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comity, N. Y., where, for a few years, he was engaged in a large milk business.
About 1850 he removed with Mr. Smith to Lawn Ridge, 111., where he resumed
farming and subsequently died.


i. JIart Adeline, b. June 10, 1812; m. .Ian. 14, 1834, William Eaton Smith of

Lawn Ridge, III. ,

ii. Hannah .Iane, b. Apr. 10. 181.5; m. ilay 0, 1840, Rev. John Visger Vanlngen,

D.D., of Rochester, N. Y.

322. RuFUS Trowbridge (Daniel^^", Seth^^^, Samuel^^"-, SamuePo'', William?-'"',
Thomas^), bom March 27, 1778, in Deerfield, Mass.; died September 14,* 1865,

in Buckland, Mass.; married, first, , 1800, in Southampton?, Mass.,

Hannah Clapii,t daughter of Joel and Mercy (Pomeroy) Clapp. He married,
.second, March 13, 1804, in Southampton. Deborah Pomeroy, daughter of Isaac
and Deborah (Torrey) Pomeroy, born July — , 178C. in Southampton; died
September 22, 187G, in Buckland.

Riifus Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life. His homo was in
Buckland, Mass.


323. James Tavlok Trowbridge I^UanieW*^, Setk^''^, SaniueP", Samuel^"*,
William'-'"', Thomas'^), born March 4, 1789, in Buckland, Mass.; died February
6, 1S4G, in Ravenna, Ohio; married May 17, 1810, in Phelps, N. Y., Hannah
Taylor, daughter of John James Stewart and Mary Elizabeth (Hawks) Taylor,
born May 9, 1788, iu Buckland; died January 11. 1872, in Ravenna.

James'T. Trowbridge settled in Phelps, N. Y., soon after reaching his majority.
He enlisted thei-e in the War of 1812. He is said to have been in service from
June 16 to 24, 1813, in Capt. Seth Swan's company, serving on the Niagara
frontier and at Sodus, when the latter place was assaulted by the British. He
enlisted again September 1, 1814, and was sergeant of Capt. Elias Cost's com-
pany, 71st Regiment, New York militia. He served at Buffalo, Lewiston and
Black Rock under Lieut. James Woden. He served fourteen days and was
honorably discharged with the company.:); He was engaged in farming in Phelps
until 1833, when he removed to Ravenna. Ohio, where he passed the remainder of
his life.


i. Silas, b. , 1811. §

ii. Almeda, b. ,1813; d. ;ll tinm.

iii. Mary Ann, b. Apr. 12. 1815; ra., 1st, Oct. 20, 1830, George Robiason of
Ravenna. Ohio; m., 2d. Martin Bloomer of Ravenna.

iv. Adeline, b. . 1810: d. :1| unm.

V. Elizabeth, b. , 1810; m. William [Jonas?] Bond of Ravenna.

324. Samuel Edward Trowbridge (Daniel'^", Seth'-^^, Samuel"^, Samuel"'*,
Willia.m""', Thomas'), bom February 4, 1792. in Buckland. ]\[ass. ; died June
3, 1863, in Dearborn, Mich. ; married, first, Abigail Baker of Phelps, N. Y. He
married, second, , 1825, in Phelps, N. Y., Betsey Sheldon, daughter of

* By family record ; 1.3 hy town rerord.
t A sister of the husband of No. 1S6. ii.

+ U. S. Pension Office Records contain testimony to the above service from his widow and
fellow soldiers. His name not on the rolls of the above companies.

§ T'ntraced by relatives. Descendants of his sisters failed to answer the compiler's letters.
11 Before her father.

^' ^

j^mH^ :

^ .






- -s

Qf^ac^n^ ^Ww5^4*^V!^













Elisha and Elizabeth (Wells) Sheldon, born , 1790, in ; died

, 18.'51, in Phelps. He married, third, , 1S32, in Phelps, Frances

E. Eeed, born , 1791. in ; died November 9, 1S55, in Dearborn.

Samuel E. Trowbridge settled as a farmer in Phelps, N. Y., and lived there for
many years. He removed in November, 1852, to Dearborn, Mich., where he
resided until his death.

By xccond marriage:*

.Take. b. , lS2l> : m. Ebenezer H. iSi'iiuptt o£ Auburn?, N. Y.

Hannah, b. . 1S2S.

Elizabeth, b. . 1831.

Hi/ third murringc:
Oliver, b. Aug. 5, 1833.
Miles, b. Apr. 19, 1837.
William Hauiuson, b. Nov. 9, 1840.
Joseph Warren, b. Oct. (1, lS4.j.

325. Daniel Trowbridge (Daniel'-^''', Seth''^^, Samuel'-'^'-', Samuel^"*,
William'^'"', Thomas^), bom February 17, 1790. in Buekland, Mass.; died Febru-
ary 20, 1881, in Hudson, Ohio; mamed December 18, 1817, in Phelps, N. Y.,
Sally Blakely, daughter of Obed and Mary (Muqihy) Blakely, born January 11,
1797, in Genoa, N. Y. ; died May 3, 1S87, in Hudson.

Daniel Trowbridge was a cooper by trade. In November. 1810, he settled in
Phelps, N. Y., where he married and resided many years, lie organized the first
Sunday school in the town of Phelps, in the First Presbyterian Church, which
had been organized a few years previously at Oaks Corners, it being the first
house of worship built in the town. He was chosen on September 20, 1819, a
member of the committee to supply its pulpit and one of its elders on March 23,
1820. In 1833 he emigrated to Portage county, Ohio', and lived at Eavenna and
Shalersville for some years. The last years of his life were passed at Hudson,
Summit county, which was also the home of two of his sons. While he lived in
Ohio he was a very active member of the Congregational Church, and held the
office of deacon at his death. There is a memorial window to him in the First
Congregational Church in Ravenna.


i. Florella. b. JIar. 28. 1.S19 ; d. Feb. 4. 1S4G. in Ravenna, Ohio ; unm.

ii. JIary, b. .July 20, 1820: m. Aug. 23, 1840. William Eames Richards of Gar-

rettsville, Ohio,
iii. Sally Eliza, b. Nov. 9. 1821 ; m. May 10, 1870, William Hall Peck of Shel-

burne Falls. Mass.

597. iv. Thomas Scott, h. Nov. 11, ]S23.

v. Sophia Prescott, b. ilar. 14, 1825; m. Oct. 11. 1849, Andrew Jackson Jen-
nings of Ravenna.

598. vi. Zenas Riggs, b. June 4, 1827.

vii. Caroline, b. Mar. 17, 1829; m. IMar. 27. 1867, Carleton Henry Mills of

Detroit, Mich,
viii. Susan Angeline. b. Sept. 2. 1831; m. Aug. 2. 1853, William Ilobson Shain

and resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

599. ix. James Taylor, b. May 4, 1834.

X. Frances Lorinda. b. July 20, 18.30 ; is librarian of Western Reserve Univer-
sity in Cleveland ; unm.
xi. Percie Almeda, b. Nov. 3, 18.38 ; is a school-teacher in Cleveland : unm.

ii'iCt. Silas Fairci-iild Trowbridge (Daniel'^^'''. Sefh'^^^. Samiiel'^'^^, Samud^"*.
William'-'"', Thomas^), born March 14. 1798, in Buekland, Mass.; died November
3, 1888, in Buekland; married April 20, 1821, in Buekland, Electa Pomeroy,

* No children by first marriage, it is said.

t i-viii born in Phelps, X. Y. ; ix in Itavenna, Ohio : x-xi in Shalersville. Ohio.


daughter of Enos and Lucy (Smith) Pomeroy, bom February 8, 1801, in Buck-
land; died January 22, 1872, in Buckland.

Silas F. Trowbridge was engaged in fanning all his life in his native town,
Buckland, Mass. He was esteemed in that community, and was a deacon of the
Congregational church there for twenty-four years and up to his death.


GOO. i. ■ Luther Pomeroy, b. Apr. 6, 1822.
C;01. ii. James, b. May 10, 1S24.

iii. RliFUS, b. July 14. 1820: d. May G, 1848, in Bo.ston, Mass.: unm.

iv. Mary Tayi.ok, b. Sept. 4, 1828 : m. Aug. 12, 1849, James Palmer and resides

in North Topeka, Kan.
V. Lucy Smith, b. Jan. 16, 1831; m. Feb. 16, 1882, Col. Roger Hook Leavitt
and resides in Slielburne Falls,

002. vi. John. b. Jan. 1. 1S;;3.

vii. Electa Pomeroy. b. Dec. .3. 1835: m. June 0, ISO", Eber Elisha Stratton and
resides in Shelburne Falls.

327. Noble Thowbridge (Oliver^'^~, Se^/ji", SamneP^", 8amueP<'\ William^<">,

Thomas'^), born , 1780?, in Cairo, N. Y.?; died August 5, 1829, in Great

Bend, Pa. ; married — , ISO-, in Great Bend ?, "Rebecca Blair,* daughter

of Samuel Blair, born , 1779, in ■ ; died February 25, 1849, in

Great Bend.

Noble Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to Willingborough town-
ship, now Great Bend, Pa. He settled there after his marriage and lived there
the remainder of his life. "In ISIO he built the wing of the present large house
occupied by his son Oliver, about a mile and a quarter from the state line. The
old barroom, kitchen and dining room of this once noted tavern are well pre-
served; also the old sigTi of the Indian and his arrows, though it no longer
invites the traveler to rest. Here were seen the old tester bedsteads with blue
and white linen hangings such as some of us now cherish as the handiwork of
our grandmothers. From the porch views of river, hills and meadows of great
beauty are obtained, and pleasure seekers much frequent this locality. Trow-
bridge's creek reaches the river just below."t He was elected poor-master of the
township in 1813. Willingborough was named Great Bend in 1814, and on
February 10 of that year he was elected one of the first board of managers of the
first Great Benfl Bridge Company. He was active in town affairs and held the
office of justice of the peace for many years.

children born in great bend, pa. :J

003. i. Oliver, b. Jan. 1, 1805.

ii. Parmelia. b. , ISO-?: d. . 1S40, in Great Bend: unm.

iii. RoxY Ann, b. , ISO-?; m. Henry Langley of Great Bend.

iv. Maria, b.' , 181-?; d. , 18 — , in Great Bend: unm.

004. V. Grant Baldwin, b. June G, 1812.

005. vi. Henry, b. Mar. — , 1815.

vii. Eliza, b. , 181-?: d. . 18 — . in Great Bend; unm.

viii. Harriet, b. — , 181-?; m. Henry Baker of Newburgh, X. Y.

ix. Sally Jane, b. May — , 1821 ; d. , 1897, in Bearer Dam, Wis. ; unm.

328. Lyman Trowbridge (Oliver^''', S'e<7!"^ Samiiel"\ SamueP"*, William^'"',
Thomas''), born June 19, 1783, in Cairo, N. T.?; died September 30, 1S4S, in

Great Bend, Pa.; married , 1803, in Great Bend?, Asenath Blair,§

daughter of Samuel Blair, born , 1782, in ; died May 13,

1825, in Great Bend.

• A sister of the wife of his brother No. 3iS.
t "History of Susquehanna County, Pa."
t Order of births somewhat uncertain.
§ A sister of the wife of his brother No, 327.











Lyiiian Trowbridge came with bis fatber to what is now Great Benrl, Pa. He
settled in the southern part of the township, near Salt Lick creek, and kept the
tollgate there for some years. He later engaged in farming, his farm being
-100 acres in extent. He was known as "Squire" Trowbridge.


i. EvALiXE. b. May 30. ISO-l ; ra., 1st, Charles Chandler of Lenox, Pa. ; m., 2(1,

Azel Carpenter of Sodus Centre, N. Y.
Amasa Thayer, b. .Tune 13, 1S07.
Augustus, b. .July 13, 1809: d. June 17, 1828.
Alzika, b. Feb. 25, 1811; m., 1st, Charles Smith of Great Bend; m., 2d,

Judge Davis Dimmock Warner of Montrose, Pa.
Charles Hatch, b. Dee. 11, 1813.

Sylvixa, b. Oct. 24, ISIS : d. Sept. 14, 1844, in Great Bend ; unm.
LaFayette, b. June 11, 1824.

320. AiT.L-STi-.s Teowdridge (Oliver^", 5'e//i,"-\ Samuel"^, Samuel">\
ir,7/iaOTif"', Thomas^), born July 14, 1792, in Cairo, N. Y.?; died June 7, 1869,

in Lee Centre, 111. ; married, first, , 1813, in Claverack, N. T., Lucy

Bierce, daughter of Austin Bierce, bom November 7, 1795, in Claverack ; died
May 24, 1863, in Lee Centre. He married, second, Luvena Lewis,* daughter of
Eev. Xathaniel and Sarah (Stowe) Lewis, born December 22, 179S, in Harmony,
I'a. ; died December 7, 1SC7, in Lee Centre.

Augustus Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life. He settled after
his man'iage in Windsor, Broome county, X. Y., and lived there until 1845. In
that year he emigrated with his family to Lee county. 111., settling on a farm in
Lee Centre, where he lived the remainder of his life.

By first marriage:^
i. Zerviah. b. Nov. 1>. 1813; m. Wesley Stevens of Windsor.
Austin Bierce. b. June G. 1810.
Harriet, b. Feb. l."., 1810 ; d. Jan. 19, 1834.
Sarin Hatch, b. Feb. 7, 1821.
Reuben, b. Oct. 4, 1823.

Mary Ann, b. Jan. 18. 1820 ; m. Joseph Cary of Selma, Cal.
Henry Augustus, b. Mar. 20. 1828.
Royce Dickinson, b. Apr. 4. 1830.
Noble Alexander, b. ilar. 21. 1832.
Lyman Benjamin, b. Aug. 22, 1834.
Bradford Cornelius, b. Sept. 20, 1836.

330. Henry Trowbridge (Oliver^", Seth^"^, SamueP''^ Samu<;P'>\ TViZ/wm"",
Thomas^), born July — , 1798, in Great Bend, Pa.; died April 2, 18C2, in Wood-
stock, 111. ; married, first, , 1822, in Lisle ?, N. Y., Betsey Lockwood,

bom January 9, ISOl, in ; died January 16, 1844, in Lisle. He married,

second, October 16, 1S44, in Lisle, Sally Hoyt, daughter of Daniel and Abigail
(Eaymond) Hoyt, born February 29, 1S12. in Xorwalk, Conn. ; died December
18, 1897, in Woodstock.

Henry Trowbridge settled after his marriage near tJie village of Killawog in
the town of Lisle, Broome countj-. N. Y., where he was a boot and shoe dealer.
About 1846 he emigrated to Woodstock, lIcHenry county, HI., where he
continued in the boot and shoe business and lived the remainder of his life.

* A sister of the wives of his sons Nos. 609 and 610.
t No children by second marriage.




















By first marr'nigc:*
U17. i. IKA Cooke, b. Mar. IC, 1S2.3.

ii. Eliza, b. , 1S25 ; m. Daniel Pierce of Waseca, Minn.

iii. Henry, b. Aug. 22, 1827 ; d. Oct. 22, 18-17, in Marathon, N. Y. : i

iv. Betsey, b. , 18.30: m. Alvin Jiidd of Dubuque, Iowa.

V. Harkiet, b. May 24, 1832; d. .July 27. 18.52, in Marathon; unm.

vi. EvALiNE, b. , 183- ; d. in Great Bend, Pa.; unm.

vii. .lULiA, b. , 183- ; d. aged 19 in Woodstock, 111.; unm.

C18. viii. AuoLfiius, b. Oct. 5, 1811.

331. Barlow Stcroes TuowBiUDtiE (Ahruham^^^, Julin^"*, Samuel''-'''^,
Samuel'"*, William^"". Tlionuis'). bom November 11, ITilT, in New Fairfield,
Conn.; died March l-t. lS77.t in New Fairfield; married September 5, 1S19, in
New Fairfield. Polly Nash, daughter of James and Dorcas (Brush) Nash, born
March 23, 1798, in New Fairfield; died December 7, 18Sl,f in Danbuiy, Conn.

Barlow S. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life in his native town.
New Fairfield, Conn. He and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal
chtireh at Beaver Bogs for nearly sixty years, he being a class leader for over
thirty years.

children born in new FAIRFIELD, CONN. :

i. Hannah Amanda, b. Nov. 22, 1822; m. Nov. 0, 18o0, George Gillett Wild-
man and resides in Danbury, Conn.

ii. Martha Elvira, b. Oct. 8, 1827 : m. Apr. Iti. 1850. Horace Elwell of Sherman,
G19. iii. William Burr, b. .Jan. 5. 1829.
020. iv. James Osborne, b. June 10. 1830.

V. Sarah Margaret, b. Dec. 31, 1831; m. Dec. 1, ]8G5, Edwin Pierce and resides
in Botsford, Conn.

vi. John Ste\'ENS, b. .Tune 18. 1833 ; was a soldier in the Civil War. He was
enrolled at South East, N. Y., Aug. 22, 1S62, for three years in Company
G, 135th New York Infantry. He was captured and confiuetl in Auderson-
ville, where he d. ; unm.

vii. Maria Amelia, b. May 6, 1835 ; m. Oct. 12, 18.58, Elijah Jlorehouse Gilbert
and resides in Danbury.

viii. Abraham Brush, b. Mar. 19. 1837; was a soldier in the Civil War. He was
enrolled at South East. N. Y., .\ug. 22, 18G2, for three years in Company G,
135th New York Infantry. He was killed in the battle of Spottsylvania,
Mav 10, 1861 ; unm.

621. ix. Henry Wilson, b. Feb. 21, 1839.

622. X. Theodore Monson, b. Dec. 11, 1841.

332. Ei'iiraim Burr Trowbrfdce (Ahraham'^^^, John^-'*, SamueP'^^, Samuel'-''*,
WiUiam""', TJiomas'^), born January 23, 1807, in New Fairfield, Conn.; died
April 12, 1895, in Newark, N. J.; married, first. December 9, 1829, in Troy,
N. Y., Anna (Wilgus) Husted, widow of William H. Husted of Vergennes, Vt.,
and daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Ann (Tloadley) Wilgus, born June T, 1800,
in Vergennes; died August 9, 1856, in Buft'alo, N. Y. He married, second.

, 1804, in Buffalo, Annie Marie Sinclair, daughter of Capt. James and

Catherine (Sehultz) Sinclair, born , 18 — , in Kingston, Canada; died

December 12, 1890, in Buffalo.

Eplii-aim B. Trowbridge in 1830 settled in Buffalo, N. Y., then a place of a
little over 2,000 inhabitants. He engaged in the paint and oil business on South
Division street, and contintied iu it for many years. In the early days of the
city he served ten years in the volunteer fire department. In polities he was a

* No children by second marriage.

t The age given on the gravestone in Beaver Bogs cemetery differs by a few days from the
date of birth.


stanch Republican, and lie was proud of the fact that he was one of a club of
forty in Buffalo who voted for William II. Harrison in 1840 and forty-eight
years later cast his vote in the same state for Benjamin Harrison.

Mr. Trowbridge lived to become one of Buffalo's oldest citizens and was always
keenly interested in his city's welfare. lie had a high reputation for business
integrity, and being of a genial disposition made friends wherever he went. He
was a well-read man and able to converse on any subject. He loved a good story
or a joke, and kept his memory throughout his long life. After the death of his
wife he went to reside with his daughter in Newark, X. J., where he subsequently


By firfit murriage:
G23. i. Charles Burr. b. Oct. 23, 1837.

By second marriage:
ii. Edith Sinclair, b. Dec. 10, 1871 : m. Jan. 29, 1891, Albert Jay .\tterbury and
resides in Newark, N. J.

333. John Stevens Trowbridge (Ahraham^^^, John^^*, Samuen'-^, Samuel^"*,
^yUliam^o", Thomas'^), bom March 13, 1811, in New Fairfield, Conn.; died
November 21, 1891, in New Canaan, Conn. ; married November 14, 1837, in New

Canaan, Betsey Ann Waterbury, daughter of Harry and Anna ( )

Waterbury, born January 31, 1818, in New Canaan; died April 6, 1883, in
New Canaan.

John S. Trowbridge settled in New Canaan, Conn., and was a tanner and



024. i. Adelbert Burr, b. Aug. 21, 1838.

ii. Eliza Jane, b. Oct. 27, 18S9 : resides in New Can.Tan : unm.

iii. Amelia Nash, b. Dec. 20. 1841; d. .Sept. 20. 1801, in New Can.ian : unm.

iv. Bessie Anna, b. Apr. 21, 1847 ; resides in New Canaan : unm.

334. Trumax Trowbridge (Reuhen'^^^, John^^*, Samuel^'^^, Samueno*,
VtUUam'^'"', Thomas^), bom April 27, 1802. in Danbury, Conn.; died February
14, 1884, in Danbury; married, first, December 5, 1822, in Danbury, Eebecca
Stone, born June 23, 1804, in Danburj'; died June 3, 18G5, in Danbury. He
married, second, February 12, 1866. in South Norwalk, Conn., Mary M. Ferris,
daughter of Seth and Mary (Keeler) Ferris, bom August 10, 1818, in Wilton.
Conn. ; died May 18, 1903, in East Norwalk, Conn.

Truman Trowbridge lived in his native town, Danbury, Conn. He was a hat
manufacturer, employing a number of hands, and acquired a substantial property.
In later life he traveled extensively in Europe. He was appointed a grand juror
in 1862. He and his wife were members of the First Congregational Church in

children born in danbury, conn. :
By first marriage :f
i. Oli\-er Edward, b. Dec. 20. 1823 : d. Sept. 12, 1831.
C2.5. ii. Samuel Augustus, b. Nov. 12, 1825.

iii. Myra Elizabeth, b. Sept. 24. 1830 : d. Sept. 27, 1831.
626. iv. William Eugene Sutphin, b. Oct. 13, 1832.

V. Clara Ann, b. Oct. 8, 1834 ; m. Dec. 25, 1856, George Perry Smith of Bridge-
port. Conn,
vi. Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 1. 1839 ; d. June 13. 1864, in Danbury ; unm.
G27. vii. Francis Henry, b. Feb. 20, 1841.
628. viii. Olitor Edward, b. Dec. 3, 1843.

• There were six more children hy his first marriage and one by his second who died in

t No children by second marriage. "~"



335. Alvaii Trowbridge (Reuben^'''', John>^*, Samuel"-", SamueP"*,
William'^'"'. Thomas'^), born November 27, 1803, in Danbury, Conn.; died Febru-
ary 12, 1884, in Chicago, 111. ; married, first, , 1824, in Patterson, N. Y.,

Mareia Birch, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Sabin) Birch, born March 11, 1805,
in Patterson; died August 22, 1854, in Waukegan, 111. He married, second,
April 20, 1856, in Avon, 111., Leonora Kellogg, daughter of Leonard and Sally

(French) Kellogg, born May 3, 1817, in Watertown, N. Y. ; died , 1877,

in Vineland, N. J.

Alvah Trowbridge on coming of age in 1824 engaged for himself in the
caipentry and contracting business in Danbui-y, Conn. He continued there until
1842, when he sold his business and removed with his family to Chicago, 111.,
where he remained two years. He then bought a farm in the village of Liberty-
ville, Lake county. He sold this, however, in a short time and went to Waukegan,
111., where he entered again into business, getting the contract for and building a
plank road between that town and McHenry, 111. He then removed to Muskegon,
Mich., and built a sawmill there in 1852. He left his brother and son in charge
of the mill and returned to Waukegan. In 1856 he sold his property there and
returned to Chicago, where he entered the lumber business, which he followed in
connection with his sawmill until 1869, at which time he retired into private life.


By first marriage:'-
i. Delia Marcia. b. .Tune S, 1825 ; m., 1st, Oct. 17, 1844, Dr. Charles S. White

of Montpelier, Vt. ; m.. 2d, Sept. 28, 1^56, S.iraiiel Morrison of B.irre. Vt.
ii. Mary Emily, b. .Jan. 21, 1827 ; m. June 1, 1S47, James Hurlbut Swan of

Chicago, III.
C29. iii. Theodore Francis, b. Sept. 28, 1829.

iv. Harriet Augusta, b. May 31, 1832 ; m. Jan. 2, 1853. Thomas Wing of Pon-

tiac. III.

V. Sarah Elizabeth, b. .Tan. 14. 183C ; d. . 1878, in Chicago : unm.

vi. AnnjV. Maria, b. May 5, 1839 : d. . 1878, in Chicago ; unm.

vii. Ellen Almeda, b. Feb. 17, 1847: d. Oct. 10, 1847.

viii. Nona Elvira, b. June 21, 1849; m. , 1888, Anton Rathgeber and

resides in Diessen, Bavaria, Germany.

336. Eleazer Benedict:!: Trowbridge {Eeuheti^^^, John'^^*, Samuel"^.
Sumuel^"*, William'""', Thomas^), bom December 20, 1818, in Danbury, Conn.;
died June 4, 1889, in Hull, Iowa ; married, first, September 6, 1842, in Danbury,
Sarah Almira Thomas, daughter of Albert and Sarah (Gregory) Thomas of
South Dover, N. Y., who died January 17, 1848, in Danbury. He married,
second. August 6. 1849, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Adelia Broas, daughter of Peter
Isaac and Hannah (Ostrander) Broas, born January 6, 1831, in Pouglikeepsie ;
died September 27, 1809, in Hull.

Benedict Trowbridge after his first marriage engaged in business as a carpenter
and joiner in Danbury, Conn., his native town. He was an architect as well as
a carpenter and was noted for his first-class workmanship. Soon after his second
marriage he located in Waidvcgan, 111., where his elder brother was then living
and where he continued in business. In 1852 he accompanied his brother to
Muskegon, Mich., where his brother built a sawmill. He remained in charge of
the mill for a few years and then removed to New Lisbon. Wis. In the early
'70s he removed to Wlieeler township, eight miles northeast of Hull, Lyon county,
Iowa, where he was engagefl in farming for the remainder of his life.

Mr. Trowbridge was noted far and wide for his strict temperance principles,
those and his honesty being the things in which he most prided himself, and
which won him the respect and esteem of his fellow townsmen.

* Except vii and viii. who were born in Waukegan, III.
t No children by second marriage.
X Known as Benedict Trowbridge.

ALLERTOX It. Tl:<1\\nRIl)GE.


Bu first marriage:
i. Albert Reuben, b. Aug. 5, 1841! : cl. Jan. 9, 1845.

ii. Clark Thomas, b. Oct. 10, 184(j ; was a soldier in tlie Civil War, enlisting
Aug. 12, 1SG4, from LaCrosse, Wis., where he was preparing for college. He
was a member of the Permanent Guard, and d. Dec. 31, 1864, at Camp
Douglas. Chicago, 111. ; unm.
iii. Sarah Mira, b. Jan. 9, 1848 ; m. Aug. 23, 18Ci7, Cyrus Stephen Ilollister and
resides in Sherman, S. D.

By second marriage:
030. iv. Charles Broas, b. Jan. 2G, 1S.")2.

V. Ej[J[A Amelia, b. Apr. 18, 1854; m. Apr. 20, 1874, Frank Gay of Vermillion,

S. D.
vi. Ida Ann, b. Aug. 14, 1S5S : m. Oct. 8, 187G, Alva Day Fobest and resides in

Cedonia, Wash.
vii. Hettie Jane, b. Aug. 10, 1861 : d. Oct. 18, ISGl.
G31. viii. Fred Clark, b. July 5, 18GG.

ix. Frank Albert, b. Aug. 10, 1870: taught school and farmed in Hull, Iowa.
He owns a fruit ranch in Cedonia, Wash. ; is a member of the Knights of
Pythias ; unm.

337. Phineas Beardsley Trowbridge (AlvaJi^'^'>. BiIh/'^°^. Samiiel'-^^,
SamueV*, William^'"', Tliomas''), born December 4, 1798. in Carmel, N. T. ; died

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