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ber of Mt. Pleasant Lodge, No. 239, I. O. O. F., and D. of R., No. 466. of
Jletz. He also has an honorable discharge from B. I. Crosswait Post, No.
150, G. A. K., of Angola, Ind. He is unmarried.

vi. Louis.\, b. Aug. 25, ISoG; m. .Inly 24, 1800, Henry Smith of Waterloo.

vii. Samuel H.^miltox, b. Nov. 23, 1838: was a teacher of mathematics and
Latin in an Illinois college at the oubi-eak of the Civil War. He enlisted at
I)i.\on, 111.. May 24. ]8lil, for three years and was appointed corporal of
Company E, 13th Illinois Infantry. He shared the service of his company
up to his last illness. He died of smallpox in the military ho.spital in
JNIemphis, Term., Apr. 21, 1803 ; unm. His captain wrote of him : "I have
lost a verj- valuable man, always ready for duty and willing and anxious to
do it. I valued him much as a friend and companion. He was truly a
noble young man. He was beloved and respected by all the company and
we greatly feel his loss both as a soldier and much valued friend." *

viii. Ji IJA Ann, b. Dec. 29, 1840 ; m. Dec. 23, 1802, William Denison Scoville of
Richland, Ind.

is. Enocu George, b. Jan. 8, 1843 ; was a soldier in the Civil War. enlisting at
Bement, 111., Aug. 13, 1862, for three years in Company H, 107th Illinois
Infantry. He d. Jan. 31. 1863, in Woodsouville, Ky. ; unm.

X. ilART Ellen, b. Apr. 3, 1845 ; m. Mar. 3, 1867, Henry Lloyd Jones of New-
ville, Ind.

Bi/ second marrUige:

xi. Lucy .Vxx. b. .June 9, 1850 ; m. William Ilaight and resides in Hillsdale, Mich.t

xii. Martha Elizabeth, b. Mar. 27, 1852 : m., 1st. July 1, 1871, Frank M. Ather-
ton of Newville ; m., 2d, Mar. 7, 1SS8, James Earl Towne and resides in
Auburn, Ind.

xiii. Elmer, b. May 24, 1854 : d. Jlay 1, 1865, in Fayette. Ohio.
668. xiv. Alva Darwix, b. Mar. 23, 1856.

XV. Fr.vxklix Deforest, b. Sept. 21, 1858; is a carpenter; resides in Newville;

358. .Samuel Trowbridge (SamiieP^^, Danien'-"', David^^*, Joscph^"^,
Vi'UUam^'"'. Thomas^), born April 24, 1803, in Mendham, X. J.; died December
27, 1892, in Mt. Gilead, Oliio; married June 12, 1S26, in Chester township, Knox:}:
county, Ohio, Eliza Evaiis,§ daughter of William and Elizabeth (Jones) Evans,
bom July 10, 1S04, in , Pa. ; died Juno 12, 1879, in Mt. Gilead.

Samuel Trowbridge came in childhood with his mother to Chester township,
Knox (now Morrow) county, Ohio, and giew to manhood in the wilderness of
the Owl Creek valley. He learned the trade of a carpenter and was noted for
good workmanship. He was naturally good at mathematics and could easily
figure out any contracts that were let out to him in business. Hard problems in
arithmetic were sent from all sides to him to be solved, as he was considered a
prodigy in that line. He followed his business for many years, but finally bought
a small farm in IMt. Gilead, Ohio, and devoted his attention to farming the
remainder of his life. He served as treasurer of Morrow county, and had a
high reputation in the community. He was a good musician in his day and
was fife major in the 2d Regiment, Ohio state troops, for many years. He had
a good natural gift of language and as a descriptive talker was second to none
in his neighborhood.

NO ciiildrex.

359. Bexjamix Trowbridge {Ahner^^', Daniel."^, David^^*, Joseph'^"^.

irt7/iam"°, Thomas''), bom , 1804, in Painted Post. X. T.; died

, 18 — , in Royal Oak, Mich.; married, first, — , 1S2-. in Painted

* "History of the 13th Illinois Volunteers." p. 521.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t Now Morrow.

i A sister ot the first wife of his brother Xo. 3.t7.



Post?, Mary Ann Snow, (lauj,4itGr of Jolm and Julia (Brigham) Snow. He
married, second, Iluldali Ward.

Benjamin Trowbridge lived for some years after Ids marriage in his native
place, Painted Post, N. Y. He and his brothers emigrated to Oakland county,
Mich., among the early pioneers. He was a farmer by occupation and lived for
many years near Royal Oalv, Mich.


By first marriage:'!
ceo. i. Amakiah, b. June 4. 1830.

ii. Abner, b. , IStl-V: was a farmer; d. Apr. — , 1896, in Rochester, Mich.t

iii. Amozi,§ b. , 18.3-? ; d. July — , 1879, in Muskegon, Mich.t

iv. ; m. William Smitb.

V. ; m. Louis King.

vi. ; m. Thomas Strong.

vii. ; m. Reuben? Gillette.

viii. Rachel, b. , 184-?; m. Robert Pollock of Rochester.

SfiO. Amariah Castaline Trowbridge (Atner^"', Daniel"", Davtd^^*, Joseph^"'",
William'""'. Thomas'^), bom January 27, 1806, in Painted Post, N. Y.; died
September 8, 1886, in Troy, Mich. ; married Febnuiry 27, 18.36, in Avon, Mich.,
Ehoda Moore Postle, daughter of George and Polly (Fulham) Postle, born
November 9. 1815. in Herrington, N. Y.; died July IS, 1889, in Troy.

"Amariah C. Trowbridge received his early education in the common schools of
his native place at times when his services were not required on his father's farm.
He led the life of a farmer in New York until September, 1831, when he resolved
to go to Michigan and seek his fortune in its wilds. He arrived at Detroit on
September 20 and at once proceeded to Troy, in which vicinity he passed the rest
of his life. He at first entered the store of E. W. Peek, where he acted as clerk
for several j'ears. But always having a strong desire to return to farming, he
bought and cleared a farm in Troy, with the management of which he was
occupied until his death.


i. Sarah Castaline, b. May 28, 1837 : m. Dec. 24. 1865, John Chadcey Frank

and resides in Pontiac. Mich,
ii. Charles Postle, b. Jan. 22, 1839 ; d. Aug. 2, 1839.
iii. Lucy Peck, b. Oct. 29, 1841 ; d. Sept. 8, 1842.

670. iv. James Henry, b. Jan. 10. 1843.

671. V. George Willard. b. Jan. 6, 184").

vi. Frank Edward, b. July 8, 1847 ; d. Jan. 8, 1850.

vii. Ida Moore, b. Nov. 0, 1849 ; m. Nov. 24. 1875, Samuel Butler and resides in

viii. Ella Jane Starkwe-^ther, b. Jan. 11, 1853 ; m. Nov. 26, 1879, Charles Aspin-

wall of Troy.

361. Job Trowbridge (Ahner^^', Daniel'-^^, David'^^*, Joseph'^'"^. William'^'"',

Thomas^), bom , 1811, in Painted Post, N. Y.; died October 10, 1862,

in Disco, Mich. ; married December 22, 1833, in Steuben county, N. Y., Betsey
Bobbins, daughter of Benjamin and Sally (Bailey) Bobbins, bom March 13,
1815, in Ovid, N. Y. She married, second, June 12, 1870, in Disco, D. Bowers
Andrews of Lakeville, Mich., and resides in Evart, Mich.

• Order and dates of births uncertain.

t No children reported Iiy second marriage.

X Descendants failed to answer the compiler's letters.

§ No. 335 and not he was the "A. Trowbridge." mentioned in the "History of Macomb County,
Mich.," who early settled in Muskegon and there put in operation the tirst sawmill. He may
be the Amos Trowbridge who served in the Civil War in Company A. 3d Michigan Infantry,
and was mustered out May 25, 1866. The name of Peter C. Strobridge appears in the roster
of this company.


Job Trowbridge, like his brothers, was brought up to a farmer's life. lie was
engaged in farming, first in his native town, Painted Post, N. T., but in a few
years he followed his brother Amariah to Oakland county, Mich. He was
engaged in farming in Rochester in that county until late in the '50s, when he
removed to Disco, Macomb county, where he died a few years later.


i. JuLiETTA, b. July IS, 1S3."); m. Jan. 1, ISiJ", Francis J. Fortoii of Sterling,

ii. Sahau, b. , 183- ; m. David Oweu of Romeo. Mich.

iii. Georgiana. b. . 184- ; d. about 1803, aged 18 years.

672. iv. Almond Carey, b. Sept. 13, 1849.

362. Shubael Trowbridge (Augustin^^^, S/u/iae^-"', David'-^*, Joseph^"^,
^V illiam^"" , Thomas'^), horn February 3, 1792, in Morris Plains, N. J.; died
November — , 1S71, in Brookljoi, N. T. ; married, first, November 25, 1813, in
Morristown, N. J., Huldah Beers, daughter of Joseph and Miriam (Hathaway)
Beers, born February 20, 1795, in Morristown; died January 20, 1846, in Brook-
lyn. He married, second, A\igust — •, 1847, in Brooklyn, Emeline (Bonnell)
Sturges, who died August — , 1885, in Brooklyn.

Shubael Trowbridge settled in Morristown, N. J., after his marriage and lived
there until 1841, when he removed to Brooklyn, N. T. During his first years of
residence in that city he was employed in the lumber business. The latter part
of his life he was a clerk in the Central Bank of Brooklyn. He was a Democrat
until the election of President Lincoln, when he became a Republican'. From
1S52 until his death he held the office of deacon in the Dutch Reformed Church
on Harrison street.

By first marriage:'!
i. Mary Ann, b. May 23, 1814 ; m. Feb. 24, 1835, William Muchmore of Madison,
N. J.

673. ii. AuGUSTUst Bailey, b. Mar. 2, 1816.

iii. Emily Banker, b. Apr. 4, 1818; m. May 23. 1839, Charles Pierson of Hones-
dale, Pa.

iv. Martha Clayton, b. Feb. 22, 1822 ; m. Sept. 14, 1846, William Muchmore

363. Stephex Trowbridge (Augustiti'^^^, Shuhael^"'', David'-^*, Joseph'^"^,
William'^'"', Thomas'^), born November 15, 1793, in Morris Plains, N. J.; died
December 13, 185.", in Dover, N. J. ; married May 9, 1816, in Dover, Julia Coe,
daughter of Jared and Bethia (Dickisou) Coe, born August 11, 1794, in Dover;
died July 29, 1853, in Dover.

Stephen Trowbridge was engaged in farming near Dover, N. J.

children born in DOVER, N. J. :

674. i. Alvah Ar\t;n, b. Apr. 4. 1817.

ii. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 26, 1819; m. Feb. 14, 1838, John Dunham Mills of Pough-

keepsie, X. Y.
iii. JIary Bethia. b. Juno 11. 1821: m. Feb. 1, 1844, Miller Smith of Port Oram,

N. J.

675. iv. George William, b. May 1. 1825. ,

V. Phebe Ann, b. Oct. 27. 1827 ; m. Sept. 33. 1848. John Scott of Toulon, 111.
vi. Anna Maria, b. May 2, 1832 ; m. Mar. 17, 18.59, Ziba Osmun of Hackettstown,

N. J.
vii. Catherine, b. Apr. 1. 1835: m. Mar. 3. 1864, Sedgwick Rusling Osmun of

Morristown, N. .T.

• i-ii born in Painted Post. N. Y. : iii-iv in Rochester, Mich,
t No children by second marriage.
t Known as Augustin in his youth.


364. Elijah Freeman Trowbridoe (Augjisfm^"'*, Shiibael"'', David"*,
Joseph^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), bom July 22, 1803, in Morris Plains, N. J.;
died December 4, 1851, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; married December 30, 1830, in
Madison, N. J., Temijerance Ludlow Muclmiore, daughter of John Tyler and
Phebe (Donnington) Muclmiore, born April 7, 1808, in Madison; died April 25,
1SS5, in Brodklyn.

Elijah F. Trowbridge after his marriage settled on a farm at Trowbridge
Mountain, three and a half miles from Morristown and one and a half miles
from Morris Plains, N. J. In 1849 he moved to Brooklyn, N. Y., where he was
engaged in the wood business for the next two years and up to his death.
He attended a Congregational ehureli and was a Republican in politics.


i. William Harvey, b. Feb. 17, 1832 ; d. Dec. 28, 1843.

ii. Phebe Elizabeth, b. May 27. 1883 ; resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; unm.

670. iii. Charles Tyler, b. Jan. 10, 1835.

677. iv. Francis Granger, b. Apr. 7, 1836.

V. James Henry, b. Nov, 12, 1837 ; d. Nov. 12, 1849.

678. vi. .John Augustin, b. May 28. 1830.

vii. Joanna IjYDIA, b. Apr. 8. 1841 : in. Dec. 15, 1804, George Perkins and resides
in Brooklyn.

365. David Trowbriuge (Augustm^'>^ ShuhaeP^\ David"\ Joseph'"'^
William'^'"', Thomas'^), born November 11, 1805, in Morris Plains, N. J.; died
April 22, 1874, in Morris Plains ; married December 2, 1830, in New Vernon,
N. J., Nancy Lindsley, daughter of John and Martha (Tompkins) Lindsley, bom
February 22, 1812, in New Vernon; died November 14, 1883, in Boonton, N. J.

David Trowbridge was a farmer and lived from the time he was married until
his death on a farm on what is known as the Lake road, about two miles out
from Morristown, N. J.


679. i. Edwin Lindsley, b. Apr. 23. 1832.

ii. Sarah Louisa, b. Aug. 28, 1834 ; m. Oct. 27, 1858, James Fairchild of Morris

680. iii. John Thompso'S, b. July 7, 1841.

366. Elipitalet TROwnRincE (Jalez^^". Shuhaen^' , David"*, Joseph^"^,
Williamyo. Thomas^), born December 15, 1792, in Eandolph, N. J.; died May 11,

1859, in Utica, Ohio; married , 1821, in Randolph, N. J., Mary Mon-

tanye, daughter of Biirgoiue and Rebecca (Chips) JMontanye, born September i!,
1798, in Eandolph ; died April 21, 1849, in Utica.

Eliphalct Trowbridge is said by descendants to have been a soldier in the War
of 1812. After his marriage he emigrated to Utica, Licking county, Ohio, where
he lived the remainder of his life. He was a farmer and carpenter.


Lewis, b. Nov. 12, 1822.

Joseph JIontany'E. b. Aug. 16, 1824.

Rebecca Jane, b. Sept. 3, 1826 ; m. Mar. 15, 1858, Moses Kime of Chesterville,

Katherine Ann, b. Dec. 19, 1828; m. Aug. 14. 18.59. Harvey Cox of Mt.

Vernon. Obio.
David Kirkpatrick. b. Dec. 22. 1830.
Eliphalet AtTGiisTUS. b. Dec. 31, 1832.
.John Sylvester, b. Feb. 4. 18.34: was a farmer: killed by lightning .July 19,

1804, in Green Valley. 111. ; unm.

685. viii. Charles Stinson, b. July 11, 1836.

ix. Mahy Eltzaheth. b. Nov. 21, 1s:;8: d. Mar. 17. 18.55. in Utica: unm.
X. Electa Condit. b, July 20, 1840 : m. Oct. 20. 1870, Thomas Jackson Thatcher
and resides in Utica.

686. xi. Samuel Woodrow, b. Aug. 15, 1842.











367. David Trowbridge (Jahez^^", ShubaeP^\ David^", Joseph'-"', William^'"',
Thomas^), bom November H, 1795, in Randolph, N. J.; died October 11, 1861, in
Mt. Freedom, N. J.; married April 2, ISls, in Mt. Freedom, Anna Youngs,
daughter of David and Anna (Evans) Youngs, born February 10, 1800, in Mt.
Freedom ; died December 31, 1885, in Mt, Freedom.

David Trowbridge in 1819, the year following his marriage, built a house in
Mt. Freedom, N. J., where he lived the remainder of his life. He was chiefly
engaged in farming.


687. i. John Jabez, b. Jlay 10, 1819.

688. ii. Charles Lewis, b. Aug. 21, 1821.

iii. Rebecca Ann, b. May 11, 182o : m. Oct. 6, 1842, Paul Garrison of Mt.

iv. Jane Lewis, b. Nov. 26, 1825 ; m. Oct. 9, 1844, Levi Dalrymple Jarrard of

Perryville. Pa.

689. V. David Austin, b. Feb. 21, 1828.

vi. Maky Elizabeth, b. June 29, 1830 ; resides in Morristown, N. J. ; unm.

690. vii. Edward Youncs, b. May 16, 1832.

viii. Sarah B., b. June IS, 1834; m. Apr. — , 18.58, William Hughson of Mt.

ix. Mehitable Youngs, b. Apr. 24. 1836 : d. June 17. 1837.
X. Eliphalet Wells, b. Apr. 29. 1838: d. Mar. 1(1, 1898; unm.

368. John Trowbridge (Ja^)e2"^ Shuhacl'-'''. David'-''*, Joseph'"''^ William^°'>,
Thomas'), born August 2, 1798, in Randolph, N. J.; died September 17, 1881, in
Summit, N. J. ; married Febniary 19, 1820. in New Providence, N. J.,
Hand, daughter of Robert and Rachel (Whitehead) Hand, bom October 30,
1799, in New Providence ; died October 27, 18s3, in Newark, N. J.

John Trowbridge was a farmer in New Providence, N. J.


i. Mart Jane, b. Sept. 20, 1821 ; m. Francis Woodruff of Elizabeth, N. J.

ii. Margaret, b. .\ug. 2, 1823 ; m., 1st. John Cowper of Rahway, N. .T. ; m., 2d,

Avery ; m., 3d. Daniel Clark of West Haven, Conn.

iii. AxNA M.^RIA, b. Apr. 23, 1826 ; m. Apr. 7, 18.50, James Freer Lansing of

Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

691. iv. John Lewis, b. Oct. 30. 1827.

V. Elizabeth Antoinette, b. Feb. 14. 1831 ; m. May 25, 18.53, George W.

Rhoades and resides in Bloomfield, N. .7.
vi. Henrietta, b. Oet. 5, 1833 : m. Henry Howard of Rahway.

692. vii. Henry Augustus, b. July 17, 1835.

viii. UzAL Hand. b. June 3. 1839 ; was a soldier in the Civil War. He was enrolled
May 16, 18(11, for three years in Company A. 1st New .Jersey Infantry, and
was killed in the battle of Gaines Mill, Va., June 27, 1862: unm.

ix. Francis Everett, b. Oct. 12, 1842 : d. , 1861, in Elizabeth ; unm.

X. Harriet, b. Dec. ('>, 1844: ra. May 3, 1868. Ira .Austen Oakley and resides in
Vailsburg, N. J.

369. AuGUsTiN Trowbripge (Ja6ez"», Shithael'^'. David^'^*, Joseph^"^,

^y|lUum^"'o, Thonuis'), bom , 180-?, in Randolph, N. J.; died ,

184—?, in ■ ; married February 15, 1838, in New Providence. N. J.,

Phebe M. Parrott, daughter of Joseph and Martha (Cory) Parrott.

Augustin Trowbridge lived in New Providence, N. J., and was a cattle dealer.
He left home on one occasion to make a journey to purchase stock, but was never
heard from again, and it is supposed he was murdered for the purpose of robbing
him of the large sum of money which he carried.

children born in new providence, n. j. :

i. Martha Jane. b. . 1839.

ii. Joanna, b. . 1841.


370. Samuel Grady Trowbridge {David-'"', Samuel"^, David^^*, Joseph'^"^,
William'^'"', Thomas'-), bom July 2, 1801, in Frederick county, Va. ; died April
26, 1872, in Kahoka, Mo. ; married February 17, 1825, in Brandonville, W. Va.,
Jane McGrew, daughter of Col. James and Isabella (Clark) McGrew, bom April
3, 1805, in Brandonville; died October 30. 1883, in Cecil. W. Va.

Samuel G. Trowbridge was a farmer and miller. He settled after his marriage
near Kingwood, W. Va. lie removed in 1836 to Evansville, and again in 1840
to Tunnelton, both in the same state. After the close of the Civil War he sold
his property in West Virginia and removed to Kahoka, Mo., where he passed the
remainder of his life.

He was from an early age a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and
was one of its local preachers, but never traveled in that capacity. "He was an
energetic, hard-working man, and made his family comfortable and contented.
He was an earnest Christian, a good neighbor, a friend to the poor and distressed,
and a kind fatlier to his children, to whom he gave a good education."


693. i. James MoGrew, b. Jan. 24, 1826.

ii. Mary Ann, b. Feb. 4, 1828 ; m. l-'eb. 14, 1849, Dauiel Allen Darby i of Bruce-
ton Mills, W. Va.

694. iii. David Boyd, b. Jan. 15, 1830.

iv. Isabella, b. Feb. 3, 1832; m. Jan. 20, 1859, Joseph A.t Matlick of Cecil,
W. Va.

695. v. Edgar Clark, b. June 13, 1834.

vi. Minerva, b. Apr. 1, 1837; d. aged 2 years.

vii. Martha Elizadetu, b. Sept. 16, 1839 ; m. Mar. 29, 1800, Samuel Wesley

Jackson and resides in Bellaire, Ohio,
viii. Harriet Virginia, b. Dec. 10, 1842 ; d. Sept. 15, 1860, in Tunnelton, W. Va. ;

ix. Susannah, b. Dec. 17, 1846; d. Sept. 7, 1850.
X. Samuel Henry, b. Apr. 3, 1850 ; d. Apr. 18, 1857.

371. Malin PuciH Trowbridge {Jesse-"', Samuel'^^, David"'', Joseph'"^,
William""', Thomas'), born June 28, 1809, in Hampshire county, Va. ; died
January 25, 1892, in King-wood, W. Va. ; married March 17, 1830, in Geneva,
Fayette county, Pa., Elizabeth Barker, daughter of William and Mary (Omitt)
Barker, born January 12, 1SI6, in Fayette county; died March 16, 1852, in

Malin P. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Kingwood,
W. Va., where he lived the remainder of his life. He was a farmer.

children born in kingwood, w. va. :

096. i. John William Barker, b. Dec. 22, 1836.

ii. JUELDA, b. Apr. 13, 1838; m. Mar. 21, 1859, William D. Posten of Kingwood.

iii. Minerva Hamilton, b. Feb. 23, 1810 ; m. Apr. 5, 1863, George Washington
Thomas and resides in Burton, W. Va.

iv. Elmira, b. Dec. 6, 1841 : d. Oct. 19, 1849.

V. Oliver b. June 23. 1843; was in the Union army in the Civil War;§
d. ■ , 1808, in Philadelphia, Pa. ; unm.

vi. Mary Catharine, b. Dec. 4, 1844; m. .Toseph Roach and resides in Baltimore,

vii. Sylvanus Lamb, b. Nov. 26. 1846 ; was a soldier in the Civil War. He was
mustered July 4. 1863, as a private in Company I. 6th West Virginia
Infantry. He was captured in action at Bulltown. W. Va.. and confined in
Andersonville military prison, where he d. July 10, 1864; unm.

viii. Clementine, b. May 16, 1849 ; m. Elisha James of Berkeley county, W. Va.

ix. Thomas Grady, b. Oct. 25, 1851 ; d. Dec. 25, 1852.

♦ i-v horn in Kingwood, W. Va. ; vi-vii in Evansville, W. Va. ; viii-s in Tunnelton, W. Va.

t See No. 376, i.

t Initial only.

§ Regiment not found by tbe compiler.


372. David Lewis Trowbridge (Jesse-"'-, Sainuel'^^, David'-'-*, Joseph'"'',
William'"", TJwmas'), born April 15, 1811, in KiiiKWood, W. Va. ; died January
16, 1894, iu Lonetree, Mo. ; married, first, April 17, 1831, in Gladesville, W. Va.,
Jane Martin, daughter of Thomas and Ollie (Van Aleter) Martin, bom Septem-
ber 26, 1810, in Gladesville; died March 14, 1858, in Lonetree. Lie married,

second, , 1860, in Iowa City, Iowa, Mary Elizabeth Wildman, born

, 181-, in Green county. Pa. ; died , 1864, in Lonetree. He

married, third, April 12, 1865, in Iowa City, Sarah Ann Devine, daughter of

James and Martha (Laraby) Devine, born , 1830, in Toledo, Ohio. She

resides in Lonetree.

David L. Trowbridge settled after his marriage in his native place, Kingwood,
W. Va., where he lived about twenty yeiu-s. He tlien removed to Cass county.
Mo., and settled on a farm about two miles west of Lonetree, and seven and a
half miles southwest of Springfield, the county seat. He was a farmer and
teamster by occupation. He was a great admirer of fine horses and owned and
raised a large number of them. '


By first marriage:*

697. i. Jesse MoNROE.t b. Feb. 29, 1832.

ii. Sarah Elizahetii, b. Apr. IS. 1834; m. Jan. 22, 1852, Capt. Joshua Hickman
Cale and resides in Tunnelton, W. Va.

698. iii. Samuel Orrin, b. June 3, 183G.

373. Samuel Cusiiixg Trowbridge (Jesse-"', Samuel'"^, David"*, Joseph'"^,
William'"", Thomas'), bom May 1, 1813, in King-wood, \V. Va. ; died October 28,

1888, in Iowa City, Iowa; married , 1843, in Newark, Ohio?, Sarah

(Shaw) Willis, bom , 1819, in Newark; died , 1896, in Iowa


Samuel C. Trowbridge emigrated from West Virginia to Johnson county, Iowa,
and became one of the founders of Iowa City, where he lived the remainder of
his life. He was the first sheriff of Johnson county, and filled various other
county and state offices during a period of fifty years. He also served as post-
master of Iowa City.


374. Thomas Jeffersoj^ Trowbridge (Jesse-"', Samuel'-^^, David"*, Joseph'-"^,
William'-"", Thomas'), born. October 21, 1817, in Kingwood, W. Va.; died June
28, 1889, in Kingwood; married April 22, 1869, in Kingwood, Mary Schaeifer,
daughter of Israel and Jane (Feather) Schaeffer, born April 28, 1837, in
Cranesville, W. Va. She resides in Kingwood.

Thomas J. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life in his native place.
For a number of years he kept Trowbridge's Feri-y, on Cheat river, about three
miles from Kingwood.


i. Jennie Etta. b. Feb. 0, 1870; m. June 29, 1887, William Guy Miller and

resides in Tunnelton. W. Va.
ii. Nora Nancy, b. Dec. 22. 1872; m. May 22, 1895, Thomas Franklin Menefee

and resides in Kingwood.
iii. Israel Schaeffer, b. Apr. 10, 1875 ; is a farmer in Kingwood ; unm.
iv. Lulu Jane, b. July 24, 1881.

373. George McClusky Trowbridge (Jesse-"', Samuel'"^, David"*, Joseph'"^,
William'"", Thomas'), bom July 12, 1827, in Kingwood, W. Va.; died February
27, 1890, in Tunnelton, W. Va. ; married December 24, 1848, in Selbysport, Md..

* No children by second or third marriages,
t Formerly Jesse Martin.











Drusilla Boyer, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (!Merrill) Boyer, born
April 25, 182C>, in Frostburg, Md. ; died October 20, 1904, in Tunnelton.

George M. Trowbridge settled in Tuiuielton. W. Va., after his marriage and
was engaged in farming there the remainder of his life.


i. Clara Satora. b. Apr. 2. 18.50; m. Sept. 30, 1871, William Bromliall and

resides in Ilowesville. W. Va.
ii. Margaret Ellen, b. Nov. 12, 18.51; re.sides in TuuneUon ; iinm.
Albert Gallatin, b. May 17, 1853.
Sherman Sedon, b. Deo. 18, 1854.
Sarah Columbia, b. Feb. 2(1. 1857 ; m. Apr. 17, 1881, James Kiles Roby and

resides in Gladesville, W. Va.
John Thomas, b. Oct. 30. 1803.
William Harvey, b. Aug. 4, 1800 ; is a coal miner in Tunnelton ; unm.

Laura Belle, b. Oct. 4, 1809 ; m. , 1898, Luther Sheets and resides in

Independence. W. Va.
ix. Charles Lesy, b. Feb. 27, 1872; is a coal miner in Tunnelton; unm.

376. BowEN Grady Trowbridge (Sarnuel E.""-, Samuel"^, David^'^*, Joseph'-'",
William'^'"', Thomas^), bom August 19, 1811, in Kingwood, W. Va. ; died March

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