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iv. Martha Ladocia, b. Jlay 3, 1825; m. Nov. 13. 1S40, Dr. Joel Allen of Pontiac,

V. Paulina, b. Feb. 14. 18.30 ; d. July 14, 1844.

445. vi. Israel Daggett, b. Mar. 22, 1837.

245. Jacob Trowbridge (Levi'^^^, Israel' - ", Isaac'-"^, James"'^, William}'"',
Thomas'), bom December 25, 1790, in Fair Haven, Vt. ; died April 19, 1867, in

Swan Creek, Ohio; married, first, , 1812, in Cincinnati?, Ohio, Sarah

Shepard, daughter of Asa and Ellen (Hiland) Shepard, bom , 1792, in

, ; died , 1822, in Washington county,|| Ohio. He

married, second, February 29, 1824, in Washington coimty,|| Mary Boomer,
daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Perkins) Boomer, bom May 7, 1804, in Fall River,
Mass. ; died October 16. 1865, in Swan Creek.

Jacob Trowbridge was a caiijenter by trade, lie was the first of his family
to emigrate to Ohio, going there in 1806 with a man named Carver, and with
him building a flour mill at Marietta. He then went to Cincinnati, where he
is said to have helped build the first mill, and have helped to erect and start the
rumiing of tlie first steam engine used west of the Alleghany Mountains.

His descendants say that he enlisted at Cincinnati during the War of 1812 and
that he was the first to receive a commission signed by Governor Meigs of Ohio;
that he was ensign, lieutenant, and for a short time a captain; that he was

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t Family re2:ister pnse from No. 244'r lilble was lost.

t A sister of the husband of No. l.j.j, viii.

§ Except V and vl, who were born in Swan Creek, Ohio.

II About four miles above Marietta.











taken prisoner at General llulls's surrender of Detroit, and was so angoreJd that
he ran his sword into the ground and broke it off at the hilt; that he participated
in the battles of Chippewa, Lundy's Lane and New Orleans.

After his marriage, he settled on a farm in Washington county, about four
miles above Marietta, on the banks of the Muskingum river. He was engaged in
farming there until AiJril, 1836, when ho removed to a farm in Swan Creek,
Ohio to^\^lship, Gallia county, where he lived the remainder of his life.


By first marriage:
Levi. b. Apr. 18. 1S14.
IlAHRiET Ward, b. Apr. 13. ISIG ; m. Feb. 2, 183G, Robert Waugh ot Swan

Greek, Ohio.
Ellen, b. Nov. 1, 1S18 ; m., 1st, Titan Kimball; m., 2d, Sublet of

Columbus, Ky.
Ferguson Hiland, b. Sept. 9, 1821.

Bi/ second marriage:
Lemuel, b. Sept. 10, 1825.

Ann Eliza, b. May 11. 1827; m., 1st. .Tune IS, 1848, Alonzo Victor Trow-
bridge (No. 439) of lia Grange, Iowa; m., 2d, Nov. 22, 1886, Teter Youtsey
and resides in Russell, Iowa.
vii. Mary Hope, b. May 9, 1829 ; m. Aug. 26, 1855, .Tames M. Defoor and resides

in Miller, Ohio,
viii. Ann. b. Jan. 9, 1832 ; d. Oct. 20, 1838.

449. ix. Isaac, b. Apr. 3, 1834.

X. Amy, b. Mar. 23, 1836; d. Apr. 14, 1858, in Swan Creek; unm.

450. si. John. b. July 13, 1838.

xii. Charles, b. Apr. 29, 1841 ; d. Dee. 23, 1842.

451. xiii. Francis Marion, b. Feb. 2, 1844.

xiv. Elizabeth Clarinda, b. May 15, 1849 ; m. Sept. 26, 1867, Francis Marion
Layne of Miller.

246. CiiAUNCEY Trowbridge {Levi^^^, IsraeP-", Isaac'"'^, Jflmcs*"^, William'^''".
Thomas''), born March 21, 1794, in Fair Haven, Vt. ; died July 27, 18G9, in
Sumncrvillo, Mich.; married December 31, 1829, in Troy, N. Y., Catharine Fish,
daughter of Henry and Anna (Maxfield) Fish, born January 21, 1807, in
Montgomery county,:]: N. Y. ; died March 14, 1872, in Sumnerville.

Chauncey Trowbridge in his boyhood chose the occupation of paper-making
and learned that trade in Vermont. In 1813 he enlisted in Captain Graham's
company, 14th Regiment, Vermont volunteer militia, and was with his company
during its service in the War of 1812. He exiiected to be in the battle of Platts-
burgh, but got there just as it was over.

After the war he returned to his trade and followed it for several years. In
the early SO's he went to Montreal, Canada, and was there engaged in the whole-
sale grocery business on Great St. Paul's street. He returned to iSTew York and
again took up paper-making, living in New Berlin, Newburgh and Ballston Spa.
In 1855 he removed to Manlius, Onondaga county, N. Y., where he lived about
fourteen years. In June, 1869, he left there to settle in Illinois, but while
stopping at Sumnerville, Mich., for a visit at the home of his father-in-law, he
was taken with heart disease and died after a few weeks' illness.

Mr. Trowbridge was noted for generosity, honesty and manliness, and was
possessed of a good intellect. lie was a member of the Masonic frat.eniity for
fifty years, and at the time of his death was a member of Military Lodge No.
93, F. and A. M., of Manlius, N. Y. He and his wife were members of the
Methodist Episcopal church.

* About four miles above Marietta.

t Except last four, who were horn in Swan Creek, Gallia county.

t Town unknown to her daughter.


CHiLimEN :*

i. A son, b. Nov. 1, 1S30 ; d. that day.
ii. A son, b. Oct. 7, 1831 ; d. thnt day.
iii. Anna Eliza, b. July G, lS.'.>o ; m. Mar. Ki. 1808, Herman Lucius Ogden and

resides in Flanagan. 111.
iv. Catharine, b. Feb. 17, 1830; resides with her sister; unni.

247. AitciiiBALD Trowbridge (Levl^'''^, IsrueP-", Isaac^"^, James^'^^, William^'"\
Thomas''-), born November 30, 17!.>G, in Fair Haven, Vt. ; died November 24,
185S, in Mendota, Minn. ; married .

Archibald Trowbridge settled in Montreal, Canada, where he engaged in the
grocery business and lived about forty years. In 1858, being affected with heart
trouble, he went for the sake of his health to Mendota, Minn., but he was not
benefited by tlie change, and died soon after reaching there.


i. Charles, b. , IS — : m. in Chatfield, Jlinn.. Ellen Rebecca ,

and had a son: Cliaiics liiinscll Trouhriilfjc, b. Mar. 8. l.Slili. in St. Paul,
Jlinu.. who was a traveling salreman from 1888 to 18U8, and who had the
following service nnder the U. S. Government. He wa.s commissioned second
lieutenant in the Jlinnesota Infantry Apr. 20. 1898 ; mustered out Aug. 12,
1899, and that day was commissioned first lieutenant in the 11th U. S.
Cavalry: promoted captain Jlar. 16, 1901; in charge of secret service
department for the U. S. Military Government at Manilla, P. I., from Feb.
22. 1899, to Apr. 1. 1901, and took part in the battle, Aug. 13, 1898, the
fall of Manilla. He m. June — , 189.">, in Hudson, Wis., Mamie Hocanzen.

ii. Alfred P., b. , IS — .

iii. Edward Russell, b. , IS — : is supposed to be the "Edward R.

Trowbridge, age 21, born in New York, of St. Paul, Minn., enrolled .Tune 17,
mustered July .5, 1801, as a private in Company D, 2d Minnesota Infantry ;
discharged for disability June 0, 1.S02 : re-enlisted, age 23, as quartermaster
sergeant and enrolled Sept. 27. 1804, in Company A, 1st Minnesota Heavy
Artillery ; discharged in 1805.

iv. Lotns, b. , 18 — : was for many years agent in New York City of the

Northwestern Railway of England. He was with the first "drawing-room"
car sent abroad and traveled with it through England and the Continent.

248. Stephen' Burritt Trowbridge (Ehenezer^'-'''', DanieP-^, Daniel''^'',
James'"'^, WilUam'^'"', Thomas^), born October 28, 1780, in Bridgcwater, Conn.;
died June 18, 1845, in Palmyra, Ohio; married June 30, 1799, in Bridgewater,
Sarah Castle, daughter of Abraham and Johanna (Wildman) Castle, bom July
13, 1777, in Bridgewater: died March 27. 1860, in Palmyra.

Stephen E. Trowbridge settled after his marriage in his native town, Bridge-
water society in the town of New Milford, Conn. In 1815 he removed to
Portage county, Ohio, and settled on a farm in Palmyra. He was there elected
a justice of the peace, and held that office until his death. He was engaged
in fanning all his life. lie and his wife were members of the Presbyterian


i. Elizabeth Elva, b. Dec. 21. I.SOO; ni. June 30, 181G, Garry Ruggles of Pal-
myra, Ohio.
452. ii. Carlos Dayton, b. Dec. 25, 1.804.

249. Daniel Trowbridge (Ebenezer^^'''. Dnnkl}-''^. Daniel"". Jamrs^"'',
WiUiain''^'"', Thomas''), bom July 2, 1786, in Bridgewater, Conn.; died October
22, 1858. in Pipestone, Mich.; married November 10, 1808, in Brookfield, Conn.,
Annis Nortlirop, daughter of Asa and Sarah (Ilubbell) Northrop, born Novem-
ber 15, 1788, in Brookfield; died July 15, 1872, in Pipestone.

* i-lii born in New Berlin. N. Y. ; iv in Newburgh. N. Y.

t Order of births uncertain. It is said tliat there wore four daughters, two of whom
married Canadians. The sons settled in St. Taul. Minn. Descendants failed to answer the
compiler's letters.


Daniel Trowbridge lived in Bridgewater, Conn., his native place, for a little
over three years succeeding his marriage. In 1812 he emigrated to Portage
county, Ohio, and settled on a farm in Palmyra. Three years later he went
home to Connecticut to visit his parents, and brought them back to Ohio with
him. On October 1, 1823, he was commissioned captain of the Ninth Company,
1st Regiment of the Ohio militia.

After living in Palmyra about twelve years, he removed in 1824 to Edinburg
in the same county. He was one of the first trustees of Edinburg township, and
held the office of justice of the peace for eighteen years. In 1850, in company
with his four younger sons, he emigrated to Berrien county, Mich., then a
wildernass. They settled in the present township of Pipestone, where they
cleared the ground, and engaged in fanning and stock raising. He lived there
the remainder of his life. He was highly respected in the various communities
with which ho had been identified.


453. i. Asa Hiram, b. Au^. 14, 1809.

ii. Sarah, b. Apr. 22. ISll; m. May 11. 1830, Uiley Gilbprt of Palmyra, Ohio,
iii. JIARIA, b. Oct. 14, 1814 ; m. Feb. 1, 1838, .Tohu Baldwin of Ravenna, Ohio.

454. iv. Daniel Henry, b. May 7, 1816.

v. Lucy Lorinda, b. Nov. 22, 1819; m. Apr. 10, 1839, Darius Ely of Dowagiac,

vi. Elijah, b. Feb. 20. 1822; d. Feb. 26, 1847, in Edinburg, Ohio; unm.

455. vii. Richard, b. Nov. 22, 1823.

456. viii. Stephen, b. Oct. 20, 1825.

ix. Elizabetif. Ii. Dec. 20, 1827 ; m., 1st. .Tune 27, 1849, Edward Lewis of Berrien

Springs, Mich.; ni.. 2d, , 1869, Warren D. Wood of Berrien Springs;

m., 3d. . 1881. Samuel C. Patton of Sarcoxie, Mo.

457. X. Harry, b. Sept. 10, 1829.

250. Ammi Daytox Trowbridge (Ebenezer'^^'^, DanieP-^, DanieV^". James^"^,

William'^'"'. Thomas^), born , 1790, in Bridgewater, Conn.; died in the

War of 1812 near Cleveland, Ohio ; is thought to have married, first, ,

180—, in Bridgewater?, . He raairied, [second,?] .

181-, in , Abigail Totman. She marrie<l, second, Austin Purdy of

Portage county, Ohio.

Ammi Dayton Trowbridgef emigrated to Ohio early in the summer of 1811.
He was a soldier in the War of 1812, enlisting from New Lisbon, Ohio, in Lieut.
Charles Gilbert's company. 2d Regiment of Ohio militia. He died of a fever
contracted while in camp near Cleveland.

Bii first murriage:

458. i. Nelson Day'TON. b. Nov. 13, 1809, in Bridgewater. Conn.t

By second marriage:
ii. Caroline Lorinda. b. Mar. 30, 1813, in Palmyra?. Ohio; m. Artemas Knight
Fobes of Denmark, Iowa.§

251. WriEELEu Trowbridge (Ebenezer'^^'^, DanieV-^^, DanieV^°, James^"'^,

William^'"', Thomas^), born , 1793, in Bridgewater, Conn.; died

November 6, 1843, in Ravenna, Ohio; married, first, , 1819, in Palmyra,

• i-ii born in Bridgewater, Conn. : iii-vii in Palmyra, Ohio ; viii-x in Edinburg. Ohio.

t He is supposed to have been the Ammi Dayton Trowbridge who was made a voter in
Bridgewater Apr. 8, ISll (therefore bni-n about 1790), and who signed: "Ammy D. Trow-
bridge.'* Daniel Trowbridge (supposed to lie No. 240) signing as a witness.

% An only child according to his grandson No 7S8, who has no record of this child's

§ The husband of No. .336. vi is their son. who wrote that his mother was an only child.
There seems to have been no other Trowbridge tliere except No. 250 who could have been his


Ohio, Anna Catharine Shaw, (laughter of John and Ann (Stephens) Shaw, horn
Septemher 11, ISOl, in Pahiiyra; died October 12, 1828, in Palmyra. He
married, second, Polly Pemiock, daughter of Ira and Polly (Trowbridge (No.
121, v)) Pennock.

Wheeler Trowbridge followed his father and brothers to Portage county, Ohio,
and settled near them in Palmyra, where he was engaged in farming. The
latter years of his life were passed with his daughter in Ravenna, Ohio.

lil/ first 7nania(jc:*
i. JiAHT Akn, b. .Tan. 20, 1820 : m. Johu Wigal aud resides iu Raveana, Ohio.t

459. ii. JcNOT FiLAXDER, b. Jan. 7, 1822.

460. iii. John, b. .July 24. 1824.

461. iv. Daxiel, b. .July 8, 1826.

V. Phoebe Anij, b. Aug. 2.j, 1828 ; d. in iufancy.

252. Benjamin Hickok; Trowbridge (Matthew'^^' . 1=-?, Daniel"'^,

James^"', WilUain'^''°, Thomas'^), born June 9, 1797, in Bethel, Conn.; died

February 3, 1862, in Pittsford, Vt. ; married . 1815, in Pittsford?,

Aminta Fisher, daughter of Beecher and Eleanor (Peet) Fisher, born ,

1796, in Pittsford?; died August 29, 1868, in Pittsford.

Benjamin H. Trowbridge after his marriage settled as a farmer in Pittsford,
Vt., where he lived the remainder of his life.


i. Ann Eliza, b. Aug. 10, 1816 ; d. Sept. 26, 1885, in Pittsford ; unm.

ii. Rachel Amelia, b. Feb. 19, 1818 ; m. , 1850, Eliab Randall of Pitts-

iii. Maria Lucetta, b. Apr. 5, 1821 : m. Apr. 0, 1840, Ruf us Frost of Rutland,

iv. Mary Ann, b. Nov. 10. 1823 ; d. Oct. 1, 1847, in Pittsford ; unm.

V. Emma Marietta, b. Jnly 27, 1825; m. Oct. 10, 18.'.0, Warren S. Guilford of

vi. Caroline Elizabeth, b. Feb. 21, 1829; m. Mar. 21, 1853, William Brown
Mussey of Rutland.

253. Thomas Benedict Trowbridge (Matthew'^"', ' - ?, Daniel''-^'',

James^o^ WilUam'""\ Thomas^), born March 10, 1800, in Bethel, Conn.; died
November 10, 1861, iu Danbury, Conn. ; married, first, May 23, 1822, in Weston,
Conn., Laura Thoipe, born January 26, 1802, in Weston ; died June 26, 1824,
in Weston. He married, second, August 26, 1825,:}: in AVeston, Sarah Hubbell
Banks, daughter of Benjamin and Kachel (Nichols) Banks, bom February 19,
1807, in Weston; died June 28, 1889, in Danbury.

Thomas B. Trowbridge settled in Weston, Conn., where he was engaged in
farming until a few years l>efore his death, which occurred in Danbury, Conn., at
tlie home of a daughter with whom he had gone to reside after leaving his farm.

children born in WESTON, CONN. :
II ij first niarrhyc:
i. A child, b. -^ , 1823; d. in infancy.

462. ii. Matthew Thomas, b. Apr. 19, 1824.

By second marriage:

463. iii. George Bykon, b. Feb. 1, 1827.

464. iv. Edward Rodman, b. Sept. 23, 1828.

* No children by second marriage.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t By family records, which are said to be correct.


465. V. Henry I.,* b. Apr. 5, 1S:;0.

46G. vi. Benjamin IIickok, b. Aug. 10, 1832.

vii. Rachel Eliza, b. Sept. 19, 18o4 ; m. Apr. 16, 1868, Timothy Jones and resides
in Danbury, Conn.

viii. Clarissa Ann, b. Aug. 22, IS'M; m. Sept. 22, 1863, Thomas Russell Hoyt
and resides in Danbury.

ix. Mary Jane, b. .Tune 27, 1830 ; resides in Danbury ; unm.

X. Augustus Siiepard, b. Jan. 0, 1843 ; was a soldier in the Civil War. He
enlisted in New York City, for two years, in Company G, 38th New York
Infantry, May 11, 1861, and d. Sept. 16, 1801. in the U. S. hospital in Alex-
andria, Va. ; unm.

xi. Cynthia Dunbar, b. Apr. 3, 1845 ; m. Aug. If), 1891, Samuel James Barlow
and resides in Waterbury, Conn.
407. xii. William Parsons, b. Feb. 11, 1848.

xiii. Sarah Amelia, b. Mar. 4, 1850 ; d. Aug. 4, 1857. in Danbury.

254. Austin Benoni Trowbridge {Matthew'^'-'. 1 - ?, Daniel"",

James'"'-'. WiUiam^"", Thomas'), bom March 1. 1805, in Bethel, Conn.; died
July 9, 1882, in New York City; maiTied June 13, 1S31, in New Milford, Conn.,
Mary Lucetta Noble, daughter of Ezra and Amelia (IIickok) Noble, born August
15, 1812, in New Milford; died February 16, 1871, in Brookljm, N. Y.

Austin B. Trowbridge settled in Danbury, Conn., where he was in business
until 1834, when he removed to Northampton, Montgomery (now Fulton) county,
N. Y. In 1840 he came to New York City, where he resided the remainder of
his life, and was in business as an auctioneer and commission merchant.


i. Mary .Tane. b. June 9, 1832 ; m. Oct. 18, 1854, Tliomas Spencer Holman of
Chicago, 111.

254a. Jajies Trowbridge {James'^^, James'-^, Daniel''"', James'"^, 'William^'"',

Thomas'), born . 1803, in Groat Barrington, Mass.; died ,

185- ?,t in , N. H.?; married December 21. 185G, in Enfield, N. H..

CjTithia Butman.:]:

James Trowbridge when a joimg mnn was a noted teamster and lumberman
on the Connecticut river. He is said to have joined the Shakers^ in Enfield,
N. H., where he also later engaged in farming for himself.


i. Sibyl Butman, b. , 1830; d. Feb. 27, 1883,11 in Cornish. N. II.: unm.

255. Archibald Scott Trowbridge (Stephen'^^, James' - '. Daniel'"'. James'"",

'William""', Thomas'), born , 1781. in Montreal. Canada; died April 20,

1853, in East Virgil, N. Y. ; married , 180-, in Virgil, N. Y., Hannah

Rachel Perry.

Archibald S. Trowbridge was born while his father was held a prisoner by the
British in Canada. He accompanied his father from Comiecticut to New York,
and settled after his marriage in the village of East Virgil, Cortland county,
where he is said to have lived the remainder of his life. He was a fanner.


i. Eliza, b. . 180- : m. Marvin Turner of Lisle?. N. Y.

ii. Jennette, b. . 180- : m. Chauncey Smith of Newark, N. Y.

• Initial only.

t "About 1800 in Enficlrt" liy family reciivds.
t "Age 40" at marriage.

§ He had probably left them prior to his marriage.

II "Aged 47" by Cornish Town Rocordls. which gives her mother's name as above.
•• "Family register lost." wrote a son of No. ii. Descendants of the other children failed
to answer the compiler's letters.


iii. Polly, Ij. , IS — ; m. Kcubou Drau of Kotcluimvillc, N. Y.

iv. Hannah, b. , IS — ; m. Isaac Ulooraer of Vii-^'il.

V. LucRETiA, b. , 381- ; m., 1st, MfVanu; m., 2fl, Tucker

of Ketchumville.

•ioG. WiLLUM Fr.\sier Trowbridge {tS tephen''''^, James'^-'', DanieP^", James^"'''.
William^"", Thomas'^), born November 19, 1783, in Salisbury, Conn.?; died
October 15, 1821, in Berkshire, Vt.; maiTied June 26, 1805, in Preble?, N. Y.,

Mary Hyatt, daughter of Minuah Hyatt, born November 26, 1787, in ;

died March 7, 1872, in Homer, N. Y.

William F. Trowbridge was a farmer. After his marriage ho settled in J'ully,
Onondaga county, N. Y., where he remained until 1807, when he removed to the
neighboring town of Pompey. He there enlisted in the army during the War of
1812. He enlisted October 29, 1814, as a musician in the band under the direc-
tion of Asa Otis Smith as bandmaster, which was attached to the 9Sth Regiment
of New York militia, under the command of Lieut.-col. Christopher Clark. On
October 28, 1814, the regiment, including the band, was called into sei"vice on the
lines at Sackett's Harbor. The regiment rendezvoused at Manlius, and marched
to Smith's Mills, where they remained in service for about a month, being
discharged November .30, 1814.* He resumed farming in Pompey, where he
lived until shortly before his death, which occurred while on a visit to his
brother in Berksliire, Vt.


i. Mauy, b. Dec. 5. ISHG; m. Justin M. Piwr-e of Homer. N. Y.

4GS. ii. Wii.LiAji, b. Dec. 21, 1808.

iii. I'KltMELiA, b. Nov. o, 1811; ra. David r.eamau of (il-otou, N. Y.

iv. Eliza, b. June 2, 1S14 : m. Oliver (jlover of Homer.

V. Rachel, b. Feb. 5, 1817 : m. Cbauncey Hiekoclc of Tru.xton, X. Y.

vi. Stephen, b. June 12, 1820 ; d. a youth ; uum.

257. Daxhcl Trowbriuue (Stephen^'''^, James'^-'\ Dani.eU'^°, James'^''-',
Williatn^'"', Thomas^), born January — , 1787, in Preble, N. Y. ?; died December

25, 1841, in Berkshire, Yt. ; married, first, , 180—, in Pompey?, N. Y.,

Jane Menzie, a native of Scotland. He married, second, , 1818, in

St. Armand, Canada, Phebe Olmstead, daughter of Eames and Sarah (Wliitlock)

Olmstead, born , 179-, in ; died November 16, 1846, in St.


Daniel Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Pompey Hill, N. Y. After
his second marriage lie removed to Berkshire, Vt., where he lived the remainder
of his life. He was a tailor by trade. He was a well-educated man and was
considered an excellent violinist.

Bit first marringc:
i. Isabel, b. , 1805?; d. aged 14 in Oneida, N. Y.

469. ii. John, b. Aug. — , 1808?.

470. iii. Harry, } twins,

iv. IIaruiet, )"b. Feb. 1, 1810; m. Mar. 4, 18.!2, George W. Trowbridge (No. 2741.1:

471. v. Stephen, b. , 1812.

children born in BERKSHIRE, VT. :
Uy second mnrriagc:
vi. Daniel, b. May 0. 1810 ; was a farmer ; d. Nov. 15, ISSO. in Sheldon, Vt. ;

vii. Orissa Harriet, b. .Vpr. 24, 1821 : m. Oct. 16, 1S40, Ilazen Tracy of Newport
Centre, Vt.

* U. S. Pension Office llecords.

t i born in Tally. N'. Y.. and the otbors in Pompey, N. V., It is thought. Descendants failed
to make this register complete.

+ She sent this register. See footnote to No. 469.


472. viii. Alonzo, b. Jan. 12, 1823.

ix. Sarah Isabel, b. Oct. 20, 182C ; m. Feb. 9, 1848, Tolman Tracy and resides in

Newport Centre.
X. LonENzo, b. Feb. 24, 1S28 ; d. May 5, 1848, in Leicester, Mass. ; unm.

473. xi. Seymouk, b. Mar. 4, 1829.

258. Stephen Trowbridge (Stephen^'^^, James^-^. DanieP^", James'"'^,

\Viniam^'>°, Thomas'-), born , 1795, in Preble, N. Y.?; died ,

18 — , in Preble?; married .

Stephen Trowbridge was a farmer in his native town, Preble, N. T.


i. Mary, b. , 18[2-?].

ii. Malvina, b. , 18[2-?].

iii. William, b. • , 18[2-?].

iv. Norm AN, b. , 18L2-?].

259. Samuel Trowbridge (Siephen^^^, James'-^, Daiiiel"", James^"^,

William^'"'. Thonias'), born , 1798, in Preble, N. Y.?; died ■ ,

18 — , in Noble county, Ind. ; married , 182-, in Preble, N. Y., Bethiah

Winslow, daughter of Ira and Tryiahena (Waterman) Winslow, bom February 2,
1802, in Florida, N. Y. ; died ■ , 18—, in Noble county.

Samuel Trowbridge after his marriage settled as a farmer in his native town.
In middle life he removed with his wife aiid sons to Noble county, Ind., where he
was engaged in farming near the town of Kendallville the remainder of his life.


i. Dawd Dunning, b. , 1S2-.

ii. William Henry, b. , 182-.

iii. George, b. , 182-.

iv. Jerome, b. , 183- ; was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted at

Kendallville, Ind., for three years and was mustered November 22, 1861, as
a private in Company G. 44th Indiana Infantry, and was discharged for
disability January 7, 1864.

V. Addison, b. , 183-.


260. Eli Trowbridge (Selh'"", James' - ''. Daniel^'", James">\ William,^''o,

Thomas'), bom , 1786,t in Sheffield, Mass.; died "in the winter" of

1872 in Solon, Ohio; married, first, , 1817, in Lyons?, N. Y., Deborali

Dunwell, daughter of Stephen Dunwell, who died October 1, 18C5, in Warrens-
ville, Ohio. He married, second, Mrs. Wealthy Mason.

Eli Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to New York. He was a
soldier in the War of 1812, and was called out at the time of the burning of
Sodus by the British in June, 181.3. He enlisted in Ontario county in Capt.
Michael Mussleman's company. Colonel Bannister's regiment of New York
militia, and after an independent company of minutemen was formed in the regi-
ment he served in Capt. Charles McNeil's company. He served tlie full period
of sixty days and was discharged at New York.+ He then returned to Ontario
county, where a few years later he married and settled as a farmer. In 1S32 he
emigrated to Ohio and settled on a farm near Solon, Cuyahoga county, where he
passed the remainder of his life.

• Descendants in Kendallville, Ind., and Fort Wayne, Ind., failed to answer the compiler's

t U. S. Pension OlEce Records.

MINOl! T[!l)\Vr.Hll)liE.



Bii first marriage:!
474. i. Stephen Dunwell. b. June 15, 1818.

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