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ii. Phebe Tennant, b. • . 182- : m.. 1st, Wells ; m., 2d, Addison

Smith ; m., 3d, Freeman Western ; m., 4th, Kibby ; m., 5th, .

iii. Cornelia Elvira, b. Feb. 11, 182C ; ni., 1st, James A. Griswold of Warrens-

ville, Ohio: m., 2d, Robert Galling,
iv. Samuel Addison, b. , 182- ; m. Mary Waters. They removed to

Midland county [Lee's Corners?], Mich., where, it is thought, they both

died, leaving a daughter : Mary.
V. Lucretia Zyria, b. , 182-?: m. Argalous Cooper of Hemlock, Mich.

261. Minor Thowbeidge (Seth'^'''^, James^-'-^, DanieP^", J ames^"^ , William'-'"',
Thomas''), born July 29, 1787, in Williston, Vt. ; died November 6, 1S7C, in

Newark, N. Y.; married, first, , 1808, in Tully, N. Y., Deborah Smith,

bom August 19, 1787, in Tully; died August 15, 1826, in Newark. He married,
second, October — , 1S2G, in Cortland, N. Y., Frances Galusha, daughter of Ben-
jamin and Mary (Trowbridge (No. 123, viii)) Galusha, bom May 22, 1797, in
Florida, N. Y. ; died October 25, 1881, in Newark.

Minor Trowbridge came in childhood with his father to New York. He lived
in Tully until a little over a year after his marriage. On February 4, 1810, he
left there for that part of Ontario county later set oif as Wayne county. He and
his wife and babe made the journey on an ox-sled. On his arrival in his new
home he built a log cabin, using for a time blanlvets in place of doors. He was
a man of untiring energy, and cleared and farmed two hundred acres, although
in those days there was no machinery for uprooting trees or for sowing or
harvesting grain. There were no canals or railroads, for transportation and the
nearest market was Albany. He made frequent journeys there in his springless
lumber wagon. He also visited his brothers in other parts of the state and in
Ohio in the same conveyance. His farm was three miles from [ the village of
Newark, of which he was one of the first settlers and which was in that part
of the county which became the town of Arcadia. He resided there the
remainder of his life, a period of sixty-six years.

Mr. Trowbridge was converted to Christ in the year 1812 and immediately
comieeted himself with the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which he served for
many years in various official relations, being a class- leader for more, than thirty
years. He was one of the first Methodists formed into a class in the town, and
one of the original members of the Methodist church in Newark. He was
identified with this church for sixty-four years, and was zealous in all good
works. As a citizen, neighbor and Christian he commanded the respect and
confidence of all who knew him.

By first marriage:
475. i. Orrix, b. Oct. 29, 1809.
470. ii. Seth, b. July 28. 1811. ,

477. iii. Seymour, b. May 20, 1813.

iv. Harriet, b. Apr. 29, 1815: m. Daniel Cartright of County Line. N. Y.

v. Lucretia. b. Aug. 15, 1817; m. George Probasco of Syracuse, N. Y.

vi. Deborah, b. Sept. 1, 1819 : m. Nov. 8, 1838, Harrison Van Auken of Newark.

478. vii. Alpheuts Smith, b. Sept. 4, 1821.

viii. Mercy, b. Slay 25, 1823 : m. Oct. 25, 18.50, John Wesley of Lyons, N. Y.

ix. Mary, b. Mar. 28, 1825: m. Mar. 0, 1847, James I. Lum of Kalamazoo, Mich.S

* By children of No. i.

t No children by second marriage.

t Near Newark Village, town ot Arcadia, e.xcept No. i, who was born in Tully, N. Y.

§ See No. 167, vi.


By second marriage:
X. Caroline, b. June 27, 1827 ; d. May 15, 1)S2S.
xi. Elizahetii, b. Oct. 10, 1828; m. Sept. 21, 1870, Williiim Vosburgh of Newark.

479. xii. Noble I'almeter, b. Sept. 22, 1830.

xiii. Ltdia Antoinette, b. Oct. 21, 1833 ; m. Oct. 10, 1800, A%eiy Martin Phelps

and resides in Newark,
xiv. Helen Mar, b. .Tan. 19, 1838; ui. .Ian. 2!), 18.")7, Edward Chadwick and resides

in Galesburg, Midi.
XV. Charlotte, b. June 1, 1840 ; ni. Sept. 8, 1803, Eliab Tliompsou Grant o£


262. John Trowbridge (Seth^'^'^, James'^ - ', Daniel'-'-'', James'"^, William^"",
Thomas''), born July 31, 1700, in Williston, Vt. ; died November 19, 1885, in

Morganville, Kan.; married , 1817?, in Preble, N. Y., Lydia Russell,

bom , 1800, in Preble; died , 18G2, in Greeley, Iowa.

John Trowbridge came in childhood with his parents to New York. He
settled after his marriage in Preble, N. Y., and engaged in farming. In 1833 he
followed his elder brother to Solon, Ohio, where he was engaged in farming for
twenty years. In 1854 he again took up his journey westward, and with some of
his children made his home near Greeley in Elli township, Delaware county,
Iowa. After the death of his wife, in 1862, he went to live with his son P. D.
Trowbridge in Manchester, Iowa, where he lived until late in life. His old age
was passed in the homes of several of his daughters, and he died at the home of
his youngest daughter in Morganville, Kan.

"His life had bei'n the busy, ju'actical life of the common American citizen — a
life which enters into the warp and woof of our civilization and elevates it. For
eighty .years he had been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, cherishing
an abiding faith in the virtues of the Christian religion. His life will long
remain in the remembrance of all who knew him, as an incentive to holy living
and an impetus toward building up a character which shall become a portion of
the social wealth."

children :*

i. RoxiA. b. , 1818?; m. Henry Johnson of Peninsula, Ohio.

ii. Pamelia, b. , 1820V; ni. Horace Merry of Solon, Ohio.

480. iii. Hiram, b. Sept. 15, 1821.

iv. Rachel, b. , 1823 V; in. John Morse of Solon.

481. V. Marvin, b. May 2, 1S2.\

vi. Marcia. b. . 1827 ; unm.

482. vii. Henry, b. Oct. 7, 1830.

483. viii. Philander D.vwley. b. Sept. 2. 1832.

ix. Sakau. b. , 1834 ; m. Benjamin Franklin Lakin and resides in Mor-
ganville, Kan.

X. Rus.sELL, b. . 183-?; d. young.

xi. Hubbard, b. , 183-?; d. young.

xii. Am.^noa Malvina, b. Jan. 20, 1S37 ; m. .lune 3. 1850, Oliver Hardman Smith
of Morganville.

263. James Trowbiudoe (Selh"", jQmes'"\ Danid"". Jamcs'"'^ William'-'"',
Thomas''), born March 4, 1794, in Florida, N. Y. ; died October 16, 1851, in

Cedar Eapids, Iowa ; married, first, , 1816, in Preble, N. Y., Hannah

Van Camp, daughter of Tunis and Elizabeth (Lagrange) Yan Camp, born April
11, 1798, in Preble ; died October 24, 1837, in Preble. He married, second,
July 24, 1838, in 'J'ully, N. Y., Nancy Darling, daughter of Daniel and Nancy
(Edmond) Darling, born October 27, 1821, in Rochester, N. Y. She married,

second, Bolander of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and died December 16, 1906,

in Cheyenne, Wyo.

* i-viii born in Preble, N. Y. ; ix-xii in Solon, Ohio.



James Trowbridge soon after his marriage settled in Arcadia, Wayne county,
N. Y., and about five years later removed to Preble, N. Y. In 1S33 he removed
to the adjoining town of Tally. In the fall of 1846 he emigrated to Wisconsin
and located on a farm on the prairie twelve miles east of Beloit. In the follow-
ing year he started with his family for Iowa, and in February, 1848, he arrived
at Cedar Kapids, where he died three years later. lie was engaged in farming
all his life. He was a member of the Presbyterian church.

By first marriage:

484. i. JIiLO, b. Sept. 21, 1817.

ii. Elizabeth Cordelia, b. June 28, 1820 ; m. ilar. 6, 1842, Charles Henry

Tiittle of Oberlin, Ohio,
iii. Lt;iUNDA. b. June 1, 182.5 ; m. Dec. 26, 1845, Seymour Comstockt and resides

in Oberlin.

485. iv. Seth, b. July 1, 1828.

48G. V. Alexander Davis, b. May 3, 1835.

By second marriage:

vi. James Riley, b. , 1839 ; was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted

at Merengo, Iowa, Aug. 1, 1862, as a private in Company B, 28th Iowa
Infantry. He died of measles, Aug. 2, 1863. on the steamer City of item-
phis, while on his way up the Mississippi from Helena, Ark., to a general
hospital ; unm.

vii. Hannah, b. , 184- ; d. , 1892, in Des Jloines, Iowa.

viii. Charles Tuttle, b. , 1843 : was a soldier in the Civil War. He

enlisted at Merengo, Iowa, Sept. 27, 1861, as a private in Company G, 8th
Iowa Infantry, and was discharged at the expiration of his term of service.

He located in business in Des Moines, Iowa, where he d. , 1883.

486a. is. William Henry, b. June 29, 1S4.">.

X. Luther, b. , 184- ; d. , 1852, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

xi. Stephen, b. , 184- ; d. , 185-?, in Oberlin.

264. MiLO Trowbridge (.S'ef/^'•'^ James^-", BanieP^". .James^°'% WilUam^"^,
Thomas^), bom December 3, 1795, in Florida, N. Y. ; died August 25, 1882, in
Tully, N. Y. ; married, first, November 15, 1820, in Preble, N. Y., Phebe Cravath,
daughter of Samuel Cravath, born November 19, 1798, in Preble ; died November
1, 1838, in Tully. He maiTieil. second, April 18, 1839, in Preble, Lucy Holmes
Cone,:t daughter of Ichabod and Anna (Holmes) Cone, born August 16, 1800, in
Berne, N. Y. ; died November 10, 1860, in Tully. Ho married, third, April 4,

1861, in Tully, Electa Cone, a sister of his second wife, born 1798, in

Berne ; died May 4, 1873, in Tully. He married, fourth, May 25, 1875, in Tully,
Sylvia Maria (Hodge) Smith, widow of Daritis Chapin Smith of Tully and
daughter of Isaac and Alvah (McDonald) Hodge, born March 27, 1819, in
Greenfield, N. Y. ; died March 27, 1894, in Tully.

Milo Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Tully, N. Y., and was engaged
in farming there all his life. He and his wife Phebe were members of the Pres-
byterian cliurch in Preble, and were actively engaged in religious exercises and
revival meetings so poptdar in those times. He was one of the first deacons in
the church, and held that office for many years. In politics he was an old-time
Whig, but at a later date a Republican, taking a great interest in the welfare of
his country. After the busy period of his life was past, he left the farm that he
had helped to clear up and moved to the village, where he spent his declining
years among relatives and friends. By strict attention to business, and owing
to a reputation for integrity, he accumulated his share of worldly effects.

* i-ii born in Arcadia, N. Y. ; iii-iv in Prchle, N. Y. ; v-ix in TiiUy. N. Y. ; x-xi in Cedar
Rapids, Iowa.

t His sister Almeda m. Stephen Trowliri'lge (No. 26fi).

t A sister of the wife of his brother Illram Trowbridge (No. 265).



"The fouutry was new in southern Onondaga county ; few settlers, and help was
scarce, and self reliance was necessary for existence. The family had to have a new
house, and the lumber was got out winters. Milo and his father, Seth, went often with-
out shoes, and wore cloth or home made coverings, and many times when their feet were
cold they would sit down in the woods and wrap them in their long tail coats to warm
them. This experience was not altogether new with Seth, because he had been a Revo-
lutionary soldier and knew something about hardship.

"Money being scarce, Milo found employment summers with a Canadian lumber com-
pany on the St. Lawrence river, rafting logs down the famous rapids. One season, when
he was about twenty-five years old, for some rea.son the last raft for that year was
several days late in making a start. The river was unusually high and most of the men
refused to ride the logs through the rapids. The company called for men, and finally
nine were on hand for the undertaking. Milo being a large man, and having had exper-
ience, was given charge of the float and took liis position on the front end with a good
supply of pike-poles. It was a large raft and only nine men aboard. A large crowd
came to see it off. It was let loose, and the current soon had it under wa.v. When it
was twenty or thirty rods from the shore, Milo saw all his men except one had deserted
and were swimming for the shore. They were as a rule Canada-French. Only one man
was now with him. a plucky little Frenchman. The company never expected the raft
to go through after the men left it, but it did. It was the first time such an amount
of logs ever went down in charge of two men. and no doubt the last. The -ride was very
exciting and he thought on several occasions the raft was going onto the rocks. For this
extraordinary duty the company gave him and the Frenchman 37 cents each. This com-
pany paid him S dollars per month."*


By first marriage:
i. Parthena, b. Aug. 9, 1822: m. Sept. 3, 1842, Garret A.t Hollenbeck of Tully.

487. ii. Robert Cravath, b. Oct. 14, 1823.

iii. Prosper Bishop, b. Jlay 28, 182.5; d. Feb. IG, 1840.

iv. Piiilura Mamre, b. Feb. 2(). 1827; m. Sept. 3, 1847, George Hollenbeck of
Little York, N. Y.

488. V. Oren CliNTON, b. Aug. 15, 1829.

489. vi. Minor Stephen, b. Jan. 21, 1832.

vii. Mary Parmelia, b. Apr. 30, 1835 ; m. .Tan. 20, 18.52, Philo G. Miles of Apulia,
N. Y.

Bij second marriagc't

490. viii. Samtjei, Cone, b. Apr. 12, 1842.

265. Hiram Trowbridge (Setli''"\ James' - '', Daniel^'o, James">\ William''>\

Thomas'"), born , 1799, in Florida, N. Y.; died January 21, 1860, in

Tiilly, N. Y. ; married October 27, 1822, in Preble, Anna Patterson Cone,§

daughter of lehabod and Anna (Holmes) Cone, bom , 1S00,|| in Beme,||

N. Y.; died October 11, 1850, in Glen Haven, N. Y.

Hiram Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Preble, N. Y., where he was
engaged in farming until late in life, when he came to the neighboring village
of Tully. He was a member of the Presbyterian church.


491. i. Lorenzo Dow, b. July 29, 1823.

ii. Laura Anna, b. Aug. 1. 1826; m., 1st, May 1, 1847, Cicero Fowler of Preble;

m.. 2d. Feb. 11, 1881, Charles H. Ferry of Syracuse, N. Y.
iii. Esther, b. June 25, 1831 ; m. Apr. 6, 1849, Jared Cone Williams of East

Onondaga, N. Y.

492. iv. Newton, b. July 1, 1832.

V. Lucy Manpana, b. Nov. 24, 1834 : ni. Jan. 1, 1851, Jliles Burghart Hackett
and resides in Onondaga Valley, N. Y.

* Reminiscences of Milo Trowbridge, told to his grandson Mr. Charles F. Trowbridge.

t Initial only. His sister Henrietta married rhiletus Trowbridge (No. 280).

X No children by third and fourth marriages.

§ A sister of the second and third wives of his brother Jlilo Trowbridge (No 2G4).

11 By family record ; 1797 in Catskill by "Cone Genealogy."















266. Stephen Trowbridge (Seth'-", James^-^, DanieP^", Jaines^°^, W Uliam'^'"' ,
Thomas^), born August 14, 1804, in Preble, N. Y. ; died January 5, 1895, in

Elgin, 111.; married , 1825, in Preble, Almeda Comstock,* daughter of

Jason and Philura (Cravath) Comstock, born January 10, 1800, in Tully, N. Y. ;
died February — , 1S64, in Henrietta township, Ohio.

Stephen Trowbridge soon after liis marriage settled in Sparta, Livingston
county, N. Y. He there built a log house and cleared a farm, and there in later
years he built a fine house for those times. About 1847 he emigrated with his
family to Ohio, where he bought a large tract of wild timberland near what is
now Wakeman, Huron county, about eight miles west of Oberlin. His house was
reached by a road tliat led for miles tlu'ough heavy timber, and he cleared a fine
large farm where he planted an orchard and raised a large number of live stock
of various kinds. The latter years of his life were passed at tlie home of his
youngest daughter in Elgin. 111.


Helen Ameua, b. , 1827 ; d. aged 18 months.

Barlow, b. Oct. 80, 1829.

Asenath Amelia, b. May 21, 1831 : m. , 1852, Granville Hudson

Sherwood of Oberlin, Ohio.
G.ARDNER Clark, b. Nov. 1, 1835.
Stephen, b. May 14, 1839.
Leverett Hull, b. Jan. 10, 1841.
Charles Finney, b. Oct. 1, 184.'? : was a soldier in the Civil War. He

enlisted June G, 18G1, for three years in Company A, 24th Ohio Infantry,

and was killed in the battle of Shiloh, Apr. 7, 1802 ; unm.
PniLXJRA CoM.STOCK, b. Oct. 28. 1840 ; m. Sept. 26, 1872, Judge David Burbon

Sherwood of Elgin, III.
QuiNCT Adams, b. , 1849 ; d. aged 4 months.

267. Richard Trowbridge {Aaron'^'^-, James''-^, Daniel''^", James^"',
William^'"'. Thomas^), born January 29, 1799, in Windsor, Vt.; died July 4,
1850. in Climax Prairie, Mich.; married February 20, 1820, in Alloway?, N. Y.,
Adaline Wilder, daughter of Erastus Wilder, born June 11, 1805, in Seneca,
jST. Y. ; died December 24, 1851, in Climax Prairie.

Richard Trowbridge after his marriage settled in Alloway, then a small manu-
facturing village in the town of Lyons, N. Y. About 1850 he emigrated with
his family to Kalamazoo county, Mich., where he cleared a farm in Climax
Prairie and lived the remainder of his life.


496a. i. Aaron Erastus, b. Jan. 20, 1825.

ii. Allen, b. Apr. 22, 1827 : d. June 6, 3827.

iii. Levi. b. June 2. 1828: d. Apr. 19. 1844. in Alloway.

iv. Seymour, b. July 28. 1830: d. Oct. 25. 1854. in Climax Prairie, Mich.: unm.

V. Lydia. b. Aug. 13. 1834; m. Sept. 20, 1852. Charles Rosbrooke of Augusta,


vi. Keziah, b. Dec. 1. 1836 : m. Apr. 17, 1855, Andrew Young of Augusta.

vii. Julia Susanna, b. Dec. 7, 1842 : d. July 2. 1843.

268. Adonis Trowbridge {Jolin>^"\ James'^-', Daniel''^''. James'"''-', William''-'"'.
Thomas''), bom September 14, 1795, in Whitesborough, N. Y. ; died December
21. 1880. in Adams Centre, N. Y. ; married August 21, 1817, in Rodman, N. Y.,
Fanny Taylor, daughter of Gilbert and Clarissa (Gibbs) Taylor, born November
20, 1800, in Mexico, N. Y.; died May 20, 1882, in Adams Centre.

* A sister of the husband of No. 26."!. iil. and of the wives of Nos. 484 and 485.
t Except No. ix, who was born in Wakeman. Ohio.


Adonis Trowbridge came in cliildliood with his father to Adams, Jefferson
county, N. Y. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was enrolled at Rod-
man, N. Y., in Capt. Samuel C. Kennedy's company September 8, 1812, and was
honorably discharged at Saekett's Harbor after a service of twelve days, nine of
which were passed at the latter place. He again enlisted, in Capt. Peter
Yendee's company, Colonel Tuttle's regiment of New York militia, in November,
1813, in which he served about ten days at Jewettsville, near Saekett's Harbor,
and then was honorably discharged. He received for his .services a land warrant
of ICO acres, and drew a pension."

Mr. Trowbridge in his youth learned the trade of a wool carder and cloth
dresser, which he followed for a few years. Aft«r his marriage he took up farm-
ing and became an extensive dairy farmer and stock raiser. He settled in
Adams after his marriage and lived there about twenty years, then moving to
Pinckney, Lewis county, N. Y., where he lived about ten years. He then, in 1847,
removed to a farm two miles east of Watertown, N. Y., where he was engaged in
dairying on a large scale, owning a very large herd of cows. He was thus
occupied until late in life, when he went to Adams Centre to pass his remaining

497. i. Gilbert, b. Julv 10, 1818.

ii. Sarah, b. .Tune 5, 1820; m. Mar. 23, 1843. Job Clark Gardner of Pinckne.v,
N. Y.

John, b. June 28. 1822.

Gould, b. Aug. IG. 1824.

DwiGHT, b. June 10. 1828.

Samuel Fakwell, b. May 3, 1830.

Philomela, b. Sept. 13. 1835; m. Sept. 11, 1882, John Constant Woodward
and resides in Adams Centre, N. Y.

James Farwell, b. June 26, 1830.

George Perkins, b. June 25, 1841.

269. LoiuN Trowbridce {Jolin^'^'-^, James"^, Daniel''^'', James^"^, William'""',
Thomas'^), born March 0, 1811, in Rodman, N. Y. ; died Januai-y 16, 1876, in
Washington, 111. ; married October 7, 1835, in Solon, Ohio, Martha Hale,

daughter of John Sparford and Martha ( ) Hale, born April 16, 1811, in

Berkshire, Mass. ; died March 19, 1882, in Washington.

Loriu Trowbridge in his youth lived with his eldest brother, Adonis, in Adams,
N. Y. In 1831 he emigrated to Solon, Ohio, where he lived for twenty years.
In 1851 he removed to Washington, 111., where he resided until his death. He
was engaged in farming all of his life.


i. Elmina Eliza, b. Sept. 27, lS3(i ; m. Nov. 7, 1800, William I'ayn Johnson of

Eldorado, Kan.
ii. John Sparford, b. June 9, 1838; d. Mar. 5, 1840.
iii. LuciNDA, } twins, d. .Tan. 5, 1842.

iv. LORINDA, \ b. July 23. 1841 ; d. June 4, 1842.

504. V. James Lorin, b. Mar. 17, 1843.

vi. Emily Almira, b. Dec. 23, 1845; m. . 1804, William Haley of Con-
cord, III.

vii. Thankful Victoria, b. Dec 29, 1847: m. Oct. 31, 1803, Robert Richard
Bamber and resides in Washington, 111.

viii. Albert, b. June 10, 1840 ; d. Apr. 10, 1850.

ix. Ella Lefa, b. Nov. 10, 1850 : m. Ambeck of San Francisco, Cal.

505. X. Charles Riley, b. July 28, 1853.

xi. Louisa Jane, b. Feb. 0, 1855 : d. July 1, 1859.

* U. S. Pension Office Records.

t i-vii born in Adams. N. Y. : vi!i-ix in Pinckney, N. Y.

X i-ix born in Solon, Ohio ; x-xi in Washington, 111.















270. Orrix Aloxzo Trowbridge (John^"', James^^'', Daniel"'', James^"^,
WilUam'^o". Thomas^), born October 19. 1819, in Pinckney, N. Y.; died Septem-
ber 23, 1900, in Adams Centre, N. Y. ; married, first. , 1842, in Pinckney,

Henrietta Jones, daughter of William and Betsey (Randall) -lones, born

, 1819, in Berlin, N. Y.; died June 23, 18(32, in Adams Centre. He

married, second, April 2-1, 1863, in Pinckney, Estlier Cornelia (Jones) Stoddard.
\vidovv of Philo Stoddard of Pincloiey and daughter of Zebulon and Abigail
(Brown) Jones, born June 23, 1S34, in Berlin. She resides in Adams Centre.

Orrin A. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his father to Adams, N. Y.,
and lived in tliat town the remainder of liis life, engaged in farming. In 1838
he was a private in Ca))t. Archibald Webb's company. 55th Regiment of New
York militia. Col. Abel Eedway, and was ordered out at Adams on February 28,
for the term of twenty-three days, at the time of the threatened invasion from
Canada and to enforce neutrality laws of the United States during the frontier
disturbances. He continued in actual service for the term of fourteen days and
was honorably discharged at French Creek, N. Y., March 10, 1838.*


Bij first iiKiniiige:
.ToHN Riley, li. Fob. 18. 1844.
William Randall, h. Dec. 2lj, 1847.
LoREN Jones, b. Mar. 30. 1849.

Emma Elizabeth, b. Mar. 31, 18.52; d. Apr. 8. isi;2.
Eli Seeley, b. Aug. 10. 1S.")4.
Charles .Tames, b. Oct. 2G. 18.56.
Thomas riiiLANDER, b. Apr. 17, 18.59.

Bij second tnnrriage:
Prank, b. Apr. 1, 1SG4.
Seth Samuel, b. Jan. 9. 186G.
Henrietta, b. July 9, 1868; m. Dec. IS, 1894, Ernest Vincent Stevens and

resides in Henderson, N. X.
Margaret Ann. b. Aug. 6. 1871; m. Feb. 19, 1896, Edward Alva Whitford

and resides in Rodman. N. T.

271. Aaron Seymour Trowbridcie {DanieV^*, James'^"'-', Daniel"", James'^''^,
William^"". Thomas'), born September 1, 1800, in Tully, N. Y.; died February

29, 1864, in Erie, Pa.; married, first, , 1820, in Ithaca?, N. Y., Achsa

Phimiey, daughter of Joseph and Rachel ( ), Phinney, born ,

1795, in Cooperstown ?, N. Y. ; died September — , 1840, in Richfield Springs,
N. Y. He married, third,t October 5, 1845. in Cxuilford. N. Y.. Zilpha Irene
Wlieaton, daughter of Silas and Esther (Balcom) Wheaton, born August 21.
1823, in Masonville, N. Y. She married, second. February 28, 1866, Nelson
Bixby of Laingsburgh. Mich., where she resides.

Aaron S. Trowbridge before he was twelve years old enlisted in the War of
1812. He volunteered in the fall of 1812 a.s a substitute for one month for L.
Grey of Jamesville, N. Y., and was mustered into service at Manlius, Onondaga
county, in Capt. Charles B. Bristol's company, 176th Regiment of New York
militia, a rifle company eonnuanded by Colonel Clark. His company was in the
battalion commanded by Col. Solomon Van Rensselaer and went to Oswego and
then to Lewiston, Niagara county. Aaron Trowbridge was with his company at
this place and participated with it in the battle of Queenston. He was honorably
discharged with his company November 25, 1812.*

After his marriage ho was engaged in farming in Canandaigua and later at
Schuyler's Lake, near Richfield Springs, N. Y. Soon after his second marriage



















* U. S. Pension Office Records.

t "He had a second wife wlio died soon after tlieir marriage.'


he emigrated to Shiawassee county, Mich., where his younger brother Daniel

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