughter of Peter and Orinda (Fuller) Howe, bom August 27, 1790, in Poultney,
Vt. ; died October 6, 1877, in Swan Creek.

David Trowbridge removed with his fatlier in December, 1810, to the neigh-
borhood of Marietta, Washington county, Ohio. He was a soldier in the War of
1812, and volunteered in Capt. James Flagg's company of Ohio militia September
10, 1812. His company marched to Mansfield, Ohio, and served on the northern
frontier, where he was honorably discharged January 10, 1813.*

After Lis marriage he settled in Amesville, Athens county, Ohio, where he
resided for twenty years. In June, 1836, he removed with his family to Swan
Creek, Gallia county, Ohio, seventeen miles below Galliopolis. He there
passed the remainder of his life, engaged in fanning. He was a member of the
Masonic fraternity.


i. Sophronia Abigail, b. Sept. 12, 1814 ; ra. Xov. 0. 18.56, John D. Kennedy of
Mercerville, Ohio.

439. ii. AxoNzo Victor, b. June 7, 1816.

* v. S. Pension Office Records.



iii; Augusta Caroline, b. JIar. 24, ISIS; d. Xov. IS, lS=t5, in Swan Creek, Ohio;

440. iv. Ctkenus Chauncey, b. Feb. 20, 1S20.

V. Levi JNIeltille, } twins, d. July IS. 1824.

vi. Lucy Melcena, )' b. Aug. 1.3, 1823 ; m. Nov. 25, 1847, James Sutphin and

resides in Albia, Iowa,
vii. Vesper Lorenzo, ) twins, d. Oct. 2,i. 1S25.

viii. Vesta Lorilla. \ b. Oct. 13, 1825 ; m. May 23. 1SG6, James McCormick of

Fairfield, Ohio.

441. is. Francis Marion, b. Sept. IS, 1S27.

442. X. ROLLIN Mallory. b. July 5, 1S29.

si. Eliza Rowena, b. July 22, 1833; m., 1st, July 22, 18G0, John C. Wilson;
m., 2d. Benjamin Henry Ilathawav and resides in Bay City, Ore.*

443. xii. David Strong, b. June 23, 1835.

244. Philo Trowbridge (Levi^^^. IsrneP-". Zsaoc"^, James'^''^, WilUam^'"',
Thomas'-), born July 6, 1788, in Fair Haven, Vt. ; died March 20, 1856, in

Moore's Prairie, 111.; married , 1815,t in Marietta, Ohio, Martha

Blake.J daughter of David and Martha (Daggett) Blake, born . 1790,f

in Marietta?; died October 29, 1846, in Swan Creek, Ohio.

Philo Trowbridge emigrated with his father in December, 1810, to Washington
county, Ohio. After his marriage he settled on a farm on the Muskingum river,
about four miles above Marietta, Ohio, and later followed his elder brother to
Amesville, Athens county. In 1836 he removed to Swan Creek, in the southern
part of Gallia county, where he lived about seven years. He then removed to
Southern Illinois and settled on a farm in Moore's Prairie, Jefferson county,
where he lived the remainder of his life.


i. Caroline, b. , 1S18: d. , 1S30 ; unm.

444. ii. Francis Marion, b. , 1820.

iii. Mary America, b. , 182- ; m. Abram Hawkins of Leavenworth. Kan.

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