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had also gone, and settled near Laingsburgh. He lived there about ten years,
engaged in tanning and later in harness-making. In 1855 he removed to
Harford, Susquehanna county, Pa., and died a few years later in Erie. He was
a member of tlie Baptist church.


By first marriage:

514. i. MiLO Daniel, b. Nov. 7, 1822.

ii. Sakah, b. Mar. 1, 1824 ; d. aged 2 years in Jlouticello, N. Y.


By third marriage:*
iii. Franklin Asbukv, b. Aug. 1, 1S4G; d. June 25, 1848.
iv. George Seymour, b. Mar. 1.'), 1S48; d. Sept. 15. 1848.
V. George Franklin, b. Sept. 1, 1849 ; d. Sept. 25, 1852.
vi. Aaron Delos, b. Mar. 10, 1852 ; is a harness maker in Howell, Mich.t
vii. Benjamin Adelbert, b. May 20, 185(5; d. Sept. 3, 1859.

viii. Carrie Estelle, b. Feb. 28, 1802 ; m. Oct. 24, 1883, .James Andrew Briggs and
resides in Laingsburgh.

•272. Daniel Trowbridge (DameZ^", James" - ^, Danlel"o, James^"^, William?-'"',

Thomas^), born , 1802, in Tully, N. Y. ; died March 8, 1867, in Owosso,

Mich. ; married, first, . He married, second, Susan Althous.

Daniel Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life. He lived in Tully and
Kipley, N. Y., until a few years after his second marriage and then emigrated
to Shiawassee county, Mich., and settled on a farm about two miles from Owosso,
where he lived the rest of his life.


By first marriage:
i. Sarah, b. , 1823 ; d. , 1833.

515. ii. James Thomas, b. Aug. 5, 1825.

iii. Margaret, b. , 1827?; m. John Kendall of . Wis.

iv. Maryette. b. Dec. 19, 1828; m. Apr. 22, 1846. Corydon Hitchcock of James-
town, N. Y.

v. Catharine, b. , 183- : m. Isaac Greenman of Owosso, Mich.

vi. Ellen, b. , 183- ; d. Feb. 19, 1872.

children born in owosso, MICH. ;}:
By second marriage:

510. vii. Aaron, b. , 1S4-.

517. viii. Austin, b. , 184-.

ix. Sarah Malona, b. Mar. 12, 1852; ni. Feb. 21. 1869, Peter Jloody and resides
in Morrice, Mich.

X. Caroline, b. . 185-?; m. (twice).

xi. George, b. ,180-?; d. Mar. 1. 1806.

xii. Leonard, b. JIar. 3, 1805 ; removed about 1883 to , Cal.

273. Eev. John Trowbridge (Daniel^''*, James^-^, DanieP'^", James'-"^,

WilUam^o", Thomas^), bom . 1809, in Tully. X. Y.; died . 1846,

in Alloghany,§ N. Y. ; married, first, Eliza .![

John Trowbridge is said to have been a carpenter by trade in his early youth.
He became a minister of the Baptist or Methodist Church, and is said to have
lived in Darien, North Parma, Delphi and Randolph, N. Y.. and in Corry, Erie
county. Pa.

* No child by second marriage.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t Except, perhaps, vii-vlii, who may have been born in Ripley. N. Y.

5 Or Randolph?

11 He married a second and third time, it is said.


By first marriage:

i. Nelson, b. . 1S3-.

ii. William Henbt, b. , 183-.

iii. Eliza Jane, b. , lS4r-.


274. George Washington Trowbridge (Daniel^'^*, James^-^, Daniel^^",
James^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), bom June 15, 1812, in Tiilly, N. Y.; died May
22, 1872, in Port Hope. Ontario, Canada; married March 4, 1832, in Preble,
N. T., Harriet Trowbridge (No. 257, iv), daughter of Daniel and Jane (Menzie)
Trowbridge, born February 1, 1810, in Pompey Hill. JST. Y. ; died April 5. 1899,
in Syracuse, X. Y.

George W. Trowbridge was a millwright by trade. He lived in Morganville,
Kipley and Preble, N. Y., and in Port Hope, Ontario.


i. Mary Ann. b. Apr. 1, 1834 ; m. Charles Johnson of Preble,
ii. A child, b. Nov. 1, 1S37 ; d. Nov. 3. 1837.

iii. Eleanor Melissa, b. Sept. 13, 1841; m., 1st, , 1849, Jay Bates of

Groton, N. Y. ; m., 2d, . 1869. Milton Sherwood of Syracuse, N. Y.

518. iv. George Duane Baker, b. Apr. 29, 1844.

V. Jennie Menzie, b. Oct. 1.5, 1848; m., 1st, George Poiser of Syracuse: m.,
2d. Irving Combs of Syracuse: m., 3d, Capt. Edward Napier of St. Joseph,

519. vi. Frank Clark, b. June 15, 1851.

275. "WiLLiAJi ElelX'T TROWBRroGE (Asahel''^^, WillMm'^-^, DanieP'^", James^^^,
William^'"', Thomas^), bom March 19, 1809, in LaFayette, N. Y. ; died April
11. 1888, in Decatur, Mich.; married March 20, 1834, in LaFayette, Catharine
Louisa Hoyt, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Weed) Hoyt, bom January 21, 1816,
in LaFayette. She resides in Decatur.

William E. Trowbridge after his marriage settled on a farm in Wheatfield,
near Tonawanda, !N". Y., where he lived about seven years. He then lived in
Lewiston and Lockport until 1849, when he emigrated to Kalamazoo, Mich. In
1855 he moved to Decatur, Mich., where he resided until his death, with the
exception of a short time spent in Grand Eapids, Mich., and Xortli Baltimore,

Mr. Trowbridge in his early life was a farmer, but in his latter years and up
to his death he was chiefly engaged in the grocery business. Through all his life
he maintained a character for integrity and benevolence. He was a life-long
Christian, and for the period of seventy years a steadfast member of the
Presbyterian Church and for nearly half a century a ruling elder.

children :t

i. Mabt Ann Eliza, b. Jan. 17, 1836: m. Jan. 24. 1856, William Henry Near-
pass and resides in San Diego, Cal.

ii. Caroline Amant)a, b. May 10, 1838; m. June 11, 1857, Carlton Wheeler of
Decatur, Mich.

iii. Fannie Cordelia, b. Apr. 29. 1842 : d. Nov. 10. 1847.

iv. Emma Lootse, b. Mar. 20, 1844 ; m. Aug. 19, 1862, William Henry White of

V. Elizabeth Jane, b. Jan. 15. 1849 : d. Dec. 9, 1854.

vi. Fannie La\tlla. b. Sept. 18. 1851: m. Jan. 1, 1877, Lewis Gilbert Stewart
and resides in Decatur.

vii. Ida Mat. b. Nov. 23, 1854; resides with her mother; unm.

• A daughter, it is said, married D. E. Seaver and resides in Olean, N. X. She failed to
answer the compiler's letters.

t i born in Morganville. N. Y. : ii in Ripley. N. Y. : lii-vi in Preble. N. Y.

+ 1-ii born in Wheatfleld. X. Y. ; iii in Lewiston. N. Y. ; iv-v in Lockport, N. Y. : vi-vil in
Kalamazoo. Mich.









276. Thilandee Trowbeidge (Asahel'^'"^, William'^^^, Daniel"", James"^"^,
William^'^'', Thomas^), bom September 27, 1815, in LaFayette, N. Y.; died
November 4, 1900, in Decatur, Mich. ; married December 8, 1842, in Jamesville,
N. Y., Kebecca Anderson Hadley, daughter of Jacob and Sabra (Nortlirup)
Hadley, bom September 19, 1817, in Jamesville ; died January 4, 1898, in

Philajidcr Trowliridge was onyafied in farming all his life. He settWl after
his marriage in his native town, where he lived until 1848, moving in that year
to Tully, N. Y. About 1852 he followed his elder brother to Decatur, Mich.,
where he resided the remainder of his life.


Sabra Amanda, b. Mar. 10, 1844 : d. Apr. 14, 1844.

Edward Hadley, b. Jan. 19, 1840.

Caroline Sabra, b. Sept. 1, 1847 ; m. Dec. 31, 1807, Lewis Davis Roberts and

resides in Decatur, Mich.
Theodore, b. June 23, 1849.
Harvey, b. Oct. 17, 1851.

277. LvMA.Nf Trowbridge {Asaliel^'^^. William'^^'^, Daniel"". James^"'',
WiUiam'^'"'. Thomas^), born December 3, 1822, in Pike, N. Y. ; resides in
Defiance, Ohio ; married .January 30, 1845, in Cambria, N. Y., Olive Gushing,
daughter of Charles and Hannah (Morris) Cushing, born July 21, 1822, in
Truxton, N. Y.; died May 29, 1884, in Napoleon, Ohio.

Lyman Trowbridge attended the country school in his native town and after
his father's removal to Niagara county he attended the academy at Lewiston for
six months. Ho then returned to his father's farm. In 1848 he left the farm
and moved to Lockport and. with his brother D. N. Trowbridge, purchased an
interest in a shingle mill. In 1852 they engaged in the manufacture of staves at
the same place. In 1861 he was elected to the city council in Lockport. He
also joined the lodge of the I. O. O. F. in that city.

In 1863 he removed with his family to Toledo, Ohio, and continued in the
stave business. In 1864 their brother Mortimer became a partner, from which
date the firm was known as Trowbridge Brothers. In 1867 another mill was
built by them at Napoleon, Ohio, and Mr. Trowbridge removed there. In 1869
he was elected a councilman of that city iind was later elected for several years
school director. He was a member and elder of the Presbyterian church in
Napoleon. In 1896 he removed to Defiance, Ohio, where he at present resides.
He has retired from active business and is, occupied with the care of his property,
which is mostly invested in farms.

children born in lockport, n. y. :

i. Elma, b. Jan. 22, 18.50 ; d. Feb. 27, 1857.

ii. COR.4^, b. Dec. 3. 1859; m. Jan. 26, 1881, Maximus Eugene Loose and resides
in Napoleon, Ohio.

278. Demetrius Nash Trowbridge (Asa/ie?'*"'', WiUiam^-^, Daniel"", James^"^,
Winiam^"". Thomas^), born J\ily 2, 1825, in Pike, N. Y. ; resides in Toledo,
Ohio; married April 30, 1849, in Youngstown, N. Y., Dorothy Ann Moag,
daughter of Samuel and Dorothy (Mack) Moag, born May 1, 1826, in county
Down, Ireland.

Demetrius N. Trowbridge, on account of the poor health of his father,
remained on tlie farm assisting his parents until his twenty-first year. In the
fall of 1S48. in connection with his brother Lyman, he purchased an interest

• i-iii born In L.iFayette, N. Y. ; iv-v in Tully, N. Y.

/^ C^/ <::^^^4> - 77~t^t/"'tr:::>-T-^^


in a shingle mill at Loclqjort, N. Y., in which business he was engaged until 1852.
At the latter date he began witli the same brother the manufacture of staves at
the same place, which was continued until 1863, when they came to Toledo,
Ohio, and continued the same business. Another brother, Mortimer, became a
partner in 1864, from which date the firm was known as Trowbridge Brothers.
Another mill was built by them at Napoleon, Ohio, in 1867. In 1874 he bought
out his brothers' interest in the Toletlo mill and sold tliem his interest in the
Napoleon mill.

Mr. Ti-owbridge then took his son as a jjartner, and from that time until 1880
tlie business was conducted under the firm name of D. N. Trowbridge & Son.
In 1878 the mill was removed to Le Mojaie. tweh-e miles from Toledo. In 1880
the son formed a partnership with Joseph M. Spencer, the firm name becoming
Trowbridge & Spencer. Mr. Trowbridge continued the business at Le Moyne
until 1885, when he removed to Dunbridge, fourteen miles from Toledo, where
he has established a stave and heading mill, sawmill, and hoop mill. In 1883 he
built an additional mill at Luckey and in 1884 purchased a mill at Defiance. In
the former his brother Mortimer was partner for a short time, but at the present
time his son-in-law Mr. N. B. Eddy is a partner in both concerns under the firm
name of Trowbridge & Eddy. Mr. Trowbridge is at the present time one of the
largest stave manufacturers in that section, furnishing at his three mills employ-
ment to 150 men. The general business ofiice is located on Summit street,

Politically Mr. Trowbridge has always been guided by his convictions of right,
and no man is stronger in his allegiance to his convictions of duty and the
course his conscience approves. A measure or principle he believes to be founded
in the right would receive his support regardless of what other men might do.
Moral courage has never been lacking in him to desert any party whom he
believed in the wrong. He cast his first vote as a Democrat. Ijut when the Free
Soil party came into existence he attached himself to that organization, a step
which brought upon him the ridicule and almost personal persecution of his
former party friends.

Upon the formation of the Eepublican party he joined that organization and
remained with it until 1872, when the question of the legal suppression of the
liquor traflSe became a prominent issue. This cause appealed to him as one of
the objects most desired for the well-being of society. Accordingly he joined the
ranks of the Proliibition party, and from that day to this has been one of its
most active members in his section of the country. He has ever been ready at
whatever sacrifice of time and money to aid in promulgating and instilling in
the minds of the people the aims and purposes of a cause he firmly believes will
yet be crowned with success.

The firm position taken by Mr. Trowbridge on this question in the early
organization of the Prohibition party made him at the time one of the very few
advocates of the cause in Toledo; but the idea which was then ridiculed and
denounced he since has had the satisfaction of seeing develop into one of the
most commanding questions before the people of this country. While men may
differ with Mr. Trowbridge on questions of e.xiiediency and methods of carrying
out desired reforms, still, it is not too much to say that no man who knows him
ever questioned the honesty and sincerity of his motives in any position he
assumes, either of a political, social, or moral nature. The rare quality of
moral courage is the strongest element in his character and this naturally
enlists the confidence, respect and esteem of all good men.

In all that pertains to religious affairs, Mr. Trowbridge has always been a
zealous worker. Ever since he came to Toledo he has been a member of the
First Congregational Church, in which for over twenty years he has been a
prominent office bearer, and he is still serving as a deacon. For over thirty years


he has been superintendent of the Allen Street Mission, where his unremitting
labors have materially assisted in the building up of that worthy institution.
Every deserving work of charity in Toledo linds in him an earnest, liberal
supporter, while on all questions affecting the public prosperity he ever evinces
the spirit which should actuate a progressive citizen and wellwisher of the
public good.*


i. Helen Augusta, b. Mar. 2, 1850 ; m. Dec. 0, 1870, Nicholas Bennett Eddy
and re.side.s in Toledo, O.

523. ii. Frank Edgar, b. Nov. 10, 1852.

iii. Elnora Elizabeth, b. Oct. 16, 1857 ; resides with her parents ; unm.

iv. Mart Etta, b. May 3, 1860 ; m. Dec. 6, 1887, Jacob Cotner of Detroit, Mich.

279. Mortimer Asahel Trowbridge (Asahel^"'', William'^-^, DanieV-'^'*,
James^"'-', William^"'*, Thomas''), born January IS, ISSi, in Pike, N. Y.; resides
in Saginaw, Mich. ; married December 28, 1858, in Tully, N. Y., Lovina Carr,
daughter of Jamin and Lana (Van Etta) Carr, born January 22, 1830, in Tully.

Mortimer A. Trowbridge entered the employ of his elder brothers in Lockport,
N. Y. He removed with them to Ohio, and in 1864 was admitted a partner in
the business, the manufacture of staves, the firm then becoming Trowbridge
Brothers. In 1874 he sold to his brother D. N. Trowbridge his interest in the
Toledo mill, and with his brother Lyman continued in business at their Napoleon
mill. This brother retired, and Mr. Trowbridge moved his business to Saginaw,
Mich., where he is still aeti\ely engaged in the same line of manufacturing. He
united with the Presbyterian Church in 1868 and was made a Mason in 1874.


i. i\XTA May, b. July 14, 1861 ; m. Aug. 31, 1892, Hamilton Watson and resides

in Saginaw, Mich,
ii. Bertha Abby, b. Feb. 28, 1864; m. Mar. 31, 1891, Harry Lyman Chandler and

resides in Saginaw,
iii. Melva Anna, b. Mar. 17, 1870; resides with her parents; unm.

280. PniLETUS Trowbridge (WilUani'"^'' , William'^-^, Daniel"", James^"^,

William'''"', Thomas'), bom , 1816, in Tully, N. Y. ; died October 9,

1872, in Tully; married January 11, 1854, in Tully, Henrietta:): HoUenbeck,
who died September 5, 1872, in Tully.

Philetus Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life in his native town,
Tully, N. Y.


281. TitERON Trowbridge {William'^^', William' - ^, Daniel"", J ames'"'-' ,
William'"", Thomas^), born March 1, 1818, in Tully, N. Y.; died February 19,
1881, in Plainwell, Mich. ; married February 20, 1845, in Tully, Mary Elizabeth
French,§ daughter of Ephraim and Marana (Parmalee) French, bom August
27. 1829, in Otisco, N. Y. ; died July 8, 1904, in Topeka, Kan.

Theron Trowbridge was engaged in farming in Tully, N. Y., his native place,
until about 1858, when he removed to a farm in Plainwell, Mich., where he
resided the remainder of his life.


i. George Franklin, b. Nov. 23, 1845; d. Apr. 2, 1848.

524. ii. William Burdick, b. June 23, 1847.

• "History of Lucas county, Ohio."

■^ 1-ii I^orn in Loc];port. N. Y. ; iii in Perr.vsburg, Ohio.
X "Hannah." A sister of the husband of No. 264, i.
§ A sister of the wife of his brother No. IS".


iii. Prancelia, b. Mar. 10, 1850; lu. May 24, IStiS, Samuel Byron Way and

resides in Palmyra, N. J.
iv. Frank Seyjiour, b. July 14, 1854 ; d. Mar. 8, 1855.
V. Edwin, / twins. d. July 21, 1858.

525. vi. iRViNti, \ b. Oct. 2, 1^56 ;

282. Skywouu Tro\vbi!1I)i:;e (William^''', William''"^, Da^iieZ"", James^"'-',
William^^'>, Thomas^), bom May 11, 1819, in Tully, N. Y. ; died March 12, 1855,
in Dundee, Mich.; married December 20, 1846, in Milwaukee, \Vi.s., Julia Bissell,
daughter of John Miner and Louisa (Smith) Bissell, born January 2, 1824, in
Marcellus, N. T. She resides in Dundee.

Seymour Trowbridge was a painter by trade and was also engaged in fanning.
He emigrated to Wisconsin in early manliood, and settled after his marriage
in Clinton in that state. In 1851 he removed to Michigan and lived in London
for about four years, removing to Dundee not long before his death.


52G. i. Alonzo Smith, b. .Tan. 27, 1850.

ii. Ademert Theron, b. Mar. 22, 1852; resides in Dundee. Mich.t
iii. Seymourette, b. Oct. 27, 1850; m., 1st, Mar. 18, 1S72, Dowitt Gage Uatlibiin
of Dundee; m., 2d, Sept. 15, 1S7S, Robert George Walker and resides in
Muskegon, Micli.

283. Martin Lutheu TROWBRrocE (W illiam^^'' , William'^-^, DanieV^",
James'-'"', }YiUiam^o'>, Thomas^), bom April 5. 1826, in Tully, N. Y.; died May
11, 1898. in Syracuse, K Y.; married February 20, 1858, in Tully?, Martha
Lucretia Frcnch,:|; daughter of Ephraim and Marana (Parmalee) French. She
resides in Syracuse.

Martin L. Trowbridge is said to have been the proprietor of a hotel.


i. Lucretia, b. Sept. 0, 1859.
ii. Mary, b. Oct. .10, ISGl.

284. Isaac Trowbridge (iiaip7i"», Ralph^-'^. Caleb'^^'^, James^"^, William^'*'',

Thomas^), bom , 1802, in Olive, N. Y.; died November — , 1866, in

Olive; married , 183-?, in Olive?, Elizabeth Longdyke.l

Isaac Trowbridge was a farmer all his life in his native town.


i. John Peter, b. , 183-.**

ii. Mary Jane, b. about 1840; m. Gilbert Van De Mark and resides in Olive.

iii. Lucas, b. , 184- ; "of Marbletown, N. T.," in 1886.

527. iv. Isaac Longdyke, b. , 184-.

V. Eliza Anna, b. , 184- ; m. ■ Bogart and resides in Marbletown.

vi. Jacod E[lmendorf?], b. • , 1850; d. Mar. 23, 1876, in Marbletown;


285. Simeon Trowbridge (Ealph^^^, Ealph'^-^. Caleh'-'^\ James'^<>\ William'^'">,
Thomas^), bom February 10, 1812, in Olive, N. Y.; died January 5, 1885, in
Stone Bidge. N. Y. ; married , 1840. in Marbletown, N. Y.,'Mary Smith,

* 1 born in Clinton. Wis. ; i! in London. Mich. ; iii in Dundee, Mich.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 281. She failed to answer the compiler's letters.

§ She survived him. but died before Mar., 1876.

II Known from their father's will, on tile at Kingston, N. Y. None of the family answered
the compiler's letters.

**A "Peter Trowiirldge" is reported as a private in Company B, 1st New York ("Lincoln")
Cavalry and as a prisoner on Nov. 1. 1861. [U. S. Government Report.]

No. i was "of Newburgh. N. Y.," in 1867, and "of New York City" in 1876. He d. there
June 5, 1878, leaving a widow Margaret and children: Frcrtericlc and Frank (Markf).


daughter of Isaac and (Conner) Smith, born March 20, 1819, in

Ivripple Bush, N. Y. ; died April 9, 1889, in Kripple Bush.

Simeon Trowbridge was a farmer in his native town all his life.


528. i. Luther, b. Mar. 17, 1843.

ii. Simeon, b. , 181- ; d. in Marbletown, N. \".*

iii. Alonzo, b. , 184- ; resides in Marbletown (The Vly).*

iv. Melissa, b. . 18.")- ; m. Lewis Van De Mark and resides in The Vly.*

V. Ellen, b. , 185- ; m. Lewis Palen and resides in Olive Bridge, N. X.*

286. Joseph Trowbridge {Ealph'"''\ Ralphr-'^, Caleb^^'^, James^^^, William^'"'.

Thomas^), born , 1S15, in Olive, N. Y.; died November 9^ 1883, in

Marbletown, N. Y.; married , 18.3-, in Olive?, Lydia ' ^^^ .

Joseph Trowbridge was a farmer all his life in his native town.


1. William Henry, b. , 183-

ii. John, b. , 183-.

iii. Elisha, b. , 184-"?

iv. .TosiAU, b. , 184-.

v. Freeman, b. , 184-.

vi. Mary Ann, b. , 184- ; m. Wynkoop of Marbletown, N. Y.

vii. Sarah C, b. , 184-.

viii. Louisa, b. , 185- ; m. H. DeWitt Lyons of Olive.

287. Hiram Trowbridge (i^a^p;^«^ Rdph^-^, Caleb"'^, James'^'*'', WiUiam^'"',
Thomas'^), born November 6, ISlS, in Olive, N. Y.; died April 22, 1898, in
Marshalltowni, Iowa; married August 26, 1841, in Olive, Maria Avery, daughter
of Samuel and Sally (Batey?) Avery, bom November 30, 1821, in Sampsonville,
N. Y. ; died December 13, 1900, in Toddville. Iowa.

Hiram Trowbridge settled as a farmer in his native town and lived there until
1856. In the spring of that year he emigrated to Illinois, and settled on a farm
near Freeport. About two years later he removed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where
lie made his home for many years.

He was a soldier in the Civil War and enlisted Septcml>er 27, 1862, as a
private in Comiiauy A, 37th Iowa Infantry, known as the "Graybeard Volun-
teers." He was not in active service, but served as a guard. The last few years
of his life were passed at the National Soldiers" Home in Marshalltown, Iowa.


i. Sarah Ellen, b. July 23, 1842; m. .Ian. 4. ]S(J4. Rev. Isaac Bliss and resides

in Pepperwood, Cal.
ii. Johanna, b. Dec. 13, 1843; d. Mar. 7, 18(>3. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; unm.
iii. LOENA, b. Sept. 1, 1845: m. .Tasper Usher and resides in Toddville, Iowa.*

iv. LOUISA, b. .Tan. 29. 1.848; d. , 18.50.

V. Adelia. b. .Tan. 19, 1850 ; m. Richard Coleman and resides in Cedar Rapids.*

vi. Simon, b. Jan. 20, 1,S.52 ; d. . 1,S5G.

vii. Jacob Benjamin, b. Mar. 15, 1855: d. , 1857.

.528a. viii. Alonzo, b. Sept. 3. 1S.5G.

ix. Ciiristianna, b. .Tan. 24. 1858: in. Jnincs Pollock and resides in Cedar

287a. John TROWBRrooE (Elisha^'"', Caleh^-\ Caleh"\ Jnmes'''\ ^Ymlam"><>,
Thomas^), born May 13, 1805, in Ulysses, N. Y.; died in the fall of 1891, in
Ulysses ; married , 1832, in Ulysses, Survila Williams.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t Decade of hirth estimated from Ulster County Surrogate Records at Kingston, N. Y.
Several reside in Olive. Olive Bridge and The Vly. X. Y.. and failed to answer the compiler's

t i-vii born in Olive, N. Y. ; viii-ix in Freeport, III.


John Trowbridge settled in his native town and lived near the village of
Waterburgh. He was a lumberman, and was a power mentally and physically in
his community. He was always a Democrat in politics, and -was liberal-minded
and progressive.


529. i. Edward Alexander, b. Aug. 3, 1835.

288. Caleb Trowbridge (EUsha^">, C'aleV-% Cak'lA'\ James""-, William""'.
Thomas^), bom November 5, 1808, in Ulysses, N. Y. ; died March — , 1890, in

Knosville, Pa. ; married , I84ii, in Clymer, Pa., Ann Eliza Losey,

daughter of Samuel Munn and Olivia (Phoenix) Losey, born May 8, 1821, in
Pike Mills, Potter county. Pa. ; died , 185-, in Clymer.

Caleb Trowbridg'e followed his uncle Watson from Tompkins county. N. Y., to
Clymer, near Mixtown, Tioga county. Pa. He took up a claim of 240 acres in
one place and owned several other pieces of land. He was an expert fiddler, and
it is said that he cleared his farm by money earned from his violin. He v^as one
of the earliest settlers in that section and underwent many hardships. He was a
noted hunter and killed nearly one hundred wolves near his own door, besides
many deer and bear, which were also very numerous near his farm. He accumu-
lated quite a fortune during the Civil War, being engaged in loaning money,
farming and selling stock. •


). Elisha. b. , 184- ; d. in childhood.

ii. Titus, b. , 184- : d. in childhood.

530. iii. John Cai^b, b. Apr. 14, 1847.

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