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531. iv. Samuel Dow, b. , 1850.

v. William, b. , 185- ; d. in inf;incy, with his mother.

289. Huron Trowbridge (Elisha'"'. Caleh^-', Calcb^'\ James^"-', William'oo,
Thomas'"), born .July 12, 1812, in IJlysses, N. Y. ; died February 26, 1896, in
Waterburgh, N". Y. ; married October 25, 1838, in Waterburgh, Jane Wyckoff.
daughter of Peter and Elizabeth (Smith) Wyckolf, born August 19, 1818, in
Jacksonville, N. Y. She resides in Waterburgh.

Huron Trowbridge settled in the village of Waterburgh in his native town-
ship, Ulysses, N. Y., and lived there all his life. He was a successful fanner.


i. Martha ELizABExn, b. Dec. 1, 1840 ; m. .Ian. 20, ISTO, Albert Floreutiue

Mosher and resides in Tnimansbiirsh, X. Y.
ii. Irvin a., b. Apr. 22, 1848; is a farmer iu Waterburgh.*

290. Michigan Trowbridge (Elisha'~o. Calel^", Cale'b'-^\ James"''\
William'"'''', Thomas"), born March 17, 1820, in Ulysses, N. Y. ; died November
10, 1880, in Meadville, Pa. ; married December 21,, 1853, in Meadville, Amanda
Dinm, daughter of William and Sarah (Thompson) Dunn, born June 19, 1833,
in Sheaklcj'ville, Pa. She resides in Meadville.

Michigan Trowbridge settled in Meadville, Pa., where he was engaged in the
wholesale and retail oyster business.

children born in MEADVILLE, PA.:

i. Frank Leslie, b. Oct. 19, 1855 : is a painter iu Meadville ; unm.
ii. George Washington, b. May 25, 1858; -nas a clerl< for his father; d. Feb.
26, 1884, in Meadville ; imm.

• Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


iii. Henrietta, b. Oct. 5, 1S61 ; m. Feb. 17, 1S89, Charles Francis Bieder and

resides in Brooklyn, N. Y.
iv. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 19, 18G3 ; m. Jan. 7, 1880, Horace Edwin Lane and

resides in Meadville.

532. V. William Sherman, b. Feb. 7, 1865.

291. William Edgar Trowbridge (EUsha'^''', Calel''^\ Caleh^''\ Jamcs^"^,
William'^'"', Tliomas^), bom February 13, 1823, in Ulysses, N. T. ; died December
25, 1887, in Ulysses; married June 1, 1848, in Covert, N. Y., Susan Gonong,
daughter of Riley Gonong, born July 22, 1828, in Covert; died February 7,
1S99, in Ulysses.

William E. Trowbridge inherited the old homestead of his father in Ulysses,
N. T., near the village of Perry City. He lived there all his life and was
engaged in farming.


i. Mary, b. July 10, 18.53 ; m., 1st, JIar. 19, 1874, Charles Boyle of Uly.sses : m.,
2d, May 7, 1895, .Tames Leroy Easling and resides in Trumansburgh, N. Y.

ii. Ellen, b. July 8, 1801; m., 1st, Dec. 18, 1SS4, Ogden C. Smith of Trumans-
burgh ; m., 2d, Dec. 27, 1899, J. A. Longfellow and resides in Ridgeley, Md.

iii. Jennie, b. May 10, 1804 ; m. Nov. 11, 1880, Peter J. Hausner and resides in
South Apalachin, N. Y.

iv. Charles Fremont, b. July 4, 1867 ; is a farmer in his native place ; unm.

533. v. Frank, b. Mar. 22, 1869.

292. David Trowbridge (Elisha"", CaZefe^", Caleb'^'^^, James'^''^, William^'"',
Thomas^), born October 24, 1829. in Ulysses, N. Y.; died October 29, 1882, in
Waterburgh, N. Y. ; married May 13, 1854, in Ulysses, Joanna Doyle, daughter
of Owen and Mary (Donahue) Doyle, bom March 23, 1834, in county Wexford,
Ireland; died October 15, 1884, in Saugatuck, Mich.

David Trowbridge is said to have received the best education of his father's
children, and he taught in the district school for some years. He had a good
reputation as a mathematician and was gifted as an astronomer, and was
generally studiously inclined. He learned the trade of a wagon-maker and settled
after his marriage in his native town, living there about five years, then
removing to the neighboring town of Hector in Schuyler county. He later
returned to his native town, where he lived for the remainder of his life in the
village of Waterburgh.


534. i. Edward Gilbert, b. Feb. 7, 1855.

535. ii. Elisha Owen, b. Jan. 9, 1859.

536. iii. Daniel Ellsworth, b. Oct. 22, 1863.

292a. Levi Headly Trowbridge (EUsha^'">, Caleh^-', Caleh'''^\ James^'>\
William.^"'', Thomas'^), bom December 30, 1832, in Ulysses, N. Y. ; died June 9,
1889, in Cortland, N. Y. ; married October 29, 1857, in Trumansburgh, N. Y.,
Harriette Ann Langdon, daughter of John and Ann (De Lano) Langdon, born
July 25, 1838, in Seneca Falls, N. Y. She resides in Middleville, Mich.

I^. Headly Trowbridge was a contractor and builder. He was in business in
Seneca Falls, N. Y., for the five years succeeding his marriage. He went South
during the Civil War in the employ of the government, but he became very ill
and was brought home. He never fully regained his health. He returned to
the village of Waterburgh in his native town. "He was quite noted as a
violinist, and gave the greater part of his life to the study of music and taught
it for years." The latter part of his life he lived in Cortland, N. Y.

* Except i, who was born in Mecklenburgh in the town of Hector, N. Y.
t i-il hnrn in Ulysses, N. Y. ; iii in Hector, N. Y.


i. Cora Addasteen, b. May 24, 1859; m. Dec. 17, 1902, Albertis Flagler and

resides in Lyons, N. Y.
ii. Mary Luella, b. Nov. 24, 18G2 : m„ 1st, Dec. 4, 1884, Henry Hubble

Watrous of Syracuse, N. Y. ; m., 2d, July 20, 1905, Aaron Hufford and

resides in Middleville, Mich,
iii. Carrie Viola, b. Sept. 17. 1805 ; m. Oct. MO, 1882, Leland L. Ricluuond and

resides in Syracuse, N. Y.
536a. iv. Fred Carlton, b. Nov. 10, 1868.

292b. Erastus Trowbridge (Serewoi", Caleh'^-', Caleh'^^^. James
William^"", Thomas^), bom , 179-, in Wliitehall ?, N. Y. ; died


18 — , in Whitehall?; married , 182- in , Susan [Avis?] Pratt.

Erastus Trowbridge was a farmer. It is thought that he lived in Whitehall,
N. Y., all his life.


i. PROSrEK. b. , 182- ; resided in , Mich.

536b. ii. Isaac Wixom, b. Sept. 22, 1825.t

iii. Mary, b. , 182-.

iv. Henrietta Celia, b. .Tan. 21, 1829; m. Calvin Z. Trowbridge (No. 538).

V. Betsey, b. , 183- ; m. Sartsfield of , 111.

293. Cyrenus Tro\vbru3Ge (Sereno''''\ Caleb''-\ CaleV^^, James^"^,
William^'"', Thomas^), born July 15, 1797, in Whitehall, N. Y. ; died September
o,X ISSO, in Howard, N. Y.; married January 18, 1820, in Howard, Mary
Bartholomew, daughter of Joseph and Clarissa (Norton) Bartholomew, born
October 26,§ 1803, in Whitehall; died April 3, 1872. in Howard.

Cyrenus Trowbridge settled in Howard, Steuben county, N. Y., where he
engaged in farming and lived the rest of his life.


i. Joseph, b. May 23, 1822; d. Aug. 25, 1822.

ii. Clarissa Lovina, b. Apr. 9, 1824; m. Sept. 3, 1S40, Hiram Howland of
Andover, N. Y.

537. iii. Caleb Dyer, b. June 17, 1826.

538. iv. Calvin Ziba, b. Mar. 5, 1S29.

539. V. Byron Harlow, b. Jan. 3. 1832.

540. vi. Erastus Burl, b. Mar. 15, 1834.

vii. Lucy Susannah, b. Aug. 26, 1839 : m., 1st, Aug. 4, 1856, William Smith ; m.,
2d, July 13, 1861. James Cooper; m., .3d, Mar. 11, 1886. Henry Stormes of
Prattsburgh, N. Y.

541. viii. Joseph Bartholomew, b. Oct. 20, 1842.

29.3a. David Trowbridge {Heman^'-, Caleh^-\ Caleh'"'''^. James^o^, William^^'',

Thomas^), born , 180-, in Ulysses?, N. Y. ; died , 18—, in

, Ohio?; married , 18 — , in , Elizabeth Knight.

David Trowbridge is said to have been a farmer.

children : II

i. Hiram, b. , 18— ; d. , 188-.

ii. John Henry, b. , IS— ; d. Feb. — , 1905.

iii. A daughter, b. , 18 — ; d. . IS — .

iv. Isabelle, b. , 18 — ; m. Miller and re.sides in Belleview, 111.?

V. Parthenia, b. . 18 — ; m. Foiles and resides in Belleview.

541a. vi. William, b. July 14, 1846.

• i-ii horn in Seneca F.tIIs, N. Y. : iii-iv in W-iterburgb. N. Y.

t He is tbe only child living. He failed to answer the compiler's letters, thereby making
the records of at least three generations imperfect.

t By family record, correcting 2 in the snn-og,ite record.

§ By family bible of No. 293 ; Nov. 24 by "Bartholomew Genealogy."

II Order of births unknown. Those livins failed to answer the conipiler's letters.


294. Nathaniel Teowbkidge (Heman^'-, C'aleb^-'', C'aleh^^', James^°^,

William^o", Thomas^), bom , 180-, in Ulysses?, N. Y.; died ,

1838,* in Lawrence county, Ohio; married , 1838, in Lawrence county,

Zelda Miller, daughter of Abraham and Kcbocca (Hughes) Miller, born Septem-
ber 1, 1818, in Lawrence county; died January 7, 1902, in Guyandotte, W. Va.f

Nathaniel Trowbridge was a farmer near Proctorville, Lawrence county, Ohio.


i. Harriet N., b. Dec. 15, 1838; m. Oct. — , 1863, Ansel Wood and resides in
Guyandotte, W. Va.

295. TiiERON Trowbridge (Heman'^'^, Caleh^-\ Caleh"'-, James'-"^, William'-'"'.
Thomas'^), born December 5, 1815, in Marietta, Ohio; died July 6, 1904, in
Denmark, Iowa; married, first, March 22, 1841, in Denmark, Annis Chappel
Case, daughter of Asahel and Cynthia (Chappel) Case, bom June 2, 1818, in
Ashtabula, Ohio; died November 5, 1891, in Denmark. He married, second,
April 10, 1893, in Denmark, Mrs. Emma Cai-penter. She resides in Denmark.

Theron Trowbridge was a mason contractor and was in the building business
for fifty yeai'S.


By first marriage :t

542. i. Watson, b. Dec. 23, 1842.

543. ii. John Brown, b. Aug. 23, 18.50.

iii. Mary Eliza, b. Oct. 23, 1852; m. Apr. 30, 1873, William Enos Wright and

resides in Newark, N. .T.
iv. Celia xVbigail, b. Apr. 10, 1857 ; m., 1st, Aug. .^1, 1886, John Francis Brown

of Quincy, 111. ; ra., 2d, Nov. 13, 1906, William Francis Cunningham and

resides in Elgin, Utah.

296. Watson Trowbridge (Hcman"-, Caleb' - '', CaleV - "-, James'-"^, William'-'"'.
Thomas'-), born August 10, 1823, in Marietta, Ohio; died March 11, 1907. in
Quincy, 111. ; married September 14. 1840. in Cincinnati, Ohio, Suzanne Krum-
mel, daughter of Godfriedt and Juliana (Wolf) Krummel, born June 15, 1827,
in Zweibregan, Bavaria, Germany. She resides in Quincy.

Watson Trowbridge came in boyhood to live with his sister Mrs. Frampton in
Burlington, Lawrence county, Ohio. At the age of sixteen he went " on the
river" and became steward of a steamboat plying on the Ohio and Mississippi
rivers. He gave up steamboating not long before his marriage and located in
Cincinnati, Ohio, where he began work as a machinist. In September, 1851, he
removed to Quincy, 111., which was his home from that time until his deatli.


544. i. Charles Henry, b. June 15. 1847.

ii. Alice Regina, b. Apr. 13. 1851 ; m, Apr. 4, 1872. Charles Frank Hodgdon and

resides in Hannibal, JIo.
iii. Rhinette, b. Deo. 22. 18.54; m. July 12. 1894, Charles Henry Morrell and

resides in San Francisco, Cal.
iv. Eliza JMatilda. b. Jan. 10. 18.58; m. Feb. 28, 1884, Walter E. Brown and

resides in St. Louis, JIo.

545. V. Edward Watso.x. b. .Vpr. 15, 1800.

vi. Letitia, b. Jan. 21, 1800; m. Nov. 17, 1885, Lorin Bennett Bartlett of Quincy,

* "Eight months after his marriage."

t It is said that she married twice after Nathaniel Trowbridge's death.

t No children hy second marriage.

§ i horn in Cincinnati, Oliio ; ii born in Lawrence county, Ind. ; the others in Quincy, 111.


297. George Wasiuxgtox Trowbridge (Caleh'^~^, C'aleh"^-', Caleh^^K James^"-^,
Wi.Uutm^'"', Thomas^), born June 12, 1S18, in Washintfton county. Ohio; died
December 17, 1888, in Bristol, Mich.; married September 22, 1844, in Otsego
township, Steuben county. Ind.. Juliann Carll, daughter of Stephen and Betsey
(Hardy) Carll. born August 9, 1828. in Xiagara Falls, N. Y. ; died January 21,
1903, in Bristol.

George W. Trowbridge emigrated with his father to Otsego township,
Steuben county, Ind. He was engaged in farming there until April, 1870, when
he removed witli his family to Northern Michigan and settled on a farm in
Bristol, Dover township. Lake county, near the present town of Luther. At that
time that part of tlie country was all woods and the nearest trading points wore
Paris and Big Eapids. Mecosta county. The farm that he located at that time
is now owned and cultivated by his son.


i. S-\BAU Elizabeth, b. JIar. .30. 184G ; m., 1st. Dec. 20. 1SG5, Samuel Reuben
St.atford of Scott, Intl.; iii.. 2d, Oct. 20, 1001. Franklin Somerlott and resides
in Angola. Ind.

ii. Isaac Hardy, b. Mar. 28, 1849 ; d. June 28. 1^54.

iii. Caleb, b. Oct. 28. 18.50 : d. June 28. 18.54.

iv. Stewart IIeman. b. Nov. 28. 18.52 : d. July 2, 18.54.

V. Hannah Alma. b. July 22. 18.55: m. June 30, 1872. George Sumner Clark and
resides in Elmira. Mich.

546. vi. Clark, b. JIar. 17. 1857.

298. Watson Trowbridge {Caleh^"^ Caleh" - '. Caleh^'-': Jarnes'^"-. ^yi1Uam^'">,
Thomas'^), born Xovember 15, 1820, in Washington county, Ohio; died January
1. 1895, in Metz. Ind. ; married December — , 1840, in Metz, Sarah Hanna,
daughter of John and Catharine (Holdes) Hanna, born August — , 1826, in
Fairfield county, Ohio. She resides in Metz.

Watson Trowbridge came with his father to Steuben county, Ind., and settled
there after his marriage in the town of Metz. He was a farmer.

child bobn in metz, ind. :

547. i. Morgan, b. July 3. 1857.

Other children?

299. Morgan Trowbridge (Caleh^'% Caleh^-', Caleh^^'^, James^'>\ ^Yiniam''>o,
Thomas^), born April 6, 1818, in Washington county, Ohio; died March 2, 1871,

in Lagrange, Ind. ; married . 1838, in Washington county, Mary Fairley

Mariette, daughter of John and Polly (Waller nee Fairley?) Mariette, born
, 1821, in Washington county; died March 9, 1880. in Lagrange.

Morgan Trowbridge was a farmer all his life. He settled after his marriage
in Morgan county, Ohio, removing about 1845 to Lagi-ange county, Ind., where
he lived the rest of his life.


i. Mary. b. Nov. 27, 1839: m. Feb. 20. 1871. Edwin Bilbrough of Lagrange. Ind.

548. ii. Joh.v M..i b. May 10. 1843.

iii. Nancy .Iane. b. Apr. 10. 1849: m. Oct. 29, 1873, Herman Plaisted and resides

in Lagrange,
iv. Martha Ann. b. Dec. 20, 1851; m. Nov. 12, 1871, William Sylvester Davis

and resides in Hopkins Station, Mich.

300. Asher Blue Trowbridge {Watson'^''^, CaJeh^-', Caleh^^^, James^"^,
William^''". Tliomus^). born March 26, 1838. in Clymer, Pa.; resides in Cljnner
township (Westfield P. O.) ; married January 4, 1871, in Sabinsville, Pa.,

* Except i, who was born in Lagrange county, Ind.

t i-ii born in Morgan county, Ohio ; iii in Ontario. Ind. ; iv in Lagrange, Ind.

t Initial only.



Augusta Sawyer, daughter of Albert and Minerva (Chafiee) Sawyer, born
December 10, 1853, in Long Run, Pa.

Asher B. Trowbridge has always lived on his present farm, which was his
father's homestead, in Clynier township, near Westfield, Pa. He and his son
conduct together a very prosperous fann of 180 acres, where they have a herd of
registered Holstein-Friesian cattle and Oxford down sheep. They own a feed
mill and cheese factory.


549. i. Albert Dorr, b. Oct. IG, 1871.

301. Onan- Trowbridge (Watson^'*, Calel^-\ Caleh"\ James^''\ William^°'>,
Thomas^), born December 3, 1840, in Clj-mer, Pa.; died December 19, 189-3, in
Clymer; married December 3, 1867, in Potter Brook, Pa., Mary Anna Little,
daughter of William and Margaret (Sammis) Little, born September 9, 1844, in
Woodhull, N. Y. ; died January 16, 1888, in Clymer.

Onan Trowbridge lived in Clymer township on a farm adjoining that of his
brother, his farm being nearly 400 acres in extent. He was an extensive raiser of
and dealer in cattle and sheep, making large shipments to New York City.


i. Frederick Watson, b. Dec. 9, 18CS; was graduated from the Elmira (N. Y.)
Business College. He formed a partnership with his brother-in-law Mr.
Little in the general merchandise business in Hector, Pa., subsequently buy-
ing him out, and is at present conducting a prosperous business under his
own name in Hector. He is unmarried.

ii. Emma Arminta, b. Sept. 24, 1872 ; m. June 20, 1897, Leroy Lemuel Little
and resides in Hector.

550. iii. Rat Robert, b. Aug. 7, 1874.

551. iv. John Ernest, b. Jan. 5. 1870.

552. V. AYilliam Ezra, b. Sept. 14. 1877.

vi. Clara Bessie, b. May 18, 1880 ; m. May 9. 1900, George Larrison Mahon and

resides in Sunderlinville, Pa.
vii. Bert Mitchell, b. July 11, 1884; is in business with his brother John in

Potter Brook, Pa. ; unm. .
viii. Jennie, b. Sept. 27, 1S8<; ; m. Aug. 0, 190.5. Prof. Royal Lionel Predmore and

resides in Potter Brook.

302. Samuel Trowbridge {Bnfi(s''~'\ Keeler" - ^, Caleb'^'^'^, James^'"', William^'"',
Tliomas^), bom August 6, 1805, in Shelburne, Vt. ; died February 2, 1890, in
Waupun, Wis. ; married November 11, 1837, in Shoreham, Vt., Ann Eobinson,
born March 5, 180C, in Shoreham; died August 19, 1888, in Waupun.

Samuel Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Bombay, Franklin county,
N. Y., removing in a few years to Canton, St. Lawrence county. In 1855 he
removed with his brother Pardon to Janesville, Wis., locating the following year
in Chester township, near the present village of Waupun. where he passed the
remainder of his life. "He was a farmer by occupation and a good farmer. He
took great pride in raising fine cattle, the Durham breed being his choice for
the last forty years of his life. In politics he was strongly Eepublican and was
elected to many town 'offices by that party."

children :*

553. i. Henry Harrison, b. Sept. 16. 1840.

554. ii. Edgak Lucius, b. July 24, 1845.

555. iii. Sidney Samuel, b. Aug. 1, 1852.

303. Prosper TnowBRroGE {Rufus^'^, Keelcr''-^, Caleb^'\ James"-"^, William'^''^,
Thomas^), bom October 15, 1807, in Shelburne, Vt.; died July 14, 1850, in
Edwardsville. N. Y. ; married March 20, 1831, in Morristown, N. Y., Margaret

• i born in Bombay, N. Y. ; ii-iii in Canton, N. Y.


Shaip, daughter of John and Sally (Kaimy) Sharp, born April 13, 1813, in Pots-
dam, N. Y. She married, second, January — , 1856, in Malone, N. Y., Chauncey
M. Wood of Cedar Eapids, Iowa, and died July 29, 1904, in Carroll, Iowa.

Prosper Trowbridge came in early manliood to St. Lawrence county, N. Y., and
after his marriage he settled on a farm at Brier Hill, on Black Lake, about one
and one-half miles from the village of Edwardsville, in the township of Morris-
town. He continued farming there the remainder of his life. His widow after
her second marriage removed with her husband and children in 1859 to Waterloo,


i. S.\RAH Ann. b. Mar. 31, 1835: m. Nov. 19, 1S5S, Hon. William Morris and
resides in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
5.50. ii. RuFUS, b. Apr. 4, 1838.

iii. Lydia, b. Sept. 4, 1841 ; m. Oct. 28, ISGO, George Herbert Eastman of Water-
loo, Iowa.

iv. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 11, 1843; m. Oct. 18, 1802, Theodore Hamilton Filkins of

557. V. William, b. Oct. 20. 1847.

558. vi. John ShjIrp. b. Aug. 3. 1848.

559. vii. Nelson, b. May 8, 1850.

304. Pardon Trowbridge (Biifus'^'''-. Kccler'^-^. Galeh^", James^"^, WilUam.^'>'>,
Tliomas^), born October 7. 1811, in Shelburne, Vt. ; died November 10, 1856, in
Waupun, Wis.; married February 8, 18.38, in Malone, K Y., Sarah Catharine
\rood, daughter of John and Clarinda (Child) Wood, bom November 14, 1815,
in Malone; died January 29, 1857, in Waupun.

Pardon Trowbridge was ten years old when his father died and he was placed
in the family of a maternal uncle, Cyrus Tracy, who promised to give him three
months' schooling, at least, every year; but ho did not keep his promise, giving
Pardon but three months' schooling in all, and making him work very hard.
But Pardon had such a strong desire for an education, that he improved every
^ opportunity to learn, even acquiring a knowledge of tlie French language by
questioning a Frenchman who worked with him on the farm and writing out the
words as he learned them on scraps of paper. He read everything that he could
get to read, and became a man well informed on all important questions of his
day. He lived with his uncle until he was twenty-one. He settled after his
marriage in Bombay, X. Y., where he was engaged in farming for seventeen years.
In 1855, in company witli his elder brother Samuel, he emigrated to Janesville,
Wis., locating the following j'ear in Chester township, near Waupun, where he
and his wife died a few months later.

Mr. Trowbridge was a Christian man, and one who commanded the love and
respect of his friends and acquaintances, judging from what they said and wrote
of him after his death. He was much interested in education and was most
an.^ious that his children should be well educated, feeling keenly his own lack
of early advantages for study. He was also interested in religious movements
and was a strong temperance man, when it meant something to be a total
abstainer. Flo took keen interest in the agitation against slavery and, had he
lived a few years longer, he undoubtedly would have been active for its abolish-
ment. "He left a legacy to his children more valuable than money or lands."


i. Sarah Eliza, b. Nov. 12. 1838; m., 1st, Oct. 22, 1857. Edwin Miller of Wau-
pun. Wis. ; m., 2d, James Myers and resides in Waupun.

ii. Lucy Clarinda, b. July 13, 1840: m. May 12, 1804, James Duer and resides
in Waupun.

• Except ix, who was horn in Janesville, Wis.


iii. Mary Jane, b. Mar. 27, 1842 ; m. Deo. 2, 1SG8, Jacob Tewksbury Holmes of
Santa Barbara, Cal.

500. iv. Sai'foud Wood. b. Jan. 18, 1845.

V. Harriet JIaria, b. Dec. 2, 1840: d. June 2, 1852.

501. vi. OiiAKLEs Joiix, b. Sept. 10, 1S4'J.

vii. Eunice Catharine, b. July 28, 1831 ; d. Sept. 2. 1851.

502. viii. Franklin Henry, b. Jan. 14, 1853.

503. ix. Alfred Jay, b. Oct. 5, 1855.

305. Henry Tuowbuidge {Ilenry ?.>'•=, Eeeler^-\ Caleh^^\ James^'>\
iri/Zwm"", Thomas^), bom June 29, 1824, in Clinton. Me.; died June 10, 1896,
in Trowbridge, Pa.; married February 19, 1849, in Elniira, N. Y., Sarah Jane
Hunter, daughter of Lorin and Hiildah Ann (Lee) Hunter, bom June 5, 1825,
in Sharon, Conn. She resides in Millerton, Pa,

Henry Trowbridge was born on the banks of the Kennebec river, and there
grew to nianliood. In 1846 he came to Elmira, N. Y., where he was employed in
running circular saws. While living there, he sent to Boston for a steam rail-
road w-histle and attached it to a boiler at Hendy Hollow, near Elmira, complet-
ing the job at four o'clock in the morning. When he pulled the valve and the
strange startling sound aroused the people from their slumbers, and they came
to the mill in a hurry to learn what the trouble was, they were agreeably
surprised to find themselves in no danger. After his marriage he purchased the
farm at Trowbridge, .Jackson township, Tioga county. Pa., where he lived forty-
seven years. He was the fii-st person in that vicinity to receive a deed for his
property. He returned to Maine the following year and brought out his father,
mother and three sisters to share his home with him.

Mr. Trowbridge always took an active interest in etlueational matters and was
also a firm supjjorter of the government during the dark days of civil strife.
When the railroad was built he deeded to the company a site for a station as well
as the right-of-way through his land, and in liis htmor the station was named
Trowbridge. A post office was also established there bearing the same title.
Although not activ'C in polities, he served as school director for nine years and
always fulfilled the duties of a good citizen. He was kind and charitable, and,
while enjoying the fruits of his early industry, he also enjoyed the confidence
and esteem of the community up to the time of his death.


Henry Oli\'er, b. Feb. 15, 1850.

Sarah Alice, b. Aug. 30, 1851 ; m. Jan. 29, 1870, Frank Merely Beeman and

resides in Elmira, N. T.
LoKiN Ed\vtn. b. Jan. 23, 1853; d. Oct. 11, 1S74. in Trowbridse. Pa.: unm.
ROANNA Agnes, b. .Tune 4, 1855 ; m. Sept. 1, 1891, Daniel Schuyler Horton

and resides in Millerton, Pa.
Fannie Arabelle, b. Jan. 2, 1857 ; m. Aug. 9. 1879, Elliot Shelves and resides

in Webbs Mills, N. Y.
George Edward, b. July 15, 18.58; d. .\pr. 21, 1863.
Samuel Egbert, b. Feb. 2. 18G1 ; d. Apr. 20, 1863.
Georgianna. b. Nov. 5, 18<>3 ; m. Sept. 8, 1886, Clarence Wylie Ferguson and

resides in Elmira.
Lemuel Albert, b. .\pr. 13, 1860.
Hannah Etta, b. Sept. 19, 1809 ; d. Jan. 19, 18S0.

306. William Henry Trowbridge (Slephen'^''^, Isaac^^'^, Jolin^'^-. James^"^,

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